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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - September 28, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotamm TUE IREEBORN mm ST WDARi). PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY. forms, Per Tear, Iii Adv-nee, $2 00 RATES OF ADVERTISING. h I III im annoji who th for dit *. <4, • * ** Ev*»n with our Another rf IHI 'frill.' lur! ;; troll*! IO Visit* ..•-no.— moi «.»* vt*uy much' ! uj [,e i;tturrupied Hy iiisf wife.-mc to ;*-k hit* what ho wanted1 til | I ff j ‘J iv 4 w <) III \1L 1    inch    1.0 '•    1.50    2 50    4.50 2    inch    1.75    2.50    3.50    O OO    8.50    13.50 3    inch’    2.50,    •».«>0    o Kl    <.00    0.00    16.50 4    iaoh    3.i5j    4.501    5.50    10.00}16.00[20 00 a    inch'    4. > )■    5.50    62 5    12.00 18.00 25.00 I    cal    4 5 )    5 25    7.00    14.OO    22 Ow<10.00 A    oot !    0.5 )    S..5 ) I J.Oil    22.00    30.00    50.00 T col IO.0 ) 12.00 18-0 > 20.00 50 OO 90.00 OFFICERS OK FREEBORN I DENTY VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1876. UfCXTY Co l MISSIONKRS I ll. G. Emmons. Wa. C. Lincoln. James Th<*roson. J Aine* ll. (i ozleo. Ole Hanson. T « KASK URR—1 'ii a rl( s Kit! el son. Aum to u—S. Hat uh el I e r Ria IST Kit ok Deeds— August Peterson. Si ii k n i pf—T. J. Sheehan. Deputy Sukkikf — Jacob Larson. Clkre of Cou'at—V. W. White. PkOBVTK .ll DOK —1< llb©rt I »Itll) r.Tll'l soil. SCHOOL, S U RRR I NT E N DK VT — ll. lllUTStOU. Corntt Subsktor—IVin. ti. Kcllar. Coroner —.1 F rosining. Co TRT Commis sio n k r—ll. IP Spicer. ut. DU. A. II. STREET, —I r<    ° OFFICE, OVER TUE DRUG STORE, Rout h of Post Office. Albert Lea. Minnesota. OS. OZ M. CRANDALL, X3 353 INT TIS '□P. Office over A. E. Johnson s store, Broad-vf»y, Albert Leu ~ Bab*, DDS    H.    A.    Avery. IO 3ZSJST TISTIIY, Ti A.B3    -25-    "77“    EBY, JfcMidatti Dentists -Jia-R tils Block, Austin REBERT LEA, -    -    -    Branch    Office, Mmh ysicians. SS. M. 333US, IV!. D., IV s swrn REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town iii this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IP' you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IP1 yeti have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OCR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining aud perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABS I RA* IS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. Si a ct/ JP Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn. April 25, 1870. MSoois anti Shoes. TST HD-VST Boot & Shoe Store. O. I". A: A. Ii Nelson Have just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. Cl STOM Ii MIF. WORL Four or five workmen will be constantly em pl eyed, and orders for New Goods or for Repairs will be filled, ch rap aud on the shortest notice Broadway west side, Albert Lea, Minn. 8tf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. Hankers. H. D. Brown, I). It. P. Hum*. H. D. BROWN & CO.’S IT 1 Jilin a ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA A GENERAL RANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. H. 0. BROWN A CO. BANKERS. i REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Bauk. Au-tiu. li-t Nat. Batik, St. Paul. 3d Nat. Bauk, Chica*; ». -Atii Nut. Bauk, New V'-rk. 34tf    _ THE FII EE BOH \ POI ATV BHK, Tim*. II. A It JI ST ItO.Nt;, Hanker. ALBERT LEA. - MINN. I AA OLIS TANG, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. 13 * ll Af A i OIS re and Residence ny Staffs over the Post Oftca. ALBERT LEV. - - MIN N Shop on Clark street, north and oppose of Wedge A Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. !> ( * l?ov%lnti<i AS, 1> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN APID SURGEON T i' L V KE ti TV. MINN.,    I    - Will treat 0! ■*■- 1 *- •* t > which mankind t    Repairing done    to    order,    cheap    and    on ’in pub lf ct, t<» ii,* best o! hi< ability. Dr. , <hor» notice,    (ii'-a him a    call. Rowland has ma ie a    .By    of    diseases    ut    *    ,‘!7tf    Albert Lea. Minn. omen ired Children, aud chronie di*ea$es J M long standing. By Iriig experience aud J 0    p Hanson.    I.    J.    Paulso*. ST,ll1,': 5-.| Hanson a PAULSON, treated with I    1 j.    j    0    J    Manufacturer*    of X3oo*t» cl* Snocs, •r    a    .    w    ,All -v irk warm ut od t give -atisfactieu aud dent* Est! Wj/ers as Ms a n.%    to    arder    nr    i    .-    i*    n«ar<«.i.    