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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 4

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Albert Lea, Minnesota Sunday april 21, 1974 Page 4 Tribune a opinion Page bad economic nevus some rather heavy economic news has hit the nation this week As president Nixon said he will take a More Active role in Domestic economic affairs. The president made that announcement along with his nomination of William Simon As Secretary of the Treasury succeeding George Shultz. The next Day it was reported that the nations Economy Sank toward recession Levels during the first Quarter. The Commerce department reported that the nation s Gross nation product fell at a 5.8 per cent annual rate during the first three months of 1974. It was the first decline in three years and the biggest drop since 1958. At the same time inflation was increasing at a 10.8 per cent annual rate. Economic experts consider the Gross National product As the Best indicator of the health of the Economy. While this was going on. The Albert Lea office of the state department of employment services reported another gain in employment for the City. According to the offices March report employment was up by 111 persons from March 1973. The March report was a bit cautious however since employment was Only up by 32 persons from february of this year. While the local picture appears Good there is still that implied Lack of Confidence that seems to be the cause of our National economic problems. Wall Streeter Are bemoaning the Lack of investment capital that could become serious enough to hinder future Industrial expansion. This could be one reason for the rapidly increasing prices As Industry seeks to gain needed capital for improvements in any Way that it can. It would appear that the president could help his party substantially in this fall s elections by solving the inflation problem rather than by Campaign appearances. This inflation which affects the voters pocket books is the most serious problem facing us today and the president had better meet it head on. Today s meditation Quot the lord also will be a Refuge for the oppressed a Refuge in time of psalms 9 9 be sure of this god has a place for us to go when the pressures of life get too much for us. Quot come unto me Allye that labor and Are heavy Laden and i will give you do you remember five years ago or. D. A. Armstrong was named Minnesota fur rancher of the year at the fur breeders association convention held at Minneapolis. Or. Armstrong had been a Mink rancher 35 years. Ten years ago or. Wendell p. Lewis a local dentist appeared on the clinic program at the 81st annual session of the Minnesota dental association held at St. Paul Twenty years ago for the month of March the pure bred Holstein cow of Clifford Ruble amp sons topped the testing association in production with 87.8 pounds of butterfat. Chris Skaar amp sons were second with 84.7 thirty years ago manager Mark a a shanty Dolan had signed Harold Hill As a new Pitcher. The 18-year-old farm lad was from Corwith Iowa. Hill had been highly recommended by Walt Menke. Contracts by the Chicago cubs and the new York Yankees had been offered to Hill. The sunday Tribune Albert Iva Mina. 4 Fuji Lilied Dally through Friday and sunday second Clou postage paid at Albert Tea. Minnesota Send change of address notice to Box to Albert Tea Minnesota moot the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All the local news in this newspaper As wet1 a All a news dispatches member newspaper Enterprise association Vid audit Bureau of circuit Ion Earl in Nelson general manager James Oliver Michael Sexton editor advertising manager Terry Jensen Loren Murray press room Foreman composing room Foreman Larry Jensen circulation subscription rates by Carrier boy service p. O. Box in Albert Lea City Lone one by Carrier boy service outside City Ion in Freeborn county and adjoining areas one week 80c. By mall within so mile radius of Albert Lea one year $25.00. By mall Minnesota and Iowa beyond so mile radius of Albert Leo one year ski .00. By mall All other zones $37.00. Mall subscriptions not accepted from nearby communities where Tribune Carrier service is maintained. Mail subscriptions paid strictly in Advance. Your Carrier boy will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish. Wednesday through saturday. Notice of your Tribune has not been delivered by 5 30 . Dally and # 00 . Sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May Call 373-1411 and ask for Tribune delivery. No service after 6 . Dally or to . Sunday. Business office hours 8 00 . To 5 00 . Monday through Friday. Saturday 8 00 to 12 noon. A at a Hundred hucks an hour for my time these arc going to be mighty expensive vegetables Douin with vip i a i just wanted to Tell you i saw you and that i think you have a very mean a Streak a a Man that says it All you know a Jim Oliver i Haven to been caught by the gasoline squeeze yet but i came dangerously close last weekend. I was heading Home for easter when my personal drama began and when it finally ended i did t even kick about having to pay 60 cents per gallon for the Gas that was new Campaign tactic politicians seek or. Clean image by Kenneth b. Dalecki Tribune Washington Bureau Washington a if or. Clean could run for Congress he would mop up the opposition and win by a landslide. That seems to be rationale motivating in increase number of politicians seeking election in the Wake of the watergate scandal which has tarnished the image of All Public officeholders. Conservatives