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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - July 29, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The vol. 82. No. 177 single copy 30 cents sunday Albert Lea Minnesota sunday july 29, 1979tribune uses 181 580 34 pages Wynn to Willand 1.085-Pound coif enjoyed himself Friday of the Worth county fair in Northwood Iowa. He got the soap and water Bath Willand says he enjoys. Judging for the calves was saturday. More pictures on Page 2. Hagedorn loses bid to Cut Amtrak losses by Judy alien Tribune Washington Bureau Washington second District rep Tom Hagedorn Ltd Minn failed wednesday in his attempt to Force Amtrak. The National passenger Railroad system to gradually raise its fares to cover so percent of its operating costs 0 the House Defeated the Hagedorn amendment by a 168 to 250 vote the proposal which would have amended the Amtrak reorganization act passed by the House would have directed Amtrak to recover 40 percent of its costs by fares in fiscal year 1980. 45 percent in 1981 and 50 n news highlights suit Chu Blungus Utility Minneapolis apr a suit challenging a Utility s plans to pass on to its customers the Cost of installing natural Gas lines for the proposed domed stadium has been filed in Hennepin District court Marvin Eakman. A perennial stadium opponent filed the suit Friday it seeks an injunction barring Minne Gasco from any further work at the Industry Square stadium site. It also asks the court not to allow Minne Gasco to add the Cost of the work to Utility Bills of its customers. A Minne Gasco spokesman Don Follett said relocation of Gas lines foe the proposed stadium will Cost Minne Gasco $110,000. Or four cents per year per residential customer. Aid to saudi Arabia Washington apr the Carter administration has formally told Congress it plans to help saudi Arabia double the size of its National guard used mainly to defend key Oil installations the Pentagon sent Congress notification Friday of arms sales and training Aid totalling $1.2 billion to organize equip and Field four additional battalions of the guard the move boosts total arms sales to saudi Arabia this year to $4 8 billion the country has bought a total of about $24 billion Worth of . Arms Over the past 24 years. Tooty conference blocked Washington apr an opponent of the Panama canal treaties has temporarily blocked creation of a House Senate conference committee to resolve differences in Bills from the two Chambers on details of the pacts. Rep. Robert Bauman r-md., accused House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill of naming congressmen to the committee who want to remove restrictions in the House Bill. His objection Friday held up immediate creation of the panel but of Neill has scheduled a vote on the Issue by the full House monday. Congressional leaders Hope to Send a Bill to the president next week. Ravanna sharing Cut Dafa Atad Washington apr the Senate has passed a $71 billion appropriations Bill for the department of housing and Urban development after defeating an Effort to Cut Revenue sharing to the states. Differences Between the Senate measure passed Friday and similar House legislation now must be worked out. The Bill provides funds for fiscal year 1980 for Hud and various Independent agencies the environmental Protection Agency the consumer product safety commission and the veterans administration. The Senate Defeated an attempt by sen William Proxmire d-wis., to Cut by one third Revenue sharing funds for state governments. Bocca Ball program funds ended Duluth Minn. Apr a Duluth television executive says he will no longer fund a program under which bocce Ball games Are distributed to communities free of charge Frank Befera said he had donated $5,000 a year to the program since it was begun in 1977 by former gov. Rudy Perpich. But he said he was ending his participation because the Minnesota league of cities which administers the program wont Tell him How the games were distributed. A league staff member Marquita Finley told a reporter 360 bocce sets have been distributed to 139 Minnesota communities. She added she has administered the program for nearly a year and does no to remember getting any such request from Befera. A summary report on the distribution of the games will be sent to Befera next week she said. Naw pollster named Minneapolis apr the Minneapolis Tribune has hired an assistant professor of political science at Washington University in St. Louis to direct its Minnesota poll. Steven Coombs 37, will assume the new position of news surveys manager in the late summer. The poll was criticized last fall after its estimates in the contests for two . Senate seats and the governors office missed by Large margins. Inside the Tribune comics.10 family Page crossword.12 deaths opinion Page. 4 sports bridge.13 to guide daily records.21 Horoscope percent in 1982 a i see no reason Why the people of my District should ave their tax dollars used to subsidize such a Large percentage of the Cost of the ride for rail Hagedorn said during the debate on the amendment Quot Amtrak represents a ludicrous quirk in transportation policy i find it astonishing Quot the Truman Republican said Hagedorn estimated that his proposal would have resulted in a savings of $132 million Over a three year period it would have Cut the government Amtrak subsidy he said by $40 8 million next year by $45 8 million in 1981 Ami but $45 7 million