I Broad- EP ray Hines. \v i n a Si i lov irs EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any n\ I :tE jobs allen Ie J D*on first call, and w lr ran i cl t» give satisfaction. Leave orders on tile Slate at A. E. Johnson" s stoic. Albert Lea, Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Ss,unsoii<ul W «uxl ! Orders left on 'lie slate at J. W. Smith s promptly e'tet lr I to. A. II. Stir irk.    (I.    IL    IS.% BKiTT. SQI IKR 6c BABBITT. City EXPRESS & DRAY line. Deals in Ii VCI* and SOFT COAL. AIwo Season* I VV ood. WITH HEU EYES OPEN. I was standing on Buthergleu bridge, looking down into tile Clyde, and thinking of unhappy Mary Stuart, who, on that very spot, turned in her saddle and fired upon her rebellious, pursuing sub jects My mind was full of the dramatic situation, and its romantic antecedents, when I heard a voice passing me say : *“ Wed, wed. lad ! lf ye think money the one thing needful, tak yer ain gate. Bessie is a bonnie lassie She'll easy find them as think so to ” I did not need to turn my head ; I knew the speaker well enough, and though the words of his companion did not reach me, I knew. too, their quick incisive tone*. Here was old David Gillespie, who had saved a little money ] bv hard work and hard economy, urg-• ing his only child to marry the penniless daughter of an old friend. And Dr James Gillespie, aged twenty six. arguing in favor of Jean Cat heart** “house and siller’ versus Bessie Lang’s I pretty face. I Two years ago he had found it very pleasant to love Be.--ie Lang ; to-d iv he could not help comparing her homely drest* with Jenny’s rich attire ; and her humble occupation with the heiresses’ position, as mistress!’ an elegant home and £30,000. James needed money Ile had tastes ; in wines, dress, and < \ t v other luxury, j far beyond Iii* nn ans. aud cared iii re ; to be thought a fine gentleman and an I elegant fellow, than a clever physio an | and an honest man — facts of which ; Jean Cathcart was ignorant I might Ii ave sp ken t< Juan ab* ut these matters.for i f-ar months previously we hid been S ll od rn aft s ; 1 nt I** r advent in o S'*ciefy ba i lift: i !, r be v- lid my ordinary sympathies Yet when spring came and I knew she woald re turn to her pretty country h one, I went to bid b* r g***>.i-b\ Dr 111;; 'pie \\ - 'caving the drawing room as I entered it ; at. I there u*> something iti b th Iii*' and J •au’" fii*«-wbicli led me to Ii it that I had made a vary mal ipicp. visit Jean watched t !*c <1« et. r far down lift run uh me nt was the first system They retired to Cathcart, and Dr Janes professed to commence practice in the village. But old habits and old obligations were too strong for him. Ile was oppressed with debts of which Jean knew nothing, and which lie could only hope *o meet by continuing his operations on the turf. But poverty has its peculiar atmosphere Men in some occult but certain way divined that J. tm cs Gillespie was “ hard up.’’ and the instinct of humanity is lo prey upon this condition Things rapidly became worse, and al tbou'_ii Jean had been expecting this. it gave her a sickening shock when. for the fir'? time, she wanted money to buy clothing and could not get it— wanted to pay bills and lier pnr.se was empty So accustomed had she been for years to go to a certain drawer in her cabinet I<jr cash, that she still kepf going, unable to peranad* herself that it contd possibly be empty. In these gradually darkening days -he had, however, fw > great comforts James began to be thoroughly weary of what he had hitherto called life’—bugan to see through th-; hollowness of friendships founded on interest, and to have dark, sorrowful hoars of regret for his wetted veer* and abilities ; and James lath* r, who had withdrawn in silent pride and indignation fr*>^ their extravagant home, now begari to conie frequently to Cathcart, to hee Jean and lits I i 11 Ie granddaughter True, he tiuo d these visits so as t-. avid I James, but it was quite plain that James* wife had Completely* w ti his heart “She’s* wonderful ItrGe woman. yon. .. ii, mu lh woald say. with a It was about this time that the old d >ctor said; *• James, when is your wife coming to you ? '    “ Next week, sir J sue has sold Cath- e.rt. paid every penny I owe. and ha> about s.sty pounds to the fore ” *• And you are gann to hue term, r on that, like twa voug fro Is, < Ii ? ” “ I have rented a small * ti it.’ and we are going to furnish it with the six tv pounds, and live upon what you pa) mc ” “ \ «oi needna h ive told me th it,m in — I feel obligated now to double your j salary.