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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - February 25, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 62. No 47 Albert Lea. Minnesota. Sunday february 25. 1979 single Cory 30 cents 36 pages minnesotans plagued with roof problems caused by heavy Snow Minneapolis a Home repairs from leaking roofs could cause As much As Iso million damages in Minnesota according to an insurance Industry official Bob Provost president of the Minnesota insurance information Center estimated the Cost to homeowners and insurances could total that much it was not Only houses and apartment buildings that were having icing problems hoofs on at least half a dozen commercial buildings collapsed under the weight of Snow. Plus soaking rain late thursday and Early Friday. One of the incidents occurred at the Pacific Mutual door co in St Paul where a Section of roof crashed onto and damaged three trailers two tractor trucks and a Van truck the roof about 54-by-54 feet was Over a area of the firm located As 2855 Fairview Avenue North the collapse also Tore out some of the building s Wall. Bert Imse Branch manager estimated some so too damages to the vehicles and $75,000 to the Structure Imse said Snow is usually shovelled from the roof once or twice a year but he did not specifically say that the Load of Snow and ice was the cause one insurance source estimated three of every four Homes in Minnesota had water dripping in. But this May have been exaggerated because Manv homeowners particularly those with one Story dwellings have cleared Snow from the roof edges to permit water to run off. The inside dripping is caused when Snow melts and runs to the Edge where ice builds up As temperatures drop water then seeps underneath the roofing through boards and onto attics and ceilings and Walls. The drizzle and Snow that hit the state thursday night and Friday dwindled today to a few Snow flurries in the Northeast roads and drains have cleared but roofs still Are Snow packed and several have collapsed. One Minneapolis roofing contractor said his firm got Calls until Midnight thursday and As a result the firm is now a week behind meanwhile minnesotans got More bad news Friday a pre diction for Spring flooding the National weather Servic is Minneapolis office saw the potential for flooding with mod Erate overflows in the Root a sin. Southeast of Rochester in the Cedar River in Southern Minnesota in the Austin area. And in the red River and its tributaries downstream from Fargo , and Moorhead Minn lesser flooding potential was said to exist in the Zumbro River Basin in Southeastern Minnesota and along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers meteorologist John Graff said the potential could be deterred Only by Ideal melting a very slow Warmup with melting during the Day and freezing at night a coupled with less than Normal precipitation a Western Minnesota woman was injured Friday when heavy Snow and Strong winds collapsed the roof on the Large Chicken House where she was w orking no one was injured in the collapse of four other buildings an Airport hangar an Automo bile storage garage a barn and a wooden shed housing goats and sheep Clois Erickson. I Bagley suffered bruises and was hospitalized for observation at bag Ley sheriff Ken Felt said she was Hurt when the roof collapsed at Nelsons Quality eggs 14 Miles South of Bagley the sheriff said mrs Erickson remained conscious while firemen and employees of a nearby processing Plant dug her out from under the building owner Norman Nelson said the building was a Complete loss and estimated the loss at $500,000 he said he expected to lose All but about 2,000 of the 102.000 Birds in the building a hangar at Crystal Airport. In suburban Minneapolis collapsed in two sections thursday afternoon Carol Johnson an Airport controller said eight privately owned planes in the hangar were damaged in Annandale about 40 Miles Northwest of Minneapolis about one fourth of the roof Over a garage storage building col lapsed thursday afternoon the building was owned by the Annandale state Bank Dwayne Bruns executive vice president of the Bank said four cars inside the building were destroyed and seven outside were damaged Bruns said the Flat roof on the 90 by 200-foot building in which Bank employees parked their cars while they Are at work had not been cleared of Snow this Winter normally about elem bees put their cars in the Ling. Bruns said. But several had left work Early thursday because of the weather the roof on a Large Metal barn on the Howard Grams farm eight Miles South of Princeton collapsed Early Friday a family spokesman said a cow and calf in the bar were not injured Snow and rain also caused the roof on a wooden shed at the University of Minnesota a St. Paul farm Campus to collapse but no animals were injured officials said news forecaster John Butler said Snow on roofs probably averages 20 to 25 pounds per