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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - March 11, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 82, no. 59 single copy 30 cents . Albert Lea Minnesota sunday March 11, 1979 uses Fsf-580 34 Page food stamp changes solve some problems create others by David Housewright Tribune staff writer Tik us department of agriculture recently redesigned its food stamp program to make it easier for Low income people to acquire and use food Stamps trim higher income people from the program reduce paper work and administrative costs and eliminate fraud but it did t quite work out that Way the new regulations have created a myriad of problems the procedure to acquire and use the Stamps has been greatly complicated and while higher income people Are being Cut from the program their absence has been negated by a surprising increase in the number of Low income participants also the amount of paper work a and consequently administrative costs a has escalated and while administrative fraud has been nearly eliminated the threat of participatory fraud has increased most of the problems were created when the us a entirely eliminated Cash requirements from the Purchase of food Stamps under the old system a person a bought the food Stamps. For example a Man could buy $150 Worth of food Stamps for $50 Coots were regulated according to need and ability to pay. But now no payment is required and the same Man can collect $100 Worth of food Stamps for nothing this change effective dec t. 1978. Was made to help the poor who might not have 150 to pay each month eat better but it also caused the number of participants to skyrocket in november of last year the Freeborn county welfare Board gave out $29,483 Worth of food Stamps to 282 households it was reimbursed. $14,111 by the participants. A difference of $15,150 that month the households averaged about $55 Worth of food Stamps each. In january of this year the Board paid out $25,612 Worth of food Stamps to 410 households and in feb Marv that amount in creased to $26,562 there was no reimbursement in february the households averaged $68 50 Worth of food Stamps each the reason for the increased averages is that while the Man May be entitled to $150 Worth of food Stamps he might decide to take Only $75 Worth for $25 under the new system he will take the full $100 a some people did t take the full amount every time under the old system a said Gwen Stallkamp assistant administrator of the Freeborn county welfare Board a but now they take the full amount every the reason for the increased participation is obvious a the number of people participating has increased and will increase because they done to have to pay a said Stallkamp a a it a completely free a the us a had planned to forestall the increase with new regulations effective March i the us a lowered the eligibility requirements from $7,660 for a family of four to $6,500 that Means that after deductions a four member family must have a monthly income of less than $542 to qualify for the Stamps and the number of allowable deductions was also lowered the us a will now allow three a a $65 Standard deduction an earned income education and an $80 maximum shelter care education a compared to seven under the old system the us a also eliminated a a automatic food stamp qualifications families receiving Public assistance Are no longer guaranteed entry into the program according to the us a. These new regulations will Cut Over one million from the program but neither Stallkamp. Or Ardis Walderon administrator of the food stamp program in Freeborn county believe the number of participants will decrease Quot if anything the number will said Stallkamp Quot Well Cut a few when the higher income families Are weeded out but i Don t expect the initial reduction to he More than five per cent Well still have a steady climb in six months the number of participants will be much higher than it is now despite the cuts Quot there is no Way the number will go Down to what it was in november Quot said Stallkamp. Who also pointed out that there were a lot of eligible people who did not participate under the old system that will participate now that the Stamps Are free a the Mccash requirement will keep the level a Heron said there is no Way of predicting How Many More people will join the program but she expects a greater in crease than the present 10-12 applicants a month Walderon said that Many of the people participating in the program to not like the changes because it causes budgeting problems under the old system the participants knew they needed $50 to buy $150 Worth of food Stamps and they set it aside for that purpose but now that they done to need the Money to buy the Stamps it generally goes for some other needs the participants still get the $100 a Bonus Quot Stamps but their food buying Power is Cut by la per cent a we suspect people Are trying to live on their Stamps alone said Stallkamp Quot and that s not the Way ifs supposed to be the Stamps Are suppose to be supplementary a another reason for the us a s thu Cash requirement decision was to reduce administrative costs by eliminating the paper work required whenever Money changed hands but the us a increased the amount of paper work for applications and general administration to make it More difficult for ineligible people to participate Quot doing away with the Cash did lower paper work in that area Quot said Walderon