** James smiled and said:    “Thank you. Doctor.” While Jean lived in her “small fat-,*’ j I went to see lier ; and it was a vet \ pleasant sight. Sim had grown into a positively handsome woman, and hoi clever husband fairly idoliz d lier an i the children i Whether Dr Kmnaird thought the I discipline nee* seary or not. I cannot say J but he kept James in th * mu." p siti <n for nearly tw * years There was another -m bv this time ; it wa- to be called “ David/’after its grandfather and old David Gillespie wa9 coming to the baptism, which wast** be celebrated at the New Year’® festival. Jean was a little troubled how to ar I nnge things in her small roil.', but > even while st->od in one of her wise. considering mo o!-. Dr Kinnaird sent her a lefter, saying rh *r ** he had fur ' tii*bed a little house of bis to suit his hifii«elf, arid would Mrs Gillespie J please accept the eire of it fur five years—the runt was to Le a * up ut' tea w I * never he chose to come f >r it " NUMBER 39 present occasion, to puf ii it! my i >ck ct I f* it a good deal n rv us on af- proaohing the cabin where Jim w is stipp*used to lie intrenched, and more so still as I knocked on the d > r No response came and I knocked again Still no answer I tried the latch, it Was fast (tied. It Wa' plain that Jim we ih-etit I bist no time in tacking the copy on the door. which I knew was le-*-ral service; after which I hurried aw iv, no! a little relieved in mind. A few hours afterwards on entering the apartment of the village tavern, which served f<»r office bar room, and part >r, I saw Jim Brawley standing at the counter, talking excitedly to a er *wd b<* was in the act o' treating Hello!—yon!*' be accosted toe. “ come up an’ tuk * a nip like a man arter which I’ve tot a Couple o’ w »rd; to say to "ay to you about riiat th ar | lv*n Jocuuicnt V"U ve been and nailed t o idv d r” lh way I let tiff alone!-” impa^ id the squire ss d* 'air-o) the maw Until 8^*- tcr diiinef time The squire wu.f a gen-* cr >ur ] r >vi b r. pr-oid bis fable, atub he compl »C‘%nr i v »--« rt-d b s friend t*i* i sui*. A tittle tf» the sou prise of both' they 'iw nothing on the board, but as hug ■    d***b of —iYA. vln*li the goocl wife began to dish up “ Mv dear.” said the squirt ” where* said the1 • NU r poverty ? J r m’s fa vol file nil v. wai >V an Hat ion t > (In of which he w«*uld take no refusal “ I do not wish to drink,** I ss quietly. “ By jingo, you shall drink.” rom Jon. pouring out a g!a-s f whisky i apf r aching me with it in his h iud. I repeated my refusal * Kf ) -»u don’t swaller every d. >j! tis i*.' answered J im, 111 sling it yer Lee ** I tori de no r-e, rn ade a mot'n n as threat. I knocked up his hand the liquor was dashed in hts fae** Iii an instant his land was in I and the ruff! i t » *-x tate I. nu when any one s P to him mr J The n* xt <i »y he *L*i>ped d> w I kne w V. it w The cen, ralm.'v end which all hid fire-an I which Juan had an f It wa rain ! ■ came al it<g *1 iv. wb iwa. an • r •ii thi tlie street, ut. I tis i i* r * * a chair, with said : *' I sh a I ; i v t hr r»* It sl.rh Ii* tie **nt*; souk* whist! 11 su-'UIS J >ut t nm* [aal dear for my whistle n it is a very hand'd heard all about I exclaim^}: »vc these things. w J iti ii one raw sp r« *1 steadily -*r ' k* i a- if the *u’» w mbl never k again. JaUM's had been away I w***'L, and Jean wi- walking up ut parlor with her second rms >?ie Heard the gar-hut with a * lash. an I then plashed, leafless avenue came with hi* head bent be rn* itl j-"-■    •    ••    >”    • *i»e you ii i v. hundred a v**ar v ti down the si, baby iii her der,'gal** sh up the '    !e^p» SU'OC^ Oils r»rf it ii J -ae- * a1 Orders left on the slate at Lim i att en led to at once in Eros. w an«l tapped • answered : ti a. 8 TACY.    '•    '    Y    TvREB. STACY It TYRER,    . Itorney - at iou. '• mm . - Puldi*, Real Mu!'N. Estate iii' I > ' I -eting Vgents. (’ON N EY VN( I NG nil kin I - lubni, at >iy done. ackn.Fwledg-mrnts taken <v st I ministered. \c ’.iii. iii;’-.- in v **o i gut e>l, La leis hour it ani - •• J. I *:i v i icular alteui ion paid io cot en ion. Corner Claik and N -w nu Sis., Albert Lea uhv aud Williame siri < t«, Alii 11 L^a, Mina. J. TRUESDELL, MINNESOTA DEALE!! IN BOOTS & John A. J.oykly.    James    II.    Ponkku LOVELY & PARKER, Hi' Stock of iii" Goods rfo III .VI’ I IJK NUV* .vt I.A W. Jjrlurtu J. GSice ii Hew!’Cs Block, up stnirs 1st door. ..iv TRADE WILL BE FLM NL) COMPLETE, "    '    "I    ALL    OF    WHICH    WILL    RESOLD • fHH inert/. hrs. john staoe, is receiving the Largest and Best SSK LEETED 8T< »CK OF MILLINERS* GOODS, EVF I! BR* HG IIT INTO THIS MARKET. 