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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives May 13 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - May 13, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 82, no. 113 single copy 30 cents Albert Leo Minnesota sunday May 13, 1979 uses 181-580 34 pages Carter May now try for Odd even Gas Sale plan Oil drilling Rig collapses a an Oil drilling Rig Lias three fourths submerged in the Gulf of Mexico about to Miles out from Galveston after it collapsed. Rescuers picked up 26 workers but divers Are still searching for the Rig s eight missing men. Eight men feared trapped in Oil Rig Washington a car ter administration officials their plan for standby rationing authority scuttled by Congress Are debating whether to draw up Mills to speak at Freedom fest former congressman Wilbur Mills of Arkansas will be the featured speaker at Freeborn Freedom fest. Which has been scheduled for aug 25, at the Freeborn county Fairgrounds Mills who is now associated with a Washington. D c Legal firm will speak at the 7 program according to Freedom fest officials the onetime chairman of the powerful House ways and Means committee the Arkansas Democrat served in the House of representatives from 1939 until 197fi he retired from the Congress to begin a Well publicized struggle against alcoholism Freeborn Freedom fest is the second festival to celebrate Freedom from alcoholism and a nationwide Odd even plan for gasoline sales unlike rationing which would be used Only in Case of a severe Oil shortage the Odd Ven sales plan would be designed for use on Short notice the plan already in use in parti of califor Nia. Limits gasoline sales on even numbered Days to cars with even numbered License plants and on Odd numbered Days to those with Odd numbers it is still unclear whether the president has authority to impose an Odd even plan on a National scale and it is not yet Clear whether White House officials will decide to draw one up. Sources say but it is very Clear Carter will not propose another rationing plan after rewriting his own proposal several times the presi Dent won standby rationing authority from the Senate but the House rejected the plan in a 24ft-159 vote that Carter said left him Quot shocked and embarrassed for our nation s government a Quot if we should have a serious interruption of gasoline and Oil supplies our nation would be unprepared to Deal with it Quot he told reporters at the White House Friday Quot i Challenge the Congress within the next 90 Days to develop their own rationing plan a fair equitable and balanced a but Senate aides who work closely with Energy legislation say there is Little Chance that will happen sen Henry m Jackson d wash., chairman of the Senate Energy committee has said repeatedly there is no such thing As an equitable rationing plan meanwhile Friday. Federal Reserve chairman g William Miller told a business group in hot Springs. Va., that tighter world supplies of Oil and the threatened u s gasoline shortage increase the risk of recession Quot i think we have More risk now of a recession than we had two months ago a Miller said referring especially to the effects of such a shortage on the travel and tourist industries. In Washington Justice department officials said they Are investigating whether a planned four Day shutdown of gasoline stations in scattered parts of the nation violates antitrust Laws. Dealer organizations in several states Nave endorsed the shutdown from May 17 through May 20 to protest Federal Oll Price regulations which limit dealer profit margins to May 1973 Levels plus three cents department spokesman Terrence Adamson said the civil investigation coaids Lead the department to seek a court order to Block the shutdown if it is determined the gasoline Assoc actions Are acting together in violation of Federal antitrust Laws on Capitol Hill. Sen. Russell b Long a la. Chairman of the Senate finance committee said Congress is Likely to pass some form of Carters proposed Quot Windfall profits Quot tax on the Oil Industry. Galveston. Texas a Orleans released a list of the a in Ages divers searching the wreckage eight men believed trapped i eight the Rig. But did not provide age of a collapsed Oil Rig for men believed trained inside reported saturday that the plat form had completely submerged because of a storm during the night but coast guard officials said it appeared the Rig was still floating about Halfway Between the surface and the 60-foot-deep Bottom. Earlier the Rig had been floating Only partially submerged. Kept buoyant by trapped air pockets. A at this Point in time it Isnit very said coast guard it Gabe Kinney said of the sinking Kinney said la divers were working off the coast guard buoy tender Blackthorn in fairly Calm seas about 12 Miles off Galveston. Coast guard officials in new or hometowns. They were identified As Eddie Fredericks. John Perkins. Lee cruddy Dennis Smith Walter Fob in Ogle de Hanks. Barton Sealy and Cruz Palomarez thirty four men were aboard the Rig preparing for drilling when one of its three legs gave Way late thursday. The platform tilted at a 45 degree Angle and floated away from the legs after the Accident. Coast guard and private vessels rescued 26 men four of them requiring hospitalization Kinney said the air pockets at might also be sustaining life Quot we Are still hopeful that the men Are alive Quot Umney said a we covered about 85 percent of the search area with surface vessels and helicopters without finding anything. That leads us to believe they re inside the he said Quot i personally believe if there was a Guy in the water we would have found him by now a said David e Ciancaglini. Coom mender of the coast guard search and Rescue Squadron at Ellington air Force base Quot but we won t give up we just keep searching until we feel our efforts Are just not feasible any on Friday divers swam around the edges of the platform but left the water when it became apparent they would need More air hoses to get inside the flooded compartments of the Rig by the time the extra equip ment arrived however. 