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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - March 18, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 82, no. 65 single copy 30 cent Salbert Lea Minnesota sunday March 18, 1979 uses 181-580 40 Page Gas allocation changes help local independents by David hoi new he it Tribune staff w idler changes in the rules for allocating gasoline which have caused shortages among Independent refiners and distributors in the u is actually working to the Benefit of Albert Lea Independent dealers the department of Energy last month changed its rules on gasoline allocation telling com panics they could base the percentage they sell dealers on last years Levels rather than on 1972 Levels which had been the previous Standard the 1972 level had been used As a base because that was the last full year before the Arab Oil embargo upset Supply patterns i re Oil companies asked for the new base saying it would More accurately reflect recent Market conditions but the smaller Independent companies Are furious the rules change forced Kerr Mcgee which supplies gasoline throughout the Central ., to sell its dealers is per cent of the amount of gasoline they got last year Turner Oil co., which distributes gasoline to 120 stations in California Cut supplies to 75 to 95 percent of last year some independents were Down As far As 50 percent in the meantime demand for fuel is up five percent from last year but while allocations have been Cut in much of the country in Albert Lea the Independent dealers Are receiving the same amount or even More gasoline because of the rules change Quot it works out in our said Clair Gilmore who owns the Road runner self service station at the intersection of interstate 90 and Highway 13 Quot our allocation was greater in a the base period of the last six months in 1977. And the first six months in 197r> than it was in 1972 Quot Quot we re not having any trouble at All getting Gilmore said Quot we re getting much More Quot Gilmore who owns eight stations seven in southwestern Minnesota said the situation was the same at All his businesses Quot in a satisfied Quot said Roger Brua. Who owns the two big Gas discount stations in Albert Pijpa Quot we re getting the same amount of Gas this year As we did last year Quot Brua owned Only one station in 1972 and his allocations for the two stations he now owns were based on the business the first station did now his allocations Are based on the business generated by both stations Dan Quinlivan owner of the a a serve Gas station on e main Street also said he has had no trouble getting Gas. But he has been owner Only since the first of the month Quot there a lot of talk about the problem Quot said Randy Flury supervisor of the two Kwik trip self service Gas station grocery stores in the City Quot but we Haven t experienced it yet Quot Flury said the five Kwik trip stores he supervises have not been Hurt by the rules change but he said he was not too Happy with it. Either a anybody who a growing is unhappy with the Flury said. Quot it one of the reasons the prices Are going up you May be serving More customers this year but you Are being allocated gasoline according to the customers you served last year Quot Quot in 1972. We weren t filling As much Gas As we do Flury said a we sold a lot More Gas in 197r that Why we re not Hor Ting As much Quot the independents Are not Bur Ting now but they could be in the near future a was of the first of this month. We re not having any said Gary Hillman manager of Brua big Gas discount station on e Broadway Avenue Quot but there Are rumours that starting in april be allocating even less Gas Quot Hillman said he had no idea what those cutbacks will amount to the Oil companies have made no announcements concerning the Rumor a but Shorter working hours and sunday closing could be a result Hillman said the Shorter hours and sunday closing would probably be voluntary the station operators can better spread out their Gas sales through the month Brua agreed that cutbacks could result in operating schedule changes but he also said he has heard nothing definite about a cutback Quot in a satisfied now Quot Brua said Quot but if theol companies Cut the allocations i la be in trouble we re talking about to per cent at least my suppliers Are Quot in the meantime ifs business As usual Quot we have plenty of Gilmore said Quot what we need More of is customers Quot flood warnings come with warmer weather Minneapolis api this first Spring like weekend is a two faced Omen for Southern Minnesota better weather and floods Are just around the Corner. Several towns still gun shy Over the floods of 1978 Are bagging Sand testing sirens and holding coordinating sessions to get ready for the Spring Runoff the National weather service says it May begin this weekend temperatures in the 40s and 50s Are forecast with rain showers and possible thundershowers meteorologist in charge John Graff said that the weekend weather would probably aggravate the later Spring flooding because the rain will be absorbed by the Snow