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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1895, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - November 22, 1895, Albert Lea, Minnesota First year. Albert Lea Minnesota Friday november 22, 1805. Number 2. Freeborn county times. They had wives. I ast tuesday he dry goods store of m. N. Leland. At Wells was robbed of All the silk goods amounting to several Hundred dollars. The burglars made an attempt to crack the Safe but failed. They Are at present at Liberty but the officers Are hot on their track. A Good catch. An Albert Lea athlete. In the foot Ball game of last saturday. Let tween Minnesota and Madison in which the latter was Defeated by a score of 14 to 10. Mert Fuller of this City held a position As substitute. Thus is a great Honor to or. Fuller and distinguishes him As an athlete of High rank. Any one acquainted with the game knows that it usually requires a Long and laborious training to let be orc a member of a team and it Means a great Deal Tor one to attain to the position of a substitute during his first collegiate year. Get into a Wrangle. Chief Ransom takes a hand and makes the participants pay for the there was a rather disgraceful occurrence at the opera House last Friday evening. Irving Wright started the trouble by throwing Beans at anti otherwise disturbing John Hansen who sat in front of him. Hansen turning around mistook w. K. Wells for the culprit and sought revenge by throwing a half Mastic ted quid of the Nicotian Weed into his face. Wells returned the compliment by bringing his fist in sudden Contact with the others auricular appendage at the same time using not the pol test of language. At this Point chief Ransom interfered and took charge of the parties who were Given a hearing before Justice Stacy. Saturday. Both Wells and Hansen enriched the City Treasury the former $8 and the latter $10. Young Wright has since undergone the a Cooling pro Cess. A a sad death. Fred Connor a former Albert Levite is found dead despondency the cause. Sunday afternoon a Man stopped at Peter Berglund s place and asked permission to lie Down in his granary. He appeared to be sit k. And stated that he had bin lying on the Railroad track. Early monday morning he died. The Coroner was at once summoned and at the inquest the Man was identified As Fred Connor son in Law of John Slater and it was decided that he had met death at his own hands. On investigation it was found that he had tried to obtain morphine at Jensen s drug store last saturday but or. Jensen suspected that something was wrong and refused him. Sunday he made another attempt to get seme morphine and was More successful. It is supposed that he started out of town at once first taking the morphine. His intentions seemed to have been to place himself on the Railroad track lose consciousness As a result of the morphine and there meet his death. But he became so sick that he went to or. Berglund a with results As above stated. The remains were brought to this City and the funeral services were held at the presbyterian Church wednesday morning. Or. Connor was a former resident of Albert Lea. But for some time past he has been in England and in new York returning to his old Home about three weeks ago. Since his arrival he had Lieen in search of work but failing to find it he became despondent melancholy and discouragement drove him to the desperate act. The flavor and police interrupt a Little game of poker. For some time it has been thought by Many that More or less gambling is going on in this City. Last week the mayor and chief Ransom became so convinced of the fact that they concluded some definite Steps for its suppression should be taken at once. A detective was sent for. And a plan of action agreed on. This resulted last sunday night at 9 30, in a raid on the rooms Over the Clark Street meat Market and the arrest of five participants to a game of poker the sixt i party 1 icing the detective. Warrants were served and two of the parties. Fred Willard and Frank Gilson gave bail to the amount of $100, the other three a if Knutson. James Howard and Pat Myron each gave Bonds to the amount of $25. The hearing at 9 a. In. Monday was postponed till 2 p. M. Of the same Day and at that hour the five pleaded guilty and were fined $20 and costs except Knutson who was fined $15 and costs. One of the boys neatly turned the tables on the detective by having sheriff Mitchell serve a warrant on him. Or. Detective pleaded a not guilty a and was bound Over till thursday morning on $100 bail which was furnished by mayor Gillrup. At the hearing before judge Staey. Yesterday morning. City attorney Edwards appeared for the defendant. F. E. Florida and county attorney Morgan for the plaintiff James Howard. The prisoner changed his plea of a not guilty to a guilty and was fined the minimum amount $5 and casts which he immediately paid. Two gambling outfits