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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - July 30, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. No. 38. Albert Lea Minnesota Friday Llly 30, 1sd7. Twelve pages. The honest boy in trubble.? de Boss am sick an dead Man gone fishes an Dis store full wid goods. De Boss Boht a Hul raft us goods for de Winter. Over 2 Hundred Coats wid fur onto dem already cum an he in buying plenty mor when he goes to York i dont kno where to put All dose when Dey cum. Old Mann Strauss says dem summer suits go for Cost dem ice Cream suits go for Cost dem Straw hats go for Cost Tatt Al l l maj i in in v w in in in in dem spider web undershirts go for Cost de Boss Means wot he Saiz take a Hon est boys word an go to you will have plenty Geld left after you buy of Strauss fresh states sugar beet inspector visits Freeborn county and examines sugar beet Fields. A Speake encouragingly of a Rossetti sugar beet factory and it is thought he will make favourable re nation of this county in his forthcoming report. C. F. Taylor special guilt of the department of agriculture rho is investigating the beet sugar question in different parts of the United states was Here tuesday Aud wednesday enquiring into the adaptability of our soil and climate for beet sugar cultivation and for the purpose of gathering other information for the use of the Secretary of agriculture who is himself an enthusiast on beets Gar culture. Or. Savior has recently been through South Dakota and visited every irrigated farm in that state and intends to make a taut of the sugar Fields of california., Utah Aud Nebraska where sugar is actually being manufactured from beets and All other states where experiments Are being made. Ile is gathering a vast fund of information to lie embodied in a report that must have great weight in the future beet sugar interests in this county on tuesday c. L. Luce took him out to several Fields in the Vicinity of the City. Wednesday Harry Jones. Vvs. A. Morin and or. Blackmer took him for a More extensive inspection and they visited a Large number of Fields in More Distant parts of the county. At every turn or. Saylor expressed his admiration of the Beautiful Grain Fields and Groves and the magnificent Prospect of the approaching Harvest. Several Fields were examined and the reports of blight and chinch Bug were found to exaggerated or mistaken. He Saki the Farmers in this county Are the Only ones he has seen in All his travels who have made a really intelligent and valuable Experiment with sugar let acts elsewhere the soil has been poorly prepared the beets have been planted too far apart and the cultivation has been poor. Here the stands were found in most cases to perfect rows fourteen inches apart and the beets eight inches apart in the rows. The soil was worked until it was pulverized to a powder before planting and finally plenty of seed was used to insure a Good stand. These Are some of the fundamental methods that must followed in successful sugar beet growing. It is not farming it is the highest form of scientific gardening. It is an Industry involving so much expense that it must not undertaken till the people Are thoroughly educated in its details. There is question but that the sugar consumed in the United states will manufactured Here and that hundreds of factories will established in different parts of the country m the next few years and that the present Experiment if our beets prove to Rich enough in sugar will add greatly to our Prospect of securing a factory in this county. Or. Saylor says the pulp of the beet after the juice has been squeezed out of it a great fattening properties for cattle that they will fatten on it if supplemented with Grain six weeks sooner than on any other feed. He thinks a Community like this that have developed the co operative Creamery system to such perfection that Minnesota butter which generally Means Freeborn county leads the world and who have conducted the Best experiments to found anywhere in the country ought to convince capitalists that they can and will make a Success of the business if they undertake it. The committee Hope the impression made on or. Saylor mar Lead him to mention this Community favourably in his report which in turn May help to turn the attention of capitalists to consider this Community in looking for a favourable place to establish a Good regulation. Rochester Dost at a recent meet ing the state Board of pardons established a Rule of Little importance. The Board will Pardon convicts from the reformatory except upon the recommendation of the Board of managers and this recommendation is supposed to made Only when it has been established that the prisoner is innocent of the crime for