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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - April 12, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota Albert Lea Tribune to Ebay Gritl 1979 of 4 Tribune opinions a loss of respect the death toll from executions under the new revolutionary government in Iran went Over the too Mark the other Day. With no sign of letting up. Obviously a commentary Here will have no effect whatsoever on the carnage that is expect to continue at least for the rest of the year according to reports. Whoever is in charge of the new regime in Iran appears to have an appetite for death that is not easily satisfied. In the meantime anyone who was involved in the old government of the Shah appears to be in danger of losing his or her life. Certainly this wholesale Slaughter of people who happened to pick the wrong person to give their loyalty is something to be deplored. Civilised people around the world resist this uncivilized conduct done to they ironically at the same time As iranians Ore being led before the firing squads in wholesale lots there Are still persons serving time on death Row in american prisons. It is True of course that few Are executed in this country any More but the death penalty still exists in Many states for persons convicted of certain crimes. Capital punishment is not Only legalized murder committed against a relatively few individuals who have the misfortune to be unable to afford adequate Legal representation but it is demeaning to the society that continues to support it. Quot after All he belonged to five political parties at one time or a or. William Snodgrass a Phillips University history professor citing Millard Fillmore of a Quot Mon for All the condemned gym at Tho Enid ohio., school was renamed in memory of Tho former . President. A i told you this is not runway 21.�?� a Sergio Cerrino Pilot spooking his last words to a co Pilot on on a italia dc9 jetliner that plunged into the sea off Sicily lost december killing in Parsons. A flight recorder Hod captured Cerrino s remark Quot just because we have become the soul of human rights throughout the world it does t mean our hands Are a sen. Daniel Inoyo a Hawaii referring to questions about . Discrimination against women Blacks and other minorities. Today s meditation Quot and when they could not find by what Way they might bring him in because of the multitude they went upon the Housetop and let him Down through the tiling with his Couch into the midst before Jesus. And when he saw their Faith he said unto him Man thy sins a forgiven Luke 5 19,20 Here is a perfect picture of gods plan for believers. Get a Man to Jesus at any Cost and he will take car of the rest. Do you remember Campaign fund Bill in trouble a another Price Rise. This is an outrage we re going to get the sheriff a som goals to which new College students should set for selves by Frank h. T. Trod is april 15 is a Day of decision it is a Day in which larger numbers of colleges and universities notify waiting applicants of their decision on admissions then begins the soul searching for those prospective students who face the Choice of which institution to attend which one can Best provide that rare commodity. That Pearl of great Price a Liberal education a Send us your son. Madam and we guarantee the finished product if you Are not fully satisfied return him to us and we will refund the tuition in full a a famous University president once declared we smile for no College or University can offer a guarantee neither the curriculum nor the faculty a important though each is a can assure Liberal meaning the truth is that the individual student creates his or her Liberal education and the successful one is he or she who does this consciously and deliberately. This Means setting personal goals which Are meaningful and realizable i suggest that there Are to goals to which All students should aspire and against which they should measure the suitability of this College or that University the first goal should be to develop the ability to read critically and analytically and to write and speak with clarity vision and Grace. This has _ been one of the goals of a Liberal education but it has never been More neglected or More critical than it is today. Second an indirect product of Liberal learning should be the i rowing development of a life Ong curiosity and the self discipline to satisfy it. Perhaps one of the most important things that College can provide is the motivation and application to work with discipline and persistence at a chosen topic third a Liberal education should provide an introduction to the foundations assumptions limitations and i n ten relationships of our present knowledge of ourselves our society and our biological and physical environment. The chief end of education is to understand relationships and none is More significant than those Between the various interlocking spheres in which we live. Fourth we should seek to understand some time and culture other than our own. It is dangerously easy to suppose whenever we encounter a new problem or a novel threat that we Are encountering them for nuclear Plant crisis no time of glory ten years ago the innovations Progress and problems of the state and local welfare departments