'I niiSFi ii WK LEEN PC I!* ’lf WED ES Pie I ALLY TO MEET THE WANTS OF Spring a Summer Trade Which » ill be i*ol I cheaper than ever before HIGHEST PRICE PUD FOR HUMAN HAIK, and Gents’ Chams lr* in tmnte made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all oilier work in that line. j. i 111 Ii J!’'* *i Jean, \> I in. love bim tor hit w J. IVC n will albert lea. All of the very HEaASJAggR. vmy CHEApJ LATKST glTI.K,, I. A. > o S OI; ^ A IL. IG !    ’ ( JLA A 1 I > I ^11 LLS • / LAERT EE V; -    -    MINN. * In view ot the depression in the Grain _______    I    Market.    16t IRA A. TOWNE,    —— .......... ATK)! J A IG \ AT LAW - - MINN. OF. SHELL ROCK, Hotel*. HALL W. G FOST KR, Proprietor. Albert Lea,, - - Minn. '\t%7 o Jo :;'3 O X* jOC r> AX Si o This lintel having recently been eom-pletelv relined an i furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS lo nil guests md travelers. Good stabling and attentive groom*. Commodious sample room' connected with toe jiremises Cr. A. Ilauge Having honghi the old and favorite stand of A 0 Ilimebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of -AND-IIORSP’-SHOEIN Ci Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Ijea.    45tf iJieai •Markets. A. II. M MILLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER KIEAT-MARKET I On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. ML I LINE RY! ig trip inter, ani house in ’ > OD’BC V -•u *1 have vc They hey k**pt rr of fine s r.i-fe for od Jem’s lr i sh me nt it Several AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST AT MRS. RICHARDS’ OLD STAND. Corner Broadway ami William 'treet. S*h olograph s. GT. JIL. fuller’s PHOTOQRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    - MINN WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. Jjjg^Cash paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., &e. j TRY HIM ! GOOD NEWS! If you want to buy good FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, where you will always find the best quality ever offered for sale in this Market, anil at the LOWEST PRICE, My motto is G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’S StorE 37tf Albert Lea, Minn., Sept. IC, 1875 TRE PARKER CUK. JOHN WI. MARTY, SI RYF.VAR WH I IYH ENGINEER, ALBERT LEA, MINN. TO LIVE call and be convinced. LET LIVE! Leave orders with Stacy & Tvrer. SENERAL MERCHANDISE ! OT. I?. J ones if Geneva, has purchased, and will make MdtCions to the stock formerly owned by rf. S Buxton. Har^ainH can bo Scoured J. F. J ON ES, Geneva, Mimu MANSE Ll BU ART PHEE TO AKL who will return the books promptly. First door south of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea, A EIG OFFER. A farm of 320 acres,—20*t acres under the plow, an<l ready for seeding; 27 acres* of thrifty young growing timber, besides one mile of willow along the line Good house, granary to bold 2.000 bus! els, stabling for 50 head of stock, fine we,i of pure water, <Vc. Land in Alden. All to be sold for about w hat the wild land w-ould cost. Inquire of D. G. PARKER, Albert Lea, Minn. Or of M. CHEESEBROUGH, Alden, Mina. SEND STAMP FOR CIRCULAR PARKER BROS WEST MERIDEN,CT. Poland-China Pigs. The undersign im] has ready for delivery, pigs of pure blood, of this most dtsirable breed of hogg, raised from imported stock. Also, cross with the Chester White, very desirable for making pork. T. WILEY, Farmer. Hayward, Minn., Ii miles north east from Shell Rock, P. P. Address Shell Rock    19    tf I^OR SALE—Lire Scholarship in the J. Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of this institution. The scholarship will be sold on favorable terms. Apply to    L    BOTSFORD. “ Do you I [jean?** She Walked*!! th* w ind the ilia.-*' flu*!M."ive!V. C ** Ye>, I believe them “ And . u are po ti «.* » i*»a*-r\ “ I ain gum*; in in;trr v him bim. and be needs ne I It wth n y whole life an i my wh , tune I hive him. with mv vy« to ail hi*, faults I have no v i for marrying a stint I *• But if iii I can not you s I lead VUU f ” j “ I see that the] ; me into s Trow— j j I have counted the I to pay it ” I And Jean per** ; thin IVop e sal tat unled, wickedly pines* a kind l'r«o her. Her u acle I friend* advised, bi of J une ihere w i St M siy*!