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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - March 4, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The nday Tribune volume 82, no 53 single copy 30 cents Albert Lea Minnesota sunday March 4, 1979 uses 181-580 42 pages Energy department acts to raise gasoline prices Washington a get ready to dig deeper into your Wallet gasoline prices Are going up. Perhaps As much As 14 cents a gallon by the end of nest year new regulations that could boost prices a Nickle a gallon were revealed Friday by the department of Energy and this is in addition to the 9-cent hike anticipated from rising world Oil prices and other factors Over the next two years Oil companies were unwilling to comment Friday on when Prier orca gunmen attack police station Tehran. Iran a gun men described As Quot anti revolt to Mary attacked a police station in downtown Tehran sat but were repulsed the govern ment said. Authorities said three persons were killed there and one other in a clash Between rival guerrillas in nearby Shah Baz in other developments the revolutionary government promised to Honor All of Iran a foreign debts which it said amounted to some is billion the regime also announcer the execution of another Quot enemy of the bringing to 15 the number shot so far a government statement said Quot anti revolutionary armed Cie ments Quot apparently seeking arms. Attacked a police station near 24th of Isfahan Square in Central Tehran police drove the attackers off. Killing three of them it said. Six other persons were reported wounded the Mhz station was heavily damaged. The report said it did not further identify the attackers. In an unrelated incident two rival political groups fought a gun Battle in Shahbaz. On the Eastern outskirts of Tehran the government said at least one person was shot and killed and six others were wounded in the Dawn clash Between marxist fedayeen guerrillas and to Jah Edeen islamic fighters Tehran radio said army warrant officer a Hosseni Ranjbar was executed by firing squad in the Central town of Raf san Jan after a revolutionary court found him guilty of killing two students during anti Shah riots a mob stabbed to death three other accused pro Shah soldiers Friday in the Central City of Najafabadi near Isfahan la Tehran. Or Mohammad Ali Mowlavi newly appointed governor of Iran scentral Bank told reporters. Quot the iranian government has always honoured its undertakings and at present has no problems meeting them As foreign Exchange reserves and International assets exceed $15 billion while our liabilities ail together do not exceed $5 billion Quot Quot for this reason foreign Hanks should not worry about the future on the contrary next monday the first shipment of iranian Oil will be exported to Japan and Iran will once again have its foreign Exchange income from Oil. Rices might begin to change Tause of the new Rule but some increases could come immediately. While gasoline prices will be heading upwards the Complex new Quot tilt Quot regulation Cix Iid Benefit some americans by debts ing Price increases for other Petroleum products such As Home heating Oil officials had sought to de control Oil prices altogether last year but inflation and the shortages caused by the iranian cutoff have discouraged this a 1978 analysis estimated that if Price controls were continued prices would Rise 9 cents in two years the tilt Rule would add 3 4 cents to the nine cents while Complete decontrol would add 3 8 cents Doug Robinson auth or of the in Ergo i it department analysis said the 3 4 cent estimate was probably on the conservative Side because of developments in Iran but added thai the department believes the maximum increase Oil companies could impose on Consumers under the tilt Rule would be 5 i Cen to Over the next two years including 9 cents added by in creases from the organization of Petroleum exporting Conn tries and other factors this could raise average gasoline prices to 82 cents per gallon for regular to nearly 89 cents for Premium. American based on automobile recent association Price reports the new Rule is called a Quot tilt Quot regulation because it allows the refiners to tilt the Impact of Price increases this will result in gasoline prices going up More than other Petroleum products to compensate for the extra costs of producing unleaded gasoline before the Rule took effect Oil companies had to allocate their production Cost among All their products even if much of the expense was related to a single item such As unleaded gasoline now. However the extra costs of making unleaded gasoline will be added Only to gasoline prices not those of other products. Oil companies have complained of toe High costs of Prev Dun Rig unleaded Gas. Required in most new cars As an ant pollution measure