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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - April 30, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. A Soutthern Lynching. The perpetrator of a heinous crime meets a violent death at the hands of a lob no Effort Lade to punish the Lyncher the race problem. Washington. I. C., apr. 24, y7. Cd tors times a it is getting so hot Here that it is almost impossible to do any work and so for Lack of something better to do i will exist Olive you a trite. Of course you have heard by this time of the Lynching that took place at Alexandria va., night before last almost in the very Shadow of the Capitol of the nation. Peterson Aud myself lost no time in getting to the scene of action As soon As we heard of the Necktie party Quot As it is called with shocking vulgarity. We went for the purpose of feeling the pulse of Public opinion and to get the sentiment of the populace and the authorities. We were on the grounds a couple of hours after Tim dastardly deed was done. The crime alleged to have been committed by the Width a is one that shocks the feelings of every body. Aud in this Case it is so repulsive so heinous and so loathsome in its. Details that i cannot attempt description. The first Man we a Cost talked very glibly about the affair saying that everything went off very nicely but he carefully added that he Hail been sick the night before and consequently was not in the crowd. He knew All the details however. We noticed too that despite the fact that a mob of 500 or More people had been assembled by the ringing of the a lire alarm a we found not a single Man among a score or More with whom we conversed who had not been sick asleep or had a sick wife child or something of that nature. We could not find a single individual who condemned the deed. very strange that the officers of the Law should not be Able to do something in the six hours that elapsed after the arrest. An attempt was made to Call out the militia but the militia was in the mob. The old chief of police who had the reputation of being a firm though hotheaded old Man was gotten out of the Way Aud a lieutenant left on duty in charge of the police Force. At the first attempt to Force the jail several leaders were arrested and locked up but strange to say were released after the trouble was Over although they had been guilty of a crime. Ina second onslaught the mob battered in the door. The police emptied their revolvers through the windows and their bullets took excellent effect in the third and second stories of the opposite buildings some in the ceiling of the jail and the stovepipe received a very serious wound. Judging from the appearances it would seem As though a Battle Royal had been fought but nobody was Hurt. Vav hat is More marvelous still is that no police officer recognized a single countenance although the night was not dark and perhaps every Man was personally known to them. The victim was handled with Shock. Ing brutality and it is not impossible that if the mob had not been too Bloodthirsty to wait they would have repeated the horrors of the affair at Paris Texas which so stirred the whole country a couple of years ago. His thick Skull was the Only thing that prevented it being brained in his cell by the blow of an a. Ile was kicked and pounded and stabbed with knives his face scorched with matches dragged a Block and a half by his feet Over a rough Stone pavement face downward resulting in almost a Complete removal of his nose and the Dis figuration of his features. It must have been a Relief to the poor wretch when they finally Strung him to a lamp Dost and riddled his Boily with bullets. It in not pleasant to recall the bloody scene where he finally met his death. A certain tavern keeper showed us a piece of the rope which he was keeping As a memento. The attorney for the Commonwealth of a. Was standing at the bar talking Over the whole proceeding and it was evident that he was perfectly satisfied with what had happened. In Short nearly everybody seemed to know who formed that mob but every body was in sympathy with the mob even those whose duty it is to enforce the Law. It was apparent that nothing would or even could be done. The Only possible Way to Stop their proceedings is to prevent them by Force. While one cannot condemn Lynch Law too severely at the same time it is True that the crime for which it is employed As a punishment occurs with alarming frequency. So frequently indeed that men in the South always feel a justifiable anxiety concerning the Sanctuary of their Homes and the safety of their Little daughters and even their wives. They demand a severer punishment than Legislatures provide. A similar Case is now being tried at Fairfax va., about ten Miles from Washington and mobs have gathered on several occasions but it seems that a great Deal of fear for the sheriff of that county prevails. The people of Alexandria predict that they will get him yet especially after they hear of this event. This is not a pleasant letter and not one that i have enjoyed writing but these Are the facts As i saw them. It seems to me that unless these things cease the punishment which comes to All nations for their sins will come to the South in the form of a race War. It is the inevitable and legitimate result. The coloured people of Alexandria looked very sober and serious to me and i could see ran ii i ing within them