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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - September 17, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. It a vol. Ii. No. 45.albert Lea Minnesota Friday september 17, 1897. Twelve he Gold nuggets is big in More ways than one Are lying around Loose at Strauss waiting to be picked up. Our store is a veritable Gold Field to All prospective buyers of clothing. Four her maj Estyr a corsets 195 is the actual number of fur Coats we just unpacked. They Are the very finest and Best line of furs we Ever had the a Gordon amp Fergusen make we already record the Sale of 3 fur Coats with the thermometer at 90 in the Shade. Your Clothier s. Strauss. P g c. Those handsome Oak tables which we give away with a ii 90 i 8 a x superintendent Luce s report. It is read before the Council Friday evening. City need a new impounding tart and new pump it waterworks stat.�?3 in Ltd suggestions. Albert Lea minn., sept. To >7. To the common Council of ire Doty of albeit Lea a after several years of experience and careful investigation i if eave thought it my duty to submit to you for your consideration the following suggestions and recommendation relative to the water service of the City. The present settling and Imp Cading tank is too Small and insecure. As is Well known the Bottom of this tank is construct i of Wood separate and Independent of the sides arum is held Down against a great pressure of Uick Sand by the weight of water within and 4x4 wooden braces which have too Long an Angle and Are therefore liable to fail at the top end Bevel where they join the sides of the tank thereby allowing the Quicksand to regain its level by forcing the Bottom upwards disabling the Well for an indefinite period causing serious inconvenience to Many Homes and places of business. Owing to the rapid Extension and increased consumption of water the present impounding tank is entirely too Small As it is necessary to draw the water too nearly All out to Supply the demand. In View of the foregoing facts i would earnestly recommend that immediate Steps be taken not Only to make the present impounding tank secure but to construct an auxiliary tank just North of the present tank. There Are several reasons Why this should be done. The present tank contains but 14,800 Gallons which Lowers the water in the tank 12 feet which Many times is done by necessity and which As the Public schools open and sewer connections Are made will be of daily occurrence. The lowering of the water in the present tank 12 feet requires but about one hour s rapid pumping which with the inflow Dur ing that time would amount to about 20,000 Gallons according to the Teste made. The More water that can fee impounded or held in Reserve up to or near the the suction deck of a pump the less the Strain and consequent peril to the pump. The difficulties encountered in sinking the present tank were owing largely to its great Ftp the which for a new one. Is entirely unnecessary the depth May be less the diameter greater. A Tat a 40 feet in diameter and to feet deep will pm Pound 04,000 Gallons this Cen Nee ted with the present tank by an e ight Inch pipe will give a total impounding capacity of 10$,880 Gallons a Bich for emergencies is none too much. J deem this a matter of vital importance As i believe it w ill obviate the necessity of sinking another artese la Well in Many years besides holding a Reserve of water for emergencies smell As a protracted fire Flushing sewers dead Elds Etc. Again with a season As dry As two years ago or even Ane year ago the floor of your Well is inadequate to meet the demand made upon it without greater impounding capacity As to Cost i estimate that a Reservoir of 40 feet diameter inside sunk 12 feet thus containing to feet of water with an 18 Inch Wall 7 Lect from Bottom up and 12 inches from tue Nee to the top Laid in Portland Cement is he first 7 feet to be of either Brick or Stone the Bottom to be gloated All to be thoroughly finished with Portr land Cement the roof the same style As the one on the old tank the Cost would not exceed 800, and probably less. It would be i feet and 8 inches less in depth than the old one the Quicksand giving Little or no trouble. I feel that i cannot too earnestly urge your serious and immediate attention to the matter and so leave it with you. Am it May be thought by some that a Square instead of a circular Reservoir will be preferable i would simply say that a Reservoir 33x40 feet to feet deep will contain 98,840 Gallons but i think the Walls should be somewhat thicker say 24 inches at the Bottom with 12 Inch Butters either inside or outside. Create an exquisite figure. For one week from sept. 2/th to oct. 2nd the expert Corset titter mile. S. Alcutt will demonstrate the superiority of her majesty s Corse i the greatest health giver and Beautifier of the figure Ever produced. Engagements for fitting can be made with mile. Alcutt by mail or Telegraph and no one will be expected to Purchase unless they so desire. Siegels cloak specialist will open our cloak season Friday sept. 24 and saturday sept. 25 with their usual excellent assortment for delivery and special orders. No cloak allowed to leave our store k unless it suits and fits the wearer. F or. It it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it Xii tit tit tit tit Xii tit a tit tit mkt xxii tue pump. In approaching this subject i feel that i am entering a to eld of difficulties. And were it not that i know that this Council is composed of intelligent business men some of whom have had years of experience in operating and maintaining steam machinery and Are therefore familiar with the risks and uncertainties of the i it ame i should perhaps simply say that we need another pump and let it go at that. J will therefore respectfully Call your attention to a few reasons Why another pump should be installed at As Early a Date As the finances of the City Mil admit. While it is True that to All appearances the present pump is Strong and durable yet it k a Well known fact that anything is Only As Strong As its weakest Point. Kow that Point is not always apparent in fact in a Large majority of instances it is not until failure takes place. It required several explosions of locomotive boilers with great loss of life and property to demonstrate that the weak Point was where the cylindrical or round part of the boiler joins the fire Box and for a stationary return flue boiler improperly proportioned braces or insufficient reinforced Man holes or dry domes. Therefore it would be Folly to say that the Dean pump is a exception of the Universal Rule. The