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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - April 12, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enigma of Judas motive surrounds his betrayal Uati Huni twi am la 1979 pee 3 editor s note this fourth instalment of a five part easter series deals with three mostly silent scantily mentioned apostles the lesser James son of Alphaeus. Thaddaeus and Simon the zealot hut focuses mainly on a fourth the ill famed Judas Iscariot. By George w. Cornell a religion writer his face flushed Judas slip Ped out of the upper room and dosed the door his blood Poun ted he stood there a moment hearing the muffled voice Quot take eat,.�?� a Clink of cups and wine Flagon is my blood of the new covenant., poured out for Many for the forgiveness of sins a Judas plunged Down the outside Stone stairs and along the Cobblestone Street the full Moon of passover Rode Low Over the Jerusalem rooftops his Pace quickened to a Trot the Silver coins rattling in the pockets of his Scortia. A Short leather coat. A shudder went through him Jesus nearly had exposed the plan hut not definitely. How had he known a a what you Are going to Der do quickly Quot he had whispered Judas jaw tightened and his pumping hands clenched into fists the others merely had assumed he was going to buy provisions or make distributions to the poor i get them think it those Foolhardy galileans As the Only Judean among them Judas figured he had More savvy More cunning More strategic finesse but did he he had an appointment with the administrative authorities a High level contract in the Des tiny of Jesus and Judas deemed it expedient but he was riddled with doubts anxieties and wild fantasies of the outcome As to what motivated him to conspire with officials for his leaders secret arrest away from the jewish Public so formidably enthralled by Jesus As to prevent taking him openly the record is unclear but there has been much and varied speculation. Certainly Judas must have possessed some Merit to have been chosen one of the 12 apostles and assigned to an important. Trusted position As keeper of the common purse handling collections and Pur Jesus had picked h show them at the height of this great passover gathering of the nation and he. Judas was the catalyst to him Jesus had held Back too Long deferring sidestepping refusing to seize the Royal Banner and Judas disillusionment and impatience soldered in him the lost opportunities the missed chances but he would compel action he himself had grasped the initiative. Judas dark eyes blazed cannily in the Moonlight those naive Clannish galilean apostles would have to no Tice him now by heaven they d see his shrewdness his sophisticated tactical Superior Ity they d always ignored and demeaned him giving him tedious chores ordering him hither and thence for supplies he fingered the to pieces of Silver in his pocket and a debasing wave swept him a miserly sum enough to buy a lame slave the Money meant Noth ing to him in the torrent of his jealousy rancor and craving for prestige but those Palace officials had been delighted at his offer to Lead them to Jesus Retreat although troubled about the passover crowds fearing a riot they insisted that Jesus had to be seized covertly Quot lest there be a tumult among the people a a Judas had agreed to such arrangements they had paid him commending his daring upright Ness. Ushering him they would await regally about saying the vital word from him. Now he went in darkness to deliver it a bitter grasping shaken hinge of history he reached the Palace of Caiphas and was received with a flurry adjutant of the High priest escorted him to the for Tress Antonia where a body of roman soldiers formed assembling their gear Judas mind stormed with recklessness spite and visions of grandeur everything had awaited him All depended on him he was the Center of this stirring of men. This movement of forces this Barking of com mands his body tingled and he gaped amazed at the size of the roman contingent More than too troopers helmets flashing slapping their weapons against their sides a group of chief priests dignitaries of the Temple administration and guards also gathered it took some time for the detachment to form by now. Judas knew Jesus would be on the mount of olives outside the City Walls where the group regularly met to Pray and talk at last they started Judas with the officers in the Lead he was the guide the main figure pointing ahead like some general in command he led them out through the City Gate through the cluttered Kidron Valley across the Brook behind came the marching comp of soldiers All moving at his bidding As they climbed the slope to Ward the Garden of Gethsemane. He advised. A the one i shall kiss is the Man seize him and Lead him away safely a the torchlight and lanterns made grotesque leaping