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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - October 5, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotaimmm THE POBLM!IR» ■♦KRY TU CR-*DA Y. Ytrms, Per Yoflt*# In Adv .tier, $$ do RATES or AUVHKTtSISO. — ■■. J r ■ I' "I rn ,i i— ■ i ii 1 f JU fMcHwh ffcnoi ;he arbors et jM fu'-uw i-T Hic    ut’.    Hafrrirdeo    :    :»!»t    *■*»• obgb" -ll it* i y- ftj ill t f. i ; j ft*#* in'**:*- of Mr iIuski fbr*    tei.rk    t*    fficH r*M0v useful    FHefi    ne    tr* to spare ill Hic* t- irh, and «u brelaw ax to the U*?i owner inch inch iuch inch inch -".Iii.1 I.oo; I.oo . UTSI IM I *2..'n}I $.50 3.251 4.50 4 w j ii in I ti rn I I y . VOLUME Id. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 187<j NUMBER 40 »0* I >r • LU * en! eol col 2 60 4.60: 6.00 10.00 j 3.50| 0.001 8.50:13.50 i 6 OO; 7.001 9.00 16.50 I 5.50510.OOi 10.00120.00 I 4*<W)    5.6.1    635    12.00! 18.00i 25.00    I ♦ 5 >    5.25    7.00    14.00 22.00 30.00    | I    6.50:    8.50    12.00    22.00 30.00160.00 i    IO.IM 13.00    18.00    $0.00 50 OO 00.00- en OFFICERS OK FREKBOKX COOTY flnrnTY Con mission KR* *• lf. (». Emmons. Wm. 0. Lincoln. J Ame* Thoreson. J ame* ll. Goilec. Ole Hanson. Trk a av rf. Ii—Charles Kittelson. At niTOR—-8. Britchel der flimsTKR or Dazes—August Peterson. ftitRRirr—T. J. Sheehan. Ttnrcrr SiiKRiKr — Jacob Larson. Cl. BKK or Cor RT—A. 'V. XX bite. Probate Jeihir—Gilbert Gulbrandson. School SPi*r.iiistkmh'.nt — ll Thurston. t'oVKTT Suuvr.YoR — XX rn G. Kellar. ConoxRR—-I Frosh aug. Coe rf Com ma* ion rr — ll. H Sjtirer. DEHNTTISa-llY • IHT. A. H. STREET, office, over the dp cg store, South of Post Office, Albert Lea. Minnesota. DR. DE ffl. CRANDALL, I I E N T I S HT - REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a lew rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF yod hate a farm or lands to sell, cull on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining abd perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county.    ■ St a cy    Ty rer, Albert Lea, Minn. April 25, 1876. Hoot a    and Shoes. 3>J33'W Boot & Shoe Store. O. F. ^ N. NelKon Have just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. CUSTOM HADE WORK. Ranker*. H. D. Brown. I). R. P. HIBBS. H. D. BROWN A CO.'I BANK OB AL GRT LIA, TWEED’S MYSTKttYI WHY HE WENT TO SPAIN. giucer who found aud Eddied nine of the Cleona, bur who had not the I’ll bet all I’m worth that his agents j there, who have bin n stealing. Just told j HEADSTONE AT HOME. A Humaner Untold. of His Life, Heretofore From the Chicago Post* TW RED’S ARREST. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. famous by his raising the sunken war fleet in tho harbor of Sevastopol. My On the afternoon of the eighth day of    tocatcl    and exan.in- ! September a wondering crowd Mood be-' fd1,h'! f!c""’ “'J'1 r«P«'«l fea.i-! fore The Post bulletin and read of the !    ‘,,1    rr"":"« ,h,c“*.,0 ‘he capitahMr I capture of Win. J* Tweed, at Vip.. whft eo,f'l".'"J hlm- When ready i Spain. While some doubted, and some sneered at the news, there were other* who believed it to be true, and had no hesitation in asserting that belief. A reporter of The Post, while reading the bulletin and listening to comments of others, heard a voice behind him, and close to his car, say in a low tone: “ I knew if be Went there they d I means necessity to prom cute the en- j the authorities and had him popped in* tcrprise with vigor. While waiting I to jail, to keep him from looking into the Concessionaire secured th t assist- j matters. They knew that ihe United ance of Col. John K Cowen, the civil I States wanted bin They knew that    - engineer. Who made himself world- Spain Would he glad to get rid of bim ' From iii.’ London World. iif* The Retreat of Hawarden and the Gen* emu* Commoner who Inhabits it. so*!,#- in .Vin. thr* sttTing thH-1.:He* ti? cxrrcin • Id I toil There i* a curtain* Ifl i J"|tlttfff!{j||(NP*tff * S^{ j * ; V* rail ifia! th att pin T: rig nil ■"M ing in an t til rigger Saw ft-;8 !<i|tw kbfwv» as at • PJI* "•>*. but is dull work '.'ut Ii the picas ti re of *»rik inj*-I arar ira rn*?in.* out of H. D. BROWN A CO. BANKERS. to commence operations, the Spanish Govern rn* ut regarded the conc* ssion as lapsed because of non-compliance with some condition, and granted a concession to a French company, which tailed by rcasou of lite Franco-Dr unman war. after recovering a few bars of silver and gold COL UOWE.Vs RETORT, to his report to the Galleon Truss- ! lifer (Company. C‘d Gowuu stated sub- j man was looking over his shoulder, his I 9tanf,aI'Y *hat he regarded the recovery ■ race low down .od hi* eye. intently im I lht ,r'"w'ir,‘ " * "l!",<,r "f *“•* au‘1 I gobble him.’1 Turtling, the reporter found that a by giving him up. and so save the tress lire at V igo. Thai is all theta is of the trouble. lf fig had never invested iii that treasure business, he’d never gone lo Hpain, and if he’d never gone to Spain, he would netef hake been ar rested Thai’* all news for you. young man It ll be news for the world, too. And I wouldn’t tell it if Tweed wasn’t coming back. It won’t hurt him now.’’ “ He’s coming back in state on bourd the inan-o’-war. Franklin/’ said the reporter. ** la he * ” asked Gricher, excitedly Ile always did travel in style Hut 1 11 bet you the spaniards arc happy at gctticg rid of him. Now if I had the time—.” Ile pulled ou* hie watch REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Hank. Austin. 1st Nat. Bank, St. Paul. 3il Nat. Bauk. Chicago. 4th Sat. Bank, New York. 34if THE FUE EBDDX COOT BHK, Tho*. II. A RJI HT It ONG, Hanker. the bulletin He had been talking to himself. The man was dark and lank ; his face cadaverous, bis nose sharp and prominent, and bis eyes large, black. ... .    . and deeply sunken. Rare bin, the a,.-    *    7?"^*    2* pennam e of a man wi.h Ihe eons*..,.,    '    *°    hc    """'j1    t'Mn    “l"'    ,he lion. Ile -a* plainly dreaaed, wichout Kall,OD’    Fur. her more. the french ornament*, aud bore the indication of a t    »“<*    ‘creed    to    tran.'er    the.r gentleman just recovering from a fit of But I haven’t. My ‘ run ' out to-ahsolule certainty, and would take night. Just a margin for >upp<-r charge of the operations and atake his ! C«*me in with me I So? Well ! It.: p reputation on the recovery of any tress* j it* again and I’ll tell you another stf*ret lire in the submerged Vessels, and that i shout those galleons. Good night ” It is a delightful "ipol} from ira juju I Queensferry towards the hill on which ilawaidt ii shHrch«U»wer ri>* s through the trues. Past glowing corn fields. thr*.n-Hi a trim village with its dapper school holist*, psv* mo} mof.--Cv>»is, d walls,and under the leafy *rr*‘un of over-hanging b >ugh-*, winds the path to the agreeable dwelling which »«-rv. s the recluse of llawirdun fr »u» a her-milage. The modern casHc. with it-rich parterres enamelled in a thousand brilaant hues, lies at the f«>ot of a richly wooded knoll, crowned by the picturesque remains o| an old fortaiiee, now rednruif to iVk#* fl;!t rn*iofis of a ’sconce, that woulJ hfiVc ^ tig bf cf t3e *iragetie sf»ul of I lug:iLI Dnlgetfv a-Ihmmtliwaeker. lr ik a beautiful .-pnt. From the crust of the fortified kr.< ll the eye stretcht*:* f tr over the b* ALBERT LEA. MINN. Four or five workmen will l>e constantly employed.anet orders for New Goods or for j Repairs will be tilled, Cheap aud on the office over A. R. J,.lin*on’» More, "road- j "holiest notice w»t Albert Lea    '    Broadway    west    side,    Albert    Lea,    Minn. ---|    Ktf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. n»t>«, DDS    H.    