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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn limes. Tol. Ii. To. 19. Albert Lea Minnesota Friday m Arcill 19, 189t. Is Elv k Rao is. Going out of Thi clothing business. This is to be accomplished at an Early Date with the greatest. Bargains in clothing sales Ever attempted. All is. And All suits of not Over 10 in a lot will go at the following startling. Imen s suits Worth from 5 6 to Sio of closing out Sale Price $ 4 5� i11 to in 50,7 5014 to 17 00, a a a a a a a a Loco 18 to 22 of. 15 of boys and children a suits Worth for Oral is of to $7 >0, closing out Sale Price 24 a a 3 of to 4 of a a a a a a a a 2 of 2 of to 2 79, a a. 50 i of to i 79, a a a a m 75 in Pum shiny goods. Space permits no details. A Complete line of the latest fancy shirts neckwear hats Etc. Bought for this Springs Trade Are also placed in this Sale. Goods must be disposed of if prices can do so. Everything always to be strictly As advertised. B. H. Skaug proprietor of the Skaug clothing co. Trills tailoring department is better equipped this season than Ever before. Ile Side carrying a Large Stock of of piece goods we have by a contract wide with our wholesale House received a Large sized Sample of All patterns carried by them which we buy at prices Given Only on 2.5-yd. Cuts. With an assortment of Over Soo patterns we can suit each and every customer and at prices that Competition cannot touch. Albert Lea Minn. B. H. Skaug. Mississippi letter. Rienzi miss., March 13, i Sot. Rienzi is not what might be called a Beautiful Village. It has been unfortunate it has suffered the ravages of War and the devastation of Cyclone and these misfortunes have had a tendency to stunt its growth. The population Are the typical Southern people kind hearted social with hospitality As Broad As the open Mouths of their capacious fire places an the stranger who comes among them is welcomed with unaffected sincerity. The place is located twelve Miles South of Corinth in Alcorn county on the Mobile amp Ohio r. R. It boasts a College two churches four general stores a grocery a drug and confectionery store a two Cotton gins a saw Mill and two Corn meal Mills. None of the Southern houses have Wall foundations but Are supported by Brick pillars about four feet High which affords a free circulation of ail underneath and this adds much to their coolness during the warm weather in summer of course the negro s Home is different for he does not seem to care much about the Comfort of his residence and generally his House is the most Quot sorry Quot looking place of habitation that one can imagine. Vet with his pathetic laziness and his Lack of Pride the negro has the admirable Quality of minding his own business except occasionally when his appetite for Chicken gets the better of lits religion and in such extreme eases he has been known to break the eighth command me it i will now Endeavor to furnish the readers of the times with a Correct report on the nature and condition of the soil its production the Southern methods of cultivation the Timber the climate Etc. The Farmer from the North whose experience has been entirely with dark soil will at first receive a very unfavourable impression of this Section of tile state for a Large percent of this land except that known As Bottom has a red Clay soil containing about 25 per cent of Sand. Northern people Are not to blame for thinking the land worthless for if it was in the North it would doubtless be so but in this climate it is vastly different for Spring commences so Early and fall comes so late that the Fawner cannot Only produce one fair crop but with Tawny vegetables and grasses he can produce two. The same year. The first crop of potatoes will open about the first of Lune and the first crop of Corn reaches maturity about the Middle of july. I am informed by reliable authority that from it it too bushels of Corn can be raised per acre and at present it commands a Price of 37 cents per Bushel. The Northern people who have Given our Northern Corn a fair trial in this soil and climate claim that it is a failure As it tassels out when Veuy Small and the ears Are Only nubbin. Sweet potatoes grow in abundance and 20<> bushels per acre Quot i reckon is considered a fair yield. At present they Are Selling for 50 cents per Bushel and there seems to be a Good demand for them. Irish potatoes do not yield As abundantly in this soil Aud climate with the same amount of fertilization As tile Sweet potatoes but. The advantage of raising two crops the same year More than makes up the difference in their respective yields. The Ordinary Irish potato is Selling at of cent. Per Bushel while the Rod Triumph which has recently been introduced from Tennessee commands a Price of si.75. Oats give a very Good yield but As til Ere Are few if any threshing machines Here they Are mostly fed in the sheaf. Crab grass and Japan Clover Are the principal natural gras.