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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - February 18, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 62, no 41 Albert Lea Minnesota sunday february 18, 1979 single copy 30 cents 36 pages a xxx xxx Xiv armed Khomeini guards escort americans evacuating Iran a la photo making his getaway a a . Citi Xan prep ring to love Iran. Saturday along with hundreds of other americans makes his Way Post an armed Khomeini loyalist guarding an evacuee staging area in Tehran Friday. Tehran. Iran a some Hoo americans were loaded aboard two jumbo jets at Tehran Airport saturday but last minute hitches delayed the . Government from beginning a four May evacuation of up to 5.000 americans from the violent birth pangs of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini a islamic revolution Tehran radio reported a widespread return to work in the oilfields meanwhile and said Gen Iraj Mog Haden a former Energy minister had committed suicide there were also unconfirmed reports that Prince Shahriyar son of the Shah a twin sister Princess Ashraf was arrested and handed Over to Khomeini s revolutionary com Mitten the Prince who commanded hovercraft forces in the persian Gulf was said to have been seized while attempting to flee the country in a boat More than an hour after the planes were loaded they were still waiting on the Tarmac for permission to take off two British military transports and a jordanian jetliner also were refused Landing permission and there was no explanation of Why they were turned away or Why the departure of the americans was being delayed passengers were escorted by armed guards right up to the Steps of the planes baggage was combed by customs offi dais even before the americans were allowed to begin boarding the special Rescue flights those holding diplomatic passports were taken out of line and briefly held under armed guard before being allowed to rejoin other passengers the americans travelled to the Airport on 15 buses carrying armed Khomeini irregulars and passed by Tehran University a hotbed of political activity during the final stages of the revolt evacuating americans said they had heard some firing near the embassy staging area where they spent the night but that otherwise the night had passed uneventfully while driving past the University they said some iranians China launches invasion against Vietnam Tokyo apr chinese forces backed by tanks fighter planes and artillery launched a a Large scale invasion Quot of Vietnam saturday radio Hanoi reported Japan s Vodo news Agency said in Simitar reports from Hanoi and peking that chinese troops crossed the vietnamese Border before Sunrise and engaged vietnamese forces radio Hanoi said the chinese invaded four Northern provinces of Vietnam and that a the vietnamese troops fought Back and killed at feast 250 chinese troops according to a prelim Narti least eight vietnamese tanks had been destroyed re Survey a the Hanoi broadcast said at Kyodo said in a dispatch from peking that the chinese communist party had formally decided to launch an organized a attack of self defense Quot against Vietnam Quot in retaliation for incursions by vietnamese troops into China Kyodo reported that chinese government sources in peking said China took military action because of repeated provocations by the vietnamese but that a we done to want an Inch of vietnamese land Quot Kyodo quoting a dispatch from Hanoi by the correspond ent of the Okahata the official Organ of the japanese communist party said chinese forces had penetrated about six Miles tourists Bravo Winter St. Paul Minn. Apr Minnesota has come in for some Tough wintry weather in the past few weeks even so. Some proprietors of Winter recreation lodgings in the state report they be had a brisk business. When asked about their business through january 22 percent of 50 proprietors of Winter lodgings said they had a substantial increase in receipts Over the same last year. Slight gains were reported by 15 percent and 23 percent apparently had no change. Doyno answering mail Newport Beach. Calif apr John Wayne has spent his first week at Home following cancer surgery relaxing in the Sun watching television and catching up with More than 100,000 get Well letters and telegrams a spokeswoman says. The Quot Duke Quot is a feeling better All the time a said aide Pat Stacy on Friday. A the has been sitting out on the Patio and enjoying the Sun when it s out and he walks every Day and watches the 71 a year old film Veteran underwent surgery to remove his cancerous stomach on Jan 12. He was released from Urcla medical Center last week to recuperate at Home much of