pack he warned of possible Flash flooding if the Rains Are heavy. The weather Bureau said Friday that very serious and dangerous Spring flooding is possible in Minnesota this Spring because of the heavy Snow cover. The weather Outlook for the next month Calls for above Normal precipitation. The latest Crest forecasts showed that Rochester and Austin scenes of destructive flooding in july 1978, would have minimal flooding if Spring Rains and melting action Are Normal the Zumbro River at Rochester is forecast to Crest at 15.5, three feet above flood stage during the july flooding which killed five the Zumbro crested at 23.4 feet at Rochester in Austin the Cedar River is forecast to Crest at 16 5, a foot and a half above flood stage and below the 19 feet of last Summers flooding ast week was Quot flood awareness week in Rochester the City offered free Sand and sold str sandbags at 25 cents apiece on tie first Day. Ism has Sang bagged its downtown building and the downtown fire station has developed a water diversion system to keep flood Waters off the main floor the City Council has also Given tentative approval to installing a $10,000 electronic sensing device in surrounding streambeds to give Early warnings of Flash floods in Austin Sand and bags have been stockpiled and civil defense officials Are updating their warning systems. Along the Mississippi at Winona. The Crest is forecast at 20 feet seven feet above flood stage and nearly equal to that City a record set in 1965 but Winona is protected by a Dike which can withstand a 21.5 foot Crest City Engineer Robert Bontant said Sand is being stockpiled and preparations have been made to install emergency pumps. Meteorologist Graff said Spring melting is preceded by a Quot ripening process Quot a combination of rain and warmth that news highlights steer prices increase . Paul Minn apr top steers were up 50 cents thursday and another 50 cents Friday to $71 50 a hundredweight to break the record of $70.50 set last week a Market official said. Steve Bonfig director of the livestock Market Institute of South . Paul said heifers Selling at $67.50 earlier in the week tied the record of $69 Friday. Bonfig said the number of cattle coming to Market was about the same As Many fridays lately but packing House operators Are under pressure to buy enough cattle daily to keep Slaughter operations going. Quot the alternative is to buy the High Price cattle a he said. Funds for University Minneapolis a the University of Minnesota ranked fifth among american universities in the amount of Federal Money received during fiscal 1977, University officials say. University president c. Peter Magrath said the institution got $92 7 million in Federal funds up $5.7 million from the previous year. Universities receiving More Money were Howard the Massachusetts Institute of technology University of Washington and the University of California at los Angeles Paulucci to Start Magazine Duluth Minn apr Duluth businessman Jeno Paulucci plans to Start a new monthly Magazine for americans of italian descent. Paulucci said the Magazine called Quot Atten Zione Quot will be directed at 25 million people. It will Start publication by the Middle of the year he said. Sunflower futures Minneapolis apr the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is seeking permission to establish the country a first futures Market for Sunflower seeds. The proposal was submitted thursday to the commodity futures trading commission. But Al Donahoo executive vice president of the Exchange said a decision might not come for several months the contract Calls for delivery of no. I class 2 Sunflower seeds with 40 percent Oil for november March May july and september. Because of a Lack of interest contracts in durum Corn soybeans Oats and Barley Are not being traded at the Exchange. Only hard red Spring wheat futures contracts Are being traded. Robbery suspect acquitted Crook Stone Minn. Apr a verdict of not guilty has been returned against an Erskine Man accused of a Bank robbery in Fisher about four months ago. The Trail on two counts of robbery against 20-year-old Jesse Freland began wednesday before District judge Warren Saetre. The jury returned the verdict late thursday night. Freland was accused in the incident nov. 20 when a Lone robber got away with about $5,000 from a Branch office of the first National Bank of Crook Stone. A female Teller was alone in the Bank at the time and was not Hurt. She told police she did no to see a weapon but said the robber had kept his hand in a coat pocket As though carrying a pistol. In december Freland was arrested in California and taken Back to Minnesota for trial. Measles cases reported . Paul Minn. Apr thirty three new cases of red measles have been reported to the Minnesota state health department the past two weeks bringing the 1979 total to 126 a almost three time the number reported for All of 1978. Small outbreaks Are Likely to continue because late Winter and Early Spring is the Peak time of the year for measles according to Jan Forfang of the departments immunization Section. However