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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1897, Page 8

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - January 15, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota 4freeborn&Quot county times j january 15,1897 i re i Horn col m y to mrs. Ray c. Blackmer. Editor. D. A. Scott. As8ociat8 editor. Issued eve Eny Friday. Dishonestly lost to the state and the in busily and hungrily All Day years of put is shill the mine owners of the Mesa via. Make it practically certain that nothing can come of the pro let it im-<1 inv est Igat Ion. I in Minn. I hot it la to Reform the farm and Home. It will pay you to put a Little la it Rax in the water the White clothes Are washed in As it makes them look Clear the most politic and White of this Legisla t it a a <1 ii pro in the published statements it i in j in lean organs it won i i Elt Iii that n the person of i do ii. Tanner Jih my has As unscrupulous a governor As Ai Tor to was Era we v and perverse. Probably the biggest warrant Ever issued for arrests was Given to the at ame of tie Capitol at a last week. I he offenders Seargent washing la a from c ingress. If the sum spent for liquor in the i Iii cd states alone last year had been exchanged for wheat and meat poverty stricken family in the country could have lived on tile the Laud with three meals a Day every entire fat of before his election it was Oji enly charged that Speakar Jones was under the control of Trusta and corporations which seek for favourable legislation from the state s representatives. His official acts must decide whet hoi 01 not lie is innocent of the charge. Politics seem to control even tilt appoint Hunts to positions Ort the state Board of health for . Hewitt of lied Wing who has served at the head of that department for several years and proved himself valuable Roan is now removed and a la. Reynolds. Of St. Paul is appointed in his place. The fortunate office seeker is Atter All the Roost Mun Senate for the exercise of official duties units him for any other business or vocation. Me offer this bit of political philosophy for the Comfort and encouragement of the several very worthy gentlemen who failed of appoint input to the More or less lucrative positions in the Legisla i t. The contest in the state Senate Over the representative from Martin county comm need on tin first Day of the session and it promises to As interesting As it is bitter. Be noting to the Law arum the Constitution i. Dunn is undoubtedly Cut it led to the office but it is More Titan Likely that senatorial virtue will sulfite utly lax to allow sex lieutenant Iov Emor Bay to hold the seat. The defeat of the Pacific funding Bill in the House is a Triumph of the people Over tin rascally operators of the Southern Pacific win have acquired vast fortunes at tin expense of the government and the inhabitants of the territory traversed the Road. I he government ownership of the Southern Pacific Couhig not react More disastrously on the people of the South and West than the tyrannical rates exacted the present Corporal lint it is a bad tune for attempting legislative experiments and nothing rail sea i will in Dot me. Tile temperature in the living part of tin House where you Are All at work should from of to of. In sitting room it should about of to it in the Bath room it May As High As,75. A Good and cheap mucilage for la lads or similar purposes eau made lacerating 5 parts of Good glue in 20 arts of water for 24 hours. Add to this Jit parts of Roc ii Candy and k parts of gum a i ii Hie. Experiments have shown that plants will make just As Good a growth under the in hut Nee of electric Light As they will in sunlight and the fact is being use i some greenhouse men to Force their plants and vegetables. If we keep the mind in cheerful j activity and guard the health regular habits and proper diet we will not grow old. After it while we will reach the end hut we will always Bel Youthful in feeling and never grow i ires it Ane. If you wish to level a floor or anything else and have no spirit level take a Square bottle and fill it part full of water set it on a surface you know is level then make a file Mark on the bottle on a level with the surface of the water. Put the bottle on the Angle of your Square and you will have As Good a level As anybody. Of you intend to sow your Corn ground in the Spring without blowing it it will a Good plan to hitch onto a Plank and break the stalks Down some cold Das before the Snow gets deep. Hen they Are Frozen they snap off easily hut if you wait till the ground is partly thawed out before you drag the stalks Down they will Bend and the work will twice Asha re. Lite Baru door will nearly always policies in Force Bec. 31 452 Cash. 0 i Ash on hand and in Bank Bec. 31, of previous