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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - August 6, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota By a. Vol. Ii. To. 39. Albeit Lea Minnesota Friday a h St it. 1897 old Man Strauss is gone East after the biggest Stock of fall and Winter clothing you Ever saw that he went at All we see no reason for because the store is crowded now. There is More clothing Here than in All other stores put together. He gave us strict injection to make room for in coming goods. He says a boys let no one who has a Dollar in his pocket escape. Put the knife into those summer shirts slash Straw hats All to pieces Cut the Gizzard out of summer suits Cut deep Cut right and left a we Are bound to carry out his instruct lion if we lose our jobs. Straw hats Worth a Dollar go for those new style Monarch shirts go for summer suits costing Strauss $10.00 go Luis it when the cat is away the mice will play. Daily arrival of fall and Winter c and pure Ismias at the \ Jit to make room for them we Are striking Sledge Hammer Blom s at the prices of Ai for 35c 75c $9.00it�?Ts like picking Gold nuggets out of a Klondyke mine to buy Here ifs so easy a and it takes so very Little Money. Take advantage while the mice have full charge of Andrew Gunderson. S. Strauss clothing store George Hayden. A /0 a 0 / Vou wont buy All or Light Coats and vests because you it and to Wear two it a suits at a time. May be you will buy Tor next year though we shall now give Mem away at half Price. 4/v y pc summer Coats and vests. Summer underwear. Summer shirts. Straw hats. Light weight suits. Bicycle suits. A 00n�?Tt consider granulated sugar at s % cents cheap for theres better values for your Money in our clothing Al negro funeral. W. F. Ostrander gives an in the resting account of one he attended. Striking characteristics of Thuc coloured people As found to Day in the Little removed from savagery. The funeral at Good As a number get a Happy Quot and pandemonium reigns. Rienzi miss., july 27, 1807. To the times i shall now Endeavor to give the readers of the times an insight into the habits customs religion and social condition of the Southern negro. I have studied the negro with much care and interest since i came South and As i am not prompted by any impulse aside from giving the facts in regard to his condition i Trust that i May do him Justice. The negro at his Best in the Home of his adoption is removed but a Short a distance from savagery. To be sure his first association with the White race was not in a manner that would tend to elevate him to a High Plain of civilization but there were certain rules of civility Industry and cleanliness that he was forced to respect which the present generation know nothing about. The old time negroes of the a Uncle Tom Quot Type have All passed away and their progeny left to follow the social and Industrial standards a of their own Low mental conceptions have necessarily degenerated. I am of the opinion that if the negro was moved from All restraint of Law and order except the primitive forms which his association with the Whites might enable him to adopt for a time he would pass into savagery in a Short time. I know there Are Many people who a erroneously imagine that the essential difference Between the negro and the White race is simply in color but this is not the Case for they have characteristics which Are Peculiar Only to their race. Of course this Rule May not apply in All cases to mulattoes but i am now speaking of the negro proper. As a provider in his family the average negro is a hopeless failure and is often brutal in the extreme. Occasionally you find a few who work land enough to barely exist but the Large majority depend upon Odd jobs and the lightness of their fingers for a livelihood of they earn enough Money to get a meal or two ahead they Are As Independent As princes and under no consideration can you induce them to make another exertion until hunger compels them to act. Last week i attended the funeral services of one of their prominent men which Means to them a Day of great social festivity. Early in the morning they commenced to come from the Highlands Aud the lowlands and neighbouring villages some in wagons but the majority on foot. They were supplied with baskets of dainties and came prepared for a picnic and general Jollif cation. The services commenced at twelve of clock but Long before that time the Church was packed and they Hung around the building like swarm of bees around a hive in warm weather. I went in and was directed to a seat near the pulpit where i could obtain a Good View of the audience. After the commotion caused by my entering had subsided for a White person is Seldom seen at a negro funeral i turned half round and looked into the faces of the strangest audience i had Ever seen. There were ribbons of the brightest tints and hats whose wild profusion of Flowers would drive the modern trimmer into hysterics. Their Gaudy apparel their boxing Glove lips their Tomb Stone Teeth and glaring eyes presented