m 1982 the Amtrak reorganization act Calls for goals of a 44 percent recovery of expenses from fares by 1982. But does not mandate that the fares be raised Hagedorny a amendment would have moved the timetable Forward and would have made the recovery a requirement Quot if the demand for Amtrak service is As represented then it would be silly to continue the pattern whereby the american taxpayer pays two thirds of the Price of the Amtrak ticket and the passenger pays Only one third Quot Hagedorn argued a if the Public demand for rail service is As great As Amtrak tells us then the passengers will support service a he said Hagedorn offered his amendment at a time when most members of Congress were interested in giving greater Federal subsidies to Amtrak to keep Low Etro nage rail lines in service cause the gasoline shortage has caused a resurgence of train travel. For a time during the debate the House wanted to freeze All existing service rather than allow the Carter administration to prune costly Low patronage lines rut this idea was scrapped in the face of warnings it would bring a Carter veto. In a Compromise the House okayed legislation that will keep Many rail lines that the Carter administration wanted abandoned. But will still permit the administration to slash some service to save Money audit critical of car policy St. Paul a the Minnesota legislative auditor has criticized the state transportation department for allowing certain employees to drive state owned cars Between Home and work without reimbursing the state for mileage. The audit released Friday also said the department was making improper overtime payments to Highway maintenance supervisors and foremen in the St Paul area the department replied that it will attempt to renegotiate a clause in a labor contract governing use of state vehicles it also said improper overtime payments have been stopped. State Law requires employees to reimburse the state for travel to and from their Homes in state owned vehicles but transportation department employees used 116 vehicles for commuting without paying the state for mileage according to an internal audit last september. The auditors estimated the state should have Beene reimbursed for 492,000 Miles each year at current mileage rates this amounts to More than $93, 000 a year Washington a pres ident Carter s Choice As the new Secretary of Treasury says the administration is determined to halt the latest slide of the Dollar on world Money markets Quot we Are absolutely committed to a sound Dollar Quot said g William Miller Quot we will not Ermit the Dollar to deteriorate i its present level Quot Miller who As Treasury Secretary will be the admits ration s top economic spokes Man made his vow Friday before the Senate finance com Mittee during a confirmation hearing on his appointment meanwhile the Commerce department offered support for the Dollar Friday in a report that showed the nation s Trade deficit narrowed in june to $1 9 billion Down from $2 5 billion in May the nations huge Trade deficits of the past two years coupled with the continuing worsening of inflation have been the major causes of the slide of the Dollar Miller is still chairman of the Federal Reserve Board which has also attempted to help the Dollar by increasing interest rates. It raised its Bank lending or discount rate to 10.5 percent last week the highest Ever but this approach was criticized Friday by the House com Mittee on ranking. Finance and Urban affairs in a statement released by committee chairman Henry s. Reuss. A wis. The committee urged the fed Quot not to raise interest rates at Home As a Way of propping up the Dollar Reuss said a raising interest rates would Worsen the recession. Thus actually undermining International Confidence in the Miller became the first top government official to say the nation already is in a recession Friday when he told the finance committee the recession started in the second Quarter of this year and May continue until the second Quarter of next year with unemployment rising to 7 5 percent from the current level of 5.6 percent but he argued that the administration should stick to its current economic policies that stress fighting inflation rather than try to spend the country out of a recession a Man Euver tried in past recessions he said such spending this time would Only Worsen inflation confirmation expected for attorney general Washington a Benjamin r Civiletti is expected to win easy Senate confirmation As attorney general after promising hispanic critics he is committed to equal rights and concerned about police brutality. Quot being realistic we did not feel our opposition would Block his nomination but it gave us a forum to air our concerns Quot Ruben Sandoval of the league of United latin american citizens said Friday. Sandoval commented after the Senate judiciary committee completed three Days of hearings on president Carter s nomination of Civiletti the Dep Uty attorney general to succeed attorney general Griffin b Bell unless some member objects and none has so far spoken out against the nomination the committee is expected to vote tuesday to Send it to the Senate floor. Action would have to be taken next week to avoid a monthlong delay since Congress will be in recess from aug 3 until after labor Day. The hispanic groups have charged that the Justice department has not aggressively pursued cases of alleged beating and killing of hispanic citizens by police in