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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - August 20, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. No. 41.albert Lea Minnesota Friday Alo i St 20, 1807. Twelve pages report on Lake transportation. George g. Tunell is appointed by the government to investigate the condition of Commerce on the great lakes. A Short sketch of or. Tunell s career As a student and writer. George g. Tunell of this City was appointed the United states government on August 1st to compile an exhaustive report of the nature and volume of Commerce on the great lakes. This. Report will have a far reaching a influence on All lines of transportation from the West and Northwest to the Atlantic Seaboard. The position was much sought for by ambitious applicants but because of his known ability and wide Range of information on this subject. Or. Tunell. A Democrat was chosen by a Republican Secretary of the Treasury to undertake the task. Albert Lea and Freeborn county claim or. Tunell As a resident Aud they arc honoured in his selection to this High Trust. George g. Tunell was born at Chicago april 0, 1807. Three years later his parents removed to this City and Here George spent his boyhood Days and att ended school. At the close of his second year in the Leigh school he interested Hansel in farming Aud fulsome t of he followed this Branch of husbandry Villi enthusiastic Devotion though he continued his Reading and studies during his Leisure hours. When about Twenty years of age lie attended a session of the Farmers Institute in i this Eit and was so fascinated by an address of supt. Porter of the state agricultural College that he entered that institution the same fall. Hut his career at farming was near its close for after t free months at the Experiment station he entered into the academical department of tile state University As a sub freshman. In the following year he was admitted to the University proper where his High standing and Good Fellowship won for him the admiration of his fellow students Aud the interest and respect of the professors and officials. So High indeed was his rank that he was offered and accepted a position in the presidents office and when his time would permit he assisted in the Library. For some time or. Tunell held first place for Marks in his class but later he neglected his minor studies to pursue More carefully his researches in history and economics and when he graduated in 1892 he was fifth in standing of a class of seventy live. The same year or. In p. Judson professor of history at the Minnesota University accepted a More honorable position and a much higher salary at the University of Chicago which enrolled its first students in the fall of 1892. Prof. Judson now head Dean of All the colleges of the great University asked and obtained a Fellowship for his favorite Pupil and in september George a Tunell matriculated at Chicago u University and entered on a further Pursuit of knowledge under the guidance of some of the greatest professors and scholars of the Day. Von hoist in history and Laughlin in economics Are an inspiration in themselves and or. Tunell applied himself to the Mastery of the history of his own country and to an understanding of the economic forces which have brought about the present status of the nation and which Are Mill at work evolving its future. After the first year at Chicago or. Tunell was granted a Fellowship in political science and then a Fellowship in political Economy. In political science or. Tunell gave special attention to taxation and his publications in the journal of political Economy and several newspaper articles received some attention. It was about this time that prof. Hadley of Yale published a work on taxation which created Conadera Able stir among economists. Believing the work to be incompetent and incorrect in several important respects. Or. Tunell in a reply criticised Hadley a position sharply. His criticism was quoted widely by journals devoted to this Field of literature and or. Tunello a name was carried heros.-, the Waters where the journal Des economist is at Paris the French authority on questions of political Economy quoted liberally from or. Tunell s thesis and agreed with him in his arguments against the position assumed by prof. Hadly. Political Economy deals largely with questions of production consumption distribution and Exchange and in the Progress of his investigations along these lines or. Tunell has written subject As this Field has never been j Able authority on questions pertaining properly covered and he a already Given several chapters of the work to the Public through the columns of the journal of political Economy. His knowledge of facts and conditions Are minute and exhaustive nothing is left to theory or imagination except perhaps. Predictions of the future of this Commerce. He believes in nothing advocates nothing which his data do not warrant. Last year at the invitation of the executive committee or in Unell prepared arum read a paper before the International deep water ways convention at Cleveland Ohio taking for his subject a the ultimate George a. Tunell. Much is valuable valuable because i information is always exhaustive and a Cor delusions based on his findings of fact.