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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - October 26, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesota. TXI JED PUBLISH KU EY HK" TIU RSP AY. let bD, I* cr Year, In Adv-nee, $200 Hr ti t and r» u».iv» <] him fbi t*M»- r*> »m in »ft»’ hr: I od'd !,; ai *v 'JLI Ilf ! i« a 'Morton*! ut *a» eof. d F fTK8 OF \ OY KUTI Sj NO 4 W I vv i 2 w • > in ti in I VOLUME HU ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2(5, 187G. NUMBER in" lur khoWII t« poufed li eu th t!it,,. ^    ./J    b„4 • III Kl -its rf. J itll learn ~ It Lf. hail ip i tit* ital King. ti. h i !i til Inn {J I* r Iii. 1    in eh    I .OOI    IV)    2    50    4.50    0.00,10.00 2    iftckl    1.75    2.50    JI.50    ii.OO    8.5013.50 St    inch1    2.5)    ii..50    5    00    7.00    0.00 Hi.50 4    in cli I k •*» col I J-25; \ 50 J 5.50 10.00j IO. OO 20.OO :4. ) I 5.5* ii.: 5 12 CK)j IR .OOI 25.00 jI 5 4 5.25 7,00 11 OO 22 OO 80.00; fl.i >■ 8.5 * 12.0 » ll. *0 >(*. OO 50.00Bdl M.(- * IHI I 18.0 » M O I 50 OO OO OO 9 FPIC KUS OK E U K K rf 0 It $ Cill X TY JE ll MA I. ESTATE VG ENCY. CofXTY CitMMlSSTONER* : ll. 0. Emmin*. Win. «\ Lincoln. J%r»es Thoresun. J unit*# ll. Goxlec. Ole Hanson. Ta HASE KKR —Cli Brie « Kilt el son. AcBiToK—8. Bat ch ct der RiaisTKK or Dkkp15 —.oipuaI f Ferron. —T. J. SII * oil ft ii. bifCTY Sn KR IFF -Licob Liil'-uU. WE have for -ale, lands avid farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. EOI' prices, long time, and a low rate of iiitereiO. IE you desire to buy a farm, call on us. Hankers. II. D. Brows. D. Ii. I*. HIBBS. lEPOXFTXV/r. Vtoh “ Blood) Shirt.*’ tirctly hear their short. panting breath, and the rwift p itter of their feet “ I don’t se*.’ testi y replied Mr M»n. “ why y*tu c Mil in t hate put my or, if he did. he t< the wa*te ba*k**t. KY J. U. HAMLIN Ii»»r else to r* I no rimming “ Because.’ said Mrs M ar*, sett itll" herself into an ad litiwncl article of rai-** Noif Went with awful deliberation. “ nobody put mine out for mo A fair Beld and And as I spoke, we unde a quick, , ao favors, my dear.’ H. D. B3QWN & CO.’S Ulbrk ok <’ n ■ r__ \ W. White. h ftub vTK J en ok—Gilb-rt Gulbrandson. School Srckri^tkni>kst — ll Thurston. Cbostt Surveyor—Min G. Keller. Coroner—.1 Eros 'aug. Cocrt CoMMisfloNKU. — ll l> Spicer. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call Cill us. OEH facilities for buying and selling lauds, examining and perfecting titles, arc unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS. TUAN: EKES, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. St a cif X Ty rer, Albe vt Lea. Minn April 25 I na.    ^ —» nm iftiii——iii ■ ■ «T ain* , ■KB—iirmgyr rn tm Im -JWMM m: ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA Hoots amt Shoes. t>E2STTISTHY, PU. As ii. sn:Le!' 'V &:y~;    ■ -'<• • -;-U Mm JKTXDTTVT Boot & Shoe Store. O. I*'. vY TV. L Nelson Have just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of S I OHE, OVER Til E Butic, South of Post office. Albert Lea. Midiie'sbta. OR. DE M. CRANDALL, 33 33 KT *3T I SS SXa. Boots St. Shots of all kinds To be found iii tov ii. OSTI)!! HUIE WllKk, A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. They told us the acts of the late bloody war Should be lost in oblivion s night ; That tile mantal of peace should cover the scar Of our brother, who fell in that tight, Me accepted their hand, Aud all through the land Gave amnesty, pardon, and grace, And they came, otic and all, To Congressional Hall; Each one in his dishonored place And with faces all brazen with blood — Their traitorous schemes they assert; And because we refuse to craw! in the mud J Oulu Bel, we must dodge! ’ said things oil* tor iHb tMi«*i» you had noth- poor lady Was tr.i! Leighton, as he gave a quick dun e over his shoulder *• They arc right ! upon us ” 44 All ready ! ” I exclaimed to the right.’' cr appt a mr hr CltJiDi) l f 'll ll phwablr. she wa at lengtIi c impelled to part. iii sucres •ion with her i »elrv and r> t **f I - * * « * furniture. ft,ho there appeared to her t< Le no visible means et support () it M • Ii I* itch t I r*! hi her a One ii Kr, M count of her ta ie fur sol it od- and I sboit cufvii The result was more than j Air. Man plunged into bis shirt ilkV we expected Trio