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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 8 1979, Page 1

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Albert Lea Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - April 8, 1979, Albert Lea, Minnesota The sunday Tribune vol. 82, no. 83 single copy 30 cents Albert Lea Minnesota sunday april 8, 1979 uses 181 580 46 pages Nairobi Kenya apr a All Friday apparently for shipment libyan troops sent to Uganda a Home month ago to help defend presi Telephone and telex lines be Dent Idi Amin from tanzanian tween Uganda and Kenya or invaders have been flown out of Tanzania went dead at about i the country diplomats in Kam p operators in Nairobi and Pala said today Telephone and bar is Salaam. Tanzania said telex communications into but they could not explain the Uganda from neighbouring coun cause tries suddenly went dead this of Libya never officially afternoon knowledge sending troops to the diplomatic sources said Uganda its official news Agency the libyans sent to Aid Amin by said the Only libyans in Uganda libyan Leader and fellow were advisers arid teachers but moslem col Moa mar Kheda other sources said khad Afy sent by. Had fled Kampala for Jinja 2,600 soldiers and supplies after from there they went by Road Tanzania refused his offer to and rail to an air base 70 Miles mediate an end to the War. North of the capital to Board the reported flight of the lib flights out of the country. Yans came As ugandan rein one Diplomat said a Large Forcemeats took up positions number of caskets with libyan around the capital s radio Sta dead arrived by train at Jinia on Tion while it broadcast amines news highlights Anderson reappointed to Mac a St. Paul Minn apr gov. Al Quie will reappoint or. Howard a. Andersen Rochester to the citizens Board of the Minnesota pollution control Agency. Andersen a specialist in respiratory diseases at the Mayo clinic has served on the Mica Board since its creation in 1967 Quie s office also announced the following appointments Robert a. Barrett Mankato crime control planning Board Karen a. Olsen Minneapolis Public employment relations Board Herbert Lancaster. Shoreview reappointed to the Gillete Hospital Board of directors personnel Board appointments St. Paul Minn. Apr gov Al Quie has appointed three persons to the state Board of personnel. The Board advises the state on matters related to salary schedule disciplinary actions and Job descriptions they Are William Flaherty Minneapolis who will serve another four year term and newcomers Paralee Milligan St. Paul and Glenn k. Christensen Moorhead. Flaherty is president of Flaherty equipment co., is. Milligan is a professional photographer and partner in Milligan photo inc., and Christensen is corporate director of personnel and Industrial relations for american Crystal sugar co. Caldwell juror chosen Hastings Minn. Apr a fifth juror was chosen Friday in the first degree murder trial of Marjorie Caldwell. Jean Whitson 44, housewife and Par time Brush dealer from Burnsville is the fourth woman juror. Jury selection began monday. Mrs. Caldwell Golden colo., is charged in the june 1977 deaths of her adoptive Mother Duluth heiress Elisabeth Congdon a nurse Velma Pietila defense attorney Ronald Meshbesher has to of his 15 peremptory challenges remaining and prosecutor John Desan to has five of nine left. Jane Estes Burnsville employed As a Printer for a Petroleum firm was the Only person named to the jury thursday. Evans May cooperate Atmore Ala. Apr a priest who befriended condemned murdered John Louis Evans Iii says he thinks Evans will abandon his wish to die and cooperate in efforts to overturn his death sentence. The Rev. Kevin Duignan made his assessment Friday after . Supreme court Justice William Rehnquist granted a stay of execution at least until april 13 on an Appeal by Evans Mother to Stop the Friday morning electrocution. Evans had said he wanted to die Evans made no comment after the ruling was announced. Duignan said Evans probably would not make a decision before monday. Injured Grudder Dies Madison wis. Apr Jay Seiler the freshman Wisconsin football player critically injured during a Spring Drill a week ago died saturday a Hospital spokesman said. Seiler 19, suffered a head injury while tackling a Ball Carrier during the Drill March 31 and had been in a coma since he arrived at a Madison Hospital shortly afterwards. Madison general Hospital spokesman Tim Warner said seilers blood pressure began to drop around 3 15 a m. Saturday and he was unable to maintain his circulation despite medication. Neurologist Fred Kriss declared seilers brain dead at 5 15a.m. Observing government a c r. Marshall a member of the new zealand parliament chats with a member of the audience after the gasohol hearing in Hartland Friday night. Marshall is senior opposition whip in the House of representatives in new zealand. His position would be similar to minority whip in the . House. New zealand m. P. Sees local legislators work Hartland Friday nights legislative hearing on gasohol was an impressive example of american democracy in action toe. R Marshall m p the Quot a. A Quot stands for Quot member of parliament a a and designates Marshall As one of the National government leaders in his Home country. New zealand How did he wind up observing a legislative meeting on gasohol in Hartland Minn ? Marshall is visiting the United states for a month through a program of the International communications Agency. He has already spent a week in Washington d c., and has visited new York City new Hampshire and is in the Middle of a four Day Stop in Minnesota before travelling on through the South and Southwest and making his last Call in Hawaii what impressed Marshall Friday night was the fact that six state representatives and two state senators had