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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1897, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1897, Albert Lea, Minnesota Freeborn county times. Of. It. No. A i. Cd a a Livest Lea Minnesota Friday a Mill ii 185 7 to Elv e pages. City taxes Are lower. The times has not misrepresented it does not misrepresent it will not misrepresent. In two lengthy comparisons of the a a City a tax for this year Anda year ago the Tim is called attention to the fact that times of mar. 5th a although �2,070.47 More taxes were levied this year than last. Tile amount levied for the general expenses of the City is is 104.70 less. The increase in the taxes is due to a lower valuation of the property and 1&Quot an increase in the state Ami county and again times of mar. I i a it should he distinctly understood that the taxes raised this year for the running expenses of us City Are less than those levied in i >95,�?� now. Certain License men anxious to show How impossible it is for tis City to maintain itself without the Aid of License Money have gone about pro claiming that a taxes Are higher this year than a year ago a and that a Hie times misrepresents when it says taxes Are not but the times has never said nor does it say now that taxes Are not higher but we do say and we have proved it and will prove it again by unimpeachable figures from the auditors books that City taxes Are Lowek Tuan they were a year ago and that the finances of the City Auk in better shape to Day than they were a year ago. Everybody knows or should know that the total tax of each tax payer in the City comprises at least four separate taxes one to the stable one to the county one to the school District and one to the City. The taxes assessed by the state go into the state Treasury and Are used in defraying the expenses of the state government those assessed by the county commissioners go toward maintaining the institutions of the county the school District assesses a tax for running the Public schools and the City Council assesses a City tax to defray the expenses of the City the Levy of the state and county tax is entirely out of the control of the City Council nor does that body have anything to do with levying the school tax. The City Council merely levies the City tax. And it is the City tax alone that we have to Leal with in this License question. And what do we find we find that City taxes Ake less this year than a year ago and that the affairs of the City Aue in Hett Eli condition than they were a year ago. Last year the rate of taxation was fifteen and one half Mills this year it is but fifteen Mills. Last year the valuation of City property was it 1 91,587, this year it is but $951.594 so the actual rate of taxation for City purposes is More than one half of a Mill less than a year ago. To be More explicit the City has been assessed exactly $1,104.70 less in 1890 for City expenses than in 1895. A but a says some License Man times is nut fair for it does not take into consideration the fact that the tax was levied before the closing of the saloons nine months no we do not forget it for not Only is the City tax $1,104.70 less than a year ago but the floating indebtedness of the City has been reduced from $7,�73.39, March 31, 1890, to less than $3,100, March 31, 1897. We repeat the tax for the expenses of the City Are less this year than a year ago and the finances of the City Quot Are in better condition than they were a year ago and this in spite of the loss of the License Money. The times has not misrepresented it does not misrepresent and it will not misrepresent. Let the License Man who doubts the absolute accuracy of these figures examine the books of the auditor at the court House the financial report of the City clerk of apr. 1896, and tile recent report of the finance committee of the City Council. The following table of taxes taken from the auditor s Book. Will illustrate la. A. Paine x 15 it. Lot ? and s 9 it. Lot 3, Block a i. I >95. 1896. Valuation.$3.400.00 $3,375.00 to it Gal taxes. 124.s4 134.67 City tax. 52.70 50.55 in o. Lisping lot 3.morin�?Ts Eddita it a. Valuation.$3.ooo.oo >7,31 Loo total taxes. 132.22 93.53 City tax .55.si 35.19 a. I. Wedge lot sub. Part be a of Nely Armstrong addition. Valuation >3,000.00 $2.>12.00 total taxes .110.19 ll2.30 City tax .40.50 42.18 f. W. Kahlert a gift. Jot 3,Block 21. Valuation.$2,80o.00 >2,624.00 total taxes. 102.84 i lot City tax. 43.40 39.so report of the water works Connit tee. To the honorable City Council the committee on water works respectfully submit the following report on the condition of the water work with such suggest ii is As their inv tight ions seem to warrant. The tire hydrants having been thoroughly inspected and drained by piling shawls around the vents last fall Are with the Gates controlling them in thorough order. Some difficulty having been experienced from the meter pit at the Hur Lington Yards filling with water we suggest the desirability of the pit being dug around and the outside thoroughly cemented As soon As the condition of the ground will permit. Experiments were made with a View to ascertaining if the City pump was up to its original capacity and was kept in Good order we proceeded As follows first we pumped ten feet of water being 36.700 Gallons into the High tank requiring 1,169 Complete revolutions of the pump. Or 25 Gallons to i revolution. Next we Cut off the Well and pumped la feet of water being 12,441 Gallons from the settling tank in 502 revolutions. Being 24% Gallons to each revolution of the pump. The pump having igl Inch cylinders and is Inch stroke would give it a theoretical capacity of j4ii Gallons to each revolution tin average of the two tests above is 24% Gallons w hich allowing % of a gallon per revolution for errors caused by tanks not being absolutely round would indicate that the pump is fully up to Ltd its theoretical capacity. We pumped to feet or 12.411 Gallons from settling tank in 17 minutes and 30 seconds an average of ill Gallons per minute being at the rate of 1,023. 