a spectacle unique and interesting. In one of the open windows during the entire service sat one of the Ebony Maidens. At first i wondered what her object could be in occupying this conspicuous position and had just concluded it was for the purpose of carrying on a flirtation with some one out Side when log she turned her face toward the window and closing her lips discharged an enormous Jet of the nut Brown fluid from her Mouth was i mistaken no this fair daughter of Ham was certainly indulging in the poisonous Weed and As a matter of convenience she was using a portion of the adjoining lot for a Cuspid or. After congratulating themselves Over their enormous collection of two dollars and some Odd cents the preacher arose with much dignity. Said he a Breder and ses Terin we hah met upon Dis occasion to Funer Alize de funeral of rudder Parchment and i want to better goods for less Honey better Quality at less profit than elsewhere. This for a Sample boys knee pants Worth 25c, Only big , Hayden co. Say right Hea Dat i am opposed to Prea Ehin funeral sermons Caus most of you done to look at Dis matter de Way i do. Ebery body Dat Dies goes to Heb in Dar aint no body died and went to hell around Hea for a Long time. I find Dat most of of people Are just like Solomon a aint Neber satisfied. When a Hab a Yoke of cattle a want a mule an when a git a mule a want two mules and when a git two mules a want free Caus Den a can run free plows and Dis is de Way it goes. Agin we Hen a git one wife a want two and when a git two wives a sometimes want free a Are always Rea Ehin out and a aint no Way he continued on in this manner philosophizing in his own Peculiar style and finally closed by introducing another preacher. The next preacher was not a philosopher but an old time exporter and the contortions that he went through and the Way he worked the audience up we As marvelous. Ile started out slow and easy but As he warmed up he be came vehement. He Bent Over toward the floor he clutched wildly at the air he ran his Tongue out he spit on the floor at the close of every sentence and twisted his features into the most inconceivable shapes. As he proceeded some of the audience commenced a we ild Barbaric chant that in its Mournful hideousness is indescribable. Directly one of the old Sisters in the Back part of the room got a a Happy As they called it and having heard so much about this religious happiness of the negro i raised up in my seat As far As possible and looked in the direction from we hich the unearthly shrieks proceeded but the sea of Dusky faces intercepted my View and i Only managed to catch sight of one of her hands flying wildly in the air As she leaped about. I was not to be disappointed however for the entertainment had just commenced. In a few minutes another sister suddenly became Happy and with a shriek that would have made a locomotive whistle seem mild she rushed around shaking hands with every one and screaming like a maniac that she was Happy Happy so Happy. The next subject was a Good one and seemed to be familiar with her part of the program. She was a plump and Active Young lady of about 18 Summers. She sat in the next aisle ahead of me at the left and things were so quiet in this Section of the House that i was unprepared for the sudden outburst. Without the slightest warning like a volcanic eruption with her face turned upward eyes closed and hands jes Ticu Latium wildly she shot into the air and came Down on her feet with a Force that Shook the entire building. She continued to jump and no one paid any attention to her until she came uncomfortably near them when they would put out their hands and gently guide her jumping in another direction. I was sitting in a chair in the aisle and she jumped Down to where i sat in fact so very close that i put my feet to one Side to keep them from being crushed. Directly she began to scream for someone to hold her. Not wishing to win notoriety for gallantry i put out my hand and pushed her to the next seat Down the aisle where a Tine specimen of coloured manhood sat with a hungry look on his Dusky features. When she reached the Young Man s seat she Flung her hands wildly about her head and fell Over in his arms apparently in a swoon. The incident did no to seem to Embarrass i the Young Man in the least. He did t even Blush but with a sparkle of satisfaction in his eyes he encircled her Waist with an enthusiasm that seemed to suggest t was almost afraid you find the weather was warm and that characteristic odor for w hich the negro is famous commenced to All the room with its nauseating stench and i rushed to the door for i Felt a commotion within that convinced me i was about to be deeply moved. Last evening i attended a protracted meeting and shall Ever remember it As one of the most unique affairs i Ever witnessed. The Church was illuminated by five lamps four of we Hie i were without chimneys and their flickering Light gave a we ild wierd aspect to the surroundings. At All Well regulated negro protracted meetings or revivals they appoint holders