Wolves, of course, a bull at a red Big. ber piety, she b id lived in retirement siMcd he) husband s death, and gruel o ti. I could not -top it finds, but went sliding I 44 F< IV I i * withdrawn **hermrif I run r: • M j . MJI by us (Mi th ir haunches, one of them triumph. he shoaled, in tnalie Otis No button on the heck ! ’ near as to snap at my legs But in hands racking1 turning too short we upset McGuire win* w**nt down in spite of us, Tse we should h ac gained a lair start of the We are flaunting that old “bloody Blurt.” i wo^ve*’ before I ley Could s'op their I moment uni aw as lo turn. H. D. BROWN & CO. BANKERS. REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Bauk, Austin. Is1 Nut. Bauk, St. Baul. Oil Nut. Bank, Chicago. 4Ui Nut. Bank, New V<>rk. :V4tf As it was, .Jimmy had ‘* sii wed ” i around when wt* turned, slipped from shirt, he begin to sweat Ile dropped j our grasp, aud went sliding on his back the shir! three fine s before he got ir in nearly the direction of the wolves. A- the Irishman rose to his feet. the That old “bloody tshirt I” aye, bu* dabbled its gray JA itll heart <* blood of patriots true ? Whose hand sent the bullet that shut out I lie flay Of that soldier while wearing the blue? J\ ho gave a loud yell As that patriot fell. Giving up his dear life on the sod * JN hose shout was the last O’er the dying one passed As he yielded his soul to God : T““«“innd ,ir,t Wolle"“ our rro*-1 f.ithfttl Min- tlon^li the srquel prated “ Because,” said .Mrs. Man, sweetly. after a deliberate stare at the fig* tv. impatient man. dorinp which she buttoned her dress and put»I *ven pins where they would do f lie most «foodt ** because you have the shirt on wren# *idc out.” When Mr. Man si d t»ut of that i on. aud while it uhs over Ilia head lit-j heard the chick strike ten. ll lien bis wolves turned and rushed directly at « head came through lie saw Mrs M iii him. only a few rod- separating them. I Bo*zing thteUds and bows of her neck. •fur. i. S). at tliirty-f*ur years.r,hi. and t»» dome (htgfC'e, ^riil pretty. ?ht; i *G*d herself unable to procure snitable em-j l")UM*nt, and was brought face to fact v*itIi th * w<»rld I . . Iii this ei;reuii*y Tole Bad recourse to the only true dispenser of c*kiiso!af ion arni aid, t i Him a1 ne who c«mld • »ften her lot.aud give her courage to patiently Lear her trials She threw herself upon her kl* es. ami prayed with so much confidence that she r«-?t* cain* nm! fortified She had only ■*» Mf ti herself imdor p*: y bravi ti reward r * bur n w let ^ g, Portly man. K i'm st Scio opp. may Mi w him my zntkwir ” *• Be ,t .wi.” rf plied WiiitrrfsM, Dnr ng the drive H’BifeHeld amt Madam Kr.analer had a mg eonver*H while my coturatle and myself were several ie L farther away 15 ut we hi I n'» id** a of des c rf It!w the In lier chair whcr* servant i nter* d. jyrne I VV tie. Where arid cried. Mrs 31 ar* vr he Schr ■[ p - t r O * ■ — i *r rf A war cry, unholy, unjust J ■ that J tin til v vviis master rd the sit Bat ion ! -**1 ^    !    ba**k    with    berg Twas you who first raise*! a traitorous ar'^ ,“® *,t‘ro of the hour. after ail THE FREEBIE (Ol'XTV ll A Ak, hand To trail our flag in the dust I Tho**. II. A HUST It ONG, Hanker. ALBERT LEA. "r”-*1-! ■■■■ ... Four or five workmen will be constantly : * em played, and onlers t <r New Goo*ls .»r l<*r I Cfi ce over A. E Johnson's st rice, Broad Hay. Albeit Lea kahe, DDM    L\    A.    \v<*y. DJSNTISTRY, dc AY^SFwT, n«»l*I«at Dentists -Ii i-ford’a I Mock* ALBKli r LEA, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, V- Hepairs wiii be tilled, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway sill**. 4l1}ert I.