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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - February 5, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota A a i 2 a a county times. Vol. Ii. It Albert Lea Minnesota Friday february 3, 1s<>7. Number la letter from Washington. Geo. Vav. Peterson writes of Washington the Capitol the Senate and the senators. The old supreme court chamber and librarian. Its volumes High social standing of senators. The Senate the greatest club in the country a the democratic appearance of the Senate dignified impressive. Superior in Legal knowledge and practical ability to the lords of England. An epigrammatic Al characterization of the greatest of the senators. Editors of times a i am engaged Here in the supreme court Library in poring Over ancient authorities and Vav hat not but shall depart some hat front usual avocation and see if i can in a measure interest tile readers of the times. The court met in this room for a great Many years up to the t in ii Var it was then removed to the Chamita 1 Over head which up to that time had been used by the Senate. I he Senate now occupies an elaborate chamber in the North Wing of the Capitol which i shall presently describe. The first two sessions of the court were held in new York and Philadelphia the third and remaining sessions up to 1861 being held in this room. Here were established the great constitutional doctrines which underlie the Federal government and the subordinate and appropriate rights of the states were Here determined. Chief Justice Marshall the greatest name to an american in the annals of jurisprudence sat Here so did Story Webster and Wirt argued Here and with ninety thousand volumes of Law books it is truly an atmosphere of great veneration great associations great books and great minds. The coloured librarian who when he talks makes himself heard throughout the Capitol often entertains with personal reminiscences of the justices he has been Here since Buchanan s time and delights to Tell How they always sent for Wilkinson his name to rearrange their libraries. Ile knows every Book it seems in the Library. Yesterday i had the pleasure of hearing sex president Harrison argue a Case before the supreme court. Ile is a great lawyer is precise in his argument As simple in diction As the ease will permit and very forcible which things with a Graceful and easy manner Are of the essence of forensic oratory he is a finely preserved Man of rather Small though Stocky stature has Tine Silvery hair and Beard and a face of great Richness. It would be a Tilting close to a great career Tor him to succeed Justice Field on the supreme Bench. The Capitol building is set on a Hill which Humboldt the traveler remarked was the most Beautiful site he had Ever seen. A stranger viewing the Capitol from Pennsylvania Avenue invariably notices that tile building faces the wrong Way for he sees the rear of it this arises no doubt from the fact that Northwest Washington came to be the so called Uptown District and Capitol Hill in front of the Capitol became a less favored residence and business Section. So ordinarily the pod Estrain enters the Back door of this magnificent Structure and. If a stranger proceeds to lose himself within it this is invariable. The Senate chamber is in the North end the building facing the East it is rectangular and very ornate for the policy of the government seems to be that nothing is too Good for the senators. They fare much better than their Fellows of the lower House. To be a senator is to be a King almost and they Are Foremost in Public and private receptions and really represent a caste socially which is quite a surprising feature in our politics. The senators enjoy Arm chairs have very elaborate desks which Are arranged in Semi circular form facing the vice president who presides democrats on the right republicans on the left of the vice president who can look through and see the speaker in his chair at the House end of the Capitol. Back of the desks Are Well cushioned sofas for distinguished visitors and above the lobbies which surround the chamber Are galleries for the Public reserved galleries for the diplomatic corps and so Forth. The morning sessions of the Senate As with the House and supreme court commence at 12 m., and the senators Greet each other with a a Good morning until the Middle of the afternoon. Why the Senate convenes at noon i cannot say. Perhaps Vest of Missouri knows who says that the Senate is the a a greatest club in All the the visitor to the Capitol and the Senate is struck with Many things. Report of school in District 18, Manchester Minn., for the term ending Jan. 211897. No. Of Days taught. 90 no. Of scholars enrolled .46 average daily attendance .21.91 attendance in Days by All pupils 2,33213 no. Of visitors during term. 15 no. Of visits by supt. I perfect in attendance Othelia Slette. Nearly perfect John la Ildebrandt Eda and Gertie Sipple Oscar Slette Anna Huber and Tobias Severson. Josephine Staci Zeim teacher. Creamery report. Anni Al. Annual statement of the Moscow Creamery association for the year ending dec. 21, 1896 pounds of milk received. 3,104.311 pounds of butter fat. 121,773.20 pounds of butter manufactured. 139,216 pounds of butter sold in n. Y. And other markets. 119,521 pounds of butter drawn by patrons. 19,695 pounds of milk to make i Pound of butter. 