Price controls on gasoline and other products had prevented increases to cover the Cost of converting refineries to unleaded production the refiners complained Quot the tilt should provide the Industry with the incentive that will encourage it to implement plans now on the drawing Board for expanding Gas Nanu factoring capability especially for unleaded Quot said Gulf Oil co Artondale defends Carter a i asm photo he moves the glad hand a vice president Walter Mondale gestures As through a i xxx o plate fund raising crowd in Beverly Hills calif., Friday night. Mondale aggressively defended president Jimmy Carter s record against wide ranging democratic attacks. Border City captured China decides on Vietnam cease fire news highlights woman May stand trial Minneapolis a her attorney says Pamela Arling Simmons is accused of killing her Mother while under the influence of a religious hallucination is now competent to stand trial. An indictment has charged mrs. Simmons with first degree murder in the stabbing death Jan 3 of her Mother. Marion Arling at the Arling family Home in Minneapolis. At a Hennepin District court appearance feb 5, mrs. Simmons interrupted proceedings by laughing hysterically spinning in her chair and canting. Quot i am god alright and i wont listen a judge Diana Murphy declared the woman was incompetent to stand trial. Pope John Paul to visit Homeland Warsaw Poland apr Pope John Paul ii will visit his Homeland june 2-10, the Warsaw government announced making the polish born pontiff the first Pope to visit a communist nation Quot the first son in the history of the polish nation to hold the highest rank in Church will be most cordially received by authorities and the Community Quot the official news Agency quoted president Henry Jablonsky As saying Friday. Poland a religious office said the Pope would visit Warsaw Gnu Zeno Czestochowa and Rachow. Marine held in Manila Manila Philippines apr Robert Branconi a 21-year old . Marine from Springfield pa., has been arrested on charges of Selling hashish and marijuana to a philippine undercover agent the National Bureau of investigation said today. Branconi assigned to a ship berthed at Subic naval base Northwest of Manila was arrested in a hotel near the base As he showed the agent five bricks of hashish and a packet of marijuana valued at $2,675, philippine officials said. Striking police done to vote new Orleans a striking police sidestepped a vote on what mayor Ernest Morial had called the City a final offer awaiting the return of Union leaders who had flown to Miami for a strategy session. A they voted not to vote Quot Union spokesman Neil Curran said after some 800 members of the teamsters ciliated police association of Louisiana met for two hours Friday night. Another meeting of the rank and file was set for tonight Curran said key Union officers who had flown to Miami for meetings with teamsters Southern conference officials were expected to attend. Startles a twin still lives Philadelphia apr a siamese twin who survived a six hour operation that separated her from her sister with whom she had shared the same heart has started breathing on her own. Twin a a a was listed in Quot critical but stable Quot condition today at St. Christophers Hospital for children where a team of 17 doctors performed the separation thursday. But nursing supervisor Charles Morris said the infant is doing a extremely Well considering the severity of the operation. Morris said doctors noticed the 11-Day-old baby breathing on her own Friday and were considering taking her off a ventilator either today or sunday to see if she can manage by herself. The twins born feb. 20, were joined from the top of the breastbone to below the Navel and shared a single heart and liver their parents lived in Philadelphia but requested anonymity. Doctors knew they could save Only one baby. Consequently twin Quot a Quot was allowed to die during the separation procedure that had been tried Only four times previously. None of the eight babies survived More than two months. Election nears for Britain Edinburgh Scotland a the failure to get enough a yes Quot votes in a referendum on Home Rule plans for Scotland and Wales brought a risky National election closer for the struggling labor government of prime minister James Callaghan. Wales voted 957,000-243,000 against Home Rule in ballots counted Friday. One third or 1.23 million scottish voters cast a a yes ballots while 115 million voted no. But the affirmative ballots were still below the 40 percent of the total electorate the British parliament stipulated. Callaghan who needs the support of the la scottish and three Welsh nationalists in the House of commons to keep his minority government in Power May lose that backing unless he can now Force Home Rule for Scotland through a bitterly