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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 4

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Albert Lea, Minnesota Sunday May 7, 1972 Paga 4 Tribune opinion Page a threat to free Enterprise those of us who Are concerned about tue things As Freedom of the press Are watching with a nervous Eye action by the Federal communications commission As it considers a request by the Federal Trade commission to Force �?ocounteradvertising1�?T upon the broadcasting Industry under the concept radio and television stations could be forced to offer free time to almost anyone who wants to Challenge the contents of commercials. We Are concerned about this Issue because should this kind of Burden be placed on the broadcast Media it would Only be a Short step before it could be applied to other Media that depend on advertising to survive such As newspapers and magazines. We recognize that there have been abuses in advertising. The Federal government has an Agency a the Federal Trade commission a to police such abuses. The idea of almost anyone having the Opportunity to Challenge advertising is certainly a threat to the survival of the broadcasting Industry. It is Only another indication of How governmental interference in any commercial Enterprise can create havoc. Obviously we Are most concerned about the possibility of governmental interference in news coverage. We feel that having to renew their licenses every three years has to place some curbs on the Freedom of broadcast news agencies. After All the Federal communications commission is subject to some political pressure and should a broadcast newsman incur the Wrath of some powerful political figure that pressure could be applied. We done to believe any appointive governmental Bureau should have that kind of Power. James Oliver the sunday Tribune Albert Lea Minn. Earl in. Nelson to me Oliver editor Ken Tanner circulation manager Terry Jenson general manager to word save re advertising manager Loran Murray. Com Poling room Foreman beware the chinese the two giant pandas presented to president Nixon by the chinese government Are now quietly ensconced in the National zoo in Washington. Pandas Are also known As Bear cats and cat bears. Maybe someone should remind the president to beware the chinese gifting bears. Another View what i want now is for the . to Stop the bombing and the killing. I done to agree with that and id like the other Side to give up violence too. Then maybe wed be Able to get at each others minds instead of each others throats. A John Laughlin a Catholic in Northern Ireland. Do you remember five years ago a grandma Quot mrs. Marie Hanson celebrated her 107th birthday by attending Church and taking a tour of the Tornado area. Ten years ago won medal. Carol Veldman daughter of or. And mrs. . Veldman Hollandale was named the latin medal Winner by executive Board of Minnesota classical conference and its president sister Vincent de Paul. Over 5,000 participated in the statewide contest. Twenty years ago Albert Lea packers snapped Owatonna Jinx 9 to 3, by winning its second exhibition game of season at Hayek Field. Manager babe Jensen handled third base position vacated by Johnny Poliak who went to Owatonna. Thirty years ago Harry e. Ruhsam received promotion to Cadet colonel at Iowa state College As announced by col. H r. Odel head of the military department. This was the highest rank published Dolly through Friday end sunday second Clos postage paid at Aloert Leo Minnesota Send change of address notice to to so Albert Lea Minnesota 56007 Preis exclusively entitled to the use Tor rep,.trice Ion of an the local news in this newspaper of Well As Oil a Dos of cd member newspaper Enterprise association and audit Bureau of circulation is a a it a the latest thing in fashion you strap a Pillow to your Tummy and you be got the a pregnant look a a Rake some muck today in Chi Skym a a you be got to remember Wilt Chamberlain did no to Start out with the kind of House he has now either a Wallace casts ominous Shadow Umi of a series by Ira Berkow with Wallace campaigns Nea there have been some changes made in Alabama gov. George Wallace but most of them have been on the surface. He dresses differently for one. He is not exactly Mode his pants have cuffs his Black shoes Are Standard businessman swing tips a but his ties Are wider and More colourful than Ever. His second wife Cornelia a one time runner up in the miss Alabama contest seems More conscious of clothes than his late first wife Lurleen. A i help George match his Short and tie and suit a she said. A the do that himself to save his his thinning Auburn hair is still combed Back in neat lines and parted High and still sprouts flecks of Dandruff. But the hair is a bit longer than Ever and he uses sudden Beauty hair Spray to keep it in place. And he is still one of the hand shaking est politicians around. Once he even Shook the hand of a mannequin