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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Fair local temperature maximum Friday 59. Minimum Friday morning 43. 8 a. In. Saturday 53.the sunday Tribune volume Lix number 111 full leased wire news report of the associated press Day and sunday. Albert Lea Minnesota sunday May 12, 1957 1st Section sixteen pages to cents Meighen wills funds to Charity Many groups and individuals share in estate by Jim Carney nearly 50 per cent of an estimated 1300,000 estate has been willed to Charity by John f. D. Meighen Albert Lea attorney who died april 17. I widow mrs. Katherine Meighen will inherit half of the estate. Specific bequests of $6,000 to relatives and former employees will come out of the other half with the balance left to Charity. Division of the Meighen estate is made in a will dated july 7, 1947, now on file in Freeborn county probate court. Admin mrs. Meighen Strator is the Minnesota Trust co. Of Albert Lea. Probate judge Norris o. Peterson will hold a hearing at to a. In. May 27 on a petition for probate of the will. Five institutions Benefit five institutions will each get five per cent of the net estate. They Are upper Iowa University Fayette Iowa trustees of Ham line University St. Paul and first methodist Church. Naeve Hospital association and the Albert Lea Public Library. Bequests of $1,000 each Are made to four former stenographers of the Meighen Law firm. They Are mrs. Bernard Hilda Lunde Anderson and mrs. Ralph Margaret Chard of Minneapolis and mrs. F. W. Arra Calhoun. 210 n. Third ave., and mrs. Robert Palma Olson 1320 Oakwood drive Albert Lea. Similar bequests Are made to an aunt mrs. Esther e. Smith Bloomfield. Conn., and Mary Healy a Cousin residing lost. Paul. The balance of the estate it least $69,000, is to be placed in Trust with the Minnesota Trust co., to be used equally for building fund purposes by four local organizations. They Are the Myca. Owca salvation army and Western Star Lodge no. 26 of the Mason s. The organizations will receive their share of the Money in 20 years if not used for building purposes by then. Exact amount not known boy Riding Bike killed by train Freeborn county a seventh traffic death of 1957 was recorded at 10 18 a m. Saturday As six year old James Donahue son of or. And mrs. Earl Donahue 817 Madison ave., was killed instantly by a Milwaukee Railroad Box car. The boy Riding a bicycle was going North across the Washington ave. Crossing. Two other boys on bicycles with James managed to get across before the backing Box car crossed the Street. Khrushchev favourable to big 4 meet Lovely lot a judges of the miss Minnesota pageant wont know until late today who is to succeed Marie Miller sitting left As the states representative at the miss America pageant in Atlantic City in the fall. Half of the girls were in the Talent Competition last night while the rest modelled swimming suits and posed in evening gowns. Tables will be Rains Cut dangers of Forest fire by the associated press Cooling showers eased but did not end the Forest fire crisis in much of the parched Northeast Friday night. A soaking rain Suu wag needed. Light rain dampened most of new York state and Massachusetts. Thunder storms swept across Pennsylvania while scattered showers hit Maine Connecticut and Vermont. But not a Sprinkle was reported turned this afternoon in preparation for tonight a Climax of the two Day spectacular. Ten Semi finalists will stage a Complete show beginning at 8 . Judges will whittle them to five from which miss Minnesota of 1957 w ill be selected. Tribune photo miss Minnesota crowning takes place tonight Parade tops saturday program exact amount of the Meighen in Bone dry new Jersey Wood estate wont be known Unhul an inventory is filed w hich will Lake from three to six months. It is conservatively estimated however that the net estate will equal or exceed $300,000. It is also estimated that 75 per cent of the estate is in stocks and Bonds with the balance in mortgages notes and real estate. The will leaves Meighen a interest in his Law partnership to the surviving partners we Illiam p. Sturr Ralph h. Peterson and William r. Sturt. They will continue the firm name of Meighen Sturtz and Peterson. Other provisions Meighen a personal possessions Are left to his wife. With the suggestion that the books files photographs motion picture equipment and collections a May be of use to the Public Library of the City or to the libraries of the Public schools in the Albert Lea school District. The Meighen Home at 107 the Fairway Shore and Heights is not mentioned in the will because it is the property of mrs. Meighen. Or. Meighen who died of a j heart attack at the age of 79, was a graduate of