divided parliament. Bangkok. Thailand it a China was reported sat to have decided on a cease fire in its two week old Border War w Ith Vietnam after capturing i aug son and other vietnamese fron tier cities tens of thousands of casualties were claimed on both sides. Hanoi radio said in its latest Battle report however that chinese troops reinforced with six infantry divisions and hundreds of tanks and artillery pieces were intercepted by the vietnamese North of i Ang son and suffered heavy losses Japan s Kyodo news service said the cease fire decision was reported by a chinese govern ment official in peking who was not identified the report said the official did not say when the cease fire was to take place or when the chinese were to pull Back their troops to the chinese Side of the 45<vmile-Long Border Kyodo quoted the official As saying the decision was made by the Central military committee of the chinese communist parly the Kyodo dispatch could not be immediately confirmed and a state department spokesman in Washington said Quot i Don t know whether it is True or the report came after Bangkok intelligence sources con firmed that Lang son 80 Miles North of Hanoi and to Miles South x the chinese Border was occupied by the chinese on Friday after the vietnamese evacuated and took up artillery positions in surrounding Hills in addition to Lang son. The sources said the chinese had taken a Giang. Capital of Hamm map i air photo pipeline leak a flames and smoke fill the air Southeast of Edmonton alta., Friday after a Gas pipeline leak set off a series of explosions and fires. The fires from the liquified Petroleum Gas line leak forced the evacuation of some 17,000 residents. Tuyen province As Well As the towns of Dong Dang in Lang son province and lao Cai in nor the extern Hoang Lien son province. The analysts said they believed that the North Central provincial capital of can bang May also have been seized or encircled by the chinese along with Ming Cai in the coastal province of Quan Ninh a the vietnamese Days ago. Even As much As a week ago. Abandoned Lang son Quot a Penta goo source in Washington said Early today when asked about japanese reports the town had fallen to the chinese a the vietnamese abandoned Lang son and surrounded the town and Are using artillery on the chinese it seems to me the vietnamese just gave up the town and were Content to stay in the Hills surrounding Lang son a a but the source who asked not to be identified said Quot since the vietnamese Are in the Hills surrounding the town and using artillery on the chinese Thev May still have the strategic advantage Quot Lang son has guarded the in Gas line leak causes blast Edmonton Alberta a a liquefied Petroleum Gas line ruptured in Southeast Edmonton. Shooting a Tower of flame High into the sky and forcing the evacuation of some 17,000 residents from a 700 Square Block area. The evacuees took temporary shelter from the sub freezing weather late Friday w Ith friends and relatives or in nearby schools turned into emergency havens. There was no immediate word w Hen they would re turn some Gas found its Way into tile sewer system and set off several blasts and fires the first blast shot flames 300 feet into the air about noon Friday and caused serious Burns to a 22-year-old truck Driver it gave authorities first notice of the leak officials said there was no Way to Tell How Long the Gas had been seeping out however. No other injuries were reported but officials decided to evacuate the area As a precautionary measure. Vasion routes from China for centuries and Vietnam claimed earlier that its troops killed almost 2.500 chinese soldiers in fighting around the City. The vietnamese also claimed 27.000 chinese casualties Overall in the first 12 Days of fighting and the chinese were said to have put vietnamese casualties at at least 16.000 several Days ago. The claims were impossible to verify. Some analysts in Bangkok also noted a drop off in the scale of fighting Over the past few Days possibly indicating a prelude to chinese w withdrawal Cuba s ambassador to Mexico Fernando Lopez Muino was quoted Friday As saying his country would help Vietnam in the Border War and is Quot willing to Send even military Aid and soldiers to fight alongside our vietnamese a if necessary Cuba will Send an armed contingent to fight alongside the vietnamese the ambassador said in an interview publish d by the mexican newspaper Al sol in Moscow. Soviet president Leonid i Brezhnev warned China to halt its Quot Brazen Bandit attack Quot immediately and pull out its troops Quot to the last Soldier Quot but stopped Short of threatening any soviet retail action the soviets also warned China against expanding its Vietnam offensive into neigh Boring Laos the chinese already have considerable influence in Northern i of where