and went right on without realizing it. And he will go into an office and shake the hand of a surprised Secretary who is speaking on the phone. A but i done to run across the Fields to shake one Farmers hand anymore a he said. A i found that you go on to and look unhealthy and you lose More votes than you and to the question a do you still use the word a Nigger a he said a i never used that word lower in in his speeches though he talks about a welfare Chi Selers and the audience knows who the Man from the deep South is talking about he talks about not giving foreign Aid to every a hottentot country and the audience understands the thinly coded reference and he talks about being against busing and All listeners understand who he does no to wanted bused where and Why. He is the last rebel. He is never far from fighting the White southerners Hundred year old fight. And he says he has been making the same speech Ever since he first ran for governor in 1958. He says he is not trying to say a harm word against any race but he is for a segregated society still. He says he has no apologies for the time he stood in front of the door at a University of Alabama building and refused in front of Federal authorities to permit Black students. A the Blacks wanted separation a too a said Wallace. Then Why he was asked Are they working so hard for in tre gation now a they changed a he said. Then his face scrunched up around the Cigar in his Mouth. A Why you Wanna talk about something that happened to years ago Why you Wanna talk about that lets talk about the issues. Lets talk about All those millionaires who done to pay taxes because of loopholes. Lets talk about them false he was asked what a false Liberal is. He said Quot a Man who wants to give everyone Freedom letters from our readers to the editor recent times have caused a truly mysterious phenomenon to occur right in our midst. It is so shrouded in secrecy that few people even care to talk of it in Public. I suppose until our scientists can isolate it and prescribe some sort of solution one can Only Call it by a terribly common name the disappearing Groom. In every wedding that i recall witnessing in our Community though my memory May not be absolutely accurate there has always been a Man involved. But by the time the photographers Are done and have the pics rushed to your highly efficient printing facilities the image of the Man seems to disappear leaving Only the stunning Bride. If any of your readers know a solution to this baffling mystery perhaps they could share it with All. it be rather exciting to see with our very own eyes the printed image of a Man who actually got married Rev. Milton Ost Albert Lea nature s world songbirds drive away evil thoughts toward Litterer by Maude m. Koeven1g thoughts while picking up someone else a garbage might make Lively Reading. As my sister and i stuffed empty bottles and cans into Gunny sack recently i found myself hoping that whoever had thrown the trash would have four Flat tires and lose his car keys to Miles from anywhere. The litter almost filled the 100 Maude Koevenig pres room Foreman subscription rates by Carrier boy ser let p. 0. Boc in Albert Lea City zone one Witk cd by Carrier boy service outside City zone in Freeborn county and of Oinling areas one weak 60c. By mall within 50 mile radius of Albert Lea one year. 11.00 by mall Minnesota and Iowa beyond 50 mile Rod us at Albert Lea one year sum by mall la other zones $304 0 mall subscriptions not accepted from nearby communities where Tribune Carrier service is maintained. All subscriptions payable in Advance. Your Carrier boy will be Happy to collect regularly an any Day you wish wednesday through saturday. Notice of your Tribune has not been delivered by 5 30 . Dally Ond t 30 . Sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May Call 373-1611 and ask for Tribune delivery. Please Call Between 5 30 6 of . Dally and 1 30 0 30 am. Sundays. No service Oiler these times. Business office hours 1 00 am to 5 00 . Monday through Friday. Saturday it 00 to 12 noon. Pound bag and was heavy. It had been thrown into our Cattail Patch across the Road from the Cabin in the Valley and appeared to us to be refuse from campers fishermen or Hunters. Our reason for that deduction was the Type of containers. There were quart size soft drink bottles not returnable cans that had held puddings and evaporated milk plastic juice bottles decayed Grapefruit rinds Etc. The newspapers were Rochester Post bulletins. I always look for clues that would enable me to return garbage to its owners. This time there were none so All we could do was haul the junk Home for disposal at the dump Here. However last mondays East wind and rain brought a flock of Lovely Myrtle warblers to the Yard Here at Home and they chased away All bad thoughts. Myrtles Are the first warblers to appear and usually arrive in numbers at the opening of Trout to do anything he Damn does that make you a True Liberal a Well