upper Iowa University and was vice president and chairman of the Board of trustees of mainline University. He had received honorary degrees from both universities. Lands the flames have crackled through thousands of acres of Timber in the Northeast. Damage totals millions of dollars. Present situation the state by state situation Massachusetts a the most serious blazes at Plymouth Athol and Montague were reported under control. But gov. Foster Furcolo said the National guard would attempt Cloud seeding today to coax heavy rain from skies in four areas of the state. New Jersey All fires were reported under control. Nineteen new fires broke out and destroyed nearly 700 acres. Since tuesday. Too fires have roared through 7,-ooo acres. New York five new fires All Small reported. Showers helped slow Down fires still burning. In the past two weeks about 1,000 fires have blackened 15,000 acres. Connecticut two new flies reported both Small. Showers give Aid Pennsylvania a thundershowers dumped up to three quarters of an Inch of rain on the Western part of the state. A new fire burned Over 500 acres near a Myca Camp in the Bushkin area in the Eastern Section. The rain was the first in nearly a month in Many areas of the or Meighen was a prominent Northeast but officials of Tel u methodist Churchman both in Al was a enough to break the Bert Lea and the state end had drought. Served on Many Church boards. Historic Plymouth mass., his 57 years As a la uyt All swept l0 we than a few Hundred vehicle by Jim Mccluskey the arrival of gorgeous Marian Mcknight Manning s. C., blonde made the rest of the miss Minnesota pageant seem trivial for a while yesterday. Miss americans impersonation of Marilyn Monroe at the saturday night pageant All but brought Down the packed House of appreciative Appl auders in the High school auditorium. She flew into town while the colourful 67 unit Parade was in Progress. The lightly Clad Beauty Queens May have shivered a Little on the unpredictable May Day 8 changes approved in motor Laws St. Paul do a compilation showing that the 1957 legislature approved eight changes in the motor vehicle Laws was issued Friday by Secretary of state Donovan. Heading the list was the change in the Date for buying automobile License plates. Under the new Law Jan. To becomes the last Date for applying for new License plates without penalty. The deadline now is nov. 15. The deadline for display of plates is March i instead of Jan. I. Other changes in the Law authorized installation of modern business machines to process motor vehicle registrations. Legalized use of a $1 stamp for payment of the filing fee for change of ownership of vehicles. Permitted Cash refunds to passenger car As Well As truck owners for unused portions of License fees in cases where vehicles Are destroyed or permanently removed from the state. Authorized rounding off motor but that did t keep the show from it come. Sixteen of the Lovely con going on. Test Anta bima. Danced and gave most of the 90 Albert Lea High dramatic readings at last nights Treasury caught in fund Pinch according to Henry j. Helsey conductor on the switch engine the engine and four cars were backing Westward. The last car was three quarters of the Way across the Street when it struck the boy. The mangled bicycle and the body of the boy were pushed Westward about to feet. Companions disappear police were unable to find the other two boys who were crossing the tracks. Apparently they kept Riding when they realized their companion had been hit. Other crewmen were Fred Brou ers Albert Lea Engineer w. J. Between Austin and a. R. Coffman Austin both brakeman. Coffman said he was standing in the Middle of Washington As the switching operation was going on. He said he yelled at the two boys who bicycled behind the train. Too late he saw the Donahue boy As he started behind the train. Died instantly Between the other brakeman said he had just opened the switch West of the Accident scene. County Coroner or. S. G. Egge ruled death was instantaneous. Washington or the tree school band members managed to performance. This afternoon they Ury s latest Effort to refinance report for duty to Lead the Parade. Will Model swimming suits a n d the National debt finds the government caught in the same tight although Many were drowsy eyed evening gowns from Friday night s Junior a sen crowning takes place tonight for prom. Tonight the top to girls will go selection of miss Minnesota of through the show again re ap-1957 still is anybody a guess for Pearing in their swimming suits the Best part of the pageant is yet and fancy formals and re citing their Talent numbers. 