-a, Miuu. 8tf (ii YE Til EXI A CALL. Hr ay Moines. w i \ (; .v i io \ EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call. f ami warranted to give sal is fact ion. Leave br ir*-? on the Slate ai A. E Johnson's store, Albert Lea, Mina. Tis an emblem ai dear as our own starry And we ll h«*uor and »hi* lil it the same ; We %e bathed it with tears, (bongo iis but an old rag. For it brings to our memory a name Shot through the heart, While doing his pm t, Gainst you ad I rebellious ere**. Aud we ll never desert Thai old *• blood) nhirt That was worn by our brave boys iii blue. That dear “ bl >*ly *h;rt, ’ with it Soil OUM stain, In the fares of rebel- should stand. spring iii- | As the w lives -prang lot ward with | up ti jiw- flecked with ion bi, McUuirr I uhs*rapped h.s tru-'v ax from his Lack i aud poised it b*r a Li**w. The opporto-j nity was at hand A 'aug, gaunt wolf rushed forward and made a r inly it htr*? With i «wi*( | lsifc ax. he fAirly split the brute’s head in twain Another w*>if quickly f*d-j loded, and the invincible ax crushed !! his akti!I I he iioxr «*■».) Wafered, and seemed tie Hied t«> hack out ; but .lim my s blood was up. and. wit! mi tat. a: I -aw Mr. M in cuip ying all the boxer- he c ult! find in and a Boat the bureatl Then she said : “ In th* fchirt yon j»i-t to*.k off” JIr.« Man put on bef gloves, while I been in the service * f the U Ii md for many >>ar< «nd at his death absolutely refused to leave hi* n*i*fr'e*s v?ho explained I altered c I re vt r*st ances w permit her b» # thj,l..y !'*u: wh se nature was r**ugt.. * a v i ihim that tie mid no hinge tnm, m which Inn learned fl at King had nev. r --** n hor.pctnioh dae tune they arrived at Sobrc; ings. Madam Kransjer and her went direct!v to Ernest’s rrmni. awd1 found him walking slowly to and fro • My friend,” exclaimed    Mn durn Krnn-l^r. you are to come yr:rL us ” Before Sell TO pp could WeJJ * nr -7 hen*] wherc* lie wa? going. *Y... ^rjeld •'n*] Madam Kreamer ha i wau .d J.in:' ut t»i the carriage and seat* i him. They ti.en entered and w. re driver.’ away to a -plendid res id in o, * here tho carr* »_»■«» ‘•t*>r*r‘ d. T\ in ter feld conducted the party td th** ii ;*»r. and handing Madam a couple f -hkcuStor.ts with large seals, ,-rmke r as n*rs tai i. in a it urn, near ■n rn * 4 di A ii i - rather -t irv I TI *r aer* linntt d up arid down the in uff-but circi em •I Ami there ;t God* Cir-e i9hysiciahs. OHL. ID Maker and Repairer of MALLERY BROS. Keep on band I .    ”P*-» iiiIe Hie land. • lr* ar bi M. FVI. D3D0F NI, 0 *5 ca z rc2 U a! Odice uud Rrtidenco t*i; Hlrtir-1 over Ii** Post Slop on ('lurk street, north tliul op pc-■ Ae of 'Vt‘*lge A Spicer ?* L’-ve -lore. ALBERT LEA, -    -    MINN I) < ' liovv l:in«l M , 1» SSLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TWIN L AKB CITY, MIN N., Will treat *li> - to whi-*li innnkin i L subject, t i the best <>t his ability Hr. *\*»wland Ii.*-m i Ie •» -[k ci;.«i y ut •iiseas1"- of Wam en and Children, and citronin * * *s *-*r s*« -> bf long alaudine By long **xpn;< • «■ an i ntrict attention i>> i;- p. 'N*-- **n. hoi- > **n-fideat of treating all cir !■* *ii- <m- ,t- u it Ii Ohstet r:<*;ii    *• .-*•• na •*    ! "* it :* ►ar# aud bnoaess. C> insult: * * u -11    !    *    i    •• ti j a ieyrr.% X *L as! it «I gen t k. FIRST-CLASS W^RKIVjEN r^e employed. an*l ('ti Scnsuneil w nod Orders left on tho slate at J. W. Fmith' prom; fly att et dei! to. A .Narrow l'.**eapc*. During the w:nt»*r *.f‘    the fit a I uttcd bug <g* *1 in renal ■H—    '    '*- A II. SQI IKR. CITY EXPRESS DRAY LINE. Deals in HARI) and >OFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. w wmn w •? * 'nm ett*J n States Survey : ’• n,j any. eng g. *1 a.ark tug aud staking the interna line between tit* iq>* r llriti.-ii Cr * -ince- and latni •*•»»«j? to the United Stall f. ti- t- lh* i litre! of th.* North, <m territory kn »wu at that lime a-S 'Utbern Mmu* - ta It was bere that the following adventure, wl spring, he levi br 'ke the br*u - I. i ho els aud w nth illy th*} ice This Wa*, the en three -funk away. ; sight in the gloom * Tare an < )ute li.if*! - I Ii ink to :if *- -u h a vhiil ilah a- i - lid .Un.my, •• v.-.t* -VV** carri* *1 aion t he ll ides as lr* a quick i*l long blow thai . and with fearful it fl miTdeied on I he were remain1 D.d the *=nar!i vc I r i - ti man. a -.x f“rninn him] Mr. Man ro*ini for h».-• *’ Eleanor,’ he sr»ir!f*i at la*t ** I billie vc you must kre-w where those but-t'.ns are.” ” I haven’t seen them,”said the lady. >ettiirig her hat ; *• di in t yon lay them d .*i! oil th wind Sill in the fitting-room Ia?t night f ” Mr. Man remetitbcrcd. and he went down stairs .-ii the run. He stepped *f h i L /ots, and was imtn I -ndt l in the hall at the foot of rn. w*th neatness an*] dispatch, HI in th<> transmission with in*.re than he cm id coo ut with a ad Lr. and landing wi*h 4 I *4n» He.I < Jate tspl-mi n * you nearly ready, Algernon ?