no a he said. A i mean a Liberal is just a word that the news Media made but you use it. He thought for a moment. Quot i reckon in a being inconsistent a he said shyly. There Are three views of George Wallace. One is that he is a racist demagogue who would like to subvert human rights. Another is that he is simply a typical politician who will go anything to be elected. A third is that he is some kind of Saint sent to cure the ills of a the average working Many his Oft used phrase against the All pervasive tentacles of big government. George Mangum a Baptist pastor from Selma who is Wallace a chief factotum and master of ceremonies of his rallies holds the latter View. A a he a like Jeremiah in the Bible a said the Burly Mangum who bad on his hip a pistol and on his left wrist a George Wallace watch with red band and a Wallace caricature wearing boxing gloves Wallace was once an Alabama state bantamweight Champion. Quot the guv Nuh is telling people that if big government keeps poking in our lives they Gonna be a mess us trouble a said Mangum. A like Jeremiah said. Do you Ever talk to god a asked Mangum. A we All should. I do. The guv huh does. He a a strict methodist from the old time religion not the modern Days. He Don t drink and he done to inhale them Mangum is glib important for a preacher and an insurance Salesman As it turns out. He handed a reporter a Small leaflet that urges various health and life insurance policies a and has a quote from the Bible backing them up As a politician Wallace has not been a total failure obviously. He has built hospitals and Junior colleges and Trade schools in Alabama. A a that a what in a most proud of a he says. And his Appeal to populism has not been Hurt by his Selling of All the states official Cadillac and buying Fords instead. But the Cloud of racism remains Over his head. Not Long ago he made a speech at Liberal Lawrence University in Appleton wis. It was a cold snowy night. The Chapel was filled with some 1,500 persons mostly Young people. He stood on stage behind a bulletproof podium and gave much the same speech he had Given to crowds of Farmers and workers and to the joint legislative Assembly at Nashville tenn., and presumably before a new people in front of a Clio b a a be shop and a courthouse in Selma. Now the Klieg lights from the television cameras lit up the stage and cast his Shadow against the Gray drapes behind him. When he got to the part about Law and order about 50 students stood up in the front Row and walked out. He stopped his speech and watched. Most of the other people stood up and applauded the departing students. Wallace walked Back to George Mangum. Was Wallace going to leave in a Huff no. He said to Mangum a Tell them folks standing out in the cold to come then gov. George Wallace went on with his speech. The great waving Shadow looked ominous. End of series Washington nuggets fishing season. One Nashville Warbler p e a Ched in a horizontal Branch of the fir tree just outside my window on monday. He stayed there sheltered a bit from the rain Long enough for me to establish identification. Most of the time they move about so quickly that it s hard to get a Good look. Nashville warblers scour Trees and underbrush for eggs and larvae of Small insects. Look for Clear yellow breasts and a White Eye ring to identify them. A Chestnut spot on the head is hard to see. Noticed my first Wren Over a week ago. Several Ruby crowned kinglets have been staying around dose enough to let us see the Brilliant Scarlet Crown patches which Are hidden so much of the time. Ruby crowned kinglets sing during migration. The Golden crowned do not. Anyone listening to the Beautiful song of this tiny Bird marvels at How remarkably loud it is for his size yellow shafted flickers pm the Lawn have been performing their courting ritual dancing and posturing before one another. Suitors drum their love Calls on roofs Metal Ridge poles pipes or antennas. People who Are trying to sleep become annoyed by this quite frequently. They should remember that it lasts for Only a Short time. Soon the paired flickers will be too Busy digging their nests in dead Trees or branches to do any drumming. They feed on ants hammering into colonies and gathering the ants on Sticky tongues. The Tongue of a Flicker extends More than two inches beyond the Bill. Examination of the stomach of one Flicker revealed some 5,000 ants. Washington the following news nuggets were gathered this week by the staff of our Washington Bureau. Welfare Reform after three years of debate a decision is finally near on whether americans welfare system will be reformed. A critical vote will be taken this month in the . Senate which will Chart the future of the welfare system. Welfare will either become a Federal responsibility with uniform National regulations and a guaranteed income for needy persons or it will continue to be a Patchwork of 50 differing systems. The stage was set for a major debate and ultimate