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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Rain local temperatures maximum Friday 47. Minimum Friday morning 27. 8 00 a. In. Saturday 34.the sunday Tribune volume Lix number 75 i full leased wire news report of the associated urea Dally and sunday. Albert Lea Minnesota sunday March 31, 1957 1st Section eighteen pages to cents some state employees in politics Paul Rasmussen makes charges at hearing on Bill St. Paul lit a some state employees Are required to engage in politics says Paul Rasmussen Del member of the Minnesota Railroad and warehouse commission. Rasmussen made the charge late Friday at a hearing on a Bill which seeks to have commission members named by the legislature instead of elected As at present. Arthur Naftalin another witness before the Senate civil administration committee was Quick to deny the politics charge and demanded that Rasmussen submit evidence to Back it up. Rasmussen said he opposed the Bill because the commission now is free from politics. Under one provision of the measure the commission would be created As separate administrative entity with its director named by the governor. Could become powerful a a governor in control of a department set up As proposed could Weld it into a very potent political Agency a Rasmussen said. Quot i have never asked one of our present 500 employees to make any political contribution or work for he was reminded that under a Tate Law Railroad and warehouse As Well As other state employees Are under civil service and forbidden to engage in politics. Sen. Arthur Gillen. South St. Paul then asked if Rasmussen Felt the employees would become political under a governor appointed administrator. A yes Rasmussen answered. A right now in some state departments personnel Are Given to understand in no Uncertain terms that they must make contributions of a political nature in terms of work and Naftalin makes denial Naftalin Arace immediately to say he wanted to make a summary denial. A it is my impression. He said a thai in the present administration political involvement of civil Aery-1 ice people in at the lowest ebb in j history. We Are doing a we can to obey the letter and spirit of the prohibition against such political it activity. A if or. Rasmussen has any arms full a Margaret Schroeder clerk typist at City Hall has her arms full of water Bills ready for mailing monday to 4,092 customers. Bills include new rate increases voted by the City Council. Tribune photo presidential disability plan rapped sen. Rayburn tells Ike request May upset people Washington a House speaker Sam Rayburn id tex reportedly has told president Eisenhower that if he makes a personal request for a a temporary presidency legislation people will think he plans to give up a Uve presidential service. An informed source who declined to he quoted by name said saturday Rayburn told this to Eisenhower Friday during a White House confere Nee with d e Rno cratic and Republican congressional leaders. Eisenhower was said to have replied that he did no to see How such an inference could be drawn. At this conference Eisenhower proposed a amendment to authorize the Cabinet to decide by majority vote when the vice president should assume temporarily the duties of a Dis a bled president who was unable h Clarks Grove ua8 glued late death car a Clifford Peterson of Albert Lea Points to the place where the body of Clifford Johannsen Rural Clarks Grove was found Friday after Johannsen a car left the Road and tipped on its Side. Tribune photo third death 0 Clarks Grove Man Dies beneath Auto in ditch minimum rate raised 4,092 water customers will receive their Bills first Quarter Bills will go into Elmer Hagen finance director the mail monday to 4,092 water said meter readings show 11,468,-. Customers in Albert Lea. Too cubic feet or 86.010.000 Gal decision is to be reached on when under terms of a new rate Ordi ions of water were used the last a is disabled nor w o Nance now in effect minimum Bills three months. Boud derision. For water and sewer service Char water Bills total $26.684 63, com Friday a it us hed Ges will be $6.65 a if paid during pared to $,9 710 75 for the same j a apr it Quarter la8t year can on the House Judic iary Tom sewer service charges add up to Mittee. Introduced a Bill to pro 927 676.30 the past Quarter com j vide for a commission to pass on. ,. J pared to $13,413.55 the first three whether a president is disabled service charges were voted by the months it of 1956 Wentner a preform is a year ago the City had 3 902 a or unwilling to make the decision Friday afternoon when he was himself a nned beneath his car after it left opposed by Rayburn Rayburn opposed the idea strongly. Other Congress i o n a i Clifford t. Johannsen 38, route 121. And Lemoine Skaff. 