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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Vol. Ii. Lea Minnesota Friday april 23, 1n>7. Tavel be pages. For sugar beets. Beet sugar Boom. Merchants Teet and appoint committee. An expert is hired and seed sent for citizens respond liberally with subscriptions a Farmers urged to assist in the Enterprise. I n response to a Call from the officers of the commercial club a number of leading business men met at the office of Vav. A. Morin monday evening to consider the advisability of promoting the cultivation of sugar beets in the county this year Arith a View to inducing capital to build a factory Here next season. T. A. Vandergrift the original sugar beet Man in this county As chairman stated briefly the object of the meeting. In answer to several questions. Or. Pos Tel the expert beet Raiser of Chicago formerly Arith tile sugar factory at grand Island neb., explained the Steps that must be taken in order to interest capital in a factory for Freeborn county it a Ould be essential that a Quantity of beets should be successfully grown. The Farmers must be the ones to raise the beets said or. Postel and they can have no objection to making the trial inasmuch As they would be More than repaid for their work this year by the use of the beets As fodder besides the value to them of the experience in Case the factory is built another season the businessmen must pull together to interest capital in the building of the factory. After further discussion the chair appointed a committee consisting of Frank Barlow Harry Lunes Vav. A. Morin f. A. Blackmer and t. A. Vandegrift to solicit from the merchants the $400 expense fund to order the seeds and to act As a general executive committee to promote the sugar beet Industry in this county. The meeting avar adjourned the time for the first meeting of the committee being set for tuesday morning at ten o clock. A Ork of the committee. The committee had an informal meeting tuesday morning but owing to tile sickness of w. A. Morin and the absence of f. A. Blackmer no definite Steps were taken. Wednesday morning Harry Jones w. A. Morin and f. A. Blackmer opened a subscription list and visited most of the business men in town and the result was most nattering to the ultimate Success of the movement for by night $335 had been subscribed the sum has since been increased to about $500 and there will undoubtedly be several More contributors. At a meeting thursday morning a contract was closed a till or. Postel Al hereby he is to remain in the county for three months instructing Farmers hoax to groan the beet. At the same meeting an order was sent to grand Island neb., for five Hundred pounds of the Best sugar beet seed and other necessary arrangements Avert made for pushing the experiments to the utmost. Or. Postel accompanied by citizens and interested Farmers Avill devote his time for the next fear Days to securing the acreage necessary to a satisfactory Experiment Aud it is earnestly urged that Farmers who desire to Aid in advancing their own interests and the interests of the county will set aside an acre or not less than a Quarter of an acre to be devoted to the sugar beet. Information and seed can be obtained by calling on or addressing Frank Barloa Harry Jones w. A. Morin or the times office. Citizens subscribe. For the purpose of conducting a series of practical experiments in the groaning and cultivation of sugar beets in Freeborn county mina., and to pay the necessary expenses connected Avith such experiments and paying the salary of an expert beet Grover ave the undersigned hereby agree to pay the sums of Money set opposite our names on demand from the committee appointed by the commercial club of this City. Times $25 first National Bank 825 Ransom Bros. Co., 820 Gage. Hayden a co., 85. Nelson Bros., $10 f. A. Blackmer 825 w. A. Morin 825 a. Lea mercantile co., 815 Barlow a Todd 820 a. Wedge $20 s. Strauss 83 i. Elurd it sons $10 Greene it Kel Lar. 825 Geo. L. Carrington $25 b. O. Esping 85 i. L. Ingebritson 85 w. A. Higgins 85 h. A. Hanson $5 Heman Blackmer 85 Robert Anderson $5 Thos. W. Wilson 85 Geo. Droin Zerhausen 81 h. Babbitt 85 t. E. Schleuder 81 Emil Nelson 85 Chris. B. Jelstrup 85 a. P. Hanson 85 v. Gulbrandson 85 Hans Gulbrandson 85 0. F. Steiler $5 a. Lea hardware co., 810 a. Lea Cracker co., 85 Chas. Jorgensen 85 b. H. Knatvold 87 a. Mcculloch 85 p. Jensen $5 Empire grocery co., 82 t. P. Jensen $2 b. H. Skaug $2 f. Carlson 82 Johnson Peterson a be Clausen 83 c. F. Tovane 85 Bessesen so Steen 85 Brown so Parker 810 c. D. Edwards 82 g. W. Hopkins 82 Gillrup so Gilbert 85 h. A. Paine $1. Factory in Meno Ullnee Falls. Industrial commissioner Jackson of the Chicago Milwaukee amp St. Paul talks of Wisconsin Enterprise. Chicago record Louis Jackson Industrial commissioner of the Chicago Mih Waukee so St. Baul Railroad will leave this morning for Menominee Falls wis to examine the Large beet sugar factory which began making sugar yesterday. This factory has a capacity of turning 275 tons of beets into sugar a Day and is to be operated by two shifts of fifty men each night Aud Day. The company has a ten years contract with 350 Farmers of that Section of the country for growing beets. Menominee fall is in Waukesha county about Twenty Miles Northwest of Milwaukee on the Milwaukee a Superior Railroad and four Miles from Granville on the Chicago. Milwaukee a St. Paul. The