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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - January 15, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota A a a a1 2 a a pages. Orn Siimes Henry Carlson writes of the supreme court and its judges. A Day in the supreme court Worth months of statutes. Six a Pencil picture of the great tribunal and its eminent judges. For the horticultural association. The following is the Complete program for the annual meeting of the Washington d. A. 1012 13th St., Jan. 4, 1897.�?editors of times Albert Lea Minn. Dear sirs it seems that i / have made some a promises in reference to correspondence to your paper that have not been exactly fulfilled. But my Friend or. Peterson and myself have both been so much engrossed with other things that we hold ourselves excusable. There is nothing at Washington that has interested me More than the supreme court of the United states. It is Safe to say that it is the most powerful tribunal in the world. No Courti of any other nation can unmake the Laws enacted by the legislative Power of that nation. But our highest court can prescribe the limits of the Powers of the other branches of our government under the Constitution. The personnel of the body is no less impressive than their Power. It would be an excellent plan to require every youth who aspires to become a lawyer to spend at least one Day in the chamber of the supreme court. That one Day would be a source of greater inspiration to him than six months of statute Reading. Of the men who now occupy the Bench no one is better known or More popular than is Justice j. M. Harlan and. Excepting Field he has served the longest term. Tie is a Large Man in every Way Large headed of High ideas Broad sympathies and a massive brain. He is one of those sturdy rugged characters a Hale fellow Well met. A typical kentuckian. Ile is thoroughly american patriotic and democratic. It is said of him that when he was first appointed he complained because everywhere he went lie found someone to wait on him a Darkey to open every door hold his coat Brush his hat Etc. Is a Man of wonderful personality and one feels himself in the presence of greatness when in the presence of Justice Harlan. Justice Brewer is the scholar and philosopher of the Bench. His features his manners a in fact everything about him gives Earnest of a life devoted to study. He is a Man of pro found learning and is considered the authority of the Bench on the subject of corporations. Much of the amp recent Law of corporations is due to the influence of Justice Brewer. I have been very much impressed with Justice White of Louisiana. He is a Man of Large vigorous physique and has that Plain straight Forward bearing that makes him very attractive. He is a great scholar and logical vigorous thinker. The largest Man on the Bench is Justice Grey of Massachusetts. Ile a stands at least six feet and four inches and he is Well proportioned. His features Are Strong and firm rather puritanical. Justice Harlan says of him a no Man on the Bench is his Superior in a Clear exact and logical statement of Legal he is said to be an autocrat however but withal very Safe Man. An amusing incident about the judge was related to me by one of the attaches of the court. The judge was a Bachelor until a few years ago which May account for some of his idiosyncrasies. His family is said to have consisted originally of four Mem hers and before he was married he always had his breakfast table set for four persons in memory of his Early life. Ile would have a four courses it served one at each plate and he would circulate around the table eating the several courses at the different plates. I cannot vouch for the truth of the Story but it illustrates the character of the Man. I cannot describe the other members of the Bench within the limits of this letter but they Are All great jurists and great men. The labor of the i Bench is something enormous and it # in a Marvel to me that they accomplish what they do. It is done by the most systematic application. Henry Caisson. Southern Minnesota horticultural association to be held in the court Boom at Albert Lea wednesday and thursday Jan. 20th and 21st opening session wednesday to a. an Orchard from a Farmers standpoint a a pres. J. C. Hawkins. Austin. A the Best varieties to a a. S. Harris la Crescent. A seedlings and russians is. Top working a a Edson i Gaylord Nora Springs. Iowa. A How to graft a a a. S. Bisby Lyle. General discussion on the farm Orch a re. Wednesday afternoon session 1 30 p. Farmers fruit and How to raise it a of. W. Kimball Austin. A irrigating in