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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot Newspaper Archives Dec 17 1937, Page 4

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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot (Newspaper) - December 17, 1937, Albert Lea, Minnesota I age four Freeborn Patriot Albert Lea. Minnesota Friday december 17, 193. hates charged for want and 2c per word for one insertion. Vic per word for each additional insertion payable in Advance. Minimum 25c. For Sale for Sale-1937 Ford �?ov-8�?� Tudor Sedan. Like new. Phone 2961. 26-11. For sale�?1 piano 1 direct action Gas Range. Phone 2944._26-tf. For Sale a building fixtures for Beer amp lunch room. Doing Good business. Write 3-f. Co Freeborn Patriot. Public opinion Tench of or s. Fri i a Diin mob to topic of Putlek Matt rat tic pm Bho a re of tar pm trl to will devote a much space As possible a Csc week to letters from tar Public. Is Reserve is right to reject ii Loos material. We invite sir Reader to it this space. Tie opinions cent ined heroin a not necessarily reflect use editorial policy of the Patriot. 26-11. For Sale new Oil burning Heater circulating Coal and Wood Heater used furniture. 509 graces. 2<-tf. For Sale Cream separator me Cormick Deering no. S. In first class condition. John Schacher Clarks Grove. Minn. 23-2t for Sale Queen Oil Heater. Good As new. Cost $95. For immediate Sale Price $60, including 80 Gallons distillate. Can be seen at butter maker Tony Garlid s Home Geneva. 22-tf. Auction Bills get your auction Bills printed at the office of the Freeborn Patriot. And. Business for Sale second hand furniture store. Best location in Albert Lea. For particulars Call at the Patriot office. 22-tf. For sale�?12 spotted Poland China gilts open. Weight about 250 pounds. 0. E. Michaelson. Hartland. Minn. 27-11. Miscellaneous owner of House and lot desires loan of $800, secured by first mortgage. Write h. L. Care if Freeborn Patriot. 26-tf. Dear editor i see by our daily paper where All gambling in Albert Lea and Freeborn county is to be stopped. 1 was won Dering if that also meant the a skin games at the new Broadway which i think is the worst we have in this county. None of the Money stays Here it All goes to the twin cities. And what about the robberies at the county fair the Money that these gambling concessions take out of Albert Lea and Freeborn county is something to think about too. Pin Ball machine operators at least pay License to the City for their operation even if the Money is used to hire Scab deputies As strike Breakers. Games of Chance like the punch boards Are not like the a come on game at the new Broadway where you have to be present to win. If your number is drawn on a punch Board you at least get your prize. No person is committing suicide because his or her name was drawn and that person was not present. Nor do you have to go Back every week and Lay Down another 25 or 35 cents to be in the a a big if we Are not going to have gambling in Freeborn county lets Stop All gambling. Treat everybody alike. We Are grateful to the merchants of Albert who have stood by us. Regardless of the invisible government and its methods of trying to put the Freeborn Patriot out of business. A Fred drier 230 s. Pearl st., City. Drive safely this week end. Better be alive monday than dead. Shell service Gas a Oil a anti freeze Jim Jensen Highway 65 a next to Marshall inn. Radio service tubes and accessories r. A. Prehm phone 4030 126 w. Main Loans Auto 6? furniture borrow on your car. Old contracts refinanced and payments arranged to suit your income. So additional Cash if needed. Any reasonable Deal accepted. Many used cars at bargain prices Witt finance co. 126 West main Cash Loans on automobiles Duluth credit finance corp. Phone 2396 Bill Larson manager used cars. For Sale. A �?T35 Plymouth Coupe �?T33 Ford coach �?T32 Studebaker 4 passenger Coupe �?~31 Pontiac Sedan �?T31 Crysler Sedan Bill Larson a the finance Many announcement workers Alliance meeting tonight at 7 30 Sharp at . Basement members Are requested to be present at 8 15. A card and bunco party will be Given at the same place lunch served. Get your tickets. Come the sex criminal Anonymous the newspapers Call him that sex criminal. In the state where he is now imprisoned awaiting trial for attack ing and murdering a Little boy Loca papers Are probably exploiting to the full his sexual perversion and Degen Erasey. All hell will descend upon his head even As the hell let Loose in Nim brought tragic suffering to those about him. But society will not think much of the twisted murky self that warped him inwardly. It will simply cry for the Bod of a sex Pervert. It will remember Only the helpless Little ten year old boy whom he murdered left on the Side of the Road. Per naps in the Community itself nothing else can be remembered then. And yet to be fair we must remember m re. Others too perhaps All of us j share the guilt. I of invt his Mother. Strange you say to blame a Mother. Stranger yet to blame a Mother who loved her boy As she did protecting him defending him. But that is where the blame primarily lies. In his youth her son acted strangely luring Little boys into cellar and attic and making sexual advances. Probably she did t understand. All it he knew was that he needed Protection. A id she threw the wide arms of her love around him and kept society from hurting him till be Day the police no longer would listen to her persuasions. 