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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1935, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot (Newspaper) - June 27, 1935, Albert Lea, Minnesota Phone your news to us we will print it. Dial 2620. Freeborn Patriot established to meet a Public demand for an Independent newspaper. Vol. 2. No. 2.Albert Lea Minnesota thursday june 27, 1935 5 cents a cop county collects Over $400,000.00 in tax Money around the world with labor a what is right what is wrong is Sermon topic Peoples Market changes hands Howard scoop Skophammer has i purchased the Peoples Market from Ben Jenson. A ask oops is Well and favourably known Here of he is a longtime resident of Albert i a. Or. Jenson is undecided As to what he will do in the future. Rev. Robert l. King presbyter ministers Union in Nan pastor outlines proper Union labor drive course to take new ministers Union of America has organized a Union Label committee to get churches and other religious organizations to support Union labor. As a first step in this direction the m. U. A. Recently called upon All new y Ork ministers to have their printing done in Union shop Sand Bear Union labels. Active support of Union labor will help a uphold a decent Standard of wages and help increase the purchasing Power of the nation a the Union explains. It Calls attention to the fact that a organized labor is in Many respects practising what we Are preaching and is far More in Harmony with the ideals of organized religion than those employers who in practice Are lowering the standards of wages. A for example the typographical Union has spent Over $8,000,000 for unemployment 200 Union men to be reinstated settlement of the Street car strike in Omaha is in sight. Governor Cochran of Nebraska today ordered the company to reinstate 200 Union Street railway workers. The governor is taking a firm hand and is determined to end the strike. So makers sue radio station for censoring Philadelphia. A the american federation of hosiery workers will file a complaint with the Federal radio commission against station Kew of to some smoking drinking Sabbath the National broadcasting system for Freedom to do As we please is entirely a illegal censorship and barring of moral and in Harmony with right and Emil Rieve. President of the federa to others at least As sincere it is very Tion from a scheduled broadcast it wrong. Has announced. To some under certain Circum the federation charges that Rieve stances it is right to lie and to others was prevented from speaking at the it is very wrong. Suppose a dying per last moment because of a considerable son should ask you if they urrere going matter in his proposed speech urging to die. Militant action against All Man fac j when it comes to the matter of tuners seeking to take advantage of profits on our line whether it be pro the Era # three Day strike wins wage increase three Day strike of scripture Reading Matthew 7 1-14. Texts prov. 44 12. There is a Way which see meth right unto Man but the end thereof Are the we ays of death. Prov. 4 18. But the Way of the righteous is As a dawning Light that Shin eth More and More unto the perfect Day. Introduction there has Ever been discord As to what is right and what is wrong in life. To some one thing see meth Light and to another another Way and Good people often part company on what is right. A Long time ago when Jesus said he had come to Bear witness to the truth Pilate asked Jesus a what is truth a this is no Small question even though it May have been asked in jest by Pilate. Conscience we have discovered is no certain guide to we hat is right. We often see conscience leading men to do the most grievous sins. It caused the Indian of a few years ago to offer his child to the Crocodile of the Ganges River. In history it led Christian people to Burn heretics at stake because of their discord Writh prevailing opinion. In our own present Day it is causing some Christian people to attempt the crucifixion of others because of different View Points of interpretation of the word of god. Even attempting the destruction of men like Robt. Speer and Stanley Jones. There is no Clear path among men As to what is right in the moral realm. Many gather to hear Peterson stalk on labor feed pheasants consume tested by University show seed Corn to be a very Squill percentage of their daily diet outlined present status labourers throughout this country of speaking before a Good sized crowd at the court House Square l. D. Peterson Minneapolis labor Leader said a there Are a number of things i wish to Cail to your attention that the Labouring Man faces. A we have had a struggle against special privilege since the beginning of Man. Never has that struggle been More precarious than at the present time. A during Feudal times certain men extracted toil from their fellow men for their own personal gain. In the beginning it was slavery. Today it has taken a different form. Men today have a Small equity in what they do but a very Small equity. A years ago men started to band themselves together to better their conditions. A it is True that we have More around us a said Peterson explaining that we Fiad finer things and could enjoy a Fuller life. A it is worse in this respect. In Feudal times men had very Little difficulty in procuring the necessities of