which he is sent up. The question first came up in connection with the application of Mitchell the Young highwayman who with his female companion held up half of Minneapolis with a wooden gun. Gov. Clough stated the position of the Board flatly and chief Justice Start added that the reformatory was established for the purpose of allowing the prisoners sent there to work out their own and pears grapes and berries in great abundance. Booneville. Miss., july 24, 97. Editors times a Booneville is famous not alone for its Large tomatoes and other products of the truck Garden but also for its fruit. I saw Orchards Between Corinth and Mobile that compared in healthy appearance and productiveness with those of Booneville. This is perhaps due to the Peculiar adaptation of the soil at this place and also to its Elevation As it is the highest Point in the stat. Tree fruit especially thrives Well Here and there Are Many Large and valuable Orchards. Among the varieties of peaches which Are adapted to the soil and climate Are the old Mixon free and cling Stone Amelia Thurber and Alberta. The old Mixon is a Large peach and commands the highest Price on the Market. Those who make a business of growing tree fruit select varieties which mature in different months during the summer extending from May until october. By this method they Are enabled to keep a steady Stream of fruit in the Market throughout the summer. Large quantities Are shipped to Mobile As tree fruit in that Section with the exception of figs is of an inferior Quality. Among the favorite varieties of pears Are found the Kieffer Laconte Bartlett Smeed and Beatrice. The Kieffer and Laconte Are the Standard while the Bartlett although it produces Good fruit is subject to blight. The Smeed and Beatrice Are Early varieties and Are the first in the Market. Of course a it you All know peaches for commercial purposes Are not allowed to Ripen on the Trees As then they would decay before reaching their destination but As soon As they commence to show the Pink Blush of maturity they Are picked packed in crates and shipped. Pears Are treated in the same manner As soon As they begin to turn Golden. When you pick a peach that has reached its natural maturity when it is As soft As velvet and coloured with the delicate tints of the Sunset you Are certain of having a prize whose Rich flavor will tickle the palate with satisfaction. Figs cannot grown extensively Here As they Are too delicate to withstand the Winters in this climate although they sometimes developed and expects the biggest fall Trade hand loom damask and napkins from the looms of a. E. Stiller amp son Gal tsp ii s so Sora Germany. In bleached and Ivory soft finish goods. They handle like satins. A Bio Purchase of scotch linens made Robert Lamb amp co., Dundee Scotland. We get Here the hand finish Peculiar to scotch and Irish linens. Linen crashes it from the Domestic Mills of Stevens amp co. We will give you before the Tariff prices gae Hayden amp co. Bear fruit they cannot depended on for commercial purposes. Grapes Are grown with splendid Success and there Are a number of Fine vineyards in the City. The Best results Are obtained from vineyards where the vines Are trained on a horizontal trellis. In building this trellis posts Are set every sixteen feet with a Cross Arm at the top which supports three wires one in the Middle and one at each end of the Cross Arm. By this method the grapes Are protected the leaves and have an Opportunity to mature in the Shade. In preparing the ground a Hole is generally dug and filled with a Quantity of old Bones and then covered again with Earth. The cutting is then set out on this bed and it is claimed that the roots will draw nourishment from these decaying Bones for a number of years. I saw one Vine of the Onderdonk variety which had been bedded in this manner that grew six canes a distance of thirty two feet in a single season. Among the leading varieties that do Well Here Are the Triumph. Moore a Early. Moore a Diamond Lutie Champion Brilliant Wyoming lied Eaton Concord Ives seedling Missouri riesling w. Ii. Munson and Many other varieties which were originated w. La. Munson of Denison Texas Cross colonization on texan native varieties. Of course there is much work connected with the care of a Vineyard As they have to pruned each Spring Aud tied to the trellis but they yield so bountifully and Are in such demand in the Market and at the wine press that the Cost of production is comparatively nothing. There is a wild grape that grows generally along the Bottom land through this Section known As the Muscadine. It is somewhat larger than the Ordinary tame grape. It commences to Ripen about first of september and the vines furnish Ripe fruit until Frost comes. The