1 hey took him away and for a year he was in a reformatory. After securing his Freedom he joined the army. His enlistment period Over he found a Job and a girl. He was going to get married. That Wasny to so Long ago. The memory of that Man and his Bride standing before me to be married remains peculiarly vivid because of All the tragedy that followed. It was the Mother who arranged for the ceremony. She alone could have saved the girl from inevitable grift and hatred and destitution but she did not have the courage to say the tragic word she desperately wanted her son married sure that marriage would Solo his problem. She left me the minister completely unaware of the Shadow in which the Man lived his life. The girl standing by his Side to be married to him knew no More than i. 1 married them. Summer intervened. When i returned from my vacation the husband was in prison the we Ife was without funds and pregnant the Mother had committed suicide. Again it was an attack upon a Little boy Only now there had been threats and the brandishing of a knife. The charge was sodomy with intent to kill. This time there could be no Protection the Law we Ould have its due. The shame and grief too great the Mother killed herself. The funeral was decently provided for by the woman a husband the songs Stepfather. Beyond that the Stepfather refused to be involved in the affair. He was through. The girl seventeen years old she lied to get her License Bride of just a few months carrying the child of a Man she was already beginning to loathe was left destitute. The Man was convicted and by Mutual arrangement Between the two Over to the state farm As a defective delinquent to remain there indefinitely. He was never told that but we All knew. It was better that we recognize his twisted nature and let him live out his life quietly in the Dull routine of Semi prison. We had to Content ourselves with knowing that at least society was now protected against him. My own personal responsibility was greatest with regard to the girl Trust by unhappy Fate into Loving a Man who could Only bring her pain. I had had a part in the marriage an innocent part yet one fraught with terrible consequences. The Story of How that girl managed to make her Way and to keep alive of How she nourished a hatred for the Man she once loved till it warped her too makes lard Reading. Her first task was to find a room. Pregnant and with no husband to show to prying inquisitive landlords she found endless difficulty in getting into a boarding House. One night she actually spent on a Park Bench the darkness of the night As nothing compared to the terror and bitterness in her heart. We did manage by devious yet Legal Means to switch the income derived from the Mother in Laws estate from the son to the wife. Thirty dollars a month it was hardly adequate. Certainly not get when the baby we As bom and we Hen a Little later the Mother was hospitalized for appendicitis. Finally with no Chance to improve her condition she went Back to the state from which she had first come to be married Back to a family situation from which she had been Only too eager to escape through marriage Back to tension Strain unhappiness. When i last heard from the girl she was in an Eastern City working for a Well to do family. Whether she had the child with her i never Learned. Ii secondly i blame the penal system which did practically nothing in the Ivay of endeavouring to change this Many a disordered personality Ana then later turned him Loose free to continue his sexual crimes. The Man was comfortable enough in the prison. There was a regular routine Drill workshop recreation confinement to his cell. Physically he prospered under it. Mentally he was not particularly frustrated. To be sure ii wanted his Freedom but he Dos displayed no bulkiness or bitterness. He knew he had done wrong. He vowed repeatedly that now he was a changed Man. I said nothing to him about his permanent incarceration better i thought if he thinks he a Iii uie Day find Freedom again. But on one visit to him i interviewed the psychiatrist at the prison. Since the Man was constantly writing to the trustee of his mothers estate a Law j yer and former judge asking him to help secure his release i wanted to know whether such a release could Ever be obtained. 1 was told that there would never again be Freedom for him. His record showed deep seated homosexual tendencies which since they were directed at children would make him a constant menace to Community life. 1 was satisfied. Two years ago he was released on parole. W by or How i do not know. But he was paroled in the custody of the lawyer who was trustee of his mothers estate. A year later he was Given Complete Freedom. Last Spring the thought of this sex perverted Man at Large oppressed me. He was operating a filling station. Since his release he had not written me and when last Spring i wrote him i received no reply. 