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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 15 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - April 15, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune volume 82, no. 89 single copy 30 cents Albert Lea Minnesota sunday april is 1979 for Borm Pho of of Rabune photo he is risen religious Art in St. Casimire Catholic Church Wells symbolizes the easter mystery. Wood Bas Relief carvings of the stations of the Cross recall the death and burial of Jesus. The Banner right which hangs in the Church today symbolizes the resurrection. On a White Field the Banner includes a Gold Cross symbolic of salvation with yellow and Orange rays of Celebration. The Hole in the Middle of the Cross is a reminder of the empty Tomb on easter sunday. North Dakota Rivers begin Spring flooding in t the swollen wild Rice River grew to a mile wide saturday in Northern Richland county in North Dakota and a spokesman advised no travel on township roads Tom Richels county Highway Engineer reported most township roads from Hankinson North to the Cass county line were under water had been washed out or were extremely soft and he said one Bridge had been washed out near Dwight state highways and most county roads were still passable. He added. Richels estimated damage from this years flooding in Richland county at $150,000, exceeding the total for last Spring meanwhile the red River Rose to four feet Over flood stage at Fargo and five feet Over flood stage at Wahpeton overnight. But the National weather service said permanent dikes had so far prevented serious flooding in those cities. A a during the night the River has slowed Down its Rise a Little bit a a said Jerry Lien. Wahpeton City Engineer. A the dikes in the Park Are still holding their own but More than Likely Well go Over the existing dikes. A Wahpeton City Crews and volunteers added sandbags and patrolled dikes during the night Esaid. The red stood at 15.4 feet today at Wahpeton where flood stage is to feet the River Rose to 2179 feet at Fargo Over the flood stage of 17 feet the news predicted the River would Rise to 16 feet monday at Wahpeton and to 34 feet thursday at Fargo Crews and volunteers in Breckenridge Minn., across the River from Wahpeton were also sandbagging All night said mayor Ralph Possehl unlike Fargo and Wahpeton the City has no permanent dikes the flood Outlook was revised upward after i 67 inches of rain fell thursday. Farber a read ing of 24 feet was predicted Mon Day at Fargo a Nice has started to heave breaking Loose and Coulee and creeks have let go Quot said Bob Nordland of the news. The red is expected to reach flood stage Friday at Halstad Minn. At 24 feet the 28 foot flood stage at grand Forks will be breached april 23 the red will reach the 28 foot flood stage at Oslo Minn april 24 the we ild Rice was expected to reach 20 feet today at Abercrombie flood stage is to feet the Maple River is expected to hit eight feet monday at Ender Lin. Where flood stage is six feet news highlights proposed Hormel Plant Given Okay in Iowa trying to fool the squirrels Minneapolis apr the owls in Northern states Power co. Substations May not fool Mother nature but Asp is hopping fool squirrels in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. In 1978, squirrels crawling on substation wires caused about 1,200 of the 7,900 Power failures in the twin cities area. Asp says. So the company has installed More than 30 owls made of a plastic material called polystyrene in four of its substations. Asp Hopes the Experiment will reduce the number of outages. Cutting off food Stamps St. Paul Minn. A the Minnesota department of Public welfare estimates that about to percent of the states food stamp recipients Are being Cut off because of the new Federal food stamp program. Exact figures will not be available until May Connie Cobb assistant director for Minnesota a food stamp program said Friday. The food stamp act of 1977, which took effect last month denies food Stamps to anyone Over the nationally set poverty level. Because of Minnesota a High income standards Cobb said Many poor working families and working mothers no longer qualify for the program. Measles outbreak continues St. Paul Minn. Apr the outbreak of measles in Minnesota continues with another 42 cases reported to the state health department this week. Health officials said 17 students at Henry Sibley senior High school in Mendota Heights were among those reported sick. The cases at Sibley were among three new outbreaks in state High schools the others in Stearns and Crow Wing counties involved much smaller numbers. So far this year 240 cases of measles have been reported compared with 46 during All of 1978. Solon opposes tax Washington a sen Russell b. Long d-la., says the Oil Industry Quot has been denied a proper incentive to produce for 20 years a and Congress act too quickly on president Carters plan to control excess profits. Long said Carters recent speech in which he said he would gradually lift Federal Price controls on Domestic Petroleum a is calculated to stir up a lot of hatred and resentment against the Oil companies for crimes that they have not committed. A he said that after Price controls Are lifted Oil companies ought to be Given a Chance to use the Money for exploration. A a we la then take a look at the profits they re making a he said. Social Security for clergy Washington apr members of the clergy have until Midnight monday to decide whether they want to change their minds and accept social Security coverage. Social Security Law amendments gave the clergy a one time Opportunity to change their status concerning the program but the deadline for using that Opportunity is monday. The offer applies to those who decided in the past to take advantage of an exemption for the clergy from paying into social Security. The government says the ministers May sacrifice medicare As Well As social Security Protection if they done to join the system. Interpreting production Rise Washington apr Commerce department economist William Cox says experts Are a groping for the right interpretation of the new Federal Reserve figures