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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota .8. county times. Vol. Lea Minnesota fill Day Jan Italy i 1897 number 8. Is i nil tax papers profit by Low prices charged for county printing. Alden Advance saves the county Over $135 for publishing county matter. The combination of the Standard and Enterprise overthrown by the exposures made by the times. The tax payers of the county save $135 that would have gone to the old Trust. Judgment against the Standard and Enterprise particularly the former could not be made Good so for Many reasons known and unknown the matter was dropped so far As prosecuting the offenders was concerned and no attempt has been made either to recover the extortion or to make an example of these de spoilers of the county Treasury. Hut the county in this year of Liard times has saved a handsome sum on this one item and now that the times is a Legal paper the taxpayers of the county will annually Benefit by its insistence upon equitable and honest prices for All work done for the county. 111 ail in. Views and suggestions on this important subject from a a a work a. Reading thinking a review of the dishonesty and rottenness of the Standard and Enterprise Combine. The people of the county will remember that a year ago the times Dis charged the onerous duty of exposing the extortion practice on the county by the two old papers the Standard and Enterprise. It was charged by the times and not denied by the Combine that the Standard and Enterprise had for years formed themselves into a Trust and extorted annually from the county hundreds of dollars for county printing and besides exposing their cupidity and extortion the times discovered and published the proof that the old papers had not Only held the county up to the exorbitant Legal rate but had actually padded the printing with chunks of Lead Between the lines so As to make their greedy gains the greater and this the times showed by columns of unanswerable figures and citations of Law to be not Only Tricky and dishonest but absolutely and unquestionably felonious and unlawful. In Issue after Issue the times published columns of charges against the Standard and Enterprise which if not True were libellous in the extreme and though the credit of the times is Good the facts were so undeniably True that the two old papers meekly took their Medicine complaining that they meant no harm and that the times Quot a paper run by novices a was doing a discourteous and unprofessional act in exposing their perfidious extortion against the tax payers of the county. The readers will remember also that the times asserted and it was admitted that the Standard and Enterprise Hail for several years by coercion and division of spoils warded off the Competition of the Alden Advance the Only other paper in the county threatening that Sheet with annihilation in the shape of ruinous Competition should it venture to bid on the county printing. It will also be remembered that the Standard and Enterprise seeking to maintain themselves by a Brazen and unshaved consistency made no reduction in their bid last year but still Clung to their exorbitant rate the maximum Legal rate refusing to compete with each other on the work. It was the Only thing they could do except to Grovel in the dust let before the despoiled tax payers and Era Venly return the hundreds of dollars they had illegally extorted from the county coffers. It will be recalled that the Alden Advance freed from fear of ruin and backed by the fearless and open support of the times submitted a bid on the printing which considering the necessarily inadequate equipment of its Plant was moderate and equitable. At any rate the Advance was awarded the printing and below will be found a table showing exactly the amounts saved by the county by the reasonable rates charged by the Advance. The Combine was broken and though the editor of the Standard frothed and foamed at the honorable Board of county commissioners yet in spite of All the county has this 3tear saved 8135.15 on the one item of Legal printing. The Reader will remember too that in consequence of the published statement of the times that the Standard and Enterprise had made illegal overcharges against the county the commissioners instructed the county attorney to investigate the matter and report his findings to them and the attorney did investigate the Law and reported to the Hoard that if the papers had padded the printing As was claimed by the times then they were unquestionably liable to the county in the sum overcharged and possibly7 the liabilities would treble the total amount illegally exacted. The Hoard then instructed the attorney to take such further action in the matter As might appear to him to Best Subserve the interests of the county but politics came on the attorney ran for office the commissioners had delegated their responsibility and besides it was generally believed by them that any a a it Jan. 1, is96�?-Pfweeertinfth of the county commissioners �?62 folios Atuk. Jan. 28th�?financial statement 208 folios at #1 for three weeks. Feb.28th�?delinquent tax list 264 descriptions 2 weeks at 10c____ March 17th�?treas.