*. iiui IU went t < Paris for th* ii wed Iii They returned for the « kept. during it Hie invest Glasgow O ’ .J 0 t ’ iihcar I flowed in a til inn* r which v killed him, ii he h i been i! grave extravagant dinners * I many servants, they drove a p i horses, the doctor in*lulled hi I fine dress to th** uttermost*, i ! Parisian wardrobe vt ,*• in ast" It was at this time I sp*-: weeks with them, during w ch Jean afforded me a study of which I never wearied Below ;>!! her recklessness I could perceive a deep purport—an object which I was quite sure 'he rated higher than anv amount of social consideration or wealth (>ne thing was clearly evident — that however far James’ love had been simulated at the time of their marriage* be was now honestly and passionately i:i love with the little, dr.rk woman he ’ a1 won; and she grew really beautiful in his consciousness. though, it was evident to me, the gay life which she was leading was very distasteful to her’. One night, just be for * the parlors were lit, T went up to her room. She was dressed for dinner, and was sitting before the low grate, half-stooping to wards the blaze at which she warmed her jeweled hands There was such a weary, pathatic look on her face that I involuntarily said : “ Jean are you sick ? ” She sighed heavily, and answered slowly, dropping the words one by one: “No, love, I am only tired I wonder how long this is to last ? ’* “ But why not give it up, and go bauk to Cathcart ? Live aa you like to live.” “ I am not living for myself. Edith I want James to sue the heighth and depth, the length and breadth of his ambition ; hp must carry info a new life no shadowy hopes and excuses I think T ain doing him the greatest pus si hie kindness — some day, I hope, he will see it ; d^* not speak more about him at present.” The next autumn I mot the Oiliest pies at a fashionable watering-place, and then, for the first time, I noticed a vague, rustles- doubt about Jean, which gave a strange, eager, questioning character to hor face and manners. I did not understand it then, but towards Christmas Jean had a little daughter, and then T could read what before was dirk. Evidently with the dawn of motherhood, bad come a perception of duties that might conflict with her other plans and turn her sacrifice into a ruin. The little Grace had claims now, as well as James, and it was pitiful to watch the struggles and efforts of tho mother to meet both. James ti t >rc the storm th«*t raged within aud witll ut him Jean wale lied la i in a moment, and then frat composedly down “ N IW it i?» here. site said “ G Kid heart, b** brave and k; ®l ! She rang for the curse, gave tin child to lier care, and waited. In >’ hi wa.- rig! a * V to *gr h w moments .J (I timid);, at h t him w long on —an air i •“en Ii -iii its ill Ire to m nick I Jean ive bi -Cfi *■» a -min-.! * face si of decision* s walk, VI I i i i** i ti elegant rad. ” he sa' ‘ n a f< (’an entered nd then f« r there I    *    *    *    * lie limey intl id th a it the d -eering•. and, amid surgical directions acd r\menfs. he plait* I out :    ***-* *• Y * i re an extravagant couple, you an I that dn.-kv little wife cf your**—-I -ok at that art ry—carry ing "ach a J    rn    ■ w i- • over y *u tw t dimple he»I cir a lift Ie deeper—I’ll hi ti hoags agst wi!! to keep it up—u-e your circular saw, ma i— it ii be five hundred out o’ my pocket ** ** Th a ok you doctor ” ** Oh. it j* easy said, is ‘Thank v »u. doctor l but if yea ii k**ep out *o d-.bt auo sin. I dinn* care.” “ I don’t owe a penny, sir ” “ T'.ii ti. sir, you are on the highway IU fortune J dinna put a drug under your feel—debt is worse that a ball and chain to a working man Th* good doctor’s words proved true; th*, r*- is not to-d ty a u»« re skillful surgeon than james Gillespie. A f< w I »rg"*r aud hand-* nier * Cathcart ” i-th«- ha- of Jean and her tw*are fine wins and d righters and her £30,U00 has e one bauk to ber w ith n hie intercut and I *ving thanks mg. an is r ,o quick for him. My pistol uj awn, cor ked and leveled before I u'-l withdraw his hand His e\ A I ... ,u .    ,u NY1, it in Hip mime off The ie get a bl es. then Why (J m’t you h r them brought i i • 9 “ Y*u dr I n’t order any “ Or l r ! I didn't order anything said tis** amazed f qui re “ You forgot, cooly answered the* h u-e-w.Ic **I a-seri w’llat y*ou sHoii'dl have, an-l you said ‘ lettuce alone/ Here it is” The friend burst into a laugh, and’* the squire, after looking lugubrious fwr a moment, joined in “ Wife. I give it up I owe you one1 II* re’s that fifty dollars you wanted tor that carpet which I denied ) «u* I bf squire t rked over. “Now let as Have’ p* ace and some dinner.” The g >od w -man pocketed the mon* € v. rung the bel*, arid a sumptm ut r*-r : i-t O' f.