for years they have been building roads and w Irving on other projects the latest Kremlin statement claimed chinese military units were being moved to the Region where the Borders of Laos and Vietnam join the vietnamese foreign ministry in Hanoi issued a three Point proposal to the chinese foreign ministry on Friday which said negotiations on the Frontier War could Only take place after chinese troops with Drew from vietnamese territory it said that chinese Calls for talks amounted to the same kind of Quot tricks played by former president Johnson Quot who coupled War escalation with repeated proposals for a peace is Angelus a vice president Walter Mondale. Saying that a Little family Squab til ing in t unusual for the democratic party asserts that Prest Dent Carter is Quot in Good shape Quot politically a it is not in the nature of the democratic party to try to make an incumbent democratic president feel Mondale said Friday referring to two separate protests staged Here by anti Carter democrats a they like to make you feel Lousy As much As possible just so you w Ork harder Quot Mondale. Substituting for the president at a a plate democratic party fundraising dinner acknowledged. Quot it is not always a Happy comfortable time when democratic presidents meet with their Campaign supporters but that does not mean the president is in trouble i think the president is in Good shape Quot questioned about polls that show sen Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts the 2-1 favorite Over Carter for the presidential nomination in 19r0 and about California cos Edmund Brownjr s potential candidacy again St Carter. Mondale said he Wasny to concerned or surprised that there might be challengers Quot if you know the democratic party it is the nature of things that other candidates Are spoken of a he said Quot we have to make our Case we have to establish through our record that we Are entitled to the reelect and sup port of the american people a Brown the honorary chairman of the dinner spoke Only briefly he received a Cool reception. Apparently an indication that California demo crabs have not forgiven him for his increasingly conservative fiscal stance and his endorsement of a constitutional convention to Force the Federal government to balance the budget Tough sledding Here saturday freezing rain and ice covered streets Early saturday morning resulted in hazardous driving conditions for motorists it. Robert springbok of the Albert i a police department reported local officers were kept Busy answering Calls concerning numerous minor accidents no injuries were reported in any of them there were also three minor hit and run incidents reported involving damage to parked cars but springbok did not know whether this was a result of ice Road conditions or Drunken driving rising temperatures had melted the ice by about 9am. Leaving Only the rain for motorists to contend w Ith ugandan loyalists regain captured City Malaba Uganda a forces Loyal to president Idi Amin have routed a Small guerrilla band and regained control of the Eastern ugandan town of Torero Border officials and travellers reported today. A Surprise attack Friday by the ugandan guerrillas reportedly numbering no More than to or 20 a had made it appear that Amin and his troops were timing pinned in by anti Amin forces in both the East and South travellers arriving in this Border town said the guerrilla band attacked the base of an air amphibious battalion in Torero Friday morning seized an armory and blew up a fuel tank and held out until ugandan army reinforcements arrived later in the Day these sources said four of the guerrillas were captured and summarily executed. Unofficial reports Friday said As Many As 50 persons May have died in the fighting but this figure could not be confirmed today amines eight year old Iron Rule is being threatened by an invasion of ugandan rebels and troops from neighbouring Tanzania the ugandan Leader told thousands of police and prison officials in a broadcast Friday to defend the nation and civilian trucks and buses were reported carrying soldiers from Northern areas to reinforce Kampala the capital but residents of Kampala said life was Normal and there was no move to evacuate the 3,000 foreigners. Including 130 americans from the capital the rebels capture of Torero 75 Miles East of Kampala would have Cut Road and rail links to liquor License request receives mixed reaction from councilmen constituents Kampala preventing the flow of military and other supplies to the capital meanwhile. Ugandan exile sources in Nairobi said tanzanian invasion forces had pushed past the Southern ugandan town of Masaka and to within 60 Miles of Kampala other reports said the invaders were moving past Barara in the Southwest and intended to drive to Kampala from the West anti Amin exiles and International human rights groups say Amin has ordered the Mur Der of tens of thousands of ugandans since he took Power Kennedy tops Tiger wrestlers St Paul Bloomington Kennedy Defeated Albert Lea 24 17 saturday afternoon to take third place in the 1979 Minnesota suite High school wrestling tournament Albert Lea was Defeated in the semifinal round Friday night by Anoka. See Story on Page 18 c inside the Tribune j family Page. 5 crossword.28 deaths.27 opinion Page. 4 sports.18 bridge.15 to guide. 