Forfang said the problem is not Likely to reach proportions it did in 1977 when 2,650 cases were reported despite the availability of vaccine. Only 46 cases were reported last year after health officials increased immunization efforts. Brings the Snow pack to the Point where it starts to give up water he said that whatever rain Falls this weekend was Likely to be absorbed into the Snow and Only add to the Runoff when it finally begins along the red River Valley in Northwestern Minnesota heavy flooding is possible from Fargo North to the Canadian Border the forecasters said the Crest forecast is 25 feet eight feet Over flood stage at Fargo and 44 feet or 16 feet Over stage at grand Forks executions halted in Iran Tehran. Iran apr Iran a firing squads were stilled saturday after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini gave in to prime minister Medhi Bazargan and began working out new guidelines for the revolutions courts Khomeini suspended All secret tribunals and executions Friday giving temporary reprieve to former prime minister Amir Abbas Hoveida. Who was on trial for his life. Al Asghar Haddadi a police Driver in qom convicted of killing anti Shah demonstrators was shot Friday just hours before the decree was issued the decree was announced after Bazargan who has threatened to resign Over the secret tribunals met with Khomeini at the ayatollahs Home in qom on thursday night to protest Hoveida a trial Khomeini said the proceedings would be halted until new Legal guidelines were drawn up for the courts which have sent 63 men before firing squads since the monarchy was toppled feb. 12. The precise nature of the guidelines were not give by Khomeini the 78-year-old shiite moslem Leader of the year Long revolt that drove Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from Iran however Khomeini a statement read Over Tehran radio complained of the Speed of the trials and executions Many of which came Only an hour or after the tribunals reached their verdicts. Khomeini said the sentences ordered by revolutionary courts around the country would have to be reviewed by Tehran scentral court which will not resume its trials until the guidelines Are drawn up. The Central court began trying Hoveida Early thursday on a variety of charges against the state and the prosecution asked the court to impose the death sentence. Militants Issue violence threat a Tow photo Selling the pact a three . Officials step toward the microphone after placing their Luggage aboard an aircraft at Andrews air Force base Friday prior to their departure for the Middle East to try and gain Arab backing for the egyptian Israel peace treaty. Pictured Are from left Zbigniew Brzezinski. National Security chief Gen. David Jones chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and Warren Christopher Deputy Secretary of state. By the associated press Arab militants threatened terrorism and All out War As a u delegation arrived in saudi Arabia saturday to try to win approval for the egyptian israeli peace pact the Kuwait newspaper Al is Wassah said palestinian guerrillas want to reactivate a Black september strike Force against us targets and Arab moderates supporting the treaty Black september claimed responsibility for the 1972 Munich olympics massacre of israeli athletes the paper said the move came from hardliners of Yasser Arafat Al Fatah regarded As the Parent of Black september Black september was formed after King Hussein ousted the guerrillas from Jordan following fierce fighting in september 1970 the syrian government news paper Tishri said signing of the treaty will Force Syria Iraq and Jordan to go to War to prevent its implementation and Arafat himself warned Quot the whole Middle East will explode if Egypt signs the pact a senior egyptian official dismissed the report As Quot syrian Humbug Quot the official who asked not to be identified pre dieted the Oil Rich saudis would continue to Quot straddle the Fence a doling out Money to both Egypt and the palestinian guerrillas. The reports and denials came As the u delegation flew into Riyadh the saudi capital to try to reverse moderate Arab opposition to the .-sponsored treaty. The americans will vietnamese government reports building defense line on Border Bangkok Thailand a Vietnam reported tens of thousands of its soldiers and civilians were building a defense line along areas of the Border with China saturday. At the United nations the soviet Union vetoed a Resolution aimed at ending Indochina aggression China said Friday its forces had withdrawn from Vietnam but indicated some of its troops might still be inside some Border areas claimed by both sides. Vietnam did not mention either continued fighting or chinese troops inside Vietnam today As its official Media have almost daily since China invaded feb 17. In peking vice Premier Deng Xiaoping Tong Hsiaoping implied today that Border negotiations with Vietnam could begin within a week he noted the vietnamese had expressed a willingness to open talks a week after chinese troops were withdrawn and he said chinese troops were