45-knot winds had whipped the seas and raised the Specter of divers being trapped in a sinking Rig Gas stations Promise service Quie says he approves of House tax Cut Bill news highlights qui hat Good Luck on ponor Park rapids Minn. Apr despite the technicality of a name change it was truly the governor s fishing opener Satur Day near Park rapids. Gov. Al Quie spent three Early hours out of his Busy Day to demonstrate for some 75 newspaper radio and television reporters How to catch fish. The news people had been invited to help the governor open Minnesota s 1979 Walleye and Northern Pike season. Quie Ami aide John Anderson guided by Tim Young brought in nine walleyes ranging from 2-pounds to a 7-Pound 14 ounce fish. Ginzburg spooks out on human rights Washington a Alexander Ginzburg the exiled soviet dissident says no authority can crush the human rights protest movement in his Homeland because new voices always Rise up to replace any that Are silenced. The movement is Quot unstoppable a he told a congressional commission set up to Monitor compliance with human rights provisions of the Helsinki accords Quot no matter How Many people they put into prison no matter How Many people Are put into exile the number of people who speak out always remains the same Quot Ginzburg said. Woolworth hoi rots Dios los Angeles a Barbara Hutton the . Woolworth heiress known in childhood As the Quot poor Little Rich girl Quot has died of cardiac arrest a spokeswoman for Cedars Sinai medical Center said. She died a 66-year-old Jet setter seven times married and three times a Princess yet a Symbol of the cliche that Money does no to always buy happiness. She said it herself once Quot i had t a very Happy childhood. Though i had millions of dollars i had no Mother and no explosion rocks Philo Dolpho Philadelphia a rescuers saturday recovered the body of the seventh person killed in a natural Gas explosion that levelled a tavern and an abandoned Row House in Northeast Philadelphia. Eighteen others were injured in the fire and explosion Friday and Crews were searching the rubble today for More victims the blast injured people up to a Block away knocked a passing Motorist unconscious and hurled an elderly Man through a plate Glass store window according to police. Lobo Noso children killed by bomb Beirut Lebanon apr eight lebanese children were killed and six wounded when a bomb they were playing with exploded in a Southern lebanese Village authorities said today. The eight victims ranging in age from 8 to 13, were Brothers and cousins from one family said a spokesman for provincial governor in Sidon administrative capital of Southern Lebanon the blast occurred Friday at the Village of Bab Liyeh. Seven Miles South of Sidon and 32 Miles South of Beirut. The leftist Beirut newspaper As Safir said the explosive was a Quot Cluster Quot bomb dropped by an israeli plane during raids earlier this week on palestinian targets along Lebanon a Southern coastal Highway. Protestors disrupt u of m mooting Minneapolis apr the University of Minnesota Board of regents ignoring chanting protesters outside their meeting room stuck to their scheduled Agenda Friday. The regents voted to extend the University a contract with the Minnesota Public interest research group and to raise the quarterly Spirg fee collected from students by 50 cents to $1.50. While the regents were in session la protesters who were denied admission to the meeting chanted slogans and pounded on the locked boardroom doors. The demonstrators were protesting the regents decision not to divest stocks the University holes in companies that do business in South Africa. St Paul. Minn a gasoline stations will be open at least every 50 Miles along All heavily travelled routes in Minnesota every weekend through the summer the state Energy Agency announced Friday. The announcement came on the eve of the states fishing opener. The weekend traffic crunch was expected to be eased some what because of heavy rain that has delayed the smelt run along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The state natural resources department has urged smelters to stay Home at least until Early next week. Algernon Johnson. Energy Agency director said nearly 150 station operators have volunteered to remain open Friday through sunday for the remain Der of the Spring and summer Quot while gasoline is in Short Supply this summer we done to want people to have to give up their vacations a said Johnson Quot what we do ask is that people use gasoline sensibly and of but the executive director of the Northwest Petroleum association. Jerry Everett pre dieted there will be problems with gasoline Supply in Minnesota this summer a a it a going to be tight Quot he said. Quot i done to foresee Long lines i done to see it As bad As California but we re going to have closings Quot Quot when you Only have roughly 75 to to percent or Normal gasoline allocation you re going to have shortages a he said the executive director of the Minnesota service station Asso elation was no More optimistic. Quot if we get panic buying or we Don t get conservation we re going to have trouble Quot said Brian Ettesvold whose organization represents Between 600 and 700 service stations for this weekend. Johnson