Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard in Albert-Lea, Minnesota
21 Sep 1876

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard in Albert-Lea, Minnesota
21 Sep 1876

Read an issue on 21 Sep 1876 in Albert-Lea, Minnesota and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard.

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - September 21, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotagxttbiim (^trouty Standard albert lea, miwnTTseptTan87<L D. G. Parker, - - - - - Editor REPUBLICA? NOMINATIONS For President,. R. B H AYES, of Ohio For Vice-President, Vm. A. WHEELER, of New York. For Presidential Electors. C. K. DAViS, of Ramsey county. STEPHEN MILLER, of Nobles county, A. J. EDGERTON, of Dodge county. A. L FINSETH, of Goodliue county. HANS MATTSON, of Meeker county. For Reprerentative in Congress, Hon. M. H. DUNNELL. Republican County Ticket, For State Senator, T. Ii. ARMSTRONG. For Representatives, J. L. GIBBS. II. G. EMMONS. For Auditor, w e LINCOLN. For County Attorney, J. A. LOVELY. For Clerk of Court, A. W WHITE. For County Commissioner—4th Dist., W. W. JOHNSON. For County Commissioner—3th Dist., J. M GESLER. Th KRE is victory in the air. Congressman Dunnoll.of this Staters doiug jr.IOd work in the Ohio campaign gg'Sil JI..jl 1________.Ag William NI Tweed and William Hunt will be embarked at Corruna for (Juba, as prisoners on Thursday, the 21st. for information, failed to discover the loss of one dollar to the Government. by a single individual charged with re sponsibility. ELEMENTS OF STRENGTH. The Democracy had always looked for strength, to the very worst elements of society, and to day nine-tenths of all the penitentiary birds, bank robbers, and pl ti •'•ugli es of the land are shouting for Tilden and reform. There are only 40.000 idiots in the Ignited States Where on earth is Tilden’s hope of a majority on any such figures as those ? The Ma iuc election has nearly over whelmed the Democratic barge, and they see but little hope of landing short of salt river. A VOTE was recently taken in a V' rIliont jail on the Presidency. Of seventy->ight prisoners, it is stated, seventy-seven gave their suffrages ft Samuel J Tilden. SENATOR WINDOWS SPEECH* 1 he court house was crowded to overflowing last Saturday right to hear Mr. NY in dom s exposition of the great issues involved* in the present campaign, from a Republican standpoint. Ile commenced by assuring his audience that he had, no set speech prepared and would* not feel disturbed if any one at any time, chose to ask him a question in regard to any omission in his address, or requesting a more full explanation of points he should make His speech, he said, would be divided under three heads: I. The danger which threatened the country. 2 A brief review of the two parties 3. The relative merit of the candidates. CONSTITUTIONAL DEFECT, b oder the first he referred to a defect in our Constitutional provision for the election of President, by which it became possible to throw the election mo the House of Representatives, aud that the tone and character of the majority controlling that body at the present time, gave cause to fear that if the election should prove close, a little chicanery on their part would compass that result. In such an event, who could fathom the depths of mischief which uiight he accomplished by a party, ’he controlling elements of which were the avowed enemies of the Government, only a short time ago. To prevent this, let such a Republican ma-j.