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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1935, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn Patriot (Newspaper) - December 13, 1935, Albert Lea, Minnesota Phone your news to us we will print it. Dial 2620. Freeborn Patriot established to meet a Public demand for an Independent newspaper. Volume 2 no. 26albert Lea Minnesota december 13, 1935 5 cents a cop Liggett spoke in Albert Lea last year big business is growing cocky mrs. Chris Peterson and baby Are injured by car november dividend $400,000,000 while stocks Boom and profits increase. Here Are More reasons Why a big business believes a Good times Are on the Way and is therefore anxious to be rid of a governmental interference Railroad profits in october were higher than for any october since 1930. Corporation dividends declared in november totalled $401,523,000�?also the largest for november since 1930. For the eighth consecutive month stocks have boomed. The increase in value of 100 representatives shares on the new York Exchange for nov a Ember was Over $784,000,000. Steel output reached 57 per cent of capacity according to the american drop and steel institutes. For the same week last year the operating rate was Only 28.8 per cent. The Bond Market reached the highest level in five years. The new York a a times a Index of business reached 94.6 As against 76.9 for the corresponding week last year. Dick Vandegrift of Hartland while driving a Desota Sedan South on Broadway last saturday evening humped into mrs. Chris Peterson also of Hartland who was crossing the Street with a baby in her arms at William and Broadway and knocked her Down. Neither was seriously injured although mrs. Peterson and the baby both received a number of bruises. Light rates Are Cut 17 per cent students offered part time work Owatonna municipal Light Plant also gives $10,000 to cite. Mora to operate new Power Plant. Municipal cd Sisr ads lost Money on fender of the ice skating rink located on South Madison Avenue is now being car prepared for use this Winter. This rink Benson while or. And mrs. Larry was constructed last year. Lights Lonk of Benson were returning to were installed and the ice was kept1 this City from a visit at Morris they Clear of Snow by those using it. This served Oil the Road to avoid a col skating rink is a project that is a i Hsion with another car and their own Preci ated by the Many who Are interested in skating. Additional funds now available for Minnesota youth program. Election is won by labor party in new zealand state to control credit and currency Many other reforms. The first labor government in the history of new zeland was the outcome of an election held last week. It will Rule a territory two and a half times As Large As new York state with a population of More than 1,500,000. Michael j. Savage 63-year-old Leader of the labor party since 1923, will be Premier with 52 out of 80 seats in the next House of representatives. He will succeed prime minister g. W. Forbes whose National government has held office since the financial crash in 1931. Savage was among those who promoted the socialist secession from the Reform party in 1910 and had a prominent part in forming the australian labor party. Sweeping program the labor party is committed to a program of planned production along socialist lines with state control of credit and currency to guarantee stable prices for Farmers an extensive Public works program to absorb 50,000 unemployed workers land settlement projects and government control of wage Levels. In most countries this would seem to be an extremely Radical program but As the Toronto a a Globe Points out new zealand is already far advanced in social legislation. Pioneer in social Security a she has had old age and widows pensions since 1898,�?� the a a Globe declares. A she has had government ownership of railroads and Public utilities from the beginning of her history. She Long ago established through the cooperation of government and organized labor a widespread system of Protection for workers and one of the highest living standards in the world. Two Hundred and forty seven thousand dollars additional in Federal funds have been made available for the unemployment of Minnesota youth. The project state wide in its scope is under the direction of George a. Selke state youth director. The work program includes Community development and recreational leadership Rural youth development Public service training projects and research projects scheduled to begin about december 15. The youth administration is now assisting 7,428 students in the various educational institutes of the state. On the payroll at the present time Are 4,100 High school students 2,228 College students and 97 graduate students. College students Are offered part time jobs by which they can average $15.00 a month. Earnings of High school students average $6.00 a month. Eligibility consists of being a member of a needy family especially one heretofore on Relief a desire to continue ones education and with the age limit of 16 to 25 years. The Owatonna municipal electric Plant has reduced its residence and Power rates 17 per cent and its