-h. poultry, and vegetal.us was V f w days afterwars the squire r««-mained w rking in the garden later' than the u-ual tea hour. ll s wife* grew impatient of delay, and w* ut to* find him Ilia excuse, when asked whatf* lie was waiting for,threw her into a Aul-* ter of excitement. ffj)W ** F me < rte s to come to supper . She ex elal rued. “Why didn't you' ted -ii ? I deed arn you are the pro-- t*    A tf .....-    ft vokingest of men And without asking which of his' friend-was expected, abo hastened to-•} mg© t dress and slick up her hair ft r the *’CC i-i< ri This done, she came f Kid rh** squire seated at th© >er. M rn w.-rJK — 9*9 your patly ; inv I I haven’t env coni j m ilieu. I saw til *t the man a wa* a coward, and that I had only pres, rye my coolness He had slain ; Pany his victims, hitherto, by getting the *’ I*' start, which he was very expert iii do- I body t tug This time he had been baffl-d j n*o' » He stood with bi# band ii _ w    ^    _ J j \ ou asked me what I w ,r. I I said --uiiin * os I come V s ij it~t dr ut 'y fear i og t«# draw it <»ot. Ie mid fire at the first movement. • II—Old On Sf.«,„>r»” hr fait* feat a ri»« rk*»L» ; IU Mv d Ii. .a , a -aid you expected aotnc--npper.” exc aimed the iudijjw" ‘Mph thinif w .im*' for. T *1 rn r j Hirer . no qtiiTtrtng. fair sleddin. You’ve cot th d -t I was waiting f r, and I P TI toe. Fit fair. an’ I’m yer man.” “ I ii fight you fair.” I said, deter-ned to show his cowardice to the Mom “ 'V all, what d’ye call fair ? ’’ he ted. “ f OTT .Dr c, J answer! I on this t.-1-e : ne' *• let each lay ie standing on he w able. or r Pm n lid tha word is given, then o sicze and fire.” 11; it u u’J he dehb’rate murder a to touch h is cf “ And }-■*; have made me go and1 change or* dre.-"! Oh. I’ll pay y*»u for* this ” • No cia’ter about it. my dear; i- owed you for that lettuce.” Blain Talk. I hate known whiskey to make a man' yener us. foil as so* n as Le g**t> a>bvr again he would go* square with himself by being meaner than ever. ' Ore WK, the u- ii:e- are like bird*, they ut **f ) ?ur hands it’yuan give air* A Murderer’s Fate I imp tu<*us-I, but I am v*u I argive tavern A tore. a!* jr ii Deed. J.in,ie dear, therea i loving woman lik* 9 -ae uiu©red in h< rr intend ■an w - ant to I fall into thebu wa- fi. »lish, in- rn »cuUr * lien much in *vcin*lr-.- of th** hut - “ We are atte i v ru ns iI t rice h . I st cur. i *• Nut by rn go o,i deal, Jamre ut oust 1 ,*! cd. her J “ Even Caille art is tuortgain the b “ginning •* Let it go ” a fine wed ling hi If we se I it a md pay a1! Iand Mrs ti tilespM in t I. ive 4!.*»t) naught I ” for orcssivc Ft • arr (b.L ■ w it I d Blae market irs ag* me * grc I,., in. a- n in I owe, you I have >ti! ! »rger fortune thau that which we have spent ** () I Jean, wife. where ? “ In your brain, and heart, and hands Do yon remember, when we were first marrted. taking me to sec ) aucold t UU*- her, D Rimland.* f E 11 ti -burgh and what he said I ’ *• I thought In* was very impudent ?” *• He said these word.**, James I have never forget them :    * Ytio’ve made a fool and a fop of yours©!’, lad die, in marrying siller—you th:*t might ha© been the first surgeon i’ the whole laud And, James, the word- hurt me so I went to see the goad man, and he told me plainly:    ‘ Madam, your hus band i." a fool at present, but he is a born surgeon, for a’ that; but he’ll do naught—he ll do naught while the siller lasts. When he hasn’t a bawbee. my woman, send him to mc—send him to mc.* ” “ And so. Jean, you want me to go to Dr Kinnaird ? “ Yen, my hu-band. go, and do whatever he tells you We .-.hall have to be poor for a little while, Jamie, but we shall be happier than we have ever I    * 9 been. Out of this conversation much grew. Jean was a practice little body; she made clear notes of every debt owing, and then gave orders to her lawyer to put Cathcart immediately in the market “ I wonder,” said James, when he saw the grim sum total—“ I wonder if Cathcart will pay it.” “ Not more, James, therefore the sooner you begin work the butter. Have you enough to take yon to Edinburgh?” *• I have nearly a sovereign.” ‘ You must make it do W e will ask no one—not even father—to help us We will find ground for our feet arid stand uppn it ” So next evening James Gillespie was sitting in Dr. Kiunairu’s pallor,talking to him. “ Have’you got rid o’thesiller.man?” “ Yes, Doctor ” “ Every bawbee ? ” “ I have about five shillings.” *• Well you may keep that to buy your aitmeal wi’ for a week. If you come as mv assistant you I! begin at twenty shillings a week—paid when you’ve earned them—-and I ii raise the wages as I see you come to it.” To be Dr. Kinnaird’s assistant at any price was hope enough For any young surgeon, although the office was one of constant wear upon the physique and feelings. Very soon the dormant passion of the born surgeon became the master passion. In two months James Gillespie would have followed John Kinnaird for love I brough all the hospitals of Europe. 