Bunches Are smaller than the Ordinary grape there being from one to five grapes to the Bunch. The Dew Berry is a Berry of the Blackberry family with the exception of being somewhat larger. It is always found in old Fields that have not been cultivated for a number of years. They grow on Low running vines. They Are used extensively for Canning purposes and Are considered in Many ways Superior to the wild blackberries. Next week i am going to Tell you about one of the most prolific productions of the South the negro. W. F. sidewalks Are ordered and other business transacted the Council petitions and Bills. The City Council met in regular session Friday evening Tveith All the members excepting Ald. Wohlhuter present. After the Reading of the minutes the sewer committee reported that arrangements had been completed for changing the sewer route so that it will run through Block 29. A petition for new sidewalk around Block a Ballard s Point was granted. The notice of suit for damage against the City mrs. Hopkins of Cedar rapids was referred to the claims committee. By an unanimous vote it was decided to place 10-Inch, instead of 8-Inch sewer pipes in blocks 22 and 29. The Council condemned the sidewalks and ordered new ones put in along lot 18, West Albert Lea North Side lot 19, North Side lots la 12 and 13, Block 3, water Street and on South Side of City Park. After allowing the following Bills the Council adjourned a. Men Llory lumber. .1129.42 Albert i it a electric co., july lights. 212.so h. Cd Day printing. 15.00 j. F. Wohlhuter a co., merchandise .1.50 u. S. Express ct., express. 3.35 j. A w. A. Elliott 4th instalment. 700.00 b., c. R. A n., freight on Coal. 84 67 w. W. Claybourne hauling. S.24 f. M. Church sewer pipes for streets ____32 of f. M. Church repair and material for water works. 2 43 Morin Brick and tile works Brick for catch Basin. 4.80 g. Anderson labor and material for catch Basin. 7.00 Scott Ellen pumping at pump station 13.00 w. J. Wakefield Flushing Mains. .75 Maimer a Henry Quot Gold dust Quot for City hall.40 we. Ott cutting weeds. 9.00 m. Bessinger use of blocks and tackle in Davies 2.50 d. K. Stacy transcript in ease City is. Davies. 16 r. S. Clements reporter s fees Davies Case. E. S. Knowlton witness fees Davies Case d. K. Stacy transcript a a Quot i it. S. Clements reporters fee Quot Quot ii. Ii. Daniels witness a a it j e. S. Knowlton a a a a a a Quot i h. E. Skinner Quot a a a a �?o#11 e. S. Tweedy Quot Quot Quot Quot 1.12 c. H. Day Quot 1.12 labor on sewer f. Ii Fisk. City Engineer #48.00 win. Beattie Rodman 13.50 r j. Tweedy Rodman 4.50 Claud h Lee 9.30 Chris Christenson 9.30 Dias. Knutson 4.50 John Nichols 1.50 j. H. Olson 6.gu John Svenson 8.00 m. S. Johnson 12.30 Martin Haugen,1 9.30 Jack Kilbride 15.30 g. Gulbrandson 12.39 Lora Flanagan 10.05 James jul Law 12.30 Gus Monson. 12.30 Chris Melback 12.30 Andrew Jensen 11.30 e. C. Sorenson who to. Payne 11.25 John Nelson 12.30 Nelsons of 4.80 Ole flatten 10.80 ennui id Langset 12.30 James Nelson 12.30 h. P. Johnson 3.30 Chris Norman 6.30 John Reinstad 10.00 Chris Swenson 2.25 will Flanigan 24.60 . J. Wakefield 24.60 h. Freeman 14.10 Sam Mal Lery 24.30 Walter Claybourn 24.60 Luther Nelson 24.60 Malone Kilmer 15.60 Elmer pet Tett 19.50 e. A a. Spoon 24.60 h. T. Spoon 23.10 Henry Goebel 24.60 Henry Tader. 3.60. Labor on Street Ole Flaaten m.h0 Ole Flaaten 1.50 Harry Fader. 28.40 Elmer petted 10.50 Chris swy Enson 15.75 Chris Norman 6.75 h. P. Johnson 10.50 . Sorenson 11.25 Chris Melback 2.26 Martin Haugen 6.00 John Ohols, 1.50 Neis Olson 9.95 Chan. Knudson 3.30 f. M. Church 24.00 p. H. Mcgovern sprinkling 120.00. C. S. Edwards salary. ,. J. R. Half Orocu salary. M. M. Luce salary. S. K Chamberlain wages. Tom Clements wages.,. Ole c. Nelson wages. A jul 83 i�?~1 of 60.00 50 of 15 00 1 5 Goa great pleasure trip cheap. The Minneapolis a St. Louis la r. Constantly strives to provide facilities for both business and recreation excursions at such times and for such Low rates As to meet with the greatest popular approval. The grand Climax will reached on sunday aug. 15, with an excursion to Lake Minnetonka. Minneapolis and St. Paul in Celebration of the Bountiful Harvest at rates which Challenge criticism. The Harvest special train will reach the cities about 10 30 a. In. And leave returning at 7 00 p. In. The lakes Are Beautiful the cities never looked More inviting. The Many tall buildings Miles of clean Asphalt paving rows of Beautiful Shade Trees Fine resilience and lawns Well kept Parks with Flowers Green grass Trees lakes water fowl ., statues including the latest great Monument of Ole Bull. Space does not permit Tell the half of what May one Day and so cheap aft

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