his time has been spent Reading letters from fans throughout the world. Miss Stacy said. Human rights candidate says no Minneapolis apr a University of Minnesota official has turned Down a request by gov. Al Quie that she become a candidate for the Post of human rights commissioner. Lillian Williams director of equal Opportunity and affirmative action at the University of Minnesota was highly recommended to Quie. But Robert Andringa. Quie s appointments adviser said is. Williams did no to want to take a pay Cut. As a Black woman Williams probably would have satisfied two groups that have been heavily lobbying Quie on the appointment women and Blacks. Although Quie did not formally offer her the Job. He probably would have run an immediate background Check on her if she had assented. Compensation report it sued St. Paul Minn. Apr the Minnesota workers compensation commission has made 57 recommendations to the legislature following a 17-month study of payments to injured workers and insurance rates for employers. The massive report deals with the states Complex system of insurance benefits for work related injuries and deaths. The 16-member commission noted that workers compensation coverage for employers approaches 3 percent of total payroll on a statewide basis. Tobey Lapakko an official of the state Al Cio complained that 41 of the 57 recommendations Deal with cutting costs through worker benefits. A it appears that we have become the captive of the Industry Quot said Lapakko one of two labor members on the commission. Asp May Hava goof and Minneapolis apr Northern states Power co. Says it overcharged some natural Gas customers this year because of an error in estimating Gas use for december. Asp spokeswoman Fricke said the area in which overfilling occurred includes St. Paul its immediate suburbs and red Wing. The error also May have caused the company to under Bill some customers in St. Cloud Winona Lino lakes Lake City and Stillwater is. Fricke said. Overcharged customers will receive credits on their next monthly Bill but customers should not expect Large credits she said. The company ran a a worst cases possibility and the overcharge was not More than a few dollars said Fricke. Bank robbery suspect caught Minneapolis apr the Fri Friday night announced the arrest of an alleged Bank robber by Security guards at the Northwestern National Bank in downtown Minneapolis. He was identified As Vincent a. Dixon 30, who was arrested about 5 . Friday As he was leaving the Bank. Dixon was taken to Hennepin county jail to await arraignment before a . Magistrate. Amount of the loot and other details of the robbery were not disclosed. Into vietnamese territory Kyodo said the chinese forces had crossed into Vietnam at various places Kyodo quoted the peking sources As saying a directive by the communist party leadership announcing the decision for military action was approved by All members of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress. The decision was made wednesday referred to the lower ranks thursday and All chinese troops were put on Battle Alert Friday. In a dispatch from Bangkok. Kyodo quoted a thai military source As saying Vietnam has about 100,000 troops on the chinese Border while China has concentrated 200,000 men and 700 warplanes along the Frontier chinese attacks were mounted from Lang son near the Gulf of Tonkin to Lai Chau near Laos. Kyodo quoted the Hanoi dispatch As saying. Vodo said the Hanoi report said a regiment of chinese infantry. Supported by about 30 tanks had invaded Lai Chau province it said vietnamese guard posts Power plants shops and farms also were attacked by the chinese a chinese regiment consists of about 3.000 men and a division 12,000. Kyodo said Kyodo quoting an unnamed chinese government source said China had not declared War on Vietnam the Agency said the chinese appeared to have launched an organized attack on the vietnamese but this could not be independently confirmed in Washington the state department declined comment on the reports the soviet Union. Vietnam Sally warned the chinese on feb r against a overstepping the forbidden line Quot the United states also has publicly cautioned China against an attack on Vietnam. Earlier this week. Vietnam called on a fall Friendly countries to prevent China from waging War against the \ Iet namese and said a a Verv tense situation existed along sino vietnamese Border the of Lata photo chinese invasion a the shaded area on this map shows the Border Between China and Vietnam. The Arrow shows Long son near where chinese troops Are reportedly staging an invasion of Vietnam. According to Kyodo. A chinese communist part bulletin issued sat