-rity Le rolled up. as will cause them | der the Democratic rule. When desperate men are roving •rout**I robbing hanks, there is not a print big office that is safe. — La Crone San “■ Did you ever feel thai thrilling, at uwist painful, emotion of a deeper inner being which sometimes seizes upon the soul of humanity V asked a poetical maid it lady of an admirer from the rural dfwtiiets. Ile said that lie believed he had. and that lie thought it usually arose from tuning to» large a kettleful of boiled green corn. SELTZER CAUSE OK HARI) TIMES. They had made a cry of hard finn s, I ■? and sought to fasten the responsibility upon the Republican party This was unjust and unfair as their own record virtually admits M ar always brines derangement. The wealth producing energies of the nation arc withdrawn, while the country becomes largely overstocked with certain classes of goods The result is general unset tie ness and depression This state of things would J necessarily come about under any a<i-ministration,following a great war. Nor is it local. Germany. Russia, and nth her countries which have been engaged. arc suffering equally. The only excep lion to the rule, seems to be Prance Rut the Democrats, while claiming 1 that the parathion ha. been brou^ $55 I $77 °^‘.ClTble ,ariir 1 AUESTSIOur..^ have failed to do anything to correct it.    ..... Controlling a large majority in the H. *    i    .    ,    J    *    .    I"    «'!©•- * ***© wv w ” •»*    ^ ouse, with thirty-three committees, mw -mf    l    O Fair* Fine Mixt rt ( arri*, u HTV act Which hasbeen    Utmt.u’.N. Biurate, Ike rivers* spring fr> m Ptnall cause*. Tho maria*.' river may not In- easily diverted from it* course, aor the neglected diRftue from it* destructive work. Taken in time, di*e»e.«, which i* merely an interrupted function, may be averted by the H*e of N-turer’* remedy, TARRANT’S SELTZER A PE HI ENT. It combine* the proj ertie* of the beat mineral water* in the worl I. SOLI) BY ALL DRUGGISTS. wmraiffMp Parlor organ r*w in nee. No other jmrlor organ baa ever attained the *arue popularity.    —w J! ha* been teated by thou*auda, many of them t. a'n Jud8eH» give* universal aatiafactiou I he manic is adapted to the human voice,ranging from the softest flute-like note to a voIumTof “‘’Iii'? YMurpasaed by any instrument. nils instrument ha* aU the Ute*t improvements and everv organ is fully warranted for six v>-sr* A -,V I^Fah, blank walnut panelled cases which HUI not case or wABf, and form* SU Second-hand mntrutneuU Uk.n in txch.nge , *?‘5UfV'    »•*• «r female, in every »unty r'»o*d*. A liberal discount madeJo teachers, minister, chnr.-lo-«.*ci].K,lsi,,d«e* list*and*emf*1 P have no agents. Illustrated prVe-Ii*t and catalogue free C< rrespondence Agent* discount given where I have no £ Best offer given now ready. Address    T DANIEL F. BEATTY " «**»inin«u, New Jersey, |\ h. A. Lincoln Brother*. Kited. gent*. JR. II. Skinner SC Co. k MTS J KARPER!! Fun utilises tin! Candiilates sell for circular. N.Y. Fusil St Box "SZM, N Y lur On NYeuesday night, while closing his elevator at Harper’s Ferry, Iowa Mu Stott was seized by three ruffians, hound, gagged, dragged and robbed of $000. There is no clue to the whereabouts of the robbers to feel that the people are iu earnest. SOUTHERN CLAIMS. Another danger which threatens tile country, is the myriad of claims for losses sustained dur war. Emboldened by the Democru majority, largely composed of Southern Confederates, who worked their way into the last House, two bills have been j introduced and are now pending, pro prying into ev done for the last fifteen years, scanning and scrutinizing every item of revenue and expense, with a view of making political capital during this campaign and yet they have made no effort to reduce or change the tariff REPUBLICAN ECONO ME The facts show a more economical Government now than wa enjoyed un- Taking out the expenses growing out of, or connected with the war debt, for which the Democratic party is responsible, our with nam* IO Min, N Y AV EST KRX LAM IS * HOMESTEADS T If you want reliable I nfortr: alinit, wh« re and how to get a cheap FARM or government m<'WR*teai>, free. H.-m! y ur a I lr* n» t . s. (i. GILMORE, Rani Coni na I** jot r, Lawrence Ka:, a-, and receive grail*, ac*:. 