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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - July 8, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 159 single copy 30 cents Albert Leo Minnesota sunday july 8, 1979 uses 181-580 34 pages Carter seeks to counter open Oil Price hikes Washington a one of eight governors who met with president Carter on the Energy crisis said saturday the president is considering Steps log get us out of the stranglehold of the open nations a Kentucky gov Julian Carroll speaking for his colleagues said Carter is looking into executive actions and legislative recommendations to counter the latest Price Rise by the Oil exporting countries its very obvious that he a being extremely deliberate Quot Carroll told reporters at Andrews air Force base. My Carroll said he expects Carters actions to cover a Broad area of Energy issues including production conservation and moves to strengthen the Economy. Carter searching for fresh Domestic policies summoned the governors Friday for an overnight visit at the Camp David my. Presidential Retreat the governors spoke to reporters As they transferred from a helicopter to a plane carrying them to a meeting of the National governors association in Louisville. By a Carter aide said the president held a 90-minute breakfast meeting with the governors saturday after meeting with them until Early in the morning the aide who asked not to be named said Quot from the White House Point of View they were very positive productive discussions Quot the source said the talks covered Quot the whole Range of Domestic matters Quot including Energy and the Economy. Carter has secluded himself at Camp David since tuesday. Aides said a series of meetings will run Quot Well into next week Quot the Quot Domestic Summit Quot follows by several Days a Bleak bluntly worded internal memorandum that warned Carter his administration was facing Quot the worst of searching for solutions to his problems. Carter cancelled a weekend appearance before a meeting of the National governors association and. Instead summoned the bipartisan delegation Friday Carter asked vice president Walter f. Mondale and first lady Rosalynn Carter to attend the conference As his replacements. The speech cancellation was Carters second in two Days. A nationally televised address on Energy scheduled for thursday night was suddenly and without explanation scrubbed wednesday with Carter at Camp David in what seemed to underscore the potential political Impact of his decisions on Energy and economic matters were several lieutenants from his 1976 Campaign on hand at one Point or another were Charles Kirbo an Atlanta attorney and Carter confidant Mondale press Sec rotary Jody Powell Media advisor Gerald Rafshoon political adviser Hamilton Jordan and pollster Patrick Caddell also with the president was chief Domestic affairs adviser Stuart Izenstat who last week told his Boss that the Energy crisis could do to this administration what the Vietnam War had done to others. Quot you must address enor Mous credibility and management problems a in the department of Energy Quot which equal in Public perception those which state or defense had during Vietnam whether fairly or not i Quot Eizenstat wrote in a memo obtained by the Washington Post and which he confirmed to the newspaper referring to the Energy crisis Eizenstat wrote Carter Quot nothing else has so frustrated confused angered the american people a or so targeted their distress at you personally Quot Eizenstat urged the president to blame the country s Energy and related economic problems on the organization of Petroleum exporting countries the Oil producing Cartel that has raised its prices Fin percent this year Quot with Strong Steps we can mobilize the nation around a real crisis and with a Clear enemy a he wrote adding Quot we should seize this Opportunity now and with All our skill of we fail to do so. The late hour May foreclose a similar Opportunity coming our Way Quot while the president huddled with his political advisers in the Maryland mountains an inter Agency task Force was softening through a number of proposals to end Long gasoline lines promote fuel conservation and Cut Reliance on imported Oil the final list of suggested options. Intended to serve As a basis for far reaching presided tial decisions is to go to Carter monday. One administration official said the task Force has developed several proposals to Speed the production of synthetic Oil and Gas aides said Carter had Laun Ched the Camp David meetings with people in and out of govern ment after he decided that Quot now is the time for a reassessment of his Domestic policies one official said the president would not come Down from the Mountain Quot until be s seen the people he wants to see. And has had time to assess what he has heard a neither Energy Secretary James r Schlesinger nor Treasury Secretary w Michael Blumenthal was