A. Avrry. |    „    ------- ---------- dekt’tisthy.    I    • dC -A. -V E    ; Remittent D.utials—lladfttrd'* Block, Austin ALBERT LE V, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, OLE TANO, Maker and Bep iirer of Physician** M. M. DODjEj RA. D.j Boots & Shoes. Z <£ KHEl Stray Mn ne** WING A: IIOVK’H EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and nil jobs attended toon first call, an I warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson \s store, Albert Lea. Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, St’nson***! Wood! mith's Orders left on the sdnte at J promptly extended to. VY Omc* and lUsidfnee up Stair* over th.* Post ! ‘Sh«p en Hark street, north and oppo-t,fgr4    |    site of Wedge ^ Spicer’s Drug store. ALBERT LEA, - - - MINN. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN arc employed. short notice. Ob 37tf I) (’ ltovv lnnd M, D ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TAIN L VKL ti TV, MINN., ....    ...    i    i    Repairing done to order, cheap and on ; 'Till treat all diseases to which mankind    u    o    i is •abject. to the best of his ability. Dr. < P-^lan I has ma Ie a specialty of diseasesof VV a iu en and t'liildren. and chronic diseases , -    - of long stun ling. By long experience ami 'b * • ^ s <>N jet rid attention to his profession, iiei- con fideu! ut treating all curable diseases with • uecess. llhstcl ideal Cases u cai cd wilh    Mauofacturers    of care an.! sue-ess. r«»sultiunat tree. lo ,^ 33c>0'tJE* CSilOGS,   1  ............................. All work warranted to give safi-darDon and done to tinier on short notice. Rh op near cor. of liroad-wav and William* streets, AIt;*-rt I^a, Minn. A. II. SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Bros, attended to at once hint a call. Albert Lea, Minn, I. J. Pac tao st. •IMH! incry. HANSON & PAULSON, SjHfryers X ijanet •igents. K I.'. STAfT.    M-    TYRER.    I STACY & TYRER,    S tt entry * at Law. Notaries Public, Real j Estate aud Collecting \gents. CONVEYANCING r.ll kin -I* a leut ately done. aeknowledg- * m-nt* trikrti oaths admiuistercd, .Ne. 4 TaXfti paid. Titles investigated, Lands J bought and sel l. Particular attent ion 1 tv paid to collect ton. Coi ner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea J»r* A. Lovely.    Jamfj    H.    Pameb    j LOVELY & PARKER, ATTORN CVS At CAW. MRS. JOHN STAGE, has received a well Selected Stock J. TRUESDELL, VESTIN', -    -    -    MINNESOTA! DEALER IN BOOTS & His Stock of fit.e Goods rfo —OF— MILLINERY GOODS! Expressly for the Fall St Winter Trade!! Which will be sold cheaper than ever before Office in Hewitt s Block, up stairs 1st door. : TR ADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALBERT LEA. -    -    -    - MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, JbAWYBR JU, IN 1> FOK SS A I. K ! / LA ERX LEA, -    -    -    - MINN. IRA A. TOWNE, ATTORNEY" AT LAW SHELL ROCK, - • - MINN. Hot cts. HALL HOUSE W. G FOST KR Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - M.,nn. WoblDcr House This Hotel liwrng recently been completely refitted an I furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOM .VIOLATIONS to “.ll guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentive grooms. Commodious sampue rrarn* connected wit’n the premises ALL OF WHICH WILL RESOLD VEHY CHEAP, In view of the depression in the Grain Market.    liit *ltcat Markets. A. II. M MI LLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET: On East side Broadway, first door south of TUE PEOPLE’S SJO RE. HIGHEST PRICE PMD FOR HUMAN HAIH, and Gents’ Chams from same made to order. Also Ladies' Switches, and all other work in that line. All of the very Y AT EST QTY LES | iratest Styles J -OF— MILLINERY! sickness. 