840 Gallons in 24 hours As the pump was rated at a million Gallons capacity this test again demonstrates that it is in perfect working order that its capacity was not overrated and that. The men who have had it in charge have been capable and careful men. After opening the Well again 2 feet. 6 a inches of water Rose in tile settling tank in 3 minutes and 54 seconds an average How of the Well of 804 Gallons per minute tit the time the How was turned on there were 5 feet of water in the settling tank consequently the rate of Flowage would be considerably increased had the tank been empty conversely As the water rises in the tank the How decreases. From Lack of suitable appliances this investigation was discontinued and the results Are not Given Here As positive deductions but merely As a starting Point for future investigations enough however was Learned to enable to determine with reasonable certainty that As Long As present atmospheric and hydrostatic conditions continue the flow of the Well will be in excess of the utmost capacity of the pump. After the water in the settling tank is reduced to feet or More the pump labors somewhat heavily so that there is a possibility of damage resulting on some occasion of extra severe demand should the rate of Flowage of the Well decrease. To obviate this the Piyne foundations should either be lowered or a compressed air pumping Plant installed to raise the w Ater higher in the tank it is probably inexpedient to lower the pump at present but in any future additions or alteration of the Plant these Points should be seriously considered. In the two years from april 1st 1895 to March 31st 1897, the few Days yet remaining in March having been estimated for we pumped 75,335,632 Gallons of water at a Cost for salaries Coal and Ordinary expenses but not including permanent improvements Wear and tear of Plant or interests on the amount invested of $3956.00 or at the rate of 5h cents per one thousand Gallons. There has been expended on waterworks account All told $63.266.41 of which amount $49,932,54 have been for permanent improvements the balance of $13,333.77 being paid for operating expenses. The receipts up to Date have been As follows for the ii Cal year of 1892 $554.27�?for i 893 $1.247.32�?for 1s94 81,573.20�?for i >95 $3,730.06�?for 1896 $4,501.00 total for All years $11.605.85, hence the of operating up to Date has been $1,727.92 in excess of All receipt. These conditions have however materially changed during the past two years for the receipts during the fiscal year i>96 just closing have been $4,501 while the operating expenses were but $7,050.61. Being an excess of receipts Over operating expenses of >7.150.39. As the Plant and extensions have been kept in Good repair always and they Are comparatively new it. Seems Safe to Call the present value of the waterworks system $50.ooo.oo, hence the excess of receipts for i>96, Over operating expenses would be equal to most 5 per cent on the Cost of the Plant. It appears from the foregoing that any Benefit which the City receives from fire Protection and any reduction made in lire insurance rates to the Community at Large have accrued without Cost to them As a whole but that same is being paid by the waterworks patrons. It would seem therefor to be Only equitable that some reduction be made on present rates to private houses and Domestic Consumers and your committee suggest that the Council take this under advisement. Your committee would further suggest that an Extension of the manner of keeping waterworks accounts be made so that each consumer will have a regular Ledger account so that at a glance it May i Quot easily determined How Many live permits Are in existence and for other reasons. We would also suggest that an account be opened As a waterworks permanent improvement fund that same be started with the present value of the Plant at $5o.ooo and hereafter As any additions Are made to this fund it be posted at once to this account so that at any time a glance will show How much Money is invested in water works. The thanks of the committee Are due to the City Engineer and the City clerk for their painstaking assistance in Cut in piling tie above. Respect fully a. G. Hrrman v. Git or , w. S. Kukus committee on waterworks. Why he is in favor of no License. Albert Lea mar. 29th, i>96. Editor of times a the Issue is before us As to License or in License again this Spring and after watching the effects of no License Blithe past nine months especially on myself and family and at least fifty other families that i could name of which the husbands were habitual drinkers i will take the history of my life which will be a fair Sample of others. About the time i was Twenty one years old i enlisted before that i had never spent any Money for liquor. When we got to t he front Uncle Sam used to Deal rations of whiskey to the boys and of course we drank it for our health. Then was the time i formed the habit of drink. After the War was Over and we old soldiers settled Down to private life some on the farm and some in other callings of life we would occasionally meet and Tell some of the hair breadth escapes while fighting for tin old Flag and some one of us would remind the others How he used