travelled around the state All Day and were spending Friday night working when most legislators would like to be at Home. Quot i am impressed by the committee going around the state and inviting people to participate who would probably never go up to St Paul for a hearing a he said. A this is really an example of democracy in having observed Washington politics and some state politics Marshall said he finds the state Brand a More interesting and purposeful and less frantic than the Federal he said he was impressed by the Quality of people involved in state politics and was becoming much More aware of the Powers and amount of responsibility wielded by the states the trip is educational in other ways Marshall said his country is also looking into using a a vegetable alcohol and a alcohol derived from Timber As a source of fuel. But not until he arrived in Minnesota had he heard of mixing alcohol and gasoline to make a if we do Start to develop gasohol a he told the crowd at the meeting a it May be heard that the idea started at a House subcommittee meeting in Hartland Marshall is spending the weekend As a guest of rep. Henry Kalis Del Walters a Kevin Sweeney a Minneapolis Post office employee has been appointed Albert Lea postmaster effective april 21, according to regional postmaster general John Doran. Doran also announced the appointment of Judith k Draayer As Glenville postmaster effective april 7 Draayer has worked nine years with the postal service in Clarks Grove Manchester Albert Lea and Glenville appointed to the Albert Lea Post is Lester Ericsson of Anoka Ericsson became a postal employee in 1952 As a clerk in the Sioux City Iowa Post office and was reassigned in 1968 to the Minneapolis Post office As Foreman tour superintendent and Quality control officer the postmaster position was left vacant when w. Stanley Sevaldson retired Sam Gilligan officer in charge since the retirement will return to his supervisory position in Mankato Draayer is a graduate of Austin Public schools she served nine years As a clerk at Clarks Grove officer in charge at Manchester clerk Carrier at Albert Lea and clerk at Glenville. She fills the Post left vacant by the reappointment of Anthony w. Bonacci to Brainerd Minn., Geraldine Ber Ven officer in charge during the vacancy will assist Draayer postmasters Are selected on Merit based on recommendations by a management selection Board and appointed by the postmaster general upstairs who cares Quot All modern apartment�?6 rooms a from 2 to 3 bedrooms close in. Preferably this apartment was rented right away through a classified and in the Tribune. Many apartments rooms and houses Are rented this economical effortless Way. Of you have property for rent turn it into Money the easy Way list your rental in the classified columns of the Tribune. To place your adjust dial 373-1411 ask for an experienced classified and writer to help you word your and for Best results. Inside the Tribune teamster talks break nuclear doubts iranian sex prime minister executed by firing squad defiant declaration to thousands of invaders that he is a a True ugandan and will never run away from his capital a residents and diplomats said the reinforcements were guarding both the Uganda Broad casting corp Complex on Naka Sero Hill and ugandan army Headquarters Amin claimed the invaders held Only Small areas of Southern Uganda and he again vowed Victory however his speech took the tone of a Farewell address As he recounted his achievements and said he had made ugandans a their own Amin said he had brought his people color television wealth businesses and factories a an apparent reference to his controversial ouster of 40,000 asian businessmen in 1972 73 and the distribution of their holdings to ugandans. A communique issued in the tanzanian capital of dares Salaam by the ugandan National liberation front a coalition of exile groups said the invaders were not Rushing to occupy the capital. Tehran. Iran a for Mer iranian prime minister Amir Abbas Hoveida was exe outed by a firing squad Satur Day state owned radio announced the radio broadcast. Quoting an official of the revolutionary government said an islamic court in Tehran found the 57-year-old Hoveida guilty of All charges of being a a corrupt element on Earth responsible for spreading corruption and treason to Hoveida prime minister under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi for 13 years was charged with spying for the United states zionism smuggling heroin allowing exploitation of Iran a natural resources and other crimes for which the prosecutor had asked the death sentence Hoveida was the highest ranking official of the old re Gime executed thus far he went on trial in Tehran s Yasir prison on March 15, but the proceedings were suspended when provisional prime minister Mehdi Bazargan complained to revolutionary Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini that trials were being conducted in violation of established Legal norms. A new decree issued last thursday provided a Legal basis for the revolutionary trials to resume and still permitted secret proceedings and execution immediately after sentencing earlier saturday firing squads executed six More of the Shah a former Security men revolutionary militiamen rounded up a Host of new suspects including a sister of the exiled Monarch. Princess Fatemeh Pahlavi. 