suggested anglers ride in groups to conserve gasoline he also advised motorists to drive 55 Mph on the highways keep steady oven speeds and reduce driving during the week. Wilbur Mills other drug dependency the first event was held in 1977 with former Iowa sen Harold Hughes As the featured speaker events of the Day will begin at 4 . With displays and entertainment at the Fairgrounds Wheelock Whitney president of the Minnesota Council on health will be the master of ceremonies Tot the program former major league Pitcher Ryne Duren will also appear. The Rev James Schoeld is evident of the executive a re which is planning the event. Paul Larimore is vice president Bob Mott Secretary and Fred Haack treasurer other members of tax Board Are Francis Crawford Frances Skovlund Rolf Slen k Adamec and Gene Christopherson Adamec and Mott Are co chairmen of the advisory Board with Larimore serving As honorary chairman. Other advisory Board members Are Bette Berg Dale Drom Zerhausen Marlene Nordahl Wanda Jensen Vern Holbein Tom Martin Dennis Sullivan Shawn Harriman Lori Parry Paul Reese. John Petersen. Lowell Peterson. Lois West Richard i. Olson Rev Schoeld. And Mik Hergert St Paul Minn a gov Al Quie says he approves of a $692 million tax Cut Bill approved by the Minnesota House Friday on a 127-7 vote the measure now goes to the Senate All seven votes a a last the Bill. Which was fashioned by a bipartisan tax subcommittee were cast by Deflers Quot id sign the House Bill tomorrow Quot Quie said the proposed tax Cut amounts to about $175 for every minnesotan Over the next two years but some will receive More and others less. Depending on their income level and the amount of property they own the House Bill does not use the Senate approach which Calls for a one month moratorium on income tax collections this fall the major feature of the House Bill includes we million for a 19 percent expansion of the income tax brackets which results in an average tax reduction of 8 percent personal credits Are raised from $40 to $51. Casting $100 million both the brackets and credits will be Quot indexed Quot to keep Pace with inflation starting in 1981 the aim of both the bracket and Index provisions is to keep taxpayers from being pushed into higher tax rates when their incomes merely keep up with inflation the House Bill include $175 million for property tax Relief and repeals the limited Market value system which was recently declared unconstitutional by the state tax court for homeowners the state would pick up 60 percent of property tax Bills up to $700 under current Law tile states share is 45 percent and to this would mean a sizable tax reduction for some homeowners while for others it would Cushion the increases caused by junking the limited Market value system the agricultural Homestead which receives favourable tax treatment is raised from 160 acres to 240 acres and the agricultural Homestead Mill credit paid by the state is increased two Mills to 17 Mills the $740 million Senate Bill scheduled for floor action monday raises the Homestead credit to $500 and the percentage to 50 it also repeals the limited Market value system the biggest difference Between the two Bills is the income tax provision with the Senate proposing a moratorium on income tax collections in october the Senate version increases personal credits to in this year and to$87 next year Shakopee Man hangs himself after killing his children Shakopee Minn. A a Shakopee Man believed to have stabbed his three children to death before hanging himself was a Loving father who voluntarily sought psychiatric help last weekend neighbors said Linda Gelhaye. To. Susan Gelhaye 9, and Glenn Gelhaye. 5, were found stabbed to death in their Beds Friday morning their father Francis Gelhaye. A 35-year-old truck Driver with the Shakopee Public works department. Had hanged himself in the basement police said the wife and Mother of the victims. Charlotte Gelhaye had gone to the Home of neighbors i and mrs John Lane about 9 pm thursday. Quot she was just afraid Quot said Lane As he spoke in the living room of his Home Friday afternoon. Mrs Gelhaye sobbed uncontrollably in the Kitchen. I a be said Gelhaye came Over to his House about 2 30 a in. And tried to talk his wife into coming Home but mrs Gelhaye was still frightened and decided to stay. Quot we did t worry about the kids Quot said Lane Quot it did no to even occur to us there weren to any problems Between them and their Lane said Gelhaye was admitted Tost Francis Hospital in Shakopee last weekend for psychiatric evaluation Quot he admitted he needed help to his wife and to the Parish priest a a Lane said a Hospital spokesman confirmed that Gelhaye had been there last weekend although he would not say Why. A there Are a lot of rewards a lot of Good feelings Quot Clarks Grove Foster Mother hands out lots of love inside the Tribune j comics. Opinion Page Bridge. To family Page. 5la markets. 184 deaths. .1817 sports. .20 18 to guide. .16 Horoscope. 