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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - June 24, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 148 single copy 30 Coots Albert Leo Minnesota sunday june 24, 1979 so so fuss 181-580 40 pages Gas dealers want state pumps dry Minneapolis a members of the Minnesota service station association Are being urged to sell All the gasoline they have and then shit Down an association official said Friday. Executive director Brian Ettesvold said the association s Board of directors approved the recommendation Friday As part of a nationwide movement to protest Frozen profit margins and inadequate supplies widespread participation could leave the state dry within two Days said Ettesvold whose organization represents Foo of Minnesota s 2.500 service stations a we Are quite sure we will have cooperation from nonmembers and from members of other Ettesvold said a there Are other associations nationwide that Are planning similar he noted most dealers do not have any More shipments coming before july i. Quot we have been cooperating with suppliers by Selling Only a daily Ettesvold said a however because of the inaction of the department of Energy and the presidential office regarding our pleas for Relief on Frozen prices we have decided to open up the pumps and sell our product out Quot Quot it will probably last one or two Days and we will then be closing our stations Down it could be Ettesvold said a meeting of association members was scheduled monday night at the Regency Plaza hotel in Minneapolis to outline the proposal. He added however that he expected Many members to begin draining their pumps immediately. A if they want to Start Selling out their product they re free to do so Quot he said Ettesvold said he was aware of Quot no opposition whatsoever from members As of Friday night. Station owners Are upset Ettesvold said because the government has done nothing to raise dealers profit margins which have been Frozen at a nationwide average of 11.3 cents per gallon since 1974. Additionally the decrease in supplies to dealers Means they do not have enough gasoline to sell in order to make ends meet Ettesvold said Ettesvold discounted an announcement by the Energy department Friday that it was making several proposals to boost profit margins the department said it expected a decision soon after the july 26 deadline for Public comment Ettesvold said the Only thing that would Stop his group from its protest was immediate action to raise profit margins he said the government had Omi sed action three times be Bre with no results. Prio Ettesvold said supplies were particularly Low in Minnesota due to panic buying in the Wake of blockades by striking truckers at Oil terminals and because the end of the month was near Ettesvold said association leaders expected to meet today with gov. Al Quie who was speaking at notre Dame University in South Bend. Ind. Friday night. Profit eager Gasmen May get their wish Summit begins thursday Carter goes to Japan Washington a record High gasoline prices May jump again late next month because of a government decision that could allow service station owners to increase their profits. An additional 4 cents a gallon would be added to pump prices if one of the proposals announced Friday by the Energy department is adopted a decision is expected soon after july 26. The deadline for Public comment on the Price increase options outlined in the announcement. The department moved in the Wake of threats by gasoline retailers to shut Down in protest of government imposed Price ceilings the stations Are limited essentially to the profit they made As of May is 1973, plus passing on to Consumers wholesale Price increases on gasoline and 3 cents a gallon to cover higher overhead costs. Retailer associations say the profit limits have caught them in a crunch because of various increases brought i by inflation a we have been sitting on a Keg of dynamite for six to eight weeks telling retailers not to close Down we can no longer sit still if the government does no to respond a one retailers association spokesman said. The Energy department announced four possible plans to help the dealers Friday they were a allowing a fixed percentage profit markup on the Price station owners pay for gasoline. Dealers would like to get 30 percent of the 60-cent-per-gallon Price most of them pay wholesalers. A setting a fixed per gallon markup service stations now receive about 12 cents per gallon and one recommendation would be to increase that to 15 cents Al log a Pho non guard at embassy a japanese police Man a checkpoint outside the . Embassy in Tokyo Friday As Security efforts mount prior to the june 28-29 economic Summit. Oas meets Washington of president Carter is expected to begin bilateral talks with japanese leaders following his arrival in Japan today and later participate in an economic sum Mit with leaders of seven major Industrial