were captured one in the room where the arrests were made and the other in a room Over Christensen s tailor shop. In View of this fact Gilson and Willard were again arrested being charged with keeping a gambling Den. They gave bail to appear before judge Church thursday at 2 p. M. For result see Page two of this Issue. The evil effects of this vice cannot Well be Over estimated and any paper which has in View the Liest interests of a Community cannot but condemn it no matter where or by whom practice. The above Case is not a serious one and we Are Loath to think that there Are Many if any others in this City who frequent the gaming table. The scandal and disgrace which fall on the unfortunate parties to this offence ought in reason to prevent them and others from further violation of Law. Sheriff Mitchell Corner a wrongdoer. Last tuesday evening. Sheriff Mitchell returned from Dell rapids. South Dakota and brought with him one Thomas Bertelson. Formerly of Geneva this county. On wednesday morning the prisoner was brought before Justice Staey upon a charge of seduction and after a hearing the court bound him Over to await the action of the grand jury. The warrant for this party has been in the hands of the sheriff Ever since the Early part of the summer and that officer has been tracing him constantly. He has had him located several times at various places but each time the game escaped. 11 is Nuth led him through Winona St. Charles. Tyler and other places in Minnesota and he was finally arrested at Dell rapids South Dakota where he had been for some Little time passing under the name of Tom Thompson. It certainly is a very Fine piece of work and the sheriff is deserving of much credit for the Success of his efforts. _ _ Freeborn county c. E. Convention. Held at Alden nov. 20, 1895. Enjoyed by All who were Able to be present times Correa Poud e u be. Meeting called to order by or. J. E. Lugg. President at 10 a. M. Devotion als were conducted by Rev. S. G. Dimpling of Alden. Or. H. In. Mcbride of Austin gave a Good talk on the subject. A How to give and How to get the most Good out of the c. E. Prayer the business of the Day was conducted at 11 00. The Secretary a report showed that a great amount of work had been done during the past year but being the first year s work not much show of improvement can be seen. The reports of the societies of the county were very encouraging showing that the local societies were actively at work. A Constitution was adopted which makes the Union about As follows the Union embraces All Christian Endeavor societies in the county unless a society shall express a wish 111 writing not to be recorded As a member. The officers Are president vice president Secre tary treasurer and superintendent of Junior work. The officers compose an executive committee which has largely the management of the Union. The annual meeting is to be held in november of each year at such time and place As the executive committee May decide. The following officers were elected president w. S. Jones. Albert Lea vice president mrs. B. M. Flail. Alden Secretary and treasurer mass Clara Olberg Albert Lea Junior superintendent mrs. Henry Thurston. Aloert Lea. The afternoon session was exceedingly Good. Some trouble was caused to till the places of f. V. Edwards of Spring Valley and Rev. Or. Cryor of Albert leu but the convention was favored by the presence of or. Burgess of Winnebago who took or. Cryor s place. The entire convention was a grand Success and it promises to be a starter for much Good work throughout the country. 1 he addresses of Rev. Or. Wright of Austin on a Good Rev. Davis Alden on a How to developed the latent Talent in our societies Quot and or. Burgess on a what can the y. P. S. C. E. Do for the overthrow of the liquor were especially Good. The spirit of the convention throughout was very much opposed to the liquor traffic. 1 he following resolutions were taken resolved that this convention desires hereby to express its thanks to the Good people of Alden who have opened their houses to entertain the delegates or have otherwise aided in the Success of the meeting also to the Milwaukee k. It. For consenting for the accommodation of the convention to allow its freight to Stop for passengers. Letter from California. Extracts from a private letter roses fruit Strawberry Shortcake and a world of Flowers the wicked Flea and the Mosquito that. Sing of nights. Santa , California nov. 13. 1895.�?yesterday the men folks went out about a mile to a ranch and brought in a Market Basket full of grapes some of the Bunches weighing ten pounds. There were five or six varieties besides two Bunches of Nantes. They Are the kind we get As dried currants. 