commercial rates 22 per cent. For the last two years Owatonna users were made a present of their december Billings As a Christmas gift. The Plant also gives $10,000 a year to the City to pay off its paving tax. Great thing these municipal utilities. Mora has just put in operation a new $85,000 municipal electric Plant after two years litigation with the Eastern Minnesota Power company. Miners demand Shorter hours ditch and condemned egg throwing near court House class rooms in railway coaches 1000 students forced to leave school buildings by earthquakes. Kernkamp tells How to prevent hog a a flu a Helena High school students routed from school building by earthquakes will return monday to classrooms on wheels. The City school Board has accepted an offer of the Northern Pacific and great Northern railroads to use eight teen coaches for temporary school rooms. By rearranging class programs faculty members believe the approximately 1,000 students can Complete their courses virtually on schedule in june. Washington d. six hour Day and a a substantial increase in wages Foi 100,600 hard Coal miners was proposed today in contract demands drawn at a tri District meeting of Pennsylvania miners. The Scales committee report containing Miner demands for new contracts to take effect april 1, was cheered by the 390 delegates presided Over by John l. Lewis president of the United mine workers of America. A vote on the report will be taken today. Its adoption by an overwhelming majority appeared certain. The demands will be presented to operators at a joint conference Early next year. The committee recommended continuation of the present five Day week in the Industry. The work Day in five year contracts which expire March 31 is eight hours. Proposed new contracts would Call for time and a half for Over time and double pay for sundays and holidays. The report is the first direct Effort of american federation of labor forces to place a 30-hour week into effect in a major Industry. Legislation proposing a mandatory 30-hour week was proposed at the last Congress and will be urged again next session. Vehicle plunged into the rolled Over. Or. And mrs. Long were both injured. The car was towed to a garage Here. Mrs. Long during the Accident lost her purse and search at the scene and in the car failed to reveal a Trace of it. But imagine the Surprise of the garage men the next Day when they source off Wau w found $37 in Bills which had been contained in the purse Between the deceased publisher referred to one paper Here As the prostituted press. Liggett is shrouded in mystery. Front fender and the Radiator and not a sign of the purse. The Money had somehow stayed in that position without blowing away during the towing. What became of the death of Walter w. Liggett the purse itself is still a mystery. Americans a Fly by night publisher in Minneapolis this week at the hands of an assassins gun brought Back memories of when he gave a speech Here in Centra Park a year ago last May. Or. Liggett spoke Here at a meeting in which there was a protest against the throwing of eggs at Jack Carson communist who had spoken the evening before on the court House Square. Or. Liggett denounced that evening jobs of 1600 m. Amp St l. Railroad the men who had thrown these eggs and at the same time took the Opportunity to lambast the Only paper Albert Lea had at that time. He referred i e. C. Permission to intervene workers Are saved temporarily. The interstate Commerce commission this week granted permission to the railway labor executives association to intervene in opposition to the dismemberment of the Minneapolis amp St. Louis Railroad. Railroad workers Are tremendously to this paper As the prostituted press. Memories of this brought Many smiles to Albert Lea citizens this week when the same paper tried to make political use of Liggetts death and in so doing gave the following quotations by or. Gilbert a Walter w. Liggett was one of the finest men i have Ever known. He was great on those obituary in Houch influenza in hogs does not cause deaths directly the disease opens the Way for dangerous complicating diseases especially pneumonia. To help avoid troubles hog producers should pay careful attention in fall special meeting for Amer. Gas workers mrs Soken Jacobson a special meeting of the american and Winter to the shelter and feeding was employees Wili be held Friday evening december 13 at the Union Hall. Everybody members and nonmembers Are urged to be present for this important meeting. I. If. Of a. W. To have Christmas party of pigs says or. H. C. H. Kernkamp of the veterinary division University farm St. Paul. A the sleeping quarters should be spacious enough and warm enough so that pigs will not huddle together or pile upon one another a says or. Kernkamp. A they should be kept dry and free from drafts. A diet that is Laxa j _ Tive and easily digested should by j provided. Alfalfa meal linseed meal Christmas program plans Are being or cottonseed meal when incorporate made for the Independent Union and de with the ration helps much to a auxiliary Christmas party to be held complis this end. Fresh clean water soon. The committee asks that Al should be available at All