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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives May 27 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - May 27, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune Energy Heads pledge to keep tractors rolling Kansas City. Map Federal Energy officials disagreed Friday Over the severity of the diesel fuel shortage facing Midwest Farmers but agreed on a plan to Cut red tape in order to keep tractors rolling a Region 7 department of Energy official said earlier Friday that agricultural fuels were a Down to the Bottom of the barrel and some spot shortages might be experienced next week Irater that afternoon Washington Doe and department of agriculture officials meeting with governor s representatives from to states expressed scepticism about such shortages the afternoon meetings with state officials and suppliers were closed to the Public on orders of Jim Williams Deputy Secretary of agriculture Ana one of the participants Missouri gov Joseph p. Tea Sdale told newsmen after the meeting that Washington officials Quot questioned the veracity Quot of claims that some Farmers Are out of diesel fuel a they did no to believe they it the claims were True a Teasdale said meeting with newsmen after the closed sessions. Williams said Doe and Ca had devised a plan whereby a Farmer out of fuel could Contact his county agriculture stabilization and conservation service office. That ass office would then Contact a Federal Doe worker in the states Energy office and the fuel would be Kent where Williams said by Doe providing help to state Energy officials the beleaguered state officials Quot could spend their time doing things other than shuffling Williams said he believed Farmers could make it through the current planting season without much trouble but refused to speculate what might happen to heat Harvest done to Plant the crops you done to need to worry about trucks to get the products to Teasdale said he complained to Federal officials that it was impossible to get a straight Sto 3 from Oil companies and Sua hers he said the Federal officials agreed with him. Quot How can the Oil companies of this country continue to report mind boggling profits while escalating prices Quot he said. Agriculture time by or the Farmers Are just going to have to operate with less than they a like to in Williams said. When asked about the growing Scarcity of diesel fuel for trucks. Bill House Doe director of fuels allocations said Quot if you news highlights Wilson studies beef shutdown two injured in Cycle Accident two Albert Lea men were injured Friday afternoon when the motorcycle they were Riding was struck broadside by a car at the intersection of w main Street and first Avenue. Brian toot. 17, of 2209 Gene ., the Driver of the motorcycle. Was listed in fair condition saturday morning at St. Mary a Hospital in Rochester. Where he is being treated for a fractured right leg and a fractured left Arm. Toots passenger. 17-year-old Steven Lymann. Of 2206 Gene ., was released from Naeve Hospital Friday after he was treated for abrasions and a severely sprained left arrive and left wrist. The Accident occurred at approximately 4 45 p m toot was driving West on main Street when a car driven by Annette Louise Bruer 18. Of 416 water Street entered the intersection hitting the motorcycle broadside toot and Lymann were both thrown approximately too feet by the Impact according to an Albert Lea police report the report also states that neither toot nor Lymann saw the car. Bruer. Who was uninjured said she did not see the motorcycle according to the report. The report quotes Bruer As saying that she stopped at the Stop sign did not see any traffic and proceeded into the intersection. There were no witnesses there was 1500 damage to the motorcycle according to the report and to too damage to the car. There was also $135 damage to the electric sign of a store located at the intersection that was struck by the motorcycle. Motorcycle Accident a Brian toot 17, of 2209 gone av., was treated of the scene after the motorcycle a wha driving a struck broadside by a car at the intersection of w. Main Street and first Street Friday afternoon. Toot suffered a fractured left leg and right Arm and his passenger Steven Lymann 17, of 2306 Gene ., suffered a severely sprained ankle and left wrist. The Driver of the car Annette Bruer 18, of 416 water Street was uninjured. By Jim Oliver Tribune editor a Wilson foods corp spokesman said Friday afternoon that the company is studying the possibility of closing its beef operation at its Albert Lea Plant and expanding its pork operations however the company said a final decision