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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - November 5, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. No. 52albert Lea Minnesota Friday nov Ember 5, 1897. Twelve pages. a when a Many Sam or slim or Short or Long most clothiers can do nothing for him he a outside of their limited Range of sizes. That Isnit the Way Here. We have the right clothes for everybody our special shapes and sizes made by h. S. Amp in. Are the Only clothes of the kind in America guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction. This is the Trade Mark Hart 80haffner amp Marx. 3 is s i a my of ii a a a a g guaranteed clothing. It Means your Money a Worth or your Money Back. Underwear. / we have some Large enough for the biggest Man in the land. Our natural Wool free from All impurities found in the Ordinary cheap kind for Soo. Is a hard nut for our competitors to crack. Be Nobby Young Man a come to me for one of our swell Box top Coats Strauss. Hang on to your Dollar c a fact bargains. We have until you see out sol d. Of ladies stylish about one Hundred and fifty a r regular Erice $3.50 to $4-50. Ladies Fine Vici kid Han a timed Button 8h. Dime toe Worth indies Fine Vici by hand turned a Slipper Vamp. In a Patent leather tip ladies Vici ii 1"1 turned Button $3.50 in co toe Patant leather tip. Worth marrow Square Loe i a t ,k8 Tiol hoots warm to sets Quot Irv wit supp�8�?T a hoi d Seal Prana a i ave Al a gig a shoe store Cathan Straus the millionaire philanthropist of new York established depots for the Sale of pasteurized milk and succeeds in a deliberate purpose to reduce mortality in the Metropolis. And figures proving the statement of new yug Ker that to the use of impure k is due More than anything else the at normality among children. V efforts to do something to Lessen the aping sum of human suffering and sorrow cd the figures of infant mortality in new k but faintly indicate were begun in the Imer of last year when i opened a depot re pure milk both in its natural Aud Stor d form w As sold. From this Experiment i a ired such striking demonstration of the to that could be accomplished by raising the Izard of the milk Supply of the poor that i lived if it were at All possible to resume work on a greatly enlarged scale this year the Protection of the children of the poor milk must be sterilized before being sold believed that if this could be done on a re scale enough to make an impression on Supply the sum of infant mortality in new k might be sensibly reduced. I determined Lake the attempt at least Abd in opening milk depots at the beginning of the past Imer deliberately addressed myself to the a of reducing the death rate of the City. Acre is a great Deal of w Ante in the world none quite so reckless As human life. Here few York the lives of thousands of children sacrificed every summer simply and solely Ause they Are fed with impure milk. Of pie who die in the state of Maine every a children under five years of age count for than 20 per cent of those who die in new k City Over 40 per cent Are children under years of age. Is the mortality of june july and August t chiefly accounts for the Large percentage his annual Harvest of death. Within a Ras of twelve Miles from the new York City a three children die during the heated term every adult and certainly two out of every be represent a sacrifice which it is a Dis be to our civilization to allow. Within the a of what May be called the metropolitan Triet tile record of one week showed the la mortality to be 1,038, of which 713 deaths re under five years Obi under two years 528 ter one year and Only 325 Over five years of Here was 64 per cent of one weeks death composed of babies under two years who no but Little water and were almost wholly Lender on milk for their Nutriment. Could the a destruction that Wasseth at noon Day have been More palpably present than death in these children a milk bottles the conditions of a wholesome milk Supply Are simple but like a Good Many other , difficult of attainment. These conditions Are healthy cows clean stables clean and careful process of milking and the prompt Transfer of the milk in perfectly clean and close vessels from the cow to the consumer. In the milk Supply of All great cities every one of these requisites is flagrantly violated. The inspection of cow stables to detect the presence of disease is neither careful nor constant milking is done in most cases under conditions indescribably filthy and most of the milk consumed by the children of the poor is at least thirty six to forty eight hours old before it reaches them. It is a simple matter to understand a As professor Sedgwick of Boston puts the ease a a a How this Rich animal fluid sterile at the Start but drawn by unclean hands into half cleaned pails and meanwhile sprinkled from above by the dust of the stable by hairs Dandruff dirt and particles of excrement from the skin and udder of the cow vigor Ottly shaken by the Milker or brushed by his hat becomes infested with organisms. That these multiply swiftly and enormously in the warm Rich fluid Well aerated by the act of milking is also a natural consequence of favourable conditions and if we allow time also the wonder is not that it contains so Many germs but rather that it is still potable at or. William m. Babbott of new York who has issued an instructive Little monograph on the connection Between milk Supply and disease uses still stronger language in regard to the character of the milk sold in new to re and Brooklyn. He says a if milk gave the same outward appearance of decomposition or fermentation As is shown by vegetables fish or meat More than three quarters of All the milk consumed in the metropolitan District would be condemned As unfit for human food if its pollution could be perceived it would be loathed and if the disease germs could be As plainly seen As a pest House the death dealing milk would be As soon dreaded and it is unquestionably True that no plague by which the City was Ever ravaged has yielded so plentiful a crop of deaths As that which is reaped from the seeds of contagion deposited in the infant system every summer by millions of noxious bacteria developed in milk. The sterilizing Laboratory which i established last year was this year very much enlarged and every preparation was made to meet the demands Likely to be made on