that show production by the nations factories Gaing 0.9 percent for the first Quarter of 1979. The increase announced Friday translates to an annual growth rate of 3 5 percent in factory output and compares to a fourth Quarter rate of More than 8 percent on an annual basis. The decline Wasny to considered surprising because government economists have been predicting a slowing in the Overall Economy this year. Waverly Iowa it a a Bremer county Board of supervisors decision that apparently paves the Way for construction of a George Hormel co Plant North of Waverly will be appealed says the lawyer for a group of landowners opposing the Plant. The supervisors Friday morning unanimously approved the rezoning of a 112 acre parcel of land from agricultural to Industrial capping a 16 month fight Over the proposed Plant David Dutton of Waterloo who has represented some of the landowners opposed to the construction. Said the group will Appeal the decision to District court. A a we re really Back to where we were a year ago Quot Dutton said of the Board ruling a we will Challenge that ruling in District court and the District court will decide whether that rezoning action is Marvin Dettmer chairman of the Board of supervisors said the decision was not an easy one a i would be incorrect if if i said this was not a difficult decision to make a Dettmer said a there was a lot of solid information both pro and con. It was difficult to sort it All the 16-month-Long fight Over the proposed Plant climaxed in a seven hour Long Public hearing monday. Quot we had to come to grips with what does it mean for Bremer county we have to recognize that if there is Ever to be growth a place must he made available for this growth to take place Quot Dettmer said in Austin a Hormel spokesman said construction of the pork Pix Essing Plant would by delayed for an indefinite period of time anyway. Charles Nyberg Hormel a director of Public relations said work on the new Plant in Austin is the company Stop priority. He said that Hormel definitely plans to build in Bremer county gut he could not indicate when construction will Start inside the Tribune Washington a us officials Are calling South Afri can allegations of spying a Quot phony Issue Quot designed to or Vert attention from the South africans pressing political problems at Nome government officials asking not to be identified reacted angrily Friday to the accusations that the United states was using a specially equipped 12a plane to gather information about secret South african installations a the plane was not a so Cret plane Quot one official said adding that its activities were Well known to the South african Mil Itaev and that its flight plans were filed with local authorities each time the plane was used he also said the United states a As is Well known to South lists Isi-580 38 pages teacher settlement criticized St Paul Minn a the recent settlement of the strike by 1,100 Minnesota Community College faculty members was a Quot political settlement that will Lead to higher request from other labor groups negotiating with the state says state Al clo president David Roe but sen Robert Ashbach in Arden Hills who served As a mediator during the three week dispute disagrees Quot i think you re going to see a change Back to the position prior to establishing state negotiators Quot Roe said Friday. Quot then you had a pay Bill drawn and the labor organization would lobby the members of the appropriate legislative committees Ana each member of the legislature to support their position Quot negotiations in the Community College faculty strike came under the provisions of the states Public employment la Bor relations act Peura but Roe termed the settlement political because of the involvement of Ashbach and he said it raises questions about whether Peura should continue to be followed Ashbach. Who was one of the authors of Peura denied the settlement was political a the problem has been that the legislature apparently did not live up to the intent of Peura when it Cut arbitrated awards for the Community College teachers in 1975 and 1977,&Quot Ashbach said Quot and the lower court has ruled in favor of the Community College teachers so in the face of that. I can to see where giving the Community College faculty members Only a portion of the court award could be called a political a i done to believe any other currently unsigned bargaining unit has the same problem Quot the legislator added a i feel the current bargaining process under Peura should continue we be got to learn to live with the Law and make those changes necessary to make it work better a the Minnesota Community College faculty association and the state agreed on a contract pay formula calling for salary increases of about 13 2 percent Over two years along with the 3 percent Cost of living increase granted in an arbitrated settlement but rejected by legislators in 1977 the Community College teachers went on strike March 20, and approved the settlement april 7. Spy charges called phony Issue by . About a primitive the offi Africa has much More sophisticated techniques for gathering information about activities in South Africa Quot Why be worried plane with relatively camera equipment Quot Cial said asked Why the c-12a operation was needed at All. Anti tier official said the plane was useful during periods when satellites were not operating Over the area South Africa has expelled three military attaches in connection with tile Issue and the United states retaliated Friday by ordering the expulsion of two South african decease attaches from Washington. While saying Little on the record about the South african charges. Us officials spoke freely in private about their perception of South africans motives they noted the South african government is engulfed in a scandal involving allegations of a secret influence buying operation in the United states and other foreign countries one official said the government of prime minister p w Botha May be trying to divert attention from the scandal by raising the Specter of an external threat to South african sovereignty he added that South Africa May also be trying to Lay groundwork