life. Today this is not the Case. A a number of years ago a number of our people were bonded in slavery but the worst of the slave Drivers fed their slaves. Today we have an abundance of things around us but Many Are unable to procure the necessities of Peterson told his listeners that the an investigation of the food habits of pheasants carried on within the last few Days by the University farm in cooperation with the game and fish division in response to numerous com plaints by Farmers about pheasant damage in Fields of newly planted Corn has shown that in general these com plaints Are not wholly justified and that much damage by insects and gophers has been wrongly attributed to pheasants. Over 50 pheasants killed in the Region from which most complaints have come were submitted to or. Ralph t. King instructor economic zoology at the University farm for an examination of the crop contents and an analysis of the food taken according to or. Kings report shows that while pheasants have eaten some Corn they have not done nearly the amount of damage for which they have been blamed. Examination of the crop contents of the first 54 Birds revealed Only 62 kernels of whole com and three sprouted kernels which May or May not have been seed Corn while they contained 86 kernels of mutilated Corn we hich had already been destroyed by ground squirrels or gophers which eat the germ of the Kernel leaving the remainder. It is obvious that a Large Mcmullan buys m. L. Olson Stock p. J. Mcmullan formerly in the grocery business at Charles City has purchased the m. L. Olson Stock at 218 est Clark. He will operate the Ploce under the name of Square Deal grocery and is now doing business. Or. Mcmullan will move his family Here very soon. Distribution to made much Road work is under Way in Over $100,000 is paid to school districts in county a june division of taxes difficulties Are encountered trucks and graders get stuck in mud a Survey of Road work done in this county shows that the county under supervision of county Engineer Arnold Pless is grading county Aid Road no. 20, which runs North and South through Armstrong and county Aio Road no. 4, which runs Northeast of Oakland. From Armstrong the Crew working there will go to Hartland township where they will Start grading county Aid Road no. 42. The work of grading roads has been a Tough one this year. The moisture in the ground caused by heavy rams has made it difficult for trucks and grading machines to operate. Quite often it is necessary to pull graders and trucks out of mud holes. This is a great contrast to a year ago when trucks due to the drouth could drive through open sloughs. Between 8,000 and 0,000 Cubit Yards it has been Learned through the county treasurers office and the auditors office that the treasure re a office collected in current taxes for 1934, and delinquent taxes Between March 1 and june 1, the total sum of $449,- 630.75. Out of this sum the county treasurer paid this week $110,792.58 to county townships villages and the City of Albert Lea $129,837.40 to the j school districts in the county and j $83,122.31 to the state of Minnesota. Workers throughout the county were overjoyed wednesday to learn that the county commissioners had accepted the offer by the state and Federal government of funds for work Relief. The state and Federal government required that the county pay Only $30,000 of the Money needed for direct and work Relief. The total amount to be paid by the state and Federal government this year is estimated at Weil Over $100,000. One labor Leader in commenting on the commissioners decision said a it is evident that the commissioners disregarded the a heat that was being put on them by an Albert Lea business Man said a it would have been a disastrous thing if the county had lost this Federal and state gravel All shovelled by hand have part of the damage attributed to been paced on Roa is by the county pheasants has been done by other animals. The crops contained a certain amount of waste Grain which was not in germinating condition. There Wert 327 if Emels of ens Ilage Corn much of which had apparently been picked up from animal manure and 577 grains of Oats which also seemed to have been gleaned from manure. It was obviously not seed Grain. The pheasant crops contained a number of injurious insects and in first organization of Labouring men doubt edly pheasants in search of such took place in 1648 when the Shoemake 1 harmful insects Are often wrongly fess ional or in business How much j profit can 1 take from the Public and j still be in Harmony with right can i take millions As has been done and j still be right or i sit wrong to amass j fortunes at the expense of people such i continued on Page seven 200 Wiedeman co. Workers led by the j As Henry Ford Morgan and others Independent wholesale grocery Ware j what was right in the 60�s when Gunhouse employees l Nion of Cleveland i Jer Lincoln the country was at War won a 10 per cent wage increase sen Anco negro slaves were Given Legal Jority rights and Union recognition. Continued on Page six cattle in county to be tested a. Vav. Elects officers i thief River Falls the following were elected officers organization grows thief River Falls minn., june 97�? of the Independent Union of All workers local no. 2, at its annual election last Friday night. Ray hem Enway president Peter Lauritzen