invited to the first round of meetings however their absence fuelled speculation Carter May shake up his official family notably the Energy department and perhaps the pecking order at the White House the official said Energy and Economy Are key issues in the discussions but that the talks go beyond those subjects the governors who met with Carter were Carroll president of the governors association Otis Bowen of Indiana. Hugh Carey of new York Ella Grasso of Connecticut. Brendan Byrne of new Jersey James Hunt of North Carolina. George Busbee of Georgia and Dixy Lee Ray of Washington state Energy director says new fuel supplies needed by Winter St Paul apr a dramatic increase in fuel supplies is needed for Minnesota to meet next Winters fuel and heating requirements state Energy director Algernon Johnson said Friday. Quot in my opinion we Are in deep trouble Johnson told a joint hearing of the House agriculture and transportation committees he said the state needs an additional 25.000 barrels a Day of Middle distillates for diesel fuel and heating Oil to meet Winter heating requirements Johnson predicted the fuel crunch will come in november when a Large share of the Middle distillates will be converted into fuel for the 435.000 Homes heated with Oil. Those Homes will be supplied. He said but agriculture transportation and Commerce and Industry will be forced to compete for a sharply reduced Supply of fuel. By december. Johnson said. There will be a demand for about 133.000 barrels a Day of Middle distillates projected supplies total around 82,000 barrels a Day. Tile Energy director said his Agency was attempting to develop contingency plans for the expected shortage but he added Quot i done to have any solutions ready made for the in other testimony the president of the Minnesota fade pendent truckers association said Many Independent truckers ate threatened with bankruptcy because of the Sharp Price increase in diesel fuel Mandy Olson urged that both the state and Federal tax on diesel fuel be eliminated another trucking Industry spokesman said that two thirds of the 12.000 Independent truckers in the state have been forced out of business since the 1973 Arab Oil embargo in another development sen Dave Durenberger r Minn. Said he would introduce legislation monday to limit . Crude Oil imports to 8 i million barrels daily. Durenberger told a Capitol news conference his Bill would make permanent the Levels agreed to last week by president Carter in a meeting with other Oil importing nations he said the Carters preoccupation with the symptoms of the Energy crisis rather than the causes was responsible for his Low standing in Public opinion polls Durenberger said the nation is heeded for a Long recession fled during the four hour session of the House committees rep Stanley Fudro Del Minneapolis chairman of the transportation committee said the hearing was helpful and another session might be scheduled but rep . Mcdonald in Watertown called the hearing a a Media Fudro said he and agriculture chairman George Mann Del Windom would head a Small delegation of state legislators on a trip to Washington later this month to discuss the Energy problem with the state s congressional delegation nation s Gas Supply improved by the associated press while improved supplies of gasoline wet e reported in Many areas of the nation during the bit Holiday weekend dealers in a Sylvania and threatened what the a strike Delaware to protest pm called discriminatory Federal allocation policies. The american automobile associations Survey of nearly 6,200 service stations showed that More fuel would be available this weekend than last and that More stations planned to be a bit Quot and Quot we done to see any problems with motorists travelling this Quot this weekend looks better than any of the past four Quot for Gas supplies said Connecticut Energy spokeswoman Mary Hart of the office of policy and management. Court rules for doctor beginning about the first of the year Ana t we. Ward that slide. Year and the Lack of a National Energy policy is contributing to about a dozen persons test news highlights qui appoints minorities St. Paul apr gov. Al Quie says a record number of women and minority persons have been appointed to state boards and commissions since he took office in january. In a statement issued by his office Friday Quie said the us women in the first set of appointments amounted to 34 percent of the 341 appointed. He said the 43 Blacks american indians and mexican americans accounted for 13 percent of the total. Quie said his first criterion was to appoint qualified persons to each position. Environ Nta study asked Newport Minn. Apr the City of Newport has hired a Legal firm to assess whether an environmental Impact statement should be made for a proposed $1 million petrochemical Plant. City administrator John Hawes said the move was decided upon after about 40 Newport residents told the City Council