-. An i not like the theories of Many school men. Based on his Conception of what should be. For thu it past two Ltd a three years or. Tunell has devoted much attention to the problem of transportation especially the Commerce on the great lakes., his writings on this Branch j transportation Are remarkably accurate and reliable. Some time ago he conceived the idea of compiling a work on the when the cat is away the mice will play. Old Man Strauss is gone East after the biggest Stock of fall and Winter clothing you Ever saw it that he went at All we see no reason for because the store is crowded now. There is More clothing Here than in All other stores put together. Me gave us strict injection to make room for incoming goods. He says a boys let no one who has a Dollar in his pocket escape. Put the knife into those summer shirts slash Straw hats All to pieces Cut the Gizzard out of summer suits Cut deep Cut right and Straw hats Worth a Dollar go for a those new style Monarch shirts go for summer suits costing Strauss $10,00 go for its like picking Gold nuggets out of a Klondyke mine to buy Here ifs so easy and it takes so very Little Money. Take advantage while the mice have full Sway. In charge of Andrew Gunderson s. Strauss clothing store George Peterson. Wynne Hayden. Effect of deep water ways Between the great lakes Aud the sea on Domestic ship More than four Hundred men interested directly and indirectly in Lake transportation were in attendance at the convention and or. Lunell s paper was thoroughly though favourably discussed. This paper was also quoted and criticized at length i v the Marine review at Cleve land. Chicago Bailie. At this convention or. Tunell was thrown prominently before those interested in Commerce and his reputation As a Reli to transportation is firmly established. Last Winters Peculiar phenomenon occurred in transportation from the head of the lakes to the Eam. Flour one of the three great Staples of the Northwest Hail previously found the Eastern Market by Way of the great lakes but in the Winter it suddenly and unexpectedly commenced moving by rail to new York and the Seaboard. The incident threw consternation into the companies interested in transportation Over the lakes Aud attracted considerable attention in railway and steamship circles everywhere. Or. Tunell has for some time been considering whether or not the decreased Cost of transportation by rail and the increased facilities of the railway companies would not one Day result in a diversion of a portion of the carrying Trade from tin lakes to the railroads and in a paper out it led a the diversion of the flour and Grain traffic from the great lakes to the railroads a a he stated the cause of the change in the route of flour shipments and showed by reliable data that other Radical changes Iii routes might be expected. The review of reviews and the several journals interested in the subject quoted the article and accepted or. Tunell s explanation and conclusion. I ii j Ziy of this year after the usual exhaustive examination by the professors of his University or. Tunell was awarded the degree of doctor of philosophy his tin Sis was on tile great lakes of North a Meriea. A for Many years the growth of Lake Commerce has been retarded by the Luck of reliable information concerning the volume of Commerce through this water Way and its importance compared with tile entire vol unit of traffic on All lines competing with Lake transportation. Individuals and corporations engaged or interested in the carrying Trade of the lakes have import Ned the Treasury department and Congress for a statistical Bureau to collect data and report on the Commerce in which they were interested. Iii response to this used. The Treasury department has established a division of the Bureau of statistics to take charge of tins work. The selection of a Man fitted for this arduous Aud responsible position devolved �>.,? assistant secret by of the Treasury Vanderlip. Great interests were at stake Aud a Man unprejudiced for or against railway or steamship companies As Well As a Man of wide information was required. Applicants were numerous and Many of them were men of experience and influence in transportation circles. On August 1st or. George j. Tunell was notified of his appointment to the head of this Bureau. It will be or. Tunello a duty to set Forth the volume of the traffic upon great lakes the leading directions in which the freight is carried the principal companies engaged in it. And the character of the vessels employed. This will necessitate an investigation into the origin of the principal commodities making up this Commerce and the chief receivers of the products carried. Much attention will also be Given tto the facilities for loading and unloading vessels and storing commodities such As warehouses elevators and Coal and orc docks. Rates of freight and Canadian Competition will also be inspected with a View to their present Anil probable future influence upon american Commerce on tin lakes. The length of time required for so extensive a report cannot Well be estimated but or. Tunell. Who has been in tins City on a much needed vacation left this week for Chicago to enter at once upon his labors. It is his intern lion to push the work As rapidly As possible but Only so rapidly As exhaustive investigation will permit. Iii a few weeks or. Tunell will be in Duluth from whence he will make a tour and inspection of the ports locks. Cana is. Shipping and Ltd i cry thing directly or remotely connected with the carrying Trade i it ii these great Waterways. The publication of the report will be awaited with deep interest by every Cit i a ii Iii the great Northwest As Well a it by those whose fortunes it May directly affect. 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