decision when the Senate finance committee last week killed key elements of the House approved welfare Reform Bill proposed by president Nixon. Such action by the conservative panel had been widely expected. The Nixon administration is counting on the full Senate to Amend the Bill on the floor to conform to or. Nixon a Reform plan. John d. Twiname top welfare official in the department of health education and welfare said the need for welfare Reform was underscored by rising welfare costs and caseloads. Welfare payments Cost the taxpayers $10.8 billion last year up $2 billion or 22 per cent Over the previous year in december of 1971 there were 14.8 million welfare r e c i p i e n t a according to twiname. A breakdown shows 10.6 million recipients got help under the Aid to families of dependent children program 2 million got old age payments i million were disabled 982,000 received general assistance and 80,300 were Blind. A the figures speak eloquently for the need for welfare Reform to provide a More rational system for taxpayers and recipients alike a said twiname. Campaign funds during this election year the republicans and the democrats disagree on almost everything. However democratic National chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien and gop chairman Robert Dole this week issued a rare joint statement in which they agreed on the need for More people to make financial contributions to political campaigns. They sent a joint letter to the nations 1,500 largest firms asking each company to encourage its workers to make Small contributions to the political Patty or individual candidate of their Choice. The letter noted that for the first time persons who make Small political donations will be entitled to a credit on their Federal income tax payments. O Brien and Dole have called their joint fund raising drive the a j n i t e d political appeals taking the same Broad based bipartisan approach used in local Community Chest drives. Women executives the Nixon administration is proud of its record of boosting women into High paying policy positions in the Federal government. The White House has issued a new report disclosing that 105 women working for the government Are now in policy posts which pay $28,000 annually or More. This compares to 27 women in such jobs under the Johnson administration and 18 women in policy jobs during president Kennedy a tenure. Mobile Post offices the . Postal service now has a Small Fleet of a a instant Post offices. Actually these Are Mobile Homes which have been refitted to serve As Post offices on a moments notice when the need arises. If a natural disaster destroys a local Post office the new Mobile facility can be sent there at once to keep the mail system going. Similarly they can be used in other special situations such As supplementing the regular Post office in a resort area whose mail volume soars during the vacation season. Currently the postal service has 42 of the Mobile units which Are deployed in various regions of the country. Chemical dependency chemical dependency symptoms Many varied by or. Robert m. Mcauliffe symptoms of chemical dependency Are Many and varied. Among the earliest symptoms Are those which Center around the manner in which drugs Are used or the or. Robert Mcauliffe a pattern of drug a person who is pathologically related to mood altering chemicals uses them in a Way which is different from no dependents. A non dependent user of prescription drugs for example will never vary the prescribed drug dosage and will not try to persuade a physician to increase the dosage. In other words a non dependent Pill use will never attempt to prescribe or administer drugs for himself or herself. A non dependent pot or alcohol user will never do any unplanned or unpremeditated drinking or smoking. If he sets cwt to use his drug of preference in a certain Way he does not vary his original plan. He deliberately decides and freely chooses to use drugs in a certain Way and he Sticks to it. His use will be so moderate that he will never get intoxicated or spaced out. He will always be in Complete control of the manner in which he uses drugs. A dependent drug user cannot stick to a premeditated plan. He or she will sometimes alter the plan abruptly As the effects of the drug Are Felt and will inject larger quantities than originally planned. A dependent drug user will plan to spend a certain amount of time using drugs on a particular occasion. Then As the drug effects begin to take hold he or she will change the plan liberalism cheats students by John p. Roche King features every generation gets trapped in its own time capsule. As a teacher of history and politics i have the task of trying to Bridges at least at the intellectual level the Gap Between the present and the past. Obviously i too am a product of my generation and doubtless have a number of responses that seem eccentric to my students but i am aware of it and put my cards on the table. My