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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1895, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - November 29, 1895, Albert Lea, Minnesota Filst year. Albert Lea Minnesota Friday november 29, 1895. Number 3. Freeborn county times. $1.50 per year. Council proceedings. More Light petitions granted Bills allowed. The City Council met in regular session monday evening All being present except aldermen Florin and Gilbert. The minutes of the last meeting were read anti approved. On motion of Aid. Brundin it was voted that the finance committee authorized to procure 81.000 of Lenat Vold amp Brown on the same terms As made with the other Banks. The reports of the chief of police before Justice Stacy for september and before Justice Church for october were read anti approved. Aid. Brundin then moved. That the Light committee instructed to place four More lights As follows one at a. 11, Squiers Corner one at Corner of Karmina and water streets one at Albert Lea College Hill anti one near the b., B. Amp n. And c., m. A St. 1 r. It. Crossing. Aid. Gulbrandson moved to Amend this postponing action until the next regular meeting. This amendment was carried. Aldermen Brundin and Jorgenson voting no. A petition for the appointment of a weigh master was read anti it was unanimously voted on motion of Aid. Krebs that Quot the petition referred to the City attorney with the request to report to the Council the proper proceedings. And if an ordinance necessary to draft one. It was also unanimously voted on motion of Aid. Krebs that the mayor s appointment of j. J. Sullivan As policemen confirmed. It was then moved Aid. Brundin. That the petition in behalf of Theo. Stauch granted. This was carried Aid. Krebs voting no. On motion of Aid. Brundin the City clerk was instructed to notify Theo. J. Stauch that the License revoked aug. 17, 1895, is reinstated. A petition requesting that the sidewalk North of Ransom kept Clear was read and the Street committee was instructed to notify Ransom Bros to keep said sidewalk unobstructed the committee being further instructed to see that the notice was complied with. The Bill of l. A. Thomas a son was referred to the county and the special police Bills were referred to the mayor. The following Bills were allowed Enterprise Iron works sidewalk supplies $11.64 e. T. Pettit hauling. A Edwin a. Church Justice fees for october p. M. Church w Ork on Ellickson Drain Albert Lea milling co., fuel for Power House. Street labor. Company i rent for armory. Jno. L. Monson attending h. E. Olson Warlock packing co., packing. Gage Hayden amp co., Bunting for flags. Geo. water works supplies ready Impromptu ceremonies were Eon ducted in celebrating the event. Senator sergeant made a Brief speech suggesting difficulties that had been overcome the importance to Buckley of the completion of the Mill and his personal satisfaction at this Happy Eon summation of his persistent efforts to at Buckley that any would proud of. Of a America a and an eloquent prayer de Rowland 11 ayes the ended. Then mrs. Page was conducted senator sergeant into the engine room. The usual signals were Given and mrs. Rage put her hand on the throttle the machinery of the big Mill moved then hummed its signal that it was ready for a log. Then the Carriage moved the band Mill made saw dust and in a twinkling Lump it or was racing about the Mill almost of itself. The Buckley Mill had started build a saw Mill City in the state with the singing appropriate and slivered Rev. Ceremonies were 2.00 5.00 5.00 54.25 27. I n 31.25 4.50 8.13 2.4s Albert Lea electric co., wiring of jail Aud water w works Plant supplies. Jno. Koss. Banking hydrant. M. Reynolds sundries. The Briggs drug co., sundries. V. Gillrup for detectives service twist a Thompson sundries. 18.40 s.7& 30.00 2.83 12.55 8.00 25.00 an extra session wednesday evening the mayor called the Council together in special session for the purpose of reconsidering the reinstatement of Theo. Stauch s License. A full Council was present and the mayor appeared in person and stated that he entertained some doubt As to whether or not or. Stauch was legally in Possession of a License. He maintained that the Council should have acted upon the petition Resolution and not motion which would have Laid the matter before the mayor for approval or rejection. It appears that the City charter provides As follows a the mayor or the City Council shall have Power at any time to revoke and cancel for cause a License issued under this act or authority of any ordinance serving written notice upon the person holding the same that such License is revoked or cancelled and the same shall thereafter null and void and if such License revoked the mayor he shall notify the City Council at its next meeting thereafter of the cause of revoking and cancelling such License. The City