22.298 pounds of butter per cwt of milk. 4.484 pounds of butter to one la. Of butter fat. 1.143 average Price received per cwt. Of milk net. $ 592 average Price f. A. B. Received for butter. .157 average Price paid patrons per la. For butter fat net .151 average Price paid patrons per i for butter fat net when sinking fund is not deducted. .163 average Price paid patrons per i for butter net. .132 Cost of manufacturing one Pound of butter net. 0154 average test. 3.92 number of patrons. 107 total receipts. 821,969.65 total disbursements. $21,877.55 notice All vacant lots in this City Are for Sale at figures less than can be procured elsewhere. To those desiring to build i will give one to five years on the whole amount. A Good Span of Young horses will be taken in payment for a lot. Will also rent farm and pasture Cash rent to right party for a period of years. N. Ruble. His easy Access to the Cham Ber and the simple and a ostentatious manners of the senators impress him with the idea that everything is thoroughly american and in touch with All our . The Senate May be aristocratic but its Workings and appearance Are essentially democratic with a Quot mall a cd Quot of course the senator-., when not at work move about the room with Graceful ease. And Are said to Tell a Good Story now and then but a serious dignified and very business like air always pervades. The epithet Given to the English House of lords a of listless vacuity and Sperai Nua tid indolence in no Wise applies to our Senate and while the lords Over there take snuff the americans Are certainly a up to while i do not mean to compare our fellow englishmen with us this would be Bani to do the u. S. Senate represents More Legal knowledge and practical business ability than does the English House of lords. There always were Are now. And always will be great men in the Senate. The Senate represents our Best products of politics its members have been governors members of cabinets great lawyers and Many Are a a graduates from the House. I shall conclude letter with some references to the More conspicuous members. Hill of new York is the typical politician and evinces a greatness that a hastens to its Sherman of Ohio and Hoar of Massachusetts Are sages a typical senators. Morrill is the a a father of the Senate an Vetog Eneriano and slows wonderful preservation of body and mind. Allison is the typical statesman and Allen of Nebraska the typical orator. Daniel of Virginia has a striking countenance and to is chiefly interesting As the author of a great Legal text Book Bryee of Ohio the great Railroad magnate enters ins lavishly and wears a Rose Bon Bonniere of As much statesmanship As the wearer. Tillman of s. Has a Strong but not pleasing face and what Power he has is perverted. When governor of his state he slowed up the Lawn in front of the executive mansion and planted it to Corn and his various antics Are too Well known to be Here described. Hale of Maine has remarkable deliberation and exactness and Frye of the same state evinces incisive logic Mills of Texas for jingoism with a Chip on his shoulder willing to fight the world and Chandler of new Hampshire for smart repartee Gordon of Georgia for patriotism and our own a norwegian giant Quot Nelson is always in his seat attending to business. Davis of Minnesota and Morgan of Alabama Are prominent in foreign affairs. I shall close promising something soon in regard to the House. G. Vav. Peterson. Washington d. C., Jan. 28 ,ls97. Farm and Home. All barnyard fowls Are Groat drinkers and they should be Well supplied with plenty of fresh clean water in the Winter the water should be heated two parts of pounded ice and one part of common Salt make the Ordinary freezing mixture that is used in freezing ice Cream and other ices but if a greater degree of cold is desired it can easily be produced by mixing three parts of Chrystal Zed Chloride of Lime and two parts of common Salt. This mixture will freeze Mercury in a few minutes and can often be used when it is desirable to freeze Cream or other ices harder than can be done with ice and Salt. In the coldest weather the pump often freezes up and it always proves to be one of the swearing jobs to get it thawed out again. The Best Way to do it is to take off the top of the pump and put a Small Gas pipe Down to the ice by the Side of the lifting Rod. Hut a funnel in the end of the pipe and pour in hot water. If the water is poured into the pump without the pipe it May make matters worse but if the boiling water is carried Down to the surface of the ice. The pump will be thawed out in a few minutes. During 1896 146,000 mexican cattle were imported into the United states. These importations have about ruined the cattle Industry in California and have not brought in much Revenue to the government. Under the Mckinley Law cattle paid a duty of $10 a head but under the present Law a duty of Only 20 per cent and Valorme is charged and the cattle Are invoiced so Low that the duty is merely nominal. We have greatly crippled our Western cattle Trade and obliged our mexican neighbors. All Young growing Stock should have a Little Grain every Day just enough to keep them growing. If neglected and allowed to get poor and Lousy they will never be As Good Astl by would have been if properly cared for from the first. Sheep do not need very tender care