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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives May 14 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. No. -7al11ei5t Lea. Minnesota Friday May ii. Is it tav Ely i. La it. Is. Washington letter. A description of Arlington the old Home of Robert e. Lee but now the National cemetery. Farms and farming in a Lar it land soil and climate a comparison of Washington and Baltimore and a visit with Day. Dwyer George Peterson writes another of a series of interesting and instructive letters to the readers of the times. To the Lover of american institutions and the heroic and Sublime in our history there is no spot More interesting than Arlington of which the visitor bears with him the pleasantest though pathetic memories. Lord Fairfax Way Back in the history of England and her colonies received a tract of land in Eastern Virginia and a part of the same consideration being some Hogshead of Toba Ece Quot current Money with the merchant a came into the Washington Curtis family and in 1 a Quot it it became by marriage the property of Robert e. Lee. Lee made the place his Home and in 164 it was confiscated by the government. In the meantime however the property had been sold by tax Sale which being declared illegal caused a reinvestment of the estate in the Curtis heirs from whom it was purchased by the government the tract containing eleven Hundred acres consideration si.�?~>0,, and the same is used As the National cemetery. For natural Beauty 1 know no place that can compare with Arlington and in the Good old Days of Virginia Prosperity when Lee with his retinue of slaves Broad acres Lovely mansion House and a climate inviting luxurious ease was Monarch of the vast Domain we have an excellent example of the old time exclusive landed aristocracy. The place remains As it was. The dwellings and buildings Are the same but beneath the Beautiful Oaks now lie buried thousands of soldiers of the civil War and viewing the lines and lines of Small Plain Marble Tomb stones that stretch far Over the Hills out of View the scene and associations arc intensely pathetic. The grave of Sheridan is just in front of the huge pillars that form the front of the House under which no doubt tin great Confederate general often sat enjoying the Beautiful View of the 1�?~otomac, the Capitol and entire City. Today we visited Baltimore and something of the great commercial Metropolis May interest the Reader. First however of tiie intervening country. The Pennsylvania limited trains make the run of forty Miles in forty five minutes and the ride is exhilarating and enjoyable. The country intervening is i quite a backward state though there Are some Good farms. It is Well timbered with White Oak and other hard Woods. The second growth of Timber is scrub Pine. The soil is Light often times of a red color and the Farmers live by Quot truck gardening a supplying the City Market with vegetables Sweet potatoes Dairy products and the like. Some Winter wheat and Rye Are raised Anil Corn is Staple. Land is Worth from is 5 to 8100 an acre. The finest farming land in this part of the you try is that adjacent to the City of Frederick in Northwestern Maryland. The country takes rank among the highest in valuation of agricultural products the land is in the highest state of cultivation the climate is Superb and All the Farmers Well to do for general Prosperity and Rich farming land however Freeborn county is second to none. Now and then in the District Between Washington and Baltimore one sees examples of the old fashioned Manor houses of red Brick perhaps brought from England with towering chimneys at either end spacious fire places and Halls. This manorial system was a feature of Early Maryland polities and had its origin in the English f Nedal system. The contrast Between the two cities is very marked Washington with its spacious avenues Well paved streets politicians love of ease and Baltimore with its narrow cobble Stone streets Aud air of business like activity. The former Deriv s its support from the government the latter from Commerce. The wharves of Baltimore Are very interesting Aud an immense water traffic is earned on with the neighbouring portions of Virginia and Maryland. Tobacco Cotton oysters and general merchandise Are the exports. We went aboard some of the Ocean vessels and rather enjoyed the unique experience. Baltimore among other things is noted for its cleanliness and one cannot fail to notice the Marble door Steps kept scrupulously clean clean walks windows Aud streets. Druid Gilill Park is one of the finest in the land Peabody Institute is celebrated and John Hopkins University and Hospital founded by the great Benefactor John Hopkins have a world wide Fame. The University takes the highest rank among educational institutions especially Ingrad j uate work. A Fine system of electric j Street cars penetrates the contiguous country in every direction Oft terms As far As Twenty Miles. An electric line is likewise being built to the City of Washington. We called on our former fellow townsman i. W. Dwyer who is apparently doing a thriving real estate business although complaining of general hard times. We finish a very profitable year s i study in two weeks and shall then be pleased to again join the Many readers of the time at Albert Lea. Geo. W. Pete sox. Washington. 