it. The cows from which the milk was obtained were examined by the veterinary surgeon of the Newyl Ork Board of health and the stables and dairies Maie a subject of careful inspection. The milk was iced in transportation and kept on ice till it was turned into the bottles for sterilizing. The apparatus used for the purpose w As made under the direction of or. B. G. Freeman of new York. The milk is exposed for Twenty minutes to a temperature of 187 degrees fahrenheit. It has been demonstrated that tubercle Bacilli die at 158 degrees fahrenheit when submitted to that temperature for ten minutes. It is therefore reasonably certain that by tills process All noxious germs in the milk Are completely destroyed while the nutria live qualities of this most perfect of natures foods have not been in the slightest degree impaired. In the preparation of modified milk for infant feeding two formulae were adopted one by or. R. G. Freeman and the other by or. A. Jacobi. Both of these have been and will during the Winter continue to be sterilized in six ounce bottles sold at a cent each. In addition to these modified milk foods Barley flour was sold. This was intended to meet a want keenly Felt by the poor of wholesome nutrition it a Price within their Means for children beyond the infantile stage. During the hottest part of tin1 summer the Laboratory w As kept running to its full capacity night and Day to prepare sufficient sterilized milk to meet the demand. This w As so relive and so constant As to exhaust the Stock in the depots daily but it was a rigidly observed Rule that without respect to demand no bottle of sterilized milk should be sold Twenty four hours after it had been sterilized. The health Board s free doctors the dispensaries the a a world so free doctors and nearly All the hospitals and charitable organizations took an Active interest in educating the people As to the value of sterilized milk. Order books containing a Hundred of the following coupons were placed w without Cost and without restriction As to Quantity at the disposal of any physician giving his services free to the poor or to any charitable organization applying for them. By permission of the Dock department i erected on the pier at the foot of East third Street within a few feet of the milk Laboratory a Largs Pavillion provided with comfortable seats which were Given to the unrestricted use of women and children. I also placed benches under the Pavillion erected on this same pier by the Dock department. My purpose in this was to furnish a free fresh air resort for mothers who could not get through with their Home duties Early enough to catch a boat which sailed on schedule time. The tent was open All Day up to Midnight so that at any hour a Mother could bring her child and enjoy the fresh sea air without having tired herself out in a Rush to catch an excursion and probably unfitted herself for the proper care of the child. The Central depot being situated on this pier All the resources were at the command of those who used thereat and shelter provided. A physician assigned by the Board of health was constantly in attendance. On hot Days a thousand women and children could be found at almost any hour enjoying the shelter and so impressed have i been with the Benefit thus afforded that i have determined to use All my influence to have such Outing places protected from the Sun erected on the piers that belong to the City. This can be done without interfering with traffic facilities by putting benches on the roof of the pier and covering them with an awning. Free lectures under other auspices were Given twice a week by experienced physicians of the proper care and feeding of infants and every Opportunity was taken to bring Home to mothers the knowledge that the Best possible food for their children could be obtained at a nominal Price. The sales of sterilized milk for babies at the six depots aggregate no to the end of september 280,000 bottles or Over 2,500 bottles a Day. No record Wras kept of the number of sick children for whom sweetened and diluted sterilized milk in bottles was prescribed but it was estimated that a daily average of to babies were fed on this modified milk. It is Safe to say that some thousands of children who were sick owe their recovery during the summer to its use. On this Point the returns of the Bureau of statistics present eloquent testimony As the following comparison be tween the number of deaths of children in new York under five years of age this year and last will show him 1893 january february and March. .4,598 4,108 april May and june. 4,521 4,386 july. 2,560 2,796 August.,1,559 i a . 317 386 the summer of 1894 was a much More trying one for children than that of 1893. The average temperature of the latter part of june of the whole of july and of part of August was unusually High and All conditions tending to the increase of the intestinal disorders which Are chiefly accountable for infant mortality were correspondingly aggravated. As a matter of fact the sanitary condition of the City had undergone no Radical change and the system of tenement House inspection was not loss thorough last year than this. Sick children a funds and other forms of charitable Effort for the Benefit of the poor were not less liberally supported in the summer of 1893 than Iii that of 1894. All the external conditions in Short led to the expectation of a higher death rate in the summer of 1894 than in the one preceding and even had other been equal the increase of population would without an increase of the rate have been accomplished by a larger number of infant deaths. But it will be seen that since the opening of the pure milk depots the number of deaths among children has sensibly decreased. During the first Quarter of the year there was an increase As compared with 1893, of nearly to percent considerably in excess of a Normal percentage in the deaths of children under five years of age. For the second Quarter forty Days of which were covered by the distribution of pure milk the increase Over 1893 was Only a Little More than 3 percent. For the month of july there was a decrease As compared with july lfft>3, of nearly per cent in the number of infant deaths for August the decrease was 7% per cent and for september 18 per cent. Allow ing 3 per cent As the Normal average of increase under the most favourable conditions it will be seen that there