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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Fair local temperatures. Maximum Friday 79. Minimum Friday morning 62. 8 00 a. In. Saturday 60.the sunday Tribune volume Lix number 188 a full leased wire new report of the assay rated Presa Dally and sunday. Albert Lea Minnesota sunday August 18 1957 fourteen pages 1st Section to cents Freeborn county fair ready bite is of woman a for annual 4-Day showing horse show and Stock car race set for today county fair program monday August 19 7 00 . Livestock judging at the Arena 8 30 . Aut Swenson a thrill Cade grandstand crime Trail disappears from Georgia after $100,000 shortage by John Polis the most Gigantic county fair in Freeborn county s history with its associated Southern Minnesota Swine show and Minnesota regional Gladiolus show will open the Gates on monday aug. 19 and will run for four Days. Everything from exhibitions of livestock to handicrafts to stage shows to excitement on the Midway will highlight the four Day stand. Entries in All departments will be received until 6 p. In. Monday aug. 19, except in the cattle Swine horse poultry and Rabbit departments. There will be thousands of exhibitions in 12 divisions and 157 classes. Although monday has been designated As the official opening Day for the fair activity on the grounds began in two Days earlier with a horse show on saturday. 1 00 . Applications for this event came j from As far As California. Trophies and ribbons were awarded to the winners. Two Evant today this afternoon a horse show will commence at 1 30 p. In. And at 1 7 00 p. In. Time trials will Start in the Stock car race with the first beat to be run at 8 30. An added attraction a couple s race will highlight the evenings activities. Six cars have been entered. Both horse shows will feature two special events by the Sunset Saddle club. A a Quot mechanical counters have been Pitt i to or qui it Quot i in installed at the Gates and some j Muj i it 80.000 fair goers were counted through its mechanism last year. Of the weather holds More Are expected to throng to the grounds. Providing entertainment before the grandstand shows three High school bands will play for the Public. Local High school band a 200 piece accordion band from Mason 8 00 . 10 00 . 10 00 . 12 00 . 2 30 . 7 45 . 8 15 . 8 30 . 8 00 . 2 00 . 2 30 . 7 30 . 8 30 . 9 00 . 2 00 . 8 30 . Atlanta a the fantastic past of an attractive 51-year-old Mother the Fri revealed followed a Trail of trickery from Hawaii to Georgia and reached a 4-h i Climax when she disappeared aft tuesday August 20 Farmers Day amp kids Day livestock judging at the Arena and the barns also judging in All the other departments or a $100,000 shortage was report kids Day program free acts Pony and bicycle de at a medical clinic where she races doll buggy tricycle amp Wagon Parade worked As bookkeeper. Old settlers Day program in old settlers build k Munford of the Fri Fri ing. 6 oldest settlers selected will have their picture taken. Afternoon aut Swenson thrill Cade Al Gerardi accordion band 4-h club style review a a Freeborn county fair revue Quot a grandstand. Wednesday August 21 Albert Lea Day morning livestock judging afternoon Freeborn county Junior tractor operator con air test. Plug horse Derby. Hendricks movie land animal stars. Million Dollar livestock and 4-h club Parade. Quot Freeborn county fair revue a grandstand. Thursday August 22 town and Village Day morning 4-h club livestock Sale. Afternoon Stock car races. A a Freeborn county fair revue Quot Day listed the adventurous de a tails in the life of mrs. Janet r. Gray wanted by the Fri on a charge of conspiring to transport stolen property across state Borders. She was born in tientsin China As a British subject and her real name is Margaret Lydia Mcglashen Burton though she has been known by 22 different names in ail. Long police record she told acquaintances she was the daughter of a u. S. Army general and the widow of a million grandstand. . Challenges Russia on broadcast Exchange her police record began 18 years ago and she has had bouts with the Law in Honolulu the Panama canal zone Canada and in this country in Texas. Louisiana and Virginia. Three years ago she appeared in Atlanta As bookkeeper and office manager for a group of doctors in suburban Decatur. Uncover shortage on july 30 she made a Quick get away when the