shadows on the Olive Trees and mat ted ground As they entered the walled Garden it seemed alive swaying but empty Judas peered desperately about then through the Trees he spied the White garment Jesus stepped Forth out of the darkness Quot whom do you seek Quot Judas rushed to him a Blaze of excitement on his face expectancy flaming in his eyes Quot Hall master Quot he kissed him Jesus words Cut like a Blade Quot Judas would you betray the son of Man with a kiss a Quot the scene broke into pandemonium then Peter slashing out with his sword cutting off the ear of a priestly aide who screamed in panic the blood gushing the officers drawing Back but Jesus intervened. Quot no More of this a and calmed the uproar. A put your sword Back All who take the sword will perish by the sword Quot he turned to the officers Quot have you come out As against a robber with swords and clubs to capture me Day after Day i was with you in the Temple teaching and you did not seize me but let the scriptures be fulfilled Quot soldiers surged around pinning his arms binding them to his sides with ropes the alar med apostles fled Judas stood Stock still dazed by frenzied emotions As the soldiers led Jesus Down the dark Hillside Judas bolted to catch up trying to rejoin the leaders of the party but they brushed him aside he Hung Back stunned then rushed Forward again again they shouldered him aside scorning him they had paid him be off they were done with him. He lurked outside the place of the hurried nighttime interrogations. The mocking and beating of Jesus it was t what Judas had planned then came the clamorous verdict death Judas staggered away the full weight of his deed crashing on him Quot he repented Quot Matthews gospel specifies for hours sleepless purposeless mutter ing incoherently he wandered the City his eyes unseeing ears deaf his soul a caldron of tormented memories Why Why had he done it he made his Way to the tem pie body numbed eyes glazed and Bleak seeking to return the Silver pieces Quot i have sinned in betraying innocent blood Quot they laughed at him he Flung the 30 coins on the Temple floor he stood like a dead Man. A terrible retching in him As the coins rolled scattered and came to rest Judas afterwards hanged himself Matthew recounts his body was Cut Down and tossed into a Potter s Field. Azeldama other accounts say Judas fell from a Cliff apparently flinging himself from it his swollen body splattering on the rocks below Simon the zealot sometimes called the a Tanana an Quot and Thaddaeus. Surname Lebbeus and whose Given name meant Quot big hearted a later ministered in Persia with immense Success at one time converting 60.000 in Babylon they died martyrs to the cause under a Shower of stones and battering Sticks As for James son of Alphaeus. The accounts Are murky often with confused identifications but one tradition says he spread christianity to Syria where like the other apostles he eventually was martyred by opponents stoned to death these three once apparently had been impassioned nation Alist patriots with dreams of temporal Power and Dominion but their Zeal became rec on be crated to a greater majesty of an All powerful love triumphant in Jesus it even in the end. Claimed Judas Iscariot that searingly wrong tragic figure who according to one to his suicide so he might meet the crucified Jesus in the realm of the dead and with bared soul implore forgiveness a father forgive Jesus had prayed from the Cross Quot for they know not what they do Quot tomorrow Peter dog n suds. By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag West a four heart opening bid was a Normal preempt. North s double was for takeout so South a four Spade chases Jesus had picked i to. Furthermore he had the in per their West a 543 a a Kwh 10 9 5 4 2 a 64 for his potentialities s. He h Severance to stick with their cause for More than two years of wandering homeless teaching against rising official hostility. Yet he May have Felt isolated from the other apostles an outsider an aloof brooding loner from the Southern town of Korioth embittered by exclusion from the camaraderie of the More emotional northerners of Galilee i his resentment his sense of being rejected misunderstood and maligned might have grown into a festering obsession driving him to a pathetic act of revenge. Or perhaps aware that Jesus saw through him he could stand the pretence no longer. Again he May have decided the Jig was up. Their group doomed. And acted in cowardice to save his own skin. Yet that hardly accords with his past dedication. A stronger possibility is that Judas a fervent nationalist with dreams of restored jewish nationhood and a divinely ordained Rule of righteousness saw Jesus assuming that earthly throne and acted to Force him to unleash his Power. Scholars through comparisons of varying scripture manuscripts and other ancient