1 Do you think the news is true? ” asked the reporter, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb at the placard “True? Of course it is I I know-all about it—that is to nay. I think I know. Hut whether I know or don't know, who a the wiser ? ” *• No one, to be sure,” answered the reporter. •» Bat then—” There * no * but then * shoat it ! ” the man said, sharply. ‘“Ii is enough that I have said it.' and w ii Into t another word he bugan to elbow his way oui of the mob The reporter, with an idea that the stranger knew more than he desired to confess, kept chum at hi* heels and resume*! the eoavcrfcation a* I soon a* the crowd was left behind “ It's tao bad. that arrest of Tweed I I used to work for the * Bo#*/ aud admired him,’’ said The Dost man. ! j “IIE KEPT ME FROM STARVING ONCE ” The pursued shopped in his walk j “Give me your hand!” he said. I “ I he 4 Boss was a friend of mine, too lie saved me from a worse fate than starving—no matter what it wa*—and . I in his friend’s friend forever But he he was a cursed f,>ol to try Vigo and the Spaniards, just now A double di--' tilled fool he wa*, and I say it as his triend. Good Lord ! lie oughter to have known it, poor Bill I ” “ I don’t *ee why,” submitted the re-1 porter. ** How should he know ? ” '* Know ? It a hts busine** to know j XX’hen he took tho stock, he knew it I W hen they broke in on his work, he knew it. When—btu sec here I haven't any time to talk ab**ut it. I’m an engineer on the Illinois Ventral My name » Grueller, aud I board at the St N icholas I ii not be back fr.*m niv run until day after to-morrow. Cowe and see me then I’m off now Good day.” And with that the man started on a brisk w ilk towaid the Central depot. The more the reporter thought upon this interview the more it seemed to him that then# was something strange about Tweed that the mao could tell if he chose The reporter called several ti uses at the St Nisholts, but always found Mr Grueller on “ a run ” or ju*t out, or simply not lo be found Last night, however, he discovered .his man lounging in a chair iu the office He had forgotten the repiner, but the reporter would not stay forgotten He suggested that he would like to know concession to him in consideration of a certain interest in *he capital stock of any company formed to conduct operation* under his person.a I supervision. I *>een I Thin was his testimony. All that wa* ! ordered ! needed was a working capital of ab**ut I $300,000 to recovers sea hurried treasure said to amount to THIRTY-SEN EN MILLION DO Ll, A BS. I he public was asked to subscribe, and scud their subscriptions to the c onpany s bankers, Mcasra Duncan, I Sherman A Go. At this unfolding of a wild talc of fabulous wraith the reporter held his breath He was hold mg it when he finished, and turned to ] his companion Greedier wa* sealed with bis legs over the Lack of a chair, and his eyes fixed on the ceiling The reporter la d down the paper-* “ Well! said Greedier, knocking the ii'hcs from hi* cigar and unseating i his legs. ** How do you like it ? ” ‘‘It reads well, good names verv flattering, giswl promises, and *f> forth, but what ha* it to do with Tweed ? ’’ I ** Everything, just now, That is ! gospel truth in them does.” answ* red , the man. “ I know I was there I ve j seen the vessels IVE TOUCHED THE TREASURE I was a a diver for the Colonel I went dawn and tried around those old scows in the mud, and once pulled a bar of I gold from the treasure case O ! un' ) and the colonel know*. But I see no use Lungs out of order. New flues and gage# wanted IT* ail up with