doctors found a $100,000 shortage on their books. She left Here in a motorcade made up of a Pink air conditioned Lincoln several other cars and a moving Van filled with about 50 valuable show dogs. Her 20-year-old daughter Sheila Joy who posed As her 16-year-old Niece and used nine aliases presumably accompanied her. Still missing with the Mother and daughter Are three prize Cocker spaniels with the fancy names of Rise and Shine Piccolo Pete and capital gain. The other by John m. Hightower the . Government wants rus Washington uti a the United Ria to open its airways to Uncein City Iowa and High school band j states has challenged Russia to sorted programs from this and a 200 piece accordion band band put up or shut up on the Issue of other Western countries. But show dogs have been recovered from Mason City Iowa and High exchanging broadcasts. J american officials Are by no and so a the Pink car school band from Emmons will the state department in a note Means certain that the soviets to participate. Announced Friday proposed a end to do so. Mason City will take the stand Swap of delegations of radio and state department authorities on tuesday night and Emmons will television experts next month to believe that if the soviets will now play on wednesday. Albert Lea j make technical studies prelim agree to an Exchange of experts conviction on the charge against the Mother carries a penalty of up to to years in jail a Fine of , or both possible victims of Asiatic a Bug a two european Exchange students arriving in new York on the Arosa sky Are examined by or. Maurice Greenberg director of new York City a Bureau of preventable diseases. You and Asiatic flu epidemic of disease could paralyse entire cities to inoculate 60 million persons at House gop wants Ike a rights Bill Washington up rep. Martin in Massi said after a talk with president Eisenhower saturday that republicans Are Quot still standing Pat Quot for a stronger civil rights Bill than that being pushed by House democrats the general feeling at the Capitol however was that the House and probably the Senate would approve next week a Compromise Bill embodying a modified jury trial amendment being sponsored by rep. Ceiler a _ Senate votes Elk River atom Plant any. Martin the House gop Leader had breakfast Wilh Eisenhower at the White House and later told reporters sticking to Ike a Bill a we Are still standing Pat for the Type of Bill the president asked whether Eisenhower would sign the Senate Bill As Viler has Washington #1 some demo proposed to modify it. Erat voiced Confidence today thai Martin said a we did t get that Congress soon will Send president fax no Eisenhower a program for gov 1 to House passed a Hill close Ermont construction of atomic tailored to Eisenhower a recon Power reactors emendations. The Senate revised it these democrats also said they by Jerry Bennett Washington a Nea coming Winter is substantially. One change was the addition of a requirement for jury trials in All court cases Eisenhower has Obi feed Siren you sly to that provision. Would limit jury trial Are certain before the coming Winter is Over the chances Are about one in three that you will have bared your for a doctor and been shot with three cubic vaccine to Ward off Asiatic flu. That a the present goal of health least by feb. I and probably soon-1 it Iler chairman Eisenhower will sign the Bill even though his admin Federal contempt of is ration opposes the Power reactor proposals. They noted that the Bill contains All of the regular authorizations for atomic Energy commission construction in the or. Of the House year ahead. If you a and enough others a do take the shots you la probably have not i n g centimetres of nor it Han a rightly sore for a Day or so the new vaccine does not have the after effects judiciary committee has pro several do Moor a tig sponsors of posed that the jury trial provision by Power reactor program took View after the Senate Fri Delca Ted All administration efforts to Knock key reactor pro be limited to cases involving of ing rights. To a question whether Eisenhower indicated he is against am this Day Compromise Between the House officials a to have enough shots mine per put get rom other influx Bill and the More limited Senate of the new flu vaccine available a but if you dont some i a Compromise provided it gave flu cases in . Set at 20,000 measure Martin said Anc enough of