references have detected indications of four ardent nationalists among the apostles a Judas Iscariot the lesser James son of Alphaeus Thaddaeus sometimes also called Quot Judas from the hebrew parallel Quot Theudas a and Simon the the zealots committed to resistance against Rome pledged their lives to restoring their Peoples Olden covenant of a nation under god. At that last supper of Jesus with his apostles in the upper room Thaddaeus at one Point asked him a lord How is it that you will Manifest yourself to us and not to the world a the question implied a lingering desire for Jesus to unfurl wordly suzerainty. But Jesus deflected it. While some of those quiet less prominent apostles who mostly remain silent and unquoted in the scriptural record apparently wanted Jesus to materialize his Dominion none but Judas took his drastic conspiratorial course about it. Breathing hard Judas climbed the Long ramp into the upper City his mind a whirling blur of frustrations guilt and desperate thirst for heroic status. By his act he would precipitate the decisive confrontation. He Judas would Man Euver the Victory. Enough of this waiting Why if Jesus really was the Messiah he could Call Down legions of Angels to scatter roman swords adduce an collaborators and prison guards. It was time to Golden Bubble i Steak House i la and ballroom i North 4-12 a kq96 a a k j to 8 a k q to 5 4 East a a 2 a j 7 a a532 a j 8732 South a j to 8 7 a 863 a q 97 a a 96 vulnerable neither dealer West West 4v pass North dbl pass East pass pass opening Lead. V2 Call was eminently Correct. As anyone can see. West could have made five hearts with eight Trumps Dummy s aces of diamonds and Spades and one Spade Ruff. East probably should have bid that five hearts but he hoped to beat for Spades and was not at All sanguine about prospects at five hearts. West made the Surprise Lead of the Deuce of hearts. He hoped to get his partner in to give him a club Ruff. Unfortunately for that Well Laid plan it went sour because Dummy was Able to Trump that heart Lead. South went right after Trumps but East grabbed the first one with his Ace and shot Back a club for West to Ruff. It did no to require any Genius on West a part to play a Diamond. East Sace became South the third defensive trick and 4 a another club Ruff left South a contract in the Ashcan. Not much Solace for East and West who could have made a game but a to better than watching South Chalk one up for himself. Easter Buffet enjoy your easter dinner at the Village cafe Home of the 7 Days a week smorgasbord. $025 Only. O serving 11 00 . To 2 00 . Daily Murrel amp Marjorie Mcguire prop. New Richland in. 445-b481 Call 451 Toto Owatonna in a cocktails included a wine so retd 11 00 to 5 00 available special menu available thursday april 12 regular menu 6 00-9 00 . Plus All the fish you can eat cod includes salad Sar Diep Fried or mailed Friday and saturday april 13 amp 14 regular menu service 6 30 to 10 30 . Monday Friday. Specials 5-9 Friday special $41s Pike or Turkey dinner sunday s dinner Skoal roast Spring Chicken compleat dinner $275 Canton Cate 321 so. Broadway downtown Albert Loa 373-4112 old Hwy. It Hayward Minn. Sot., april 14 Dixi Elanders make reservations now for dances to be held in 1979. Phone for details on banquets receptions fund raisers it attention eagles Friday april 13 Friday night supper serving 6 00-7 30 8 30 . Dance Musk by by corporation Vav saturday april 14 8 00 . Ham and poultry party usual entertainment on thursday a a no Alto includes a steaks a shrimp a Chicken Walleye salad bar Beer a wine a setups noon lunches hours . La . A 10p.m. . La .-11 30p.m. Jbf Ogk ooooooooooooooeoeqoonoooogdrja2f Arrowhead sapper club a hmm mate Soete pm. 507-297-5747 a do Dandle a cocktail open to the Public Thurso at Hall Spuck pm Mona Eri Date Hill san Del open Mena saturday Prim rib Opan Mona live made saturday april 14 Quot butter band Quot country Western old time. Country Rock we will be closed sunday eve. April is enjoy your easter dinner with us easter sunday april 15 serving 11 30 to 2 30 Buffet style Chicken Ham dinner beverage included adults.500 children.2#0 108 under phone for your reservations now Call 297-5767 under new ownership Hoim of the giant 16 of us a Choice acid meats Ron s famous easter dinner Buffet menu a roast Baron of beef carved in the room a Wilson sugar cured Ham a Southern Fried Chicken dinners include Choice of baked potatoes mashed potatoes and Gravy candied yams German potato salad Many salads. Vegetables and dessert tables $2.95 of �?�5= 0 adults.$5.95 children., to yrs. And under serving dinner from la 00 . To 2 00 . Breakfast from 7 toll . Free easter Surprise from All the children Best Western Kahler 2301 East main Street Albert Lea Minnesota 56007 507-373-8291 Call for reservations. Loso a

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