now Quot entirely Quot out of Vietnam but a voice of Vietnam broadcast said ethnic minority groups and regional forces in the Frontier province of Lang son were digging trenches fortifications and preparing communication links Between key defensive positions it said teas of thousands of people were working on Hills and High ground to prepare a defensive line against chinese aggression Lang son province was the site of probably the heaviest fighting in the War and is considered the historic Gateway and invasion route from China to Vietnam. The broadcast said thousands of youths were registering to join the military service Quot to stand ready to fight the chinese the Northern Bor Der Region of Vietnam is largely populated by various Hill tribe groups Hanoi a last Battle report claimed that chinese troops had destroyed a railway line in Lang son province Friday. Chinese foreign minister Huang Hua told a news conference in peking that China a entire Frontier Force was Hack in China Friday. He noted that a Boundary disagreement existed Between the two countries but said the disputed area Quot involves Only dozens of Square Kilometres of a dozen Square Kilometres is 4asquare Miles Vietnam had earlier accused China of moving Boundary markers deep into its territory and has said it was ready to negotiate with China one week after All chinese troops had pulled out of its territory at the same time China has been urging Vietnam to withdraw from Cambodia which it invaded dec 25 to set up a pro Hanoi cambodian communist government but forces Loyal to ousted Premier pol pot China ally have been waging guerrilla War Ever since. The soviet Union w hich backs Vietnam killed a draft Resolution in the u n Security Council on Friday that appealed to both China and Vietnam to cease hostilities and withdraw their invasion forces it was the second soviet veto on such a measure in two months soviet ambassador Oleg a Troyanovsky said he voted against the latest draft because it Quot virtually linked Quot China invasion of Vietnam to the fight ing in Cambodia Quot it amounts to putting chinese aggression on the same footing with the he said. Gov. Quie and legislators to make one More try at stadium Compromise opinion Page. 26 family Page. 5 25 deaths. 4 sports. 9 to guide. 19 Horoscope. St. Paul Minn. A Minnesota lawmakers and gov Al Quie apparently will make a last ditch Effort to put together a Compromise on the sports stadium Issue. The new governor took his first Public stand on the controversial Issue Friday. One key legislator said the stadium question May be one of the last answered before the legislature adjourns in late May. In major developments Friday a the House tax committee voted 15-12 to repeal the 2 percent stadium liquor tax which would help subsidize a domed sports stadium in downtown Minneapolis a Quie told newsmen he was a a disappointed with the committee vote but would work with legislative leaders to come up with a Compromise. A Quie said the metropolitan sports facilities commission should be empowered to switch to another site if necessary. Rep. Al Patton Del Sar Tell chief author of the 1977 stadium Law predicted the Issue would not be resolved until May 21, the final Day of the current legislative session. The House committee action came shortly after the governor spelled out his position Quie suggested that the metropolitan sports facilities commission be give a Chance to reconsider its dec. I site decision Quie also said the liquor tax in the seven county metropolitan area should not be used As an operating subsidy but he could accept a liquor tax levied Only in the City where a new stadium is located. Quie also endorsed a change in the �?~77 Law permitting an outside party to buy the remaining tickets if More than 90 percent of the Minnesota Vikings tickets Are sold 72 hours before Gam time. The National football league does not permit the televising of Home games unless All tickets Are sold three Days before the game. The Quie proposal was offered As an amendment by rep. Tony Onnen in Cokato and was Defeated 18-10. The House committee also rejected on a 17-11 vote a Compromise proposed by Patton. That would have permitted the liquor tax to continue in the metro area until August 1981 and then collect it Only in Minneapolis. The commission says the domed stadium would require an operating subsidy of $1.3 million for several years Quie told a news conference that he would continue to work with legislative leaders to try to reach a Compromise on the House floor Quot i believe very strongly that those three professional teams Are an asset to Minnesota a Quie said Quot i think they ought to stay Here also i understand everyone seems to accept a they need better facilities for them to play in and id also say it does no to make any difference to me where that facility Patton also indicated a Compromise might be worked out on the floor or in a House Senate conference committee he predicted the stadium Issue would not be settled until the final Day of the legislative session May 21. Minnesota Vikings president Max Winter