to get his canteen filled with commissary whiskey and thinking of those old times we would get terrible dry and for old times Sake we would adjourn to some place where they kept the stuff and we would take a drink and Tell a Story and then another drink until we got More inside than we could carry. I was not an every Day Drinker until 1883. I will take up my personal doings for the last Twenty two years. In november 1875 i came to town to live during the Winter of 1875-76. I taught school in the Ruble District. In the Spring i went to work for or. Batch elder in the auditor s office As Deputy. I worked about three years As Deputy auditor and then served two terms As county auditor. During that time there were very few men in the county who had More friends than i had. When i left the office i went to farming and engaged in the milk business and also started in to see if i could not drink up All the whiskey and Beer that came to town. I worked faithfully at it for Over twelve years. Result. First a i squandered All i earned. Honest made clothing for men at Ivle the big four clothing store. You cannot tear a suit or an overcoat apart to find out whether it is going to Wear Well. Clothes like shoes must be worn to test that and we sell clothes that will stand the test of service right in style and weave Best fitting and much the cheapest to buy. It costs absolutely nothing to see them. The Lanpher hat a let us a a suite you. Is the latest have you seen them in our window tip i be big clothiers Gage Hayden amp co. Us in Miri of of ass if Jijo a a k a sice log a or i in a o it 6 olt it i pc a a a a Subj sit of a i lost Ray credit and the respect of my family and everybody else even the Saloon keepers. Now we have had no License for the past nine months Ami during that time i have not been under the influence of drink i have tried to Boa Man i have attended to business and i have paid up Over $600 in debts that were made when i was trying to get a Cornel on whiskey. Now my Friend. I shall vote for no License for i am afraid that if License were voted in and the saloons were opened i would not be Able to resist. I would ask the Good citizens of Albert Lea w to do not and have no Deal re to do you think that by voting a a yes on the License question your gain from one to three dollars in taxes would be recompense enough for the misery you would cause to say seventy five families to say nothing of the Farmers families outside the City my Friend have you not some bad habit you have formed that has almost made a slave of you of you should come to me As i did to a business Man yesterday and say. A emr. Slocum i have quit my bad habit thanks to no License but the desire and Appet Ite i have yet will you please vote for no License this year and after that i think i can control myself and let it alone a but or Slocum says to himself a i think that with License my Trade will be a Little better and i will save a Dollar or two in taxes a and thinking of this or. Slocum says to you a poor fool the place for you is in the Asylum a but you and or. Slocum have been life friends done to you think that i would be a Little hard on you when simply by my vote i could save you. Hut anyway to increase my wealth even though it brought misery to one fourth of the citizens of our Beautiful City. I have squandered at least $10,000 in the Saloon while i was under the influence of liquor in the last thirteen years. My friends is it time i called a halt i think so. I do not think there can be any Law passed that will Ever be Strong enough to entirely prohibit the use of liquor for Man is Only a child grown tall and you Tell him he shall not do certain things and too often he w ill do the opposite. There is Only one Way to effectually Stop the traffic and that is to educate the people so they will let it alone. The fair store has some splendid bargains to Otter you this week on All our Granite Ware to Chinn goods 20 per cent. Discount. Easter novelties easter dyes. Choice family groceries constantly on hand. Squier amp Strayer. See our ? cent bargain tree. Hut no License relieves the Drinker from the Ever present temptation of the open Saloon with it treating and the use of liquor is greatly decreased. Money and time once squandered in drink Are now saved for the Workingman a Home and family. L q. Stocum. All Ideal summer trip. To Toronto the Canadian City of scholarship the a Queen City of the lakes. The greatest universities of the do minion Are located there As Well As one of the largest auditoriums on the continent. Thousands Are now preparing to visit Thi famous City. On july 15-ls, a the it Edar rapids route will offer a one fare rate for the round trip and full particulars can be obtained from any in. In a a agent or by addressing j. Morton in v. A t. A., Cedar rapids. Iowa. Powder absolutely pure celebrated for its great Leavening strength and Healthfulness. Assures the food against Alum and All forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. Royal baking powder co., new York stands at the head. Aug. J. Doge i the leading druggist of Shreveport la., says a Cdr. King s new discovery is the Only thing that cures my cough and it is the Best seller i j. Of Campbell merchant of Safford ari/., writes a Cdr. King s new discovery is All that is claimed Lor it it never fails and is a sure cure for consumption coughs and colds. I cannot say enough for its or. King s new discovery for contraption coughs and colds is not an Experiment. It has been tried for a Quarter of a Century and today stands at the head. It never disappoints. Free trial bottles at any drug store

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