but they want a dry place to sleep and plenty of water and Salt. They will eat what the other Stock leave but a Little Grain in the Winter will pay. If Jour pasture fences Are Good enough and you know How to handle them no Stock pays better than Good sheep. The custom of starting fires with kerosene is very dangerous especially if the Oil is poured into the stove out of a can. A Safe Way to use it however is to take a piece of a porous Brick and fasten a wire around it so that it can be handled. Then put the Brick in an old fruit can and pour kerosene into the can. After the Brick has soaked in the Oil Over night lift it out by the wire and put it in the stove in the Center of your kindling Wood and touch a lighted match to it and in a Little while you will have a fire and not run the risk of being blown up. There Are Good reasons Why the Bio four shoe store is increasing its sales every month. Better assortments larger values better service and full satisfaction. You Are invited to share our Prosperity by a i our /"1 ocl i orc becoming one of our customers. Hens f Rench enamel razor toe shoes warranted hand sewed Lac hens Calfskin lace shoes Needle toe $ $ hens Calfskin lace shoes half Dollar toe. $ 3-59 3.00 3.00 menus Oil Grain plow boots seam and solid throughout boys Oil Grain plow boots Saddle $ 2.00 $ i.65 special prices on Many pairs of a v a a y. Our bargain counters. Ladies and gentlemen a shoes on tourist car service to California resumed the celebrated Phillips personally conducted California Tours commenced its 16th year of successful operation with a though car for California. St. Paul thursday evening sept. 3, Over the Minneapolis amp St. Louis Railroad and connections via Denver and Ogden and will run every thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be give to our patrons that has contributed to the popularity of these excursions in the past. For further particulars and rates address. A. Ii Lutts g. In. Amp t. A., Minneapolis Minn. Thousands of people Are looking Californi award. They want to know where to go and raise fruit and How to travel cheaply and comfortably. For full information regarding these questions address California Bureau of information Box 572, Cedar rapids la. Century review of reviews harpers illustrated american Munsey a cosmopolitan world s fair views and All other kinds of magazines and periodicals neatly and durably bound missing copies supplied at Cost. Albert Lea bindery and Blank Book manufactory a. Douglas. Prop. Farmers will remember the Farmers live Stock Union ship every monday. Fob Sale several cows and a shorthorn Bull. A. J. Berglund. Remember we repair the uppers on All our leather and rubber goods free. Gage Hayden amp co. On every thursday after Jan. 1,1897, during the months of january and february the work rooms of our new laundry on North Broadway will be opened for the inspection of the Public. Ladies especially Are cordially invited to Call. Yours respectfully Greene Bros. Your Loose copies of magazines and periodicals Are sure to get lost or destroyed the Only Way to keep them is to have them bound into neat volumes that can be placed Onjo our Library shelf with the rest of your books. Albert Lea bindery and Blank Book manufactory. William Douglas prop. The Way to California. The Best route and most Complete service to California and the West Are offered by the b. R. Pc n. By. Through their tourist far excursions. Each tuesday during the Winter season a Pullman tourist Sleeper will be attached to in c. It. A n. Train no. 2, which leaves Albert Lea at 2 35 p. In. This ear will run through to los Angeles and san Francisco via Kansas City it. Worth Texas Elpaso and the Southern Pacific lty., the Ideal Winter route insuring passengers Security against delays from storms Ami Snow blockades. The rate per berth to los Angeles or san Francisco is Only $6.00 and the tourist has every Comfort and accommodation of the regular Pullman. For descriptive pamphlet giving full information regarding these excursions Call on in c. R. Amp n agents or address the undersigned. J. Morton g. P. Amp t. A., apr i. Cedar rapids Iowa. Die weather has been unfavourable fur the Sale of heavy clothing and As we must have Money by january 151 ii. We have decided to still All heavy Winter suits both double and single breasted. At Cost. We will not carry Over heavy clothing As we cannot afford to speculate but Are forced to turn our Stock into Cash. We mean business. Come in and look at the goods. They Are marked in Plain figures and profit has been entirely there has never been sold in the history of Albert Lea Good honest clothing at such prices As we Are offering. No false descriptions no false statements but a straightforward Sale of first class clothing and at one Park e to a i. Without profit to us we sell it the Comet the one Dollar camera in the world. The Briggs drug co Only magazines neatly and durably bound at Albert Lea bindery and Blank Book manufactory. Wit. Douglas prop Eagle one Price clothing House Jolt icon a . If you a re in need of highest of All in Leavening latest u. S. Govt report. Medical. Treatment absolutely pure for any chronic or surgical disease you can be More comfortable and recover More quickly at. Albert Lea Hospital than at your own Home. J. Xvi. Todd Ai. 0�?z proprietor

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