me. and I know it.” His head dropped forward slowly and the cigar dropped from h's fingers. I and left an ashen splash on the floor The reporter prodded his boot lu*el with his puncil in a *yiupathysiiing way I during a three minute silence Then he roused himself, j “ But how about Tweed ? ” he in-! quired “Oh ! yes, yes.” responded Grecher. starting up “ Tweed, lie wa* rich then, very rich! The colonel and I was loafing around waiting. XVc wanted Tried for the Mountain Meadow Mas* Nacre. John W Lee h is just had his trial at Beaver. Utah, for directing the murder of a party of immigrants in Utah Territory years ago. It ha* alway* charged that the ma*«acrc by Brigham Young, as head of the Mormon church, and that his deluded followers felt that thev nm>t obey his order* Upon the trial of I*ee, witnesses testified thai Brigham Young opposed the massacre, ami sent a messenger to forbid it, but the messenger arrive! too late. Samuel Knight’s testimony w^nt to show that he was driving one of the wagons which contained arm*. He heard the first shot that was fired after the immigrant* had been decoved out He saw I^ee blow a woman’s brain* out, heal men to death with a gun and murder several others, and at the same time saw the Indian- make a ru.-*h on the women aud children, whom they «lew Michael McMunlv t*»tlfi» d that he drove the other w*gon. after the immigrant had been decoyed out by a Ai" •stuarv of unded on I Shfuplines of lure the Dec, the prospect I cif her side by the XVel-h n *hire hilta and the fainter out.. tho Yorkshire arid the Lane moor*. Within, ll award n Cantle, *ho»£h not nmbiri rn-Iv large. cont.tin* more than ofte fncmy e^U for it* -eholar-re-cio*e. At every comer the signs of wa.- I taste and culture abound The pictures the have been only slightly thinned by the hand-nme Contribution* to the Wrexham Exhibition, and curious china, despite the sale of last year. is not entirely absent. Oriental jars and costly cabinets of Japanese    arr    gar tered about the rooms with tasteful carelessness, sod lure and there specimens of art ne -dieWick, in th viva! of which Mrs. Giadst* known ti i a rn the pousibiiitf of u*t*r»fi4ft t* Apiin#?-; ; with each well aimed blow rho destruction of a poltfie*I opp* n ut In win.d.-Ctltf *»g 11 ‘jlnilntlr 'it ii I Us 4lW* t 9** floret of tile soil lo«.k Life lumped rtiar lie bur-often been accosted by practice hands. and received, meekly, as i- hi* w»*nt.. j a lesson from then, the practical h:n.n‘ i remaining ail the while ignorant of fbi • I manner *t men, he wa* addre«*;hg IL# I his moment* of fhrhtal and physical r»v-lixstim the Napoleon of oratory,' (whose heavy artillery is alway* brought' up atthe right moment^ and the ehatc— pion of amarin r woodmen vanish in th* gerial host, whose high spirits break. out every uioQient. and who is never* more rejoiced than when he can play A*. I comedy part on his own or hi* *##«>« J lawn I* would be    to cat f!ra‘ an the ocea*ion of pub IM? ceti* brr.. Her*, of local fancy fair*, ami coffagc-. gardening shows, >Ir. Gladstone plats* down to the level of his audience <)e» rite contrary, he exhibits jut sufficient. .sympathy to raise them to em’n tsar** in. and no more. ail the country ronnd. Mr . ft la gru >ne country round. is deservedly popuf«r. « few * f aki .mat interest ar I re •ne i But th< bling farmers, who claim there >re too many clauses in their agre. *. rnents. b-ng. perhaps, excepti' f»* D i« -frank and free manner, the liberal styh in which he opens hi* beautiful park, to the public, and the keen interest he-displays in all local improvements, have-made him one of the best-lovid En*,? iish celebrates And Old But Good Story-. Charles 8. Spencer, the New iwyer, some years ago had to J» ;nd one Marshall, charged with larce--’ I against whom there was very ig evidence. Before the trial J him, Col *rk I a the vi • rtinf peculiarity of the hom*e fl'*od of bo«*ks. which n*» owe apartment can cont ain Out of one library into another, and into drawing room, and fl »wod in a re. other things ny. -tro Spun that of truce, and the whole column themselves in books new and *h* ice edifitms reference, non M-.