factory Cost 843,000 and the whole investment is not far from 8200,000. In. G. Korn is general manager of the aah works and James l. Gates of Milwaukee is president of the company. The Chicago Milwaukee do St. Paul is interested in the Neav Enterprise because that Road since i Soi has been agitating the beet sugar question in Wisconsin. Industrial commissioner Jackson has been particularly interested in the beet sugar subject As applied to Wisconsin and yesterday he declared that his investigations and studies had convinced him that Wisconsin aah pre eminently the state for beet sugar. He bases this opinion on the experiments and reports made by the agricultural Experiment station of the University of Wisconsin the analyses of soils together Avith the fact that in the Southeastern part of Wisconsin adhere the natural conditions Are particularly suitable to the cultivation of the sugar beet a Large portion of the Farmers Are germans who have raised sugar beets in Germany. He said or. Jackson on sugar beets a Over in per cent of the farms in Wisconsin Are to worked by their owners. This Independence gives them l Liberty to raise diversified crops. The Southeastern part of the state is a Good Dairy country and the Chicago Milwaukee so St. Paul has constantly suggested to the Farmers along the line the advisability of growing Quarter acres of beets and feeding them to their cattle with the Ieav of ultimately drawing the attention of capitalists to the beet sugar Industry. That is the Avay it is done in Germany. Then ave have constantly urged the manufacturers of agricultural implements to invent and build labor saving machinery for the use of sugar beet growers. A Large part of the work in connection Avith the growing of the beets has been hand labor. The beets must be thinned out and this has always been done by hand. This hand labor is objectionable to american Farmers Avo Are accustomed to labor saving machinery and the prejudice operated seriously against the development of the sugar beet Industry. A the agitation succeeded for now manufacturers Are making machines a Thich Are almost but not quite perfect and such machines have been put in the Field. This improvement has Given an impetus to the business of groaning sugar beets. A the trouble however with pushing the beet sugar Industry is found in the great amount of capital required. It costs at least $200,000 to build suitable Avoris and $1,000,000 in the end Avold be More economical. But a $200,000 beet sugar factory should have at least 8100,000 in the Bank As Avo King capital. That is Why in my opinion the beet sugar business cannot be run As a co operative scheme among Farmers. It requires Money to act As a Reserve Force. The business also requires a keen business Man to look after the business end a first class expert to make sugar and another to look after the beets in the Fields. I believe the successful operation of the Menominee Falls factory vill give an impetus to the beet sugar Industry in Wisconsin which Avill add very considerably to the producing Avealt of the state will have a Beeter. Merrillan to build one costing six Hundred thousand dollars. M i Neapolis times Black River Falls wis., april 18.�? the location of the beet sugar factory at Merrillan by the Northa Vestern beet sugar company in consideration of a Bonus of 25,000 acres of Jackson county lands is now an assured fact. It is definitely announced to Day that 8500,000 of the $600,000 capital Stock has been subscribed most of it being held by Eastern men. The contract for the Plant it is reported has been let to Cincinnati parties and the work of construction is to be completed by oct. First. Washington letter. Editors of times a this has been a perfect Day and ave have just returned from an extensive stroll in the Woods beyond the suburbs of the City which ave enjoyed very much. We brought Back Avith us a portion of natures decorations in the shape of violets an Emones and so Forth. Nature is becoming very Beautiful Here but she was almost outdone by the gorgeous array of bonnets that Avert paraded do Avn Connecticut and Massachusetts avenues this morning by Gay Washington. But to turn to a subject that is a trifle More olfactory. We paid a visit to the wharves a few Days ago and found it very instructive. Few people realize Arhat an extensive Industry our fisheries Are. This is the Busy season for the Potomac fishermen and they Are reaping their Harvest. One can find a score or More of vessels and fishing smacks every morning at the fish a Harves unloading their catch. Now a fishing smack is not the cleanest place in the world but if you manage to get to the Avin Dward Side you can approach the Vicinity of one of these vessels and you will be Avell repaid for your trouble. If you tackle the Captain a to is usually an elderly gentlemen with a Long White flowing Beard a rough caveat Herberten but kindly face an important air and a very Noav ing look you can usual ingratiate yourself into his Confidence and you Avill be regaled by some very startling a fish fishermen say that this is the Best year they have had for a Long time. The principle fish caught on the Potomac Are Shad and herring. Enormous quantities of these Are caught every night. We Glau eed Down into the Hull of a ship that avas unloading her night catch of herring. We were informed that she contained about seventy five thousand members of the finny tribe who had been taken from