�?T statement 4 folios one week. March 24th�?proceedings of the county bd., 56 folios 1 w Eek. .1 uly 26�?proceed in Jas of the county Board 64 folios at 60c. July 28 proceedings of tie Board of equalization 16 folios 1 we. Oct. La proceed uts of county commissioners 32 folios 1 week 46 50 37 20 9 9 30 301 60 208 00 93 60 33 00 26 40 6 60 3 00 2 40 60 41 25 33 it i 8 25 48 00 38 40 9 60 12 00 a 60 2 40 24 00 19 20 4 80 totals 35 374 20 #135 15 James r. Covert Lincoln Nebraska writes hoards Dairyman a on a tract of scarcely More than a third of an acre previously cultivated and Well taken care of i raised 25,000 pounds of As Fine sugar beets As Ever graced the Manger of a Well bred Jersey cow. I find them so Well liked by my Little Jersey that nothing could take their place in her estimation not even a warm bran Mash on a cold the sugar beet is undoubtedly one of the Best vegetable we have for the Root part of a balanced ration for the Dairy cow. It would be Wise for our Farmers to raise the sugar beet for this purpose and slowly get acquainted with it with a View of making a greater use of it in the near future if it proves Well adapted to our soil and climate. _. Tourist car service to California resumed. The celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its 16th year of successful operation with a through car for California. St. Paul thursday evening sept. 3, Over the Minneapolis a St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be Given to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these excursions in tiie past. For further particulars and rates address a. B Cutty 1. P. A t. A., Minneapolis Minn. Notice. All my vacant lots in this City Are for Sale at figures less than can be procured elsewhere. To those desiring to build i will give one to Fivie years on the whole amount. A Good Span of Young horses will be taken in payment for a lot. Will also rent my farm and pasture Cash rent to right party for a period of years. C. N. Ruble. Thousands of people Are looking California Ward. They want to know where to go and raise fruit Anil How to travel cheaply and comfortably. For full information regarding these questions address California Bureau of information Box 572, Cedar rapids la. For a Good Bath Call at the Fountain Lake Bath rooms North Broadway. Our Bath room Are new and modern with a Shower in connection. Greene Bros. Bring in your ledgers and magazines. 1 must have All the work of the town and county. William Douglas proprietor times bindery and Blank Book manufactory. The Best Way to Deal with chilblains is to keep the feet dry and warm and you will not have them but when you do get them before the skin gets broken take red Pepper pods and Steep them in alcohol for a few Days or buy some tincture of Capsicum at the drug store. Dissolve gum arabic in water till it is about As thick As molasses. Add to this mucilage an equal Quantity of the tincture stir them together till they Are Well mixed. Then take a Fine Brush and paint the mixture Over a Sheet of tissue paper and let it dry add another coat and let it dry. If the second coat does not leave a smooth shiny surface keep painting till it does. Apply the peppered paper to the chilblains As you would court plaster. It cures like . The benefits of co operation in its various forms. Faralis Ani business men. At the state dairymen s convention held in this City last month Jonathan Freeman the Moscow Creamery manager read the following interesting and instructive paper i come before you not As an orator but merely As a working Reading thinking Farmer. I have Many times earnestly wished that 1 possessed the magnetic Power and the fluency of spoken language of the orator that my words might influence the Farmer of the nation to fully and wisely co operate in All directions not Only for their own Bene fit but that of All producers. In considering co operation among Farmers i do not expect to present anything of a startling nature. Still my Hope is to mention several facts and principles that May excite you by Way of remembrance to renewed efforts individually and collectively for the welfare of ourselves and others. Do not consider me egotistical in some things that 1 shall utter for we Are always better Able and surely More consistent to speak assuredly of what we have personally seen and experienced. Theory founded upon thought and study is Good but when Well mixed with practical experience is not Only better but superlatively Best. 1 lease do not look upon some of my conclusions As of Little importance because Iti the opinion of a few 1 May encroach to some extent upon politics patriotism morals and religion. All efforts for the welfare of Mankind must originate Aud be carried into execution Only As they Are considered in relation to one or More of these divisions. Do not charge me with being a Crank or an enthusiast with the purpose of lessening the Force of my assertions As is too often the custom of the Day. Look Back through All historical time Anil see who have been the men and women that have wrought Good for Mankind and they have been those who to Day by Many would be termed Cranks and enthusiasts. What is co operation Webster says a the act of operating together to one end joint operation concurrent action Effort effect or cooperate. A to act or operate jointly with another or co operator a one who labors jointly with others to promote the same the principles of co operation Are not modern. They Are As ancient . They Are the basis of a i things. Look at the heavens above us. Fee How regular and jointly All the planets their Moons or satellites our Sun the fixed stars As they Are termed other suns All move in their courses in perfect Harmony co operation. Without this principle continually in Force All would be confusion collision destruction. Thus we see the same Law in Force in All of gods creation. Man is surrounded and effected by the same. If he does not live Aih Anil even think in Harmony jointly with the Laws of nature he immediately or eventually suffers and All creation with him. Examine All political military social religious economical and commercial history Anil you will find the same principle clearly Manifest although mostly used for evil and oppression instead of Good. This has been and is too often the Case in the hands of Man. The principles of co operation must be executed according to the Golden Rule. I wish to make this very emphatic. We learn from history ancient Anil modern How easily this principle can be travesties misapplied and misused like every Good principle by the few in Power or control because of physical inherited intellectual or financial Power when the Golden Rule is abrogated. In my pleadings for co operation i do not include the present combinations trusts and syndicates for they Are certainly using a related principle in the hands of the powerful the Point of selfish and destructive