nations the president. Mrs Carter and their daughter. Amy. Left saturday on the 12-Day trip his first to Asia As president Carter plans an official visit to South Korea following the june 26-29 Summit the president and his family will spend four Davs in Hawaii Over the fourth of july weekend before returning to Washington july 5. The trip to Asia is said by officials Here to demonstrate that Quot the United states remains actively involved As a Pacific Power the trip to Korea will reaffirm the defense commitment to that country officials said Security is extremely tight in Japan for Carter s official visit and the economic Summit that will follow the nation s entire consensus Somoza goes 200,000 member police Force is being deployed those accompanying the president besides his family included Secretary of state Cyrus Vance Treasury Secretary w Michael Blumenthal. Energy Secretary James Schlesinger and National Security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski enormous importance is being attached to the economic Summit because of the mounting Energy crisis Blumenthal War Ned last week that if Energy prices keep going up As they ave been a 35 percent since the first of the year a it could plunge the United states and the rest of the world into a recession the Summit will begun just 48 hours after members of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries meet in Geneva. Switzerland to decide whether to increase Oil prices again an increase is regarded As certain Only the amount is in doubt faced with his own Energy problems in the United stats this Winter. Carter is understood to be carrying several ideas to ease the crisis including one for an International fund of As much As $10 billion to develop alter natives to Oil also at the Summit will be the leaders of Japan. Germany. France. Great Britain. Italy and Canada it will be the fifth economic Summit for these nations in five y ears Carter wifi Confer in Advance of the Summit with japanese prime minister Masayoshi Ohira who last month visited Washington they Are scheduled to discuss a wide variety of issues including the japanese move toward strengthening their own defense capability officials say Carter will give Ohira a compete briefing on the Vienna Summit meeting and Salt ii treaty signing last week with soviet ites ident Leonid i Brezhnev also on the Agenda for the talks will be the need for a new global Effort to Aid and resettle the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled Vietnam and Are becoming a Burden for surrounding nations in Korea. Carter will Confer with president Park Chung Hee and other korean political leaders. Including members of the opposition a prime topic will be the planned withdrawal of All us ground forces from the South which has been suspended pending a reassessment of the military strength of communist North Korea setting a uniform National or regional Price ceiling for gasoline and allowing any charges up to that amount. A allowing a Flat unspecified pass through of non gasoline costs to service station owners the National Congress of Petroleum retailers which represents 60.000 owners is seeking a 4 cent per gallon increase. Washington a an organization of american states meeting of foreign ministers appears to have reached a consensus that president Anas Tasio Somoza must step Down if a lasting peace is to be achieved in Nicaragua but an impasse developed Friday night Over whether to authorize a limited Oas role in seeking a peaceful settlement in the crisis deliberations continued saturday. The United states embarked on a major lobbying Effort Friday night in behalf of its proposal that Oas representatives be sent to Nicaragua to ensure that the legitimate interests of a fall elements of nicaraguan society Quot Are protected the . Position was opposed by a 14-country bloc mostly representing the Caribbean area. Which contended that the solution Quot lies exclusively within election Winner reportedly in Booth St. Paul Minn. Apr a supporter of Dufler Frank Rodriguez who was elected to the Minnesota House tuesday in a special election has confirmed that Rodriguez stepped into the voting Booth with another voter. Joe Nathan told a new conference Friday that the voter did not speak English and called out in Spanish for help. Rodriguez who had just voted himself asked an election judge if he could help Nathan said and was Given permission. Rodriquez Defeated Independent Republican Robert Pavlak by 321 votes in the special election which was called after Pavlak was removed from his House seat for alleged unfair Campaign practices. Western says it will Bogin layoffs los Angeles apr Western airlines says it will Lay off 700 of its 10,960 employees if the Federal aviation administration order grounding the airlines do los is not lifted monday. The action could affect pilots flight attendants and others working on or with the grounded jetliners Quot we re not identifying