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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - January 22, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Mpg r. 12. Pages. A a Quot Quot to a Xvi a Freeborn county i Imes. Our Prosperity is. To a great extent due to the co operative creameries throughout the state. Creameries and the average is High Tao ranging from 4.36 to 4.57 in 1894, and 4.38 to 4.62 in 1895. This proves that the butter makers understand their business. Ripening of Cream. The ripening of Cream is occupying the minds of the butter makers of today and Many experiments have been Cai the following instructive paper was prepared by b. D. White of the Manchester Creamery for the state dairymen a convention held in this City last month but at the personal request of or. White the paper was not read Aud the time was Given to a special session of the butter makers and t Hee Sequak Erst association. The paper however is full of so Many valuable suggestions that we print it in full if Minnesota would have had to depend upon individuals to build creameries few would be in operation today. To individual would have ventured an investment of $3000, in Southern Minnesota six or seven years ago for the erection of a Creamery. A Community of Farmers at Clarks Grove did invest growth and stability of the Bath and Manchester insurance companies thousands of dollars saved to the county annually the priceless lesson in operation. The annual reports of the Farmers Mutual fire insurance companies of Bath and Manchester published in the times last week and the week before and Many exper Jui Iilah h the and stability in thee Rind on. In year gone by tin. Butter tuns is indeed gratify makers hastened the ripening of Cream a and members. By the application of heat today the my to their officers and turn c Foremost better makers Nae some form j neither association has made special of starter in some cases Cream or but j efforts to secure new Ria a ter milk is used but More makers pre Manchester company w hich a year ago had but i Odo risks now has policies in Force to it it the number of 1.272, while the Bath company having but 416, now great stores in one. The big four. 22 lbs. Granulated sugar Fer a Home made starter. Purk bitter culture or commercial starters. To Good commercial starter has been undervalued by the majority of butter makers. Commercial starters Wert practically unknown until b. La was forced upon the Market by striking advertisements. And every maker was anxious to use the wonderful discovery. Which As advertised would revolutionize butter making. Many of tin butter makers in the West were induced i to use the new a it ult me but it w ii a lies is Noi Llu. Summ. I any had the conveniences to give it a rings carried but it is the astonishing about $3000, for the erection and equip Fah. Trial and in the majority of cases i -. A he has 452 risks. The amount of insurance carried by the Bath company a year ago was $476,768, and it has increased this year to $531,957 while the amount of policies in Force by the Manchester company Lias increased from $1,897, 693 a year ago to $2,227,813 this year. The total insurance carried by both companies increased from $2,374, 461 to $2,759,770. However the most remarkable thing about these companies is not the number nor value of one Case of heavy quilts $1.25 goods 98c Lonsdale fruit and Blackstone bleached 62c meat of a Plant. It will be remembered that larks Grove was the first co operative Creamery in the state. It has been Only six years since this Creamery was built and it was built and managed right from the Start and we As a nucleus or starting Point in the Creamery business of Minnesota. Soon after Clarks Grove was built and operated with Success others were built in this county the following year dairymen of Steele county built creameries and today there Are about 450 in the state of which 400 Are co operative and Only about 50 individuals. Besides 450 creameries there Are about 50 cheese factories. Let the majority of Farmers of Freeborn county think Back six or seven years a before there were any creameries in the county. What was the income for butter at that time w hat is the income for butter now i he aggregated amount of Money is Between seventy five and one Hundred thousand dollars per month. The amount paid Farmers for milk is about seventy two thousand five Hundred dollars per month. As a mortgage lifter among ame. The proceeds of Tim creameries is an important Factor. Good houses Aud barns Are being built and farms improved in general. Are All tin Freeborn county Farmers or the Farmers of Minnesota Dairying with profit Are they realizing As much from their herds As they ought to i believe not. At least fifty per cent of the Creamery patrons do not understand Dairying. Many Are striving to become better informed in matters pertaining to their business. Many do not have the opportunities to become educated As it will be remembered this is the first dairymen s convention held in this county since the first Creamery was built. Since in rot. A. Cher delivered lectures in tills county i head d one Man say. By following the professor s instructions his cows gained one bundled pounds of milk the first week Anotia i said his milk Check was $16 More the first pay Day. The average Farmer is seeking for information and it More men like prof. Haecker would visit Dairy porn unities and give instructions in feeding Breeding etc., there would soon be More dairymen Dairying with