cubic foot at this time of year ice on roof edges weights about 50 pounds per cubic foot he said Snow cover ranges from 15 to 30 inches throughout Minnesota and 25 to 34 inches in the Northern part of the state that compares with the Norm of five to to inches. Butler said Blumenthal arrives for chinese visit peking a Treasury Secretary w Michael Blumenthal arrived in peking saturday bearing a message from president Carter to China s leaders expressly . Concern Over High school midwinter concert the Albert i a High school music department will present its mid Winter concert at 8 . Monday in the High school auditorium. The alas orchestra and chamber strings will open the concert Marilyn Ash will be the featured performer with the Viola concerto by Telemann she is a Junior and the principal violist with the orchestra. The alas dance line will join in the concert performing the can can from Offenbach a Ballet Parisien the dance line is directed by Lanette aiding James Johnson chorus director at the High school will direct the choral portion of the program the alas symphonic band under the direction of Laverne Walheim will present the final portion of the program. Each of the musical organizations will perform works they will present at the big nine select music to be presented in Winona. The Public is invited to attend this free concert the chinese invasion of Vietnam Blumenthal whose meetings with chinese officials will focus on economic relations Between the two countries landed at 7 40 pm after a 24-hour flight from Washington his chinese counterpart finance minister Chang Ching fun welcomed him in an interview during the flight. Blumenthal said the invasion of Vietnam should not interfere with the development of Good relations Between the United states and China a we want to establish Normal relations i really done to think the two matters Are related Quot he said he would not discuss the tone of Carter s message which he will deliver orally in his meetings Here. There was Little outward sign in peking today of Public con Golden Gate Bridge work san Francisco a an engineering project has been approved to replace for the first time the Golden Gate Bridges steel and Concrete Roadway opened in 1937. Work on the 9.150-foot Roadway is expected to begin in two years and will take about 30 months to Complete it is estimated to Cost some $40 million and 80 percent of it will be paid by the Federal government news highlights Cern about the fighting in Vietnam few soldiers were seen during the Hamile drive from the Airport to the Center of the City and no military vehicles were in evidence the Deputy chief of the Liaison Mission Stapleton Roy told reporters at the Airport that newspapers Here have carried a almost nothing Quot about the War although radio and television have Given reports on the fighting he said attempts by the Mission to learn from the chinese themselves More about the Progress of the fighting or peking a intentions had proved fruitless. A Luethal whose meetings with the chinese begin sunday is the first top . Official to visit China since diplomatic relations were established Jan. I. He will preside Over the formal opening of the embassy Here March i. A key topic in his discussions of Trade and economic matters affecting the two countries will be settlement of $196 million in claims against China resulting from the seizure of . Property after the communist takeover Here in 1949. Eclipse Chaser in Winnipeg View from the inside at log photo a Goat Wos dumped Over the Fence in front of the White House in Washington d.c., Friday by Farmers who Are in the City to protest Low farm prices. White House police rounded up the animal and returned it to the group after the Goat got a first class look at the front of the executive mansion. Energy department releases study on proposed Northern pipeline fu4l Oil supplies Down St. Paul Minn. Apr fuel Oil inventories in Minnesota of 933,598 barrels Are 35 percent lower than at this time last year the state Energy Agency said Friday. In addition to the Low inventories pipeline companies will be unable to ship Normal amounts of fuel Oil into the state during the next few weeks the Agency said. However Industry representatives have assured Agency officials that with just three weeks left of heavy demand for fuel Oil under Normal weather conditions suppliers Are confident they can Supply sufficient heating Oil. Although inventories Are extremely Low the Energy Agency said Minnesota is in a better position than in the Winter of 1976-77 when an Energy emergency was declared. Gasoline inventories increased slightly the past week to 2,109,690 barrels but Are 10.2 percent lower than one year ago. Evacuations Continuo Washington apr americans Are still being evacuated from Chad despite a cease fire Between government and rebel forces in the Central african country. . Officials said Friday about half the 260 americans living in Chad have left following the civil