1 f Rte Kau*#-1 Pacific Homentead. pmfujtiNtrs GREAT ATTRACTION! New and Novel. cs a> j^DRY u o o 0> c s M © & Try tile new o B © HOP® MINNEAPOLIS LAMBER. IV, P. DEALER IN Af    I Packed in tin cans it preserves its strength. FOR SALE AND WARRANTED BY ITI <<1 VI CD CO c-t- © CD co ALI KINDS OF MINNEAPOLIS HIMBER, SHINGLES. LATH, LIME. CEMENT, AND BUILDING MATERIAL mini WINE mm R. IL BK INKER A CO , I! WE A NEW IDEA IN THE WAY GF SELLING CARPETS BT THE CSE OF THE PATENT CARPET EXHIBITOR, Whereby they can »how a sleek of FIFTY’ pieces of Carpet, givin* as good a choice and set Carpet cut up for five LINCOLN'BROTHERS. € aff Hewitt* N ATL RA LIZ ATH) N LA WK T filii the Republican party came into power alt Europe held to the d k--trine that once a citizen always a citizen. I nder this claim they BJK* twit d posing to reimburse every citizen, what- j the right to impress, into their service, ever the disloyalty of his character, for till who were bom within their juris every pig, chicken, or fence rail taken ^,ction, no matter how long they had j , I* i. .i i i    •    *    lived here or what sti ns flier ha I taken to refresh the loyal army en its weary .    .... I • ,    27 J    J    J    | to secure citieenship with us. Nato Qiarc    !    lulizttion. therelorc. under Democratic j If the Democratic party goes into j rule, was simply a mockery and a deccq - > ti m. Now naturalization means something, and the sesl of our c airts to j papers of citizenship, is a judgment | from which there is no appeal R F run LI C AS DIP LO M ACY ADVERTISING ! In KULICH I * AMI Afaint I I.TI If AI, WRICK UBS II ALF-FRK K. Read for r*t*-hguc * th* LI - i ILAN. Fir . .!■ r:.,*ti* n »d- i!r« * i Geo. P. Row ell A Cl, 41 Park Row, KEW YORK. SREAT XX ID SECRET READY-MADE CLO HING power, it must be by a little faction at the North uniting with a so rn pact ed South, whose pockets are fill«-d with these claims, and whose chief aim in BEATTY PIANO. so vies, nr ill >r them! »i the j G and square and Upright.' The great rifle match at Creedmoor a piring to power, is to press them upon at 800, 900, 1,000 yards range was won by the American Team, by twenty-two points The Centennial Trophy will therefore remain in this country Milner, of the Irish Team, did some remarkable shooting, making fifteen bulls-eyes at 1,000 yards. •““■“-■LU! YI ..    >    ■    ■ A RESIDENT of Auburn, N.Y, has a hedge of deadly nightshade about his .garden. I hey potato bugs, on their travels toward his potato patch a few nights since, stopped at the hedge to .Klrich Tile ate freely of the poisonous nightshade, and immediately turn-■cd up their toes. Nash)’* Postscript, P. S.—I not is that Tweed is ear Ef the I1' - . TI ivy av si lurk ever penult lm» to come off Uv » •hip alive they are ide.its. Merciful . VT\    ! ■*; uv h“ b<,il> brot back to tel. What he knows uv Uinjrs. with I ilden cz a Reform eanidate ! Whenever a Democratic statesman gits thro with steelin, he ought for the sake uv his survivors to be immejitly killed The bringin back uv Tweed is a Republic trick It is takin a mean advantage uv our reform caudate. Et M lllyum he* the stubs of his check bouk about blg person, Tilden is a lust man M The Politicians.” This is the title of a handsome little YoJume. in verse, by II. W. Holley. Ii»8q , of \\ innebago City. We cannot better refer to this pop. alar and mcrtitorious work, than bv copying from the Lanesboro Journal; ‘•The little volume of which we ■peak w devoted to modern politicians and deals impartially with men and political subjects of to-day. rubbing salt on the abrasions of the * great ’ "men - . ieel the weight of the world resting oil their shoulders. Plain Buri an 1 i I a:. . the natn ver I* f *n* i % bavin# :b> !am* <>f t *ti cl—rn«.