1. C., May Isis. Leuer from California. Or. Cry or writes entertainingly of his journey to the land of Sunshine and Flowers. Encounters a w Ashout. Threatened Ith a blockade. A grand View of pikes Peak the grave of Helen Hunt Jackson on a less pretentious mount near by the body has has been removed to Colorado Springs a wonderful ride Over the Denver and Rio Grande. Editors times the journey of 2,000 Miles is accomplished and As i sit in this City by the Western sea. My thoughts go homeward and i am moved to write to the friends through your columns a letter to describe my journey Here. Thoughts throng upon the a traveler As he views the panoramic scenes through which the rapidly moving train carries him. We think of the great cities and around them Circle our thoughts and their names Are often on our lips but one who travels will be struck with the number of Small towns villages and hamlets whose names he has never heard and of which he knows Little or nothing. Vet in these is the strength of our nation around them lie the farms which keep our land from starving. From them come some of our strongest and Best Young men and in them Are some of our happiest Homes. The strongest ties of Friendship Are formed and strengthened in the Village and not in the City where men Are too Busy to be much More than acquaintances. We had ample Opportunity to see Many More villages than we cared to because our train was compelled to leave the Rock Island tracks beyond Columbus Junction on account of washouts and swing Down on the Wabash to Moberly mo., and Back again to Gelatin a distance of 150 Miles. We reached Kansas City five hours late but fortunately the Denver train had waited for us. We had barely time to change trains when we shot out of the depot for a stretch of 000 Miles stopping at few Points and straining every Power of steam Aud engine to catch up with the lost hours. So Well was this done that at Colorado City we made easy connections. In Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado we encountered a disagreeable rain storm and wind that chilled us All and made it necessary to turn on steam in the car. For a time we feared that it might mean a fall of Snow in the mountains and a possible blockade. Of course there were those present who remembered just such a storm and its dire consequences. But even a they muttered and croaked the Sun came out from behind the Clouds and we were spinning along through an atmosphere As fresh and Balmy As a Spring morning. In Missouri and Kansas one passes into a phase of life unknown in Minnesota. People a bask in the Sunshine a and they seem to have plenty of time to bask. In fact the basking business seems to be very prosperous As most of the inhabitants seem to be engaged in it. The coloured people in these states loom up in splendid proportions. They Are As thick As blackberries in their season. A company of them attired in their Holiday suits boarded our train. They were Happy contented self contained and withal polite and dignified. Speaking of dignity our Porter was a Model. Whether asked the time of Day or the name of a town or any other unimportant question it mattered not dignity was the principal part of the reply. To be Able to shake the head wrinkle the brow purse the lips and gaze out into space with such a Wise and penetrating look As our Sable bedmaker possessed would be Worth a Fortune to any White Man. Alas we give it up we Lack the color. At Colorado Springs we had a Beautiful View of pikes Peak. For one Brief moment of glory after the storm the Clouds lifted and we saw its magnificent Crown with its eternal Snow Cap As the Sun shown upon it making it seem like the transfigured battlements of heaven flashing its Rainbow lines of precious stones. But it was Only for a moment. My Eye were riveted on another less pretentious Mountain nearer the City. There was no Snow on its Crown and no Clouds of glory Hung Over it. It stood out Bare and bold and in interesting. Save for one fact that on its Summit was the grave of Helen Hunt Jackson. There she had been accustomed to go to write. There she i had drunk in much of her inspiration i As an author and there at her own request she was buried. About a year i ago for some unaccountable reason her husband. Or. Jackson who is a banker at Colorado Springs had her body removed and interred in the City cemetery. It i her grave still remains the pile of stones which the Loving hands of friends from All parts of our j land have placed upon it and scattered among the rocks Are letters and i notes bearing Loving messages from hearts touched by the writings of this j Noble woman. Many still go there believing it to be her resting place. The removal of the body seems like the violation of a sacred Promise which i even the ties of blood cannot excuse. It will Ever be a sacred spot and Pil i grims will visit it for there that part of her which is deathless gave express Sion to the thoughts that live in her i written works. I wish i could Tell you in adequate terms of the ride through the mountains Over the Denver and Rio Grande which is probably the most Scenic in the world. Words of description would seem meaningless to one who has never seen anything like it. Grandeur glory and gloom Are mingled in the scenes that Greet the eyes As the train passes from one station to another or shoots through tunnelled mountains or under overhanging Cliffs and from the rear platform of the rocking train one looks up to the Blue strips of sky overhead visible Between the Mountain crests that Tower far above the line of perpetual Snow. If you want to know How insignificant is Man in the presence of nature take this trip and open your heart to natures influences. At Tennessee pass we reach the highest Point on the