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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - July 15, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 165 single copy 30 cents Albert Leo Minnesota sunday july 15, 1979 uses 181-580 36 pages Carter considers tonight s speech his most important Silhouette of Triton photo the brightness of Bancroft boy in the background silhouettes the Canoe Landing and Lookout at Bancroft Bay Park. Canoeists can tie up at the Dock along the Park s West Shore and spend some time walking along the trails through the City Park. See Story and More pictures on Page 15. Cabinet level Washington it a it pre a Dent Carter i Domestic sum Mit ended in a flurry of Secre Tive meetings with groups of private citizens has settled Down at Camp David to work on what May he his most important speech As president Carter was alone with speech writers and other staff aides saturday for the first time in More than a week following a trip Friday to West Virginia and an off the record luncheon with More than a dozen journalists he summoned vice president Walter f Mondale and Domestic policy aide Stuart Izenstat to the Marine guarded Mountaintop compound in Maryland Cato tin mountains late Friday White House press Secretary Jody Powell said the president would be working on the speech which is scheduled for National broadcast at 9 . C d t. Today a time Powell said was chosen to get the biggest possible audience. He said the presidents speech would go beyond outlining proposals to curb Oil imports and would Deal also with the Economy and what Powell described As an increasingly negative mood in the nation the new York times reported saturday that during the Friday meeting with journalists Carter indicated he has decided on the Moat sweeping of four Energy programs presented to him by advisers it would reduce the nation s dependence on foreign Oil by 5 million barrels a Day by 1990 through a combination if synthetic fuel production in creased Domestic production of Oil and conservation efforts foreign imports now Are about 8 million barrels a Day a White House spokesman declined to comment on the times report Powell who spoke to reporters by Telephone Friday from a amp David also confirmed that the president is considering personnel shifts at the White House and in Cabinet departments Powell said be planned to keep his own Job. But did t know Alt the personnel decisions Carter has made Carter made a startling unan flounced trip to Carnegie. A to talk with a group of Blue Collar families and drink lemonade thursday night he repeated the performance Friday morning by secretly slipping out of Camp David again and flying by helicopter to Martinsburg. W a Irater Friday. Carter met with selected journalists including network Anchorman Walter Cronkite of lbs. John Chan cellar of Abc and Frank Reynolds of Abc they did not report on the specifics of what would be in his address but they said he indicated How critical he Felt the speech would be to his presidency Quot he sees his sunday speech and the other speeches and actions that will follow As an Opportunity to reverse or arrest what he sees As a loss of Confidence not Only in him but also in our institutions and indeed in ourselves a Reynolds said Cronkite said Carter was Quot a deeply troubled and worried Man he does not spare himself in acknowledging he has lost the Confidence of the people and the Congress Quot Chancellor said Carter gave the impression of a Man who had made a number of new year s resolutions Quot get out More reorganize speak with a larger voice talk to the Pelt Isle Quot Friday discussion in West Virginia mainly with retired bosons and professionals was id on a screened in porch of the yellow stucco Home of Marvin Porterfield a paraplegic re tired Marine corps major and former cattleman Porterfield an. Said the participants Quot agreed Here that even though our country has its problems they Are recoverable but it will take an enlightened Congress a hard working executive and an enlightened Clee tora in the people have got to face up to it when the a lines disappear that does no to mean that our Energy problems have gone out the window participants Ann Martin it and her husband James said Carter appeared at ease and wore a jacket Slacks and no tie mrs Martin said the residents talked with Carter about Energy and inflation mrs Martin said the president urged them to Quot be honest Quot during the discussion and she described it As Quot a very relaxed conversation Quot asked whether he thought the visit seemed like a publicity gimmick. Porterfield replied. Quot i refuse to believe t hat he chose to participate in this for personal cosmetic reasons Quot Porterfield said the Partin pants included several retired couples an optometrist an attorney. An Art teacher and a presbyterian minister thursday s meeting in the Home of William Fisher. 