profit. There has been considerable discussion the past year regarding the Cost of manufacturing a Pound of butter in the various Creamery districts. I find by careful investigation that Freeborn county is on the average manufacturing butter for less Money than any county in this state or any other state. The Cost to make a Pound of butter in the Best creameries in the county for 1894 was from .0169 to 0195 averaging .0176, the Cost for 1895 for the Best creameries ranged from .0141 to .0188, the average was .0165. However it Cost some creameries in Freeborn county As High As .0363. So far As i have investigated the creameries receiving More than five million pounds of milk per year Call not manufacture butter As cheap As those receiving from three to five million pounds per year for instance one Crean mry outside of tills state received nearly ten million pounds of milk in 1895, and Cost ,046 cents to make a Pound of butter. Another received nearly eleven million pounds of milk and it Cost .0373 to make a Pound of butter. I fear the Freeborn county Creamery companies Are economizing at the expense of the creameries that is not enough expenses in the w a of repairs and improvements Are put onto the creameries to keep them in first class condition. The butter yield in Freeborn county averages about the same in All the no improvement was noticed or Bene fit derived. T he fact is the butter makers were not prepared to use any of the various cultures and today few have Faith in any of the commercial starters. I believe there is a future for commercial starters. If every butter maker would use a Good starter under the same conditions there is no reason Why butter in the different creameries would not run uniform. A Home made starter May be All right for a Short per id of time but cannot be depended upon at All times of the year As time advances dairymen will become better qualified better Cream eries will be built and better butter makers wanted. Butter makers who Are qualified in every detail of the business Are in demand and it behoves every butter maker to be on the Alert to learn All lie can. It is especially necessary that the butter maker should know his business and attend to it with zealous attention to promote in the highest his employers interest. It will be remembered that constant Vig i Ilance and continued efforts Are required to even maintain present Condi-1 Lions. It is Only with renewed eff Orts and renewed ambition and Pride in oui chosen occupation that we can Nova Nee. We must push Forward or get left in the race. In Small amount expended in their management. The $2,227,813 insurance carried by the Manchester company Cost its members but $733.23. Exclusive of amounts paid on losses while the Bath company carrying $531,957 insurance was run at an expense of but $116.97. Moreover these companies Are absolutely Safe. I hey Are office red and controlled by Freeborn county Farmers elected to their responsible positions by jealous and watchful policy holders. Their sole object is to give their members cheap and reliable insurance. The annual meetings Are always Well attended and the vigilance of members and the safeguards of the Law Are such that the stability of these Mutual institutions cannot be doubted. I hey annually save the county thousands of dollars that would otherwise be paid to foreign companies at increased rates and More than this they Are schools where their members learn the priceless lesson of Mutual to it it Peru Tiro. Creamery reports. The linens we sell at <>8c Are such goods As the big City stores make leaders of at. St .25 a a a 7 Tbs. I x it 1 s. Arbuck or Quot. Churches soda. Lilly Goss starch. Corn starch to cent la Kos. Mate he to cent sack of Salt hoop fails .04 .09 it mod brooms condensed milk. Kirks Santa Claus and All Good cups. 7 bars. .15 .23 we be been Selling fur capes at. 1/. Price. / 2 60 pieces full Standard prints s 3 Gold a few left. Let us show you the exceptional values. Pearline a 1776 of .04 mondays brought freight us a fresh consignment of Dew bleached German Linen 60 Inch. -9� 5 gallon can and Oil Baker s chocolate. J. T. Tobacco. Battle a x a Spear ii eat i t i Max. 72 Inch $1.12 b. D. White. Tawney interviewed. The following interview with congressman James a. Tawney member of the ways and Means committee was Given to the american protective league of new York and contains Many valuable statements and suggestions the result of or. Tawney s experience As a member of the committee during its recent hearings a a in my judgment the recent hearings on the subject of Tariff before the committee on ways and Means will ire of greater importance to the permanent determination of the future Industrial policy of government than any hearings Ever before had on this subject. At previous hearings it has been the theories of Tariff reformers contending against experience under the economic policies of Protection. In the hearings just closed we have had the Benefit of the experience under a protective Tariff policy based upon democratic shibboleths of flee raw material and and Valorme duties. The results As shown by the testimony of All who appeared before the committee without regard to party employment or occupations conclusively demonstrates the Wisdom of the former and the fallacy of the latter. Quot a notable and refreshing feature of these hearings is the fact that those who were Are now and declare they will Ever be democrats and How informed the committee that three years ago they advocated free raw