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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jun 25 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. No. 33.Albert Lea. Minnesota Friday line 25, 18ji7. Twelve Dages. Hotter than done to lose your temper at this Early stage of the game. Its merely a foretaste of. J what is in store for you if you indulge in profanity. Make preparation for hot weather. Shed that heavy undershirt throw away your Back number Felt hat Pawn the last years overcoat in some second hand big four shoe store. Don one of our Fine crash suits. They Are very Nice and Cost but Little. Alpaca Coats Foj Foj Short and Long j Small and Stout and slim extra Large Man. We Are Strong in summer underwear Bonbons real French for >0 cents a garment. A Good Balbriggan for 2s cents a garment. For the multitude at prices hardly Worth mentioning. For those subject to rheumatism we recommend our Light weight pm ported German health Wool at a garment. I keep Kool and Trade with in the noted Temperance orator addresses a Large meeting at the presbyterian Church. John to. Woolley the eloquent Temperance lecturer spoke to a Large Audi Ance at the presbyterian Church saturday evening. Before introducing the speaker Rev. S. S. Cravor called attention to the sad death of j. A Larkin who had been a prominent worker in the Temperance cause in this City and who had spent the last few hours of his life in making preparation for the lecture which the audience was about to listen to. In a few Well chosen remarks Rev. Pryor then introduced the speaker. A a i am going to speak to you to night on Christian citizenship a said he but at the same time i do not wish to discourage you in the work of your local organization a the anti Saloon league while calling attention to the larger organization which i represent. American labor limps on with its unequal Yoke with capital because it lacks the Clear head and the steady hand of a temperate people. The accidental death of the Drunken labourer has got to paid for the industrious classes who were in no Way to blame. Abolish the Saloon and the Saloon drug store which is about As much to the purpose in a Small atty and you have taken a step in the right direction. Every american citizen is endowed with certain inalienable rights among which Are life Liberty and a Chance to Happy. The inalienable right of life a even a beggar s baby has a right to live. And do you know that to night while we Are Here thirty to sixty a Hies will stretch their Little hands toward this great Republic and cry a life life a and strangle Back into the unknown without having heard anything but a Drunken snore who takes care of these babies we All Lookout for ourselves but who looks out for the drunkards Home his wife and his Bab ies a you All remember of Reading in the papers a Short time ago of the Man who was a drunkard and the son was a drunkard arid How the poor widow would go each night to the bedside of of her son where he Lay in a half Drunken stupor and entreat him to quit drinking and each time he would make the same old worthless Promise and How one evening when the fond Mother was kneeling the bedside with tears in her eyes he became enraged at her and leaping upon her trampled her poor old face with his heavy boots so that in the morning she could not recognized her friends. Who takes care of the drunkards widows there is also another instance which is fresh in the minds of Many of us Here to night. A Young Man who was in the habit of drinking took the Gold cure returned to his family and for a time All went Well. The glad smile came Back to the face of his Long neglected wife and she began to sing again her old familiar songs. After a while a Little baby came Aud the Home was Complete in its happiness Tine Day the husband went to town met some of his old associates and when he came Home he was in an intoxicated condition. Feeling guilty because he had been tempted and had fallen he shouted to his wife a Why Haven you dinner ready a and his wife told him that the baby had been so sick that it had required her whole attention. In a sneering Way he retorted a a in la take care of the baby a and he did. Ile took it its Little feet and dashed its brains out against the cottage Wall then this new it in the Cradle at the feet of its Mother who stared at its lifeless form with the wild eyes of a maniac. To night this murderer Waits in a prison cell to pay the penalty of his awful crime while his unfortunate wife sits All Day in an imaginary rocking chair swaying to an fro to the rhythm of Lullaby songs. The City Council of Minneapolis has passed an ordinance compelling women to go to the opera House Bare headed so that the men who sit behind them will not prevented from seeing the actor s feet. This is Good