whose Fluty it shall be to hold the Sisters when they become unduly Happy and prevent them from tearing their clothing off. Of course the Holder does not get in his work unless the subject is violent. Often a sister becomes so Happy that she rushes out of the building and when this occurs a Holder Perseus her and often with much difficulty brings her Back to the Church. The a Cooling boards is an arrange intent like a Stretcher which is used to carry the converts out into the open air after their Happy condition gives w a to unconsciousness. The mourn Erst Bench is a High seat girl front of the pulpit where the candidates for conversion Are requested to sit. The evening that i attended the meeting opened with prayer and song service during which a number of candidates for conversion were invited to the mourners Bench. As soon As the Bench was filled up the preacher took his text a adar will be a rattling among de dry Bones a and commenced to preach. For a few minutes i could understand the nature of his discourse but he soon became enthusiastic and worked like a blacksmiths Bellows except his inhalation at the close of each sentence was accompanied by More noise. Directly he leaped Down among the audience he dashed up and Down the aisle he catered around the mourners Bench while the audience kept up their wild wierd chant. Hours glided by and As fast As one minister sat Down from exhaustion there was another ready to take his place. The excitement was now becoming general. By instruction of the preacher the audience gathered around the mourners Bench and a Friend who was familiar with their methods whispered to me that they were reaching the Climax and sure enough in a minute or two there arose above the Roar of the inarticulate chant a series of the most blood curdling screams that Ever broke the silence of the night. I stood up in my seat to get a Good View of the howling throng. In the Center of the dark mass was one of the mourners that had become Happy. The a a holders were doing their duty in preventing the subject from rending her garments or leaping through a window but they allowed her to jump until she fell Over in a faint. This was a starter and others followed thick and fast and continued to leap about and scream until Complete exhaustion closed the pandemonium for the night. I have endeavoured in the above description to adhere strictly to the facts in Justice to the negro and to protect myself from the criticism of those who Are familiar with the peculiarities of the race. With regret i shall soon leave the South and its great Cotton Fields with their red and White blossoms its Orchards Rich with their wealth of blushing peaches and Golden pears its vineyards with their Burden of purple Beauty and last but not least its people whose Courtesy and kindness will Ever linger As a pleasant memory. Yours w. F. Ostrander. A great pleasure trip cheap. The Minneapolis pfc St. Louis r. R. Constantly strives to provide facilities for both business and recreation excursions at such times Aud for such Low rates As to meet with the greatest popular approval. The grand Climax will be reached on sunday aug. 15, with an excursion to Lake Minnetonka Minneapolis and St. Paul in Celebration of the Bountiful Harvest at rates which Challenge criticism. The Harvest special train will reach the cities about 10 30 a. In. And leave returning at 7 00 p. In. The lakes Are Beautiful the cities never looked More inviting. The Many tall buildings Miles of clean Asphalt paving rows of Beautiful Shade Trees Fine residences and lawns Well kept Parks with Flowers Green grass. Trees lakes water fowl etc., statues including the latest great Monument of Ole Bull space does not permit us to Tell the half of what May be seen All in one Day and so cheaply that none can afford to remain away. Join the Harvest special excursion sunday aug. 15 on the m. Amp. St. L. R. R. Train will leave Albert Lea at 0 45 a. In. Rate for the round trip $1.50. A few drawbacks. A Don t let anybody lose his head because of the discovery of the new Gold Fields of the Klondyke. Remember it is 6,000 Miles by Laud and water from Seattle that it requires a years outfitting for the most rigorous climate in America that it will be the Middle of August before any Man can get Liei e this year that the thermometer ranges from 30 to 08 below Zero and 07 to too degrees below freezing and men going at this season May be compelled to lire in tents next Winter. These Are some of the conditions imposed in order to secure this times. One Day of Lake Minnetonka Minneapolis or St. Paul. Remember that a cheap rate excursion to Lake Minnetonka Minneapolis and St Paul will be run by the Minneapolis amp St. Louis r. R. On sunday aug. 15, leaving Albert Lea 6.45 a. In. Returning by special train sunday evening. Leaving Minneapolis 7 00 p. In. This is a great Opportunity to visit the cities and lakes for a Days Outing. Do not fail to come. Rate for the round trip from Albert Lea $1.50. Rare bit cigars at messengers. %

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