disturbances in and near the capital of Ndjamena. They said More americans will leave Over the next few Days. Black Marin gooral Washington apr a Veteran of wars in Korea and Vietnam is the first Black Man promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the Marine corps. Col. Frank e. Petersen jr., whose promotion was announced Friday becomes the 30th Black Man to achieve the rank of general or Admiral in the armed forces. Petersen 46, the marines first Black aviator currently is chief of staff of the 9th Marine amphibious brigade on Okinawa. No Coo to ration on arms Sal a Washington apr the general accounting office says the Carter administration refused to cooperate in its Survey on whether the United states is succeeding in reducing arms sales worldwide. The Gao said that despite the Lack of cooperation it has determined that . Arms sales have not dropped significantly and As a result other Industrial nations Arentt cutting their arms sales a there is no doubt that the state department advised the other departments to provide Only limited information to us a the Gao a j. Kenneth Fasick Toty a House subcommittee Friday. Army a Ksn a missile Washington apr a new Pershing missile with Quot greater Range accuracy and survivability than its current counterpart is to be developed for the array. The army gave the go ahead for the Pershing ii missile Friday. The missile reportedly will have a Range of 1,500 Miles compared to Only 400 Miles for the current missile. The new missile reportedly could strike targets in Western Russia from firing positions in Western Europe. New trial for up. Flood Washington apr us. District judge Oliver Gasch has tentatively scheduled a new bribery and perjury trial for rep. Daniel flood although he is considering defense arguments that the Case be dismissed. An attorney for the Pennsylvania Democrat charged Friday that testimony by government witnesses in floods first trial which ended with a Hung jury was a marred by wholesale while considering the defense argument Gasch tentatively scheduled the new trial for the first three weeks of june. Washington a the Energy department issued a two volume draft report Friday estimating that a proposed new pipeline could usefully carry some 300,000 to 350,000 barrels of Alaska Oil daily to refineries in the Northern tier states a about half the capacity of the proposed Northern tier pipeline project. But it added that a Northern route pipeline like this project could also be competitive in delivering foreign Oil from Indonesia or elsewhere to mid continent refineries. And the report estimated that the Northern tier project could deliver Alaska Oil at lower Cost than some of the major alternatives. Enjoying a Cost advantage of almost one Dollar a barrel compared with a proposed Southern pipeline from California to Texas a the report noted that it a has not yet had the Benefit of a full time position Public review and comment Quot so that its findings a Are Only preliminary Ana could be altered in a final version. It has already drawn sharply critical comment from sen John Melcher a Mon who termed it Quot pathetic and a not factual after reviewing its summary. The summary offered no e pigments of the Wisdom of idling the Northern tier pipeline project or any of the 20 potential alternatives with which it was compared. The study was drafted As part of a government review of the Northern tier project proposal but took account of the possible alternatives the departments report did not suggest that the Northern tier project or any others might be too Large As now proposed but simply stated its estimates of demand and reviewed for pipeline capacity the projects in a separate table the Northern tier project and others were proposed As a Way of bringing Alaska Oil from Tanker ports on the West coast to refineries in the Quot Northern tier Quot states a Washington. Oregon Idaho Montana. Wyoming. North Dakota Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan. Illinois in Diana and Ohio it estimated that refineries in the Northern tier states could in principle process a maximum of some 625,000 to 708.000 barrels a Day of the Type of Oil. Produced on Alaska s Northern slope but it added that it was unlikely that Alaska Oil would replace Oil available within the Northern states themselves so for practical purposes those refineries could take Only about 400,000 to 500,000 barrels of Alaska Oil a Day at the most furthermore the report said that for economic reasons the refineries would probably prefer to continue receiving a mix of a a Sweet Low Fulfur and Quot sour Quot High Fulfur Oil than make the conversions necessary to process More High Fulfur Oil Alaska Oil is of the heavy High Fulfur Type and apparently for this reason a it was not made Clear a the report concluded that Quot a West to East crude Oil pipeline could transport Between 300 and 350 mid thousand barrels per Day of ans Alaska North slope crude from the West coast