vice president Dave Peterson financial Secretary Peter Axelson treasurer Joe Bergstrom guard Art Hanson guide and Fred Dillon Helen Nelson a1 Brady Harvey Peterson Helen Peterson Alvin Anderson and j. B. Kelley trustees. A Complete test for tuberculosis of All cattle in Freeborn county will be made during the two weeks of july 1 to july 14 inclusive. This test is made by the Federal Bureau of animal Industry in cooperation with the Minne Sota livestock sanitary Board. There blamed for damaging Corn. Sixth eight j cutworms 77 beetles 5 maggots pure or adult flies 11 ants and two wire Worms were found in these Birds. This is the year of greatest abundance j of june beetles Over a three year per Rod and Many of them Are being eaten. One Bird examined by a Warden 4 but not included in this report contained 72 june beetles in its crop. Their fondness for Weed seeds Mako the pheasants valuable agricultural aids. Two of the Birds contained 3342 and Over 6000 ragweed seeds respect continued on Page three the Independent Union of All Jis no expense to the county in putting workers recently held a meeting and a 0,1 and no direct tax to the signed up a Large number of new Settle owners. The work is paid for members. The workmen a Protection a Ltd a Tate and Federal funds. Forty veterinarians will be placed association discussed the various Means of keeping up interest in their meetings. It was suggested that de Bates be held at intervals in order to stimulate interest. Aged w Oman weeps As Olson takes time from own a trial to Aid her Home lost husband in Hospital she still wants to thank judge for Courtesy drama in a Minneapolis court Toom but not a part of the Case at bar Floyd Olson haled into court to answer obviously prejudiced political charges made by persons who seek to remove him As governor on admittedly Flimsy political pretext. In court a few moments Early the governor was quickly buttonhole by several depression Ridden men and women. An elderly woman made her Way slowly through the crowd bearing a letter. A will he be Busy a a will he be Busy very Long a she asked a bystander. A Only a minute if 1 could see him. Of Why do they make not give a positive answer was impose him come Here the Best governor we sible. A. W. Selover for his courteous attitude toward her. Thou the Mortgagor had taken her place she had gratitude in her heart. A my husband in the Hospital also thanks you a she wrote the Minneapolis judge. The governor turned and she caught his Eye. Quickly she spoke to him offered her letter. A is it All right to Send to the judge a she asked. Offers Legal help the governor read it and asked her several questions whether the year of redemption had expired How she was faring. Tears rolled Down the woman a Cheeks As the governor talked with her. He told her it could do no harm to express her thanks to the judge. Wistfully she asked if anything More could be done. Without detailed Legal information which the woman could in the county to do the testing Ami they will have 40 local men As their assistants. Each one is assigned approximately 76 herds and it will be done in the two weeks time. Freeborn county became accredited in 1926 when after three Complete tests there was less than one half of one per cent reactors. The first test in the county showed nearly seven per cent infection and it has been Cut Down so that the county has remained accredited since. In 1929, three years after the county became accredited a Complete test was again made. At this time the infection was .29 per cent. Again in 1932, three years later All herds were tested where there had been known reactors and there was just a Small infection. Now in 1955, nine years after the county became accredited the test is again being made. The 40 assistants will meet with the veterinarians at the court House on sunday afternoon june 30, and receive cards for the herds in their territory. The test will begin Early monday coming july 1. S. A. Dixson with circulation dept. S. A. Dixson formerly of Bellingham wash., but now a resident Albert Lea has identified himself with the circulation department of the Freeborn Patriot. Or. Dixson is a brother of mrs. J. B. Yoder of 221 Charles Street. He was for a number of years connected with some of the Large daily papers on the West coast the Bellingham daily american also the washingtonian. He acted As circus. Lation manager for the latter paper. Luring the last month. The county is now re Graveling the Road running from Glenville to twin lakes Road e from Glenville to London and no. 12 East of Hayward running North and South connecting the Jutland Road with the Glenville Myrtle Road. The mowing of a Swath along the shoulder of the county roads and the killing Ltd of patches of thistles will Start within the next few Days. The entire right of Way will not be mowed until in August. Graveling of the Road Between Manchester and Freeborn and the Road Between Freeborn and Alden is expected to Start the first of next month. The Nulk of the Graveling done during the month of july will he in Manchester Carlson and Freeborn townships. It there Are enough shoveler available on the Relief Rolls there will probably be some Graveling done in the Vicinity of Conger. Emil Olson is doing some Graveling for London and Shell Rock townships under contract. F. C. Nelson is grading for Pickerel Lake