were explained to members of the Albert Lea rotary club by Harold Thompson Freeborn county supervisor of caseworkers. Twenty years ago Dale Horning Janice Klukow and Mary Evans of the four lakes 4-h club had the winning skit at the county 4-h Talent contest. Thirty years Aga an emergency ordinance was passed by the Albert Lea City Council Banning Beer sales in grocery stores. Forty years ago judges were being chosen for a slogan contest the Winner of which would have his slogan placed on a Large outdoor sign erected by the Junior chamber of Commerce. By Martha Angle and Robert Walters newspaper Enterprise Assn. Harrisburg. Panea a in the tense Days following the nations worst Accident involving a commercial nuclear reactor none of the institutions responsible for providing guidance to a worried citizenry covered themselves with glory both Federal and state officials the new Media and the Utility corporation that operates the trouble plagued generating station on three mile Island All failed to properly serve the Public during that unprecedented crisis. By far the most irresponsible was the general Public utilities corp., whose subsidiary Power companies own the sprawling Plant on the Susquehanna River to Miles Southeast of this state capital. In the Early Days of the crisis the company regularly issued deceptive misleading and inaccurate statements apparently designed to minimize both the excessive damage done earlier and the potential for far More profound disaster in the future As a result the Utility firm was publicly rebuked and repeatedly contradicted by senior officials of the nuclear regulatory commission arc dispatched from Washington to bring the runaway Plant under control. According to state officials Here direct pressure from the White House was necessary to Force the company to cease proclaiming unwarranted optimism. The arc hardly distinguished itself providing often conflicting information from at least four scattered locations a two different Sites in Washington the generating station rare and a regional office in King of Prussia pa., a Philadelphia suburb. Spokesmen for the Federal regulatory Agency variously a offered technical data without providing any context enabling laymen to understand it a claimed they lacked Basic information and a were unavailable when critical explanations were most needed state officials including Pennsylvania gov. Richard Thornburgh clearly lacked the expertise necessary to Deal with the exceptionally Complex problems encountered within the troubled nuclear facility at one Point Thornburgh told residents living within a 10-mile radius of the generating station that they could minimize the effect of radiation exposure by remaining inside their Homes or offices with All windows and doors closed. But he withdrew that advice Only one Day later without offering any further explanation. The governor never acknowledged that his initial suggestion had been worthless because the xenon and Krypton nuclei Des released into the atmosphere Emit Beta and Gamma rays both of which can readily penetrate virtually All conventional construction materials. Finally too Many of the hundreds of journalists who descended on Central Pennsylvania lacked even the minimal technical background necessary to understand the fast paced events. A noisy minority displayed Little interest in learning preferring instead to constantly reach for a worst cases scare stories about Core meltdowns atmospheric explosions and assorted other calamities. One normally reliable press association transmitted an erroneous Story proclaiming that a the Gas Bubble inside the crippled nuclear reactor. Is showing signs of becoming potentially the fact is that the Bubble was being bled to prevent a volatile build up. Two television networks interrupted their programs to transmit that terrifying but inaccurate information producing several hours of arely controlled panic in this City and its suburbs. None of the individuals involved in the cases cited Here can be accused of malice. Almost All were Well intentioned ble who worked terribly Long s under extraordinary pressure. But if there is any lesson to be Learned from the events at three mile Island it is that the National must be far better hared for nuclear incidents e future. The first time in the history of the human race fifth we should set a goal of gaining some comprehension of the great issues of life the global problems that society now encounters and the value systems and suppositions both implicit and explicit that these problems and issues involve. Sixth we should seek to embrace the benefits that the diversity of the larger College Community will provide. We learn More from fellow students than most Are ready to acknowledge we therefore need a willingness to treasure rather than merely tolerate a difference of opinion a clash of viewpoint seeing each not As an obstacle but As an Opportunity for personal understanding and growth. Seventh we should strive to develop a general familiarity and competence in one chosen area this is the real value of the careful selection of a major subject not just As an end in itself but also an an illustration of both the Power and the limitations of knowledge and its application. Eighth we should incorporate into our program an