and liberals republicans and democrats incumbents and challengers Are adopting ways to cleanse their reputations that a a honest Abe Lincoln never would have dreamed possible. One candidate in Illinois is Selling a Stock Quot in himself. A Georgia state office seeker is issuing a warranty that contributors can Cash in to get their Money Back if dissatisfied with his performance after the election. Black bags stuffed with Cash is one watergate image Many politicians Are trying to counter. Their answer a limit or outright prohibition on Cash contributions to their campaigns. Another no no is the political fat cat whose hefty contribution has traditionally picked up most of the Campaign Tab and won himself a loud voice in the elected officials ear after election Day. Or. Cleans remedy a limit on the size of contributions. Other schemes involve voluntary ceilings on total Campaign spending Complete disclosure of contribution sources no matter How Small establishment of one Campaign committee to permit a Clear picture of receipts and expenditures and voluntary disclosure of a candidates private assets and liabilities. No one knows precisely How Many candidates Are adopting some or All of the above schemes but a Survey by the Center for Public financing of elections found that 23 of the 27 senators seeking re election this year have already agreed to make Public All Campaign contributions and expenses. A recent estimate by the Library of Congress showed about one fifth of All congressmen disclosing their private finances. Voluntary Reform plans Are coming at a time when Congress is working on legislation to make some reforms mandatory. Earlier this month the Senate passed a Bill calling for Public financing of Federal elections irs auditing of All High salary Federal officials tax returns and a $3,000 it limit on individual contributions to any one Campaign. The ambitious Senate measure faces Tough opposition in the House where Public financing of Federal elections is a particularly controversial Issue. Campaign Reform legislation has been stalled in the House for months. Nevertheless Many voters this year will find themselves bombarded with mind a boggling figures eagerly disclosed by candidates trying to show they have nothing to hide. In some cases the Issue will provide a pioneering test of Post watergate democracy in America where professional pollsters have found millions of citizens turned off by politics. The key test comes when a candidate voluntarily restricts Campaign contributions to no More than $100 per person. In doing so the candidate risks his election on the Hope that enough citizens will Back his Effort with dollars As Well As votes. Only a few incumbents have dared take this dramatic step. One who has is sen. Charles Mac Mathias jr., red. A the very Early returns clearly show that the people will respond Quot he told Senate colleagues soon after announcing his $100 contribution limit. Mathias who already enjoys a a emr. Clean Quot image in his scandal a Ridden state has collected More than $5,000 in Small contributions from 2,700 persons. A i think somebody has to prove it can be done Quot said rep. Pete Dupont a wealthy Delaware Republican who is also trying to finance his re to used the troops egotism is Nixon s downfall by John p. Roche King features Washington a commentators Are supposed to be incisive bold and certain but i confess i am forced to let Down the Side. I am baffled utterly baffled. President Nixon a adventures simply defy rational explanation. Indeed if one were to read the Story in a mystery he would be convinced at this Point that Nixon was the victim of one set up after another. What else can we expect will some investigative reporter discover that the presidents naval aide has been using a Cruiser As a fishing boat did creep Promise pictures from the National gallery to Large contributors will mrs. Nixon forget to renew her Drivers License and get arrested for unlawful use of an automobile on the basis of what has happened so far almost anything lies within the realm of possibility. I done to want to fall into the platonic trap of assuming that because there is a question there has to be an answer. Maybe there is no answer. But the difficulty is that although i have been on the other Side of the political Hill from or. Nixon for a Quarter of a Century i have always considered him to be extremely intelligent. My conviction was reinforced by the fact that one of the shrewdest judges of men i have known the late president Lyndon Johnson shared this estimate yet Over the past year he has developed into almost a Model of the a neb Bishy a a yiddish word that describes for example a person who goes into the shoe business just As people Start being born without feet. Misread moral expectations some of the presidents difficulties arose from his in sensitivity to changes in the american political climate. Over the past decade we have undergone a revolution of rising moral expectations in politics. Or. Nixon a defenders have a lot of history on their Side when they Point out that Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower each got a sweetheart Deal from Congress on their memoirs. A special Law repealed after it served its purpose treated the income As capital gains which provided a financial Windfall. John Kennedy could joke about his fathers wealth and quote a Cable from the old Man urging careful use of funds since he did no to want to waste Money on a landslide. There was a Good Deal of Monkey business sponsored by the democratic a five of clock