1 was about to write the Many a lawyer to discover Why he had helped secure his release from prison. J never got to that but i did write to a nearby minister telling him the Story and asking him to make some Friendly Contact with the Man. I have not heard a word from the minister which makes one lose ones Faith somewhat in the possibility of cooperative action Between ministers. I wrote this minister again Early in september still no reply. A week later i read the horrible report that a Little boy of ten had been murdered and that this Man had signed a confession. 1 do not indict the parole system As such. It has its decided advantages and holds the possibility of personal reformation within the scope of its program if that program is wisely administered. We know now however that too Many sex criminals Are after their arrest and a Short sentence simply turned Back into unprotected communities. T his Man should have been kept permanently removed from the temptation to a crime too powerful for his twisted personality to withstand. I Pon the head of the lawyer who worked for his release is the blood of this Little murdered boy and the blood of the murderer soon to be sentenced. Ill finally i blame society. We have too Long talked about homosexuality in hushed whispers thinking of it purely As a problem of morality when in reality it is a disease. It needs to be cured. To be sure that cure May be difficult. Where the tendency to homosexuality does not seriously menace society we May not have to worry overmuch. But when it leads to crimes against defenceless children we must Deal with it realistically yet sympathetically. The refusal to talk about the problem it is amazing How Many adults Are ignorant of society a blame. When a sex crime is Hamm cited we at once urge primitive Justice an Eye for an Eye a tooth for a tooth. We make the criminal out to be a Gross and cruel destroyer of life. Actually the Man whose Story is Here told in his Normal life is gentle Friendly sympathetic sincere solicitous for the welfare of look for the department of conservation tag on your Christmas tree we Hen you buy it. This is your Protection against buying a a Bootlegs Trees illegally harvested and in Many cases stolen from state or private lands. Mrs. Herbert Sorum was Hon others particularly of his own fam a ored with a birthday party by a num ily. But he is a menace to society. We must not forget however that although we Are obligated to society to protect our children and although this Protection May involve imprisonment of the offender we Are also obligated to help the offender in such ways As May be possible to change his inward self. This we have quite ignored. But As religious people we can demand nothing Century. Her of self invited guests last sunday. It will not be reached Over highways Chat Are Well marked and comfortable 0 travel on. We must expect that the route will sometimes be strewn with difficulties and with vexing problems. One of the problems that we face is the relation Betws een government and labor unions. Continued next week Mansfield Benson speech continued from Page one As Active As Ever once More distributing pennies to All the poor Little children. Meanwhile millions and still More millions walked the streets aimless jobless penniless. The Industrial physicians in the White House were so Busy providing the right kind of a diet to get big business Back on its feet that they could not provide Lime Creek Mission Circle no. 1, adequate Relief for the millions that and helping hand Mission Circle met Industry had thrown upon the Street at the Home of Nels Ofstedahl on do you remember those Days i thursday afternoon bringing lunch do. The picture of human misery Fin and leaving Christmas remembrance Sally became so terrible that when the for or. And mrs. Ofstedahl. Future historian comes to describe or. And mrs. Olaf Poison and the life of the people in those years family were shoppers in Lake Mills he will condense his phrases and Hur j on saturday. By on to things less dark and Des j or. And mrs. Leo Halvorson Eddie Perate to talk about. Christenson and or. And mrs. Albert this is where we had been brought Davidson spent thursday evening at by Nineteen thirty two by the hard-1 the d. A. Davidson Home. Ing Hoover philosophy of Quot seek you or. And mrs. Orville Laugen rus first the welfare of the big Indus sell Reindal Alma Laugen Clifford tri lists and then Prosperity for the and Keith Davidson attended the pm rest of the people will be Given unto Mons and Alden Basket Ball game on \ Friday evening. And that same philosophy and pro on saturday evening a fire broke Giam were All that the forces repro out in the basement of mrs. P. A. Seated by Landon and Knox in the Peter on House. The soot in the Nineteen thirty six Campaign could Chimney caught fire Sparks catching offer us. That is Why they could not j in kindling near Furnace. The fire de mobilize the people behind their at-1 apartment was called and it was sex tempted return to Power. That is Why to anguished after burning through a the people went to the other Side to bed room floor. Some damage was the Side of Roosevelt and the new done by smoke also. Deal. District no. 84 have a piano in on that Side stood most of the their school now recently purchased wage eamers of the country the the children Are enjoying it very