29 in eluded steelworkers a Carpen ter and other Blu Collar work ers and their wives Powell said both the Pennsylvania and West Virginia trips were arranged in secrecy to allow More candid conversations although a Small group of re porters customarily travels with the president even they were left behind the families were told Thev would be discussing National issues with a polling firm and did t learn until minutes before his arrival that Carter w Koukl be attending Carters personal pollster Patrick Cadell accompanied Carter on both trips. Powell said others with the president included wife Rosalynn. Appointments Secretary Phil Wise. Powell himself and the usual contingent of Security communications and military personnel the press Secretary said the conversations covered Quot everything from Salt to Day care a an gave the president a better feel for the concerns of Ordinary citizens upbeat on Gas supplies Schlesinger indefinite on future Hagedorm opposes education Post Washington a Frier by Secretary James r Schlesinger says lengthy gasoline lines Aren t Likely to recur this summer or next but he is less definite in predicting his own future Quot i plan to be around As Long As ifs Schlesinger said Friday adding a the longevity of the tenure of this position is a matter Between the president and myself Quot he told a Small group of re porters that he has offered to resign several times and that it remains a a continuing offers open to president Carter any time he wants to accept it it was Schlesinger s first Public comment on the matter since reports began circulating by Judy Ali in Tribune Washington Bureau Washington predicting that Congress will regret establishing a new depart ment of education in five years. Second District. Rep Tom Hagedorn it Minn voted against the legislation last week after the proposal was approved by a slim margin the Truman legislator said. Quot the american Public has seen How news highlights state oat consumption Down St Paul. Minn. Apr gasoline consumption in Minnesota dropped Quot drastically during the past week a spokesman for Ashland refinery told a state legislative committee Friday. Bob Piculell also told the lawmakers that heating and diesel fuel supplies had improved the past month in Minnesota Piculell said his company a Large local supplier of Petroleum products is committed to buying substantial spot or open Market crude Oil in an Effort to further improve heating and diesel Oil supplies Quot i do know that during the last 30 Days there has been an improvement in fuel Oil and other Piculell said. Quot and last week there was a dramatic drop in the demand for gasoline it is possible to improve on those Minneapolis okays stadium tax Minneapolis a the Minneapolis City Council has approved a 3 percent tax on liquor and hotel receipts that is designed to secure the financing for a proposed $55 million domed stadium in downtown Minneapolis. The Council vote was 9-4 in favor of the tax. The Council had voted in May to approve the liquor and hotel tax which will serve As a Back up to revenues from the stadium itself at Quot the Levels in May the Council was told the necessary Levels would be about 2 percent. However two weeks ago the Council Learned that a 2 percent tax would not be enough to pay off Bonds for the stadium because the Minnesota department of Revenue had made a mistake in calculating the income from a 2 percent tax. Law school names Dean Minneapolis apr Robert a. Stein was named Dean of the University of Minnesota Law school Friday by the Board of regents. Stein 40, Golden Valley is vice president for administration and planning at the University and has been on the Law school faculty since 1964. He was named associate Dean of the Law school last year. Stein will assume the Deanship in january or february. He told the regents that he will concentrate on improving minority enrolment in the school and on improving the relationships Between the school and the Legal profession. Stein succeeds Carl a. Auerbach who announced his resignation last year. Salt account challenged Washington apr sen Alan Cranston d-calif., is challenging retired army it. Gen. Edward l. Rowny a account of Why the United states agreed to a Salt provision allowing the soviet Union 308 heavy missiles while the United states has none. Cranston in a floor speech Friday said . Negotiators did not want heavy missiles and they in effect traded something they did not want for soviet agreement to exclude ., French and British nuclear weapons in Europe from Salt treaty coverage. Rowny for six years the Pentagon representative to the Salt de Gration said the record fails to show such a Trade was made but Cranston said Rowny was not privy to the Deal when it was struck in Vladivostok. Houtz to vote on air bags Washington apr the House probably will vote next week on whether to require air bags to be installed in automobiles As a safety measure that backers say could save 9,000 lives a year. To make their Point Friday backers displayed on Capitol Hill the wreckage of an air bag equipped car that hit a tree. While the Driver of this car suffered no worse than bruised Knees opponents still contend air bags need More research before being made Standard equipment on new cars. Cooler temperatures seen Washington apr the National weather service predicts cooler than usual temperatures in much of the country from mid july through mid August. Forecasters said Friday that temperatures should Range below Normal from the Northern great Plains through the Midwest and the Northeast there should be higher than Normal temperatures for the Southern plateau Region the