provided that the economics were competitive Quot the report listed the Northern tier project As planned for a capacity of 709,000 barrels a Day at a construction Cost of More than $1.2 billion other possibilities were listed with a wide Range of capacities including some closer to the estimated Northern tier demand for Alaska crude Oil and some larger than that estimate. Nashville. Tenn a some people travel thousands of Miles during Winter searching for the Sun but astronomer Pat Quarterman has left the country to go where the Sun won t Shine he Calls himself an eclipse Chaser and for mondays solar eclipse he plans to be in Winnipeg. Canada the Moon will obscure about 65 percent of the Sun s surface in Tennessee but in Winnipeg and parts of Northwest unites Stales the eclipse will be total Quarterman said his trip will Cost about $550 Clouds could spoil the show and the eclipse itself will be total for Only about 2 minutes and 15 seconds but he says its Worth the Effort Quot a total solar eclipse is something that words just can t the 27-year-old curator of the Cumberland museum s planetarium said total solar eclipses afford a View of the solar Corona or Halo which surrounds the Sun the Corona is normally obscured by the brilliance of the suns surface activity on the suns surface and in the Corona May affect earthly radio transmissions and the Northern lights during the period of total eclipse. It will turn dark As night in Winnipeg but there will be no detectable difference in Light in Tennessee he said the Moon will begin to eclipse the Sun at 9 31 a in Cost reach its maximum coverage by 10 47 . And then recede until 12 06 . Monday s eclipse will be the fourth for which Quarterman has gone abroad he saw one from Prince Edward Island in Canada in 1972 another eclipse Chase required a two Day 250-mile bus ride Over the Andes mountains near Bogota Colombia in 1973. He watched an eclipse from a boat 50 to too Miles off the coast of Africa a we were worried about Sand storms and the heat As it was there was so much Sand in the sky that the Sun looked Silver rather than Orange or he said he said he also discovered a rolling ship in t the Best spot from which to take photographs Why does he spend so much time and Money chasing eclipses Quot the primary reason is to get pictures which i can use in the planetarium a a he said waiting for professional prints of the eclipse could mean a delay of several months or Vears and reprints inevitably mean sacrificing Sharpness Resolution and Quality he said getting the photos yourself also gives you a Chance to record the reactions of people. He Dav animals and insects to the time plunge into darkness said. He the reaction in w in Nieft will probably be quite different from the earliest recorded reactions a the ancient chinese thought a dragon was eating the Sun and they Felt they had to make a lot of noise to scare him away Quot Quarterman said Quot it always seemed to work a eclipse watching can cause blindness a partial eclipse of the Sun will be visible in Minnesota monday and the Best Way to View the eclipse will probably be on television according to Quot the Minnesota department of health Tom Mullen District 241 Media coordinator will attempt to videotape the eclipse at 9 30 ., monday at Albert Lea High school the tape will be televised on Channel five on Cable television at to 15 and noon monday every hour on the hour Between 8 30 a in and 2 30 p i tuesday. The telecast will be in Black and White the image will be county attorney finds work never done by David Housewright Tribune staff writer Paul Mirriem 32, was the Only candidate to run for the office of Freeborn county attorney last year. After being in office for 56 Days he a beginning to wonder if his Law colleagues knew something he did t. Mirriem is the first full time county attorney Freeborn has Ever had but in his Job a full time takes on a whole new meaning on an average Day Mirriem will reach his office at about 7 . Heil leave at about 5 30 . After dinner he usually comes Back for a few hours More. During the last three Day weekend Mirriem was in his office and he was glad for the time. A weekends Are Best Quot he said. Quot you re not bothered As much. You can really get a lot a i asked a county attorney in Hastings about the Job before the election Quot Mirriem said a the told me a there Isnit a minute that goes by when you Are not thinking about the Job a and its True in a always thinking about this Job. All the Mirriem said the police and county sheriffs office is very Good about not calling him in the Middle of the night. But once he took a Day off. He went to a seminar in St. Paul. The sheriff department tracked him Down and woke him at 4 a.they needed a search warrent for an assault Case. C inside the Tribune j Tribune photo opinion Page. 12 family Page. 5 13 deaths. .25 4 sports. .18 16 to guide. 