the feeling of injustice. They do not claim that the punishment of death was not deserved if the victim was guilty but they demand that he should have had his Day in right of every citizen under the Constitution and under natural Law. We think violence of this nature is serious but How aggravated the question becomes when Lynch la a becomes part of the race problem. The negro will not always submit to impositions and he is already strenuously asserting his rights. I do not w ish to be understood to claim that there Are not two sides to the race question but simply make these few suggestions for sober reflection. Henry Carlson. Sugar beet culture. Selection of soil. Great care must be used in selecting soil for beets and the Best piece of land available should be chosen. In general land which produces the Best Corn or wheat crop the Grain ripening Well is very Well adapted for raising sugar beets. The Best soil is that which is Rich and deep with subsoil similar to top and allowing the surface water to pass through. New land should not be selected. It should be at Leas i two years under cultivation. Soil which is too Sandy or gravely is not desirable either As top or sub soil. Freshly manured land should be avoided As the beets would grow too rank thus Loc tug Iti percentage by sugar and purity of juice. Then too such soil encourages weeds and grubs. Foul land though Rich otherwise is also undesirable As it would be too troublesome to fight weeds. Wet ground will not answer. The Plant requires considerable moisture but will not Bear standing water. On the other hand it must not be too dry a stiff Clay or Sandy Hill for instance would dry out too quickly. As some persons it new to be inclined to regard Clay soil As not adapted to raising sugar beets it therefore is but proper to say right Here that a warm Clay soil pulverizing Well and easily cultivated is a better beet soil than one which is too Sandy or gravely. There is More Backbone to it. Pack the soil on top of seed. In this Wise the seed will come up quicker. Whoever has a roller May Roll after planting. In East the weeds should come up ahead of the beets or in Case of a heavy beating rain a crust should be formed a Light hoeing May be desirable and Here the rows marked by the footprints will be useful in guiding the Hoer. The time for planting would be from now on until the 15th of May. The sooner the better but right Here i would like to advise the sugar beet planters to prepare the soil As above described and Plant w within the same Day. So As not to give the soil any t Ine to dry out on top. The seed should be dropped in fresh and moist soil to come up quickly but on the other hand do not prepare or work your soil when it is wet this is like Poison to the Plant. All other instructions will be furnished personally by a. F. Hostel. Should Wake up. Grand Island and Norfolk. Nab., Are towns of but eight and three thousand inhabitants yet they Are known to everybody throughout the length and breadth of the land simply because each has a beet sugar factory. Albert Lea is widely known As a Point on the a great Albert Lea route Quot and if a beet sugar factory would be established in this City the name a Albert Lea a would lie advertised to the ends of the Earth and like Norfolk and grand Island other manufacturing industries without which the growth of our City must be limited will surely and naturally be established in our midst. The value of this proposed sugar factory to the business of Albert Lea and Freeborn county far exceeds the Trade and wealth which this one Industry will bring and the merchant and Farmer should Wake up to the importance of it. Well to do Farmers mean Prosperity for the a big thriving City Means a Home Market for a greater portion of the Farmer s product. Pursued the burglar. D. R. P. Hibbs with a has a Lively experience Midnight intruder. Not merely foot covers stylish comfortable shoes shoes that Are Correct. Just what up to Date people want. We be got the pointed dime Quarter Dollar half Dollar narrow and wide Square toes ladies of blood Oxford ties ladles coloured lace or Button shoe made on All the latest lasts from 81.50 up made on Correct lasts from 12.25 to $500. Menus coloured lace ladies Tan Oxford ties. All new goods made on the new lasts from in the different styles from si.50 to s3.00. 03.00 to $5.00. Myelin a footwear. Preparation of soil. To begin with the Laud should be cleared of All trash with Rake or Harrow. Flow deep. This is very important because the beet is then enabled to penetrate into the sub soil without much obstruction thus preventing it from growing out of the ground and allowing it to extract considerable Nutriment from the lower soil. Therefore plow As deep As possible without turning up too much dead soil which is not desirable. After blowing Harrow Well and then use a Stone boat Plank or a roller level and pack the soil Well so that horses May walk easily on top of the ground without making deep footprints because soil treated like this will draw the moisture from underneath and consequently Start the seed much sooner than soil which is too Loose. Planting. If you have no Garden Drill prepare a Marquer with Teeth 14 inches apart Aud after the soil is packed or rolled run this Marquer North and South making Little furrows in which the seed May he dropped by hand. Then string the seed right along in these drills Don t be afraid you will get it too thick avoiding of course unnecessary waste but use enough seed because to insure a Good crop it is absolutely necessary to have a full and thick stand to begin with for these reasons i. A late night Frost will not do so much damage if enough seed is used. 3. High winds grub or other Worms can to get Way so quickly with a Good thick stand of beets. 