Southern great Plains and the South. Other areas Are expected to have Normal temperatures. These bureaucracies Start and grow by leaps and Bounds i just done to think a new Cabinet level department is Hagedorn said he also feared that the new department will encourage Federal government intrusion in local school systems Quot it would be More appropriate to de emphasize Federal involvement at the local he thu mini Hagedorn was also influenced hot said by results of a recent poll of his second District constituents that showed two thirds of them opposed to the proposal however he said he supports anti busing anti abortion and school prayer amendments in the legislation the vote on final House passage was 210 to 206. And the measure now goes to a joint House Senate conference where it faces an Uncertain future As conferees try to work out differences Between an earlier passed Senate version if it becomes Law. The Bill will create a 13th Cabinet level department with a $14 5 billion budget putting 160 Federal education programs under one roof the close vote reflected the split on the Bill by various special interest groups for example the huge 1.7 million member National education association supported the measure hut it was opposed by the smaller american federation of teachers. Al Cio the lineup of foes included conservatives and republicans who saw it As another example of big government. Some liberals also turned against the Bill in the final Days of debate because of various anti busing anti abortion pro prayer and a nil Chryl rights amendment tacked onto the legislation it was the Hope of opponents that if they loaded the Bill Down with amendments they would be Able to kill it either in the House or in conference with the Senate. Two anti abortion amendments were adopted on the final Day of the debate. Quot one approved on a voice vote bars the use of any departmental services or facilities for abortions except to save the life of the Mother the other approved 257 to 149 would bar College health services supported by student fees from performing abortions earlier an anti busing amendment was approved 227 to 135 that would prohibit the department from issuing any new busing orders for the purpose of achieving racial balance in a Public school system. Also approved 255 to 122 was an amendment stating that one purpose of the new department would be to encourage voluntary prayers each Day in the Public schools republicans predict tax Cut for Economy Washington a Republican House leaders Are prescribing in big tax Cut or the sickly Foj s Economy while president Carter s Treasury Secretary is saying such treatment Quot would make no possibly causing a worse recession. Both the democratic administration and Republican opponents agree the nation is headed for recession if it in t in one already. Treasury Secretary w Michael Blumenthal said Friday that inflation remains a dangerous problem even though the Economy is turning downward if inflation is not controlled he said the nation faces Quot the much Grimmer Prospect of a deeper More prolonged recession a he added. A it would make no sense at this stage to Rush in with a program to pump up the Economy by either a new tax cot or spending programs or by an easing of monetary restraint Quot but the Republican House leaders were proposing just such a tax Cut elsewhere in Washington Friday saying their recommended $36 billion tax reduction would revive the floundering Economy Quot we believe As republicans that we can produce our Way out of inflation. A rep Jack Kemp r n y. Said at a news con Ference the Republican leaders said their promo a would reduce lax rates at least to percent to encourage spending and investment. Cutting individual in come taxes by $28 billion they said the plan also would give investors a $5 billion incentive to finance new plants that create jobs and would Cut $3 i billion from the new social Security tax increase Republican whip Robert Michel of Illinois said his party will blame Carter for the recession in next year s election campaigns earlier in the week that he was on the verge of either resigning or being fired but Schlesinger told reporters he wanted to talk about the nation s Energy supplies not his own career a and quickly changed the subject As for supplies. Schlesinger said that while the Long term Outlook Quot remains there is cause for some new optimism about gasoline for the rest of the summer and heating Oil next w inter increased imports from saudi Arabia and stepped up refinery runs should soon have an effect at the Corner Gas station. Schlesinger predicted and though keying there is no absolute guarantee he said the kind of lines that were seen in California in May and in other parts of the nation in june seem unlikely to return he said those lines reflected usually Low refinery production in april and May but now he said. Quot gasoline stocks have been increasing Quot a the risks of a return to those Long lines have diminished to the Point where we can say they probably will not he said groups file lawsuit against bylaw inside the Tribune comics. opinion Page 4 Bridge. 