1 a sh .*. tv wind ’n it tobeek to eit!] an * ffieeThere b* ing n*> othr-'uit of thirty or finll naif I I A Ilk ) I to rnv> elf. IW WJks f bere in theory,J{Ii* 13 t in pr 1 ictiee:tk I ti leir ow n ui-r *i*tVlien iii :.po«d of tiltLl. ving vt •ry liltir.-uir ju My d : ice. “ A a J SWU IIit bout alt rue? ii »_* a cl* * ds village cabins, a fag c- ry, and u > ntttd there rate Stock v it enough t -ut up shi p ’ confider;* bf • A man wb© h - of I h»»“ j ought not 11 i f. I said sneeringly. J ~i—goes* 1 11 send a I f -morrow to arrange the iu*. ’ .'taoimered Jim, sneak *i the jeer;' of those r rt*e Th W, chance inest an I, est way to corfii ,s to agree with him. are .1. Tidenl d ti II ar* i M r rty To i I h re was gone, hi i i that night heI it. He was seen no more in(immunity. Th e ejectment caseby dvfkult, the rightful ownerr assumed p --es sion long beforee than five ye: irs afterwards. Ica-ion to take 1 laseage *>n a M’--int many ut river was si , ai. I respect th soon uh rn we .nden t. NY hat a man gets in this w r’J- for n< thing he is very ant to v*lne at inst what it cost him. luting man. the vforid may possibly th *nk I es- ct yon than you do of your-self, but they certainly won t think-more of you. Most people travel to see, and Le seen but ftw trave! to learn. The man wh > is reckless of hi - Md* 2 ,J *1‘ y fields it at about its maiket wa* M very rM Iv I Ju lgt isMj pi steamer, at a \ fr in Bordcrdale Th leu by a freshet, and there was no safe v landing place A man offered to tate    „    f-----f- me *>ut in his can -*:, with a light to ^u* •*r' ~ iQ l^je Paddle, and I gtie's he hail the boat. a plan often re * rfed to ! Every man thinks he is the principal USI- the -n such oeca>i ns I accept* d the -. fft-r. , and paid the price deman*led I lie sa ft It thing that I can d** is to hold my tongue: I have learned this f. was cl able, i On* -tat *1. w He ha ter— c:i r x rn th no it My legal wa-growing Uiiwty, and th* re inger r*f its getting unmuruhanf-f t“ist**mers didn t come soon. appeared at I i-t—a plain h«*n- -t g -et Her. wb'tse car>e, br i this : Presently we heard the puffin*' of by hearing other folks talk the -reamer, wh?n we sprang int" th - '    The consummation of ail villainy is can«>e, which he rapidly paddled out *    ^    begin* its career by chratiii! into the stream. I carr vine ti V\ u h id nearly light. ■I the middle a, of the river, when my cc -;•*}*[. d, and laving down lo k> d steadily at me. non I bought and paid for a qu n of land. for which he hi r- Id a »* cerumen! patent. Neat a fine spring t f water on it. he had built a cabin for his family, whom he had left behind at the old home until he should have the new one ready. NY bile he was gone to bring them,which required a journ y of some weeks, Jim Brawley, a lawless character, who claimed. by squaller tittie, an adjacent tract. whose boundaries fluctuated with the changes of his fancy, taking advantage of my cli* nt's absence, entered on his premises, and fenced off a parti in, including the house and spring, whereof Jim now kept forcible possession \ er don’t seem ter know me, stranger,” he remarked. I he light shone full in his face. it w: > savage and brutal to the last degree NS here had I seen it before ? rn** folks, and ends up by getting tat by everybody. _r  NVe are too apt to look upon the mis his paddle f«'rt«nc- * f cur Beighb r- as judgment* lr in Heaven, just as th ugh a sonnet cochin I be corrected any other way than bv turning up his barn with 8 stroke of lightning. One of the kind st things that God for man is to make them de • v    a wa- u aa* lie tut v - Like a flush the recollection came It pendent Upon each other was Jim Brawley.    f    Flattery is the basest of’ passion' ;    it« “ I ve got the draw un you thi-    rf’r*‘ object is to benefit itself at tin time:    the wretch exclaimed, w.ih a expense of another i/earn of triumph in his eyes, as bt*    Firs* comes virtue, then cornel | druw his pistol and leveled it at nr, knowledge, th- n comes energy—thcs< breast    i    are the three king pins of human    ex ’I he torch fell frtfm mv hand    and    was    ;    adience. , extingoished in the watur.    j    Tube thorough!