-,.utilized for Hay they grow spontaneously and Are considered excellent. Crab grass is often found from 2 to 3 feet High while Japan Clover Seldom attains a height of More than 12 inches. In Many places on the Bottom land there Are extensive Cane Beakes which furnish Green feed for cattle All Winter and when grass comes they Are in much better condition than the Northern Straw fed Stock. While passing through the Timber i came across a drove of hogs that lived entirely on Mast. Now i am not going to claim that these hogs were fat because they were not. They looked More to me like exaggerated Sunfish with legs than they did like hogs. I was assured however that when these a untutored Swine of the Forest were introduced to Corn the wild Glare faded from their eyes their Porcupine appearance vanished and they became Home Loving respectable hogs. Corn stalks Cut while Green Are used is great big values in a to f a Nam r up j a a we Are showing a Fine line of boys Sailor suits boys Reefer suits boys middy suits boys Junior suit . A Jane Hopkins a make a double seat and a double buy them once and you will buy them always. For the Little Fellows we Are offering too dozen waists 90c values Choice 29c. See them in our big clothing w new Brown suit for Young men Are neat stylish and durable. Come and see us every Day for each Day we bargains. The big four clothiers. For fodder but pea Vine is considered the favorite Hay and there is an unlimited Lei Nail for it at �15 per ton. Food land will produce two tons of pea Hay per acre while poorer land will yield about one. It is considered the Best crop that can be grown for fertilizing purposes or As they say Here Quot it is a right Good thing for sorry i have Mam red Clover Hay that was grown about two Miles from Corinth that was fully 3 feet in length. It sell. At sight in unlimited quantities at �10 per ton. Cotton of course is the Staple crop of this country and there is Money in it at Obj cents per round. A Good Many banners will Tell you that they can make a Bale or 500 pounds of Cotton to the acre but this is an extraordinary yield and the average is much less. Negro labor costs from 80.00 to per month and of course with this help the Southern Farmer can produce Large Quant ties of Cotton at a Small expense. The system of cultivation however would seem ruinous to the vitality of the soil in Hie eyes Ltd the Northern Farmer who cultivates so thoroughly and plans so incessantly to keep his soil in a High state of Fertility. The majority of plows used Here Are six Inch one horse plows that occasion ally turn the Furrow Over but generally leave it up on Edge. Many of the Farmers in preparing tile ground for crop where Corn or Cotton was raised the preceding year merely throw Back Furrow Between throws and Plant on the Ridge of course All the Farmers Here Are not one horse men for you find some who Are Well posted practical men who have been very successful Arni have splendid farms. On the Creek and River Bottoms there Are Large tracts of Timber except in the immediate Vicinity of shipping Points where the larger Timber has mostly been Cut and sold. Among the More valuable varieties Are found the Hickory White Oak Poplar Maple Birch red Oak Black Oak Post Oak and Elm. Of the above named varieties the White Oak is probably the most valuable Timber As it is used extensively in the manufacture of Wagon spokes and when split in the proper dimensions Sells in the rough at from 812 to 815 per thousand. It is also used for ties and the Railroad companies pay 28 cents a piece for them. Many of the Trees Are four feet in diameter. The scale Gage Hayden amp co bark Hickory is also u cd for spokes and Scure Timber. Poplar is used largely for siding an i the Frame work of out Side machinery As it will neither shrink or swell when expose to the weather. In regard to the climate i will say that this is the place to live Ami i Ara told that this is the most unpleasant Mouth of the year on account of the rain and unsettled condition of the but rain and Sunshine seem preferable to the biting Frost and the blinding Snow of the frigid North. Last Winter there was Only one half Inch of Snow and the ground froze by two inches deep and lasted less than a week. Some of the Farmers a who Don t have time to dig their potatoes in the fall leave them in the ground until Spring and they seem to keep As fresh and sound As they do in our Northern cellars. I have called on All the Alden people who have settled Here in the Vicinity of Rienzi and they loll me that nothing would induce them to return for they at