Council May re in state such License a3 revoked a majority vote of the members of the whole City Council and thereafter the same shall valid until revoked and cancelled Sec. 9, Chap. 4, Chap. 10 spec. Laws 1889. No motion to reconsider was made and the Council expressed their opinion quite generally that under the charter their action was Correct. City attorney Edwards submitted it As his opinion that legally or. Stauch had a License Aud without taking any action the Council adjourned. The mayor who was literally opposed to the re Instate ment stated that the responsibility rested with the Council but that he would enforce the Law. In the meantime a writ of injunction had been granted judge Whytook restraining the mayor and the of Peers of the City from interfering with or. Stauch. It is not now Likely that any further proceedings will had in this matter. Or. Stauch opened up yesterday. Great Enterprise. Hon. W. P. Sergeant formerly of this place recently organized a lumber company at Buckley Washington with a capital Stock of 8100, Kkt .00, and a capacity sufficient to turn out 80,000 feet of lumber per Day. The officers of the company Are w. P. Sergeant president w. L. Bartholomew vice president s. L. Lin sergeant Secretary and Paul e. Page treas. On november 13th the Mill was opened and the Buckley Banner in speaking of the Enterprise says a on wednesday Forenoon of this week it was passed around that the big Mill would saw the first log in the afternoon. Eager to witness this important event people began to gather about the Mill soon after noon and 2 o clock at least a crowd of two Hundred had assembled among whom were several ladies what Nall was the state Library Law. What our county superintendent has to say on the subject. A was companion and acquaintance books Are without rivals Aud they Are companions and acquaintances to had at All times and under All circumstances. They arc never out when you Knoek at the door. They Are never a not at Home when you Call. In the lightest As Well As in the deepest moods they May applied to and will never found w acting. In the Good sense of the phrase they Are All things to All men and Are faithful alike to a Emerson. The state Library Law is one of the Best Laws upon our statute books. We fully concur in the opinion expressed state superintendent Pendergast on Page 11 of the last a biennial report where he says a there is Little doubt that the amount distributed among the districts that have availed themselves of the advantages offered the Library Law has been productive of More real Good than any equal sum appropriated the state for the Benefit of the common briefly the Law provides that any District can secure state Aid to any amount not exceeding Twenty dollars the first year and ten dollars for each subsequent year for the Purchase of a school Library. In order to secure Aid to any amount the District must itself appropriate an equal amount make suitable provision for the proper care of the books select the books from the catalogue issued the state Library commission and secure a certificate from the county superintendent stating that the proper regulations have been complied with. The Library commission consisting of the state superintendent of Public instruction and the Normal school presidents have exercised great care and discretion in the selection of books. No books of a trashy sectarian or questionable moral character have been listed. Their descriptive catalogue of almost 1.400 volumes from which school officers May make their selection can had at my office free any one interested. Until a Good school Library is attached to every school in the county a part of the teachers earning capacity is lost for want of proper working tools and a great purpose of our schools to enlarge the intellectual horizon and refine the taste of pupils must remain a attained. A Library should purchased for every school. First. To provide reference books a Brief but reliable set of cyclopedia an Atlas a manual of parliamentary Law a primer of politeness and a half dozen academic dictionaries should in every school room. Pupils should taught to understand the meaning of classical and mythological allusions in their Reading Aud to that end should induced to freely use reference books. School text books Are necessarily so Brief As often to Little More than outlines for study. Men events and places frequently merely mentioned May often with profit a looked the teacher can work to much better advantage when she can say a there is a Brief account of this incident in such a or a you will find this allusion explained in such a the pupils True education upon leaving school cannot measured the Standard of How Many pages have been gone through in each text Book but the habits of study and thought which have been formed. Most of our pupils never proceed further than the common school hence it is doubly important