a but the paper work in other areas increased a lot the applications for example went from a complicated four Bricelyn voters to decide school tax referendum tuesday by Mary Brown Tribune staff writer voters in the Bricelyn school District i w ill participate in a special election tuesday to decide whether or not to increase their local Levy by approximately $120,517. Or 13.5 Mills. The election will be held from 5 to 9 pm at the Bricelyn school Absentee ballots Are available at the school office the special election is the result of financial pressures Felt by the Small saw it a District because of declining enrolment the Bricelyn District is one of few districts in the Southern part of the state who have not passed a voter referendum for additional funds in recent years. Another reason for the referendum is the Quot inflated value Quot of farm land which has affected state Aid to Small school districts because of the High valuation of property in the school District state allotments have been reduced by declining enrolment. In recent months District officials have been considering the possibility of Bricelyn merging with Kiester Walters school in the next few years Bricelyn superintendent of schools f fee Mears said during an interview in december that he is optimistic that the Small Bricelyn school will be Able to survive until consolidation occurs Mears also said he is optimistic about the passage of a local tax referendum because the citizens of Bricelyn Are concerned about the school news highlights inside the Tribune pages to seven pages also because of the increased num Ber of participants additional administrative staff members might have to be added ithe food stamp program is under us a control because it began As a a a nutritional program 19yearx ago it has since escalated to a a welfare Quot Type of program but the department of health. Education and welfare has not taken it Over it is administered by the county welfare Board a the program has been available Here for to years simply because it is easier for them to do it than it is to set up a separate organization the us a reimburses the welfare Board for their time and trouble but usually not the full amount in 1976 it Cost $17,000 in salaries alone to run the program the us a paid $14.oon the rest was picked up by the county taxpayers the no Cash requirement did curtail fraud in the bigger coun ties simply by taking the profit out of it but that has not been a problem in Freeborn county the department Here is Small enough so that no one would get away with it for Long As for fraud by the participants. The county averages about six cases a year and never More than to the largest fraud Case involved the theft of about $500 Worth of food Stamps also the us a has promised to reimbursed he counties up to 75 per rent of their investigative Cost for pursuing and prosecuting fraud cases com pared to 50 per cent under the old system the us a regulations does now allow for the mailing of food Stamps especially to the elderly or handicapped but Walderon said she does not expert to take the risk of having the Stamps stolen from mail boxes the Stamps come in $1. $5. And $10 denominations and can be used to buy food in any us a approved supermarket grocery store and drug store there is no expiration Date on the Stamps which is Why people might take their full allotment even if they Don t need it and Are Good All Over the chemicals worry Minneapolis state officials escaped murderers held Duluth Minn. Apr two convicted murderers who broke out of a new jail in Savannah. Ga., and were arrested in Canada Are being kept under close watch in a Duluth jail Gerald Sprouse and Thomas Buttersworth. Both 25. Escaped from the two month old Chatham county jail in Savannah dec 2 Sprouse convicted of Kidnap rape and murder was appealing a death sentence Buttersworth was awaiting a ruling on his Appeal of a life sentence for murder and armed robbery Sprouse was from Sumter s c., and Buttersworth from Savannah the two had been in the Savannah jail Only about six weeks when they sawed a Hole in the Wall and shimmied Down a bedsheets rope with two other convicts sources at the Georgia City said. Deep Throat shown once St Paul Minn. Apr a Small town theater owner who wanted to Quot thumb her nose at the Community Quot by showing the movie a deep Throat a apparently touched off a two year Campaign to ban the showing of a rated movies in drive in Heaters that was the Gist of testimony Friday in the Senate judiciary committee which held a second hearing but took no action on a Bill that would give local authorities Power to restrict drive in movies William Mullin Minneapolis an attorney representing the National association of theater owners said the controversy can be traced to a 1974 showing of Quot deep at a drive in theater in Verndale in Northern Minnesota Vietnam claims Success Bangkok Thailand apr Vietnam said saturday its forces killed of wounded More than 500 chinese soldiers throughout the Northern Frontier Region but that China had withdrawn from the key provincial capital of Lang son. It also claimed there were a serious rifts in the peking leadership Over the War and that a secret radio station in China broadcast anti peking information and supported Hanoi in the Frontier fighting there was no Independent confirmation of the claims an editorial in Hanoi a communist party newspaper nhan Dan likening the three week old chinese invasion to american involvement