23. Were killed when their car hit a tree on Lakeview Boulevard in Albert Lea. Or. T. M. Hansen Deputy Coroner said it appeared As if Johannsen had blacked out before his car the Road about three Miles Southwest of Clarks Grove. The death was the county a third i left the Road. He and or. Edward Leaden voiced More girded re-1 of Day. Warller Friday two actions but nope indicated Enthus albeit Ixa men. Daryl a. Orb it. Siam for the Eisenhower plan. J the constr Turon provides that the vice president shall take Over the duties of the president in the event of the president s resignation ouster death or disability. But it does not spell out Bow a 2 convoys moving in Suez canal minimum Bills before were $4 25 net. Increases in water and be w e r City Council when funds depleted to the danger Point. Money is needed not Only for operational costs Ter customers. First Quarter Bills but to meet expansion and repair then were for 10.807.500 cubic feet. Cost it i w 81.u56.ii.vo Gallons of water. Report kidnapped american woman seen with bandits port said Egypt up a two ship convoys were moving through the Suez canal marking a major step t o w a re re Menefee pathologist Are exploring lots of work remains for legislature by Adolph Johnson St. Paul us a the legislative Jigsaw Puzzle Minnesota legislators must finish by april 24 still showed a lot of gaping White space As the 1957 session ended its twelfth week. There was growing doubt in the minds of Many that son a of the pieces would Ever fall into place. An example was reapportionment. The House passed two Bills on the subject during the week one for a constitutional amendment to be voted on in 1958, moves to ease Cha loan terms another to accomplish immediate legislative redistricting. The latter measure was passed Friday 68-61, with sponsors of the amendment proposal on the opposing Side. Sponsored by rep. Alf Bergerud of Edina it would continue the House with 131 members and Cut the Senate from 67 i to 63, re dividing the state Accord-1 ing to population. Washington builders the Senate elections committee. And housing officials were cheered where the Bill makes its next Stop of a by president Eisenhower a has already Given the companion Iest laution of 5 per cent Down Senate file a Chilly reception. The Page mtg is on Home purchases i proposal has been termed Quot no danced by government insured reapportionment at the further belief expressed by a committee member that the the possibility of some Iii n e s s measure Only continues present which caused a momentary loss of of ii ies if doubtful the consciousness. Death due to suffocation death apparently was caused by suffocation or. Hansen said. He said Johannsen a body must have become cramped under the car some Way so that he was prevented from breathing or so that the blood could not circulate properly Bill Ever will get out of committee in its present form. With 21 working Days to go. This was the position of some major legislation finances a Senate and House committees nearing completion of work on spending program but no indication How far apart they will be or How they will compare with sheriff cart g. Lindahl a i d j Freeman recommendations there were no skid Marks indicating that Johannsen made no attempt to Stop his car a 1941 Model. Sumption of Normal operations in after of left the Road. The 103-mile waterway. A five nation nine ship Convoy which entered the canal Friday such a commission would be made up of members of Congress the Cabinet and the supreme court. Ther is in difference of opinion Over whether the constitute on a i Gap should be plugged by a Bill or by a constitutional amendment. And there Are those who they were the first to begin Pas like Rayburn feel there ii no j Sage since the waterway was need for any action. Plan no formal action in View of the wide Range of Rae i attacks on Egypt opinions on the question demo a some individual ships the car travelled some 200 feet in the ditch then swerved to the left tipping on its right Side. To taxes big tax package being heard by House tax committee but still some Days away from vote withholding. Passed by House being heard by Senate tax committee. Reorganization ready for de mortgages. But they