the employee groups until they be been notified Quot Western s Linda Dozier said Friday. Western president Dominic Renda said the Layoff notices would be effective the first week of july. An administrative Law judge for the National transportation safety Board will hold a hearing in los Angeles monday on airline manufacturer Mcdonnell Douglas Appeal of the Faa grounding order. Gop ars moot in Menno polls Minneapolis apr a Republican congressional Leader told gop state chairmen saturday that the 1900 congressional elections Are just As important As the presidential contest. Rep. Guy Vander Jagt of Michigan said republicans have a Chance to take control of Congress for the first time in 22 years. Quot each election is just As important As the other. In some ways the congressional election is even More important a Vander Jagt told the opening session of a four Day meeting of the Republican National committee in Minneapolis. Elmo running out for inmate Tallahassee Fla. Apr condemned murderer Robert a. Sullivan apparently has exhausted his attempts to find a state court to Block his scheduled wednesday execution and now must turn to the Federal judiciary. The Florida supreme court in a split decision late Friday turned Down Sullivan a request for a stay of execution. The court said Sullivan s Appeal raised no substantial questions of Law or fact the court also gave prosecutors until monday to respond to a petition for a stay filed by attorneys for convicted murderer Charles William Proffitt who also is scheduled to die wednesday. Brand off Pilot aborts Landing Minneapolis apr a Jet commercial plane Pilot aborted a Landing As he was coming in to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Friday when he saw another plane preparing to take off from the same runway. The Braniff International 727 swung around for another approach and landed without incident. There was no near collision of the aircraft involved said Jerry Linton Federal aviation Agency Deputy chief at the Airport Quot the runway was Clear for his arrival a said Linton however the Braniff Pilot had lost communication with the control Tower and the Pilot. Sam p Brooks Dallas landed after making Contact again. Council postpones stadium action Minneapolis apr the metropolitan Council has put off action toward construction of a downtown Minneapolis domed stadium until the Minnesota twins and Minnesota Vikings sign leases Council chairman Charles Weaver said he had hoped the 30-year leases required by state Law would be in hand by now. However Vikings general manager Mike Lynn predicted the National football league teams lease May not be signed until mid july. Until leases specifying the rent the teams will pay Are signed Quot we can go no further Quot said Lowell Thompson the councils Liaison to the metropolitan sports facilities commission. The jurisdiction of the nicaraguan people Quot the 14 nations introduced a Resolution Friday which states that a the immediate and definitive exclusion of the Somoza regime Quot is an indispensable prerequisite for peace. The United states had no Burel with that assertion but american delegation led by Deputy Secretary Warren Christopher Felt the prospects for a genuinely democratic solution would be enhanced with Oas representatives on the scene Quot you have to realize that the United states May be faced with the Prospect of another Cuba in Nicaragua if things Are allowed to run their course a said one observer who asked not to be named the reference was to the existence of pro cuban elements within the sandinista guerrilla movement. The 14 countries appeared to be three votes Short of the requisite two thirds majority of 17 normally 18 votes would be required but two of the organization s newest members Dominica and St. Lucia failed to Send delegations the deliberations were marked by an extended debate Over whether to try to reach agreement Friday night or to wait until today. Christopher argued against moving with excessive haste representatives of the 14-country bloc particularly Peru. Said the urgency of the situation in Nicaragua required a speedy Resolution the same delegates said privately they were fearful the United states might use the extra time to win undecided countries Over to its its viewpoint the position on the nicaraguan crisis was set Forth thursday by Secretary of state Cyrus Vance he proposed sending an Oas peacekeeping Force to help establish a climate of peace and Security but the delegation quickly abandoned that proposal in the face of widespread opposition most countries argued that this would be a Clear violation of Oas principles on no intervention Thorpe out of politics London a former Liberal party chief Jeremy Thorpe has been cleared of charges that he plotted to murder a Man who claimed to be his homosexual Lover but British editorials writers made it Clear today the a the trial of the Century Quot has left Thorpe no place in politics Thorpe and three co defend ants were acquitted Friday by a jury that deliberated 52 hours after a 31-Day trial he emerged from old Bailey the Central criminal court in London to the cheers from a crowd of several Hundred spectators a a in be always maintained i was innocent of the charges brought against me the verdict of the jury after a prolonged and careful investigation by them i regard As totally fair. Just and a Complete he told reporters Thorpe. 