1 the unique a Cyprus card ens i phantasm setting of the pageant was designed by James and mar lyse heed Stapleton. Marly get miss Minnesota of 1955. Was crowned in Austin the same year Albert Ixo a s Margaret Max we 11 became miss Minnesota runner up. The 32 a Southern Belles enter the stage from a Long Low Bridge into the a Cyprus on either Side of the stage grow giant Trees with heavy hanging Spanish Moss. Master of ceremonies Bill Rudd of radio station Kate introduced Money Pinch that has other segments of the Economy hollering the Treasury Friday took a preliminary peek at the results of its offer last week to Exchange More than four billion dollars in in per cent notes sold in 1954 and maturing next wednesday. What it found was t unexpected but it was t exactly what was hoped for either. Although the proffered 11-months certificates at so per cent and the 57-Monlh notes at so per cent carry the highest government interest rates since the Bank Holiday of 1933, the new Issue was Only 72 per cent subscribed. In other words 28 per cent of the holders of the 1954 notes did miss Minnesota of 1956 ahead of. No want to Exchange them for the evening gown Competition. New government securities they sixteen of the candidates present-1 was Tad Cash this Means that the new York in a the n a w York times saturday quoted Nikita Khrushchev As saying the surest Way to avoid War Between co in in ii nist and non communist n a tons is for America and Russia to find Soma common Way to ease tensions. The soviet communist party chief in a d a Khrushchev the statement in an hour and 50 minute interview in Moscow with times managing editor Turner Catledge who is on a tour of the newspaper s foreign bureaus. Catlege said Khrushchev s \ Lew a on this Point were prompted by a question whether he favored a switching operations at the other Rig four Summit meeting crossing were not begun a g a i n Khrushchev said he decidedly until 10 50 a. In. I favors such a meeting but he in James born sept. 7, 1950, was slated that the responsibility for an adopted son of the Donahue leasing world tensions rested Moat he was a kindergarten Pupil at heavily on the United states and Ramsey school. Russia a a first and Foremost is the other county or Affie deaths a a Tamad this year included or. And mrs. I sums up expressions de Billard Albert in a. Jan. 25 i the times dispatch from Moa Jake Weitzel 47, Hollandale feb. 27 Daryl Norby Albert Lea March 29 i Emolyne staff 23, and Clifford Johannsen both alb e r t Lea Marrh 29. Prober plan new sift of Becky deals Washington up Senate rackets probes said saturday they plan hearings next week on alien e d a a demands by teamsters Union president Dave Beck on an employer Beck had aided with Loans from Union funds. Robert f. Kennedy counsel for the investigating Senate committee said Roy Fruehauf president cow summed up the views expressed by Khrushchev on diverse subjects As follows any big four Parley should a carefully prepared in Advance the question of Europe a the most important provoke of tensions is a a a knot that creates disputes. Any settlement in Europe might entail setting up a continuing body dominated by the United states and Russia to review future problems. Such a body would mean dissolution of the North Atlantic treaty organization. The German problem should a left i the East and West German governments. Says u. S. Want War the United nations is a useful agent for peace but its present importance is diminished by the dominant role of the United states. It is an a a indisputable fact that the United states and its allies of the. troller Coor we a we a a a a nun and later Beck himself group by a appeared in i preserves and pay off about swimming suits. Saturday night models Russia and her red allies. Khrushchev would like to v Tail the United states and have a talk Yards of Jordan Hospital. An army of 3,000 firefighters con in Freeborn county established an unequalled record of achievement and had made him a Well known Tail red the flames figure in the Legal fraternity of the Midwest. Steals sink . Court upholds Matusow conviction new York of the u. S. Court of App Aln Bas upheld the perjury inv icon and five year pria-1 on sentence of Harvey Matusow admitted former communist. Matusow. At was convicted sept 26. 