*’ in* with tile It >. M llow'i MI HUI mi*rr* •?. Unit he w e ti'an I. tiskr, ton n»l avon iii and mid rea-on with him. bu' find ng it IV a1! >wed ti im to fake his own * hoping til .ii snrne unexpected might enable lier to ri w ird hit goo«Jn*>s d* u Xladam. this hou«e and all it eon-n® is yours, and you will find tho’ * King will never again loose ►ight yon 7 I **ae, in fief. are the wyrtja' the great Frederick, which he bad? adifoi ” cued the “ I have situ ilf'fit.” she Said en gag d ii* kint Fe r in It ’ d**i his ling to t dl \ lie dav. t h<*n ig a i ma ll tire up. and mom Tit. d* iv*?r f»» von Madai Ami alf firs is yours f ghted Ernest. Say our**, my friend.” said ^f^dam’ <iur.«. f,»r in future x >u ires or toil if I can help’ Kr*n«b*r. •• -shall have no it.” . ti ntal b ma* I n*»w ii: phi) ti ' rlv rn tow 31^. • honrsrroM ne. Every gr *1! Webb like ti :he hi resp* o re cr f*»r?un fore *'f hic kindnc«v' fed it. and held him Uvon the children dm. anil wan’d cry n \Y Al rig the Mn- pied him h**l Ah: hers come tli^y w 'uh] af tit ’apa Mice ; A. ar* i I Ut Tea w.t bout n t I venture termmat i ti up r fimm; and Ie of h ur» Rut had it n <<r Jimttt' night ha* »n an I his ax. the ad- d a different ■ ut t” r? 'J'* urre u t ll ey. en en j> Ll im a call. * Albert Lea. Mina. • Hi ft inert/. O. I. Hanson.    I.    J.    Pavwon HAMSON & PAULSON, Manufacture< f VJOOt.S r$c mi mw STAGS, d Willi un Snocs, -i'tit'faclloti ami d ; «* i- Herr cur. ut Br. ad-■. it Be#, Minn. Iris K Ccivc well IYR r cs « n. Si ATT. S I Ad f & IJ )t*rti**v m at I. * vv Nill . vt - I * i 11 OC, Hen i Estate an I f'ollcc'lug \ ut-( ’ >N*NKY WO!NG nil kin I- idem ale!;, dam* •(•kii!*\f:edg-»*-et« I a k ‘“ii oaths i I it*.: ni**f Crtkh A c Taxes ani h Tit;:*- i 1 v • -t*g-vtcj {. iiri-bl ight anT **<*11. Particular attention pa id t «* coll iou. Uor**r Clark a i l 5 w: »n S' - . .Ul,(,rt »..* * EST IN. TBUE50ELL, - MINNESOTA- Selected Stock -HF Cl J*»»( A. Lovely.    J.    m>    -    It.    B.vuskr LOVELY & PARKER. ATl’Ol! \ UYS .V* I. AW. MJLLII^ERY GOODS Expressly for the Fall & Winter Trade!!1 'hj Which will br sold Ii i* k **t tii, 1* Goods rfo HAU I IHG TI KST PRICK PAM' FOP. TXTTlVXyViNT IIAIiA, fIfiOC ir Hewitt's BI«,**k. ii] ALBERT LEA. -    - I door. MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, la .cl. WlfES JEt L A TV 6> FOK S A IO ! <? LA KUT LE A,    -    -    -    MINN. i KADE W ILL BE PU ND C‘’.M)‘LETE 'i'*" 1 :!,Ue ALL Ob U ninl WILL BE SOLI) I in that line. VERY CHEAP, md Gent s' Cli anis from same m*4de t >■ ordef. M*' I *.*!»( i e A' S\D itll C'S, a:* I all other work All of the very view of tin* depression iii tile Grain Market.    ICI IRA A. TOWNE, ATTOKNKV A I t'. V W SHELL ROCK: Hotels. MINN. A. HALL HOUSE «flea! • lf ar kef Si Ii. M MILLEN Has KbMoyed the old PIONEER MEflT-MflRKET I ll T Ab EST wry LES) A I EST ^T\ Ells I w is a til? u were trear.— i: the level -ti t of the Uke. pities, spruce, and birch, sui r 'Boding ii on all sides im tin:** w.;s * msuiifeu in finding the marks left there bv a former surfing comp my. and ;i-t ri lining the r than ever )»efore C"Ui»<‘ ti JtK**d «*u? ter* '- t!,e .ak**. Hut at length this was accouiplUhc I. atid we prepared to -tart for camp On e of my I companions, whnui I shill call Leigh-ton. Ila ! brought .’»is .-kales I never , left camp wbIc-u! mine, nut lr>• >wiug j how many weary fioi^leps they might ( save in**, for the e »unfr\ wag near one : thin] swamps and small lakes. I Hut the (lur i man of our party had I no skates. He w i- a good-natured.r*»|-* licking lri?hm »3. by the name of Jimmy Met! it ii , dud Was what if t* I call)' kri iwn a- an a* rn in i f .it say, it was his atli)' to b< vide*! with an ax. for til lf three of us I A*! been XX* i f to ex pl ir • • ml . m Ihen (I DV f^ach# i the deie a i mud Ii a ;* i- M .ii and hi • i- Ute g iZ< d I with urnujh vviiicjiint crn i- i ft ft* ti Im -i Ti I i is -a a v j point anent a t the re*ne nn (J ►sir bus Ifl s-* I • h .t mot”the i t lake t rain I 111* I , h hie! I I VC ti % I *1 f fit* J 41 ru Ming awnIe Maui’s lit nil*®* * rn,. G-rat eof np ab *ut twand i ill I Ii > I minute Tin ir fust iiill C# ( .