As far As it goes. I also notice that there have been restrictions passed in regard to the Selling of Lump Jawed cattle in Chicago that Slot machines have been debarred. This is All Well enough but where do you see any legislation for the Protection of our boys there is a Law in this country in regard to usury which says to the Money Loaner a a of shall not tempt the poor Man to pay you More than the Legal rate of interest on a loan no matter How badly the poor Man May need the but where do we find any legislation that says to the Saloon keeper a a of shall not tempt the drunkard a you cannot find it. Rut on the contrary the drunkard is the helpless prey of the Saloon keeper. In the last six months 100,000 babies subject to epileptic fits were born of Drunken parents. If the legislators would adopt the statutory prayer a god merciful to me a fool a they would at least doing something. We All know what you did with the Gold question last election and what you tried Taw do with the Silver but what did you do with our inalienable rights you sold them sold them to the liquor traffic. We christians say we believe in god but rather let us believe in ourselves on election Day. And now i think i hear some one say a he is making a regular prohibition speech and is Here under the auspices of the anti Saloon Well yes i Ain unless my mind is wandering. There is Goliah the Saloon and Christian Young Man the White Stone the ballot is in the Sling which you will hold in your hand next election. Throw it not at the giant s feet but at his Batchelder Mcgregor. Compare our bicycle boots with any others and see How different they Are. I they Are Cut higher to make the outlines Complete. 2. They Are smaller at the Ankles to prevent the ugly wrinkling l they Are made on special lasts to prevent slipping at the Heel. 4. I heir soles Are made of flexible leather especially adapted to peddling. La it lie s knee High fancy plaid c loth top coloured kid foxed one of the most charming Church weddings that Ever took place in this City occurred at the presbyterian Church wednesday evening when miss Adel Akle Josephine Liat Chelder and or. James Roderick Mcgregor of Chicago were United in the holy Bonds of Matrimony. The decorations were Beautiful Over the pulpit was an Arch of Pink and White roses and syringas with a background of Green while in front of the Organ was a solid Wall of Flowers tastefully arranged at the end of each Pew was a Bunch of Pink and White peonies fastened White streamers. The guests began to arrive shortly before eight of clock and were conducted to seats messes. J. S. Chapman Augustus Armstrong Theo. G. Skinner and Elwynn Simms who acted As Ushers. At 8 15 miss Lottie Ellickson presiding at the Organ began the wedding March and the Groom attended his a Best Many or. Kiefer of Chicago stepped upon the platform to await the bridal party. Miss Helen Bathelder was maid of Honor and miss Gertzen of Winona and miss Briggs of this City were the bridesmaids. Master William Krebs or. Acted As Page and the Bride was escorted to the alter her father. The ceremony was con $5.00. Lad in s knee High fancy Lime mixed loth top coloured k id foxed $5.00. C Tor a it Rico our a i Gage Hayden amp co. Ducted or. S. S. Cry or and was most impressive. At its close the bridal party were conveyed to the residence of the brides parents where the Bride and Groom from their stand under a Beautiful wedding Bell of White roses received congratulations and Best wishes. Refreshments followed and an hour or More was spent in social Chat. Inc Dently a sprig of Mistletoe which or. Krebs had obtained from Virginia Hail let een placed near the Large Bay window and Many unsuspecting Dames anti damsels paid the penalty for stopping beneath it. The presents of which there were a great number were handsome and costly and Are tokens of the deep regard with which the Bride and Groom Are held. M r. And mrs. Mcgregor left on the late ii. C. Ii. Amp n. Passenger and were accompanied to the depot a number of friends who showered them with the time honoured compliment of Rice and old shoes. The Bride is one of Albert Lea s most accomplished daughters and withal a most charming and amiable Maiden and or. Mcgregor must a Man of Merit to have won the affection of such a woman the Community with one voice wish the couple All happiness and Joy. Or. And mrs. Mcgregor will at Home after August i at 434 North Euclid Avenue Oak Park 111. The following is the list of the out of town guests who attended the wedding mrs. M. Mcgregor or. And mrs. Geo. Ii. Orr and or. And mrs. Geo. Reefer. Oak Grove Chicago mrs. J. C. Hathaway Ottovia 111. Miss Clara Gertzen Winona miss Guernsey St. Paul mrs. Frank Hibbs Brooklyn. Anderson Dudley. The nuptials of miss Emma c. An Derson and or. Joseph la. Dudley