satisfied with the country beyond All expectation. Or. E. Roebke who came hereabouts a year and a half and has a Fine residence and a farm of by acres one mile West of Rienzi Aud other land amounting to 500 acres. His residence is one of those capacious two Story Southern Homes with 14 it. Ceilings enormous Halls and furnished with ten fire places. It it a to lies Lawn Are great Magnolia Trees and Beautiful Cedars. He has a splendid artificial Pond Well stocked with Carp Pireh Aud Trout win. Stoop formerly of Alden has a line farm about a mile and a half from Rienzi. He has an excellent Field of Oats which cover the ground nicely anti is making preparations to Plant Corn and Cotton. Or. Briggs farm of 300 acres is about five and one half Miles from Rienzi and six Miles from Booneville. It contains some Fine Bottom land and about 70 acres of valuable Timber. In regard to the Price at which land is Selling i will say that it ranges from 81.00 to 810.00 per acre. Of course much of this land has become weak from growing crops year after year with out proper fertilization but responds at once when Given the least encouragement. Many of the Southern Farmers will Tell you when you ask Why they do not fertilize and raise Lief ter crops that they can make a Good living they want for nothing. They enjoy Good health and they have no Energy to barter for riches. And now you ask Why with these splendid advantages of health and climate with matchless fruit and wealth it of boundless forests tie people do not take advantage of their countless opportunities. It is tin same old Story so often found on the pages of a country a history the desolation it War a crumbling aristocracy and the broken spirit of a conquered people. Yours truly w f it it. Must use All possible caution pre have been slaughtered on account of any disease. And upon the trial of every information for violation of the to prevent the spread of the hox cholera a Law to that effect passed by the state legislature or. L. H. Thomas and county attorney Morgan have been carrying on an investigation in this county for the state Hoard of health. About three months ago the state Board it of health requested or. L. Ii. Thomas of this City to investigate the hog cholera question in this county and to learn if possible if the Farmers were taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of t he dread disease. In co operation with county attorney Morgan the doctor has been looking into the matter and has been in constant correspondence with the state Board who were endeavouring to get a Bill through the legislature compelling Farmers to take certain precautions. Wednesday morning or. Thomas received a communication from senator Knatvold. Stating that the West Bill had been passed by both House and Senate and is now a Law. This Bill in full is As flows a Bill i of an act relating to Hie spread of disease among Swink. Section. It shall be the duty of the owner or persons having charge of any a inc or having knowledge of their dying and upon its coming to it his knowledge that any such Swine have died of or have been slaughtered on account of any disease to immediately Burn or Bury three 3 feet below the surface the same. Sec. 2. No person shall sell or give away or offer for Sale any Swine that have died of any disease or have been killed on account of any disease. Sec. 3. No person shall convey upon or along any Public Highway or other Public ground or any private ground except his own any diseased Swine or Swine that have died of or provisions of tills sect that any person has i my rag dead Swine from a in which Swine have lied at the time dying from shall ii recoil cd ind act court ii i Presuhn priv such Swine have been to ing hauled in violate t i it a. Sec. I d shul i 5 to u n i person negligently or Vii his hogs or those under filleted with any disease control or run at Large. Sec. 5. Any person violation of t his act Shal sum riot less than 810i one hum1 red ii i Ood it Sill p Vise Ament in he count feeding thirty 30 nay be Titis aet to i ii than v ,1 in proof is haul it rho Ltd m Are tease by the a that if to Are veil for any r to Al love Octroi Ai a scape Hided of a tined in a nor than it a by in rot exile info i a it in and. It past i thousands it Cal if or n award where to it it go an travel cheaply full informal of Lions a id res Ltd formation. Box Corn Ami Oats Way feed store Horn am i age. Aking know of to for ques if in a. La. Broad w in i Eier boiler Good Shap m ust in pow d in powder absolutely pure celebrated for its great Leavening strength and Healthfulness. Assures the food against Alum and All forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. Royal baking powder co., new York

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