times. Union and auxiliary members please a Swine influenza usually develops cooperate with them by bringing any very suddenly. As a Rule the entire children who would like to be on the Hen sickens within a Day or two. The program to the Union Hall next Sun temperatures of pigs sick with Swine Day afternoon at 2 of clock. Also any flu Are usually raised. Pigs lose their adults who would be willing to help desire for food and May eat Only Small on the program Are urged to come. The funeral service of mrs. Soren Jacobson of Clarks Grove was held saturday december 7, Rev. N. C. Berg officiating. Mrs. Jacobson lived to be past 80 years of age. She was bom in Denmark and came to this country at the age of 17, her husband died ten years ago. The deceased is survived by six interested in this proceeding. 1 he qualities which have made ours a commission has been asked to split t pm oud race courage and integrity a the m. Amp St. L. Among eight other worthy son of one of our worthy Pion roads after junking 600 Miles of ears it the first Dean of the University track. Something like 1,600 jobs would Fame be abolished in the process. A at the time that or. Liggett was Here he was employed on the Austin american. He worked there for about two months and was discharged. He then continued to run a paper at to a cd a Nish red cattle to be tried in Minnesota a new Breed of Dairy cattle devel Chester and at first he supported gov oped within the last 50 years is to be error Floyd b. Olson but then joined used in Breeding experiments by the Townley in his denunciation of the Waseca Branch of the Minnesota exp governor. Liggett it seems never pediment station in cooperation with stayed in one place for any length of the United states department of a time. Two or three months and sericulture. Was gone. After the political Campaign the cattle came originally from last fall he moved his paper to min Denmark but the 22 heifers and 2 Neapolis. For a Long time he and his a bulls to he used in the Waseca expert wife continued to live in a House of children mrs a. Grotten mrs a. F. Mentor were imported from the Virgin senator Schallus. Reichl mrs. H. Nelson and miss Alice islands West indies. I hey Are known source of Liggetts income a mystery Jacobson of Clarks Grove mrs. A. A.1 is Peterson of Minneapolis and Ruben of Albert i a. A red danish a and Rose from a amounts or refuse food entirely it is planned that the affair will be Given on monday the 23rd. Der the direction of mrs. W. H. Wood is Busy distributing the seals. Through education prevention and treatment Christmas seals help to hold dreaded malady in Check. S. A. F. Lodge elected officers december Christmas seals now being sold the 29th annual Christmas Sale of seals for the prevention of tuberculosis is now on hand. The Freeborn county Public health association in dates and held the annual election. The scandinavian american fraternity at their regular meeting monday evening initiated a class of can annual legion Christmas party to be held on dec. 6th the american legion Christmas party which is put on every year with the proceeds going to buy toys Candy and nuts for the less fortunate children of the City will be held next monday at 6 p. M. This will be the eleventh annual party of the organization. L. F. Ait Chison is chairman of the affair and and he would i be to have All members present. The members of the fire department Are also working hard to do their part by repairing and repainting toys which have been donated for the purpose of making some unfortunate child Happy. The membership of the american legion today totals 193. Forty two members More Are required to fill the quota. Commander Bill Braaten and membership chairman Joe Reeden having had an increase in membership of 133 per cent so far this year we find the local Branch very opt Thomistic Over the future. Committees Are Busy shaping coming events the first of which will be a Christmas party for the members and their families. Also impressive install Ilion ceremonies Are planned for the latter part of january on which occasion the ladies Drill team from Balder Lodge s. A. F. Minneapolis will be Here to Aid in the ceremonies and will be accompanied by members from the Are endeavouring to get All members paid up by january 1. The regular meeting of tie legion will be held next thursday december j various twin City branches As Well 19. Mrs. Helen Reeden president of As members from the Austin Branch the auxiliary and the committee Are the newly elected officers Are As planning a joint Christmas party to i follows president Herman Tangen be held after the meeting. Vice president Roger Ostby Secretary the sons of the american legion held their meeting on wednesday december 11, at 7 30. The american legion auxiliary presented the Squadron with a set of colors. In last weeks edition it said that or. C. F. Palmer was the oldest legion member but this should have been that he was the oldest member of the sons of the american legion. He is the Only member of the Post who belongs both to the legion and the sons of the legion. Arthur Godtland financial Secretary we. Halvorson treasurer Ruth Tangen instructor Elm re Ostby marshal Ole Helland inner