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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Aug 27 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - August 27, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Or urn apr a county times. Vol. Ii. To. 42. Albert Lea Minnesota Friday aug i St 27, 1857. Twelve pages. The hat ame Back just returned from the Eastern markets. A a poor cat indeed every cent of Money spent but we have a Stock of i clothing of which we have a right to proud. You la say so when you see them you la buy them when you Price them. Will do the business and done to you forget it. Too Busy now unpacking and arranging goods so can to go into particulars you la hear from us again and then More fully. Your Clothier s. Strauss. P. Oak table useful Rind ornamental we give away with a $5.00 Cash Sale. You will like one of them. Re railing experience of an austrian in Gomez a a army. Visitor in Albert Lea. Tells How filibustering expeditions Are landed in Cuba. Deadly work of dynamite captured feigns insanity and is released from Floro of Spanish atrocities. An extraordinary personage visited Lbert Lea thursday of last week. Is name was Gen. Maximillian Jantha an austrian recently connected till the cuban insurgent army. Gen. Antesha was captured the Span ids More than five months ago but shaped from Moro Castle Aid of the austrian and american consuls. He Ras in a Hospital in new York for Sev ral months waiting for a severe round to heal and stopped off in this Ity thursday on his Way from St. Louis to St. Paul to inquire for a fiend s brother whom it was thought y the cuban Junta at St. Louis was teaching music at Albert Lea. Gen Antesha discovered that no such Indi dual has been Here. In the evening representatives of the times and several others were honoured nth an interview with Gen. Jantschi. He general had with him his pass Orts his Pardon his commission in he austrian army and clippings of my articles concerning his adventures r hich have appeared in the metropolitan dailies during his journey from Lew York to the West. He spoke the Anglish very Brokenly for though he peaks seven or eight european Lan pages his Opportunity for acquiring Anglish has been confined entirely to Lis Intercourse with several Hundred texans who were enlisted in his regi sent in Cuba. Gen. Jantschi Speaks familiarly of Gomez and Maceo but Vith that respect due to Superior offi ers. Of Gen. Jantschar a identity Hose who saw him and listened to his narrative have not the slightest doubt. Gen. Jantschi s father was a cuban jut he was born in Austria while his nother was on a visit to her native land. He served in the austrian army eight years visiting most of the european countries going As far East As India. He Speaks fluently the languages of the Southern countries of Europe As Well As of Cuba. About three years ago he retired from the austrian array Aud probably inspired a roving spirit he travelled to South America thence to Australia returning to Paris Way of san Francisco and new York. At the French Capitol he was introduced the austrian ambassador to a representative of the cuban Junta and received from Bim a proposition to accept a commission in the army. After some time he consented and was ordered to report to the cuban Junta at new York which he did. From new York in january 1896, he went to Montreal Canada to inspect several Cannon that had been purchased the cubans. The guns were packed in Hay and shipped As tobacco to a firm in new York. Here they were repacked in tobacco Bales and together with Large quantities of Small arms and munitions of War similarly concealed were taken to Ellis Island where under cover of night they were loaded on Board of a vessel the Laurada and the filibustering expedition started for Cuba. For several Days they steamed along without encountering any difficulties but As they were nearing the cuban coast a Spanish gunboat the Alphonso Xiii hailed them and demanded their name and port. They replied giving a fictitious name and port saying they were bound to Jamaica from Philadelphia and wished to put into Cuba for Coal. However the spaniards continued to follow them and finding it impossible to steam away from their pursuers in the darkness of night Gen. Jantschi ordered All lights out and then waited till the gun boat passed a mile or so to one Side of them. Veering toward the cuban coast they ran in next Day Between two of the Small islands which Are so numerous on the North coast of Cuba and seeing nothing of the enemy they hoisted their munitions to the tops of the Cliff Means of ropes and commenced their March Inland. Gen. Jantschi had been an expert Engineer and dynamite in the austrian army and he was assigned to these duties in the cuban army. His principal service was along the railroads exploding dynamite under trains demolishing depots and tracks and cutting off