*. n nfi th I* d I I ct I here are other fragments in this    r_. r—, _ itt e wok, showing more variety in they judged, not so much by promises the country. No President, created by such a power, would be likely to resist their demands, for it would defeat one of the very purposes of his election What would be the result ? A careful estimate showed that enough claims would come in uuder such a law, to bankrupt the entire nation. DUTY TO THE FREEDMAN. Again, there is danger of losing everything we gained by the war. It is true we had no thought of freeing the slaves when we commenced, but in the order of Providence it became a necessity, and the God of battles did not smile upon our armies, until the Emancipation Proclamation was made. The Democratic party had opposed the war, ir ujj opposed the Emancipation Proclam a- ! n;j"r{^ea tion, opposed the Constitutional Amend- '    - merits, opposed everything looking to a saved nation and a freed people, until the meeting of the St. Louis convention, when all of a sudden they change tactics and say they acquiesce. Why I he Constitutional Amendments, guar anteeing protection md the right of citizenship to the colored race, is not worth a straw, unless enforced by appropriate legislation What sort of legislation may be expected from a party which have fought these reforms from beginning to end ? As one of the practical issues of the war was the freedom of the colored race, that victory is lost if they are now left unprotected and turned over to the tender mercies of their en lilies. DEMOCRATIC SENSITIVENESS. Passing to the second division of hi® subject, the speaker said that his Democratic friends were extremely tender about any reft'rence to their past histo ry. They would promise anything in regard to (he future, but wanted nothing said as touching the past But they must stand it It was the test of character. It was vital to the people, and T» r    ii    ,,    ,    mr * lit r»* itefernng to the long disputed claim *f - u: J, th of Great Britain to the San Juan wbuIj,,ver island, he showed how easily and how quickly the whole matter was disposed of, under ll publican rule In like manner, with becoming dignity, a KH- I dement with that Great Power was de ! tnanded, for losses sustained during the war, by reason of the (’onfederate I cruisers, built and launched from KriLr-lish shares Our w ar and our nation j! policy, demonstrated that we were no longer on a back seat, and herafter American claims must be respected The result was, that this. too, was re. furred to arbitration, a decision ma I -j in our favor and the bill duly paid REPUBLICAN F! NANCI BRING. But perhaps the most telling point in Mr Windom s speech, was his exhibit \ of the financial condition of the country under the management of the tiro Tnder Buchanan, the la>t of J* V T »f fbi* ult,mb. S} ma*it< arent giv-a win-re I uhs txk*- n n-k- in t a •lid I*-* untry tai th, rich s rare Uni- I thr u#h«*u» '*• * “ *11 a » .rj n*iu# duration ii ii    quality < f * un der th, in -I •lelumte arf cr f rind-* t full di-«-n: tion i 'Moroni* it. Agent* 4toor.uut no xgmtM. lu*num»* r I ha«i .g ne of th* w* CBL*- j Beautiful Goo«ls, Beautiful StyleB. ami prices to low that jou ai mio the rnonej you jut f< We will cloth* you from top of theh<a*l loth* n l of the to* nails for $10 OH a ti I IL row in a bottle of Bene-dirt1* O. JUE l,<X»K SO WELL, AXD LAST HK t WHY ALL KINDS OF GOODS HOUGHT AT XD LAST Ajo LONG. IS TIU CK FT NEW | AXD FltESH BY A IS THAT THE STOCK IS ' | EXTRACT OF PLANTS FOR >•' BLOOD PERPETUAL MOTION! CANNED PEACHES, CHE IP. JAPAN J DITTO. BRE 11 Ii ISM Si MI A J S. if jitter five y da% -J*1' ?n“-:l J r* 1 gBeati t«. *. ry, Un moue* *• u have j ab! w:ll I** r*fhnd*B up* n return of inatrw-■arm and fmgbt laid bj me I* th way*. Piamw DANIEL F. BEATTY, YI iiibi.iKinn, New Jenw-y. I . s, S. M IL IL LANDS, Tiu-e valuable land* which r* nrnin un-sobl, in I rreborn County, fire atilt offered at low priet**. aa«j < n easv tern.*. Nov/ is the Time to secure Them. ln*]u»r.* of the umler'-icned, to whom al^o all moneys due the Trustee* on Land Mortgagee ah oui ti be i>ai<l. No exten>i<>ns of j arm- nt are not paid.    ‘ M. <’ON ANT, Agt. ofTrn«tee«, 27m6    La    Cl    osar,    Win. July I, 1876. $toga Boot- or A large line of Saxony and Fur Hats, {for the head. I Alew Calf, Kip, an I the feet.) •‘Keep the bead an I feet warm. and take your chaucer on the middlings ” J. Bl l.f. f KUS. CONSTANTLY RECEIVING AND AS SI RELY AND INVARIABLY DISPOSING OF THE GOODS. JUST Ladies shoes. OPENFDML-.SLS, A NEM I LSE OF ANI) CHILDREN'S C. 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Acre tarrt I to keep it warm. to spread on the bed •* the Democratic line, the credit of oar country ran to po low an ebb. that bi Secretary was unable to get a bid up< ♦he small issue often million* of bond*., Bde™,* urn bv t in «<..««    a and alter going into all the markets. Orchestral Organ i.ut ufa.-ttjrt-l. aw chaOeuge any 6    11    j**    *    .    ntannfi*    ti.r-r    t«    *    nu!    ti ••rn lr,. .1 ri! ,1 ,    ■    * na MV    in    o*iiiaa n    ,    ‘    .    •    1    «p«-ranti JAPAN T. Barck & Simms. jA    DEALERS    IX ^    Wk.4    a    KI    lf    All    rn.    ^.iwaitaai    aw* Tailor Shop. 8010101 A f»TKIN\A A Y I *i JI HON. ::::I;inrS^-PSAN j Iii! I I I E st a11luhe^ii^lNoR? I Drab De Et ta and Cashmere for cloaks. h**t l*arl >r and I I Pecales, Pi*jues. »rge variety. an I Drih- Linen in Mr ll s nutuie than we ever knew dwelt there. The ‘ Irish of It,’ for instance, comes Irobi an entirely new vein freighted with brogue and humor that nobody would expect -A Memory’ is the gem of the b .ok. and has in it those strains of pathos that, made the •Old Oaken Bucket ’ beloved We find in the work ‘ The Fall of Grey t «n, which I’oiickiriiriy recites an historical event of 1854 I he hole volume is worthy of a place in the choicest of libraries.* sparkling. a- «l does. with the humor and sarcasm cd* Iitidibras, and the truth which W go apparent to all who know tiling of political life” any* Three thousand people will go to ^ church to see a pretty girl married, but if it rains on Sunday they are not well Don t attempt, to punish a1! your enemies at once. You can t do a lar-je business with a small capital All farmers leaving their meat will be promptly attended to and smoked/* says a sign over a Troy smoke house. A bride at Mansfield. Ohio, took poison to see if her husband would cry arid take on and show his devotion to her. He coolly held her head while the (foetor worked the stomach pump 44 I don’t see how you can have been working all day like a horse/* exclaimed the wile of a lawyer, her husband having declaring that he had been thus working *• VV’i ll, my dear,” he replied, 44 I’ve been drawing a conveyance all day, anyhow. » 4* But that juryman ;s deaf.” expostulated a man at the opening of a casein the criminal court. 4> Oh, that s all right ** — whispered a bailiff in reply— " the Sheriff’s told him on a piece of paper u hat k*ud ol i tw.ditt is w&i t-ed” of what would be done, as what had been done. The Republicans felt no such sensitiveness. They looked back over the past sixteen years and gloried in their record. Every page of it were as apples of gold, in pictures of silver CONFEDERATE MODESTY. \Yh ut were the facts? After the Republicans had fought nut the war of the rebellion, to a final triumph, they magnanimously held out the olive branch, and invited their old enemies to a seat in the councils of the Government. No sooner had these Confederates given I lie Democrats a majority in tbs House, than they moilertly demanded investigation to see whether too much money hadn’t been spent in putting down the rebellion. REPUBLICAN RECORD UNIMPEACHED Thirty-three committees had been or ga meed and bad prosecuted their labors night and day, Sundays and all. at a cost of more than a million of dollars; had apparently ransacked heaven, earth, and the bottomless pit, for testimony that should attach discredit to the administration.and riot a fact has been revealed to the disparagement of any one, except Belknap, whose giddy wife sold a Dost Tradership, which though a wrongful act, did not take a dollar from the Treasury, nor increase the price of goods