*ad vs. 1, cr rn He halt and looking menced moving up the heard the command I around saw I^e put hi* gun to a man’s head and fire She fell hcaid him beating a man’* brains out with a gun Lee then came to witness’ wagon and shot all the wounded men with his pistols, and dragged the bodies to the ground. Only children iii wagons were **aved This witness re fused to Mate whether he took a part in the killing, but in the former trial i? came out he was. One of the Mormon* -aid. “ O I/ord. receive their spirits, for it is I >r their sake we do these thing* ” Nephi Johnson, who w« nt to the Mead- -w as an Indian interpreter, testified that he saw Izce sh*»ut the woman referred to. and cut a man’s throat a* he dragged him from the wagon This witness was extremely careful to tell nothing implicating any one except I/Co.being most consistent in forgetfulness of name* and incident* not relating wholly to the defendant Hi# Wots t lamination, which wassc*>rehing showed that he could tell sufficient to All dining-room. L>»< k- have sisrles* s?rt ^m. pu-hin< aside 3nd establish ng their place. There are old, lare and cosmos, and ordinary rn nueN of rcieren derou« t«*me* of controversial theology. ani s jappi.-h little pamphlets on th-currency, with other equally light and »o- pleasant subject*. Overall reign* that He • air of easy and natural luxury which forma the princ pal charm <»t the English eonntrj-kou*e proper, a? di*;in guished from the comfortless vastness of foreign chateaux and the preten’iou* splendor of the suburban villi of not eon rich*. The 0*e#olLii,    I-    u    r of nook* and -nuggeries, iovi to get through hi* morning it an especially large a part oh ut. g with moveable book shelve*— parent hive for a wnrking-bee abundant air and fl< “ Air rind sunshine, them, are among hi* of existence Ae the hermit of across his cell he presents few in J firm* of advancing age Ile tote disclaim any intc n ion of again taking a “leading ” part in the history of h:« country. He is. he say*. “ ti>o old ” and 3Jari»hi pale. hagar S'Pwn* unmoved for the pi court tha tinn to bt uentiV n ■ I xii most **nft if if Ac. “D ashed! rh r went to hi* client and is on’y chance of escape was in a 1 insanity, and he advised him to. the lunatic, and to angster all) •os put to him. with the word! tis.” The day of trial came «n*„ I tov* hi* place in the doe It ^ . and wild-looking “Guilty' t guilty ? ' a-ked the clerk . r»s ! " drawled the prisoner, wit Hi k stare “Come, plead guilty «»r • guilty.’’ repeated the clerk n.-; ! " was the only reply. * Dris-* iii you answer the questions pu| . or lo you want to be punish# cl ,r, tempt ? ” &>ked the j miffs, •ns bawled the prisoner, sui!-At this fu int the c nt.s# .4 soner intertured and told ti e» his client was not in a e<*ndi--put on trial, as he wa* evM. responsible for his action*.. an outrage t*n free c?uzen* id?”* ti understand what is ndge. addftwing the.! •os ’ " wa* ii#* rep y. ti IZV Was et silent t md the judge it# n f t etI *ds of sunshine the man discharged. He was taken#ai ml plenty of charge of by hi# Tri en de, wh to vt nr• j*r* s-pri me Conditions tnt and left omrt wit ’n bim r,.v. LsrU.rrHa Spencer followed th rn, an I, CV ri vt rain-.W.t Men step- la ti mr him on bi# esc pc . SOC JU!etf-titi Witt) it might be a go^ni idea to p.