said China had decided to Battle Vietnam to punish the vietnamese for violence against chinese Border Resi dents Vietnam and China have been involved in escalating Border skirmishes for the past year the fighting started in response to chinese claims that ethnic chinese were being mistreated in Vietnam the fighting has increased More rapidly since the first of the year because of a Vietnam Ese red invasion of Cambodia the vietnamese ousted the chinese backed government in phenom penh and installed a new regime led by vietnamese backed communist rebels Kyodo also said in a separate dispatch from peking that Gen Yang Techih famed com Marrier of the chinese Quot Volunteer forces Quot that fought against american troops in the korean War had taken Over command of the Kunming units that Are facing vietnamese Border troops. Quoting a military source in peking. Kyodo said Yang was urgently ordered to take command of troops on China a Border with Vietnam after the ten Sion Between the two former a1 lies began to mount the source said Yang was second Deputy commander under Gen Peng the Huai in 1951 during the korean War but w As promoted in 1954 As commander of the volunteers the chinese military source said China has about to divisions near the Border including Kunming and Kwan Chow units Kyodo said and that they Are considered the a elite Quot forces of the chinese army. Kyodo also said it had Union finned information that Gen Chang Ting a commander of the chinese air Force had headed for the vietnamese Border the chinese supported the North vietnamese communists against the .-backed South vietnamese government in the Vietnam War. Gave them Nasty looks and Shook their fists but made no attempt to impede the Convoy a official travelling with the group said of the Khomeini guards a they were Nice Guys Quot two jumbo jets chartered from pan american world airways were waiting at the Airport to Jake the americans to Rome and Frankfurt West Germany on sunday. Monday and tuesday three jumbos a Day will Fly out More americans in addition to the 747s, an air Force c-141 transport landed in Tehran today to Aid in the evacuation the plane can carry up to no passengers some 2.000 americans will re main in Iran after the Airlift ends mostly journalists. Us. Citizens married to iranians and Skeleton staffs of some business firms and the american embassy on Friday pan am sent its own Boeing 707 to Tehran and evacuated 156 persons mostly americans. Many of them pan am employees the plane flew first to Frankfurt where some of the passengers disembarked and then on to new York the exodus was hastened by the anti americanism spawned during Khomeini a year Long Campaign against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his Quot corruptive Quot Western zing reforms. And underlined by an attack by renegade gunmen on the embassy wednesday two marines were slightly wounded in the raid and ambassador William Sullivan and 101 other americans were held prisoner briefly before the government of prime minister Meh i Bazargan freed them on thursday the embassy admitted it could no longer protect american lives in Tehran i ate that same night a firing squad executed four of the Shah s generals including the hated secret police chief on a school rooftop at Khomeini a Headquarters and a Khomeini aide said later that 20 other ranking officers and officials of the old regime also faced death sentences one newspaper the English language Tehran journal criticized the swiftness of the generals revolutionary trial and warned a reign of terror situation might develop Quot where just about anyone who was or is. Anything will be carted off to Refa school to end his life on the roof there Quot in addition to revolutionary trials diehard Shah loyalists have been battling Khomeini a forces since the Ayatollah s men swept to Power last weekend and sources close to the Monarch at his guest House in Rabat. Morocco said Friday he was considering abdicating his throne in Hopes of ending the bloodshed the government also announced it was recognizing the new regime that drove the Shah. Washington s old ally from Iran Jan 16 at the same time it sharply criticized the soviet Union for beaming inflammatory anti american broadcasts into Iran meanwhile the revolutionary government announced that retired col Naser to Vallelli has been appointed chief of police and that maj Gen Shahpour Azarbal. A former tactical fighter Squadron commander was picked to be air Force chief of staff the last air Force commander. Gen Amir Hussein Babaei is now a a prisoner of the revolution Quot Tehran radio also said the government Bas ordered the dissolution of the 12,000-Man Imperial guard