20 daily records.21 Washington a nine organizations Are filing suit to overturn a Law restricting the use of motor boats and Snow mobiles and regulating property sales in the Boundary Waters Canoe area of Northern Minnesota. A there Are resorts going belly up this is affecting the Economy of our said Frank Salerno spokesman for the Ely Winton conservation Alliance the Boundary Waters Region an immense area of Evergreen forests spangled with Blue lakes is heavily dependent on tourism to support local economies. Salerno said but tourists Are now shunning the area because the Law for Birds using outboard motors on boats on All but 23 of the Region s 1,060 lakes with horsepower limitations imposed on some of those lakes where outboards still can be used he said. He estimated tourism has dropped 40 percent this year because of the Law. The Law passed last year. Is challenged on grounds that the regulations restricting the use of outboard motors and snowmobiles Are Quot arbitrary and capricious and prevent a a Freedom of travel a the Federal court suit also asserts the Law effectively prevents a person owning property in the Region from Selling the property to any buyer by giving the Federal government the right of first refusal the suit names the agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland As defendant the area is under the jurisdiction of the . Forest family Page. 5 service an Agency of the markets 21 agriculture department. Heaths 21 plaintiffs Are the National As sports. 18 Socia Tion of property owners. To guide 12 National Park infielders Assoc Horoscope. 8 action. Ely Winton Boundary water conservation Alliance. Crane i Ake commercial club inc., United steelworkers of America local 4757. Lac la Croix Indian band Virginia arca chamber of Commerce. Minnesota Arrowhead association. And Ely chamber of com Merce. Sunday comics missing today due to transportation delays from the Printer in Alabama the sunday color comic Section is missing from today s sunday Tribune. The comics will be distributed with the evening Tribune next week. The Tribune apologizes for any inconvenience this May cause its readers. Both sides rest in Caldwell murder trial Hastings. Minn a the prosecution and the defense both rested their cases Friday in the murder trial of Marjorie Caldwell already the longest trial in Minnesota history final arguments by prosecutor John Desanto and defense attorney Ronald Meshbesher Are scheduled when the trial resumes wednesday and the Case is expected to go to the Ury late next week mrs Caldwell is charged with murder and conspiracy in the death of her wealthy adoptive Mother Elisabeth Congdon. And miss Congdon a night nurse. Velma Pietila the two were killed june 27. 1977 in the Congdon mansion in Duluth mrs Caldwell a husband Roger was convicted of the murders in an earlier trial and was sentenced to life in prison Meshbesher called the last two of his 45 defense witnesses just before noon Friday then Lesanto called three rebuttal witnesses Friday afternoon before resting his Case a nurse who turned Down a Chance to work in the Congdon mansion three times Friday testified she saw a blonde youth walking near the mansion the night of the murders the testimony of Alice Hughto of Duluth was similar to that of an earlier witness. Larry Jackson Jackson a former Duluth resident told jurors earlier this week he saw a Young Man with j Long blonde hair. Dressed in Blue jeans standing in front of the estate Between 2 and 2 30 a m the Day miss Congdon and mrs Pietila were killed mrs Hughto described the youth she saw As tall with Short Light hair. Wearing jeans and a Matching jacket her testimony differed with Jackson s on one minor Point Jackson said the youth was wearing a sleeveless jacket while mrs Hughto testified the youth s jacket had Long sleeves mrs Hughto testified she never reported her observation to police until after Reading about Jackson s testimony in wednesday s Duluth paper she said she saw the youth about 115 a in june 27. Quot i happened to by looking at the she said a i was More or less interested because of being offered a Hughto said she was offered Pietila Job three times but turned it Down Pietila was working As a substitute nurse the night she was murdered the final witness was Roger Caldwell a daughter. Crystal. 24. Aurora. Colo she told the court her father did not collect coins the prosecution alleges Roger Caldwell stole a rare Gold Coin from the Congdon mansion the night of the murders and mailed it to himself in Golden. Colo., where the Caldwell lived waitress is hired by using want and this Caf own Hod Good Luck hiring a capable waitress by placing an and in the Low Cost Tribune want and Section. Wanted pert time waiter or waitress must work some weekends Good pay. Apply at xxxix. I 4th Street Detour Tribune photog workers at Holsum foods enderes tool and Fountain industries will have to use Myers Road when they go to work monday morning. Crews will be working on laying Concrete paving Street Between Margaretha Avenue Road. Along 14th and Myers this and ran under the employment classification help wanted tor three Days. The and was scheduled to run in the paper for six Days. Get your classified listed today so that you con get Quick results tomorrow Wai 373-1411 Bafaro 5 . Your of Wim Start with Tbs next Issue of Tbs abort Leo Tribune

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