has been a reduction of Over to per cent in the summer mortality of infants in this City. Further analysis of the figures show results even More striking. The month of june started in with an exceptionally High mortality of children under one year. In 1893 this month showed 878of these infant deaths in 1894 the number Rose to 1,076, increase of 22j� per cent. Of children Over one year and under two years of age the deaths for june 1893, numbered 247, and for june 1894, 207, an increase of Over 8 per cent. Necessarily it took some time to make the existence of the pure milk agencies known to those for whose Benefit they were intended and to educate mothers into the necessity of having recourse to them. For july when the system was fairly in operation. And its advantages generally known the deaths of infants under one year numbered 1,918, As compared w Ith 2.063 for the corresponding month of 1893, decrease of Over 7 per cent. In the same Mouth the deaths Over one year and under two years of age w Ere 381, As compared with 440 for j Aly 1898, a decrease of Over la per cent. For August the figures Are equally suggestive there being a decrease in the one year class from 1,15? to 1,086, and in the two year class from 402 to 206. This last decrease represents a ratio As High As 34 per cent and As every Mother knows the dangers attending the second year of infant life the figures have a very direct bearing on what i class phone i i or. Work. Our Bath rooms Cly a Quot do a cell a a a must Call the preventable average of infant mortality. I think i May safely claim that much of the diminished aggregate of children a deaths w hich happily distinguishes the summer of 1893 from that of 1894 has been due to the establishment of the pure milk depots and the very Large decrease in August of deaths among children Between one and two years of age w Ould be quite unintelligible w without this explanation. I make these assertions not for the purpose of claiming personal credit for a work which Lias yielded me More pleasure Titan i can Well describe but with the Hope that others May be tempted to enter the same Field. It is much too Large a Field for any one Man or organization to Ali but i have written to very Little purpose if i have not shown it to be one in which there May be gathered a most abundant return for Well doing. By w a of divesting the Public mind of the idea that sterilized milk was a medicated com Pound Aud in order to Supply poor people w Ith a w Dole some and lengthening summer beverage i obtained permission to open Booths for its Sale in the Public Parks. There were nine of these Atid soon i found that the demand for sterilized milk at a cent a Glass w As so great As to transcend the recourse of my Laboratory. This i had occasion to reinforce by the provision of another apparatus elsewhere for the preparation of one of the infant foods Lait even then i was compelled to have recourse to the Appleberg company for a Supply of sterilized milk for Sale at the Park Booths. Desirous am this company was to second my Enterprise the demand exceeded All possible Supply by fully one half Aud what was lacking in the sterilized product had to be furnished Iii the form of raw milk from the dairies. At ail of the regular depots i also sold raw milk is sealed cans. My purpose was to give a practical demonstration of the fact tiny pure milk can be obtained Aud sold at Low prices. The demonstration has i Trust been a convincing one and its effect has undoubtedly been to elevate the Standard of the milk sold by Small grocers throughout new York City. With the Advent of Cool weather the depots were dosed but the sterilizing Laboratory will be maintained during the year so that anyone desiring to obtain the sterilized milk either in its simple or modified form during the Winter can do so. At the Park depots there were sold up to september so 572,160 glasses at one cent each and in the height of the season the number of people employed was 58. The sales of milk in All of the places depots Aud Booths aggie Lilii god in 1 a it Ai i have been frequently asked As to the to i ullity of placing Ach an Cut or pulse As the Cue i have outlined on a commercial basis. That is. Of conducting it at least without loss. J must say that my experience Sheds lust Little Light on such a question. I set out with the definite purpose of Redlein the infantile death rate of the City and that could is done Only by Dis missing ail Conal rations of trouble or expense. Every new cep1 that was added necessarily inc Cost i toe business for the sex pens of distributing the sterilized milk for babies to the Branch depot was about As much As the pric charged for it. Tile work in Short As conducted was Oue in which the Only possible , a us that of human lives but that is surely a gala to which All commercial and economical a considerations must lie held to be subordinate. My work could undoubtedly lie duplicated at a very much lower Cost than it entailed. I had but Little experience to guide me in arranging the details of the business and the High Price of milk we hich was a consequence of the summer drought no less than the unexpected magnitude of the demands made by my customers contributed to the increase of expense which in the future might is avoided. Pure milk in its natural form could probably be sold without loss from one great depot situated close to the Point of delivery by rail or Steamer at prices slightly higher than those which i established. Milk in the sterilized form put up in bottles for use in the Nursery would Cost on a commercial basis quite double the Pricer paid for it at my depots. I beg leave to repeat Here what i have elsewhere said that i consider the furnishing of pure milk the most important benevolent undertaking with which i have been connected and i May be pardoned for referring with some personal satisfaction to the fact that my new York Experiment has been in All of its details repeated with most satisfactory results in Yonker Aud Philadelphia. Nathan Hubai s. Ocean steamship tickets. I Ain now in a position to quote lowest rate to All european Points via any line crossing1 the Atlantic. See me before purchasing tickets. E. Ii. Haisley at. Cd m. Amp St. P. Educate tour bowels with Cas Caron Candy cathartic cure constipation forever. 10c, 28c. If c. C c. Fail druggists refund Toner. I

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