on the change has not been made Norman begun director of corporate communications for Wilson in its Oklahoma City. Okla. Headquarters said. A a in a sure you Are aware of the current increase in hog supplies and the decline in beef supplies since Wilson a major line of business is pork the increase in hog supplies represents a significant Opportunity for the company Quot a we will be evaluating and studying this situation very closely Over the next few months and should hog supplies continue to increase and in consideration of other economics the com Pany will redirect the resources of its Albert Lea beef operations to expand for the immediate future the production of pork products however at this Point a final decision has not been made Quot begun said employees at the Albert Lea Plant have been informed of the fact that the change is under consideration he went on to say a should we make this decision its important to stress that the beef department represent a Small part of the Overall Plant operation while we would have to study the requirements of the pork area. It is our Hope that most if not All of the employees in beef will be absorbed into pork production a begun said that More than 250 production workers Are employed in the beef department at the Albert i Ca Plant. Begun said Wilson has decided to close its beef operation and expand pork production at its Oklahoma City Plant effective Durenberger Boschwitz cautious about Salt by Judy Allen Tribune Washington Bureau Washington with the mid june signing of a new strategic arms limitation treaty with the soviet Union imminent Minnesota a two Republican senators Are already growing weary of the onslaught of information and lobbying that Are proceeding the Crescendo of a floor debate and vote possibly in september a sen David Durenberger and sen Rudy Boschwitz Are both Are considered truly undecided a two thirds vote is needed for ratification in interviews with the Tribune Washington Bureau the pair said they Are remaining aloof from the technical data and speculation surrounding the actual agreement and Are currently assessing the Impact of the treaty on a global level and carefully gauging the leanings of their Minnesota constituents a about a month ago. I pulled away from the analytical process of examining Salt and started looking at intelligence foreign policy and the history of soviet a Durenberger explained a a in a trying to get an understanding of the Durenberger who has done extensive polling of the attitudes of various state organizations has also distributed a detailed package of background information on the treaty. He is a member of the Senate intelligence committee and has been briefed exhaustively by High administration officials Durenberger said he is now looking at the treaty from the perspective of current political moods in both countries and across the world until he has an Opportunity to examine the treaty sentence by sentence he said he is unable to determine How each nation will interpret the various clauses Quot in a trying to be thoughtful and see things in a wide he explained Quot a lot of the people have come to the conclusion they re just going to have to Trust me to do the right thing Quot he does no to buy the pro Salt argument that any treaty is better than none at All Durenberger said if the new version fails to get Senate ratification he forecast. Carter would try to get an Extension of the first Salt agreement Quot it does t bother me to have to vote up or Down on this Durenberger said a what worries me is that the Senate May reject it on less than rational grounds a convinced of president Carter s commitment to non proliferation efforts and firm in his own convictions. Durra Berger remarked he is waiting to be convinced that the agreement is the Best that can be achieved until then he said he is remaining Neutral Boschwitz meanwhile said his major concern is a a. Whether our bargaining partner is reliable and trustworthy a recent russian involvement in nations such As Angola. Iran. Yemen. Somalia and Cambodia. He said is not a convincing argument for trusting the soviet Union Quot their policy in those countries has to be regarded As an indication of their desire to spread their Bosch Witz said Quot Jam convinced that we re not going to have a nuclear holocaust a but a whittling away of the free world and expansion of their those indications according to Boschwitz. Mean. A a there a no use negotiating a peace treaty when Vout re dealing with somebody who a pecking away at us from Boschwitz. Like Durenberger. Said he is in no hurry to make his decision a i would t mind having a Little breather to put my thoughts head netted describing himself