in Vietnam said a Quot serious rift within the ruling peking circles had broken out openly since the launching of the aggressive Pillsbury merger Complete Minneapolis apr Pillsbury . Has completed its merger with Green giant ., Pillsbury officials said Friday the merger was completed after the internal Revenue service approved the tax free nature of the Exchange of shares Pillsbury said merger of the Minnesota companies results from a two step transaction in which Pillsbury acquired 1,800,451 shares of Green giant Stock through a Cash tender offer. Pillsbury exchanged common Stock for the remaining Green giant shares. The transaction including the previously completed tender offer is valued at $154 million. Shareholders approved the merger at separate meetings Jan. 30. Teen to be tried As adult Jersey City no. Apr a juvenile court judge Here has ruled that a 14-year-old youth charged with murder by arson should be tried As an adult for his alleged role in a Jan. 22 fire that claimed seven lives the teen Ager s lawyer James h. Flynn told judge Leonard j. Hornstein that he will Appeal the decision Hornstein also sentenced the unidentified youth to six months at the Jamesburg correctional facility for violating probation on an earlier charge of larceny. Judge won t reinstate nurse Hackensack . A a judge has declined to reinstate a registered nurse who claims she was transferred from a Hospital maternity Ward because she refused to assist in performing abortions. Superior court judge Sherwin Lester urged the nurse and officials of Valley Hospital in Ridgewood on f riday to try to Settle the Case out of court. Fun Day i Houth r Roto youngsters at Hawthorne elementary school celebrated fun Day on Friday. After a trip to the make up Booth the next Stop was at the cake walk. The annual event is staged As a fund Raiser with the proceeds being used for special projects at the school. . Arms on Way to North Yemen. Ai Al. by George Gedda associated press writer Washington a even As he seeks to get Egypt and Israel to agree on a peace treaty. President Carter has escalated . Military involvement in the Middle East by ordering accelerated delivery of nearly $400 million in weaponry 4m Ilia Miu Venmon the orders were issued by the president shortly before he embarked for Airn earlier this week it is the second arms package authorized for Early delivery to North Yemen since late february when that country became engaged in a Border War with marxist ruled South be Mon last week a few Days after the fighting Between the two Yemen broke out. The administration ordered shipments of anti tank and anti aircraft weaponry to North Yemen to counter what officials said was a Quot massive stockpiling Quot of soviet weaponry in South Yemen state department spokesman Kenneth Brown said Friday the latest North yemeni package of 12 f-5e fighter planes 50 a Mored personnel carriers and 64 tanks is being sent without the congressional review process normally required for major arms transfers however he said there were informal consultations Between the administration and Congress about the weapons shipments in formally notifying con Gross later in the Day of the $383 million in new sales to North Yemen the Pentagon said it also intends to sell saudi Arabia $17 6 million Worth of armoured vehicles to replace equipment the saudis Are transferring to North Yemen the Sale to saudi Arabia will include 26 armoured troop carriers 12 mortar carriers six command Post vehicles and six tracked vehicles used to recover tanks disabled on the Battlefield the Pentagon statement stressed that . Interests in Yemen Quot Are keyed primarily to . Involvement with and commitment to the Security and stability of saudi Arabia in particular and the Region in general it that connection. Brown confirmed a report that two . Radar reconnaissance planes Are being deployed in saudi Arabia. Known As Azacs the planes Are capable of monitoring flights of enemy aircraft. The Pentagon said Carters formal memorandum to con Gress dealing with the North Yemen sales states that a an emergency exists which requires the Sale to the Yemen Arab Republic in the National Security interests of the United states a a Minneapolis a worried that farm chemicals spilled in a fertilizer Plant fire have contaminated groundwater supplies and might seep into the Mississippi River the state and the City of Minneapolis Are seeking Federal help to determine the extent of the threat the fire occurred Jan 6 at Howe. Inc. A farm chemical firm in Brooklyn Center just North of Minneapolis contaminated ice and Snow Are being hauled from the site to a disposal area on a Martin county farm but Minneapolis officials Are concerned that some of the herbicides might have seeped into ground water around the Howe site and that the chemicals could flow into the Mississippi in the Spring a we need to document the potential threat that appears to be there and we need Federal help to do said Minneapolis City coordinator David Niklaus Niklaus and other City officials met Friday with aides to gov Al Quie and representatives of five state agencies Quie aide Mike Koempel said the state health department will ask the Federal environmental Protection Agency to assign a technical expert to evaluate the extent of contamination the health department has hired a private Minneapolis area consulting firm to do a similar evaluation its study probably will be finished next month Quot we told the governors people that