club1�?T in 1964�?so called because it met daily at five in a White House conference room. And democratic Campaign workers Between the bookends medical references available by mrs. Emery Miller attention doctors of Albert Lea and surrounding areas. The Albert Lea Public Library As a member of South Eastern libraries cooperating Selco has a direct line to the Mayo medical Library via teletype and the nation wide biomedical Library network that extends from the National if mrs. Miller Library of Medicine in Bethesda Maryland toll regional medical libraries to medical resources libraries. This network provides Access to health science information resources for health care professionals and educators who Are not located near major medical centers of the requested material is not available locally at the Mayo medical Library or the biomedical Library the request is relayed to the John Crerar Library in Chicago the Midwest regional Library to another Region where the information is available or to the National Library of Medicine. Thus any health professional has Access to the nation wide network of medical Library resources. Books and journals from the Mayo medical Library collections May be Lent directly through inter Library loan channels. Usually however photocopies of the desired materials Are mailed to Tbs requester with a minimal charge. Telephone requests for information that can be obtained from source books Are frequently necessary. Examples of such requests May be a what is the address of or. Robert Brown Quot a what does medlars mean Quot a what is Downs syndrome Quot this service is provided without charge by the reference librarian Mayo medical Library. This outstanding service to our local medical men plus other services we have obtained has come through joining the South East libraries cooperating Selco. These services were presented at a Selco meeting last week which mrs. Gerald Harty director of the Albert Lea Public Library attended. These ideas Are exciting and will be of great significance to the Library service of the future. Reference questions of great depth May be telephoned in to the metropolitan mini Tex office at the University of Minnesota Library. The Patron May also speak to the reference librarian and clarify any part of the request if need be. Replies will be sent to the Library or to the Patron however Hooks will be sent Only to the Public Library. Anyone making use of these methods to obtain information must come to their Public Library. That is where it will be taken care of quickly and with Best results. This is a service of Selco. We would like to emphasize that working together has brought about tremendous changes in what a Public Library can do for you and Albert Lea Public Library has Selco to thank for these great advantages in obtaining material from the great libraries in our country. In time this will also include material from foreign sources either by Telephone or teletype. Remember our first Call on the two machine welcomed us to the a computerized world of International communications. You and your new two machine Are Only two Steps away from your overseas this was a thrill for us at the Library Arentt you citizens of Albert Lea Happy too it is a great Start for 1974 and Public Library service. Have been known to put the on businessmen who received government contracts. But no matter How hard the Republican apologists push the a boys will be boys Quot argument it simply will not be persuasive. Cleaning up politics is an idea that has found its time in Large part due to the Way creep went to work harvesting that crop of $100 Bills. As Murphy a Law notes. A if you play with anything too hard it will Margaret Truman relates with relish How some friends of her father managed to get a third candidate into the 1940 Missouri democratic primary thus splitting the opposition and guaranteeing Truman a return to the Senate. This by the Way is great fun particularly if the individual involved does no to realize he is being played for a Patsy today if somebody pulled the same gambit there would be grand juries All Over the landscape. In Short the rules have changed largely because or. Nixon a operators in the sad words of an old Boston pol a gave dirty politics a bad but the president has to live by the new standards a situation he simply does not seem to understand. Over reaching egotism beyond that there was a real element of hubris of an overreaching egotism in or. Nixon a View of a the he seemed to feel that he was not like other men that he was vested with an Imperial prerogative. In some aspects of foreign affairs this gave him buoyant strength but in acting As though the United states was his private property he was setting himself up for Nemesis the goddess who in greek tragedies is always the punished of hubris. Our political system operates on the basis of a number of unwritten Laws of which probably the most important is that head on conflicts Between the branches of government Are to be avoided when Nixon started rubbing Congress nose in its alleged impotence he Learned As . Did in 1937, when he tackled the supreme court that the Only valid definition of the separation of a election with a self a imposed limit of $100 donations. He has already collected More than $20,000 in Small amounts and estimates it will take $60,000 to $70,000 to run his Campaign. A the first $20,000 is Dupont said. A motivating enough people to get the rest will be much More no incumbent has been Able to top rep. Charles a. Vanick a Ohio who declared Jan. 3 that he would a set a new example