As a a devotee of the idea of strategic arms Boschwitz said he is willing to wait to be assured of the soviet unions Good intentions and to examine whether or not the ability to properly negotiate future treaties is undermined in Salt soviet dissidents May a released Moscow apr jewish activists said saturday that famed dissident Anatoly Shch Aransky and la other jewish prisoners soon May be released from soviet jails. Informal assurances of the release were Given by the soviet government to a visiting australian Trade unionist the activists told reporters. A statement issued by Alexander Lerner and two other Long time jewish dissidents declared that fulfilment of the soviet promises would mean a Quot profound improvement Quot in emigration condition for soviet jews. Youth says fear prompted stabbing grand Forks . Apr an attorney for a la year old Minot youth charged with manslaughter in the stabbing of a College fraternity brother said Friday his client s actions were prompted by fear. Steven Allen Verbitsky was bound Over to grand Forks county District court for trial. Arraignment in District court is pending and no trial Date was set Friday at the preliminary hearing before grand Forks county judge Frank Kosanda. Signs Point to recession new York a signs Are growing that the Long predicted economic slowdown or recession finally is upon us. The news coming out of Washington this past week showed april inflation once again in double digit figures personal income Down and business orders for durable goods falling at their steepest rate in la years. Stangeland warns of diesel shortage Fargo . Apr the tight diesel fuel situation across the nation might Lead to a heating Oil shortage next Winter says rep. Arlan Stangeland a Minn. Stangeland also says he supports a Senate Resolution drawn up by sen. Robert Dole r-kan., to set up an Energy Council to study Energy sources forecasts and compile a National Energy audit to determine whether the Energy shortage is for real or is contrived. The Council would also submit its findings to the president and Congress. Winona radio Tower damaged Winona Minn. Apr police in Winona today said they Are investigating vandalism which damaged the pm Tower of Winona radio station Kage. Police said someone apparently climbed the Tower located on top of a Hill near Winona Cut three transmitter lines broke two Tower lights and shot out one insulator. The door to the transmitter building on the Tower site was also broken open but police said there was no apparent damage to the transmitter. The damage was discovered Friday by station officials. Schlesinger has bad Friday Pullman Wash. A it Wasny to a Good Day for Energy Secretary James Schlesinger. Schlesinger was met Friday by about 300 anti nuclear protesters when he arrived at Washington state University for a speech. And later he was involved in a car Accident after he took the wheel of a patrol car. Schlesinger and Campus police chief Del Brannon drove to nearby Kamiak Butte after the speech so the Secretary could take in the View. On their return Schlesinger asked to drive. A game bad crossed the Road shortly after the car came Over a Rise and the Secretary stopped to watch. But another patrol car came Over the Rise and slammed into the rear of Schlesinger a vehicle. No one was injured. Damage to the two cars was estimated at $750. Sen. David Durenberger counting themselves among the uncommitted and unconvinced in the Senate. Their eventual votes could be crucial unofficial headcounts tally Only 40 senators solidly in favor of the Accord 20 firmly against and another 20 leaning either Way the remaining 20 Meany unloads on Carter s anti inflation program sen. Rudy Boschwitz Washington a the Al Cio says a new government report showing inflation running at a 14 percent annual rate proves president Carters anti inflation program a is a Al Cio president George Meany renewed his assault on Carters program As the labor department reported Friday that Large increases in gasoline food and housing costs boosted consumer prices la percent Overall in april. Together with March and february Price rises the april figure translates into a 14 percent annual inflation rate for the last three months the steepest 271 die in worst plane crash Ever Chicago apr the crash of a dc-10 jetliner that lost an engine just after Takeoff turned nearly belly up and then exploded like Quot an atomic bomb was Quot apparently not due to Pilot error Quot a Federal transportation official said today All 271 persons aboard the Jet Friday were killed making it the worst air disaster in history. Elwood t. Driver vice chairman of the National transportation safety Board emphasized however that