interests depending on amp certain Supply of water have grow n far beyond the experimental stage in this City. Nearly 400 families depend upon it for Domestic purposes and Many Homes for heating and also for lighting while the ii. C. Ii. A n. And m. A. St. L. Railroads consume from 700,0 10 to 1,000,000, or More Gallons per month and All this depends upon the staying qualities of a three fourths Inch Iron stud or a East Iron lever 24 inches Iii length 2 inches in Width Ami three fourths of an Inch in thickness. So much for possibilities Low for actualities. In an Ordinary steam Plant the proprietor shuts Down occasionally to overhaul and repair failing parts or if an actual failure of any part takes place he simply stops and makes repairs. No one in inconvenienced but himself. But no such Opportunity is Given our present condition Between a tank full and a tank empty with the possibility of a fire alarm to do any but the most simple repairing. In fact nothing but what is absolutely necessary to keep the pump in commission. The steam end of the pump requires some repairs to work it at the most economical Point of Cut off the valves do not travel Over the whole length of the seat lacking about one half Inch at each end. Consequently the seats Are shouldering and should be channelled and defaced. The plungers on the w Ater end should go to the lathe and be smoothed. I would respectfully Nail your attention to what i consider i a serious defect in the setting up of the pump. With All due respect foe the Engineer who had the setting of the pump in charge i assert that it is had engineering to set the pump owe Inch above the Supply unless it is absolutely necessary. In the present instance this pump could have been and should be at the earliest Opportunity set at least five feet lower thereby reducing the suction lift by fully one third thus relieving the pump of the extra labor of raising it Aud the Coral pile from compelling the pump to do it. It May be said by some that five feet difference More or less on the suction lift of a pump cannot make much difference so much work must be done in raising a certain amount of water to a Given height. To such i would say that every Inch you raise a vacuum Cylinder above the Supply you in Cream a the work in getting it Emtil it thirty two feet practically or thirty three feet theoretically to amount of Power would raise it in a vacuum. To illustrate further suppose you Cave a Well say fifteen feet in depth from which you wish to raise w Ater with an Ordinary hand pump you put it in with the Cylinder five feet above we Ater you will find that it requires too much exertion to pump that water conclude that something is wrong with the pump you take it up and reset it placing the Cylinder top level with or submerging it in the water. Now try your pump you will find that you hate reduced the labor one half necessary y to get water and Why. Because in the first instance it required a fraction More of Power to create Aud maintain the vacuum in the five feet of pipe than it did to Rake the water contained in the same space. In other words you bad the vacuum to create and maintain together with the weight of water in the first instance while in the second Only the weight of water. I do not wish to be tiresome in this matter but desire that you May fully grasp and comprehend what it Means in dead loss at the pumping Plant of this City. Not Only in fuel packing and increased Wear of pump and boilers but also increased Lianbih Tjw of breakage by reason of present setting of the pump. Now with your hand pump before referred to we will suppose that the suction pipe is two inches in diameter which contains three and one tenth inches in area from which it is Neces sary to exhaust the atmosphere whle his 15 pounds to the Square 4nch before the water will fill the vacuum. Now three and one tenth times 13 is 46? pounds while the actual weight of water in five feet of two Inch pipe is 5 pounds which is All you would have to lift if the Cylinder was level with the water instead of the 463v popups to exhaust atmosphere and five pounds of water making 51 % pounds. Now for the City pump which has a ten Inch suction the area or Square of Winch is 783% inches multiplied by weight of the atmosphere. 15 pounds to the Square Inch making 1,173 pounds of res stance to create vacuum the weight of water contained in five feet of ten Inch pipe allowing 8 pounds to the a lion is 168 pounds which deducted from 1,173, leaves 1,005 pounds or one half ton which is a constant and useless Load on any pump which can be set with the suction deck level with or below the Supply. I firmly believe that the wastage at this Plant in fuel packing and Wear is fury 15 percent. Hoping i have made myself understood and thanking you for your kind attention i have tile Honor of subscribing myself your obedient servant m. M. Lick water commissioner. Get rid of weeds in the highways. A great step in Advance towards keeping the highways free of weeds would be to do the necessary work in the fall or Spring in smoothing the roadsides so As to permit of the running of a mowing machine Over them. The removal of Rock and grubs and the leveling Down of the very rough spots is not a difficult Job on most of our Prairie highways. The sowing of some Timothy and Clover and the use of the machine will in two seasons convert the Roadside into valuable Meadow land. To Cut the weeds when they get As High As a horse s Back is better than to not Cut them at All of course but it is not the Best Way. Every mile of Road got into grass Timothy and clovers will one year with another produce five tons of Hay which if figured at even 4 per ton will More than pay for this sort of care of the roads. There is nothing experimental in this suggestion. Many progressive Farmers do it All Register. Tailoring if you want clothes made to order we Are Able to give you the Best cloth and fit in the City. Call and inspect our Fine Stock. Respectfully Olsen amp Thune. Or. Nissen Block. N. W. Sawyer full corps of assistants can now be found at Street restaurant. Give him a Cali. We make a specially of digging tubular Wells. Room office. For rent. Inquire at times fixtures furnished a4 reasonable ibises. Leave 01 Ders at j. F. Wohlhuter amp store. Work guaranteed. Larson amp Larson. Carl m. Simonson dentist graduate of Ohio dental College. Office front booms oct Barlow drug store. Albert Lea Al Init. W h v0- piano. Tuner Albert Lea. Al Init. Educate your bowels with Ca cares. Cand cathartic cure constipation forever. Ioc 26c. If c. C. C. Fail druggists refund Money

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