7 daily records.27 horoscope.21 by Chris Manahan Tribune staff writer the reaction by City residents toward a twin cities based discount liquor stores application for an off Sale liquor License in Allier Lea has Lieen mixed according to a Telephone Survey Friday of five City Council members the application filed by Mem liquors of St. Paul is for a 6,000 Square foot store to by located on East main Street East of Mcdonald a where Nasbye a Radiator service now is located the City Council will hold a hearing on the liquor License application at its March 12 meeting. Fourth Ward councilman Frank Cuden after taking a ran Dom Telephone poll of 23 Ward residents said Friday it showed 14 opposed to the License application eight in favor and one without an opinion. The Peoples awareness of the License application was a Surprise to him Cuden said Quot everybody he added Quot there a pros and there a he said be would hear both sides a get As much information As i possibly can Quot and might do another random Survey of Ward residents before deciding on the Issue. One fifth Ward resident opposed to the proposed liquor store contacted fifth Ward councilman Ron Sorenson the rest of what Sorenson described As a Quot number of Calls favored a new liquor store in town he said three local liquor dealers opposed to the store have contacted him. The four Calls to second Ward councilman or. Be. Steiner were against the applications approval. One was from a liquor dealer mayor o h Hagen said he has received a a lot of Calls Quot since the hearing on the License was set however he added the Calls were from liquor store owners or people affiliated with or associated with liquor store owners. He has received a positive response toward the store from people he runs into. Both a pro and con response toward the application has been received by third Ward coun Caiman Marvin Wangen with people in the liquor business or who have friends in the liquor business opposed to the new store and other people who feel there should be no limit to the number of off Sale stores an advisory referendum in 1976 on whether the City of Albert Lea should Quot impose a ceiling on the number of off Sale intoxicating liquor licenses it will allow to be in use at any one time was approved by a 138-vote margin out of 5,180 votes cast or a 51 49 percent vote however City Council efforts to approve a specific limit were unsuccessful in 1977 on a 4-3 vote july la 1977 the Council Defeated an ordinance setting the limit at to while the City a population is less than 22,500 there were to existing stores at that time and now of the population was Between 22,500 and 25,500 the limit would have been la stores and if More than 25,000 population 12 off Sale liquor stores the ordinance would have allowed the City Council to Grant one additional off Sale License for each 5,000 people in excess of 25,000. Without a limit on the number of off Sale liquor License Council members apparently feel they must first determine what purpose the City feels it should serve in licensing liquor stores said Sorenson in explaining Why he feels it could be a Long debate March 12 when the Mem application is considered Quot there Are a number of things at Issue Quot not the least of which is a for what reason Are we licensing a Quot both he and Wangen suggested one Issue is whether licensing should be list d to make sure City liquor Laws Are obeyed. Or to protect local liquor store interests mentioned by councilmen As past arguments used in the off Sale liquor limit debate Are the suggested demise of some local stores that would go out of business if a new store was allowed and the alleged Lack of Price Competition among the to existing stores Man Sells used car with want and Good used cars usually sail in a hurry and if you have on for Sale place an and in the Low Cost Tribune want and Section for prompt action. For Sale 1976 Pinto mpg immaculate condition exceptionally Low mileage reasonable. Call xxxix. This and ran under the classification of automotive cars for Sale Only one Day. The and was scheduled to run in the paper four Days. You too con get Quick results with wont ads Telephone your of in today before s . And Hove it appear in tomorrow s paper dial 373-1411 ask for want ads

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