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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - August 26, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The vol. 82, no. 201 a Anglo copy 30 roofs sunday Albert Loa Minnesota sunday August 26, 1979tribune uses 181-580 30 pages Hagedorn blames Carter for Lack of Energy plan he said. It Over them Quot Jie Faid. Paid for the code Milit refined Hagedorn he differed the Federal Money is education and welfare country said Hagedorn the fir ext Lufi it ii of f r. Or of v a of itt if us 11 la inf Iii to Fin tie Arl Hoh hnu/pv0f that the a Ila on Len it n Tkv in Trneny oni in in no 1. T a a a # a a a a i St a a by c Hris Manahan Tribune staff writer the blame for Congress not passing a National Energy plan is the presidents according to second District rep Tom Hagedorn speaking to the Albertl a Certoma club in Albert Lea. Friday Hagedorn said Quot president Carter is very critical of Congress for not rolling Over and accepting his proposed Energy plan but Hagedorn called Carters National broadcast in july the fourth National Energy plan he has proposed and As a result. Congress finds it difficult to perceive what the president wants. He said Energy along with inflation Are the issues being discussed most by second District residents during Hagedorn s congressional recess said Hagedorn fridays audience of Certoma and other local service club members was similar a focusing Many of their questions on Energy and the Oil shortage in response to a question about the United states Selling refined Oil Back to Iran to relieve a shortage of refined products in that country. Hagedorn said he did not fault the policy. Quot they Iran hold the stick Over us we done to hold it Over them Quot Jie Faid he added however that the United states should have required Iran to pay the real Tam Hagedorn Cost of the refined products rather than charging a Price slightly above what this country paid for the crude Oil it refined Hagedorn downplayed How effective a Campaign to tie the Price of american Grain to the Price of Oil would be the slogan. A a Bushel of wheat for a barrel of Oil is one of the Quot neatest cliches going said Hagedorn. Citing the 15 percent us share in total world food production. Hagedorn said it is probable that Oil producing countries could find other food sources within the remaining 85 percent alternative Energy sources Are the answer and should he encouraged by government technology and capital said Hagedorn he differed however with the government role in Energy production proposed by Carter the creation of a synthetic fuel corporation to develop Coal Oil shale gasohol and other Energy sources Quot goes Way to far said Hagedorn the government should encourage the private sector to produce the new Energy rather than place itself in the production business he cited legislation providing woo million to Farmers and Small businesses to encourage building alcohol production facilities used for making gasohol As one Way to encourage new Energy development the Federal Money is available in the form of direct Loans and loan guarantees he said Hagedorn said he also believes nuclear Energy is an Quot inevitable Quot part of the coun try a new Energy sources a in fact i think we should go farther beyond where we re he said Germany. Japan and Russia already Are increasing their nuclear Energy dependence Quot we have to learn to live with the he added not All the questions were on enery in response to a question about the Carter Cabinet shakeup. Hagedorn said health. Education and welfare Secretary Joseph Califano was the Quot brightest Cabinet officer Carter had Quot and that the five Cabinet officers fired seemed to he the better Cabinet officers Califano was fired As hew Secretary by Carter Quot i done to think the president s helped but the Cabinet change is a this Hagedorn said he also doubts if the new Cabinet officers will be Hie to do much in the remaining 15 months of Carter s first term the nation s economic downturn being expected will probably not affect this agriculturally based part of the country said Hagedorn the 1974 75 recession the biggest since the depression is hard to remember in this area since agricultural prices were increasing in response to the world demand at the time he said Quot i suspect that same Case will be True Hagedorn said a tax Cut should be expected in the upcoming election year because of the tendency for inflation to inflate taxes collected by the government said Hagedorn he predicted the Cut would be Quot tilted More toward increasing the country s a Induc lion capability Mondale arrives for week of China talks peking a vice president Walter Mondale arrived in China saturday for a week of talks on sino american issues ranging from indochinese refugees to most favored nation trading status for the chinese Mondale the highest ranking american to visit China since the two countries established diplomatic relations in january was met at the Airport by vice Premier Deng Xiaoping Teng Hsiao Ping and foreign minister Huang Hua the vice president was accompanied by his wife Juan and daughter Eleanor after reviewing a military Honor guard and chatting briefly with his hosts. Mondale left for the 18-mile drive into peking the vice presidential party will be staying at the same government guest House occupied by former presidents Nixon and Ford when they visited China in 1972 and 1975 respectively. No official activities were scheduled for Mondale today but his wife and daughter were expected to go sightseeing while in China Mondale is expected to discuss the Pace of developing sino american relations. The refugee