year received for membership say More or less and la a source of during the year. At night give All they will eat which in Winter should la a hot Mash Tor this keep a Large Kettle in which put the Taring-., refuse and scrapings is till the water in which vegetables Are boiled. Season moderately with Salt liberally with Pepper red timing Best. Boil for an hour in the morning then thicken with bran or Oats. But win n oat it Are used they should boiled with the whole mess. Boiled Oats an excellent egg food. Dry and uncooked their Sharp and prickly Points arc Mon or less dangerous to the crops of fowl but boiling obviates this. Beside making the Oats More digestible. Strew the floor of the Coop with Clover leaves and litter from the barn floor. Have plenty of Sharp gravel where they can get at it. Pound some Oyster shells and put in the Hen House and two or three times a week give them All the ground lame they will eat. Annual report of the Farmer s Mutual insurance company of Bath free to it Orn county Minn. The annual meeting of this company was held in the court House in Albert Lea tuesday Jan. 5th, 197. The following officers were elected , p. Carson Hanson . F. Peterson. Directors a. P. Sorenson director for the towns of Hayward London Oakland and Shell Rock n. C. Larson director for the towns of Alden Carlton Pickerel Lake and Mansfield ii. C. Peterson director for the towns of Albert Lea Freeman and Nunda c. Nelson director for the towns of Bancroft Freeborn and Manchester c. Hanson for the towns of Riceland Mascow and Newry j. Vav. Peterson director for the towns of Bath Geneva and Hartland. The following is a report of the business transacted during the year of i Sod policies in Force dec. 31, previous year.416 $470.ths policies issued during the 143,038 total number of policies 527 019,soft policies expired and ceased to he in Force during year 87,Sio 5 31.1157 $6-j 1.1 o 37.0c the recommendation of the governor for the establish me Iii of allot her state Normal is More or ii Polit Leal own to i at Duluth than a a client in hich the i i Duluth Ami tin the is mat s Eon in prop i school a neti Public to ate , using ail alien o s the n i f a 11 v not want me have Quot ii approximate Sou Mhz. To o i expensive know if to drafts and Eold. It will often he difficult to tis it without making to new door and that will Apt to neglected. You can fix it so that it will do for this Winter and perhaps next doubling an old Gunny sack so that tin edges will on the inside. Tile e folds of cloth should tilted against the door so that no air will he admitted. Then Nail a Board Good and solid Over the cloth. This will Only take a few minutes and will add greatly to the Comfort of your Stock. Around the Community there Are ladies that have special gifts or training Iii some particular directions that might the Means of furnishing them with employment and a much needed income if they could arrange some Way of finding customers for the things they expel in doing. Arrangements might made with some merchant fora very Small commission to sell fancy articles embroidery sketching knitting or even Fine cooking. Orders for these things could to left some time managers ahead Aud a mutually beneficial Trade worked . Similar exchanges Are maintained in some places and have proven very satisfactory and Aid in helping those who w ish to help themselves. You can make \ Oil a splendid Robe t hat will not Cost much and will look very in Cit. In tins Way take the fresh skins of three Black sheep Wash them thoroughly with soap and water let them soak Over night so that the blood a ill All Bioti it the flesh Side of the so i n. Spread i to i. Nothing to i a a executive i x 111 d District t not r nets Ady. Unum Apio Normal and least system of Money is sated to educational pm e devoted to the further of our excellent syst in i Al it car h Sci it ads. Til rec it Airt la Alum Over it Alum thickly Hie flesh lib Roll them i them Tam a feet that Wilt re t hey i hey tire tin i anti pts to to which teen the cd and to rest Hind Titi Levi it is the of history. True years and contain in but a is in Ful i input or growing spirit of internat it Cree Aud love a it is tin to Vatti i he ultimate Seth Mal differences the of a Universal arbitral ate Tafth nil it is More a Neva opt tech n limited to tic keep Ting clause tin it to in Bai it. And Sprinkle d a a Quot und of pow de Yeti h Ped then cover the the Alt. \ her t his put o the skin together and o a tight Roll Aud let or Twenty four hours. Retch them nut to dry Rill not t recuse. By in a. So tvs he and rub t hem my it p soft. A Little a Slit in e rubbed Over 11 Tor it is dry t a make it co. Nub out the Wool card. Aud trim Oil any received from percentage during the year.?. Total amount of Cash. Losses tenured during the year. Losses paid during the y ear. All other expenses during t he year. Balance on hand. B it i. H Anson. Sec. Clarks Grove. Jan. 12th, ii 357.9b. 1015 of. 127.17 127.17 110.97 770.92 for a Good Bath Call at the Fountain Lake Bath rooms North Broadway. Bur Bath rooms Are Evv and no ode in with a Shower in connection. Bros. For the National Cycle show at a i Eagn january 23d to 30th, the u., ii. A n. Ry., will sell round trip tickets at rate of fare and vue third on the certificate plan. Call on la c. By a n. Agents for full information. 