we Don t know How much it will Cost to resolve this a said Niklaus a there s a Good possibility that it will Cost a Good Deal More than the $152,000 already spent by the state to haul the contaminated ice and Snow away. Quot we re asking the Epa to come in and provide services that frankly wont Cost the City Minneapolis officials also Are worried that the chemicals could contaminate soil in a 17-acre tract owned by Soo line Railroad. The City is trying to encourage Light Industry in that area firemen used an estimated 800.000 Gallons of water to douse the Howe fire officials say some of that water possibly heavily contaminated flowed into Ryan Creek and froze a 3.000 gallon holding tank is set up on the Creek to intercept those chemicals during the Spring thaw and the contaminated water w ill be pumped from the tank and hauled away by truck but Glenn Kiecker. Minneapolis pollution control inspector. Said some of the chemicals could find their Way Down Ryan Creek into Shingle Creek and eventually into the Mississippi Minneapolis draws most of its drinking water from an intake on the River upstream from the Mouth of Shingle Creek but official want to be certain the herbicides wont get into that intake or aquatic life in the Mississippi. Quie criticized on Job corps talk comics. 16 Lanh .9q crossword.15 deaths. Opinion Page. 4 sports. to guide. Daily records.29 Horoscope. 8 icy icy spots on interstates 90 and 35 sent to cars skidding into area ditches Friday Between 4 30 . And 10 00 ., according to Al love of the Minnesota state Highway patrol. Pictured Are two vehicles both of which went off i 90 just West of . Re. 22. No injuries were reported. On top is a Van that Slid off 1-90 going West with its two unidentified passengers. Below Richard Hoium of Albert Lea is inside his car which is being towed out of a ditch on 1-90 where it rolled Over onto its top when it left the Road. The Owatonna Highway District office said saturday morning Crews were sanding and blowing area roads and advised motorists to drive at reduced Speed. Banks won t be sent Back Sacramento Calif. Apr California it. Gov Mike curb said Friday he would not Send american Indian movement Leader Dennis Banks to South Dakota if he received a new extradition request while he is acting governor a i will do what the governor wants done in that Case a curb said a the governor has researched this matter and made a decision and i will not reverse his decision in his absence a fast april gov. Edmund Brownjr refused to extradite Banks to South Dakota to serve a prison term for riot and assault convictions stemming from the 1973 Custer county courthouse riot. St Paul. Minn a St Paul mayor George Latimer has criticized gov Al quiet a suggestion that a Job corps Cen ter proposed for the former Bethel College site in St Paul should go someplace else the Center would teach skills to Young people some of whom have had trouble with authorities in the past some neighbourhood residents strongly oppose the site saying it could lower property values in the area Latimer said Friday Quie was giving Bethel area residents false Hope by letting them think the Center w ill be moved Quot the next time he has a prayer breakfast i recommend e Pray that god give him some compassion and some guts a Latimer said Quie said last week he is opposed to building the Job corps Center at the Bethel site he state fuel supplies steady St Paul Minn apr the Minnesota Energy Agency said Friday heating Oil inventories held about steady and stocks of gasoline Rose slightly the past week. Weekly measurement is based on pipeline shipments and storage tanks owned by Williams Amoco Ashland Murphy and Conoho companies these firms have about 80 per cent of the primary storage capacity in Minnesota fuel Oil supplies were estimated at 934,885 barrels during the week Down 28,149 from a week ago stocks of heating Oil Are about 6.7 percent lower than a year ago but the heating season As measured by degree Days has been warmer the gasoline inventory for the week was 2,271,069 barrels up 234.275 barrels from last week gasoline stocks also Are Down 6.7 per cent from a year ago said there were alternative Sites and he mentioned the Finland air Force base in the Silver Bay area. Latimer a d he would not be opposed if Quie came up with a Concrete plan to move the Job corps site from Bethel but he said he wants to hear something More than a a vague notion about an air base North of in response. Quie said a there Are indications that the mayor is dealing from an emotional level and we ought to Deal with Quie said he talked with labor Secretary Ray Marshall when he Quie was in Washington recently and that the labor department agreed to look at alternative locations for the Center Quie said he was opposed to building a Job corps Center that did not have support from the Community some residents in the area have been battling state and Federal governments since 1977 Over the centers location. Waitress is hired by using want and this Caf owner Hod Good Luck hiring a capable waitress by placing an of in the Low Cost Tribune want and Section wanted part time waiter or waitress must work some weekends Good pay apply at xxxix this and ran under the employment classification help wanted for three Days. The and was scheduled to run in the paper for six Days. Get your classified listed today so that you con get Quick results tomorrow dial 373-1411 before 5 . 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