Era a Ile has never been oppose to a Compromise provided it morning this Winter you Dro Etalon could Wake up and find your bus Vou. Line was barely running because Lull the. Drive were lid up at Quot did the same time Compromise Hisen How fire trucks answering alarm. For 2�?o with Skeleton Crews police ranks h8 Hind th1 would Cut by a sudden wave of sick-1 a ctr the a Maui by a unlit a Ness. 1 it is out of a 389-Millioii-Dollar atomic Energy authorization Bill. I lie measure then passed by voice vote. Among projects included in Tho Senate approved Bill but Eli i to every american to i aled in the House version was construction of a reactor for Tho Elk River Minn. Rural cooperative Power Assn. Go it to conference the outcome was different in the House w h i e h last week stripped from the measure All but one of the key reactor provisions by band will entertain monday and nary to negotiating a possible thursday nights. I schedule of broadcasts. As an added attraction a thrash the Issue has figured in misusing machine owned by Floyd Sions Between Moscow and Wash Fink will be on display. The Brassington since the Summit Confer covered Workhorse Bouses a 30 ence and the big four foreign horse steam engine. Albert Lea Day monday monday has been designated Albert Lea Day. It is also entry Day and All entries must be in place by 6.00 p. In. Livestock judging will begin at 7 of clock in the Fra hog All Breed division. The . Swine show is expected to be the largest show of its kind in the state this year outside of the Minnesota state fair. Members from nine chapters have entered with 268 Heads of purebred and Market hogs. Chapters entering Are Adams Albert Lea Alden Austin Dodge Center Freeborn Glenville new Richland and Owatonna. At 8 of clock All Breeds of 4-h sheep will be judged at the Arena and half an hour later aut Swenson a thrill Cade will appear under the lights at the grandstand. Featured with aut will be Johnny crazy Otto Medley Maddox the famous ragtime pianist. Farmers and kids Day kids and Farmers will capture the spotlight on tuesday. Carnival rides will be to cents from to in the morning till 4.00 p. In. Open class and 4-h hogs sheep ministers meeting in 1955. Or. Langmuir Nobel prize Winner Dies Falmouth mass. J a rainmaker Irving Langmuir one of the scientific greats of the 20th Century died Here Friday. He was 76. Or Langmuir was vacationing on Cape cod when he suffered a heart at Day. He died at the Home of a Nephew or. Data Falmouth. Langmuir won Many scientific honors including the no b e i prize in chemistry in 1 9 3 2. Besides Pion a it May indicate a willingness on Russia s part to undertake an actual Exchange of programs. The technique of challenging the soviets to Stop talking generalities and get Down to business is a Standard one when Western governments decide to press for results a or alternatively to expose a soviet Man Euver As propaganda. Reply to Russia Centennial worker Blanks called illegal St. Paul Apt a question concerning Job application Blanks issued by the Minnesota Centennial commission was raised and be toe Asiatic flu Strain Bur apparently answered Friday. 1 no a added. Figures released last Washington or a the number of cases of Asiatic flu in the United states has reached be tween 20.000 and 25.000, surgeon is out with the flu and he s got a general Leroy e. Burney reports list of patients just like you a Burney said he was a Little sur Yard Long prised at the number because lit up. Tie flu was expected in summer that s what could happen if months. Asiatic flu should sweep the a Public health service officials Don in wholesale epidemic pro say the disease has now occurred portions. And that a Why the u. S. In ail parts of the country is Public health service and the am though not in every state. Elcan medical association Are i he 20,000 to 25,000 cases have shifting into High gear in a pro been confirmed or Are believed to Gram to make the new vaccine available changes Are made. Martins state and even worse you could Wake i "ss1 that Al in hmm or we Al be. Up with fever sore Throat cough i Illing a a la Ltd amp lorm of a sorted it a it a a a democratic no. And aching Muscles you hone con fam Sejm Wight to the be Jonty in the Sena rehoused Mondo fully dial you doctor and find i to the us publicans were Energy committee the to us he s got a fever too his nurse i Lief that House republicans were Energy