8 by Kevin Sweeney Tribune City editor Clarks Grove Mother love has been described As selfless love love Given without condition love that is there no matter what. A mothers love endures despite rebuffs reject Bon and ridicule from her children a no Man is so evil or ugly that his Mother somewhere inside does no to have any More love for him. Its a result of the Strong physical relationship Between Mother and child probably but Apical motherhood Isnit the j place Mother love can exist. For Foster parents who open their Homes and hearts to troubled children its a requirement. To be a Foster Parent a you have to be willing to love and give of yourself and not expect the kids to say thank you or even act like they love you you have to want for other kids what you want for your own. You have to love in a self giving Way Quot according to Foster Mother Carol Nelson. Mrs. Nelson and her husband David have been opening their Homes to Foster children for the past 18 years. With three children of their own it has of ten been crowded and sometimes it has been a hassle but the experience Quot has helped us More than we be helped any child Quot she said. Over the years the Nelsons have cared for eight Foster children referred through the Freeborn county social services office they have ranged in age from three to 16 years and their stays have ranged from three months to three years the Nelsons who live on a farm just South of Clarks Grove got into Foster parenting almost accidentally. Quot i grew up in a Home where my Mother was always helping people a mrs Nelson said. A we did no to actually take someone in but when neighbors had problems needed food clothing or just some advice she was frequently involved Quot mrs. Nelson worked with a mental health organization for a while after her marriage and later became involved with a troubled family in the Community. The Mother in the family had four children to care for and one on the Way. But did no to seem too interested in the welfare of any of them. A it was the talk of the town How the kids were neglected. I was t in a position to do anything but people kept telling me about mrs. Nelson decided to get involved. She knew the county Public health nurse through the mental health Center and volunteered to go along on visits to help the family. A a in a visit them two or three times a week to clean Cut hair to just be a Friend when the time came for the baby to be born i brought the four Little ones Hack Here with Quot it was a Shock they were like 2, 3, 5. And 6 years old and they were like animals. It was More noticeable Here than in their Home they eat they talk the 2-year old and 3-year-old work puzzles my 18-month-old child was doing a a mrs Nelson thought the children go Back with the Mother and went about the Long. Difficult process of getting the parents rights to the children terminated. It involved months of producing evidence and witnesses but it was finally accomplished then she helped find Homes for the children with friends and neighbors. After that she and her husband decided to take in Foster children when their own children were Young the Nelsons took in teenagers but when their own children reached an impressionable age they decided to limit themselves to younger children. Many teen aged Foster children come from troubled backgrounds mrs Nelson said Quot they often have problems like truancy smoking and drinking pre delinquent behaviour. One girl we had was so violent and rebellious in her own Home that her parents handle and those problems done to magically go away when the children enter a Foster Home. A a it a a difficult adjustment to make from nothing being expected of you to regulation. When the kids have ruled the Roost skipped school and have done whatever they want for so Long ifs difficult for them to and any Parent of a teenager knows How they can become rebellious and hard to please and How tensions can run High mrs Nelson said Quot its hard to keep the per spectre that it s not you they hate but that they Are trying to find themselves when you lose that perspective that s when the tensions build a a she said not All former Foster children maintain Contact with their Foster parents but close relationships do Blossom the second Foster child the Nelsons had stayed three years from age 13 to 16, then ran away and lived through some rough times but has developed into a Talen ted woman with a husband and child of her own. Who keeps in Contact with the Nelsons mrs. Nelson said Quot when she first came right away she was really Good really Happy she adjusted Well to the country she loved the kids and they loved after eight or nine months however the girl began to rebel Quot the first Winter she just refused to Wear a hand me Down coat All our kids were used to wearing a Cousin s old coat but she had never done that. I remember the trouble we used to have Over a Little thing like that a a a when she was 16 she ran away a that was difficult to take she said she could t take the regulations she left in october but showed up again in january a and there was t a six month period after that that she did t show up. Later she said 1 never said thank you or acted like i a of cited what you did for me 11 Learned everything i know from according to mrs. Nelson seeming failures with Foster children sometimes turn out successful. Quot you do everything you can at the time control them keep them out of trouble introduce them to the lord see that they got to school and you never know when that seed will take hold a Quot when she ran away i Felt three years had been wasted. But now she a just perfect proficient at anything decorating keeping a Home personality plus just a great girl. When she started to Settle Down we helped her out a lot and David gave her away at her parting with Foster children is continued on Page 2 trim Bra Foster family a Carol Nelson is pictured with her husband David right and one of her three real children son David. A treasure store in the want ads not hidden or buried but right out in the open in your want and columns you la find exactly what you re looking for. 113"x 12. Good phone too 0000. Condition Quot sold the Rug. Thank for the Quick results Quot said mrs. Olson when she cancelled her of. You. Too can be a satisfied advertiser by calling. Fora Tribune classified 373-1411

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