1-30 seventh annual Encampment of the North Iowa veterans association to held at Clear Lake Iowa june 14th and 15th 1897, the officers of the association will leave nothing undone to make the 7th annual Encampment a grand Success Ami earnestly request the Hearty cooperation of every Veteran. Tints. By of. Pres. L. Strause Secretary. Playing cards. A the Cedar rapids route Quot High Grade playing cards Are for Sale All agents of the la c. In a n. By at the following prices 15c pct pack two packs 25c 81.50 pet dozen. Order direct from agents or Send Stamps or Money order to the undersigned and curds will sent postage or express paid. J. Morton g. P. Amp t. A., l y 1 Vilar a pills i t. Iii the first year of Washington s Admi uis t rut Ion t Here were 75 Post Mast Era. And the Cost of running the Post office department was $32,000 last year we had 70,000 its masters and the Cost of maintaining the department was 97,-000,000. In Pate he e Bottom Low Nai w ii t lie Tai dept Mit Iest step Lieut i it fall in-1 Docis n i film ital. Plan of Ding Lay my. Been found to to one Hundred the disc seeming or Lection of 1 Range w ill sensation Aion even or v a i to i Lardy in the cd lands in Bunn 01 state s the i to furnish sufi entire Legits at Ive a a Lent tin nothing More come of it. Bunn anti Donnelly desire a strict investigation Aud this is Well for if the state schools have been swindled the ear they w ill not trouble to pick off Bordel Vav ill Ati the Robe with or sea i loped a a warm. Dural handsome one. The follow in hens in the Winter ii very successful hens give four dozen ears of Corn which have been heated in the Kitchen oven for ten minutes More if somewhat charred the better. The necessity to work for their breakfast gives them the desired impetus to exercise while the hot dry Corn gradually worked off furnishes warmth without heaviness. Never feet shelled Corn to laying liens it is too fattening. But on co nerves Are the messenger of berts the Telegraph a system of the human body. Nerves extend from the brain to it it every part of tin body and reach every Organ. Nerves a a like tip a Tod Siv vants but hard masters. Nerves Arefi Ltd tin mood and Are therefore like it in character. Nerves will he Neak and exhausted if the blood is thin Pale and impure. yes will surely tie Strong and steady if the blood is Rich red and vigorous. Nerves find a True Friend in hands Sarsaparilla because it makes Rich red blood. Nerves do their work roundly and Well the brain is unclouded there Are no neuralgia pains appetite and digestion Are Good when you Tako hoods Sarsaparilla the one trim blood purifier. All druggists la. Prepared Only c. I. Hood a co., Lowell a. Rumi the Best family cathartic Hood s i ills and liver stimulant. 25c> the times Are hard Aud you cannot afford to buy her a Diamond ring but she will just a Well pleased with a Case of Tine correspondence stationery and we have the Best. Times. Out of lauds Worth twelve millions of More than is actually required to dollars the people Are certainly just in resuming their title. However the difficulty of proof even were the lands satisfy hunger. At noon scatter four quarts of wheat through the Straw. Keep the poultry working anti scratch j1 via n. Railway. Home seekers and tourists win desire to visit Points in the North South or West should take advantage of the Low rate excursions which will run every other week for the next six months the a. P. In a. N. By. On the following dates All agents of this company will sell exc vision tickets to a Large number of cities and town s in Northern Western and Southern Stales at rate of one fare plus $2.no for the round trip Jan. 5 and 19 feb. J Aud 16 March 2 and 16 april 6 and 30 May 4 and 18. Tickets Are gout to return 21 Days from Date of Sale. Call on b., c. R. Amp n. Agents or address the undersigned for full information. J. Morton 6. P. A t. A. May 19, 97. Cedar rapids Iowa. Sheriffs Sale of real estate under judgement of foreclosure. A cat or Minnesota county of in District judicial Dis Trier w. F. Cage plaintiff is. Nets Peterson and Katrine Peterson Bis wife. And g. L. Bodin Aud Louisa Bodin his wife and Johan e. Bodin and Ida Bodin his wife and Theodore j. Stauch Aud Nettie o. Stanch his wife and Torkel Ludwigson Aud Anna Maria Ludwigson his wife defendants Votice