cities across the country. Civiletti and other department officials say they have done so whenever they had a Strong enough Case to prosecute successfully. Civiletti met with hispanic leaders after their testimony on thursday promising he would name a Council of hispanics to advise him and would step up employment of hispanics in High level Justice department jobs returning to the witness table Friday. Civiletti said Quot i am totally committed to equal rights for All americans i am equally concerned with police brutality cases As with education and with housing and with employment and other vitally important rights a a the hispanic leaders expressed general satisfaction with their meeting with Civiletti Emmons receives sewage Grant Washington a Federal Grant has been awarded to the City of Emmons to determine what Type of sewage system is needed by the City second District congressman Tom Hagedorn announced last week the environmental Protection Agency approved a $25,575 Grant for the study Emmons mayor Leroy Roberts said saturday the Money would be used for the fir St phase of the City a Wastewater treatment project the first phase would determine whether the City needs a new or a revamped sewage disposal system an application for the Grant Money was made last year according to Roberts. Meets with Carter a Neil Goldschmidt right the mayor of Portland Ore walks on the South Lown of the White House Friday with president Jimmy Carter and presidential assistant Jack Watson left after a meeting with the president in the Oval office. Goldschmidt has been named Secretary of transportation to replace Brock Adams. Gov. Quie suspends minimum Gas Purchase Detroit lakes. Minn it a it saying that Long Gas lines Are no longer a problem. Gov Al Quie has announced he will suspend a minimum gasoline Purchase Rule imposed last month Quie meeting with resort owners and Lakeshore property owners Friday said the requirement will be cancelled As of next wednesday in an executive order june 28 the governor had said motorists with four Cylinder cars must Purchase at least $5 Worth of Gas. And Drivers of larger be hides must buy at least $7 Worth the aim was to keep out of Gas lines Drivers wanting to buy Only Small amounts to top off their tanks aides to the governor said the decision to lift the requirement was made because Gas lines Are no longer a problem other portions of the june 28 order will remain in effect in eluding a six gallon limit on carryout gasoline containers and a requirement that stations stretch out their allocations to cover six Days a w Eek Quie began a two Day tour of Northwestern Minnesota he w ill meet at Roseau Toda with gov Arthur link of North Dakota and Premier Sterling Lyon of Manitoba to discuss Flo it Al problems on the red River Quie and Lyon also will take part in dedication ceremonies for what is being called the world s Only two nation Airport a grass strip that straddles the Border Between Pinecreek. Minn. And Piney Manitoba. During a news conference in Moorhead Quie repeated his Contention that most fuel prob lems would be solved if the government would abandon All controls on crude Oil and finished products Quie has said frequently that additional production would be City claims liquor License was approved not issued to Mem a petition filed in Freeborn county District court Friday to prevent the City from issuing a License to Mem liquors maintains the City acted wrongfully july 23 in approving the renewal of an off Sale License for the St. Paul liquor store Chain the petition filed by attorney Chester Swenson on the behalf of Clayton d. Palmer maintains that the City issued 11 liquor licenses before june 30,1979, but Only 10 licenses applied for their renewal at the proper time Mem liquors the St Paul firm was the Only one that failed to reapply the petition says that the License therefore expires City manager Paul Sparks said Friday that the City has not Ever issued a liquor License to Mem liquor the City cannot Issue Mem a License until the state issues Mem a License Quot there is a difference bet Ween approving a License and issuing a License Quot Sparks said a License would not be issued until Mem met All the requirements of the City he said Palmer made his application for the 11th liquor License july 23. The Day of the City councils meeting the petition maintains the Council acted wrongfully in approving the renewal of the Mem License even though the company could not meet the requirements of several City ordinances. Covering the application deadline requiring the inspection of the premises Mem has no building Here yet requiring that a building under construction not be issued a License unless a certificate of occupancy is issued by the state and requiring the owner or managing partner of the store to be a resident of Albert Lea or Freeborn county the City ordinances mentioned in the petition contain clauses allowing the City Council to waive for Good cause the requirements of the ordinances covering application deadline and residency. The petition maintains that the City Council approved application without Good cause being shown either by the City or by Mem Quot we have followed the procedure for approving and issuing a License according to the Law Quot Sparks said the owners of the St Paul liquor store could not be reached to comment on the court order issued Friday that restrains the City from issuing a License to the store until after a sept 6 court hearing on