49 an official of Tehran a Qasir prison confirmed a report in the newspaper Ett Taat that Princess Fatemeh Pahlavi 49. Was arrested and put under heavy Security at the prison but he would provide no details there was no word of the charges against the Princess w to had lived in seclusion since the death of her second husband air Force Gen Mohammad Khademi. In a hang glider Accident three years ago she is the Only close relative of the Shah still in Iran he has two other Sisters. Princesses Ashraf and Shams. News reports said 35 More people had been arrested by revolutionary guards in the past two Days including former government ministers judges military officers and a University professor legislators hear Praise for gasohol at hearing with no Progress made expressed As reactor cools Harrisburg Paap it engineers overcame a minor radiation leak and a Brief break Down at a simmering reactor on three mile Island As gov Dick Thornburgh dedicated the rest of his term to preventing another nuclear Accident in Pennsylvania a i now have doubts deep and serious doubts about re opening the Plant on three mile Island again about expanding nuclear Power in Pennsylvania again a Thornburgh said Friday in a statewide telecast. A nuclear advocates who would pretend that nothing was changed by our Vigil at three mile Island simply Are not in touch with reality a Thornburgh who said he once thought nuclear Power a promising Way to expand Energy sources said he will appoint a recovery committee to Teal with the nation s worst commercial nuclear Power Accident in Washington a nuclear regulatory commission spokesman said Friday night Early information indicates the operator of the three mile Island Plant violated safety regulations and could lose its License to run atomic facilities a it certainly is a possibility depending on the outcome of the said Frank Ingram chief spokesman for the arc. A we have some indications that there might be some violations of License requirements but it is very preliminary earlier in the Day arc officials said Plant technicians grappled with two new developments including a failure in the reactors primary Cooling system a motor stopped pumping water to the damaged Core for two or three minutes before a backup pump kicked on Harold Denton arc chief of operations said the breakdown was anticipated and that five Back up systems were in place a Small burst of radioactivity also leaked into the atmosphere from a pipe siphoning Gas from an auxiliary building Back inside the sealed reactor dome operations came to a halt for 2 hours while the line was paired. Denton said authorities trying to stabilize the reactor have estimated that decontamination of the sealed containment building could take up to four years cleanup of the cavernous auxiliary Structure filled ankle deep with radioactive water will be tried after the reactor reaches a cold shutdown stage a Point where the reactor poses no risk of escaping control Plant officials say that could happen within a week Thornburgh said his week old advisory that pre school children and pregnant women remain at least five Miles from the Plant will continue until the auxiliary building is decontaminated meanwhile the Carter administration said in a statement that government inspectors have found that food grown har vested or produced in the area of the crippled Plant is not contaminated but four nearby residents fearful of the effects of radiation exposure asked a judge to close the crippled facility and Force its owners to pay for the medical checkups and treatment of More than a half million people for the next 20 years the class action suit filed thursday in Dauphin county court against the general Public utilities consortium claims the March 28 Accident in which radiation leaked from the Plant May be Quot potentially destructive of All human and animal life within at least a 60-mile radius of three mile Island facility Quot partly because of such bitter reaction two Pennsylvania congressmen whose districts Are near the Plant have modified their support of atomic Energy a in the past i was pro nuclear Quot said rep Robert Walker co sponsor of a proposed Bill to require fail Safe communication systems at each of the country a 72 atomic plants. Quot i m saying right now that in Light of this Accident there has to be a Complete re evaluation of nuclear Energy a rep. Allen Ertel whose District includes three mile Island said he was Quot pro nuclear with caution now a postmasters named for Albert Lea Glenville flee killed in Bhutto rioting Islamabad Pakistan apr at least five persons were reported killed As rioting and arson Over the hanging of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto continued in Pakistan. Hundreds of arrests also were reported and Many of those detained faced five to to lashes under marital Law regulations of the government of president Mohammed Ziaulhaq. The first confirmed death in fridays demonstrations was reported at Gujranwala 150 Miles Southeast of Islamabad. The Punjab provincial government said the death occurred during a clash Between activists of Bhutto a Peoples party and the Pakistan National Alliance which backs the Zia government. Police quelled the trouble with clubs and tear Gas after mobs burned Down six shops and one House the government said. Comics.14 crossword16 opinion Page. 4 Bridge. 8 daily records.29 Washington a the teamsters Union and the trucking Industry Are Back at Square one in their struggle to agree on contract terms ending a we Klong shutdown of major trucking firms negotiations Between the two skies broke off Friday afternoon and Federal mediator Wayne l Horvitz said afterwards the Union and Industry were Quot no closer to agreement than we were at the time the strike started last saturday night a the decision to break off the talks made it certain the shutdown would stretch into a second week threatening economic disruptions beyond the already hardhat Auto Industry. More than 120,000 Auto workers were Laid off or placed on Short shifts in the first week of the Industry lockout of striking teamsters and the government says the number of layoffs in the Auto Industry alone May reach 200.000 next week despite the discouraging developments in the talks. Carter administration officials said the president has no present Plaas to use the