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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - January 8, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota .8. county times. Vol. Lea Minnesota Friday Jam wry 8, 18517, number 9. As instructive paper. A competent. Practical Creamery manager tells How a co operative Creamery should be conducted. C. H. Dills Secretary of the Clarks Grove Creamery association discusses the difficult problems of handling patrons making Good butter and everything pertaining to the Success of a co operative Creamery. The following paper read by c. Ii. Dills before the state dairymen a association last Mouth is of such value to the dairymen of this county that we feel authorized to give it space in our columns the management of co operative creameries. The management of the co operative Creamery has been looked upon As Mere child a play and for that reason is too often left in the hands of the incompetent or the butter makers and As they Are continually changing the management becomes unstable and the patrons dissatisfied. For years we have been taught by the Dairy journals they might More properly be called butter makers journals How to secure Good milk How to make Good butter where to sell where and what to buy a All of which was and is very Good but the management was left to the Unini ated to Farmers who were supposed by Many to be so ignorant of business principles that the management would prove a failure. Very few instructions Ever came before my notice telling How to manage a cooperative Creamery successfully. And so we Creamer men of Southern Minnesota May claim the Honor of putting it to a test and while we had Many a difficulty to surmount we have proved that it can be successfully accomplished. Therefore we who have a limited experience Are ready to cooperate with the Unini ated. And impart to them a few ideas so necessary to Good Creamery management. The Large number of patrons and stockholders All having an interest and All of different opinions that must be dealt with so As to give satisfaction makes it one of the most difficult and exacting of business enterprises. The management of the co operative Creamery Calls for an abundance of patience and tact and requires a scientific knowledge often far beyond expectations and 1 might say sometimes beyond the realizations of those who Endeavor to Eor duct the same. It should be vested in a Board of directors one of w Hom is selected As manager and whenever possible the same person should act As Secretary of the company. The officers of too Many creameries Are chosen on account of their Good standing Good Fellowship or to satisfy some local faction and without any regard to their real fitness for the place others Are chosen for their ability to run things economically which often proves disastrous to the company losing dollars trying to save pennies. Put Good men in office hold them accountable and then let them conduct the business untrammelled. The management should be done openly and above Board. The stockholder has a right to have everything made Plain to him it should be As an open Book before him then he will be Able to see the reason Why he does not get As much for his milk As his neighbors. Also he w ill be Able to decide whether or not to use his influence in the re election of old officers. One of the most essential qualifications required of a manager is ability to a conduct the business in a thorough and business like manner. I do not mean simply the ability to write a Good hand or aptness in figures although these Are very necessary requirements. Nor do 1 mean ability to gain personal wealth but rather the ability to Merit and gain and the Confidence of the patrons. The Effort of All trying to manage a Creamery is no doubt the greatest hindrance in the Way of Success. Let the men chosen for the work define some method of conducting the business. And then stick to it. And with each years experience these officers become More capable and the should on no account be changed. A continual change of officers or butter makers creates dissection among the patrons and is a very poor method of doing business. In Selling the goods it will soon be found that no one likes to do business with All the patrons of a Creamery and 1 am confident that this make of a Creamery managed on Good business tourist car service to California resumed. The celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its kith year of successful operation with a through car for California St. Paul thursday evening sept. 3, Over the Minneapolis amp St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be give to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these excursions in the past. For further particulars Aud rates address a. B Cutts 1. P. Amp t. A., Minneapolis Minn. Thousands of people Are looking California Ward. They want to know where to go and raise fruit and How to travel cheaply and comfortably. For full information regarding these questions address California Bureau of information Box 572, Cedar rapids la. For a Good Bath Call at the Fountain Lake Bath rooms North Broadway. Our Bat i rooms Are new and modern with a Shower in connection. Greene Bros. Bring in your ledgers and magazines. I must have ail the work of the town and county. William Douglas proprietor times bindery and Blank Book manufactory. We sell it the Comet the Only one Dollar camera in the world the Briggs drug co. Principles will in a years time outsell that made by a company with unstable management. For this reason the Sale of the goods should be steadily in the hands of one person other officers acting As advisers Only. The management of a successful Creamery must fall largely into the hands of one person. The purchasing of supplies and a general oversight of the Creamery should be left to him and to him All help should be answer Able. The patrons complaints should be made to him and Trust him to keep things going smoothly. His Power should be so Complete that every solicitor can place Confidence