9 21 Horoscope. To full time county attorney a Paul Mirriem left pictured Here at the Board of commissioner s meeting tuesday one of his Many duties is to make sure they Don t break any la Sis the first full time county attorney elected by Freeborn county voters. The term Quot full time Quot is very descriptive of his working Day. On the right is county coordinator Robert Hanson. A i think the hours will always be like this a Mirriem said. A a it a a very Active county. There a a lot of criminal matters going on a a i done to know when ill Ever be Able to take a vacation a Mirriem said. A a i get behind while working every Day. Can you imagine what would happen if i left for seven a Mirriem a University of Minnesota Law school graduate said he spends most of his time working on criminal matters although his duties far exceed just that area a i spend a lot of time on criminal matters because its new to me a Mirriem said. A a in be done defense work but in a not an experienced prosecutor. There a a Dif Terence. Its like night and Day. Prosecutors put the Case together and make it solid and prove it All beyond a reasonable doubt. Its different with the defense a another reason he spends More time on criminal matters according to Mirriem is that non criminal matters can be Cut off. But because of the rules of Legal procedure criminal matters must be conducted according to a time table. Among mor Rieme a other duties is to advise the county commissioners and the county a department Heads including the nurse Engineer assessor and recorder. Mirriem had a Small stack of requests sitting on one of his two desks thursday during an interview it took two weeks to arrange a time that he had not had time for yet fortunately Craig Nelson and Robert Tuveson both assistant county attorneys when Bob Goldman had the Job before Mirriem Are helping out Nelson is handling commitments and juvenile matters for Mirriem and a once in a while hell try a Misdemeanour Case if i get tied up doing something else state Law requires that Mirriem try All felony and Gross Misdemeanour cases that occur in Freeborn county and All Misdemeanour and Petty Misdemeanour cases brought by the state patrol or sheriffs department a Tuveson is handling Many of the civil matters that were brought before Mirriem took of flee such As ditch proceedings a if i really get in a bind i can Call the Minnesota attorney general a office a Mirriem said a i can Call on them for just about for example a member of the office will be prosecuting a defendent that Mirriem defended on a different charge before he took office there is a possibility that the county will hire some assistants for Mirriem especially if the county attorneys office takes Over Albert Lea City prosecutions As has been suggested Mirriem is hoping for two full time and one part time attorneys but he is not sure what hell recommend if asked yet. A a in a like the attorney to have a High workload a he said. A not overloaded where we re not properly preparing cases or giving attention to other matters. But As High As possible without breaking of you want something done you want to continued on Page 2 projected onto a screen using a Telescope Mullen will film the image from the screen. Win Terrell safety educator at the St Paul health department. Said there is no Safe Way to look directly at the Sun during a solar eclipse. Quot nothing can protect your eyes adequately if you look directly at the he said a people have tried things like exposed photographic film darkened lenses and welders goggles but they simply done to even when an eclipse has blocked out most or All of the Sun Infra red rays can still penetrate the Eye causing burning and scarring of the Retina. Nothing May be Felt at the time but the damage is permanent. The last eclipse visible in Minnesota was in i960 eleven children in the twin cities were blinded by looking at that eclipse and 247 cases of blindness were reported nation wide according to the National society for the prevention of blindness anyone interested in viewing the eclipse should find an indirect Way such As watching on television or by making a pinhole in a piece of cardboard standing with your Back to the Sun and using the pinhole to focus an image of the Sun on a White surface the eclipse will take place from 9 33 until noon monday. Blocking out 90 per cent of the Sun at its Peak it will be the last eclipse visible Here until 2059 Model air plane found returned this Man had Good Luck in recovering hit Model air plane by placing an of a in the Low Cott Tribune want and red and White radio con trolled Model air plane lost near Koa Campground bet Ween Austin and Albert Lea Reward Call xxxix. This and ran under the lost and found classification for Only one Day at the Model plane was found and returned. It was scheduled to run three Days. You too can got Quick results with want ads. Telephone your of in today before 5 . And have it appear in tomorrow s paper dial 373-1411 ask for want ads /

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