were celebrated at 6 30 wednesday morning at the residence of the brides parents Rev. H. C. Richardson officiating. There were present a number of the intimate friends a Well As relatives of the Bride and Groom. After the ceremony the guests partook of a wedding breakfast making it All in All a very Happy affair. The Bride was beautifully attired wearing White Mou Eline de some Over White silk and carried White roses. This matrimonial event removes from Albert Lea one of her most charming and popular Young ladies one who has endeared herself to All her Bright and social ways. As a teacher in the Public schools she won the Good will of her pupils and the merited commendation of the Public. The Groom is Well known in this City where he has grown to manhood. Many have watched his steady Progress and Success with Pride. All have the kindest feelings regarding him. Lie is a graduate of Rush medical College and at present is a successful practitioner at Heron Lake Minn. This Young couple Start out under the most pleasant anti auspicious circumstances and their hosts of friends and acquaintances wish them happiness and Prosperity. They will at Home at Heron Lake after july 3. Church dedication. Do not wait for an Airship tile dedicatory service of the i Niver Salish Church will take place tuesday night june 29th. This Structure was finished about a year ago but owing to Adverse circumstances was never dedicated. The society was enabled to secure the presence of one of the most gifted and eloquent divines in the Northwest. Or. M. D. Shutter of the Church of the redeemer Minneapolis. Ile has a Large Circle of friends Here who Are desirous of hearing him and probably he will speak on some of the motives at work in the Christian Church. The pastor of the Church has been partly promised the presence of other clergymen and also secured a chorus of voices to assist in the dedicatory exercises. The occasion will one of interest edification and of consecration anew to the cause of Christ. The Public irrespective of Church affiliations is invited to attend. All friends outside of the City will provided entertainment and All can assured of an occasion subject and an oration worthy of an evenings attention. Bear the Date in mind. Services begin promptly at 8 of clock. Seats Are free and All Are it i come. An Ideal summer trip. To Toronto the Canadian Eity of scholarship the a Queen City of the lakes. The greatest universities of the Dominion Are located there As Well As one of the largest auditoriums on the continent. Thousands Are now preparing to visit this famous City. On july 15-18, a the Cedar rapids route will offer a one fare rate for the round trip and full particulars can obtained from any C. R. Amp n. Agent or addressing j. Morton g. P. Amp t. A., Cedar rapids Iowa. To take you South but try the Low rate excursions which the Mobile it Ohio r. In the great Southern Short line will run on july 6th and 20th August 3rd and 17th september 7th and 21st october 5th and 19th november 2nd and 16th, december 7th and 21st, 1897, to All Points in Tennessee Mississippi Aud Albana. Rate one fare plus 82.00. Ample limits and Stop overs allowed in either direction South of the Ohio River. A a a Horne seekers guide a and All information regarding land furnished free on application to the Alabama land and development co., Mobile Ala. For any information desired As to rates tickets time etc., apply to e. E. Posey g. P. A Mobile Ala. From Albert Lea to san Francisco. Only $25-55 tickets at this rate will sold june 29-30, july i 2 and 3, the b., c. R. Tic n. Ry., for the Natl. Convention a a. P. S. C. E. At san Francisco july 9 to 12th. Tourist sleeping cars w ill leave Cedar rapids june 26th, connection with a the Iowa Christian Endeavor special which will run through to san Francisco without change. The rate per berth accommodating two if desired is Only 85.50, return tickets will on Sale at san Francisco at various dates from july i the to August. 9th at rated quoted above. For berth reservation and further particulars Call on any in c. R. Amp n. Agent or address j. Mouton g. P. Amp t. A. Cedar rapids la. Low rates to the West. On june 29, 30, july i 2, 3 agents of the in c. In a n. Ry., will sell at very lows rates one Way tickets to Kansas City Leavenworth Atchison Colorado Springs. St. Joseph Omaha Denver Pueblo and grand Junction Cheyenne Ogden Salt Lake City Spanish Fork Helena Bute Portland los Angeles and san Francisco and All intermediate Points West of the Missouri River. On certain Date tickets will also on Sale eastbound Frond from the above named Points at reduced rates. For further information Call on agents of the b., c. In amp n. Ry., or address j. Morton g. P. Amp t. I. At Cedar rapids Iowa

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