50, and his devoted wife Marion celebrated the ver dict at a Small party for a few close friends Friday night Grain fuel Roll but bullets Fly by the associated press Grain and fuel shipments were inching their Way Back to Normal across Minnesota but More gunshots were reported Friday As Independent truckers continued their strike protests there were at least eight incidents of attacks on truckers and other violence reported Between late thursday and Friday night no injuries were reported about 10 30 a in Friday a Driver travelling on 53 South of International Falls reported a Quarter Inch Cut in one of his trailer tires and a Dent in the Hood of his tractor from a Rock in Faribault county a trucker told authorities someone dropped a two Pound chunk of Asphalt from an overpass on interstate 90 near its intersection with Faribault county Road 11 the Driver said the Asphalt knocked out the right front Windshield of his Semi trailer causing about $400damage one arrest was also reported Friday the Minnesota Highway patrol and Northfield police arrested a suspect after a trucker reportedly complained that the Man pointed a Rifle at him near Stanton thursday night. The incident reportedly occurred on Minnesota 19 about 7 pm thursday night meanwhile the vice president of the Minnesota Independent truckers association. Dennis Jindra of Esko. Deplored the violence he said the incidents Are turning Public sympathy away from the Independent truckers and hurting the truckers cause Jindra attributed the incidents to radicals not affiliated with the Minnesota truckers group a we have told our members just to stay Home until we get fuel a said Jindra Quot we Don t want to be associated with these radicals we Are working through proper legislative channels a Jindra also said he does t think its Safe for truckers to be on the Road a i done to want some Flake Tak ing some shots at said Jin dra col Adnan Beltrand of the Minnesota National guard called out wednesday by gov Al Quie. Said Security is being bolstered along major truck mutes and other trouble spots in response to the attacks the National guard Force was to remain at 522 Over the weekend the state patrol also was beefing up its Security a spokesman said the Security has been doubled along major truck routes in an Effort to Stem further violence a a we re putting More troops where we need them to Stop this kind of the spokesman said it s no joke to Stassen perennial candidate tries again Region nine Dairy Princess Carolyn b. Johnson Soto j Freeborn county Dairy Princess wins Region Crown c inside the Tribune opinion Page 22 family Page. 5 la markets. .27 4 deaths. .27 la sports. .20 27 to guide .15 Horoscope. La by Mary Brown Tribune staff writer Clarks Grove Carolyn Johnson has had some hectic but Happy Days since she was crowned Freeborn county Dairy Princess last sunday a but Friday was the Topper. Miss Johnson the daughter of or and mrs. Norman Johnson Rural Clarks Grove was named Region nine Dairy Princess Friday at Faribault winning Over a Field of 17 other contestants runners up were Luann Walker recenter and Connie Kuball Waterville As regional Princess Carolyn will represent Freeborn Faribault. Rice Lesueur Steele and Waseca counties. Her reign As regional Princess will be Cut Short however if she wins the Princess Kay of the Milky Way contest to be held during the Minnesota state fair in late August. The state Competition will set Carolyn Back a few Days in her studies at Waldorf College Forest City Iowa where she will be a freshman next year but Carolyn does no to mind a 1979 graduate of Albert i a school Carolyn plans to major in music while attending Waldorf and eventually Hopes to become a musical therapist As Carolyn leaves her position As Freeborn county Dairy Princess. She will be replaced by Jackie Nelson daughter of or and mrs. Lowell Nelson Glenville. Miss Nelson was a runner up in the county contest. The regional Competition began Friday morning As the 18 Dairy Princess candidates met for a luncheon and style show at a Faribault restaurant. The girls later passed out Dairy products in downtown Faribault As they were judged for their congeniality and ability to meet the Public. The three judges interviewed each candidate separately at Trinity lutheran Church in Faribault knowing the girls Only by number to avoid any Bias in their judgements they did no to expect the candidates to be experts on Dairy products or their production. But seemed to be More interested in personality said Carolyn a the