1 rather like them the Best. The flaming okays Are a Large luscious grape that Are very Tine if wishing would give things to our friends you would have More grapes than you could eat. In the Yard of the place where my room is Are two Large Black Fig Trees and several Small White ones. I rather like the Black ones the Best but the White ones Are considered the most delicate. The grounds of this place Are covered with decaying fruit apples pears prunes apricots peaches and grapes. The family have just returned from Alaska where they Are interested in Salmon Canning. The daughter of the family told me some rather gruesome stories connected with the trip. She said there were several Hundred chinamen aboard. The Law requires that Salt enough shall lie carried to Pickle the bodies of any that May die. The Captain was crazy and neglected the Salt. Seven of the chinamen a ted on the return trip and the Crew we obliged to throw out the beef and use brine to Pickle these a Heathen they were in a sailing vessel and at the mercy of the wind and Waves. One night they were nearly lost in a terrible storm and she gave me a graphic description of their experiences. The Street that connects this City with san Jose pronounced san Horais called the Almaeda. In Days gone by there were two missions one at this place and one in san Jose. The fathers in order to have a Cool Shady Nook planted a Row of Willows on each Side of the Road that in time grew to be immense Trees whose branches met in an Arch overhead so that the Shade was dense the whole Way. The Trees too were a Protection against the wild cattle that roamed the Plains in those Early Days. Now that the country has been settled and an electric Road connects the two cities the Trees have been Cut Down to allow the Sun and wind to dry up the mud. Besides a few years ago it was not Safe for teams on account of hold ups. On each Side of the Street Are Beautiful houses whose Yards Are filled with every variety of roses and a profusion of other Flowers and tropical plants monstrous Palms anti huge Bunches of pampas grass. I done to think words can convey the to it beauties of this place but whether that compensates for the disadvantages remains to be seen. Fora person of wealth it is All right and even a person of moderate Means can live Here in comparative Comfort. It is not Handy to be too poor anywhere. Merchandise is about the same Here As with you. The Locust just the common Locust that we think Are Good for nothing Are the most valuable Trees they have Here. Anyone that planted a Grove of them Twenty years ago has a Bonanza now. For they Are used in buildings wagons carriages or anything hard Wood is usually used for. Santa Clara has four thousand inhabitants and Nan Jose about thirty thousand. Santa Clara is the oldest of the two. We Are going to have Strawberry Shortcake for dinner. The strawberries Are Lovely to look at but Are not As Sweet and Juicy As they Are in Minnesota. In fact All berries that Are out of season Are not fully up to the Standard. I notice also that the vegetables Here Are not so tasteful As in Minnesota. The markets Are full of everything string Beans pears peaches apples lettuce cucumbers and everything else in endless profusion. The fleas have heard of my arrival and have welcomed me with open jaws and the mosquitoes Are Home o nights. There is no sleeping where they Are. Saturday we took the Long looked for trip to mount Hamilton. The distance is thirty one Miles with <�?T>78 turns in the Road. 365 being in the last seven Miles. We went through Orchards and vineyards most of the Day. Peaches grow Clear to the very top. It seemed Odd to see. What to a tender foot looks like quite a Mountain covered with fruit to the very Apex. The Elevation of mount Hamilton is 4.209 feet. The Snow Falls to a depth of 3 or 4 feet in Winter. Last Winter the drifts were 15 feet deep and they were shut out from the lower world for sixteen Days. They have some very interesting professors up there one of them never wears a hat except in the very hottest weather. The great Telescope rests on the Tomb of James lick the founder. He gave $700,000 to build it. They used $010,000 in the building and have $90-000 for an endowment fund. That is not quite enough to run it. So the state gives them $20,0<k More. Was did not get a Chance to look through the Large Telescope on account of the fog. They never uncover the lenses in a fog for they can Only be cleaned with a Camel s hair Brush. They take photographs with the great Telescope. The lenses Are thirty six inches across the Telescope is fifty eight feet Long and weighs 16.000 Tbs and it is so nicely balanced that i could move it quite easily. We saw also a machine for determining whether an earthquake is from East West North or South. It consists of a clock whose base rests on a solid a Ltd a. So that nothing can stir the pendulum but an earthquake. Connected to this pendulum Are two electric wires one of which would be released according to the direction of the Shock. These wires Are attached to two Needles that rest on a disk of thickly smoked Glass thirty inches in diameter. When the Shock comes the