a Small Way Quot a gee. In Prescott Albert Lea. A the Plum Orchard a a Dewain Cook Windom. A a commercial Orchard in e. Ii. S. Barit supt of Experiment station Owatonna. Question Box. Wednesday evening 7 30 p. citizens session. Music Beethoven choral ass in. Address of Welcome mrs. J. A. I Aller pres of the women s improvement league. A ornamental Trees for the Street and Park Quot a Hon. Eugene Secor Forest City. Pres. North Iowa horticultural society. Music Beethoven choral . A planting the school grounds a a miss Gertrude Ellis supt. Schools Mower county. A the women a improvement league of Albert Lead los aim and mrs. Chaa. Brainerd Albert Lea. Music Beethoven choral ass n. Five minute talks. A some improvements in the near future a pc. M. Wilkinson. Mayor. Albert Lea. A Telegraph Telephone and electric lighting companies and their responsibility for mutilation of Shade and ornamental Trees a d. Ii. I. Hibbs Albert Lea. Our latest improvements in Austin a in. S. Gordon editor Mower county transcript. A municipal patriotism a a a w. S. Krebs Albert Lea. Thursday morning session 9 a. Secretary a report. Miscellaneous business election of officers. A an Orchard by every Minnesota farm House a a we. Somerville Viola. A girdling Apple and Plum Trees a a Dewain Cook Windom. Question Box. Thursday afternoon session 1 30 p. Blackberry Patch a a Jens a. Jenson Rose Creek. General discussion on vegetable gardening led by c. L. Hill Albert Lea. Discussions will follow each paper read. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these meetings and take part in the discussions. Membership in the society which will entitle the Holder to receive the monthly Magazine of the state society and a Fine hound Book at the end of the year �1.00 per annul. Free entertainment has been provided for All members outside Freeborn county by the City of Albert Lea. Clarence wedge Secretary j. C. Hawkins pres., Albert Lea. Austin Minn. Thousands of people Are looking California w Ard. They want to know where to go end raise fruit and How to travel cheaply and comfortably Fox full information regarding these questions address California Bureau of information Box 573, Cedar rapids la from this we learn that the churches and the saloons can no More tolerate each other than tire and water Light and darkness. From this we learn that the Man who tries to License and support both saloons and churches is trying to serve both god and the Devil. Sueh a Compromise we know is pleasing to the Devil but averse to god. Consequently Only hypocrites can try to work both for christianity and the saloons. We furthermore see from this where there is Faith in god that Faith will compel one to work against the saloons. Another reason Why the Church people should Lead in the work against the saloons with their evil influence on heart and Home to animal and property is this every a urn be person is sighing and waiting for someone to commence mid take the Lead in the Battle against these pre venting and degrading institutions of they do not find the intelligence will and courage in the Church people which should place them at the front in Sueh a Battle the conclusion will be drawn the churches Are no Power against evils what Are they Good for then a third reason Why the Church people should be at t he head and work earnestly in the Campaign against the Saloon is if they shirk their duty when Sueh a Battle is fought they can not expect and ask god for any Aid when other enemies of Church and state Are to be fought. I shall therefore take the Liberty to exhort every Christian Man and woman of Albert Lea to do their duty and work against the licensing and establishing of saloons again in the City. We will Promise you co operation from the country we Are Ever so much pleased and thankful for the Good year you Are giving us by inviting us to a no License City we see and feel the difference every Day. If you doubt our words search the jail record and ask the families of our weak and fallen husbands they will both affirm my assertion. By this we Are not denying that we Are aware of the fact that much illicit Sale of intoxicants is going on in your City but what does that amount to in comparison to eight running saloons nothing is a better proof of the great change in the drinking than the conspicuous decrease of liquor cars emptied at our freight depots and the disappearance of the huge fortifications of Beer kegs in the Saloon Yards and on the sidewalks. The great decrease in the shipment and consumption of liquor Means so much less of sorrow1, misery and calamity to Many of the people in the country and City so Many