predicted str o n g e r Medicine will be needed to cure the housing slump of the past is months. Eisenhower Friday order e d the Federal housing admin Atra Tiofio Kha to Cut the Down pay ment from 7 to 5 per cent on the first $9,000 of the value of a new or old Home bought with an Cha insured mortgage and from 27 to 25 per cent on the balance up to $20,000. Seeks other changes he also moved to relax a restriction on Home mortgages by savings and loan associations. Meanwhile support was building up in Congress for further easing of Home buying credit. Shortly before the announcement a House banking subcommittee approved an omnibus hous frown Suez it the. Southern my i ban Sefl s body fell through the bad a a a a a a a a Bill which would Elt whom resumed us voyage at Dawn altar i door on Ole right aide and was. Buvin la run More. Anc pro Tehran. Iran in a . Pm. When they found her empty suite Tidence there will be summary j Bassy spokesman said saturday Pocase and came across the wit critic leaders were reported to flaunted the waterway since Lim action on the part of the adminis Uez searching for kidnapped mrs. Ness. Have a8feed informally that not i it in operation waa resumed ration. An Taca Roll have found a witness the embassy spokesman said of a any suggestion that this and who said he a a Quot foreign lady the witness Quot claimed to have seen ufos Maing tolls in National i Suez ministration is using any group of travelling on a mule with bandits a foreign lady on a mule travel m a r tar Cana authority Al employees for political purposes is and of amuses near the Iran Ink along with the women and 8aid Friday the in a 11 e r is of a1 authority. Contrary to Pakistan Border. Children of the bandits in the questions police and Imperial troops Are Desen toward the Southeast Iran a series of questions by sen. Pressing their search for or. Car Pakistan Gordon Rose Milder of Little Falls leu 0f Issaquah a ash., in rough a. 1 m a a the witness said the woman be House judiciary committee said j Lake near the canal s Southern saw was not tied and was a not he Piang go ahead with hear-1 end. Four of the ships Wert Ita looking sick a adding legs and to bring out legislation Lim two russian one greek one Quot the blonde White faced foreign 0 Deal with the problem. West German and one romanian. Or did not have any difficulty and the informant who told of what tonnage of the second smaller had no signs of went on at the conference said Convoy ranged from Sis up to 6, police said earlier that when the Eisenhower joined in a laugh that 213. Bete a Tattoo by a a Vire and wedged Between it Aud the a Quot Quot Jet a a a add Unal 2 Wilton a Tol storm ground. I committees Junior College Aid Jara Worth of potent. New a the Accident occurred about 5 approved by education commit eminent assistance p. In. As Johannsen was in route fee Money groups. Cha commissioner Norman p. Home from a business trip to Al-1 Highway a measure to carry Mason recalling that the higher Ber Lea. Scene of the Accident was out terms of amendment no. 2 terms were imposed in july Kim blocked during the october no about a of from his Home j pm a House before Senate sub to a help curb an inflationary vember British for nah idd a ii w. Or own , j trend a said in a statement the hours rider Hurt employment compelled non administration believes that trend about a half hour before the ,0 nor a benefits passed by Bas been halted and there is now House. In Senate subcommittee. A need to Spur Home construe another five ship Convoy enl tired the canal saturday at Suez have chairman of the committee pre desert country in Southeastern reded this Exchange. Ran. Outlaw tribesmen seized her Rosenmeier inquired if Rasmus sunday night after killing her sen found campaigning a Burden. I husband another . Aid official Rasmussen replied that he Felt it and two iranians. A duty and obligation to report to a the embassy disclosed the to the people. J lice report in denying rumours that a sufficient importance that the i the nine ships a the largest Congress May very Well act this among them Only 7,064 tons a year on resumed their voyage after spend chairman Ceiler d-ny1 of the log the night St the great bitter Johannsen fatality a traffic Accident occurred in Albert which seriously injured John Morgan 14. Who was Riding a horse across Kab Erhardt Street. The boy was taken to Kaver Hospital where he is being treated for a broken left hip and leg he also received a Cut on his right hip and bruises on his head and body. Young Morgan