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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - July 1, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune 39 fog Xiv xxx xxx x x throngs Greet Carter in Korea Seoul. South Korea apr president Carter arriving Here to a tumultuous Welcome by an estimated one million Doole challenged South Korea saturday to match its human rights record with its dramatic economic Progress the president address ing authoritarian president Park Chung Hee in a dinner Toast said he believed the country a economic Progress Quot can be matched by similar Progress through the realization of Basic human aspirations in political and human Carter also declared that Security interests Are Quot directly involved a in South Korea adding that the maintenance of peace Here is Quot vital to the International in a prepared text for the Toast. Carter stressed the human rights Issue saying the United states strongly believes a a free society is the key to realizing the full potential for development and growth Quot he continued Quot there is a growing consensus within the International Community about the fundamental value o human rights individual dignity political Freedom Freedom of the press and the Rule of Law Quot in toasting Carter Park said Quot the Clouds of War still hang Over the Korea Peninsula Quot but promised to Quot keep our doors open for dialogue Quot with the communist North Quot in unshakeable Strong and endur Tarter and Park discussed human rights and the us presidents now suspended plan to gradually withdraw 31 i american ground our firm believe that the Day of our National reunion will eventually the Park government argues that the North korean threat makes political Freedom As it is known in the United states impossible Here. The government has placed a number of political dissidents under House arrest during the presidents 43-hour visit. Carter discussing Security declared that Quot koreans and americans will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder to prevent aggression on this Peninsula and to preserve the peace. Our military commitment to Korea s Security is. Too troops from South Korea during an afternoon meeting that lasted 2 2 hours a 30 minutes longer than expected White House press Secretary Jody Powell said he does not know when Carter will decide whether to continue or cancel the withdrawal a 1976 Campaign pledge Powell indicated that much of the session was devoted to South korean Security and efforts to promote regional stability. Perhaps his largest welcoming crowd Ever greeted Carter wife Rosalynn and 11-year-old daughter Amy in a ticker tape Parade today Carter was met by crowds estimated originally at half a million the estimate was then raised to one million persons they waved paper flags and cheered during his six mile motorcade ride into the City. After the talks. Carter Laid a yellow and White Wreath at the Tomb of the unknown Soldier at the National cemetery and placed Flowers at the grave of president Parks wife killed five years ago in an assassination attempt aimed at her husband the 43-hour state visit began late Friday when Carter arrived in South Korea from a seven nation economic Summit in Gas lines swing pendulum rationing plan Likely news highlights Washington a democratic congressional Lead Era. Taking note of Public distress Over lengthening gasoline lines Are ready to push for Quick approval of a standby gasoline rationing plan a House Energy and Power subcommittee will begin work on a rationing proposal july la two Days after Congress returns from a vday Independence Day recess said congressional sources who asked not to be named with gasoline supplies expected to be in extremely tight Supply Over the Holiday. House leaders Are indicating they expect the political climate to be right for enactment of what has been a difficult piece of legislation six weeks ago. The House rejected president Carters proposed rationing plan by a wide margin the president said any new scheme would have to come from Congress the presidents proposal would have established a system of gasoline coupons to be issued to motorists on the basis of How Many cars they own it would have been invoked Only during a National Energy emergency a when shortages Are worse than they Are now but Deputy Energy Secretary John of Leary Drew a link Friday Between worsening Short Ages the year and potential enactment of a standy plan testifying before a joint meeting of three House Surv committees with jurisdiction Over Energy. Of Leary said he sees no end to Long gasoline lines by fall. Rationing he said Quot should be considered. Maybe we ought to go Back and look at it More seriously Quot o Leary also said the administration was dedicated to seeing a that people Are not going to freeze in their Homes a this win ter because of heating Oil shot tages. Quot if need be. We will take Steps that could Force disruptions in the Supply of gasoline and other