appropriate portion of non Bookish experiences. A healthy mixture of athletic social cultural artistic musical religious and other activity is an important antidote to the arid abstraction ism to which we Are otherwise Likely to fall prey. Ninth there Are great benefits in pursuing these goals in a set Ting of graduate and professional education. These derive partly from the fact that professional activity represents human reasoning and skill in practical confrontation with rather than detached contemplation of the needs and responsibilities that our membership in society involves Liberal education is the ally not the foe of professional training and specialized studies. We should establish a 10th and final goal. A Liberal education narrowly conceived can turn a Man or woman into a permanent critic a detached observer and a convinced cynic of society. We must strive for synthesis As Well As analysis for affirmation As Well As criticism for commitment As Well As detachment for without these knowledge becomes Barren. All this is a tall order As the Choice of College comes around. What it emphasizes however is that no rigid curriculum and no particular College can guarantee a Liberal education. How Well any individual achieves a Liberal education depends most of All on the personal initiative he or she brings to the search. Frank h. T. Rhodes is president of Cornell University in Ithica . By Walter r. Meara a seer isl correspondent Washington a this was going to be the year of the administration s push for Public financing of House and Senate election campaigns but so far. Republican opponents seem to be doing most of the pushing. They argue the Bill is discriminatory and a threat to the two party system a particularly their share of it. As Long As the republicans maintain their nearly solid front against the measure it faces a difficult test in the House and a probably fatal Senate filibuster. President Carter supports Public financing of Cort ression Al campaigns and recommended it in an election Reform message to the last Congress he left the specifics to congressional craftsmen but the Bills they produced were blocked in the House and scuttled by a filibuster in the Senate administration officials said efforts would intensify to gain approval of a Bill this year but they done to seem to have started yet a Campaign finance Bill May be read for the House by late Spring it already is snarled in controversy not Only in the House but also in the Federal election commission which would have to run the system advocates of publicly financed congressional election campaigns say the Bill is essential to curb the Impact of special interest Money in House and Senate campaigns vice president Walter Mondale argues that special interest spending has reached a exceedingly dangerous proportions a a political action committees set up by business labor and other interests spent $31 2 Mil lion on congressional election campaigns last year. The big Gest share sir 2 million went into the campaigns of incumbent members of Congress a Campaign finance Bill now before the House administration committee would permit candidates for House seats to claim up to he too in Federal Aid to match private contributions in increments of Hoo or less it would go to the nominee of any party major or minor whose candidate qualified by raising $1,000 in Small donations in addition the candidate would have to sign an agree ment to limit Campaign spending to $150,000 a this proposal to spread fed eral Campaign Money around without regard to party affiliation or anything More than the demonstrated ability of a candidate to raise ten $100 contributions strikes me As at Best ill considered. At worst malicious and in any event probably fatal to our two party said Bill Brock chairman of the Republican National committee. Brock said the Bill would make inevitable the Rise of third party and single Issue candidates he said the proposed qualifying rules for con Gressional Campaign Aid would even allow students at a Middle size University to qualify candidates As a prank a it is not hard to imagine prob using and anti busing candidates or candidates on both sides of the abortion Issue qualifying for and using taxpayers Money to Advance their particular causes in the same districts a he said spreading around the Federal Cash by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a the typical taxpayer $18,000 income sole support of himself his wife and two children a will have sent $4,814 to Washington in fiscal 1979 As his contribution to financing government government will then disperse $1,494 to support income Security made up almost wholly of social Security payments. National defense will take $1,-076, interest on Loans $496, and health $462 in contrast $49 will be spent i science space and technology by which the country Hopes to improve productivity $81 on Energy said to be an emergency problem and $41 for administration of Justice. No matter what is claimed As the ethos of the country or moral and philosophical rationale these figures Are the practical reality compiled by the nation they show Federal needs will consume 27 percent of the taxpayers Gross income. The numbers done to include the deficit for that add $408 to the typical taxpayers debt the Tab does no