problem. Energy developments in Korea and Southeast Asia and other topics of Mutual concern he also is expected to conclude an agreement implementing the Broad cultural Exchange pact signed last Spring when Beng visited the United states. However. Mondale is not expected to conclude the elusive textile agreement limiting chinese exports to the United states that has been cited by some As one of the factors holding up action on the Overall sino american Trade pact signed earlier this year. The administration has not yet submitted the agreement to the Senate for ratification sen Henry Jackson. Dwash., who left China earlier saturday after a three week visit told reporters Friday that he found chinese leaders were Quot unhappy about the delay. Jackson claimed the Carter administration was holding up the chinese agreement until it could get Congress to give the soviet Union tile same trading status and the reduction in . Tariff rates that goes with it Jackson authored the Bill that denied the soviets most favored nation status because of their policy on jewish emigration he suggested that Mondale try to assure the chinese that their Trade agreement would be submitted quickly to Congress during his week in China. Mondale will visit peking Sian and Canton he then travels to Hong Kong and Tokyo before returning to Washington sept 3. His Complete schedule was not released in Advance but on monday the vice president will make a speech at peking University on the future of sino american relations on wednesday he is ached used to meet China s ranking Leader. Communist party chairman and Premier Hua Guofeng fire kills woman and grandsons Wilmington. Del a a fire in a two Story Brick Row House has left a woman and three of her grandsons dead the bodies of Madelyn Owens and the grandsons. Keith Owens. To Shannon Owens. 9 and Ira Owens 8 were found Friday in second floor bedrooms. Battalion chief Chris Mcdermott said Keith and Ira were Brothers he said. The cause of the blare was being investigated. Carter makes Brief visit to Washington Washington a pres ident Carter plugging the Energy themes he stressed during his Mississippi overheat cruise is asking the Energy Industry to Quot pledge your support Quot to the administration s new Energy Secretary. Charles w Duncan or at Duncan s swearing in ceremony Friday the president also asked Industry represent lives to Quot put aside differences and join with me in supporting the proposals we have Laid be fore Congress Quot Carter who ended his Campaign vacation Friday on the Delta Queen stopped in Washington for four hours before resuming his vacation at the showdown delayed presidential Retreat at Camp David. My the president and his wife. Rosalynn. Planned to remain at the secluded Mountaintop hideaway until thursday when they depart on a four Day trip to Florida and their Hometown of Plains a Duncan a 52 year old former Deputy defense Secretary and onetime president of in Oca Coia replaces James r Schlesinger As the head of the Energy department Quot this is a terribly important responsibility and i accept it w Ith humility Quot said Duncan Carter reiterating themes he stressed All week As he greeted crowds at 47 stops along the Mississippi River said there was Quot no limit Quot to what amen cans can do to conserve Energy Quot if our people Are United Quot he praised Duncan As a Quot Superb manager Quot with sound judgment Quot and laughingly revealed that defense Secretary Harold Brown had said his protege was qualified for any government Post including Prest Dent of the United states Carter also had lavish Praise for Schlesinger. Whom the president called to the platform As the audience of several Hundred Rose for prolonged applause Duncan a multimillionaire has been Deputy defense Secretary since 1977 . Honors Young a t a\0i photo swinging end to vacation a president Jimmy Carter holds up a baseball Bat that was presented to him As he left for Washington after his we Klong vacation cruise Down the Mississippi River. Stan Musial former St. Louis cardinals baseball great gave Carter the Bat at the St. Louis. Mo., Airport. Being investigated. Port. News highlights cease fire in Lebanon com Flomot Blo mod in doth Young America Minn apr fumes from fermented com have been blamed for the deaths of two Young men Friday on a farm in Camden township near Young America. Carver county sheriff William so Balow said the names of the victims were being withheld pending notification of relatives authorities were called to the farm North of Young America about 2 15 the sheriff said the Young men were working in a Grain storage area when they were overcome by the fumes. Pct still Rollas of Minneapolis apr a University of Minnesota scientist says it would take 400 years for Lake Superior to Bury pcs deep enough to fend off amounts of the toxic chemical still escaping into the atmosphere. Pcs or poly chlorinated biphenyl were banned from commercial use in 1970 after research showed the chemical compounds May cause cancer. Steven Eisenreich professor of civil and Mineral engineering says landfills and incinerators Are the source of much of the airborne pcs. Discarded plastic paint and Ink Are among items releasing the compounds. Eisenreich said More pcs get into the atmosphere every year and the Bottom of Lake Superior is not conducive to burying such contaminants he said normally a Lake buries contaminants in organic sediment but Lake Superior sediment is largely red Clay Low in organic material. Recruiting goals probed Washington apr the army sets its recruiting goals far Reserve forces on the basis of How Many people it thinks it can enlist rather than on the number