township at the present time. The state of Iowa is doing some grading on the state line Road East or Emmons. Vast Rural Power plan to be drawn municipal ownership towns to be invited to state wide conference Union to enter school election Ever had a she displayed her letter. It was addressed to a judge. She had lost her Home through foreclosure a and we now have to become poor a she said. But she merely wished to thank judge the bailiffs Gavel dropped. Court convened. The woman hurried away but As she left the governor said a Send me the papers you have. Ill see How you just another Jolt a for the governor. Losses heavy As Hail hits Eastern North Dakota after a lengthy debate last Friday night the Independent unit Nof All workers local no. 2 decided to place candidates in the Field in the coming school Board election. Paul Jamison was endorsed by the Union for one position and Oscar Larson proprietor of Larson a Clover f Arm store was endorsed for another. It is quite definitely understood that or. Jamison will make the race. When going to press or. Larson informed the Patriot that he had not made up his mind As to whether or not he would enter. After a prediction of the largest i the reason Given by labor leaders wheat crop in years in North Dakota,1 for entering candidates was that they move to Cut Power of supreme court Washington. A senator George w. Norris Nebraska Liberal has proposed an amendment to the u. S. Constitution to prohibit the supreme court from holding unconstitutional acts of Congress except by a seven to two vote. Had such a Rule been effective the supreme court could not have invalidated the Era or Railroad pension acts. By the Federal agricultural depart men Hail hit Eastern North Dakota last week doing much damage. While losses have been reported at scattered Points in the state most of the damage done has been in Eastern part of the state striking heavily in Eddy Traill and steel counties. Much i damage was done to Rye and Winter we heat. Farmers Are claiming losses j from 20 to 100 per cent. The average \ loss claimed is said to he 60 per cent. Timely May Rains which had washed the spectre of drought from the great Plain had led to a government fore-1 cast the week previous of a 670,000,-j 000 Bushel wheat crop in 1935�?the largest in three years. The figure was much below the 10-year average production of 828,000,000 bushels. Last year a 490,000,000 Bushel crop the smallest in 30 years we As recorded a figured labor should have a represent Tat Ion on the school Board. A the who governs least Thomas Jefferson. Governs rooms wanted the Leo Carey Post of the american legion in making preparations for the coming state convention has ordered 1,000 cots to be used by visiting drum corps and bands. Anyone having extra room it which they can rent out during the j convention is asked to get in touch Wuh the head of the legion housing committee mrs. George Grun Wald 1030 Newton ave., whose phone number is 2957. A state wide meeting will be called next month to correlate municipal ownership towns cooperatives agricultural interests and state development organizations in a vast program of Rural electrification for Minnesota. According to Washington reports $5,000,000in Federal funds will he allotted this state for this purpose As an Sera project. Compete with private lines the statewide conference will permit unorganized municipalities having municipal electric plants to unite their forces with other Public Power ownership advocates to compete with private Power companies which also will attempt to obtain contracts to Supply Power to the proposed Rural lines. This was the version of the situation of mrs. Marian Lesueur former member of the state Board of education and now chairman of the Power sub committee of the state planning Board appointed by governor Olson. This sub committee voted Friday to Call the state conference. Program being drawn the planning Board under direction of Dean Holm executive Secretary id now drafting a vast Rural electrification program showing in each area of the state the number of potential that would be served the accessibility of the area to private or municipal producing plants and probable Cost. A Large part of the area surveyed is within the 30-mile Legal limit of towns operating municipal plants. Mrs. Lesueur said. These cities and towns Are vitally interested in the project. Morris Llewelyn Cook Federal administrator of Rural electrification has been asked to attend the Confer ence or Send a representative. Holding co. Bill passes among organizations which probably will participate Are the Midland cooperative the Farmers Union the Farmers Holiday association the league of municipalities and the Farmer labor association. The plans were announced As a see Ond blow to the Power Trust coming just As they did on top of passage by the United states Senate of the Wheeler Rayburn Bill. This Bill which passed 56 to 32 despite All the Power Trust propaganda and bitter reaction Ary Republican and democratic resistance clamps Down the Federal lid on j Utility holding companies. At one time Only one vote prevented senator w. H. Dietrich of Illinois Insull stamping ground from emas curating the Bill. It now is before the i House for a a Al in Albert Lea August 11 to 14 at american legion convention

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