that the habit of close study and proper use of reference books formed common school pupils. Second. To provide Reading collateral to the school studies the study of geography history and some other school branches naturally suggests the Reading of certain books. A lesson in geography May suggest the Reading of a seven Little Sisters a or a boy travellers in Europe a the study of a history lesson the Reading of a ten boys a a the rangers a a the drummer boy a and a Hundred others. In a a course of study a recently issued the state superintendent and distributed free to schools directions Are Given to teachers As to what books pupils May Best use in each different Grade collateral to each subject. With the directions Given in the a course of now issued the Library Board and with such suggestions As the county superintendent can extend any teacher who is at All competent can certainly direct the use of a school Library with most excellent results. Third. The Library should provide works of general literature some of the Best books of science fiction poetry history biography and travel. It is not Only the business of the teacher to teach the pupils How to read but also what to read. The work of the teacher is to create in the Pupil a love Foi Good Reading and a discriminating taste that he May enjoy to associate with the Best men and women who have left their thought upon the printed Page and shun the poisonous yellow backed Washy trashy Billy the blood tub literature almost everywhere offered for Sale. The eminent Charles Francis Adams jr., in discussing this Issue has Well said a was far As 1 can judge we teach our children the mechanical part of Reading and then turn them Loose to take their chances. If the child has naturally an inquiring or imaginative mind he perchance May work his Way unaided through the traps and Pitfalls of literature. # Here on the threshold of this vast Field of general literature. Full As it is of holes and bogs and Pitfalls our common school system brings our children and having brought them Here to go on or not. Just As they please or if they do go on to find their own Way or lose it As it May Chance. 1 think this is All wrong. Our educational system stops just where its assist Ance might made invaluable just where it passes out of the mechanical and enters the individual just where instruction ceases to a Drudgery and becomes a pleasure. A cannot this condition now largely rent died providing the excellent Reading which can secured at half Price through the generosity of the state the famous report of the committee of ten. The most important and w idely known educational report Ever issued in America contains the following suggestion a from the beginning of the third year at school the Pupil should required to supplement his regular Reading Book with other Reading matter of a distinctly literary kind. At the beginning of the seventh school year the Reading Book May discarded and the Pupil should henceforth read literature prose and narrative poetry in about equal parts. Complete works should usually studied. When extracts must resorted to these should Long enough to possess a Unity of their own and to serve As a fair specimen of an authors style and education includes the whole course of training not Only intellectual but physical and moral As Well. In our secular schools 1 know of no other one Way which so much May vie done to Lead our pupils upward to a High moral plane As through the avenues of Good literature. The right books Start new trains of thought. Pure books inspire pure thoughts. A out of the fullness of the heart the Mouth conversation should not confined to the current gossip of any neighbourhood. The Young Man who has Learned to entertain such persons As Hawthorne Emerson Whittier and Lowell at the evening fireside of his Rural Home that he May listen with entranced attention to the music of their language As they speak to him words of Wisdom is not beset with so Many dangerous temptations if he enter the lists to seek his Fortune among strangers As he who must depend upon Chance acquaintances for companionship. W Hile Good Reading is cheaper to Day than Ever before All parents cannot afford to provide Many books for the Home. None Are so poor but what can afford to contribute their share of a tax for a Library none Are so poor but what Cau afford to do this cheerfully without demur ring on the ground that they will tax Ridden out of All their property. Such expense is not so great As to endanger the Prosperity of great Middle classes or menace the future of our constitutional liberties. Some one has said you despise books you whose whole lives Are absorbed in the vanities of ambition the Pursuit of pleasure or in indolence but remember that All the know n world excepting Only Savage nations is governed fifteen or Twenty dollars thus expended when distributed among All the patrons of