Taft Hartley act to seek a court ordered end to the dispute a your stance at this Point is that the Impact on the nation s health and safety does not warranty going to court said one official. Who asked not to be named. He said officials Are continuing to Monitor the effects of the work stoppage the dispute a Gan last saturday when the Union and Industry failed to reach agreement on a new contract covering 300,000 teamsters by a Midnight deadline the Union launched a limited strike against 73 companies and trucking management in the Industry bargaining Arm that represents about 500 firms retaliated with a lockout of an estimated 235,000 workers. In discussing the negotiations mediator Horvitz said he would off because of a failure to resolve a the total Cost package of a three year contract j Curtis counts the Industry a chief Bargainer said the discussions faltered because the Union would not Back off from its Quot tremendously costly contract demands asked How costly he said Quot megabucks a counts charged the teamsters proposals would exceed the Carter administration s anti inflation guidelines and place trucking companies at a disadvantage with non regulated firms teamsters president Frank Fitzsimmons denied the unions demands would exceed the presidential wage Standard even so he said a we re not negotiating a contract on the basis of guidelines we re negotiating on the basis of inflation a remain in touch with both sides throughout the weekend but said he was not optimistic talks could resume that quickly. He said the discussions broke libyan troops leave Uganda communications shut Down of Law a Pho of freighter founders coast guard officials were hopeful saturday of saving the Canadian Ore freighter Labrador which is shown sinking in Lake Erie Friday after being disabled in a storm the night before. Family Page deaths. Sports. To guide. Horoscope by Kevin Sweeney Tribune City editor Hartland a gasohol May just be the answer to Minnesota a Energy needs and the Low Price of com. According to testimony at a hearing conducted by the subcommittee of the Minnesota House agriculture committee the House agriculture program and policies subcommittee concluding a three City tour of the state in Hartland was seeking testimony on a proposed Bill to promote the development and use of gasohol distilled in Minnesota according to rep. Henry Kalis Del Walters there was t a discouraging word at any of the meetings gasohol proponents seemed in abundance at the hearing in the Hartland school gymnasium. Most were Content to let one or two do the talking. The panel was told that alcohol distilled from Corn to be used in gasohol can be produced in Small quantities on farms at a Cost that makes gasohol competitive with gasoline Jim Hendrickson of Hartland who has worked with producing alcohol said stressed Corn that would have been fed to cattle or wasted can be cooked up on the farm and brewed into alcohol at a Cost of about 72 cents a gallon a about the same Price that is being paid for regular Gas these Days. He said that in order to reach that Cost Farmers would have to sell the leftover protein Rich residue As feed Hendrickson said that As far As the feed aspect is concerned a Bushel of moldy Corn that would be unfit for feed can be distilled leaving a useable feed that is More valuable than the original Corn and the alcohol. Hendrickson said Small plants such As Farmers would use Are More Cost efficient than larger commercial plants which studies in Illinois have said would use More Energy to produce the alcohol than the alcohol would provide smaller on farm stills Cix Iid be fuelled by Cornstalk Wood scraps old crankcase Oil anything that would provide heat and could be controlled. Leroy Deichmann of Mankato a Corn production agronomist for the Minnesota waxy Corn growers association a non profit or clip of about 350 member Farmers said his group is considering gasohol highly As a potential Market for their product. He scoffed at the idea that the technology to produce gasohol economically is not available a a it a our own ignorance that keeps us from getting the alcohol out of the Corn a he said a we should put our resources together a Pool them a and develop this kind of technology. I believe that something that is impossible is Only something we Haven to Learned How Todo vet a members of the panel were just As enthusiastic about gasohol As those testifying rep Dave Fjoslien the chief author of the Bill to promote development of gasohol proclaimed himself to be a Quot gasohol cd and said Quot i firmly believe that we As Farmers can not Only feed but fuel the nation Quot the Bill As proposed would reduce the state gasoline tax two cents per gallon on gasohol which contains alcohol distilled in this state from Minnesota products and is used in vehicles on Public highways. The Bill would also set up a a a Minnesota agricultural products Industrial utilization boards within the Minnesota department of agriculture which would be responsible for a program to test evaluate develop and promote gasohol representatives asked about the effect of gasohol on the Price of Corn Deichmann said it Cix Iid Only make it go up but Hendricks said gasohol production would have to be very High for prices to go As High As $3 a Bushel Hendrickson in response to another question said the danger of gasohol or alcohol exploding or blowing up in stills was slight alcohol he said Burns at a much higher temperature than gasoline and that a Mountain stills which Are even cheaper than the kind we Are talking about a Are the kind of stills that blow up usually from a fault in the boiler. Gasohol hearing a gasohol proponents showed up at the Hartland school gym Friday night to show their support for a Bill prompting the development of gasohol in Minnesota

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