1956, on five counts of perjury in swearing that Roy m Coho while an assistant u. S. Attorney had coached him to give false testimony to the trial of 13 second string communists Marian Mcknight. Miss America Mother of year fees to the neatest Nickel. Says Home needs that Ninn Naskin Offir v required that nine passenger in i station wagons be licensed As Pas Sanger cars. Exempted motorized firefighting apparatus from motor vehicle License fees. Bay City Mich. Urn burglars set up a system of Short term too nothing but the Kitchen sink License permits for circus and on a visit to mrs. Charlotte Hay a carnival vehicles while they Are Ward s Home. In the state world and state news in Brief National Washington a Senate rackets probes plan new hearings on demands of Taa Star Union president Beck. Treasury caught in Money Pinch in debt refinancing. New York it a mrs. Hazel Giempel Abel american Mother of 1957, says the a salvation of the Home is the watchfulness of the Mother a mrs. Abel 68, of line o i a neb., Friday was Presto Ted with a citation and a Diamond studded pin emblematic of her selection As Mother of the year. She has five children weather Minnesota fair and some warmer High 75-85 Central and South. Avalanche victim Katmandu Nepal it officials Here announced Friday that a Himalayan Avalanche killed a Mullish Mountaineer and two Chicago a Battle for control of Fairbanks Morte end in agree j Sherpa nepalese Mountain ment guide it two weeks ago. The by state undated a showers ease Forest ire peril in Northeast. San Francisco . Not to launch satellites in secrecy. Ton. A Apt. Crosby Fox to Wax models saturday night were erns Mary Wagner Little Falla Pauline Helen Niemann. Redwood Falls Doreen Schloesser South St. Paul Janice Ramona Oyster Wheaton. Sandra Marie Morgan r i e a fiend Connie Lien Luverne Ramona Marie Johnson. Red Wing Ardyce Ruth Gustafson St. Paul Yvonne Margaret Marcotte Mankato. Deanna Martha or Cullun. Brainerd Joyce Lee Moen Fergus fails Priscilla Anne Poilu Breckenridge Jeannie Marie Tama Windom Lola Malva Grose Waseca Pamela Kay Milbrandt Fairmont and Yvonne Ann Hammer Bayport. I seven singers two dancers one clarinet St and six talented talkers performed at saturdays pageant. I Delores Marie Brown Bloomington began with a Spanish dance a Espana next Kay Francis Emeley Moorhead Sang a the desert song others were Margaret Vaughn i Winona with a dramatic Reading. A scene from Joan of arc a Betty leu Berry Lester Prairie sing tog a just a closer walk with Tine. Jean Clarice Kresach. New Ulm modern dance Quot yesterday Lorna Mae under run Benson Ting my a it s a grand night for singing a Sandra Shapiro Worth i n a ton i Amitie Reading a the creation Fay Elizabeth harder. I Mountain Lake clarinet Solo i a pleasant thoughts a i a r e 11 e Schell Madison discussing a dress designing in Home Rosalie Diane Russell Minneapolis singing a love is the wind Marlene Hay Miller. Winner age talking on a cheer leading Tri a Nuques a june Marilyn Potts Hoed their Talent routines after which urea Uryth it week must to into quizzed on what Ken the first proud is too eased a a Nedy said were a Becks demands no Luup in appeared in ifs Reier Vea am1 pay off about the to Manv in the Waken the. A a a a a $1,167,000,000 of Tho maturing comp by j with president Eisenhower. Note the. Committee devel Sulla we consu1r<�?~d a s�1 Kine. The. To. F n i i Butor communism but a Ever since the new Issue was oped testimony that Beck loaned i a mounted last week Treasury of i million dollars in teamsters h h facials have Hee saying they sex funds to Fruehauf when Fruehauf 1j a a peeled an attrition rate of about faced loss of control of his firm j a l. Uus 25 per cent with a Cash payoff in unless he got More capital. The the neighbor Nood of one billion Loans were repaid the senators dollars. They explained that most were told. Of the maturing notes arc held there has been testimony that by corporations and that the Cor later when Beck needed Money portions have earmarked them the Fruehauf firm got a trucking for their june tax payments. This is part of the answer but Only a part. A Tother important Factor is that the demand for Money outruns the Supply in the lending Market. Firm the Brown equipment co., to lend Beck $200,000 Kennedy indicated there were other a de u. S. Intervention in the Middle East is to be condemned. Soviet intervention in Hungary is a different a As the hungarians have an Independent state. Has surgery Santa Monica. Calif. Up mends on Fruehauf by Beck and actor Cameron Mitchell la in is that he intends to try to develop John s Hospital after surgery Yea evidence along this line. Ter Day for intestinal ulcer Northfield a new Highway route perils business area Mahnomen a school Board taxpayers spilt Over new building i an. Concluded on Page 14 pre primers a most of the albeit t Lea High school juniors and seniors who attended fridays prom got in on a party or two before the dance and then another two or More afterwards. At the Lawn party at the Harvey Satre Home 518 Edgewood ave., left to right Are Marlene Bottel son Sid Verdoorn Joy Maiden Bob bribe Marlene Satre Bob Hasley Nancy Polk and Aaron Parkhurst. Marlene and Aaron Kusley and Nancy were hosts Tribune photo

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