to the soldiers. In contrast with this he referred to frauds and defalcations under Democratic ru’e, which effected the treasury to the amount of thousands of dollars. One case in par ticular wTas mentioned iii which the commissioner charged with tho investigation reported the fact of the fraud. but coolly suggested that the defaulter commanded too much influence in the party to justify prosecution. The combinedJorce of these thirty-three im •’W etri!Mi it fees, after searching every avenue, high aud low, finally succeeded in getting a loan of about one million with which to carry on the Government, at the enormous interest of fictive per cent. Now. after the Republicans have taken the Government off their hands with bankrupt cd Treasury, and carried the country through a gigantic war, our bonds are eagerly sought for at four awl am-half per cent. showing that our credit has been raised 300 per cent. REVIEW OF THE CANDIDATES The speaker then turned his attention to the candidates, and said that had the advice of Mr. Tilden been followed during the war, we would have had no nation to celebrate this Centennial year He then quoted Mr Til den’s opinion.given at the breaking out of the rebellion, that the Government had no right to coerce a State hack into the I nion That gentleman's connection wi.h a secret society for the diffusion of information, as they claimed, a society which greatly embarrassed the prosecution of the war, his connection with the committee on res< -lutions which declared the war a failure, and his shaky record on the income tax were all dwelt upon at length, and left a strong suspicion upon the mind of the not that noble reformer, which his strikers claim him to be. Referring to the fact that he had sworn to two facts en run#M IU ed* in th:* organ in conjunction with tin- I’t-rfWt*-.! Kiifl Ii j r> .luce    j    on? and powerful tam*", suj-arli .*n* ai n*w and elegant d«njra*. Mi ;i-t. r*. to I ll. r.«, <1;arche*, *rh<«>li>, lodges, etc., should tend I r price bet and discounts. Dt .il r> .ill Lnd it o> their advantage t-> examine th;** ii.-trim. «st. it has in - r >\*-in«"nt# found in no et her. Correspondence a* licited. De.-t ofter ever g:v« u. Moue} refunded upon return of organ and freight charge* paid hj me (Durn I F. Beatty) !»th way* if urn-.tti-f.n-t. *r> .aft* r a toe* trial of five day*. Or iran a ar ran ted Dr fix ... year*. Agent* dnK< uut given every where I have i Bo agent. Agent* wauted. Addr*    i    ®    * DANIEL F. BEATTY V arlington, New Jersey* f. s \. JAPAN T. !- Ladies* dr ess-in #< ids. plaids! AND PLAIN. IN TWO AND THREE PLY ' I COME QUICK.    I I R. B. Skinner & Co. I I N —lo be continued tit Hic New York H* P • s Ktandard and Bardelle Onmn*! Aoeortlionw, ^ VIOLINS, AHD GUITARS 0 Slieot Music, 0 MUSIC' BOOKS ! ^ P- B. H. SKAUG Merchant tailor H-O-K / PATENT MEOICINFS. -e PAHTTS asia. CTTfl Carbon Oil. Lamp Fixtures. Perfumerr, kc HOME SSEWING MACHINE! AU of the above cheap for cash. mmm Fir-t door north of Post Office. LAND FOR SALE. Improved or t nimproved Lan I for Sale on Longes- Apply to Albert Lea, Minn Wm. HAZELTON, ar W. W. JOHNSON BEATTY. FIANO I Grand Square and Upright. From Gen. E. Ia?t« her, finn of Min. H. Letcher A Bro. Bankers, Fayette, * ‘blo ‘‘We received the pin tm and think it a very fine toned one out hon*. Waited a *hort time to give it a good toft. If you ainli a word favoring it we wUl give it cheerfully.*’ Janies R Brown* Esq., Kdaardsvilie. IU., says : *‘T he Ii'-a tty Piano received gives entire satis- iiudience that Tilden is \ faction. Agents wanted Send for catalogue Address, DJ.VFfl, #’.    