thursday night that they were worried about potential disasters and health effects that could result from the Plant. Union chemicals division of Union Oil co., wants to move its operations from Southeast Minneapolis to the site of the former Central livestock pen area in the Northwest part of Newport. Thermostat settings Washington apr thermostats in Public buildings will be set at 78 in the summer and 65 in the Winter under final regulations published by the Energy department. The regulations released Friday now go to president Carter who will set the Date for when the regulations will take affect. Hospitals and some museums Are the Only Public buildings exempted from the fuel conservation program. Senator asks example Washington apr sen. Charles Mcc. Mathias or. Says senators should set an example in Energy conservation turning up the thermostats in the Capitol this summer and cutting Down on use of elevators. Quot we should lose no time in showing our determination to participate fully in this conservation Effort by adopting National standards for the Cooling and heating of buildings occupied by the legislative Branch Quot Mathias r-md., said in a letter to Senate democratic Leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia. He added that Quot we should also discourage the use of elevators by making it a Point of patriotism to walk rather than ride Down and where possible to walk up stairs As Well. A army Tokes dropout Washington apr the army Hopes its decision to accept 17-year-old men who never finished High school will help them meet manpower goals by this fall. The army reversed itself Friday and decided to accept the Young High school dropouts in Hopes recruiters will be Able to meet the army a strength objective of 774,000 by oct. I. As of july 2, the army was about 15,000 people below that level. A current Rule that All women volunteers must hold High school diplomas will also be relaxed but not until october. Amish take polio shots Atlanta a americans Amish Are accepting vaccinations against polio after an outbreak of the paralysing disease among members of the strict religious sect the National Center for disease control said Friday. Fifteen epidemic associated cases of polio have been confirmed this year most involving either Amish or those associated with the Amish the cd said in its morbidity and mortality weekly report. More than half of the 75,000 Amish have been vaccinated the cd said. Odd even sales systems Are in effect in a dozen areas today and sunday the most serious Supply problems were expected in Washington. D c., and in parts of new England and the great lakes Region. However a Survey by better Homes and gardens Magazine based in Des Moines. Iowa showed that More than on third of those polled say they have changed their vacation travel plans this summer. Half of them said fear of Gas shortages is the reason. Quot supplies Are pretty Good Quot said Bancroft Timmons executive Secretary of the a Lam Bama motorists association he said the shortage a has eased up quite Cincinnati a a doctor who contends the air Force is acting a inductively in trying to Force him into Active Reserve duty has won a Federal court order that prevents his being called up sunday night. . District judge David s. Porter issued a preliminary injunction Friday saying the Quot balance of harms Quot weighs in favor of or Leon e. Paulos the doctor argued that even though he was found physically unfit for service the air Force ordered him to 15 Days of Active duty a to undergo a Complete medical he says the air Force is trying to punish him for his efforts to avoid military duty. Governors arrive for meeting a gov. Hugh co Ray of now York gov. Elio Grosso of Connecticut and gov. Brandon by in of now Jossoy from loft Arrivo at Washington s notional Airport Friday Enro Ute to a meeting with president Jimmy Carter at Camp David. My High court panel issues critical report on commitment procedures local girl rebuffs abduction attempt Jeannine Louise Johnson 17, 1601 Sunset St., had a close Call Early saturday morning when she managed to escape from a Man trying to abduct her miss Johnson was returning from work at about 2 30 a m saturday when a Man stopped her on Fountain Street near Christ episcopal Church to ask her directions to Highway 13. She gave the Man who had already gotten out of his car directions and refused his offer fora ride Home. Miss Johnson was stopped again by the Man on Grace Street when he again asked her for directions to Highway 13. He also asked her if she wanted to make $10, according to police miss Johnson refused the offer but the Man had already gotten out of his Brown station Wagon leaving the door on the Drivers Side ajar. When the Man tried to Force miss Johnson into his car she screamed kicked him and then threw her shoes at him. Escaping her assailant. The local police were notified of the incident after miss Johnson returned Home. She told