Oil be said in a television interview in Tokyo. Energy Secretary James r Schlesinger indicated Friday that any gasoline rationing plan enacted by Congress should be invoked Only if foreign Oil imports were choked off or some similar Energy crisis one administration official travelling with Carter on his trip to Japan and South Korea said Friday it is possible the administration might Send a new rationing proposal of its own to Capitol Hill whether a rationing proposal comes from the White House or leaders wave a pro lds it Jimmy Carter and South korean president Park Chung Hee wave during arrival ceremonies at Seoul South Korea saturday. Krep s husband attempts suicide Drivers flock to mass transit Gas squeeze pinches tourism Tokyo while his wife and daughter remained in Seoul the president spent the night at a . Military base 13 Miles from the North korean Border and met with troops today before flying to the capital addressing troops of the 31st infantry division in the rain and fog. Carter said Quot we believe in certain very Mam principles Equality ustice Freedom the pre sensation of Basic human rights a and we also believe in standing by our thro i on stat roads it apr the death of three Persona in separate Minnesota traffic accidents have raised Minnesota 1979 Highway death toll to 311, compared with 422 on this Date last year. The state patrol said Mark a. Vansyckel 20, Burnsville died Early saturday when the car he was driving rolled Over on interstate 35w in Richfield. Officers said the vehicle struck a Utility pole. The patrol said Keith e. Sundquist 21, Stillwater died in a two car crash on Minnesota 212 and Washington county Road 66 Early saturday. A 13-year-old Farmington boy Gregg Steigauf died Friday in a traffic Accident on Minnesota 50 two Miles South of Farmington. Israelis fro american woman Tel Aviv Israel a Terre Fleener flew Home to the United states saturday one Day after an israeli parole Board Cut Short her 30-month sentence for spying for the Palestine liberation organization whose cause she now says Quot i wont walk away miss Fleener 24, of san Antonio Texas had served 20 months of the sentence when the three member Board announced Friday it would permit her Early release provided she leave Israel immediately. Authorities said she was brought to Ben Gurion International Airport by police who put her on a Twa jetliner bound for the United states. Earthquakes stick California big Bear Calif. Apr this sleepy Mountain resort riddled by a dozen earthquake faults has been the epicentre of four earthquakes in just Over 24 hours. The tremors Shook a 200-mile-Long Swath of Southern California. The two latest jolts hit just before and just after Midnight Friday said California Institute of technology spokesman Dennis Meredith. He said they measured 3.4 and 4.5 respectively on the Richter scale. However the most powerful of the four was the second one which struck Friday during Rush hour. It broke windows and mirrors sent shudders through office desks and jiggled dishes and chandeliers in restaurants from Northern san Bernardino county to the mexican Border. Terms of prot Loy will announced Memphis term. Apr the late Elvis Presley a former wife will share control of his estate with an accountant and a Bank according to the terms of the will left by his father Vernon. In a will filed Friday in probate court Vernon Presley named Priscilla Presley accountant Joseph Hanks of Memphis and the National Bank of Commerce As executors of his songs estate valued in March at $7.6 million. Vernon Presley empowered to select his successor As executor of the estate of the late Singer died tuesday at age 63. Inc approves Railroad Raqu ast Washington apr the interstate Commerce commission has approved a request from the nations railroads for a 1.4 percent freight rate increase to cover rising fuel costs. The inc said Friday the railroads had to give notice of four working Days before charging the higher rates. The railroads had wanted to charge the higher rates after giving a one Day notice. Meanwhile the commission temporarily freed movers from requirements to pick up and deliver a shipment within a time period specified by a contract. Inc chairman Dan of Neal said action was taken because the present diesel fuel shortage has created problems for movers. Third Casa of Tablas confirmed Atlanta apr an area of Mexico near the Texas Border which is plagued by an increase in animal rabies has produced the third confirmed Case of human rabies this year the National Center for disease control says. The cd in its morbidity and mortality weekly report released Friday confirmed an 6-year-old mexican boy has the disease. Another suspected Case of human rabies has left an 18-year-old Vancouver wash., Man critically ill. The two unrelated cases and a Case in West Virginia in january Are the three cases confirmed this year. There were two cases in 1978 and one in 1977. Durham. No. Apr if ton Kreps ., husband of . Commerce