their Home in the briny deep. You will not be a Little surprised when i Tell you that this is but one tenth part of the herring brought to Washington daily. They Are Worth at the wharf about two dollars a thousand a in a state of it is very interesting to watch the Progress of the herring from the wharf to the barrel his final resting place. They Are piled up on the wharf and turned Over to a very dirty repulsive and aromatic negro who with one flourish of his knife deprives the poor fish of his head and opens his body and Avith a second he removes the entire digestive apparatus. The a Hole operation does not take Over a second if the Dresser is an expert that is he will dress about sixty fish per minute. They Are then Throan into a vat of water stirred around a few times and finally dipped out Avith a Large Seive. They Are then transported to the store room where they Are packed in barrels and tubs of various sizes. The Shad is put through about the same process. The fish come in from the Ocean about the latter part of March to spawn and the season continues till about the latter part of May after that time they Are still caught Avith Hooks on the Rivers and in the Chesapeake. Of course you Avill find All varieties of fish and we saw an enormous Quantity of eel Nice handsome inviting Fellows that Avold Gladden the heart of any Scandinavia a. The Oyster season is about Over though a few Are still taken from the Beds in the Potomac and the Chesapeake. One Avo has not seen the Busy life of a port can have but a Small Conception of the important part played by the coasting Trade in the Economy of the cities that Are fortunate enough to offer ready Access to these vessels. Wood lumber Coal ice and so Forth Are brought to Washington in old fashioned ships propelled by the winds of heaven the cheapest kind of transportation. I presume there is nothing in Washington More interesting to visitors than the Washington Monument an Engrav ing of which you Avill find on every new Dollar Bill. It is considered the greatest piece of masonry in the Avold. It is five Hundred and fifty five feet High built of solid Granite and Cost Over a million dollars. The Interior has a winding stairway and an elevator. The Structure is so imposing that it make one almost dizzy to try to see the top from the surface of the Earth. To give an idea of the enormous height of this Structure i might say that it took us Twenty a minutes to climb to the top at a Pace As fast As was consistent with Comfort and it took eight minutes to descend in the elevator. The View of the City and the surrounding country from the Summit is perfectly grand. Is situated As one is above the heyday of the world it is tub four by 141 for other men it we o miss Quot i a real tall Man or a Fleshy fellow can walk right into our store any Day and we can show him a b. K. Amp co. Suit that will fit him perfect just As if it were made to order for him. The Price for these suits Are no More than the Price that is asked for inferior suits. That a Why they Are value a is not that right. Carpet store. The flatting season is Here. Von a an come Here and buy a 40 Yard roil <>1 matting at 54. T hink it it i it to cents a Yard How can the chinaman do it i carry a Stock of exactly. 30 patterns of Wool ingrain. So a Stock of velvets and Brussels. §4 i in a Auvaa he our prices will Bear the most exhaustive comparison and besides we sew our carpets free. To Doz. Fancy bosom White body shirts assorted Pat rns 4>c = Gage Hayden amp co. Interesting to watch the traffic on the avenues far below the Parks and squares of the great City filled with loiter ers basking in the sunlight the government buildings pouring Forth their thousands of employees and behind the City the abruptly rising Hills of Maryland to the eastward the Broad Estuary of the peaceful Potomac teeming with a Hundred Busy sails a it is an Ideal place for one Given to Day dreaming. But i fear i shall Veary you Avith extensive descriptions. I intend before ave return Home to take a Moonlight ride Down the Potomac to Newport news fortress Monroe and Norfolk and up the Chesapeake to Baltimore and shall surely have something of interest to relate. He bit Carlson Washington i. C., april in 18%. Free pills. Send your address to h. E. Bucklen amp co., Chicago and get a free Sample Box of or. Kings Neav life pills. A trial Avill convince you of their merits. These pills arc easy in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c. Per Box. Sold by All druggists. Thompson is showing the latest again in the bottle Green oxfords. Also 25 different styles in colors and Black. It will do your heart Good to see our Laster shoes and your pocketbook will suffer no relapse. Call at the up to Date store of w. Thompson. The most Complete Plant in the North we a i Morin Brick and Tili works powder absolutely Pup celebrated for its great Leavening strength and Healthfulness. Assures the food against Alum and All forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. To Al baking powder co., new York we make the hardest Brick in the state. By actual test our Brick crush at 3,000 pounds to the Square Inch. This is nearly twice the strength required by a s. Government contracts. Oui soles leis Yew show ii people know o Good Iii Leo Lief see la we also make a specially of farm and Drain tile Farmers can now save the freight on tiling. Give us a Call

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