Quot by spending no Campaign Money whatsoever in his re election Effort. A that is not very realistic when you have a two party system Quot one Liberal Republican said of Vanikes plan. Others charge the Cleveland congressman with a grand standing Quot because he comes from a a Safe Quot democratic District and can afford not to run an expensive Campaign. Rep. Paul Mccloskey r-calif., has Learned the hard Way that voluntary Campaign Reform sounds great but May not work. He has been forced to Back off from an earlier Promise to limit his spending to $75,000 and contributions of $100 because he said his wealthy challenger is avoiding Public debate and relying on an expensive Media Campaign. Fred Wertheimer Campaign Reform lobbyist for common cause said limiting the size of contributions is unfair to challengers who traditionally have a harder time raising Money than do incumbents. While encouraged by the voluntary Reform Zeal Neal Gregory co director of the Center for Public financing of elections notes that politicians who compile thousands of pages of names and addresses of Small Money contributors Are adding More to a paper shortage than they Are to Campaign Reform. The boy himself to last me for the rest of the weekend. My first mistake was leaving Albert Lea. With Only half a tank of Gas late on saturday afternoon. I stopped at Faribault for my usual stretch and Coffee break. Service stations were still open there and since More than a Quarter of a tank registered on my gauge i elected to wait until i got to Minneapolis. The Only recommendation i have for anyone else finding themselves in the same situation is done to do it. It seems difficult to believe that Long a major freeway in a metropolitan area not a single service station is open after 6 . That was when i really began to get uneasy. I finally got off the freeway and onto a secondary artery that leads North through the Western suburbs of Minneapolis. I thought perhaps there would be a neighbourhood station open. There Wasny to. I continued North through Osseo and Champlin and there was still nothing of the Bright lights that would signal the presence of a service station. When i got to Anoka i had practically resigned myself to the fact that i would have to Start looking for a Motel and spend the night. But when i reached the City limits there were two service stations on either Side of the Street both were open. I can to Ever remember seeing such a Welcome sight. Gas was 60 cents a gallon for regular but at that Point i was in no position to quibble. I know one thing. I wont Ever leave Albert Lea with half a tank of Gas again. The worst joke of the week i suppose you have already heard about How streaking was started. Some people tried to Force a norwegian to take a Shower and he got away. Natures world Litterer strike fast on newly opened Road by Maude m. Koevenig melting Snow this Spring revealed an astonishing accumulation of bottles and cans along a three mile stretch of new Road near the Valley. The Short Section Wasny to opened to traffic until late summer so there Are no weeds nor grass to hide the junk. Litterer must have kept Busy by Maude m. Koevenig Oft. To Louse up the clean Roadside so soon. I had hoped our legislators would pass the Law requiring deposits on throwaways but they did not. Such a regulation is working very Well in Oregon. Six months after passage of Oregon s Bill Roadside litter was reduced 75 per cent. The state of Vermont recently enacted a Deposit Bill in non returnable beverage containers. We need some kind of action education or enforcement of whatever anti litter Laws exist Powers is the distance Between last year the Cost of removing e i a a Mutt a i m Minnesota High the Capitol and the White House. As the joint committees decision on his income taxes demonstrates once the Barons Are aroused they Are not to be trifled with. Now with the smell of blood in their nostrils they Are out to debris from ways increased 30 per cent. The total Cost was $742,275. Minnesota Motorist reports that nearly 12,000 truck loads of paper bottles cans garbage and other debris were picked up by Highway department maintenance Crews. It Isnit Only the problem of disgraceful scattering of trash that is involved. There is the waste of metals and Energy to be considered. It takes 40 cans to replace one returnable bottle an aluminium can dropped in the Woods or on a Roadside this summer will perhaps break Down into dust sized bits of aluminium oxide by the summer of 2474. This estimate was made by or. Edwin l. Owen a specialist in corrosion of metals at Pennsylvania state University. A steel can plated with a thin film of tin will disintegrate into harmless Iron oxide in one fifth the time according to or. Owens estimate. Glass is the least perishable of All common throw away materials. One scientist prof. Marboe a Glass chemist says that a bottle left on the Forest floor might not break Down into Sand sized particles for a million years. About la billion used bottles contribute each year to the nations ground pollution problem says the Glass Container manufacturers Institute. The Glass Industry can use reclaimed Glass for 30 per cent of its total raw material consumption. Natural deterioration rate of plastic objects is much More difficult to estimate. Many Are made of chemicals similar to some pesticides. So if bacteria do attack a St Jofoam cup they May release enough toxic chemicals to kill them. Even the term a throw away Quot is a bad one. There is no a away Quot any More

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