evenings and nights less drinking school for our boys and husbands. I will furthermore take the Liberty to ask the Church people and the intelligent and moral population of Freeborn county to help us in the solicitation for local option by counties. It is evident what a great help Sueh Laws would be to a11 those who work for the welfare of state and Home. La. J. Strand Council proceedings. The adjourned meeting of the regular meeting of the City Council was held in the Council chamber Friday afternoon Jan. 8th, and the following business was transacted in the matter of the condemnation proceedings of lot 13 of blk. 4. Morin a addition of the City of Albert Lea the City Council assessed the damages resulting to the owner of said premises. James e. Sharp by the reason of the right of Way across said lot for drainage purposes to be $28, and determined that Abe benefits accruing to the a Iii owner by reason of such improvements Werd psf the value of $13. And then determined that the sum of 815. The difference Between the damages and the benefits should be paid to James la Sharp. County attorney Morgan appeared in belial of James e. Sharp and filed Oblations to the condemnation pro to matter of fixing the rate of the wat rent of Thompsons steam laundry ares considered and placed at �50. The following Bills were allowed shoe store combinations of color in shoes Are stylish As usual we Are first in the Field. Shipments of new v qare now arriving keep your styles for s by / eyes on our ads for information that will be of interest to you. Gas leu it pc co., water returned. Al in Lea Electra co., Light Tov dc., a. Vogh Iupeli a co., lumber. Street labor. Cal uak Miaow Street labor. La p bipod Street labor. Haugen Street labor. F m debt nah Street labor. E v Falbon St re t labor a. Twin Thompson Street labor. J a Wakefield Street labor. Mart us of Ett Street labor. A in a knit Street labor. C i. Mouatt lumber a a i. We Jobu Flati Doek dts. Nor Arn fuel co., Coal a m we Ulloth lumber. James Matson sundries Tor Street coat. Briggs drug co., express Arni postage. Frank la Fobes Telephone. A a Mange sundries for Street com. So Thompson washing blankets. A p Hanson Board for prisoners. Grip Mai Babbit fuel. Emil Nelson recording deeds. Leo ii Emmons a co., cloth for Booth. Albert la a hardware co., waterworks sundries.,. 19 50 not the times. Pirn. A Joe in of in Joo 11 111 i to 4 to i v of i t 30 8 ii i i i Fie i 50 i 14 to of. 30 50 ions i Iso 1 75 it 50 a to 55 2 of 0 40 3 23 1 50 i 85 Little giants chocolate trimmed in Black Vici kid wedge Heel lace shoes new Coin toe sizes to 13 $1.65 Little giants russian calf of blood Low a a Heel lace shoe new Coin toe sizes o to 13. 4>i.v>5 Creamery reports. Annual. Following is the report of the Clarks Grove Creamery association for the year beginning dec. 31, 1895, and ending nov. 30th, 1896, also a statement of the business done pounds of milk received. Pounds of butter made. Average yield per too 1t>s. Average Price per too Tbs. Average Price per Pound for Buster. Butter sold and consigned to the markets pounds. Received for same. Delivered to patrons Tbs.,. Received for the same. Beroll from other sources. 0.110.710 280,933 4.40 % .04 youths Robson Call lace shoes new Coin toe sizes 4 to 2 $1.65 boys Robson calf lace shoes new Coin toe sizes 212 to 8 442.00 we have a Complete Hue id. W. L. Doug i. Ask shoes i $2.00 $2.50 and $3.00 shoes hand sewed process i $5.oo1042 263,152 �43,213,04 23,781 $3,935.62 927.66 total receipts for year. Disbursements. Checks issued for milk. Paid into sinking fund. For expenses miscellaneous amount of patrons butter 947.175.32 937,753.16 1,283.94 4,200.29 3,935.62 leaving a balance As surplus. 947,173.01 92.31 to the Church people of Albert Lea. Magazines bound in neat and durable styles at the times bindery. To the editors of the times we will have a severe Battle again next Spring with the Saloon Loving element of the City. They have been preparing themselves the whole year and can use Means for accomplishing their end which we cannot resort to. But one thing is sure if the Church people Are True to god and themselves there will be no More saloons in Albert Lea. There Are Many reasons Why you should unanimously take the Lead and be the bravest soldiers in the Battle against the saloons. I will Point out a few. The Saloon is a great evil for Church and state property and Home. Let us Stop a minute inside of one and see what is going on there. Do you see and hear the drinking and drunkenness the blasphemy and mockery the cursing and swearing the quarrelling and fighting the shooting and killing can such institutions