it actually needs contends a new report. The result said the general accounting office report is the army will be faced with Quot Ever increasing manpower shortages Quot the report released Friday said the army told Congress that in 1978, it had met 92.5 percent of its Reserve recruiting goals. But the Gao said when recruiting results Are compared with actual manpower needs the army met Only 48.4 of its needs. In response the administration said that while army Reserve Levels now Are Quot below peacetime objectives improvements in Manning Levels Are being Nicaragua Rac Aivas loan Washington apr the new government in Nicaragua has received an important boost with the granting of a $22 million no strings attached loan by the International monetary fund. The if in announcing the financial commitment Friday said it was also cancelling a $44 million loan that was made in May to the former government of Anastasio Somoza. Conditions for improving the nicaraguan Economy were attached to that loan. The new loan was granted to help offset losses suffered because of a decline in exports during the recent revolution in the Central american nation the if said. Conf Danca in schools Down Washington a a new Gallup poll shows Public Confidence in schools is Down for the fifth consecutive year. This years annual poll found that Only 34 percent of the 1,514 adults surveyed in May gave the Public schools an a or b rating Down from 36 percent last year and 48 percent in 1974. Eighteen percent handed out a d or f this year and the c rating held steady at 30 percent. The rest had no opinion or gave no answer. The poll also showed that discipline remains the schools biggest problem in the Public s mind. . Conc Arnod about dissident Washington apr the state department is expressing concern about the health of jewish dissident Anatoly so Sharansky who is imprisoned in the soviet Union. Department spokesman Thomas Reston said Friday the . Embassy in Moscow has been asked to look into reports Shch Aransky 31, is in failing health. Reston a response to inquiries about Shch Aransky comes amid recurrent rumours the Carter administration is trying to win the dissidents release Shch Aransky was convicted of treason and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Beirut Lebanon a Premier Salim Al hoes announced a United nations mediated cease fire Between Israel and palestinian guerrillas took effect in Southern Lebanon at noon saturday. Shelling was reported in the South in the morning Beirut state radio reported Gen Emmanuel Erskine commander of the United nations interim Force in Lebanon arranged the truce Between the israelis and palestinian guerrillas and their lebanese leftist allies. Earlier radio reports said saturday s shelling was minimal compared to Friday when 20 persons were reported killed Anc 50 wounded near Tyre and other towns near the israeli Border. Lebanese officials said up to too May have died in the barrages a palestinian liberation organization spokesman claimed three persons were killed and nine others wounded including Pope s . Visit to include Iowa Washington a Pope John Paul is visit to the United states in Early october is expected to include stops in Boston new York Phila Delphia. Des Moines Iowa. Chicago and culminate with a giant mass in Washington the Washington Post reported in today s editions that details of the trip have finally been worked out and will be announced soon by the Vatican. Representatives of the . Catholic conference and the archdiocese of Washington were unavailable for comment on the report. Quoting unidentified sources the Post gave the following itinerary a arrive in Boston oct i address the United nations in new York oct. 2. Visit Philadelphia oct. 3 and Des Moines for a few hours oct. 4. A spend oct. 4 and oct 5 in Chicago. A arrive in Washington oct 6 and celebrate mass oct. 7 on the mall in front of the Capitol. The mass is expected to attract about i million people making it the largest gathering in the history of the nations capital he is expected to visit the living history farms foundation a 600-acre Park museum outside Des Moines and celebrate a mass in Chicago s Grant Park women and children. Saturday in the palestinian Camp of Ras Hidiyeh. South of Tyre. Other villages As far As 28 Miles North of the israeli Border were also struck he said right Wing Christian Pha la Gist radio charged some of the villages hit. Especially those in the Vicinity of the port City of Sidon were shelled by syrian and palestinian artillery positions in the South Quot a first hand inspection proved that some of the shells used were 81 and 82 millimetre which could not have been fired from a Range More than three Kilometres i3� Miles the radio added the Plo spokesman said the israelis were pounding Ras Hidiyeh with 155mm and 175mm shells hitting two schools and a clinic Quot this is the seventh Day running that the israelis have persisted in their Savage operations against palestinians and lebanese nationals in Southern said the spokesman who declined lobe identified the israelis earlier denied they were responsible for a massive barrage in Southern Lebanon Friday that lebanese authorities said killed More than too moslem and Christian civilians United nations it a it in a personal gesture to outgoing ambassador Andrew Young non aligned delegates put off a . Security Council showdown on a controversial palestinian rights Resolution so Young would not have to veto it Quot you have kept your Honor and integrity Quot Palestine liberation organization observer 7, i Abib Terri told Young during Friday s Council debate Quot the Plo does recognize men of Honor we Are men of Honor