madness. Resulting in growing oppression of the masses. If the Farmer should Ever carry the principle in that direction. I should oppose it As strongly As i now encourage it. Have no fear however. As the Farmers Are so mightily Independent of each other. As another Lias said a the distinction Between cooperation and combination is that the former seeks the Benefit of the Public As Well As of those who Are joined together in the work while the latter is wholly selfish in its a Fly Hus we have seen How general is the principle of co operation and How easily it. Can be used for Good or evil by the few. By the Many it is More Dpi cult. Among the masses each and Emory one must necessarily sacrifice some of his Independence some of his opinions of whatever nature which Are a part of himself in Short personally become less selfish and egotistical. Those who Are Independent financially must give Means and time for the instruction and encouragement of others who Are putting Forth every Effort to make ends meet. The latter must throw aside every feeling of distrust. Independence misgivings discouragement and meet the former More than half Way thus uniting in co operative efforts for the Benefit of All. Because we have been deceived and imposed upon by Many outside and some inside the ranks of our own occupation do not let mistrust take entire Possession of our hearts but let us Lay aside All doubt and misgivings and come together As a unit for our Mutual Benefit and no direct injury to others. During the past thirty or More years Farmers have made efforts in co operation on several lines. Among them we May mention Farmers clubs the Grange cooperative buying and Sel Ling stores Grain elevators Reading clubs Mutual insurance both town county and state and last but not least our co operative creameries and cheese factories which Are now receiving much attention. Some of these organizations ran Well for a time but soon began to decline for one cause and another consequently failing to obtain the great results possible. Why can we not hold As tenaciously to these endeavours of a cooperative nature morally socially in Tel Leet ally financially As we do our political and religious ideas but we Are so liable at the least manifestation of selfishness on the part of one or More of our number to become so conscientiously disgusted and disaffected that not Only do we leave the organization but actually break up the same thereby losing All the Good obtainable becoming a laughing Stock upon the part of those who Are continually by word and influence endeavouring to keep us fighting and bickering with each other instead of coming together As we ought. Look at the past results with the Grange Grain elevators and various buying and Selling operations. Partial and entire failures have Only resulted from jealousies and selfishness of the worst kind. An Observance of the Golden Rule would have obviated these miserable and disgraceful failures. Why in new England new York Pennsylvania and Ohio where they laughed at us in derision a. Easterners Are prone to do when the Grange was having its mushroom growth in the Northwest today they Are receiving thousands of dollars Benefit aside from untold social and intellectual Good through the organization. Now let us consider Mutual insurance. Here we have acted More sensibly As we have permitted others to do the growling and ourselves have Clung to the principle. Hence much has been accomplished. Please Lirten to a few illustrations just at Home. In our own Freeborn county 24x30 Miles we have two Mutual one of about 82,000,000 and another of about 8500,000. In Mower county same size we have one carrying 81,565,000, in Meeker one of 81,600 000. Liere Are in the state 100 township Mutual having risks in Force to the amount of 860,000,000 on dec. 31, 1895 much More now an increase during the past five years averaging 810, 000,000 per year. The losses last year were Sii Ghaly in excess of 880,000. The commissioners report shows that the per cent of loss to the receipts in continued on Page two highest of All in Leavening latest u. S. Govt report. A Good Bye to tie old year Welcome to the new. Absolutely pure with new resolutions new ideas intensified with the one purpose Excel and do As you would like to he done by. Inspect our remnant counter the last piece of our bilk plaited plaid you will find bargains in All kinds of dress goods. 40 pair ladies All silk silk 7c goods. Our s6 assortment of. Dress patterns now comprises several Choice of the $10 and �12 dress lengths. Mittens Choice. value 65 events while they last 25c per pair. 144 pairs ladies Wool Hose 16 cents per pair. If our ladies All Wool Scarlet underwear to close 49c. We have a few a value 20 cents to close 20 cents per pair. Value 4 --#4.50. A new years Price $2.88. Uoo to o o o 600 nov i ii c Litho u3\b uo\3 t of too amp of u o it for of to o that after Christmas feeling is not one of languor at tie big four but one of Superb enthusiasm heightened by the continuous business of the past. Gage Hayden amp co. Clea Wancio <>1 As the weather has been unfavourable for the Salt of heavy clothing and As we must have Money by january 15tli, we have decided to sell All heavy Winter suits both double and single breasted at Cost. We will not carry Over heavy clothing As we cannot afford to speculate but Are forced to turn our Stock into Cash. We mean business. Come in and look at the goods. They Are marked in Plain figures and profit has been entirely ignored. There has never been sold in the history of Albert Lea Good honest clothing at such prices As we Are offering. No false descriptions no false statements but a straightforward Sale of first class clothing without profit to us and at one Price to All. Eagle one Price clothing House jolts Iii a so if you Are in need of medical treatment for any chronic or surgical disease you can be More comfortable and recover More quickly at. Albert Lea Hospital than at your own ill me. J. A Todd m. I>., proprietor

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