in his word and do business with him promptly and decisively. At All times he should be in close touch with the rest of the Board of directors and then if he has the required tact discretion and ability together with Long continued authority the business will Prosper. He must be Apt and Ever on his guard never allowing the unexpected to delay business or cause a shut Down for a Day. His compensation should be such As to enable him to perform the duties thoroughly that he May be Albe to devote the necessary amount of time required to look after it every Day. He should educate himself to the business. He should make a study of All its branches in detail. He must be posted in regard to prices not Only the butter Market but the prices of All machinery required of extras and supplies in general lie must know the value of the machinery in operation As Well As its Cost Price in dollars. I would have him educated so that he May understand the component parts of milk and butter. He should be Able to take samples and test milk properly. Then i would have him visit the patrons and become so Well interested in their welfare that it would be a pleasure for them to have him Call and advise for their interests. He should be a Good physiognomy is that he May be Able to approach any Patron and advise him without giving offence. 11 is knowledge of these things May be As Complete As can be Learned at the Dairy schools he May think himself competent but in nine cases out of ten he will find he has much yet to learn when Given the responsibility of manager. He must attend the conventions and note the improved methods Aud the necessary requirements. He must learn from the experience of others. He must subscribe liberally to the Dairy journals and read them too for this is a Day of advancement and Ever changing methods and a manager that is alive to the interests of his Creamery will not fail in any of these particulars. Above All things let there be Harmony and the key to Harmony is Confidence. To gain Confidence there must be no secrets either from officer or Patron. Explain to them your method of Book keeping show them that it is open for Erit Icisie show them that you Are willing to meet them half Way in everything and in most cases you will have secured a Friend. 1 would suggest never lose your Independence or subject yourself to ridicule but let your Independence be such that you May have perfect control of it at All times. The manager must not expect his Creamery to March near the head of the procession unless he himself is in the Lead. Annual meeting and election of officers of the Farmers Tutulu insurance company of Manchester a encouraging prospects. The annual meeting of the Farmers Mutual insurance company of Manchester was held in the court room tuesday Between the hours of 11 a. M. And 2 p. M. There was a Large attendance of Farmers and members and the proceedings were closely followed. Rolof Thykeson president of the company presided As chairman with b. N. Anderson As Secretary. The report of Secretary Anderson was read and approved and the following Resolution was adopted resolved if any House at any time becomes unoccupied for More than ten Days then this policy is invalid and void. The report of the Secretary see below is Gratifying to the officers and members of the company and shows the affairs of the corporation to be in excellent condition affording to its members cheap and Safe insurance. After the election of directors the meeting adjourned and the directors met and chose officers and agents for the year. The following Are the officers directors and agents officers president Rolof Thykeson Manchester Secretary b. N. Anderson Manchester treasurer Ole Nar Veson Bancroft. Directors Rolof Thykeson Manchester b. N. Anderson Manchester Ole resolved. That whereas Many of the agents Selling so called school aids and other school apparatus impose upon school officers and others by the grossest deceit and misrepresentations and Are irresponsible unreliable humbugs we favor a creation by Law of a county commission by whom All school apparatus and furniture offered for Sale must first be approved and a stipulated Price fixed. Resolved. We further respectfully urge the amending of a Law providing for Normal instruction in High stools so that More of us May be Able to meet the requirements for Entrance to the work of such a course. After a Brief discussion the resolutions were unanimously adopted. A paper on a the conduct of the Reading class a was then read by Francise e. Hill. The discussion was led by miss Grace Starks and Frank Colby others following. Prof. G. M. Wilcox favored the association with a talk on a the teachers duty to the Bright boy a which was both interesting and instructive. The ensuing discussion was opened by miss Katie Connors and miss Emil v Eber Hardt. The following officers were elected president supt. J. W. Olsen. Vice president a. 11. Barnes. Sec. And treasurer Francis Hill. Librarian Elsie Heath. Assistant librarian supt. Olsen. Ii. Low Pace Maine Howe Francis Hill c. 11. Barnes and Ira Meadow Croft became members of the association. On account of the lateness of the hour the rest of the program was Post Narveson Bancroft Hans Stensrud Pond and the meeting adjourned. Freeborn and Carlston e. C. Johnson Bath Geneva and Newry 11. C. Nelson Hayward Ole o. Stevo. Albert Lea m. Christopherson Hartland Knute Ingebritson Riceland and Moscow. Agents a. B. Rundal Pickerel Lake and Alden e. K. Flaskerud Freeman Lauritz Nelson London a. A. Robinson Shell Rock l. O. Braaten Oakland Rev. F. Tiede Mansfield and n Unda. Annual report of the Farmers township Mutual insurance company of the county of frees Jan made to the insurance commissioner for the year ending december 31, 1890 organized Dee. 7th, 1876. Commenced business feb. 23, 1876. Ole Petu Raon president. Iver a. Rodsater Secretary. No. Ami. Policies in Force dec. 31 of previous year. 1 090 1 897 693 90 policies issued during year. 358 615 728 00 total. 