* euuciited' a mat Nevermind.” he sneered;    M    I    can    j    must know himself, and no man    ha; see to shoot yur in the dark ’ live I long en .ugh for that yet I d my client What shall asked •* Pitch the rascal out, n“ck and heel'.” I would have answered, had the intruder b?on another than Jim Brawley But Jim * Brawley was the terror of the settlement. He had killed three mon in quarrels provoked by himself, and had been acquitted, each rim*?, on the ground of self defense. His tactics were to taunt his adversary into some aggressive movement, and then to whip out his pistol and blaze away. trusting to a jury of bis peers to justify the act Longingly as I had looked forward to my first case.I must confess I should have preferred its being against a different person. The chances were that would seek to force a quarrel upon me. in which I should bo compelled either to submit to gross insult, or expose my life to peril But whatever my misgivings. I fell that I could not in honor. decline tile proffered Case. I got Iowa Chitty, and drew np as good a declaration of ejectment as I could and then looked about fir someone to serve it. But nobody seemed to be inclined to undertake a duty so perilous ; so it devolved up *n my serif. It was at this point the trouble, if trouble there was to bo, was likely to begin, and I resolved to co prepared I had an excellent revolver, which I had purchased before leaving home, at the ad vice of friends who knew the character of tho community I was about to cast my lot with ; I had never vet carried »    »    of it, but thought it veil enough, on the I I'.ear*! the click of the pi-t*d I NY >rk ;•* the great la w cif nature thought my last moment had come. Mj S aine saw xx rn I to get a dinner, wliil blood curdled, and the beating of my other* have to -aw wood to digest th j heart was audible.    J dinner they h ive got. A stream of light Waxed npon us. 1 I notice one tiring—those childre I I he expression of malice in the des- who arc very learned at leu, are situp!* perudo s tace, changed to one of intense tons at twenty f riirh t The murderous weapon dropped. Laughing is like praying in sum from his grasp, and he ottered rn wild re'pscu-—its value deepens entircl cry of di-may as the great steamer came whether it comes ft rn the heart or th ; plunging npon us and run us down throat, and very loud laughing Ilk T was picked up alive, but insensible, very loud praying, is always 90*atciooi Jim Brawler was never seen again.    I    am    opposed    to    eipiraf    penishmen iv* *•— - -----    J    for one reason—if everybody was hun Diamond Pointed.    *    wkn    3    ,,    ’ We should not reiain tl.e memory    r    If    ,, T "Pa,,,h I of faults we have once forgiven.    I    , ,, ' ’f*!1 * C W ,r 10    'I"*    8ca* I Ile who waits without working is r^ Vi.    .1    i    r    i    s- I simply man yielding to sloth* and de- 1 I -1    reakmgu] :    jr    3    3    ,    hornet- nv-ts for honey. as going to lax J .    ‘    to JD’t justice. j If misfortune hits you hard, hit i    F.»y'e« (lie Dart. joiMtr    af    ton. I somethin- else hard ; pitch into some- m the present,'Md Ie* the future tat j thing with a will.    care 0*’ ‘* Be content with what you have.” The lazy are the onus who pray fo j as the rat said when he left his tail in death, and are the ones most afraid a I the trap.    I    it. It is one of the beautiful compensa-1 D you would be fiappy.lire aTth<*ngl j lions of this life, that no one can sin- j this day was to be the last one, aud yrn sorely help another without helping | were able to give a good account of ii himself.    I    About one-half the    lies that are fl    at Have you ever visited a factory just ing around are the Cffu cf of vanity aru before the dinner hour? The whizzing laziness—men lotc notoriety, and an of wheels, the rattling of shuttles, the too lazy to seek the truth, and so the) rumble of heavy machinery—these Bake lie*. sounds, with the rapid motion of every- j Lying is a ri'ky bushless, if you stick thing around hare overwhelmed you lo a lie somebody is sure co catch you You are wearied with the intense ac- ! st it. and if you back out of ityoueatcli tivity ; but suddenly, on the ringing of i yourself. a bell, the engine has stopped, and all Awkward Ornanunts-A welUio.ild is still How delightful and emphatic ed arm is prettier without bracelet* that silence! Such is the Sabbath rest j besides, they arc liable to serai, k* .* fat in the great factory of human toil.    low’s ear.
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