Road and Are 10,400 feet above sea level. At this Point we strike the great Continental Divide. All the Waters West of this allow Westward into the Pacific All Waters cast flow eastward into the Gulf of Mexico and finally into the Atlantic Ocean. At Salt Lake City we paused Long enough to catch a glimpse of the Tabernacle and Temple which was fifty years in the process of construction and on which it is said not the sound of a Hammer or an Iron tool was heard. Eat the most interesting facts Are connected with the strange sea of death great Salt Lake whose Waters Are Sal ter than the Ocean. At one time it occupied one half of i Tali and its original dimensions Are clearly outlined. Since that geological age it has shrunk to one twentieth its original size. About one year ago a strange disturbance was noticed in its Waters and from its bosom shot up a Geyser Twenty or thirty feet. It has been playing constantly Ever since and it is the wonder of the tourist and the problem of the scientist whether some volcanic convulsion will change the face of the Lake and country. The Only unpleasant thing about a trip to California Over this line is that one has to pass through Nevada. 1 Felt indignant at its governor for fostering prize fighting but since i have seen the state i am inclined to be charitable for that is All it is Good for. It is made up of grit and Sand which Are prime essentials in that business. One is prepared to enjoy California the More after such an experience. At Lilue Canon in the mountains of California we had to Stop to change wheels in one of the trucks of our sleepers As a wheel had cracked. Blue Canon is the highest spot in the mountains which is Green and Well covered with Timber. A Crystal Stream of water plunges Down the Mountain Side and is lost 500 feet below in the Canon from which comes Back a faint sound like the rippling of water or a sigh of the wind. It took just Twenty minutes by the watch to change the wheels. The men sweat in their vigorous Aud rapid work and the onlookers were uncomfortable in the Sun that seemed to Burn through the clothing. A fall aboard and on we Rush and Are soon rumbling through the Snow Sheds that extend for forty two continuous Miles through these mountains. The air was fragrant with wild Flowers As we Rode into the valleys of the Golden state. All of Friday afternoon we passed through a world of Beauty. At Ber Nicia the whole train was ferried Over the Bay to the Peninsula. The Sun was setting and its Long rays Lay like Golden bars on the quivering Waters. These faded away but the after glow remained like a smile on the face of the dead. Day was done and in the distance gleamed the lights of san Francisco. It was nine of clock when the big four. Jim f1� �?~11p % 1 i /5s5bhs it a a twi Vii a my a go l the Wash b. K. Neck amp co. Wear. Suits and Spring Coats will Bear the closest scrutiny these garments will Surprise even the most expectant person. We want you to be particular and will Wager that the b. K. Amp co. Suit will be just what you re looking for. The prices Are even too Low when you take into con the warm season is at our doors and with its Advent conies the demand Tor neckwear in Wash fabrics. On. Side ration the Quality of the goods. We have just opened a new lot of washable 4-in-hands, assorted patterns 15c. Two for. 25c. Another lot at 5c each. On cow a pc. 95to 0 veto 6 1 tin Elf by p \ two cases a its Fine French Balbriggan shirts and i j a v la arvo drawers. We bought them cheap and cheaply you May have them 25 cents each. W e do novel things this is line of them. Gigue Hoyden amp co. We stepped from the Oakland ferry and into the Circle of waiting friends nine o clock Here but eleven o clock with you. 2,000 Miles away. S. S. sob. Tourist car service to California resumed the celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its 16th year of successful operation with a through car for California St. Paul thursday evening sept. 3, Over the Minneapolis a St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be Given to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these excursions in the past. For further particulars and rates address a. E Cutts g. P. Amp t. A. Minneapolis Minn. Truth in a nutshell. Impure blood is the natural result of close confinement in House school room or shop. Blood is purified by Hood s Sarsaparilla and All the disagreeable results of impure blood disappear with the use of this Medicine. If you wish to feel Well keep your blood pure with Hood s Sarsaparilla. Hoods pills Are the Best family cathartic and liver Medicine. Gentle reliable sure. We Are showing a Complete and up to Bate line of fancy bosom and Negligee shirts embracing everything new and Nobby. Our lines of >0c Negligee shirts contain All the late patterns and Are the Best values Ever shown in the City. Our line of bicycle clothing if you need a m Spring suit it will pay you to inspect our Tine powder absolutely pure celebrated for its great Leavening strength and Healthfulness. Assures the food against Alum Anil All forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. Royal baking powder co., new York Stock. Remember we have no old shelf worn goods that have seen better Days everything is new and up to Date. Cash and one Price to All. The popular and Money saving methods. Yours for Cash and business Eagle one Price clothing House. Johnson amp chaff Berlin. We can and do give you More for your Money than any Ottier buggy company see our Long distance axles. Geo. sons

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