3. Where seed enough is used the beets by combined Force will easier break through a crust in Case of rain followed by dry weather. Therefore done to try to save seed but also waste none 20 pounds to the acre will do. After dropping the seed cover it up lightly not deeper than from m to amp Inch and Plant your foot toes pointing Forward on top of it so As to firmly about half past the re o clock Mon Day morning when the City was wrapped in quiet slumber . P. Hibbs was suddenly awakened by a snapping sound As though a person was walking across the floor. Ile sat up on the Edge of the bed and while listening attentively the sound was repeated louder than before and at the same time the form of a Man glided through the cd room door like a Shadow. Or. Hibbs sprang from the bed and followed the intruder so closely that when he reached the Kitchen door he found that the burglar was holding it from the other Side fearing undoubtedly that or. Hibbs was armed and would open the door and shoot As he ran across the Kitchen floor and Here they stood the pursuer and the pursued with Only a door Between them. Three times or. Libbs threw his weight against the door endeavouring to Force an Entrance but each time the desperate intruder held it fast. Then the burglar tried a new scheme he opened the door wide enough to thrust the barrel of a revolver through the opening but or. Hibbs discovered the movement in time to jump out of Range and As he did so the burglar took advantage of his Opportunity and dashing through the open window made his escape. Or. Hibbs trousers were the Only articles missing and the next morning they were found Down by the Bank of the Lake but fortunately he Only happened to have about one Dollar in Small change in his pocket which was appropriated but his keys and other articles were not molested. It is thought that there were two of the burglars for it is improbable that the one discovered would have Clung to the trousers during the hot Pursuit. No clue to the identity of the miscreants has been discovered. A fire department Morin Skinner and of i by ter. Park Morin Gilbert Aud Strauss. Finance Strauss Morin Wohlhuter. Supply Morin Strauss Wohlhuter. Sewer Drumlin Morin and Jorgensen. Claims Jorgensen Drumlin Morin. Strauss. The following Bills were allow cd and ordered paid a. Mcculloch lumber. T m. Benenger building Culvert. Albert Lea mercantile co., Aundrie a Nelson rent fuel Etc. For election Scott Elbe labor. A. We Lowe labor and material for City Haji. Corral Richardson labor. F. Willard and a on repairing Anil caper a Council chamber. ,.�?��?��?��?��?� Street labor. Council proceedings. The City Council held its regular session Friday evening and All members were present. The first business was a report of the Street commissioner in re Gard to the new sidewalks in College and Morin additions and a motion to condemn the old walks and order new ones was made and carried. The petition of e. Whitney j. Shaffer Etal for new Side walks in College addition was referred to the Street commissioner. The communication of the West Era Mutual insurance company in regard to the insurance of City property was referred to the finance commit tee. The standing committees for the ensuing year Are As follows waterworks Brundin Wohlhuter and Jorgensen. Lighting Gilbert Morin and Skinner. Sprinkling Wohlhuter Brundin and Gilbert ladies knee length in fancy plaid cloth top coloured kid foxed $5.00 the critics say that we have the Liest Stock of cycling footwear in the City. Gage h Ayd err it amp co. 8 13 j b i j it id min i 90 i 75 of a ii do old people. Old people who require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True remedy in Lle Etrie hitters. This Medicine does not stimulate Ami contains n whiskey nor other intoxicant but acts As a tonic and alterative. It aet mildly on the stomach and bowels adding strength and giving tone to tilt organs thereby sliding nature in the performance of the functions. Electric hitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Price fifty cents and 01.oo per bottle at any i Rug stores. Inquire for our new iced Loco Honey cakes made from pure strained Honey. Albert Lea Cracker amp Candy co. Thompson is show ing the latest again in the bottle Green ? oxfords. Also 25 different styles in colors and Black. It will do your heart Good to see our easter shoes and your pocketbook will suffer no relapse. Call at the up to Date store of w the most c Millete Plant in the n Irth West. Aioli to Brick and Tiei works we make the hardest Brick in the state. By actual test our Brick crush at 3,000 pounds to the Square Inch. This is nearly twice the strength required by it. S. Government contracts. Inn leu i us rear powder absolutely pure celebrated for its great Leavening strength and Healthfulness. Assures the food against Alum and All forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. Royal baking powder co., new York we also make a and Drain tile a or Farmers can now save the freight on tiling. Give us a Call

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