the investigation was in a very preliminary stage and was being delayed because 13 bodies were still missing in the rubble. One Rescue worker said the crash site Quot looked like a fire swept through a clothing store and burned All the mannequins. Only they weren to the wide body Jet american airlines flight 191. Lost its left engine one of three shortly after Takeoff from of Hare International Airport in route to los Angeles. It rolled to its left and crashed a hitting nose first then the left Wing tip before going up in a roaring explosion. A there was a Ball of flame about 500 feet High and a heat Vave a said Rich Dusek who saw the crash from his nearby service station. There were no survivors officials said Quot they did no to stand a Chicago fire commissioner Richard Albrecht said after viewing the carnage. About 250 bodies were removed by la p m. Cd. The others were left overnight. A some Are still buried under the wreckage and we did no to want to disturb the said Douglas Dreifus an investigator with the National transportation safety Board. The investigators a from the Nosb and the Fri said they would begin their inquiry today. Quot you can bet your Bottom Dollar Well Home in on the drop b engine a said Elwood t. Ver a member of the Nosb Federal aviation administration spokesman Neal Calla Han said Quot its incredible but not unheard of Quot for an engine to fall off Callahan said flight 191�?Ts Takeoff into a 30 Mph wind was but seconds later he said an air traffic controller Quot saw that the flight was in a the controller asked the plane if it wanted to come Back and what runway it Callahan said Quot there was no investigators recovered two flight recorders from the wreckage. One is a recording of voices in the cockpit the other is a computerized digest of what the plane did Callahan said a dc-10 should be Able to Fly even with one engine missing. A yes. It should Fly no question about that but there May have not been enough Altitude that a one thing that will be determined in a further inside the Tribune comics.1� opinion Page. 4 daily family Page. A markets .16 deaths.16 sports.14 to guide.24-25 horoscope.23 Battle flames at crash site a firemen pour water on flaming wreckage of american airlines flight 191 dc-10 aircraft shortly after it crashed on Takeoff from Chicago s o Hara Airport Friday afternoon. At left is engine Nacelle that smashed into several cars parked at a trailer court where the Jet crashed. Driver said the plane never got 500 feet High. Michael Laughlin of Toronto was inside the of Hare terminal taking pictures and caught the plane s descent with his camera Quot i had to Force myself to he said. A i be Lieve what was seeing a at 3 03 pm the plane smashed into an abandoned private Airfield just Yards from the Oasis Mobile Home Park Rescue workers could do no rescuing. They removed bodies from the wreckage and wrapped them in Blue plastic bags Deputy Chicago police chief Charles Pepp organized the Transfer of bodies to a temporary morgue at an american hangar at of Hare. Quot get As Many As possible in each Van a a Pepp told his workers. A but done to stack them treat them with dignity As if they were members of your own the disaster was the worst in . Aviation last sept 25, 144 persons died after a Pacific Southwest airlines jetliner collided Over san Diego with a Small private Cessna among those reported aboard the doomed american Jet were several people in the publishing Trade in route to an american booksellers association convention four were affiliated with Playboy Magazine including managing editor Shel Don Wax and his wife humorist Judith Wax who had just published her autobiography. American airlines said the dead included 258 passengers and 13 Crew members a Pilot a Copilot a flight Engineer and to flight attendants said spokesman Art Jackson one of the passengers was an off duty flight officer the airline originally reported 255 passengers the Crew and two off duty attendants were aboard the Craft however the off duty attendants did not take the flight. The Pilot was Walter Lux of Tempe. Ariz. 53. A former air Force Pilot who had been flying for american since 1950. Several people on the ground were injured two were hospitalized. One was listed in critical condition one in fair condition climb since 1974 last year. Inflation was at a 9 2 percent clip. The government also reported Friday that an average workers real weekly earnings fell a record 2 6 percent from March and a record 4.5 percent front april 1978. Because of inflation and a 10-Dav trucking strike involving 235.000 teamsters real earnings refers to Money that can be spent on goods services and taxes after taking inflation into