* •1 k in I Wa- t n run lit* r it. ftut; s tbs traiiimI affcr it^ I rampout o f ^ i ir hi and wit.st lift g f »r S.ijir 'Ugh a I i gs and im* K/r bi * ar Wat I. w <4* ireful tile) c they cold act up od iii thb ci ►on the itu ,rri !gc arshores of t I ? f * i I • i H U It• • I& _ *dim* No ha! bita ii ti Ah****** I) turn*-*! tl.fe horses the boult w;«r«ithing met eve ? bul I of lee ULM* n flu ' MI rfaCf iit all c *uic- of hat f W MT +id a wilderness of la!! a wn tmn to get ready,” Mf Min»t Mr US- le:ti*?ri£ <)%* Th.* un I you rhr >w ut • he asked Mrs Man ] to him. My vali>* tugged away a *• Up in jo answer* I ** lacked J ’ ** I not k it Jour-i lf. pr md - I«in i: y we lh ut hsrn. eac frere Hi ne tv wn t other bi gly kicked it rn* w i *t twn • u.eut id! ll n*e‘ IWO in K act WO Ui his Ii mg- a* ‘W with r. r unJes’ not.” you pack* j rep hi*! barely time to j Nhc was pacing wh*m lite door on n knob is k rnv own out of th* rd and he sh Uted ’ Whe I von ti a tm It hi rn Tai sh* tor I w d hi brol I rn iv you were." re - I rr< d Mi *, jet Mm t*» t ha len n And I mutes, v it lo tho V' I VI to the Ii - ten iUggy come titer signal-liver clo wn htig hborhood i rd me I Yes,” r* (toking e*i OF- Ut* — Is to always pio-purpose of “ blazing ” tree* cutting p dei, ^takes te I Mr- Man, rn tm the -- w i. uh no one but a u who*ti e.Mi a--utile, " .iiiu every time I -i.irttd down stairs y< ii sent me back aft* r s un* thing \ *u h d forg*dtt*n.” Mr Man groaned, “ 7’his is too much lo bear, ' lo* said, “ when every body ku*.-" that if I was goirig Ic? Lur re. I wndid i*Nt tush iii to tilt! house put on a cie in shirt, grab up my gripsack, an*! fly, wtiile \ til would want at le.a't six months for preliminary preparations. in ti pot my veet 7 money in it ! ” ** Y *u threw it of* th:: called bac,, - g*. *d bye, J at ! ’ liefure sh** got to the e*»rner of inc street abe was hailed again : hieanor I Den aor Eleanor Man DI I vol wear < ff my cox J ’’ Mie paused and turned •#»*** *■* ing the tin et car to stop •• You threw it on the And the street car eog'.ilfed her grace! ul figure, and she v?as seen no more Ha; the neighbors say that they heard Mr. Man charging up and down the «i rustling *»tit at the fr**nf door every now and then, and shrieking up the deserted streets after the unconscious Mrs. Man, to know where hi«« hat was and where xhe put the valise key, and it he had any clean socks and undershirts, and tint there wa-n’t a linen collar in the house And when he went -away at last. he left the kitchen <1 >* r. -iile door and front door, all th** down stairs windows and the front gate c-idg rp-en. And the luting* th veheme “ You sh claimed, * I later they wi your j ensi n Madam Kraft?*, cr sally. " I have never <i >ub •»* - n I f*i X f.'' A |g j ,*, ihuse it. This is what Ute. bo and hire a “**'i:. V.n - me «*Lscure try an*l find me nome will spin In thin wav I for u- bo*b ” 4* For twelve years v ci-»tI * d me.* -a: I nte \ * t Kl ii v iiiiPT f§gft$ VtU {fill . A wail procure chon] I a ne. John. r. a oft! i roiling stone s “ No I wont. moth* n never gr *ws fat ” an* W hen j* u eoa.e to think of it. there' *ut very tittle difference between a re -ramp an't a d a cab. The > make it stay ( b <v hanging on ffrA you have to *n. wr.iie the l»tt* r. tit t c ake him stay off rn Jo f SOI md th a ny j hi!* -oph* r has di-n vt red s* j ult* as are animatt1*! by t he thv *.r AU wick*- ! men. w!.»» *t acc »unt. If (bi ic ired men’s sou! Hi I .a bar* est, '* have gore »V is so a it* f 4 are bs ii g ''Ul WM IU. A *1 ig rn I u a ft 4" ii Wll i sixty t. ” h^ s lid. lienor loagings. it is tied it i- necessary ; b -ti!! ; there is a brighter fay to you. and the ho**. Q tv.f|.- ♦ ] ."* his hatchet an i we,.t d wn stai Kiter in the day he return placed in Ma^nm Kransler’s ham frtfildtr'*. ** Th r* is something I have save*!. She was going to p it ivije. when he gazed at her in such a wav. that she •aw h.* (rn* wound*.] to the heart * >\ hen you nad money you gave ii to me, ’ he said, 4 and now that yu have none, I give it to y >u ” 4’ And I receive the fruit* «*f y»iur years of long an*! faiihful service ? Thi- . r of a qua tit ily «led them, ** V ! :u;y. having t "ii ate the c< i w»gg’i>h I of nice at up by Ii sec vc re* if cuts of V st: the one •I wr*.|* ut d .:. ■if th* IN* J h *rt g -z: ir * f the - ” ik I d like to St e those pre4y rure.