to Stop there either. State income taxes City income taxes real estate taxes and sales taxes All of which vary widely push the total percentage to Over 30 percent of Gross income. Growing especially fast is social welfare spending a social Security Public employee retirement unemployment compensation health medical plans welfare medicaid veterans benefits education housing. Since 1960. The foundation estimates expenditures on such programs by All Levels of government has multiplied nearly seven times from $52.3 billion to $362 3 billion in 1977 the White House has pledged to restrain its spending and a foundation Survey found that As of Milt february 37 Legislatures will be considering tax reductions totalling $3.5 billion a year. The great majority of state cuts would be in sales and personal income taxes almost $900 million is expected to be shaved from general sales taxes. Personal incomes tax reductions might total $2 billion. Despite the turnabout few confrontations Are Likely with the question that almost every one avoids if possible should social services be reduced Battle on the Issue is avoided due to surpluses unappreciated by Many most states Are still projecting sur pluses for fiscal 1979. The tax foundation found. What is occurring therefore is mainly the return to taxpayers of the surpluses they created. Because of this some social scholars maintain the Battle has not yet been been joined and the enemy has not vet been engaged in hand to Hana combat too often they observe the combatants Are one and the same complaining about the Money spent but enjoying every last Penny received. Senior citizen tax Relief on Home sales by Henry Kalis state representative District 30a a Bill has been introduced in the House that would adopt the 1978 Federal amendments to increase the exclusion from Gross income of gain from a final Sale of a residence to $100,000 for any individuals Over 55 years of age who have owned their Homestead for at least five years. This Bill is expected to give tax Relief to citizens Over 55 who intend to sell their Homes in order to Purchase or rent less expensive housing after they retire of the evening Tribune Albert Lea Minn. A of of a 4 published daily through Friday and sunday second class postage paid at Albert Lea Minnesota Send change of address notice to Box 60, Albert Lea Minnesota s6007 the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All local news in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches member newspaper Enterprise association and audit Bureau of circulation Earl k Nelson. General manager James Dennis manager Bruce manager Loren room Foreman Terry room Foreman subscription rates by Carrier service p o. Box in Albert Leo City zone one week ,$1.10 including a Holiday week by Carrier service outside City zone in Freeborn county and adjoining oreos one week $1.10 including o Holiday week. By Moil within Freeborn and adjoining counties one year $38. By Moil Minnesota and Iowa outside trading zone one year $40. By Moil All other zones $50. Mail subscriptions not accepted from nearby communities where Tribune Carrier service is maintained mail subscriptions paid strictly in Advance your Carrier will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish wednesday through saturday. Notice of your Tribune has not been delivered by 5 30 . Doily Ond 9 00 a m. Sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to Reoch your Carrier you May Call 373-1411 and ask for Tribune service. Service unlit 6 . And to 10a.m sunday. ,. Business office hours 8 00 a m. To 5 00 . Monday through Friday. Saturday 8 00 to 12 00 noon. The role of nuclear Energy in society editors note mention radiation and Many people think of nuclear plants or the atom or Hydrogen bomb. But radiation is also a constant in our lives and bestows benefits in the form of medical a rays and other applications. Here s a look at the a evasive role of this ambiguous rce. By Andrew Schneider and Kevin Mckean associated press writers Washington a the nuclear age exploded into popular consciousness at Hiroshima but natural and Man made radiation was around Long before the atom bomb or reactors. The Sun and stars Are powerful emitters of a rays and the Earth contains Many radioactive elements. In the course of a lifetime All people plants and animals absorb a certain amount of radioactive chemicals that set up a constant chatter of radiation inside their bodies color television sets Luminescent clock faces the Granite palaces of government and Commerce the natural Gas burned for cooking All spit radiation at the people who live and work in or around them. Its Well established that radiation carries a risk of cancer and birth defects. The unsettled question is How much radiation is too much. This controversy was kindled anew by the Accident at the three mile Island nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania. And scientists note that risks must be weighed against benefits. A fractures can be treated without a rays. A rays just happen to be a better Way to do it a said or. Reynold Brown of the University of California at san Francisco. The total exposure of the american Public from manmade radiation sources still has not equated the exposure from natural sources. Nevertheless some persons a a Ray