for rejection of a United nations plan for leading the South african territory of Namibia to Independence gradually Cooling water nuclear Plant nearing shutdown Harrisburg Paap the Utility that operates the three mile Island nuclear Power Plant has started bringing the disabled reactor to a cold shutdown but Federal officials say they cannot predict when that goal will be achieved the reactor came precariously close to a catastrophic melt Down March 28 after a series of human and mechanical errors since then technicians have gingerly kept the reactor vital water coolant under pressure and at moderately hot temperatures to avoid any precipitous changes inside the reactor but the nuclear regulatory commission announced Friday that it is allowing metropolitan Edison co., operator of the Plant to gradually Cool the a met stadium called Safe Minneapolis a despite some shakiness Bloomington building inspectors have pronounced the stands at metropolitan stadium fit for another season of major league baseball and soccer and for next years football season Robert mood manager of the inspection division said Friday that the supports and Cross braces Are in Good shape he said the stadium Crew and the inspections department Check them closely every year a a we be never been afraid of them falling Down Quot he said a and unless you grossly overpack them there s no Way you can Knock them ter the arc made the announcement after completion of a series of Steps that removed potentially explosive dissolved gases f rom the coolant water Victor stello head of the a Rcd a operating reactors division said at a news conference that the reactor Core will be cooled Down at the rate of about to degrees an hour until it reaches a temperature of about 230 degrees. The hottest part of the Core was reported at 385 degrees Friday stello declined to set a timetable for reaching the ultimate goal of cold shutdown a the Point at which there is no longer any risk of a Chain reaction in the reactor Core going out of control. Quot we Are doing it very deliberately and carefully a he said. Quot we certainly Arentt going to go any faster than we Are convinced is warranted a he said several other Steps necessary in achieving a cold shutdown n will take several Days. First he said the Plant s steam generating system must be modified so that it can More Mondale tries Norway fishing 14 family Page. 5 13 deaths. .27 4 sports. .20 15 to guide. .18 27 Horoscope. .19 one that got away a vice president Walter Mondale indicates the size of the one that got away while telling a fishy Story during a fishing trip on the fjord at Mundal Norway saturday. Mundal. Norway a -. Vice president Walter Mon Dale taking an easter break in the land of his forefathers went fishing saturday on the quiet Fjaer land fjord where his ancestors fished More than too years ago the norwegian guide who was taking Mondale out predicted he would probably catch some cod and maybe if he was Lucky a sea Trout Borghild Orheim his hotel hostess and a relative with whom Mondale has remained in Contact said she will Fry whatever he catches for the vice a residents a easter breakfast. Ifer a unlucky she said he can Sample from a giant halibut in the hotel Freezer that was caught in the same fjord Mondale and his wife Joan pausing from an official tour of Scandinavia to visit this Village whose name his great grand father adopted spent the night in a cosy second floor room overlooking the fjord and a Steep Snow covered Mountain beyond it. The vice presidents great grandparents Fredrik and Brita Mundal left the Village in 1856 and settled in Southern Minnesota All 300 of Mundall a residents gathered at the quayside Friday to Greet the vice president who flew to Norway after a two Day visit to Iceland. The Mondale cruised in a motor launch up two fjords from Bergen the nearest City 117 Miles away a i can t Tell you what a moving experience it was for us As we arrived at the Dock to see All those marvellous people Quot Mondale said in a Toast a Public dinner at the hotel Friday night. Quot we re thrilled that this will be a family event and that we will relax and enjoy each other a he said after the fishing trip. Mondale will judge an easter ski Competition and attend a Folk dance. On monday the vice presidential party travels Back Down the fjord to Bergen and flies from there to Oslo the norwegian capital he is scheduled to visit Denmark Finland and the Netherlands later in the week. Effectively carry off heat from the Core s coolant water then the coolant water can be brought below 200 degrees under Normal operations water in the reactor reaches about 600 degrees since the Accident it has been kept at about �?~280 degrees at the Points it enters and leaves the reactor Core Container stello said the final move toward cold shutdown would be to turn off the pump that is forcing water through the reactor and to let the water circulate on its own asked if there Are any dangers involved in the Cool Down procedure stello replied Faribault girl stabbed to death Faribault Minn a a 15-year-old girl has been stabbed to death in Faribault a first killing since 1970 Pamela Poole a body was found late thursday night by Eolice behind an apartment building after a citizen called to report an assault in Progress according to Faribault Public safety director Ron Drew authorities said the girl had multiple Stab wounds in the Chest. Miss Poole had attended Faribault Junior High school during the 1977 78 school year and was enrolled in the senior High this year but had not attended classes according to the Faribault daily news. Police have no suspects in custody and found no weapons. Miss Poole lived about eight blocks from the scene of her death want and knocks out budget problems fast when it comes to bringing in extra cosh Tost a the wont and is the Champ he s knocked out More Tough budget problems than anybody. He does it by finding Cash buyers for musical instruments Power tools furniture a almost any worthwhile thing you can name. Don t go on struggling with your budget. Dial 373-1411 for a Friendly and taker and let a want and fight it for you

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