materials and and Valorme duties publicly confess their error and now ask Congress for a a moderate protective Tariff and a return to specific duties. A the interdependence of every kind of Industry or occupation from the Wool grower and the Wood chopper to the person who Sells the finished products was never More clearly shown than by the petitions and the evidence As to cheap foreign Competition of the past three years. A another somewhat remarkable feature in View of the recent Campaign was this that the representatives of no Industry labor organization party or Section attributed our Industrial de pression to the alleged a crime of 73/ but either expressly or by implication charged the result to the crime of 1894. A we sell it the Comet the Only one Dollar camera in the world the Briggs drug co. Annual. Following is Tho report of the Clarks Grove Creamery association for the year beginning Dee. 31, 1895, and ending nov. 30th, 1896, also a statement of t he business done founds of milk received. Founds of butter made. Average yield per too lbs. Average Price per too lbs. Average Price per Pound for butter. Butter sold and consigned to the markets pounds. A a received it it a same. Delivered to patrons. His. Received for the same. Received from other sources. The softest most taking linens in town napkins to match Money Back on anything that done to suit. Magic yeast. 2 for. Yeast foam. 2 for Good can Corn. .15 .19 .33 .33 a a t i tomatoes. 0,119.710 286.933 4.4 .6 i .1642 263,152 $43,213,04 23,781 $3,�?~.3 5.62 $27.66 total receipts for year. I u ski its events. Checks issued for milk. Paid into sinking fund. For expenses miscellaneous amount of patrons butter. Weaving a plus. Balance As sur $47,175.32 $37.753.16 1,283.94 4,200.29 3,935.62 $47,173.01 $ 2.31 Gage Hayden amp co. The following is the annual report of the Raceland Creamery association for the year i s96 founds of milk received. Founds of butter sold. Pounds sold to patrons. A pc rage yield. Average test. Average Price. Cash received from butter sold. Cash received from butter sold to patrons. Milk division. Expense fund. 3,920. It sinking fund. 739.39 freight and cartage. 2.090.1.> a Quot a i 1r Iii commission. 1 a the freight and commission is very Light because a Large amount of this i 1 a. 1 i. I. Olo finl butter was Mauiu Iii Tuo 5,035,830 207,044 24,431 4 a 5 8 i 3.92% .68 ii $33,815.05 4,113.64 33,26 s. 53 Farmers will remember the Farmers live Stock Filion ship every monday. Bring in your ledgers and magazines. I must have All the work of the town Aud county. William Douglas proprietor times bindery and Blank Book manufactory. Thousands of people Are looking California Ward. They want to know where to go and raise fruit and How to travel cheaply and comfortably. For full information regarding these questions address California Bureau of information Box 572, Cedar rapids la the Way to California. The Best route and most Complete service to California and the West Are off ered by the b. C. Amp n. By. Through their tourist car excursions. Each tuesday during the Winter sea son a Pullman tourist Sleeper will be attached to in c. In a n. Train no. 2, which leaves Albert Lea at 2 3.> p. In. This car will run through to los Angeles and Sun Francisco via Kansas a Clov. It. Worth Texas. Elpaso anal Tho Southern Pacific by. The Ideal Winter route insuring passengers Security against delays from storms and Snow blockades. The Rule per berth to los Angeles or san Francisco is Only $6.00 and the tourist has every Comfort Aud accommodation of the regular Pullman. For descriptive pamphlet giving full information regarding these excursions Call on in. 1 la. A n. Agents 01 address the undersigned. J. Morton g. P. A i. A. Apr 1 Cedar rapids Iowa. Tourist car service to California resumed. The celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its 16th year of successful operation with a through car for California St. Paul thursday evening sept. L Over the Minneapolis amp St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every i hurs Daj thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be lieu to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these exclusions in the past. For further particulars and rates address a. B Cutts g. P. Amp t. A., Minneapolis Minn. Cli aha or Sali a >1 a i As the weather has been unfavourable for the Sale of clothing Aud As we must have Money by january lath a have decided to sell All heavy Winter suit both double and. _ it breasted at Cost. We will not carry Over heavy clothing As we cannot afford to speculate but Are forced to turn our Stock into Cash. It mean blk Ness. Come in and look at the goods. They Are marked in Plain figures and profit been entirely ignored. I Here has never been sold in the history of Albert Lea Good honest clothing at such prices As we Are offering. No false descriptions no false statements but a straightforward Sale of first ulass nothing without profit to us. And at one Price to it it alb. Eagle one Price Ming House magazines bound in neat and durable styles at the times bindery. Remember that the place to find Choice oysters raw stewed or Fried is at m. W. Sawyers East Clark St. Joins ii if you a re in need of. Highest of All in Leavening u. S. Govt report. Medical treatment for any chronic or surgical disease you can be More comfortable and recover More quickly at. Powder absolutely pure Albert Lea Hospital than at your own Home. J. M. Rotor Ai. R., proprietor

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