which was Fier eely Loyal to the Shah and engaged revolutionary forces in last weekend s bloody Battles at the same time. Khomeini issued a special Appeal to Iran s 65.000 Oil workers to return to their jobs like everyone else after months of crippling strikes that helped bring Down the 2.500-Vear-old monarchy the Appeal to Oil workers came three Days after the 78-year-old moslem patriarch is sued a general return to work Call. And indicated he might expect resistance from leftists w to have been Active in the Oil Fields. The mainstay of Iran s Economy but the National iranian Oil co. Said following Khomeini s Appeal that the situation in Fields was Quot satisfactory Normal Quot ii gave no details the and Griffith disputes statement twins can t afford rent on stadium commissioner says St Paul Minn a Dan Brutger chairman of the metropolitan sports facilities commission said Friday it appears the Minnesota twins cannot afford the higher rent which would be necessary to support either a new stadium or a remodeler metropolitan stadium. But twin a vice president Clark Griffith denied that this was the Case a that s pure speculation on their Griffith said after hearing a statement by Brutger that the twins were both unwilling and unable to commit to a 30-year lease Nece Sarry for the issuance of Bonds a a in a like to have them explain what they mean by a unwilling because in a not sure what that Griffith said the commission was ahead of itself As far As listing causes for the possible death of the proposed domed stadium in downtown Minneapolis was concerned Quot it seems to me that they re putting the cart before the Griffith said. Quot they have other problems to solve first Quot he added referring to the liquor tax and nil television blackout Rule Quot in a really astounded by the whole turn of events concerning the stadium As i have been by the entire situation in the last two and a half months a a it Sas bizarre a thing As in be Ever come the statement by Brutger. St. Cloud appeared to raise serious doubts of whether a new sports facility can be constructed under terms of a 1977 Law regardless of what happens to a liquor tax debate currently under Way in the Minnesota legislature one lawmaker said the stadium Issue is now a1 though that term has been used Manv times previously Only to see the project revived lawmakers Are debating whether to repeal a 2 percent on Sale liquor tax in the seven county twin cities area which is needed to subsidize a domed stadium in Minneapolis under the 1977 Law Lon term leases by both the Minnesota twins and Minnesota Vikings Are a requirement before any stadium construction gets a Green Light Brutger said work on planning a new stadium will continue until a commission meeting March 14. But state sen Steve Keefe. Del Minneapolis a sponsor of the 1977 stadium Law. Said the stadium now appears dead unless the twins Are sold to a new owner Quot my guess is that its dead if somebody can think of something. Ill try it but it looks dead to me a Keefe told the associated press Brutger and the executive director of the stadium commis Sion. Don Poss said the higher rents which the teams would have to pay were unveiled last oct. 18 at a nov 22 meeting the twins characterized the higher rents As affordable Brutger and Poss said in their statement Friday Quot since then the twins have developed f Inan Cial figures and projections figures with which the commission representatives agree illustrating the twins inability to afford lease terms for any of the seven stadium designs earlier studied by the commission Quot gov Al Quie met Friday with John Cowles or chairman of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune company and head of a stadium task Force Cowles said the closed door meeting was to bring the Gover nor up to dote on Al odium developments Cowles said he was considering a property tax As a backup for stadium Bonds rather than the controversial liquor tax Quie has declined to say whether he would sign or veto a Bill repealing the liquor tax its believed that repeal of the tax would make stadium Bonds unsaleable. Unless some other Public funds were provided As a guarantee the repeal Bill is due for a second hearing next Friday in the House tax committee jobless benefits Down in state St Paul Minn a minnesotans received about 34 8 percent less in unemployment benefits in 1978 than was paid in 1977. According to the Minnesota economic Security department the jobless were paid $147 8 million in 1978, compared with $226,9 million in 1977 Barbara Beerhalter. Assistant commissioner for unemployment insurance said the drop was caused by better economic conditions that reduced the time that