Secretary Juanita Kreps. Was in stable condition Early saturday after surgery for a self inflicted gunshot wound officials said Quot i think he a a very Lucky said or Jerry Oakes Leader of the Duke medical Center neurosurgical team that operated on Kreps Oakes described the 59-year old business school professors condition As stable and said he was doing very Well Quot he has an excellent Chance of a Good recovery and of regaining useful Oakes said. Krepsz son. Clifton Kreps Iii told authorities he found his father Ivins on the floor of his study Friday night a 38-caliber pistol by his Side Kreps apparently put the pistol to his Mouth and pulled the trigger police said. Kreps had been under psychiatric treatment at North Carolina memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill and was Home on Day leave when the incident occurred. The younger Kreps told police that his father was due Back at the Hospital Friday night Kreps is professor of banking and former director of the Institute of applied business and economic research in the graduate school of business at the University of North Carolina mrs Kreps. Who has been Commerce Secretary since the beginning of the Carter administration. Flew to Durham from Washington and stayed at the Hospital throughout the surgery she then returned to the couples Durham Home without talking to re Poi a said he would have to wait until Kreps regained consciousness before he could make a definite evaluation of his condition. However Oakes said he believed Krep had minimal damage from the wound he said the Bullet in its trajectory through the brain missed areas critical to intellectual and motor function the Bullet entered the upper part of Kreps Mouth and exited through the top of his head Oakes said. Surgery started shortly after to pm. And ended shortly after i a m today. Artem Sarly this morning. Oakes by the associated press Holiday Drivers in most states were having trouble finding open service stations this weekend As the Gas crunch pinched tourist businesses and sent motorists flocking to Public transportation with the july 4th Holiday looming officials in several states advised travellers not to drive anywhere unless they could Quot make it there and Back with a full As a new Jersey Gas retailer said. And would be travellers were apparently heeding the advice a tourism was Down from 5 to 35 percent in Idaho. Wisconsin Massachusetts. New Hampshire and other states in Asbury Park n j., Carl Zekaria said his Empress Motel was usually booked up. But Quot we re 70 percent off a is that bad enough it Quot Many gasoline companies were making special fuel deliveries this weekend to ensure stations could open monday with their july allocations however in new York. The metropolitan area fuel crisis appeared to be worsening with most of the promised emergency Gas rations nowhere in sight gov Hugh l. Carey had ordered station operators to stay open today or sunday but by Friday Little of the expected to million Gallons of july a gasoline Supply had arrived at the stations according to the automobile club of new York in Maryland station atom who were to be Given 4.-000 Gallons of gasoline each by the state in return for staving open today say there was some confusion on How the fuel was to be distributed in new Jersey however a we have reason to be encouraged that there will be More Gas this weekend because the Advance deliveries Are on the Road a said Charles Garrity a state Energy department spokesman in Ohio a Ohio representative said its company owned stations will be open As usual today. According to a spot Survey by the associated press on Friday gasoline supplies were expected to be tight in 35 states Over the weekend Only a few scattered states reported adequate sup plies. Including Arizona. Iowa. Kentucky Mississippi and Utah Montana gov Thomas judge ordered state employees to reduce their driving by to percent Amtrak spokesman Bob Casey said Friday that business Quot was Way up from average Quot for the next two weeks. 87 percent of the bedrooms and 94 percent of slumber coach seats on the trains Are taken the shortage also has caused some layoffs workers at two Dunlop tire and rubber corp plants Learned Friday they will e Laid off next week in a production cutback the company said was provoked by the fuel shortage nearly 1.400 workers were Laid off at the Huntsville ala., and Tonawanda. Navy. Plants elsewhere various congressional leaders said Friday the time is right for a new try House majority Leader Jim Wright of Texas said the ratio Ning plan will be tacked on to a conservation Bill which has passed the Senate and is now pending in the House Quot i do think some form of rationing authority is probably he said business at Northern resorts slumping Brainerd Minn a a resort owner complaining about a slump in business blames it on too much anxiety about gasoline but says ifs no problem in the Brainerd area Quot its like bad weather everyone assumes in the twin