committee backing Down from their stand in version follows More closely favor of the original House administration s re Counci so confident were democrats they tentatively scheduled Hou action on the Bill for next wednesday or thursday. Wont end struggle House Acee Tanee of the senile Bill with a House t dilation. A he Bill now goes to conference but democrats from the joint committee will be in the majority among to ii Senate and hops conferees. In that situation of to a House amendment sponsors of the reactor program limiting the jury trial proviso to a they Are sure they can save voting rights cases Only would a Good part of it although Tom not end the struggle. But it would concessions Ina be made go a Long Way in that direction. The note which the state de Louis e. Lerman director of the 1 wednesday by the Public health apartment made Public replied to a Minnesota labor committee for july 26 Moscow memorandum human rights said the commis suggesting further discussion of Slon Blanks carried questions ask proposals for expanding the Cul ing applicants nationality and Tural Exchange program including a race in what he called a a direct broadcasts. Violation of the state fair employ the soviets also raised again mint practices Law. Their complaints against a Legal Wilfred Iceland executive direct equipment that visitors to this Tor for the fair employment country a except diplomats and practices commission later re service had put the Case total at Only 13,000. Plans also were announced Friday for a voluntary a ii to you to Slop up. A i a a a a Al Ould he v v Back to the Senate for must Currence in the House amendment. Democrats however contend senators agree to this change but to nothing More. But there was some talk in the i Senate a nit a two part change be Finger ering in artificial rain making he it 8 a in. In la. An a and la. A a a a a a a a a a 4.h Bam. Aug judging in a the a a ?.�T� held Tkv Quot win it other department poultry Hor retd. A Quot a broadening to culture Flowers bees and Honey ipos81b e and Dairy will Alan at 8 o clock Quot Quot a it a a it a a a it a Gen and will be conducted in Tbs re i electric co. staff suet Tive Halls a year and continued a con at to o clock kid Day program a a rape a Quot a a or Wuu be Bela when tree acts Pony a he it me was in and bicycle races and a doll a a Quot by. Go tricycle and Wagon Parade i Ljay a Guird Vel Ped atomic but will be conducted. Judging of 4-hi? and a a it government officials printed. The Eisenhower administration has asked Congress to pass legislation at this session modifying the fingerprinting requirement. Waive fingerprinting the House judiciary committee has approved legislation to waive fingerprinting for foreign visitors to this country. The state department note told the russians it is not the Finger or. Langmuir printing requirement but a the attitude of the soviet government ported the matter cleared up after he talked with the Centennial commission. He said the office manager assumed responsibility for the Blanks modelled on old for a shot in the . If you have to Walt a Little while when you do step up however ifs because the big fear of health authorities is the Way an epidemic allocation i could paralyse whole cities system for distribution of a new u. S. Surgeon general Roy about Law Ltd it Art pc influenza vaccine. Each state will e. Burney and other officials are10 he so Nate Biu in part would american Lea a a be entitled to a percentage of the urging that communities set up a vaccine produced by each of the priority system that would in of nation s six licensed flu vaccine feet immunize essential services. Manufacturers based on the ratio they recommend that priority be in riven of its population to the nation s Given population As a whole. First to the nations 12 million or. Burney has declined to spec doctors nurses and others who will ulate when a major epidemic it get taking care of the sick might occur of it does. But he i second to policemen firemen ones and indicated they would be sat a he Hopes it will be some time communications Etc. The armed la a a a nut a general to seek fed and great i replaced. Lits to the Winter when a Maxi forces for example will get four tit Oul injunctions against All Emo rats Ltd. Mum amount of vaccine has been million of the first eight million s cd tights violations government made available. Shots produced Pei sons violating