1 148 is 513 421 00 policies expired and ceased to be in Force during the year. Policies in Force Deo. 31. 170 Cash on hand and in Bank Dee. 31 of previous year received for membership during the e 554 0> received fron assessments during the year.3 921 09 received from All other sources. 0-1 60 total amount of Cash. 285 008 00 i 227 813 i 1 789 60 554 00 3 924 69 64 60 6 332 89 losses incurred during the year .2 186 80 losses paid during year. All other expenditures. Balance on hand. 2 18� w 733 23 3 412 86 $6 832 89 Rolof Thykeson president and b. N. Anderson Secretary of the above insurance company Leing duly sworn depose and say that the foregoing statement is a True exhibit of the affairs and condition of said company on the 31st Day of december 1896. Rolof the Kesow president. B. N. Anuk son Secretary. Subscribed and sworn before me this 5th Day of january 1897. He Man Blackmer judge of probate. Proceedings of the teachers association. The Freeborn county teachers association met at the court room saturday Jan. 2, there being about sixty present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. Before the program proper was begun supt. Olsen called the teachers attention to some other items of business. He recommended the teachers to encourage the District officers to Phi rehash the writing supplies pencils pens Ink copy books tablets and slates at wholesale rates on the same plan As the free text books Are bought. He also announced that pupils who have completed the a course of study which has been prepared for our country schools upon due examination will receive diplomas. The dates for holding these examinations will be sometime in february and May. All teachers who wish to have pupils attempt this work on the former Date must make application to supt. Olsen before january 31. C. H. Barnes offered the following resolutions resolved. That we the teachers of the Freeborn county teachers association hereby respectfully urge our senator and representatives to work for Laws giving special state Aid to Village and graded schools and also other Rural schools that teach a prescribed High Standard. Frances e. Ii ill Secretary. Creameries elect. Stockholders ,1eet and choose directors for the coming year. At the annual meetings of the stockholders of several Freeborn county creameries monday the reports of secretaries were read and adopted. With the possible exception of Albert Lea the years business was entirely satisfactory and the old officers were for the most part re elected to their honorary positions of Trust and responsibility. The following competent and progressive men will serve the patrons of their respective creameries during the coming year i Poplar Grove pres. Ellend Erickson ice pres. S. A Ovgard treas. It. S. Nelson Sec. John b. Nolan. Directors put Farry James Fitzgerald and John Sullivan. Clarks Grove pres., j. P. Larson Sec., John c. Johnson treas., Paul Hanson directors e. C. Johnson. John Peterson and Robert Nelson. Bancroft pres., l. A Moen Viee-pres., James Jensen Sec n. T. Sandburg treas., a. Ii. Skaugh directors Luther Slater. A. O. Styve and b. J Harmanson. A Riceland directors Erick Johnsrud Gunvold Johnsrud Thor volum c. I. Christenson o. O. Liaga Asen o. K. Wangen and Hans Huleguard. The directors will meet saturday to elect officers. Alden pres., j. M. Larson Viee-pres., we. Lane Sec., Andrew Robertson treas., win. Walker directors Henry Fink John Hast j. M. Larson Chas. Fellows and we. Lane. A Box of old shoes bearing a Well known Cost Mark was left at my place of business new years. This was a great joke and no one but the person who did it could think of such a thing. I wish to thank the people of Albert Lea for their Liberal patronage during the past year and trusting i shall Merit a fair share of their Trade in the future i wish you All a Happy new year. Broadway shoe shop first door South 06 the Post office. P. C. Hillestad. Fla Velous results. From a letter written by Rev. J Gunderman of Dimondale mich., we Are permitted to make this extract a i have no hesitation in recommending or. Kings new discovery As the results were almost marvelous in the Case of my wife. While i was pastor of the Baptist Church at Rives Junction she was brought Down by pneumonia succeeding la Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with but Little interruption and it seemed As if she could not survive them. A Friend recommended or. Kings new discovery it was Quick in its work and highly satisfactory in trial bottles free at All drug stores. Regular size 50c. And is. 00. Highest of All in Leavening u. S. Govt report. 1897 clothing at the big four the smallest prices on record for childrens suits. Vhf fur Coats at. a Usk Bew Cost. I m glance at the biggest clothing window in town. It Rocky Mountain Goat with hippos Collar former Price $10. Reduction Price.$7-50 Black dog Coon Collar and cuffs with the Samson Patent storm Collar to former Price,$20. Now. $15 genuine hippos former Price $20. To close $15 of Northern Coon a former Price $0. Jan. Price $22.5 every fur coat at manufacturers Cost. Of specials in child Rensy suits and overcoats. A Beautiful picture Given with each boys suit. Big four clothiers Gage Hayden amp co. Absolutely pure during the month of january the fair store will give from to per cent to 50 per cent off on the entire Stock of. Granite China glassware tinware notions silverware Wall paper lamps Etc. We must have Money will sell goods regardless of Cost below Are some of our Many Cash bargains in. Groceries. 5 Pound sack of table salt.05 1 Pound Good Tea. Salmon per can.12 1 Pound Good Coffee. Peas per can. 10 fancy Dairy butter per Pound. Lye per can.07 1 gallon Maple syrup. Gold dust package of 4 pounds. .20 1 Pound Maple sugar. 15 bars Good soap.25 20 pounds sugar. 6 bars tar soap .?5 1 gallon Best syrup. Kerosene Oil per gallon.10 1 gallon Best sorghum. Codfish bricks each.15 1 gallon cider vinegar. .20 .20 .16 .95 .10 is. 00 .40 .30 Cohe to the a fair store a for bargains. Squier amp Strayer. I or terms ca�4ii

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