I*, \\ ii .I. iud ton, New Jersey, U. S, A. in refcrrcnce to his income of 1872. wholly inconsistent, and at variance to each other, the speaker very pertinently remarked that he had better reform his own swearing before undertaking to reform any one else. Mr iVindoui also read a circular from Tilden, in which he, as chairman of the Democratic State committee, addressed to his brethren of the rural districts in 1872. advising them to send in their probable vote to \Yn». M Tweed, with out waiting for the actual count, In tha4, same year the city of New York cast over 40.000 fraudulent votes by the repeater system, and the conclusion was irreparable that Tilden and Tweed conspired together to rob the State of a fair expression by easting enough fraudulent votei in the city to overbalance any Democratic deficiency known to exist in the country. This was his manner of reforming New York! The able Senator closed with a glowing tribute to Gov. Hayes, in which he happily contrasted that gentleman’s conduct during the war, with that of his competitor The speech was frequently applauded and listened to with the utmost attention throughout. ______■    mn The latest recipe for true eloquence was given by a tninisterat the Martha’s Vine} a rd camp meeting recently. Here it is; “ Get yourself chuck full of the subject, knock out the lung, and let Nature en per. ^ _ per Acre ImprovedFarm A.J. BA LUH, H iving rente*! the fine shop, lormerly . ti se J by A. lirown, ie now preps re*! to do all kinds of repairing, particularly in the line of Wagons, Sleighs, Bobs, etc. Wood -work on plows, also painting Don© to <3 rd ox* ! Everything cheap and on short notice. 0 H (nj P Give Him a Albert Lea, Minn. ltf For Sale. Fine farm of IGO acres ; IOO icres now plowed ready for crop ; tame meadow: living springs. Good fence around the entire farm. Good house, stables, &c. Post-office across the road, with daily mail. School house IOO yards from the door. Albert Lea in full view, 2.1 miles distant, where everything that heart can wish is for sale, except ic hits fey. WEDGE & HIBBS, Agents, Albert Lea, Minn. March 22, 1876.    12 BEATTY’S GOLDEN Tongue. Parlor Organs! Mesnrt*. Geo. P. Rowell Co., (N. Y.) Newspaper Reporter* uh vs q ‘Daniel F. Beatty* the organ ballder of Washington, N. J., presses forward with greatest vigor.” From Wm. Peol, Niagara Falls, N Y Several months use of the elegant parlor organ yon sent me, satisfies me that it is one of the hest made. It has a rich tone; its various tones are IF YOU "WA.lSa’T A PARM OR HOMB, You should buy of the ATCHINSON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE 1.1. II. FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: tat—It is a new enterprise, fitly termed « Tke beat thing in the Weal.** offering the best opportunities of securing a location suitable to any branch of farming or stock-raising. 2d—The location is central, along the 38th par-all. I, the favored latitude of America, is equally adapted to Corn, Wheat, Fruita, and cotton. Free from the long, cold winters of the North, aud the hot, unhealthy influences of the South. 3d—The climate is mild, being in the latitude A Southern Kentucky and Virginia, and the fertility j of the soil is such that with ordinary industry ti* Celebrated Puribaser can pay for his farm and improvements ----- from the products of the land before the last pav- ■ ment becomes due. I 4 th—You are not coin j elled to go to a wilderness, but into a country settling rapidly, where you will j hadI immediately good 8«*cifcty, good newspapers, good chnrrhes.and good markets, with good school* €riffterf#on % Brothers. ALBERT LEA. new goods have tome. and new STYLE OF FASHION FOK THE SPRING k SUMMER, 1876 Has on hnnd a full line of CLOTHS. CASSIM ERKS. DOESKINS. BEAVEN. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS, He. an*! n ill fill order* on short notice, aa reasonable as can be done in the place. Broadway* east side. near Brown's Bank 48tf \ & © © tv AT I and free education for your a^iildreu. r>th Tin- prices of the (anas are very low, rang-I ingfrom $2tofa» per acre , fim—The lands are sold on Eleven Years’ I I red It .with interest at seven per cent ! viuTT*?.