account. Meany recalled that the administration asked in october when Carter unveiled his voluntary wage Price guidelines for six months to prove the effectiveness of the presidents program Quot the april consumer Price Index proves that the program is a declared the 84-Yearold Meany the Carter administration which now says it will take More than six months for Carters program to moderate inflation blamed the latest consumer Price Rise on soaring Energy food and housing costs. The latest labor department report showed gasoline prices jumped 6 percent in april the largest monthly increase since March 1974. June 8 a study similar to the one being made at Albert is being made at the company s Cedar rapids. Iowa Plant he said he said Wilson s beef customers would continue to be supplied from other sources despite the reductions in beef operation Quot All the logistics of any changes will be worked out Well in begun said Sadat flies to Al Arish Al Arish. Egypt a president Anwar Sadat dressed in a White Navy Admiral s uniform hoisted the egyptian Flag Here and was cheered by thousands of egyptians celebrating the return of the Sinai desert capital. Sadat arrived in a .-made Hercules transport plane a Day after israeli troops began the first stage of an evacuation that is to leave Egypt with All of the West Virginia sized Sinai Peninsula by 1962 soldiers lining the Airstrip burst into emotional cries of Quot Allah Akhbari god is great and had to be restrained by military police. He made his Way past a reception line of government officials to a prayer mat on the Airport Tarmac where he Knelt to offer special prayers of thanksgiving after a motorcade to the Center of town and the Flag raising. Sadat boarded a helicopter and flew to a War memorial for the unknown Soldier built with israeli permission several weeks ago where Flag waving crowds cheered him. The 40,000 residents of this Mediterranean coastal fishing town celebrated exuberantly Friday when Israel s Star of David Flag comedown and Egypt Tri color took its place Early in the Day cars crowded the Dusty Street Hon King wildly to celebrate Sadat s arrival and the end of israeli Rule while residents of Al Arish were celebrating lebanese authorities said arabs in the Southern lebanese port City of Tyre were being forced from their Homes by the fourth straight Day of israeli Cross Border bombardments but in Tel Aviv the israeli military command denied it shelled Southern Lebanon today israelis and palestinians battled across Southern Lebanon earlier this week after a bomb in a Tel Aviv suburb killed two israeli women and an infant. Sadat who set Egypt and Israel on the Road to peace with his historic journey to Jerusa tem 18 months ago will reclaim All of the desert wilderness he Calls his Quot sacred Sinai within three years under terms of the treaty signed in March. In the first stage Transfer Sadat got Al Arish and a 425-Sqaremile coastal strip to the West he will get Back nearly three quarters of the Sinai within the next nine months. After watching fridays Transfer on television at his Home in Alexandria Sadat told reporters Quot this is a very moving moment. I am extremely so were the citizens of Al Arish Many of whom danced in the streets and wept for Joy As the last israeli troops drove out of town ending a 12-year occupation that began when israeli tanks and men whipped across Sinai in the 1967 War. Albert Lea Man escapes from jail a 19-year-old Albert Lea Man considered dangerous by authorities was one of four prisoners who escaped Friday from the Webster county jail at fort Dodge Iowa Todd Fraley who was being held on a first degree burglary charge escaped at about Midnight after helping to overpower a night Jailer. The Jailer was not injured Fraley also escaped on Jan 29, but was recaptured later that Day at a Iowa state patrol Roadblock near Goldfield Iowa after a High Speed Chase. Deputy sheriff Jack Cole said Fraley was considered dangerous. The Freeborn county sheriffs department was not informed of the jail break and the Deputy in charge said saturday morning the department Only knew what they heard Over the radio. Fraley escaped with Steven Wheeler. 18. Fort Dodge who was being held on burglary and dangerous weapon charges Joseph Thomas 45, Phoenix. Ariz who was being held on a Drunken driving charge and for Colorado authorities and Lyle Lingenfelter 18, fort Dodge who was being held on a bad Check charge Only Fraley was considered dangerous there were about 12 prisoners in the jail at the time of the escape according to Cole those who stayed behind yelled out a window and alerted a passing fort Dodge police officer. 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