cities that if they re having it. So is everyone said dutch Cragun. Owner of Pine Beach Lodge another resort operator. Alan Gunsbury. Observed a the Gas situation is destroying this three month vacation period it will have a Ripple effect throughout the whole year across the state Quot the vacation business is a prime part of the Economy in Central and Northern Minnesota which Are attractive areas for fishing and Lake sports the Brainerd area has More than too resorts its one of the More accessible spots for vacationers from Minneapolis St Paul some 125 Miles away oper Bergland assures Farmers they la have enough fuel a i of Minneapolis a Farmers will have adequate fuel to Harvest their crops this summer and fall predicts agriculture Secretary Robert Bergland Quot we do not expect any serious problems a Bergland told a news conference Friday a a they la get enough to get muddle through the fall with barely enough fuel to get by nothing to spare nothing to he said that 60 percent of the diesel used on farms in consumed during the Spring Field work and Farmers rely More on gasoline for their Harvest oper a tons. Bergland said that Farmers support president Carters Deci Sion earlier in the week to end their priority allocation for diesel and free up fuel for truckers a it makes no sense to Harvest the Grain if it canal to find its Way to the marketplace Quot he said. Bergland also spoke at a ninth Federal Reserve District conference before returning to his Northern Minnesota farm for a Long fourth of july weekend. He said the . Department of agriculture would hold a series of to open meetings across the country late this fall to take testimony on the Long Range future of american agriculture. The dates and Sites for the meetings will be announced later. Bob Bergland the former Minnesota congressman said there Are two issues of Over Riding importance one is How to provide producers with Price stability and credit resources without also encouraging increases in farm size beyond the Point warranted by economic efficiency and thus putting further inflationary pressure on land prices the second he said is Given the credit demands of Modem farming and the rising Cost of Money How can financing be provided to Farmers in the next generation who Lack the equity advantages of established producers Bergland said he was concerned Over the dramatic increases in land prices especially sales based on the expectation of capital gains rather than the acreage s ability to produce current income. In response to a question. Bergland said he did not feel Large corporations posed a serious threat to the family farm. He said farming especially Grain production was too risky a business to attract corporate investment except in some regions where the weather can be controlled Bergland said increases in fuel prices will probably mean the end of the end of the Long haul trucking Industry especially coast to coast runs. Quot i think Long haul trucking is probably going to be a thing of the past in time. Well use railroads for that they re far More fuel efficient a the miserly Micro car a two now yorkers cruise along Manhattan Avenue in a just introduced fuel miserly vehicle called the Micro car. Capable of Between a 20 and 30 mile per hour top Speed the two seat three wheel vehicle cruises an estimated 75 Miles on a gallon of Gas. Open shakes economic forecasts it s All doom and gloom Washington a with economic reverberations from the latest round of Oil Price increases still sounding one official in the nation s capital concedes a a it Sall doom and gloom around both government and private economists now Are saying a recession probably can to be avoided. That was the assessment Friday As the nation neared the end of the first half of a year beset with Overall problems of rising inflation and personally aggravating gasoline lines and shortages. There was one Glimmer of news raising the Prospect of a possible dip in food prices the agriculture department said Friday the prices Farmers got for raw food and fiber products declined i percent in june. The decline was Only the second since prices began a steady Rise last december but the pervading mood was one of continuing negative comment on thursdays decision by the organization of Petroleum exporting countries which decided to raise Oil prices to $18 to-$23 50 a barrel a compared the $12 70 a barrel Price set late last year James Annable an analyst with the congressional budget office commented Quot it s really a question of How deep will the recession be earlier open increases had been draining spending Power out of Consumers pockets a this will Drain More and make it very unlikely a a recession can be avoided. An Mable said Alfred e Kahn the Carter administrations top inflation fighter said inflation probably will top last years 9 percent Rise he says prices probably will go up about to percent compared to 1978 Quot its All doom and gloom around Here i done to think you la find a single