such injunctions Ness. Zoo officials Are hand feeding states oldest 2 Tiger cubs territorial Paul i Como Park zoo citizens Dies the authorization Nie Asui. To go be enacted promptly so Congress con j can appropriate the Money for the conc True to projects before it adjourns maintain leadership democrats argued to Senate debate that their program was the minimum needed to maintain hip in a Tom in limit the jury trial requirement to Power. They contended no Public voting rights cases. The other Power sue was involved and that would give the attorney general toe three big reactors in the pro in civil Gram would provide current Only rights cases in general if local Tor age installations authorities should ask him to do republicans on the other band so. Contended that the Natum s a to inhouse Bdl provision in Power program already is go the House Bill would empower tag Well compared with huge a Britain. They said the Are striving to put the into the Power Busk St. St. Paul up Minnesota a toward that requirement Quot which officials today were hand feeding creates a Barrier to the expand one of two cubs born Friday to Sion of contacts Between citizens Sheba siberian tigress. The Otter j oldest territorial citizen a a to a car of the two countries. Was born dead. I a. To u the american note expressed i John Fletcher zoo director said Kaiui a St Paul the willing to join in a Broad Duth. Surviving rub no. Getting j Igo nem to Ai a child Ford Cushion of cultural exchanges and about two ounces of evaporated is in Okinu to. It i suggested that there be conduct milk every three hours. It weighs 1 so a us uprising died at a Home de by the soviet embassy and the three pounds. State department in october. Sheba has borne to previous but before that the note said cubs but All died because of her Dairy All Breeds will also be held j. At the same the in the Arena e Quot it is suggested that Small Dele indifference As a Mother. Fletcher nations of radio and to experts i said a live siberian cub is Worth screen Generator for military use. I be exchanged at an Early about $5,000. Won the Nobel prize for his i a a a. A a. The old settlers Day program experimentation with Oil films on will commence at to in. It will i a a Ler 0�?~>"u"1 a w Quot a h be conducted in the old bottler it Quot v t1w,� do building and at 12 noon six fur eco rai�?o.,r1 pm seiners win be selected for of up stifle us Rel Wking Lech traits Nique. Developed with two other at i p. In. Ponies win be lodged in a he cd of seeding concluded on Page 12 weather Clouds with dry ice or Silver to elide or dropping water into cer lain types of Clouds to cause rata i fail by Chain reaction j in 1909, he began research to de Minnesota fair continued Cool Armine Why Light bulbs of that moderate humidity Outlook Mon j dark Ned thus cutting eff Day Little change. High sunday a in by and wasting electricity. Mostly in 70s. Wisconsin sunday air and pleasant temperatures. Iowa generally fair Little warmer South. South Dakota Little change in temperature sunday few afternoon thundershowers Southwest sunday. North Dakota fair some warmer. The work led to the invention of the nitrogen filled electric Light bulb which does not Darken. Be once estimated that Langmuir a work to that Field saved the american Public a billion dollars a year in electric costs and made possible development of Street lighting to its present form. Langmuir was born in Brooklyn on Jan. 31, 1861. Start countywide census of All polio patients a countrywide census of form of All Ages and degree of disability. Or polio patients is Betag conducted this month by the Freeborn county chapter of the March of dimes. A. M. Veg chapter chairman asks All persons who have Ever had polio to Send their names and addresses to him at the county courthouse. Persons should Send in their names whether they Are disabled or not veg said. The canvass is to be completed by sept. I. The local Survey is part of a nationwide project by the National foundation for infantile paralysis to compile a roster of polio eases information sought for each per son includes whether he is employed or attends school of he can climb stairs and dress himself whether he receives regular treatment and of he uses a respiratory Ald. A we wish to find everyone who Bas had polio whether paralytic or non paralytic a Vig said. A we ant to know what their special problems Are so they May be