is hereby Given that Nuder and virtue of a judgment and decree entered in tin above entitled action on the 17111 Day of december a. D. I is 7 a certified transcript of which has been delivered to it it me i the undersigned sheriff a Freeborn county will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder fore Ash on saturday the 3ijth Cav of january. Int la o clock in the Forenoon at tin West front door of the court House in the City of Albert Lea Iii said it Mountj. In one parcel tie premises and real estate described in said judgment and secreto Wil All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Freeborn and state of Minnesota described As follows to wit tile South West Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section thirty two bit township one Hundred and three 103north of Range Twenty of of West of the fifth principal Meridian. Dated december 17th a. D. Is. A Mitchell sheriff id free i torn i minty Minnesota. To. A Clements plaintiff s attorney. Dec. If 7w, order for hearing on claims Etc. It ate in Minnesota county of Freeborn ass. Probate court special term. Dee. 30, 1 sort. In the matter of the estate of Andrew Olson deceased a letters of administration on the estate of Andrew Olson deceased late of the county of Freeborn Anil state of Minnesota being granted to Albert a. Biland it is ordered that six months and the same is hereby allowed from and after tin Date of this order in which All persons having claims or demands against the said deceased Are required to tile the same in the probate court of said county for examination and allowance or forever barred. It is further ordered that the 1st of july 1897, at to of clock a. Rn., at a special term of said probate court to held at the probate office in the court House in the City of Albert Lea in said county and the same hereby is appointed As the time and place when and where the said probate court will examine Aud adjust said claims Anil demands. And it is further ordered that notice of such hearing Given to All creditors Aud persons interested in said estate forthwith publishing this order once in each w Eek for three successive weeks in the free bobs cot Nix weekly newspaper primed Aud published in said county. Dated at Albert Lea this Jewth Day of december a. D. 1896. By t he court i s. Heman Beachmen judge of probate. Before buying your. And. Stylish. Millinery. Give mrs. Gates a Call. A special Sale All next week. Give a Call. Hrs. J. F. Gates. Ole o. Lee Emmons. J have sold my farm and purchased this Fine Stock of general merchandise. I shall give my entire attention to my store and am bound to succeed. I intend to keep everything my customers want and my prices shall always so Low that when you Trade with me once you will have enough left so that you can come again. Remember i keep everything you want and my motto is a flow prices Good goods and fair Ole 0. Lee Emmons Minn. Going to California Phillips upholstered tourist cars Are Best 126,000 passengers carried in to years and All Quot it h e m pleased is a lettering testimonial. Jeal a imitators have started rival lines but they Lack the facilities and experience of the pioneers in the tourist car business. The Minneapolis a St. Louis Railroad runs elegant upholstered tourist cars to California Points without change. Leaving St. Paul 7 00 p. Rn., Minneapolis 7 35 p. In every thursday via it Konaha. Denver Aud Salt Lake the Scenic line. On november 3d, and each succeeding tuesday we will run an a additional car via Kansas City and i t. Worth the Southern route no altitudes Aud no Snow. \ the time is Only for i Days via either route. In this age. Time is an important Factor in the selection of ii line of travel. The Albert Lea route being the quickest and Best appointed is most popular. Through sleeping ear berths Only $6.00. A gentlemanly conductor and coloured Porter accompany the car to attend the wants of the passengers. Meals served in dining cars or May the prepared on cooking ranges provided for the purpose in a separate compartment. Full information As to ticket rates or berth reservations will Given udders Inga. B. Cutis. General passenger ans i Ciket agent. Minneapolis amp St. Louis Railroad Minneapolis. Minn. Our business was never better but still we look Down a in the Mouth. Brown amp Parker Trine Gunther a candies. Druggists sundries books medallions. Fancy ripes and novelties of All kinds at. C. F. Townes 314 Broadway. The most Complete Plant in the Northwest we make the hardest Brick in the state. By actual test our Brick crush at 3,000 pounds to the Square Inch. This is nearly twice the strength required it. S. Government contracts. La we also make a specially of. Farm Drain tile 13?�?� Farmers can now save the freight on tiling. Oivin is a Call

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