was struck by a car driven by Dallas rave. Is. Of 215 Charles St who was driving West Between Columbus and St. Thomas Street. The horse owned by Harriet Hemenway had a front leg broken. Party designation a passed by too a 5,., m conf off sen. Rosenmeier then asked of he j mrs. Carroll had been abandoned followed Rayburn a Wuntz solicited Campaign funds. A not Rasmussen an swered adding that his committee handled the finances. No Utility contributions Quot have any regulated industries that is industries that come under regulation by the commission a in Salvage team planned to a veterinarian was called and re contributed to your Campaign fund a Rosenmeier asked Rasmussen first replied that they might have then asked to amplify his statement. Quot no Utility As such has Ever contributed one Penny to any Campaign i have engaged in a he said adding a i resent this personal investigation against sen. Rosenmeier then explained j him in the w Ake of his suspend labor Heads order full Beck probe a two jeep Convoy were mrs. Car presidential disability legislation Southern Entrance Rolls husband Kevin 37, a Point i instead atty. Gen. Brownell j a a four area development adviser will go before a House judiciary for Kerman Iran Brewster a. Subcommittee monday to spell out the administration proposal. J we 1, 35, Portland Orea regional specialist in Iran for the near East foundation and a contractor in that country for the International cooperation administration Ica and the two iranians. The governor general of mokran ,. Province in Southeast Iran has Orpa lied labor today a. Ailed Jer Edre Bald Washington 1 a leaders of Newspaperman Dies Detroit up a Henry Arthur Albert leads sewage Plant officially opened monday concluded on Page 16 army orders Cut in time for service Albert leads $1 million sewage f and to past mayors and councilmen Montgomery longtime Mir Ign disposal Plant will be official 11 y who played an Active role in its Newspaperman lawyer and pub dedicated at 4 p. In. Monday with planning lie relations consultant died Satur the traditional ribbon a cutting cer to Day in Ford Hospital at the age Emony. 1 Quot everyone giving any firm and of 69. He had been ill several mayor Kenneth c. Jordahl has teamsters will Back him or dump report on mrs. months. Sent invitations to civic leaders housing and Home finance a a by it he fax predicted cautiously the action a would stimulate Horn building to some degrees by bringing Many families of limited income to the housing Market. Wont perk building the National Assn. Of Home 1 builders said the reduction could not perk up Home building a. Preci Ahly unless it is supplement i cd by new credit stimulating leg Washington if the army , �?~0. He but by Mort than halt thy a length of Tim you Hull rwrvl.1. A a a a it Quot no a t of Quot Lam must continue training after Ould Boot a betide duty. It also reduced the total service obligation of draftees and regular army volunteers. The changes in requirements for reservists and National guardsmen were announced Friday they become effective next monday. Word on whether Dave Beck s that his questions were not intended personally but were i Reed to the Point that the necessity of political campaigning had the of Sion As an Al Cio chieftain. Beck president of the teamsters Union gave every appearance of being determined to fight feet of impairing the position of 1 it out. Commissioner. The committee deferred action on the Bill to a later meeting. Abandon search for air transport Tokyo up . Far East air Forres has suspended the search for a 97 military air transport missing with 67 americans aboard. Nine Days of scouring More than 128,000 Square Miles South and East of Japan failed to turn up a Trace a spokesman said. Weather Minnesota sunday mostly Cloudy. Raia developing West and South. High 38-48 Wisconsin sunday mostly fair Northeast half increasing cloudiness Southeast half Chance of rain or Snow. Iowa rain Over most of state warmer extreme South Central. South Dakota scattered Light rain sunday warmer. North Dakota mostly Cloudy occasional Light rain or Snow in East. His troubles mounted on the heels of a he Al Cio executive councils action yesterday suspending him As one of its members and a an Al Cio vice president. The Council a top command of the 15-million member Al Cio a ordered a full scale investigation by the federation s ethical practices committee into Chai Ges that Beck has brought Quot the labor movement into this probe also would cover corruption allegations against several other High teamsters officials some of whom Are under indictment on various charges. Meanwhile Senate rackets committee sources said they Are not a half through investigating Becky a Complex financial dealings but May not Call him Back for quizzing unless he agrees to talk. They said other witnesses and documentary evidence could Tell most of the Story. 