**!?1 offer® the UrS€*t of choice Ln e "e8t» •Wanted along the otton-I wood and Arkansas rivers Sib—Tho road is completed to Pueblo, Colorado. most pleasant. I moat heartily recommend von?    completed to Pueblo, Colorado, orgam for parlor school, church or other nee "    r J    i a ^ Rocky Mountain system of Best offer ever given. Money refunded um)n re- ES* profitable western market turn of ort/Ko a    ..V_____ _    .    re-,    for the Drodncta of th*    v.n__ H. A. HANSON, Merchant Tailor! ALBERT LEA, MINN. Has on hand constant!? a full line of J. II*. Smith. JUST RECEIVED A LARGE STOCK OF NOTIONS AND FANCY GOODS! LADIES’ SILK AND LACE TIES. <¥>L LARS, CUFFS, RIBPONS, GLOVES. AND BOSE. LADIES’ GAUZE VESTS. REAL GUI PC RE LACES. ALEXANDRE KID GLOVES LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS GENTS’ BOWS, AC., AC. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF STAPLE DRY GOODIN English, French Sf Domestic AND clotmkg AT bottom price: CLOTHS! Perfect fits guaranteed. 48tf Hall cie West, DEALERS IN Geiiei’ftl MercIiundiNp* AUSTIN.    .    _    MINN. ALBERT LEA IRON FOUNDRY ANH Machine SiiopS IS!?? org*1' t*^d'Vreight'7harg2l!'p^U bi0 ^ I Jb^^ucta of‘th; Arkane^'v»n/y (I ame! F Beatty) both ways if unsatisfactory’sifter    ’    abundance    of    pure watei, a mild LL tr^    ”f-five    dtty-    Organ    wairanted fo’^tive    ^ cartable bealthy climate, with low priced yearH. Send fur extended list    Of testimonial*    >-    eleven years’ time, make up    a total of induce fore buying a parlor    ^    «rr.ter    ■tb.n i. iflrrrd ,iyVh ire .J n 4 1*lrr mi    _ j continent of America I/. L ll BLUITT I*,    J^7ttC1*Z?mt*ioiD«fuU description an^ W n»hiiigtoi>, New Jcraev I* w *    { f.5,^ ofP*rt*culara of terms to 1 • s- A.    Purchasers Exploring tickets, rebate on far* ant' "    1    freights, address    A.    S.    JOHNSOX, Acting Land oomaiissioaer* r    vnnolV T* k S* F* U* *•    T‘*l eka, Kansa. w F WHITE, Gen! Supt    ticket    Agt T J ANDERKO?#, *    m    l    HERGERT, Genl Pass Agt    Gen5]    Frt:gfct Ag4 Ilnrt9 OF ALL KINDL. Constantly on hand an J for sale at t’ igOffice GILBERTSON BROTHERS —AT THE— PEOPLES’STORE BEATTY.*^ Grand Square and Upright a Lrom the Hon G R esther, publisher “Southern Algin,” Ashville. Ala “We have receive from the manufacturer, Daniel F Beatty, one of his square piano* It is a thing of | beauty* but not more exquisit to the eve is finish of wrvwsssvw SaSSSS&SSi CThen^no SZZ2S: ; «d repairs upon Machinery done to order PLATFORM SCALES. f ANNING MILLS. MILK SAFES. Manufactured, and the MOST PERFECT to be found in Market All at reduced rates. Good Corsets Only 50 Cts. Oar stock of Groceries is complete. Choic TOUNG HYSON TEA only 50 ct*. TRY DOBBIN'S ELECTRIC SOA! SAVES TIME, 8AVE8 LABOR, SAVES MONEY. ALL KINDS OF CASTINGS FURNISHED — ™     "rf    ———    ■■    ^ sweetness of its melody The j>iauo combines the highest excellence, to which all flrst-class msnu-facturers of musical instruments aim To all who with to invest in a first-class piano we hare no hes-itehcy in advising them to send the money directly to air Beatty We speak from actual experience, aul it is with pleasure we give this evidence of the . re nihility of Mr Beatty and his instruments.” Bist offer ever given Money refunded upon refer* of Piano and freight paid by me (Daniel F J *<*4*ty) both ways if un*atifaet<>ry, after a test trial if live days Pianos warranted for six years Agt ate tatted .send for catalogue Address 9.1. IYM*EL F. BEATTY, WASHINGTON, NEW JESSEY. LM. A. J Foundery near the Depot 17125    Albert    Lea,    Mina. lf y ou want circulars, If you want handbills* If you want envelopes, If you want business cards, If yon want neat bill-benda, lf you want tasty letter-heads, If you want nice visiting-cards, if you want any kind of job work. Leave ©icier;* at Tut ia.\d.ieu tidier CHOICE PRUNES and PEACHES, VERT ( HEAP. PEALS! BOOTS St SHOES AT TUE LOWEST PRIORS. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALI J w SM a n.

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