judges really made you feel comfortable they asked you about your future plans. What you thought a dream was. Things like that Quot she said a i think they just wanted to get to know you Quot apparently the judges liked what they heard from Carolyn who is More than a Little excited about her new title and the Chance to participate in the state Competition. But its not the Honor that makes her most Happy its the Opportunity to do one of the things she likes most a meet different people. Asked How she Felt about her daughter winning the regional title. Irene Johnson said she was Quot very Quot in a just very Happy a she added her eyes filling with proud tears. By Judy Allen Washington Bureau Washington the rest of the nation May snicker every four years when Harold Stassen declares his candidacy for the presidency but to the former Quot boy wonder Quot governor of Minnesota it is no laughing matter the 72-year old Stassen far from being a sedentary candidate is running hard for the 1900 Republican nomination he is planning visits to each of the 50 states and wants to make a Strong impression on Minnesota voters when he Speaks next weekend to the Republican National committee in Minneapolis. With the Campaign slogan a Stassen will Lead America the right Way Quot the men who has seen 13 presidents come and go is Basing his newest Campaign Ona three pronged platform his first priority according to his red White and Blue bordered Campaign program is electing a Republican majority to Congress to end �?o20 bad years Quot of democratic control second Stassen is calling for an end to inflation and full employment. A i served in the Center of president Eisenhower a administration Quot he is fond of saying. Quot when we attained % percent full employment and no inflation and adequate Energy a a he served As director of foreign operations in the Eisenhower administration finally Stassen Aims he says to Quot lift America and reestablish respect and recognition for world on tuesday Stassen called a press conference to discuss his reaction to the signing of the Salt ii Accord and president Harold Stassen Carters address to Congress he wanted to wait until the Salt agreement was made Public he said before really gearing up his Campaign the perennial candidate looking fit and rested and younger than his years under his dark Brown Loupe attracted to reporters and two photographers unlike Many other presidential hopefuls. Stassen was on time he is he said Quot directly and in favor if Senate ratification of Salt and has requested an Opportunity to testify before the Senate foreign relations committee to urge prompt approval. Quot As you May know a he reminded the members of the press Quot president Eisenhower and i and Many others of both political parties initiated the studies and the Steps at the Geneva Summit meeting in 1955, which have led to these copies of Stassens remarks were circulated to the reporters and key portions were helpfully underlined one of the underlined sentences included Stassens declaration Quot inflation is like an arsenic Poison destroying the internals of a free country a inflation. Stassen stressed can be halted Only by achieving full employment. A in the Eisenhower years Quot he said that goal was attained by initiating Federal employment programs for construction of the interstate Highway system schools and hospitals in the 1980s, Stassen suggested the government could sponsor programs to build toxic and nuclear waste disposal facilities and to strengthen the nation s water resources to create new jobs if republicans Are to win a majority in Congress according to the patriarch of the party they will have to elect More Blacks More Spanish speaking persons and More Union Mem is. Quot the decade of the 1900s,&Quot he said Quot will be the decade of women in Public office and i want to see our Republican party in the forefront of that the three men most to blame for americans troubles. Stassen said Are president Carter. Sen Edward Kennedy d mass it and California gov Jerry Brown they must share the blame he said for a the overspending Over regulating bungling inflationary mosaic mess afflicting the people Stassen whose Campaign Headquarters Are in act St Paul said he is prepared to invest his own Money in his Cam sign. Which to Date has spent its than $10,000 his will tie a Low budget Campaign he conceded but he has been saving his funds for concentration in new Hampshire and Iowa in preparation for Early primaries and caucuses Stassen was a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 1948 he sought the nomination several times after that without Success take a tip from a Wise old owl advertise in the want and Section of the evening Tribune. 373-1411 1s7j self contained 20-camper trailer tor Sale sleeps a. Good As new used very lit tie phone xxx xxx after 4 . Thi to Boon told to the message called in by the advertiser you. 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