communications Between Span a rising Larket does not affect our prices As we bought our clothing i when the Tariff was a probability of the future. Men s suits men s Good serviceable suits All Wool Hen s suits at Only $5-oo the More Dressy effects for stylish men rightly tailored close priced up to $18 new lot boy s 15c. Pants. A. In ish garrisons. He tells of several incidents when he and his command placing dynamite cartridges on the tracks Lay in Waite until a train Load of Spanish soldiers or War munitions came along when the cartridges were exploded an electric wire rigged in the shelter of some neighbouring Wood and even the general himself shudders when he tells of the horrible deaths and wounds. In one instance and he relates it As his most effective expedition his command succeeded in running a wild engine and train into another train carrying More than eight Hundred Spanish soldiers. The collision occurred in a Rocky Region and the trains were precipitated ninety feet Down an embankment and soldiers and trainmen not killed in the collision were dashed to pieces on the rocks below. Said the general a the scene was so horrible that i could not eat my meals for three Days after the in the Battle of Saratoga in the province of puerto Principe the general was wounded Aid fainted from loss of blood. When he regained consciousness he was a prisoner of the spaniards. Realizing that it would instant death were his name discovered he steadfastly refrained from talking Spanish but insisted in French that he did not know what they wanted. He voluntarily gave them what Money he had his watch and other possessions. This was such an unusual occurrence that a Spanish officer suggested that a the fellow must the idea struck Jantschi favourably and he assumed the role of a mad Man. When they talked with him in French he would talk nothing but italian and when they summoned an italian working Man he assured him he was an italian but afterwards stormed and Sang in German. Ile was examined two Spanish physicians who certified to his insanity. One of them became so frightened his maniacal appearance that he fled precipitately from the cell. He was transferred from Puorto Principe to Havana and there incarcerated in Moro Castle three stories under ground. His cell was never illumined the Light of heaven and a foul sewer ran across the floor. A layer of masonry was his Only bed and his hands and feet were so manacled that he could no stand erect. His food was hard crusts of Mouldy bread his meat scraps of putrid flesh. But he enjoyed it and Only wished there was More. However a childrens suits mothers buy mostly the children s suits their knowledge of the real value of the cloth makes them the let est clothing buyers. Our suits Are for the Well posted. Men s overcoats not All $25.00, but Many of them Are wort i it too. An optical treat to inspect such overcoats. Serviceable ones As Low As youths suits and overcoats can we we say too much it yes but we shall not do it. Our goods More than vouch for every word we print. The truth we express. Hayden amp co. Friend was near. The night guard was a youth impressed into the Spanish service. Ile sympathized with the cubans and was kind to the prisoner. Finally Gen. Jantschi ventured to confide in the guard and sent him with a message to the austrian Consul. Ina few Days the Consul appeared and interested himself in Jantschi s behalf. The task was not difficult for the spaniards who had beaten their prisoner for Many Days while he Sang and shouted in apparent merriment were convinced of his insanity. He was brought before the court martial but the interference of the austrian Consul and Gen. Lee secured his Pardon. He was Given a ticket to new York Anil came thither what re As before related he spent several months in the Hospital while his wounded limb was Healing. The general is a Short Wirey Man with a fiery temperament am fearless expression lie denounces the oppression of the cubans in the strongest terms his Little English will permit. Said he a if y6u could witness As i have the horrors and outrages committed the spaniards you would t wonder when i Sav that i could strike Down a Hundred of them with my own hand and feel no remorse he told of the mutilations which the Spanish practice on their prisoners before letting them go if they Ever do let them go. How they slash their Cheeks Cut off their ears or nose tear their eyes from their sockets Cut off the hands or feet then turn the maimed creatures into the world As a warning to rebels rebels fighting for right and Liberty. Gen. Jantschi rejoices at the death of Canovas considering him the Arch enemy of cuban Liberty. Weyler he says is a Short thick set Man and one who dares not move from his House without Many thousand soldiers to protect him. Already the spaniards Are cooped up in two cities Puorto Principe and Havana and Gen. Jantschi