benefits were collected and a Sharp decline in payments under special Federal programs Savelkoul rules out More politics friends of Savelkoul Poy tribute of testimonial by Mary Brown Tribune staff writer friends co workers and relatives of Henry Savell Oul former minority Leader of the Minnesota House of representatives joined together Friday night to pay tribute to the attorney and former legislator for his past political accomplishments and Community service. About 140 people gathered at the local elks club for a testimonial a roast and Toast dinner Given in Savelkouls a by Honor Andi Upu speakers at the dinner in among the group were some Well known Public figures Oja univ a o deluded sen. Dave Derenburger. I a Minnesota rep. Robert Haukoos i a 31a, Paul Overgaard former state senator and Many others who have known and worked with Savelkoul Albert Lea City councilman Frank Cuden master of ceremonies read letters of recognition and congratulations from congressman William Frenzel congressman Tom Hagedorn gov. Al Quie Albert Lea mayor o. H. Hagen and Many others Savelkoul. Who left office to devote More time to his Law practice and cattle raising business said he is Happy to have the Opportunity to spend More time with his family a i was really getting burned out up there in the legislature and i really an enjoying my time with my family now Quot said Savelkoul a i know i have disappointed a lot of people by deciding not to run or seek a higher office a Savelkoul said after the party that he has no aspirations whatsoever of running for political office in the near future a but according to comments by speakers Many Are still hoping hell someday change his mind there were even allusions to running a a Henry j. For president a Joanne so reason. Who has been involved in each of Savelkouls campaigns gave an attentive audience a list of Savelkouls awards and accomplishments. A i want to thank Henry for the people of Freeborn county the state and hopefully one Day the said Sorenson. Savelkoul started out in politics serving As the Secretary for the Freeborn county Republican party in 1968. At the age of 26, Savelkoul ran for the House seat formerly held by Paul Overgaard and won Savelkoul was a Winner of a Bush leadership Fellows award named As one of tile outstanding Young men of America and also selected As one of Minnesota a ten outstanding Young persons in 1975 he has also received recognition in several states for his involvement in environmental preservation inside the Tribune 3 Derenburger imports Are answer for Farmers comics. 7 family Page crossword. 8 deaths. Opinion Page. 4 sports. to guide daily records.17 Horoscope. 5 17 18 12 13 Savelkoul testimonial a a Humble but grateful Henry Savelkoul thanked those in attendance at a testimonial dinner held in his Honor Friday night at the Albert Lea Elk s club. Savelkoul has left political life to spend More time with his family and devote his energies to his Law practice and cattle raising business. By Mary Brown a Tribune staff writer sen Dave Derenburger i r Minnesota said Friday that solutions to farm problems lie in the expansion of Domestic and foreign markets and in product research and development Durenberger who was in Albert Lea to attend a testimonial dinner for former Minnesota House of representatives minority Leader Henry Savelkoul said he sympathizes with the concerns of members of the american agriculture movement who spent the last two weeks in Washington d c. Protesting for higher Price sup port. A what they Are trying to do is save the family farm Quot said Derenburger Quot the kind of thing done in Washington should be done in other parts of the country so Farmers can get their message across. We need to take the a Boom and Busty out of farming one Good farming year in five is not enough Quot Derenburger said. However that the parity desired by Many Farmers As a Way of making a return on their investment is not the answer. Quot the consumer is still on the Side of the Farmer a said Derenburger. A the Farmer is not the cause of inflation i think they got that message across in Washington and now i Hope it gets through to the rest of the Derenburger criticized Secretary of agriculture Bob continued on Page 2 they la see it in the want ads Why lose another Day of rent when there Are Many prospective renters shopping the evening Tribune want ads daily this advertiser rented the apartment right away. Small furnished apartment would Appeal to a mature per son Oft Street parking available now Call xxx xxx for More information put your rent Quot sign where it is sure to be seen. Its n/., a Elnaa 1-1 in amt to

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