helped to regain useful a some of the rehabilitation techniques employed today for the disabled were unknown or unused As recently Asio or even five years ago a Vig explained. Shortly before Midnight Friday. Could be punished by the judge you need Only one shot of the criminal contempt no jury vaccine Ami you la be immune for ulal Ould a prided in such Pigeon my off about a Vear Tim pus fl0urm� a a ases. You la pay about the same a. Any1 As Pas a by the Houwz he a bu1 Lyndhurst . Eduard other wide a used vaccine shot conforms Ken rally with bus a to Ltd a i Tan his car into a pole would Cost from a Dollar or so Howerts Fulda it a a a to �?T11 feathered in a clinic for instance up to rhe senae bil1 woul l blk the Pasay Agtas immediately tied the concluded on Page 12 injunction provisions to voting scene of the Accident the Impact rights cases. It also would require of the crash Bruke open a crate that criminal contempt trials of homing pigeons who Tomik Oil growing out of injunction viols for a Iron s Home four Miles Uay Lions be held before juries. In Passaic. Minneapolis woman held in shooting Minneapolis it a 38-year-old woman held for questioning he suffered lung congestion last after Ralph Rudolph 34. Was shot april and had been weakening and wounded earlier this week at since. Oiler was born March 22, her Home was released from Cus-1857 in Shakopee. One of his ear Tody Friday. Hest recollections was when As a police said Rudolph had refused child of 5 he and his father got to sign a complaint against her. In a Steamboat Ami fled to St. He is recovering in a Minneapolis Paul to escape the Sioux indians Hospital in 1885 he became a railway. To Mali clerk serving until 1920 he. I r n was the oldest living retired mail Lake City farm boy clerk in the country. Because of icily Gaur a. Hike mind my i Ruuti Iview 1,1 own Moscow township Farmer killed in tractor mishap his keen mind and Good physical condition it had been planned to make him the a Centennial citizens in Minnesota a 100th statehood anniversary next year. Bees inside shirt cause truck crash i Moscow a Iver Smeby 70 a she became alarmed when he year a old Moscow township far did not come to Tor afternoon Mer was fatally injured Friday lunch which he rarely missed she i afternoon in a tractor mishap on went out to look for him and found his farm 3 Miles Northeast of his hotly about 5 of clock. I Here or Hansen ruled that Smeby sheriff Carl g. Lindahl said had been dead since i 30 p. In Lake City mum jul -denhi., so Toby As up Nuat when he Traeff by had cd Mph de Boa 1 9-year-old son of or Ami mrs la a apparently struck a Rock. The halt a round cd blowing when the William Globe jr., was fatally tract0r Wung a it right a by cd Ftp i. Injured and his body badly Man plow to it it growing Smeby on wednesday led Friday when he was dragged off it mrs Smeby or Ned by in into the mechanism of a a it the sheriff said Smeby fell lighter mrs balt a Between the Traetow Ami plow Bulger of Austin and three grand the boy was driving a tractor Anding in front of the Colter. His sons Donald David and Dennis pulling the Baler when he stopped Tady was pushed about 15 feet e to kick some Hay into the machine Clover s. A or a when the i and his clothing was caught in the bees got under 59-year-old Lee machinery. Henry minnow s shirt he tried to a take it off. The trouble was min i x. P. Now was driving a two ton truck a uric loaded with Oats and while he was san Francisco a a a Short disrobing the truck crashed. Min a a Harp earthquake jiggled the West Bulger. Ilia wife is the former fore the tractor stopped. Clara g Nelson Dies of internal injuries born to Norway he had Farmed or. T. M. Hansen Deputy Cor in the Moscow area nearly All Oner ruled that Smeby died from i his Ufa he was a Veteran of world internal injuries. The Sharp Shell War i. Of the Colter did not Cut the body mrs. Smeby told sheriff Lindahl that her husband had gone out to now was uninjured but damage Fern part of san Francisco at 10 25 5 plow about t o Ciodyk saying he was estimated at $1,500. The bees Friday night. No damage was bad Only three rounds to make be leaped. I reported. Fore finishing the Field. The Jordan funeral Home auntie is in charge of services Tho funeral Wilt be Beta wednesday at i p in. From Ute Toner Homo Chapel and at i p. In. From the Moscow lutheran Church

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