- at work.” said a city fcI-g at a beehive. •• Further-' link I will see them at work.” tied a back door of the hive, rty seconds lie rn t only -aw — „ Ab bu.-v little Cl * * * •»*. ^ »t work Novel reading has now no charm for ii IL!". and ] hut * f1 tit; pranced up. to ms motlier .I . s- cannot. cannot b*1. my good .rn* -f per! W. G FOS TK ll Uro print *if. Albert Lea, - - Ii un. On East side BroM'hf-rtt, fir Ct doer south of THE PEOPLES STOLE. "WelDlDor Hoviso This Hotel hf.ving recently been coiu-plctcly retitled and turui.slicd, is mrs.’ prepared to givf AMPLE ACt*).M '*lG DAT I ON s ♦ •all guests and travelers Geed stabling kid attentive grooms Com it* Hefts sample rtonis connected with the i t c’-i-( ! WITH I N i ' ll tj A S E t> I \ GI LI ii ES FOK DOING P,( SENESS. JIE PROPOSES TO GIVE MILLINERY! rr"V j1/ •rotfiid the depot ye^feruay Sere swtfib convinced th:» . >e.W *'/- i V wbat amused just as the train was ter Thereto train lad ell . pUijjri£ out 0p 8i^ht down the yards. I promise v *i; AND ALSO TllE CHEAPEST a1 .MKS. RICHARDS’ OLD STAND, i Corner Broadway aud William street. BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. ash j '»L1 fofr Hide?, 'fallow, He tlw ing bought the old and favorite stand of A ij Himebaugh iH prepared to *lo all kii d? of 3L_ AO KSMITH1NG — V N D— HOHSlNSilOKfIN <4 Sat isfaction gtiarauiee I. Call and see. yiberl Lea.    49tf 'CJA."ir iacxiMc * GOOD NEWS! If you want to buy goo*/ Fl/OCD end PEED, call at /*/# o* ogra oft s. J. -A., PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Bleck, P.ast vide Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    - MINN J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variely , G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN • Flour & Feed, I firs* dcfor E.l.-t cf the People’S StorE Albert Lea,- Mien., Dept. IO, 1875 and then d waddle around <d starting, until every town Well, the tJpshct of the matter was. that the Mans put off their visit to Au-1 two buttons too high, his cuffs unbut- Jiuiuiy had no -kates. so. after -trapping ours on. it was agreed that Le should stand before us with his feet a little for via rd. and braced for eliding so that we could push him aloft# as we rora until the next week, and it was toned and his nec-tie fluttering and skated across the lour or five miles of agreed that each one should get him or his gripsack flying open, and shut like “Madam! cri >d Sehr< pp wnh a determined voice, “you kn- w me lo be a *m*r* *»! few wo d*. bur when I m ike a deliberate a-scrti*.n, yeti, .13 well sis who inow.1 mc, will be fully »t I mean every word I litre if you P'fu-e my gift. tcruay. ana sam Mn. h.tin t I been good since I be-" gin g mg to Munday sch*sd ? ” Vc-, my lamb.’ she answered. Ami you tru.-t me now, don’t you ? ” 44 \ cs, ur' darling ” H by. then, sp* ke ap the little »n-L cdf do yr u keep the eo* Lies hocked1 up in the pantry the came as ever ? ” ,r. !l promise you. up*.n u y I. >n>>r. that I ! to see a flushed, perspiring man. with will hang myself this very night, for I ^ his hat on sideways, his vest buttoned cannot endure the sight of your suffer- mg " l' iUiinen.-t yotcrday ariernoofT, | to hear an eloquent att.-niey attempt re* quote serif*tffci and iive li e wicked flea away the f f!    ast    undine fash- | ion :    ** Your Ii* nor will understand* the application of the words of the That afternoon Ernest had a porter Good Hook to the case in hand when it ice that covered the surface of the lake j herself ready to to down to the train a demented shutter un a March ni«'ht tran-f**r Madam Kransler’s few remain- aa    *    L    *      L    _    .’ill    *'    I >ays :    *    TEb    ggflry man runs sway. wheu there isri't anybody alter him/ ” } aper says that an in- and the Irishman Undoubtedly never threequarters of an ii* ur to trait! time, rear platform of the hind car. had such a slid*- before The rate of Fly around ; a fair field and no favors, j     -•>-------------- Speed at which \*c pushed him along jeu kn w ” Anti away they flew Mr Man bulged almost trade his Loots smoke throwing kisses at him from tbs j feeling And yot. after bis hard day': work. it made her heart ache to fee the I poor It How busying himself to save her , labor Regularly every Saturday night Near the corner of a sn, ill street that J he laid a little money beside her. which MADAM kHANSLER* I ad been p ed up' ry, and taken t.i Foit wtiepbe it will he Siint I. !t .s seven fe* t long » twenty-two incites in’ * ■ i r c ii iii I ere ui ce, It Kus a pl* ir of flu mid-" able jaw*, thickly set with powerful teeth, and has a pron.imi t fin, above' Dirt hi/ y, . uiiuing the en ti 'he body. length uf dogs at play xir ’rf u o quaint old building, the upper portion I ...    ;    feel when he .tarted off alone He I „f whioh wa! inhabited by tenants who    i.! / ’j;Pe‘*r- We Btopped iibrdptty, nlm.ul polling ; slopped o*r bit wily lip stair* to pull off, rented rooms, while the "round do Jimmy over backwards, and proceeded his heavy bouts to save lime For the Bailie rem »n he pulled oft his conf as he passed through the dinning room and hung it *n a corner of the silver closet to look more carefully. It was but a moment or two, and we ascertained the mystery, for one, two. four, six large JOHN NI. MARTY, (HIVEYOH AXD (UVU EAT,LUER, ALBERT LEA. MINN. where you will always firtd the Lest quality ever oftere*! fur sale in thi? Market, and .it I he LO VS EST PRICE. My motto is TH£ PARKER CUM. JU ff TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call and be convince L I”Irsr    south    of    the    People’s    Store, Browd way. Albert Lea- Leave orders with Stacy A. Tyrer. GENERAL MERCHANDISE I A BIG OFFER. timber wolves presently Uauie out from j Ellen he jerked oft his $est as he ran the cover od bi n di Five of ti em through the hall and tossed it on a hook was a chitra 3hob In a couple of Mad .rn Kransler, a French lady, the and when ."‘umiay came without a message from him, explaining his absence. Mad im Kran-K r I e- A wT^nflf cftft on Do J st* ct, wbusor !; Us bat) I has g*»ne t<» the tnt en ii in I 4 p* buwnvss, tracks a stiajrgling line of ti. j ;p across 11 piles a couple j gan to fear some accolent had happened In a couple of theses chambers dwelt J to her friend. On Monday she w^nt promptly to Die stonc-vard of raised their long noses, and gave vent in the hat rack. and by the time he to the long. blond-’Curdlirig h »wl. with reached his own rotfm he Was ready to which til! ffurt fiefs men are familiar i plunge into his clean clothes He pulled widow of an officer in the King’s army, I Christian Sttffc*r; and Hi re learned that who lost his life in the afaint of Glo- j Krnest was ill at his lodgings One oF gau. I revious to Cci. k i nuder s death, I (]ie workmen kindly showed lu r the he had been a great favorite with the way, w mdering all the while what so SEND STAVrt>’FOCIRCULAR PARKER BROS WEST MERIDEN,GT. J- F. if Oiids of Geneva. I,as purchase*],■ Mn J will make additions to the stock formerly owned fry M. S Buxton. ilurgaiuK (*t#n lw Se5Utred J. E. JONES, Geneva, Miwi: MANSE LIBRARY PREE TO AX*I* ’•ffio will return f)ie tiook** p oniptty. A farm of 550 acres,—2OO acres under the plow. and ready for seeding; 'll acres of thrifty young growing timber, besides one mile of willow along the line Good house, granary to hold 2.000 bust els, stabling for oO head of stock, fine we.i of f >rC Water, kl. Laird in AMeA. All to be sold lur about what the wild land would cost. Inquire of D. G. PARKER. Albert Lea. MSiiti. Or of M. CHEESEBROUGH, Alden, Mann I^OR SALE—Lite Scholarship in tho IL Madison Business (Allege A former resident of FrcebCfn coifnf^ is one of Hie tile proprietors of this institution. The scholarship Witt be sold on favorable terms. Apply to    I.    BOTSFORD 4‘ Iiowly Lither, we shall be aiten ! ” : out a bureau drawer and pawed at King, wha had bestowed upon him a firu» a I a * I v couhf wint with Krnest ft . I: t______I ~ ^ _ n*i    .i    f    *    iiuu^i. cornets t\ery evening,’ f cigar .-tun:ps on the Mtndcft»r*I    quid *,f ta. ba cc } partly beiiiml the tire board, ti a wet boot to drip all oyer the nile lo Af' and throws another under th* sofa, seta* a howl of fen*? i:    I    I’ * chair lo make* the room smell like lag* r bet r.arid feels' just as comfortable, rfrifurtf!! and secnrvg though there was a :f?Y!» in the brent lied Jitinny It certainly looked as if his fears would be realized, fur the wolves were appar- *‘?rt* shifts '! ently very hongfy. .2 rf J vt* r*?ti^»d -»iih a feeling <»f terrot, theft they ifttei’ided to attack us oft the ice “ No time to bv* lr.sf, 0*»l*»nel.” saiA Leighton, excite*!ly. ‘ We must jolt back across the lake, and go around them ” Hastily getting Jimmy befure us, we turned and shot off With arrowJike swiftnC‘33. I^dt thr6‘ Solves at (Ynce to«ik to the ice surd gave swift chase They things like a Switch ti rrier after a rat *• Kleanor ! he shrieked, “ where liberal pension. Dot during :he march into Silesia, the K ng, in one bf his ca- ?chropp. Vw iy in a niisefjfglft garret she found H C w; pricious moods, became offended at some j the poor fellow Ling upon a blanket, I    ..I,.    ..it..    .4* i ) I L.”' „    I    *    .    *    • the Da fib a •‘ fn your bureau «irawer,-” Calmly i rf 'plied Mrs. Man. who was standing j trifling insularity of Col Kransler. and never recognised him afterwards String TCi11i iL'-rtiftcaf ion. and chafing he having no nfrftfft -ami sn fie r- ing from a fever. Madam KrautCcr It bc>?d:t the t'l tit r (say h * ***    t*.* nuui N* vt-), but sic w )u!d o give her co is ut until .-ti*- had consulted herpuronis So he went int** the room where they were ii mud- -{Iv stated til And with wounded pride, Col. Kransler had sick man and wept,Awhile he looked lyon really think you lov* lur enough to* no longer a desire to live. and after wil ily into h* r fact    fellow    he ry hi pl tciff'y ! < fuf’c a gU-s,- calmly and de-iiboratcly Coaling a refractory crimp int * piece u ’Veil by thunder they ain’t,” shout- ,    _    .    ,    A    .    ,    .    .    ,    . ed Mr Man. » little annoyed. •• I've Dorm? the life of her hnrband Mad , stair* and ran into the im el. V: that with al! my e«ul. I •*    I    _    ____ 1/ -- . _ J    L    JI-    VI    •-ls»    nit    Uh**f \ »»    «•« t * * m. I    /f ell r. I    * - r    -rn ■    ^    ...    ii,    ^    I    .1    I    i    4. * I many attempts to find a soidieif- grave. J was delirous. Hut when Ai. heard that had finished said the f»t1u*»‘ atter ho Oh. yes. sir,’ said the met it at Ologau, j lie ha I no medical ai J, sh? d »wn youth in fervent eugenic thinu out of the drawer ’ an* ^ rrituler had been surrounded with * women t W rn ter feld. the cl i* * 'J dan t hi n I d 1 my life. She emptied every an I there isn’t a thing in it I ever saw before ” IJfrs Man stepped haek a few paces tar, the worshiped object ■ I ho e her her better my guiding my every Hall ob N^/est, DEALERS IN General MercdiandiKe, AT7STINV -    MINN. slipped considerably at first, bud they | hold her head on one side and after made long. Lapid bb (rods. sc<fgait/edf on satisfying herself that the crimp would i eV6ry comfort, but wiien cft.O Oceanic a ’    King.    was    pa.-5ing    in    h?4    carriage widow, her husband’s income slopped. ! l*e km* formerly known Madam Kruns- * thought, every hope, every a-piration. She was left without protection, and *er M»I1, and when he saw bef rushing He stood there with clasped hands, his not sufficient interfst to obtain or,e disttacted, he sprang from his fac * ra!iant with the sirciigth of us every tun merit Derides. Jimmy impeded our progress very much Shill. we strained every nerve.contested every inch. A few minutes more shovyed that some new device must be attempted, or they would attack us We could dis-* drawer. do, and vrmHJsmy where she put it, replied : *• These things scattered around on the floor are all mine Probably you have not been looking in your own had his from the Court    any    paft    of    the    pension j carriage aud was s *on at her ri Ie,    A    devotiorf    There    wa*    a    rn    ment    of which    her    husband    had    enjoyed    She    f*eW words revealed her grief, and    the    pnu-e,and then    the    mother    softly asked?* doctor accompanied her to Ernest's gar * XJ hat do you think of that, oid man? ret, g ive a prescription* took her    ad- Ires-, and leaving Some nutfjtoy    for wrote to the ministers, and finding she could ohtain’no replf. a fie ventured to send a petition to the King, brit ill luck ! ( attended her here likewise, for th** : ^chropp » use - de pat fed Hie fulluwing was arranged that tin* daughter s* I King either did not receive her appeal, * day a strange p’y.rie:2h called up n I ae copt bv f full or.    uJver-' I hat -ounds like bu-inesa,oId woman.” lied the satisfied father. And so I I
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