optimistic forecast said one government analyst who asked not to be identified data resources inc. One of the top private forecasting organizations. Said it is predicting economic growth will decline for the final three quarters of the year if their forecast is Correct the United states will face a a recession near the magnitude of the 1970 recession Quot data resources economist Patricia Mosser said a Commerce department Reading of an Index designed to forecast future economic trends showed Only a 0 4 percent Bounce Back in May following a 2 percent decline in april Quot May was not a Good month and june will be even said miss Mosser there seems to be More this year than Ever sheriff urges better planning of local events c inside the Tribune comics.25 crossword.24 opinion Page. 4 bridge.24 daily records.29 family Page. 5 deaths. 3 sports.22 to guide.16 Horoscope .12 by Karen Leonard Tribune staff writer everyone loves a Small town Celebration but the Freeborn county sheriffs department likes them a lot better when they Are Well planned and worked out in Advance. Freeborn county sheriff Holland Laak says he will speak to members of the Freeborn county league of municipalities about the probable liabilities local townships May face when holding festivals parades and celebrations. Quot there seem to be More events this year than Ever before a Laak said. Alden a Centennial was new this year Glenville Derby Days is new and a five Day Swine show at the Freeborn county Fairgrounds coming up in july is new each increases the demand for police strolling from the sheriffs apartment a Laak said he will recommend the members of local town councils try to regulate the festivals held in their towns and try to Force Celebration sponsors to participate in better cooperation coordination and planning with City and county officials unlike the City of Albert Lea. Which requires permits and licenses for parades and Reass gatherings the smaller towns in the county do not have ordinances concerning parades and celebrations the towns also Lack enough full time police officers to police the festivals and the county sheriffs department was then needed to control the situation said Laak. We have people we have traffic control problems and it a whenever gatherings of creates an unsafe situation Quot he said a town Celebration could attract 1,000 cars the sheriff said and when pedestrians Are crossing streets if streets Arentt blocked off and the cars Arentt parked where you want them it could create disorder people could get run Over traffic snarls could result because people done to control themselves when there is a mass of cars and a mass of people. Last year for Conger Dairy Days the town was full he said and with parades he said inevitably there is a county Road through the Center of town and it s fashionable to run a Parade Down main Street which is usually a county Road or thoroughfare there Are usually other satisfactory routes for a Parade that would not necessitate blocking a county Road he said in certain instances the town councils had not even been informed themselves that celebrations were being planned for their cities. Quot like one of the county commissioners said a who else is there to Call a by statute it is not our sheriffs departments responsibility but since the towns can t afford full time lice officers it is necessary to be sheriffs deputies to control the a sunday afternoon Parade in a Small town was Likely to require three to four sheriffs deputies to be present at the event for As Long As four hours it was the departments policy to donate one officer and charge $11 per hour for the rest Laak said he did no to want to Force the towns to accept police Protection but said the sheriffs department did no to want to have to come along and pick up the pieces of whatever happens. Quot the presence of officers whether controlling traffic or present at a Street dance serves As a psychological detergent to people who might cause the sheriff said. He was particularly concerned about any trouble that might be caused by a certain outside elements.,r towns should accept the fact of regulation and supervise their Public functions to everyone a satisfaction Laak said. In the past there have been pedestrian injuries fighting that resulted in personal injuries and unnecessary motor vehicle accidents As a result of a policed festivals he said there had been situations As Well where the sheriffs depart ment had Only been informed of an event six hours before it was scheduled to begin Laak said the min ski planders planning a Jamboree this weekend at the City Arena Are a Good example of How to organize a Celebration Laak said the Jamboree planners worked in Complete cooperation with police officers a dance permit was issued and the club met eight of the Many provisions of the mass gathering ordinance he said. Police officers were aware of the situation and prepared for it. 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