said he was Quot keenly disappointed by the tax committee vote. A it seems like the state of Minnesota has turned its Back on the Vikings Quot Winter said. He was in Honolulu attending a conference of National football league owners and officials and Winter said that if the nil would vote now on permission for the Vikings to move a it would be 284 a a a a in a pleased the governor is continuing to explore the stadium situation a said nil commissioner Pete Rozelle a the question is moot right now because the Vikings have another year on their lease a but Rozelle reiterated the nil owners were angered by the attempt of at least one Minnesota legislator to twist the stability of the nil into Assurance that the Vikings must stay in Minnesota. At least two private meetings were held thursday night As lawmakers attempted to work out a Compromise state Al Cio president David Roe met with some House Deflers in an attempt to link the liquor tax repeal to other Bills of concern to organized labor such As workers compensation and the minimum wage. Roe indicated organized labor would withdraw its support from the stadium unless the legislature listens More to business interests. Although it was t admitted publicly it appeared the House committee vote was prearranged to get the Bill to the floor with a minor amendment if the Repealer passes the House it would have to be returned to the Senate and a conference committee could be called to work out a Compromise. One source close to the behind the scene Manu Evering suggested the House committee vote was not a Quot setback Quot for the downtown domed stadium rep Bill Schreiber in Brooklyn Park who voted against the Repealer said some partisan Manu Evering was involved in the various committee votes. Meanwhile rep John Clawson Del Center City said the state should consider the possibility of purchasing both the twins and Vikings along with renovating metropolitan stadium for $15 million to $20 million. Clawson said the twins could be purchased for $9 million to $11 million and the Vikings for $25 million to $30 million he said some pro teams in Canada Are government owned spend the weekend in saudi Arabia then Fly on to Jordan the government radio in Syria. A Hartline opponent of the pact said saudi Arabia warned the egyptians of sanctions through vice president Hosny Mubarak when he visited Riyadh on wednesday in an unsuccessful bid for King Khaledi a support saudi diplomats in Cairo declined to comment on the report the broadcast did not spell out terms of the threatened sanctions a cutoff of the just under $1 billion the saudis give Egypt each year would be a severe blow to Sadat a plans to use the peace treaty As a springboard for developing his nation Economy saudi Arabia opposes the pact because it does not Call for a total israeli pullout from War won Arab lands or allow for a palestinian state High level meeting set on Energy Washington a pres ident Carter is summoning his top Energy and economic advisers to Camp David to discuss ways to turn around the nation worsening Energy problems the High level meeting is scheduled monday at the Mountainside Retreat where Carter has been resting following his Middle East travels in search of an Egypt Israel peace treaty Carter and his advisers will discuss ways to offset the loss of Oil imports from Iran according to a White House official who asked not to be identified Iran which formerly supplied 5 percent of the nations Oil is Only now beginning to restore production which was halted before the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The administration source Rule out the Chance that the Camp David meeting also would consider decontrol of crude Oil prices after May 31 other reports said inflation in general also would be discussed. As suggested by the list of advisers scheduled to attend the conference administration officials summoned by Carter include vice president Walter f Mondale. Energy Secretary James r Schlesinger. Treasury Secretary w Michael Blumenthal labor Secretary Ray Marshall. Commerce Secretary Juanita Kreps. Director James t Mcintyre of office of management and budget and anti inflation chief Alfred Kahn also chief economic adviser Charles t Schultze Domestic policy assistant Stuart Eizens Tat and Julian Katz assistant Secretary of state for economic and business affairs despite the loss of iranian Oil and Carters request that americans try to conserve fuel the Petroleum Industry reported Friday that americans Are using More and More gasoline the american Petroleum Institute said gasoline consumption was up 5 4 percent during the first i0 weeks of this year compared with the same period in 1978 the Farmer Market place there is no better place to bring buyer and seller together than on the classified Page of the evening Tribune. It is a Good Market place for All shoppers. A sold Quot Quot two Holstein heifers close up two holsteins second calf close in a Farmer professional Man Layman a All received the same Quick results from Tribune classified phone 373-1411

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