any school District is a sum so trifling As hardly to Felt. Vet it will Purchase a circulating Library that w ill give ample Reading matter to Supply the District during the Long evenings of Winter. If the Young people now growing up on our farms Are to kept swelling the masses of our congested cities the country must offer All the inducements to those remaining that it can afford both in the Home and school. Boys will not so anxious to leave Home if. In the Spring As they look Back Over Winter they can say a to precious evenings All too swiftly sped leaving us heirs to amp est heritages of All the Best thoughts of the greatest sages and giving tongues unto the silent dead a the benefits of a Library Are not confined to the children the books May pass from House to House to cheer and entertain parents and grail parents As Well. Considering the size and wealth of Freeborn county it has not lived up to its advantages in respect to the Library Law. Fillmore county has 105 libraries Goodhue 141 Olmstead 109 Mower 51 while Only 42 Are reported in this county in no instance have we heard of any District having purchased a Library that was not highly satisfied with the investment. All officers who Ever discussed the subject with me agree that they would not Exchange the results gained for the Money spent. The following Resolution offered or. Pickering of Geneva at the school officers meeting held at Albert Lea. September 2tith, was unanimously carried resolved that we the school officer of Freeborn county Minn., pledge ourselves to make an Earnest Effort to secure school libraries and enlarge those now established. Next to text books a Well selected Library is the most successful adjunct to the advancement of educational interests. J. W. Olsen. Big four. Shoe x lie tendency of the a a times runs to excellence. As the leading shoe store of the City you can imagine no thought Effort nor advantage but is applied in the consume Tion of that shining word $2.00 is what we ask you for a big lot of custom made ladies shoes. They Are 0. K. In every respect and our margin on them is 10 per cent. The Little giants Are always on top. Beat All for sizes service. School $1.50 we want to give you a a understanding worthy these progressive times. An of Gage. Hayden amp go. Juliana had flirted and teased Adolphus All the evening and wishing to make some amends for her conduct she said invitingly As he was leaving �?o1 shall at Home saturday evening or. a so shall i a was the ungracious reply _ Only four Days to California. In response to popular demand the Minneapolis a St. Louis Railroad enters upon its 16th year of Phillips personally conducted excursions to California. Elegant upholstered tourist cars run through to Ull California Points without change leaving St. Paul at 7 p. In., Minneapolis 7 35 p. M. Oct. 3d, and every thursday thereafter and reaching California in less than four Days in this age time is an important Factor in the selection of a route. The Albert Lea route is the quickest and most popular. The Price of double sleeping cart it berths is Only $6.u0 through. A gentlemanly conductor accompanies the car Aud a coloured Porter a Somji Guanying the car performs the usual duties. Passengers May take meals in dining cars or prepare them on cooking ranges provided for the purpose. Secure reservation Early addressing a. B. Cutts g. T. It pc p. A. M. Amp St. L. Ry., 12-31 Minneapolis Minn. Groceries Are cheaper than Ever its a fact and our a Cash prices Are at the Bottom of it. Buy for Cash at our a Cash they Are Money savers. Watch the ladies hats sail in to the Sale. Have got to go Between now and too trimmed thanksgiving. Don t listen to anybody stale of woe about cheap millinery but just come and find out for yourselves that i have the goods and i am bound to sell regardless of Cost. Mrs. Joe. Gates. Tir watch locals in regard to prices. Yours for Liberal prices r. C. Mathwig mgr. Fast at l. H. Rosencran s. Home Comfort our Home Comfort tie adjusted to any adjustable swing incline. Makes a would make a hand Why because it is the cheapest place to buy in Albert Lea. A Quick sales and Small profits is my motto. Horse blankets Sleigh Bells Robes Plush Robes cutters All kinds we show of above a Cut of Rocker with foot rest. A an very Tine Reading chair also an invalids chair some Xmas present. We have on hand Fin immense Stock of goods for the Holiday Trade and invite All to come and see us. Home furniture co., 1. H. Koa in Voli it proprietor. Are sold cheaper than Ever of Yau Are heed of Call and examine anything you want in my line and convinced of what i say. . Envelopes letter Heads note Heads circulars Bill Heads business cards posters shipping tags or any think in the line of a Kintino Call on or write to we8t Side. Broadway Albert left Minn. The Freeborn county times. Albert Lea Minn

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