the subject efforts to reach the owners of m amp p liquors inc in St Paul were unsuccessful Friday and saturday. Persons answering the phones at the liquor warehouse said the three brother owners Terry Michael and Patrick Maglich were in meetings Friday the three were said to be out of the office when called saturday. The store Chain is involved in a License Battle Between the City of Albert Lea and Clayton d Palmer an applicant for an off Sale liquor License palmers at Sornev Chester Swenson maintains the City refused palmers License application and renewed its approval of the Mem liquors application wrongfully at the july 23city Council meeting third District court judge Warren f Plunkett signed a restraining order Friday preventing the City of Albert Lea from issuing a liquor License to Mem liquors. Inc. Which is owned by m amp p liquors the court order followed a request by Swenson for a writ of Man Damus Plunkett a order halts the issuance of the License until a hearing on Swenson a writ request is held sept 6 in Freeborn county District court the petition for the writ is supported by an Amicus affidavit filed by attorney Bob a Goldman on behalf of the owners and operators of Skyline package liquor and City liquor two off Sale liquor stores in Albert Lea. Forthcoming from marginal w Ells if Price were de controlled and allowed to Rise to Market Levels he was questioned about the Duluth Superior Grain Millers strike but repeated earlier com ments that it is a Legal strike and that Public officials cannot intervene Quie. Accompanied a his wife Gretchen and several aides was to stay in Hallock Friday night charge filed in assault David j Johnson. 7c1 Prentice ave. Has been charged with a felony charge of aggravated assault in connection with an alleged attack on a teacher april 11. At Northside school in Albert Lea Johnson w to w As Aid to he in his mid-30s, appeared in Freeborn county court Friday he was provided a court appointed attorney and was released on his of n recognizance he As ordered to appear thursday in Freeborn county District court Sells fencing by using a want and Thi Man had no trouble tailing a Whit rail Fence a placing an and in the Low cos Tribune want of Section White rail Fence has been a Back Yard enclosure consists of 2x4 rails and 4x4 posts some of the posts will have to be replaced ready for pickup $30 seat xxxix while this and was scheduled to run in the paper six times the and was cancelled after it appeared Only two times. Cancel the old really have Good Luck with Tribune want ads said the advertiser. You can get fast results by calling 373-1411 today and placing your of Carter s final two Cabinet picks draw Capitol Hill Praise Treasury nominee seeks sound Dollar Washington a pres ident Carters final two Selec to Lens for his revamped Cabinet Are drawing Praise on Capitol Hill As the Senate hastens to con firm some of the earlier nominees before its August recess. Patricia Roberts Harris became the first to win Senate approval. Being confirmed Friday As Secretary of health education and welfare mrs Harris for Mer Secretary of housing and Urban development replaces Joseph a. Califano jr., who was fired As hew Secretary last week also confirmed Friday was w Graham Claytor to be Deputy defense Secretary a spot vacated by Charles w Duncan or. Carters Choice to become Energy Secretary since last week. Claytor has been serving As acting transportation Secre tary. Elsewhere the Senate finance committee conducted hearings on g. William Miller s nomination to be Treasury Secretary and the Senate judiciary committee completed three Days of bearings on Carter s nomination of Benjamin r Civ Silitti to be attorney general both nominations Are expected to go to the Senate floor next week in time for action be fore Congress recesses aug 3 tor one month break meanwhile. Carter completed filling the vacancies left by last week s Cabinet purge As he appointed former new Orleans mayor Moon i Andrieu As Secre tary of Hud and Portland. Ore. Mayor Neil Goldschmidt As Secretary of transportation rep Henry s Reuss. Chairman of the House committee on ranking. Finance and Urban affairs. Termed Landrieu s nomination a Quot Good appoint ment a Quot mayor Landrum knows housing and cities is widely respected As a successful mayor and is Well known to our com Mittee through his frequent a pea ranges before the wis Consin Democrat said i Andrieu. Former president of the conference of mayors and now employed by a Large commercial development firm in new Orleans also Drew sup port from sen Russell i gang. D la. Chairman of the Senate finance comm it tee but sen William Proxmire. D we is. Chairman of the Senate Hanking. Housing and Urban affairs committee. Said he will wait to hear testimony before deciding whether to support Landrieu a nomination sen Bob pack Wood ranking Republican on the Senate Commerce committee praised the Choice of Goldschmidt a fellow oregonian to replace listed transportation Secretary Brock Adams Paek Woore said he was a looking Forward to working w Ith the mayor As Secretary of transportation for the Benefit of Ore gon and the nation Quot Goldschmidt had to in mentioned As a potential democratic challenger for pack w Ood s Senate seat next year the selection of Landrieu and Goldschmidt also seemed certain to please the nation s big cite mayors who have complained about cuts in the administration s Urban programs

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