police that the Man was of medium build with Short Brown hair and was wearing a Light shirt. Minneapolis a a commission appointed by the Minnesota supreme court is preparing a report that is highly critical of the states procedures for involuntary commitments to mental institutions the report now in its final draft says the commission found widespread evidence that people facing lengthy commitments Are getting Hasty and possibly Slipshod medical examinations and inadequate Legal Protection the commission findings along with recommendations for a sweeping revision of involuntary commitment practices in the state will be released next month contents of the final draft were outlined Friday in the Minneapolis Star which obtained a copy of the 127-Page report. Here Are key findings and com recommendations in the Mission s draft report a state Law allows Quot any interested person Quot to file a commitment petition and authorities Are not required to seek out less drastic alternatives than commitment a it is important that there be a full and vigorous exploration of All alternatives to commitment a the commission re port said a of the 61 county attorneys who responded to a Survey Only la reported having formal procedures for screening petitions forty four others said they have a informal Quot procedures six said they did no to screen petitions at All the report recommends that each of the states 87 counties should have a screening process that is Independent of the county attorney a once a petition has been filed the Law allows judges to have the proposed patient picked up and held in a Hospital for two weeks. With Quot Good cause Quot the patient can be kept As Long As six weeks hold orders should be issued Only when the person filing the petition can show specific reasons Why a some immediate harm is Likely unless the proposed patient is apprehended Quot or when the proposed patient has refused to appear voluntarily for examination the commission said. A the next step in the present system examination of the proposed patient by two court appointed experts often is con ducted by general practitioners who have no training or special know ledge regarding mental illness. The commission said also examinations rarely take much time and commitment agreements arc often routine the commission recommended that Only one court appointed examiner interview the proposed patient at first after the findings had been Given to the proposed patient he or she could request a second examiner the draft also recommends that examinations conform to professional standards and that doctors who Lack specific knowledge and training in the diagnosis of mental disorders be in in barred from participating other recommendations the area of patients rights eluded a patients should have Access to their own medical records a patient advocates in state mental hospitals should be Independent of Hospital administrators a proposed patients have a right to know exactly Why they re facing commitment a to assure that proposed patients understand the seriousness of the commitment proc Ess. Hearings should ordinarily be held in court instead of a Hospital or a judges Chambers As is often now the Case a there should be no such thing As an indeterminate commitment former Solon files suit against paper eight Homes near Airport May have to be removed by City lurid the Triton comics. 17 crossword. 9 family Page. 5 deaths.20 opinion Page. 4 sports.18 Bridge. 9 to guide.16 daily records.20 Horoscope. 8 by Chris Manahan Tribune staff writer eight Homes on Albert leads North Side face a dilemma following the release monday of new state regulations on Airport safety. All eight Are within 1,000 feet of the Northwest to Southeast runway runway 16 at the Albert Lea municipal Airport. According to the july 2 regulations and commissioner of transportation the Homes Are considered Quot to constitute Airport safety hazards so severe either to persons on the ground or to the air travelling Public or both that they must be prohibited under local Airport zoning ordinances. A the City according to state regulations must acquire alter or remove the Homes within the 1,000 feet area or change the runway to avoid placing the Homes in the safety zone. Both alternatives Are being considered by the City. Affected Are six Homes on Highland Avenue 2018, 2013, 2101, 2105, 2109, and 2113 and two Homes on Hammer Road 410 and 502. A ninth Home 2117 Highland ave., is not definitely affected since the 1,000-foot zone crosses the lot but does not include the residence the Homes Are within the first 1,000 feet of a Quot flyway zone similar to an air planet a approach and take off zone that extends 4,500 feet Southeast of and in line with runway 16 the Width of the zone expands from 500 feet near the runway to 1,850 feet at the zones Edge across the Freeborn county Fairgrounds state regulations governing the 4,500 foot Long zone limits land use in the zone to