550 face Layoff Newton Iowa up Maytag co. Reported today it will Lay off 550 production employees april 5 because of a decline in sales of Home appliances. Also on hand will be representatives of the contractor Lysne construction co., Blooming Prairie and the consulting engineers Banister engineering co., St. Paul. Two former City managers will join City manager Barkley g. Groans at the dedication. They Are Warren Hyde of Edina and r. L. Van Noeker of St. Paul. Brochures will be handed out which explain the history and of on housing mortgages guaranteed by the veterans administration a a from 44 to 5 per cent in match the Cha rate. The second would expand the governments operations bolstering the mortgage credit resources of Banks building and loan companies and _. Other lenders. Unit the my Lutow that. a Blu a a draft a youths who Volunteer for chairman Ham ii Alai. Would in t a a a a a t do qty training fulth>., ,h.1nwill be required to Aero three ,, year. Instead of the rearm 7 propo�?z., n ready Reserve subject to re pm he ,elbmuwka#11,r no a imme Bate Call on erne duty Uon s ,.vl�?z. I the ready referee Obligato for to Stu a w army draftee a reduced Frommon b five years to four. Draftee Pend two Yea on Arrve Only and authority the reduction mean. They now who a a a wow a dip Tow. Lay Iii the ready Reserve an and purchasing author of Tho two year. In.,end of three. Red ctr a Natrona. Mortgage Assn Luew lae. The to Al obligation for t in a i by another billion Dot regular Tony Volunteer was re Lars an it a Beraut a diced from five to four Prtrt. Meet for both veterans and non men May Volunteer for three four j veterans or More Weiri. A three it Earvy i Jait month the rate of new i dwelling starts had dropped to 910,000 a year the lowest sine ration of the Plant and which <0 sped 0ldy one additional year Giva a flow diagram. J in the ready Reserve. An open House for the Public will the army did not five reasons i Start tuesday and will be held for the Reserve modifications but each Day through saturday from spokes rate said the changes ob-1 2 to 4 p. In. Viou aty were designed to make the superintendent of the Plant is Resen e pro Leonard Zuehl who is assisted i Jve by Robert s. Peterson a the r d 1. Man classified As a treat in in t i Plant operator will be hired with suspend la boy it to a week or so. A i a a a. Hor Yui haircuts 1949, and the trend was still Down program More att a All sizes a thousands of big feet Little feet and Middle sized feet tramped through the National guard armory Friday the first of the fifth annual Albert Lea merchants and builders Home show. At least 10,000 viewers Are expected to see the displays by the time the Junior of Commerce show closes at 5 chamber pm. Sunday. Tribune photo robber get $4,000 at St. Louis Park St. Louis Park Minn up a Iona Man held up the Davis loan go. At 8332 Excelsior blvd. Here saturday escaping with about $4,000 in each. Mostly Small Bills. Police said the company owner a. D. Davis told them the Man entered the establishment about 9 . He was wearing dark glasses a Blue air Force Type Cap and an us Yitung Blue overcoat. Davis said no gun was seen but that the Man kept one hand in his coat pocket. He added that the intruder had a pock marked Fate a of appealed to be in his Rtud-30a. Australia pardons 5 Jap War criminals Tokyo a the japanese foreign office has announced Auh Thalia has pardoned five japanese War criminals sentenced to life terms. Four of those freed were Des Moines of a principal former naval officers. The other Dewitt Williams has suspended la was a civilian High school boys for giving each release of the five Mea Cut the other a Yui Brynner haircuts Dur number of War criminals held at ing lunch hour. Tokyo a Sulamo prison to so. World and state news in Brief International Cairo a convoys moving through Suez canal. National Washington a sen. Rayburn against any presidential disability plan says May create impression Ike to leave White House. State St. Paul a lots of work ahead for the legislature before end of seas april 24. State employees in politics charges Rasmussen

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