guard Leland Benson outer guard Harold Tangen. Trustees Dave Pederson Oscar Larson and Herman Tangen elected for one two and three years respectively. District organizer Lyle Evers from Minneapolis is Here this week working to bring the percentage of increase up to 150 per cent before the year is Over. Olaf p. Hanson Olaf p. Hanson passed away at his Home on Minnesota Street last tuesday morning. He was 48 years of age and the son of mrs. A. P. Hanson. He had been afflicted with heart trouble for some time. Or. Hanson was engaged in a saw filing and repair business on Washington Avenue during the past seven years. He was bom and raised in Albert Lea but was engaged in business at Waseca for a number of years previous to his return Here. He is survived by his wife his Mother and three children Elizabeth Ann Paul Olaf and Anthony gun Vald one brother Helmer of Wheaton and two Sisters mrs. S. O. Simonson and Ida h. Hanson of Albert Lea. The funeral is being held today Friday from the first lutheran Church at 2 p. M. Foundation of native scandinavian red cattle improved with selections from the leading Breeds of Continental Europe. The heifers in the shipment to be 0 tical a no income from subscriptions sent to Waseca Are each 2 years old to at. _ a i. Ltd from where Liggett received an m the source of Liggetts income has always remained quite a mystery. Or. Liggett published a paper for some time. His paper received practically no advertising and it is reported prac Union sponsors Amateur night the people of Southern Minnesota will be Given a real treat when the major Ginsburg Amateur night sponsored by the Union band is put on at the Austin Union Hall next thursday and Friday nights december 19 and 20. Much local Talent has been solicited for the affair and a Large number of contestants have already entered. There will be a radio Hookup for the crowd. Cash prizes will be Given to the winners. There will also be a prize Given to every contestant. Prizes for those in the audience have been donated by local merchants. The Union band will play but will not compete for the prizes. The admission will be 10c and 25c. A Large number from Albert Lea is expected to attend. And the hulls Are yearlings. Mature danish red cattle Are of medium height weigh from 1,100 to 1,200 pounds and Range in color from Light red to a deep Cherry red. The dams of the heifers in the shipment aver age 525 pounds of butterfat a year and the dams of the sires averaged 622 pounds. The dam of one of the two hulls averaged 768 pounds and the dam o the other Bull 637. Red danish milk cattle make up about 95 per cent of the Dairy cow population on the danish islands and the greater part of that on the Southeast coast of Jutland. Nearly 50 per cent Are in control associations which keep careful production records and Are similar to the Dairy Herd improvement associations of this country. Public warned Iggett come sufficient to keep on putting out this paper and to sustain he and his family still remains a mystery. As far As any one knows for certain no organization was contributing to the support of or. Liggetts paper. It was figured however that he received funds from reactionary politicians in the state including senator Schall but it has always been doubted whether these were enough to keep the paper going. The a shall Aballo about impeaching the governor was of about the same nature As that which promoted the ridiculous ouster proceedings against Olson last Spring. No one took them seriously. Or. Liggett was n a regarded very highly in journalistic circles. The Public health committee of the state medical association has issued a warning to parents against buying Christmas toys for children that May cause injury or blindness and especially mentions rifles air guns and similar instruments adding that an appalling number of accidents Are annually recorded. Vesper service at first lutheran Church Here the choir at the first lutheran Church directed by l. J. Emmons will Render a Vesper song service at 4 p. M. Sunday. Everybody is Welcome to attend. No charge or collection. Worlds fair in new York--1939 new York plans to have a worlds fair in 1939 that will far surpass anything elsewhere Ever attempted. The site two Miles Long by one third of a mile wide is at the population Center of greater new y Ork adjacent to Kew gardens and Flushing and is at present unoccupied. It will require some filling. It will have an Airport. It can be reached by ships at Flushing Bay. There Are 11.000.000 people within the forty mile zone. Celebrate Golden wedding or. And mrs. Rasmus Olson of 608 East Park Avenue celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last sunday december 8. Their children Theodore and Minar Olson and mrs. H. P. Christensen also nine grandchildren were All gathered at the parental Home for the Celebration. Many of their friends also called on the Honor de couple with congratulations. Counterfeit $5.00 Bills circulated a warning has been issued by Grady Boatwright St. Paul head of the u. S. Secret service that new counterfeit $5.00 Silver certificates have been circulated recently in Minneapolis and St. Paul

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