basically agriculture cemeteries Golf courses and Large open lots safety zone a the two thirds of the zone nearest the runway cannot contain buildings temporary structures or exposed transmission lines. Land use in the zone must not create attract or bring together an Assembly of persons the remaining one third 13,000 to 4,500 feet safety zone a limits land use in the area to Sites not less than three acres limits the population attracted to the area to a maximum of 15 times the site acreage and provides for Only one plot on each site for buildings. Uses Quot specifically prohibited Quot in zone a according to the regulations Are churches hospitals schools Heaters stadiums hotels and motels trailer courts campgrounds and other places of Public or Semi Public Assembly the above restrictions As is would Force the City to acquire numerous Homes and raise questions concerning the Fairgrounds Complex legislators refused to go along with the restrictions unless the restrictions were modified to allow existing land uses near airports to continue in most circumstances the state aeronautics division created the concept of an Quot established residential neighbourhood in built up Urban areas to handle the problem. According to the regulations released monday local governments can declare areas near an Airport an a established neighbourhood a based on certain criteria including the existence of water and sewer lines within the established neigh boyhood existing land uses can continue to be developed the neighbourhood Southeast of runway 16 qualifies As an established neighbourhood reducing the number of Homes and amount of land involved in the Airport safety zone to eight Homes and an area 1,000 feet Long and approximately 500 feet wide the eight Homes despite being in an established neighbourhood present Quot too severe a Hazard according to the regulations because they Are within 1,000 feet of the runway. Public hearings by the City must be held before adopting an Airport zoning ordinance to allow for the a established neighbourhood Quot designation and the acquisition of Homes near the Airport prior to those hearings the City is investigating the feasibility of moving runway 16 to the West to avoid having to acquire the eight Homes according to Cit planner Bob Graham the second runway safety zone in the City extends South from the end of the Northeast to Southwest runway at the Airport that safety zone. However crosses Only Airport property and Bancroft Bay Park flyway zones extending North from the two runways Are in the county and would be dealt with by the county Board to meet state regulations Hastings. Minn a because an editorial gave erroneous information about his voting record former rep Arnold Kempe seeks More than $5 million in a lawsuit against the St Paul Pioneer press Dis Patch the complaint served this week on officials of the news a company said false and Matory statements in the editorial contributed to cause Kempes defeat in the District 67-a election moreover. Kempe s complaint said the statements a impugned his integrity and dependability As an attorney subjected him to ridicule and caused him to suffer damage to his reputation and to suffer great mental anguish a the lawsuit to be filed in Dakota county District court asks at least $50,000 in special and general damages and $5 million in punitive damages David Donnelly attorney for the newspapers said Friday an honest error had been made in recounting Kempe s voting record a the editors have responsibly acknowledged it Quot Donnelly said Quot but the plaintiffs claim that the newspapers should pay him millions of dollars is not appropriate and will be vigorously defended a the editorial published nov 4, three Days before the election said Kempe a West St Paul Dufler voted Only four times during the 1977 and 1978 legislative sessions Kempe actually had voted More than i 300 times on various Bills during the two sessions a correction and apology were printed in the Pioneer press dispatch nov 15. But Kempe s complaint said that action came too late Kempe s opponent. Independent Republican Robert Pavlak. Distributed copies of the editorial before the election that led supporters of Kempe to file an unfair Campaign practices suit after Pavlak was elected the suit went to the Minnesota supreme court which declared it was up to the House to decide whether Pavlak should be unseated on a 67-66 party line vote the House decided against Pavlak and ordered a new election take a tip from a Wise old owl advertise in the want and Section of the evening Tribune. 373-1411 1972 self contained 20 camper trailer tor Sale sleeps 6 Good As new used very lit tie phone xxx xxx after 4 pm Quot this hot bean old Quot was the message called in by the advertiser you. Too. Can get fast results by getting your items listed in the classified columns today order the economical 6 or 12 Day rate

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