predicts that the Freedom of Cuba from the Yoke of the oppressor is near at hand. Spain is financially ruined. The Spanish soldiers Are poorly paid and often desert in Large numbers to the cuban army. The cubans Are Well provisioned their men Are armed with carbines and rides they have control of nearly All the Inland and the Spanish railroads Are destroyed. The cuban army has swelled from 8000 at the beginning to 53,000 Well armed men. We learn from the train men that Gen. Jantschi is in close Straits for Money but his Pride did not allow him to even hint of this to the company of sympathetic listeners. The general went from Here to St. Paul but did not state the nature of his business there. How it came to built. Last sunday Rev. R. La. Abbott who is now pastor of a flourishing Church at Jackson minn., preached in the presbyterian Church in this City. The doctor s presence called out an Obi time audience and the seats and Isles were tilled. It so happened that it was the Twenty eighth anniversary of his first Sermon in the City. The incident Calls to mind tile Way the Church came to built. In 1868 Rev. Or. Paxton of new York spent a few weeks Here for rest and recreation. His Success at Chicken Hunting was excellent and his general treatment the people was so very cordial that he fell in love with Albert Lea and induced a miss Gilson a wealthy member of his new York congregation to contribute most of the funds for building the presbyterian Church and parsonage. This made it possible for the presbyterians at that Early Date to build an excellent Church. Or. Abbott was its first pastor and for More than fifteen years he Laboured with consulate ability to build up a Strong Church organization one that should a great Power for Good in the Community. Finally he became president of Albert Lea College and quit the ministry for a time. Of All the men who have been in Albert Lea. It May said of or. Abbott none have surpassed him in moral influence. It hello new York a monday morning the operators along the line of the Northwestern Telephone Exchange Between Albert Lea and Minneapolis were notified that the company s line has been extended Tachica go and is now ready for use. This gives Albert Lea Manchester Aud Hartland direct Telephone communication with Chicago and new York. The Telephone even to those who use it daily and hourly is a never ceasing source of wonderment but the knowledge that a person in Albert Lea can carry on a conversation with a person in new York More than eighteen Hundred Miles Distant is truly startling. I a fortunately the schedule of rates Between these widely Distant Points prohibits the a get of the phone on any but extraordinary occasions. For a five minutes talk with Chicago the Cost is s3.75 to new York. A a a 50. No rate is Given for less than i. Minute talks. The capacity of the it Sipany s line is of course very Limie i. And even at these rates they will have As much business As they can con violently handle. Tins same company Art now extending their line West through Albert Lea from la Crosse to Winnebago City or Fairmont. Another Opportunity for Home seekers and others to secure rate of one fare plus $2 for the round trip to Large numbers of cities and towns in Southern Western and Northern states. Tickets at this rate Good 21 Days will sold All agents of the ii., c. La. To n. Ry., on the following dates August 3 and 17 sept. 7 and 21, oct. 5 and 19. This rate will also apply on dates named to Points in Iowa Minnesota North and South Dakota. For full information Call on agent b., c. R. Amp n. Ry., or address j. Morton g. P. Amp t. A., Cedar Ray ids Iowa. Best ten cent lunch in the City can obtained at s. Messenger s wheat raising in California. A Christian ende Avoyer writing from California to the Minneapolis times has this to say about wheat raising in that state. The Grain on Quot Lucky Baldwin so ranch near Pasadena has been Ripe since june and will not All Cut till the last of August. The Grain does not Shell out or fall Down As it does in Eastern states after it is Ripe but can stand a Long time without injury a five Wen will Emp olved to Cut the Grain making 533 acres to the Man. And each acre will yield about 32 bushels. The entire yield will something like 50,000 bushels. The machine to used cuts a Swath of sixteen to Twenty one feet cutting threshing and putting in the sacks As it goes from 600 to 1,000 bushels a Day. The team consists of Twenty four fat mules and two horses to Lead. Such tremendous harvesting As this is somewhat amazing to the Eastern Farmers who arc making Atour of the state and who if locating Here might find themselves in the plight of a Kansas Man who came out Here and raised forty five acres of wheat last year and was unable to find a Crew to Cut so Small a crop and was obliged at last to Cut it All for Straw. /

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