Needle that is released records the Point of the Compass from which it was coming. We took three or four pictures but the fog arrived soon after we did so we did not secure As Many As we wished. The fog filled the Valley full Clear to the top of the Mountain so that it looked like the Ocean As we looked Down. There were quite a number of visitors but not As Many As usual. All we Eftula do was to look at the Moon through the Small Telescope which a Puld have been considered Large if it had not been for the other one. We staid until nine of clock hoping the fog would leave but it did not so we bundled up and started for Home where we arrived at 2 a. In., cold and tired. Fuel is very High Here and they have to use considerable of it to be comfortable. If there is Frost cold it is very Chilly. On the 11th i bought three quarts of Fine red strawberries for 35 cents and celebrated your birthday with a Mammoth Strawberry Short cake. I then got a double Carriage and took the three girls for a ride. We drove out into the country and saw Fields of red raspberries waiting to be picked and chinamen gathering tomatoes. It seemed like a Day in june. 1 must not forget to Tell you that we have had an earthquake. It Shook the windows and set the rocking chairs a swaying. I did not know what was going on until told so escaped being frightened As it was Over before i realized it. I never think of its being Winter unless some one Speaks of it it does not seem possible when i look at the wealth of Flowers and foliage. The eucalyptus is a very interesting tree it is an australian and never Sheds its leaves but Sheds its bark. It is raised for Wood. They Cut the top out and As it is a Hundred feet or More in height it makes quite a pile of Wood. The Queerest thing about it is that after the top is Cut out the leaves for the first year Are entirely different in shape and color. They Call them Blue Gums. Instead of being Long and straight and smooth they Are ruffled quite decidedly on both sides of the Little Stem that runs through them. The Pepper tree is very ornamental. The limbs All grow downward the leaves Are Small on Long stems that give it a Light and airy appearance. It is loaded with red and Green berries that grow on slender Graceful stems. The berries have the flavor of Black Pepper. This tree understands the Art of looking Graceful All of the time. Yours with flow ers Straw berries grapes Tigs and teas. Mrs. F. V. . Everybody reads the times. 6 6 six leading countries of the old world Are after but the Ever peaceful citizens of the United states will on november 28th, partake of a different kind of big 4. Extends to you the compliments of the season also Low prices on a few thanksgiving necessities. See our incomparable prices As quoted below. They Are just a few but they hit hard. S mixed nuts Fine per Pound Only. 10c choicest Malaga grades per Pound. 20e choicest Catawba grades 5 Pound baskets. 20c bananas Fine Large Stock per dozen. 15c Fine and purest chocolate creams and Boh Boms per Pound. 20c wrinkle mixed pure Candy. 10c these prices Are a few of the Many which we offer to the Public. We will also have in Stock finest lettuce pure boiled cider Fine Shell bark Hickory nuts pure Maple syrup and sugar dates figs apples Etc. Otto motto a honesty truth and satisfaction yours complimentary Gage Hayden amp co. Groceries Are cheaper than Ever its a fact and our a Cash prices Are at the Bottom of it. Buy for Cash at our a Cash they Are Money the ladies a sail in to the Sale. Too trimmed hats have got to go Between now and i thanksgiving. A a Don t listen to anybody s tale of woe about Gbean millinery but just come and find out for yourselves that i have the goods and 1 am bound to sell regardless of Cost. Mrs. J. F. Gates. Zwy watch locals regard to prices. Yours for Liberal prices done to forget tto Call on a a. The a. A Hame furniture co r. C. Math wig mgr. Do not forget that l. H. Rosecr fans is still in Albert Lea Minn., with a Tine line of hand made team and Hin file and double when in need of run description. We carry a Large Stock of carpets linoleum. Oil cloths in All widths As Well As stove patterns. We have some bargains in Odd chairs tees lounges and rockers. These will All be sold at prices below first Cost. Our new designs in picture mouldings Are Beautiful. Done to forget the place. Home Purt Liture co., b. A kxatv4 lib , caskets and embalming a specially. Saddles bridles halters collars Etc., and the finest line of horse blankets rotes so Eijah be is Curry Combs and brushes and a Fine line of bridle bits for Lender Louw horses and my houses also. Vet Side Broth Ustiy Albert Lea Minn. Envelopes letter Heads 1,1#a. J it note Heads Wikul. If you Are in Nepal of Cru ars or any think Bill Heads business cards posters shipping tags in the line of a Kintino Call on. Or write to the Freeborn county times. Albert Lea. Minn

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