be of any Benefit to their Community let us now go inside of your Church and hear what work is going on there. First you join with the congregation in singing mourn for the thousands slain the Youthful Ami the Strong mourn for the wide eur pcs fearful reign Aud the deluded throng. Then you hear god say to the people and be not drunk with wine wherein is riot but be filled with the spirit. But take heed to yourselves lest happily your hearts be overcharged with i surf Eiting and drunkenness Etc. A local publisher complains that the times has Cut the rate for county printing so that the newspapers arc robbed of just recompense for their publications while the tax payers reap the Benefit of free printing. The judgment of the publisher is warped by disappointment else he would realize the injustice of his charge. If he will read the bids on file at the auditors office he will notice that the times bid is based on Good legitimate rates a Little higher than the rates ordinarily charged by its competitors due to the fact that the times has the largest list of paying subscribers in the county. If the publisher complains that the times has Cut the Price because it refused to enter into a dishonourable Trust and tax the county double rates for advertising then we must plead guilty to the charge. But it was the Enterprise not the times that offered to do the work free of charge it was the Standard not the times that asked the commissioners to accept fifty one and one half dollars for the privilege of being the official county paper. The times will continue to charge Good living prices for space in its columns and we have no fault to find with those who can afford to donate weeks of labor and columns of space to free advertising. We sell it the Comet the Only one Dollar camera in the world. The Briggs drug co. 5,035,830 207,044 24.4344.58% 3.92% >.08% Anil we repair them free i in name a Al other shoes. Best in the world. $3.00 for bots a Tad youths 25 and 50 per cent off on a big lot of ladies shoes. In Fri w. I. Ijo Wittla so Ami from Al of to m on in i Ali. All Mayloa and to Tai ii. I be Advance in leather has increased the mice it other Mala a. B to the duality and Price of to i let of Ukly Holt mgt remain Hie Marne. . Nee that Nam. And Price it stamped . You Rihm. Tome Imok Mas. Sold of Gage Hayden amp co. Gage Hayden amp co. The following is the annual report of the Raceland Creamery association for the year 1896 pounds of milk received. Pounds of butter sold. Pounds sold to patrons. Average yield. Average test. Average Price. Cash received from butter sold. Cash received from butter sold to patrons. Milk division. Sex tense fund. Sinking fund. Freight and cartage. Commission. The freight and commission us very Light because a Large amount of this butter was sold in the Home Market. On cleawa.nc13 Halk of 933,815.05 4,113.64 33,268.53 3,920.77 739.39 2,090.15 1,215.89 tourist car service to California resumed. The celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its 16th year of successful operation with a through car for California St. Paul thursday evening sept. 3, Over the Minneapolis so St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be give to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these excursions in the past. For further particulars and rates address a. La Cutts g. P. So t. A., Minneapolis Minn. The Rosedale Cigar Napoleon Mckinley size to cents straight always snits the consumer. Remember that the place to find Choice oysters raw stewed or Fried is at m. W. Sawyers East Clark St. Highest of All in Leavening u. S. Gov t report. Powder absolutely Ihire Winter clothing 1 As the weather has been unfavourable for the Sale <>1 heavy clothing and As we must have Money by january 15th, we have decided to sell All heavy Winter suits both double and single breasted. A t o o St. We will not carry Over heavy clothing As we cannot afford to speculate but Are forced to turn our Stock into Cash we mean business. Come in and look at the goods. They Are marked in Plain figures and profit has been entirely ignored. There has never been sold in the history of Albert Lea Good honest clothing at such prices As we Are offering. No false descriptions no false statements but a straightforward Sale of first class clothing without profit to us and at one Price to a la. Eagle one Price clothing House if you Are in need of. Medical treatment for any chronic or surgical disease you can be More comfortable and recover More quickly at. Albert Lea Hospital than at Toi k own Houk j. M. Todd in proprietor a a. In a

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