technicians and nuclear workers among them a get Many times the natural background radiation in a year Here Are the places people absorb radiation in their Day today lives. Absorbed radiation is measured in units called rems and Milli rems. A Milliren is one thousandth of a Rem. A the average american gets 105 Milli rems a year in natural background radiation divided about equally Between cosmic rays radioactive elements in the Earth and radioactive elements in his own body. A medical a Ravs can add another 50 to too Milli rems a year. A Chest a Ray for example runs about 30 Milli rems. A Riding in a commercial jetliner adds a Milliren every three hours from cosmic rays which Are stronger at High altitudes. A waking up to an alarm clock with a Radium dial adds to Milli rems a year but if the dial is painted with radioactive promethium instead the dose is less than a Milliren. A fallout from atmospheric bomb tests around the Globe has added about seven Milli rems a year since 1951. A Granite Sandstone Cement dry Wallboard and other building materials often contain uranium and thorium traces. Doses. Are in the Range of a dozen Milli rems a year. A smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes a Day gives an annual average of two rems to the lining of the lungs from radioactive elements in tobacco. Today it takes Large and controlled studies to determine whether a particular use of radiation is medically justified. Radiologists say they avoid unnecessary x rays. But Federal regulators estimate that one tenth of the 129 million a rays in the United states each year Are re shots needed because of operator error. Sometimes superfluous x rays Are taken to protect physicians from malpractice suits radiologists say. Studies in Britain and the United states showed that a developing fetus is five to to times More sensitive to a rays than an adult. For this reason doctors avoid taking abdominal a rays of women of childbearing age except in the first to Days after menstruation. During this period there is less Chance that a woman is pregnant. Doctors also have All but Stop by mass a Ray screening of Althy women under age 50 for breast cancer. This was based on a 1960s study of 62,000 women in a new York health plan which showed that x Ray screening was of no value in prolonging life in the under-50 group. Women under 50 Are now advised to avoid breast a rays unless they have cancer symptoms or a family history of the disease. But scientific estimates of the risks of radiation continue to change. For example it was Only last year that two scientists determined that the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima was More deadly in producing Long term leukaemia a than the bomb at Nagasaki. Drs. Harold Rossi of Columbia University and Charles Mays of the University of Utah said the difference was in the Type of radiation produced by the two bombs. The bomb dropped at Nagasaki produced mostly Gamma rays a Type of radiation similar to rays they said. But radiation from the bomb at Hiroshima was 25 percent neutrons a subatomic particle. Rossi and Mays said neutrons appeared to be to times As harmful to living tissue As had been assumed. They concluded that the present occupational limit for Neutron exposure was a unacceptably High because the risk had been underestimated. This weighing of risks and benefits enters All calculation on radiation. The Rasmussen report on nuclear Power estimated that the Chance of being killed in an Auto Accident was 14,000 times As great As the Chance of dying in a nuclear Accident. Yet Many people Are More afraid of reactors than driving. A going from Coal to nuclear Power is like going from cars to air planes a said or. Erie Hall a radiologist at Columbia University. A if you be got automobiles you re killing people in ribs and drabs All the time. But if an air plane goes Down with a months Worth of automobile victims that a big the House of representatives has passed a no trespassing Bill that will require sportsmen to get a Farmers permission before using his land for recreational purposes Henry Halls the Bill specifies a needed definition of agricultural land that includes not Only those lands bearing crops but also those lands used for crops within the last year As Well As land containing a maintained Fence regardless of whether or not livestock can be seen in the area. This new Bill is actually an amendment to a 1978 no trespassing Bill which Farmers had complained was not Clear enough to be effective. Of several Bills have been introduced to raise the amount of pension income that is excluded from state income taxation. Some ask that it be raised from the current $7,200 to $10,000others go As High As $25,000. Some of the Bills also propose to remove the requirement that outside income such As social Security be counted against the exclusion. These Bills along with proposals to help pre-1973 retirees Are being reviewed by the House tax committee. Of these Are just a few of the Many issues that Are before the legislature now. I would be interested to hear your views or comments on the above mentioned or other topics. You May Call me at the office 612 296-4240 or write to me at room 244, state office building St. Paul 55155

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