students Are blissfully unaware of their insulation with and continue the drug use beyond the time allotted. Of course these changes of plans Are rationalized a a explained and justified by the defense system of the dependent which is busily at work protecting the pathological dependency. But the simple and obvious reality is that the drug user started out to use drugs in one Way and ended up using them in a different Way. In other words this is unplanned or unpremeditated use which is a characteristic of the a pattern of use of a drug dependent person and which is a Clear symptom of chemical dependency. To drug users to their Peers and to their peer groups my suggestion for this week is observe the pattern of use which Marks the drug use of yourself and your Peers. Do you or cd they Ever vary the amount of drugs used of the length of time spent using drugs once the effects of the drugs Are Felt if so you Are looking at Chemi dependency. Jim Roche dedication and a certain amount of disdain they March out to reinvent the wheel. This is not said in any spirit of meanness i behaved in precisely the same fashion at their age. It is raised i get a Good Deal of mail accusing me of being an academic Dinosaur an antique reactionary who wants to turn a he clock Back to Mcguffey a Reader and the College As prison. In particular i am attacked for opposing the bold new innovations that have a a liberated the universities and colleges from the formalism the rigid curriculum the Lack of experimentalism that formerly dominated the academic ethos. Born five years too Ute i have not bothered to defend myself against these attacks believing egotistic ally i suppose that my life Long reputation As an anti formalist in educational matters provided an adequate defense. However the Folly of this attitude came Home to me with a vengeance Over the past couple of weeks. Two episodes first a group of students arguing about the various democratic presidential candidates. As i listened a Young woman said with the authority of Moses on Sinai a after All Hubert Humphrey has never done a thing for civil i waited but nobody even argued the Point. Automatically i said a a done to you remember the democratic convention of 1948�?� startled she replied a i was born in 1953�?� second i received what might be considered the ultimate historical put Down. After class a freshman came up to me and asked a it must have been interesting to work in the White House. What is president Nixon like to work for a with this in mind i think it Wise to say a few words about my views on education. The critics of what has occurred in the Academy Over the last decade can be divided into two general categories the conservatives who want to return to a a Golden age and liberals who believe in educational in Novation but Are convinced that a most of the programs that have claimed this Label Are fakes Are in fact academic swindles of which the students Are victims. The classic statement of the a conservative position was Robert Nisbet so degradation of j the academic Dogma a a Book a in which he persuasively j presented the Case for an Ideal College one that would never c have admitted me or most of my friends to summarize the conservative argument insists. That the problems in american a higher education have Arisen from the erroneous notion that the masses have a rights if qualified to go to College. It is a t Root profoundly anti egalitarian. Eliminating rigidities at the other end there Ara those of us who have spent our academic lives trying to eliminate the stupid rigidities of College standards without simultaneously destroying standards. Over the years i confess i have broken every Rule in the Hook. For example a senior do my a paper with me simply froze in his last semester he just write a sentence though his research had been enormous. I should have flunked him preventing his graduation and acceptance of a foreign scholarship. I passed him with the understanding that he would write the paper Over the summer. He did and in fact it was published in a scholarly journal. The Point is i knew that student As i have known perhaps a thousand others who have done senior theses or research with me. Once they have demonstrated the right to be taken seriously i care less about the formalities. But this is a very different thing from the current efforts to bureaucrat ize flexibility to institutionalize a spontaneous personal relationship Between teacher and students which in the cases i am describing becomes virtually a collegial relationship. One professor i know had an a Independent readings course with 150 students harsh As it May sound this is a Racket not an innovation. It makes a bad joke out of real standards which Are the main concent of the Liberal academician. Guam a original inhabitants the Chamorro a handsome people of indonesian and polynesian Stock were self sufficient in their Bountiful environment

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