and know How to reciprocate a it was Young s meeting with Terri last month in violation of . Policy against direct talks with the Plo. That led to his resignation the Young tem meeting led to the postponement of a previously scheduled Council debate on palestinian rights in what May have been his final speech to the Council. Young the Council president for August said he had Quot no regrets Quot about meeting Terri and he restated his opposition to the los. Ban on contacts with the old Quot i have said that it is a ridiculous policy not to talk to the Plo and i believe that it is a last Victory a . Am Bossodorf to the United nations Andrew Young Speaks during a . Security Council meeting Friday. C inside the comics.13 family Page. 5 crossword.12 deaths.25 opinion Page. 4 sports. .18 to guide.16 daily records.25 horoscope.21 supreme court stays execution of killer seeks execution it a i Asor photo confessed killer Jesse Bishop scheduled to die in Nevada s Gas chamber monday talks to newsmen in his cell last week saying he opposes the delay of his execution. Carson City Nevada apr . Supreme court Justice William h Rehnquist saturday issued an indefinite stay in the execution of convicted killer Jesse Bishop scheduled for monday Nevada s attorney general said attorney general Richard Bryan said the stay was issued in Washington by Rehnquist who ordered the state to submit answers to a series of questions by Midnight tuesday the announcement came As Bishop was meeting with the Nevada pardons Board on another request to put off the execution. Bishop his hands and feet manacled listened intently As attorney general informed the other Board members of the development. Bishop said he still expects the supreme court to make the Quot same decision Quot As an appeals court in san Francisco and a Federal District court in Las vegas both of which declined after hearings to Stop his execution the pardons Board session chaired by gov. Bob list was convened after the earlier court attempts at a stay were rejected Bishop says his defenders Are violating his constitutional rights calling them Quot fools for trying to a prolong what is inv an attorney for the american civil liberties Union filed the application with Rehnquist at 1 20a in in an interview Friday. Bishop said of the expected supreme court Appeal that Quot possibly the biggest anxiety i have is the fact those fools Are still allowed to run Loose in the country running Down a supreme court Justice trying to get a stay of execution and prolong what a Quot i was sentenced to death 20 months he added Quot there s no excuse for taking me and my family through this again monday morning if in a not executed or my sentence commuted to life then there a a miscarriage of Bishop 46. Said after the 9th circuit court of appeals in san f Francisco ruled against staying his execution that Quot it went the Way i Felt it should have went Quot the american civil liberties Union sought today a pardons Board session and Bishop said he was entitled to it though he cannot think of any grounds for reducing his sentence. The Board will be asked to commute the death sentence to life in prison without possible parole and a decision is expected quickly if Bishop does not win a stay he would be first to die in Nevada a Gas chamber since 1961 late Friday the three Mem Lier panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals in san Francisco rejected a petition filed by Stanford University Law professor Anthony Amsterdam asking for a stay pending the supreme court bid. F arlier. The same justices had turned Down Amsterdam a request that the execution be delayed until psychiatrists determined whether Bishop was competent to reject Aid in halting the execution. Amsterdam spoke on behalf of two Nevada Public defenders. Kirk Lenhard and George Franzen who have tried to represent Bishop since shortly after his arrest for the slaving of newlywed David Ballard of Baltimore in a Las vegas Casino in december 1977. The court ruled that there had been no showing of incompetence and said the Peti toners lacked standing to bring the petition before the Federal court Bishop who is from the los Angeles area pleaded guilty to a charge of murder in Ballard a death because of the circumstances of the crime and because of his lengthy criminal record he was prosecuted under Nevada a capital murder statute. Ridiculous policy Quot Young said a the risks of talking to the Plo were nothing compared to the risk of bloodshed violence and possible destruction Quot that would continue if there was no communication Quot but if it is ridiculous not to talk to the pc on the part of the United Stales and the nation of he added. A it is also ridiculous tor Mam states represented Here not to have Good relations with the nation of Israel Quot Israel ambassador Yehuda z Blum criticized Young s speech he said Young Quot was not Only factually incorrect but morally misguided Quot in saying Israel was spending its moral capital in Pursuit of violence and Destine Ion in i it Hanon and in building jewish settlements on Arab lands occupied in the 1967 War confident of a i s veto. Israel had pushed for a vote on the proposed Resolution calling for palestinians Quot rights of self determination. National Independence and sovereignty in Palestine Quot the United states in a virtual a no win Quot situation wanted the vote delayed so it would not have to veto the Resolution it feared such a veto would anger saudi Arabia and the other Arab supporters and might Lead to a cutback in Arab Oil exports to the United states surviving oct plets doing Well Naples. 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