Farmers the Small Independent Busi much. Ness men the professional men All some of the Young people gathered of them fearing reaction hunger and at the Home of Carrie yer Medani fascism More than anything else in sunday evening to practice Christmas the world All of them standing songs. Unitedly against further reductions in Lillian Jenson called at the Albert their Standard of living All of them Davidson Home on sunday afternoon remembering with scorn the dread p. H. Winsor t Owatonna Calleo Days of Hoover when government by at the Albert Davidson Home monday the citizens Alliance finally collapsed afternoon. J president Roosevelt stated the Mair Plank in the Peoples program in his last speech in Madison Square Garden when he said a we will continue to seek to improve working conditions for the workers of american to reduce hours Over Long to increase wages that spell starvation to end the labor of children to wipe out sweat shops we will continue Ever Effort to end monopoly of business to support collective bargaining for these things we have Only just begun to fight. It was a pledge. It was a pledge of the Only possible program in contrast to a return to the Hoover program which had led us into the Valley of depression. Millions of wage earners however know that the fight was not Over apples jonathans we nes aps delicious 75c $1.50 by bring containers Hanson fruit growers 1120 so. Madison get your red Crown Gas stove Gas naphtha kerosene. Sovis d Winter Oil Blue Flo anti freeze from Wesley Seeger Corner of Washington amp West William East Albert Lea the East Albert Lea Farmers club met Friday evening at the school House District no. 37. A business meeting was held a program Given and refreshments were served. Miss Anna Jackson visited friends at Blue Earth from sunday until Friday. While there she attended the funeral of her Friend mrs. J. M. Malmin which was held tuesday of Lemoon. Or. And mrs. John Hanson and or. And mrs. Lyle Hanson were visitors at the Louis Schmidt Home Sunda evening. Myron Thompson from Buffalo Center Iowa was a visitor at the Sam Ogtedahl Home on monday. When they went to the polls and cast or and mrs. A. L. Wangsness Ano j to Weir ballot. They knew that the fight family from near Glenville were a j just visitors at the t. E. Doyle Home on the of Jaborg a Nan sunday evening. Or a selfish one. Labor is not Organ or. And mrs. Hris Christianson a Zefja to serve Only itself it is organic from the City and or. And mrs. Keno serve adj society. Its goal is the Knudson and son. Keno from near Oak 0jp the Cornmon Man for a Fuller Lerdal Here sunday Ana an j a Freer Jefe jts g0aj is the is were visitors at the Sophus Peterson a Good time for All Dine and dance a Beer lunches tobacco a free prizes every tuesday and Friday a 9 30 p. M. Kilbride a 133 no. Broadway opposing lawyer he Wii delivered about homosexuals my is the measure Home on sunday. Or. And mrs. John Hanson and or. And mrs. Lyle Hanson were visitors at the Mervil Jensen Home on South Broadway sunday afternoon. Oscar Edell fro Rel West of the City was a visitor at the Sam Oftedahl Home wednesday evening. Miss Edna Jorgenson from Jack son visited Here for the week end at j the John and Lyle Hanson Home. Owen berhow miss Iona berhow miss Helen Rotterman and or. And m is. H. Vanstee All from Elmore motored Here saturday evening a id were callers at the Harley berhow Home. Several from Here attended the funeral of the i late mrs. Andrew Skaug of Bancroft which was held a the Cert ral Bancroft lutheran Church. Interment was made in the cemetery near the Church beside the body of her husband who died Sev eral years age it. Miss Anna Jackson was a visitor at the miss Clara and Minnie Bjerke Home in North Albert Lea sunday. Several of the neighbors gathered at the Harley berhow Home for a party. The party was in Honor of their near neighbor Fred Miller l being his birthday anniversary and a real Surprise. All enjoyed a very pleasant evening and at the close mrs. Berhow served a Fine lunch. Or Miller was presented with a Silver collection and the Best of wishes for Many Mure birthdays. John Carey was a visitor at the t. E. Doyle Home sunday evening. Miss Emily Jackson miss Delorus and Mary Ann Hendrickson motored to Emmons sunday and were visitors at the Fay Stevens Home. Miss Delorus Hendrickson remained for 8 longer visit. The others returning Home sunday evening. Or. And mrs. Harvey Sorenson and sons Donald. Dwayne and Roger and daughter miss Kathleen All l xxx the City were visitors at the j. H. Carey Home sunday afternoon. To abolishment of an order in which the producer of wealth receives the full value of his toil and in which the happiness of the individual no matter How Humble is the chief concern of society the primary aim of All collective Effort. This is the goal of organized labor. Give Mother or dad a pair of our properly fitted glasses for Christmas they will appreciate them our prices Are reasonable Clayton Wulff,1 0. D. Doctor of optometry Rivoli theatre building look your Best for the holidays for Best dry cleaning service try our service for Complete satisfaction. We Call for and deliver. Thomesen dry cleaners 305 South Newton Albert Lea Minn

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