-re. Hi* client stared ut Is k ani: r. merit, and ii 0 cd the -impie reinsrk, “ Spoon; v bur, im in# away* men for their money There was the fortune waiting for u* at Vigo I didn't bang every man >n in the company know how it came about— won’t ?wear    damaged    I/ce    materially to anything, save myself— but one    surprise of all Jzee put in no morning when I came down to the of- rebutting testimony. I^*e will be quite See and asked 4 how * things going,’ the likely to take an air line trip ere long. clerk said. ‘ tweed’s taken $200,000 Gr. A. Haus© Having bought the old and favorite stand of A <' llimehaugh is prepared to do all kinds of Bl AO K S 'VI I T H I N G j —AND— IIORSESIIIOKING Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DICING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION I THAN EYER BEFORE. jfgp“C«sh paid for Hides, Tallow, Ae., kc. TUY HIM ! Photographs. J-. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block. East side Broadway, albert lea JOHN M. MARTY, GOODNEWS! If you want to buy good FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, where you will always find the best quality ever offered for sal** in this Market, ami MINN I a* ,he LOWEST PRIDE. My motto is =— TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! I call and be convince*!. AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST \T MRS. RICHARDS OLD STAND. Corner Broadway And William street. .'i* ALBERT LEA, MINN. H First door south of the People’s Store, , Broadway, Albert Lea. f eavc orders with Stacy & Tyrer. GENERAL MERCHANDISE ! F. J*ones A BIG OPFER. A farm of 330 acres,—200 acres under the plow, and ready for seeding; 27 acres of thrifty young growing timber. ,    ,    T    ii    besides one mile of willow alG&g the line ftf C.*oev», IIM purchase'!, an. w.tl make    l)ouse.    t0    ,10|J |,000 bual adduion. lo the "lock formerly owned by I ^ 9Ub„nf, fo't,0 h2d of s.ock, fine we.. M. i* Hux'on.    „    ,    ■    of pure water. &c. Land in Altjen. Y*ttl‘.gr*tA*w*    ll    • **    ^11    t0    |je    g^jjj    for    about    what    the    w’»W J. F. JONti* Geneva, Minn, land would cost. Inquire of -------~    “     |    p.    G.    PARKER, MA>SF- Ll KRA I.    j    Albert    Lea,    Minn. FKDB TO AX.%1 Or of M. UHEESEBROUGH, ^rbo Ye4or* the book* promptly. j    Mina. G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE 37tf Albert Lea. Minn., Sept. 16, 1875 THE PARKER CUK. SEND STAMP FOR CIRCULAR PARKER BROS WEST MERGEN,CT, the I^XOR SALE—Lite Scholarship in Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of this institution. The scholarship will be sold on favorable terms. Apply to    I.    BOTSFORD Ball cfi? West, DEALERS IN General Merohandise, AUSTIN, -    -    -    -    MIMm anti the Text if sure * ” j “ Now. Ud seer the 4 Boas * round ; there lot# of times buzzing the head more about Tweed, hi. friend, and so j u,e„ an() IaUin;. in    l{ut I lur iv    I    r>    .    i    didn t nuppore he'd din in anyihini: • O. yea    .    Coone tip UT my room I ve    J    like that Ile was a can ful old fellew. the docuuients there. I hey d*»u t on(, wh(» don’t bite at every bait Still. amount lo    much, but they’re something    ,    I thought if he Dn.k hold ihincr^ would I ve saved    I wouldst show them, or    j    hum And as the Colonel seemed ut. say anything about this matter of J    I    d    nothing    to    say.    In    fact I Tweeds, if I didu t know ii must nil wa9 happy t** think that mighty soon A Mean IHfvire. There was a score or more of women gathered together in Mr Johnson’* house Mr Johnson is a good heajted man and a respectable citizen, though lie is rather skeptical about some thing* 'I he women had just organized the Foreign Benevolent Society,” when Mr Johnson entered the room He wa* at again advance into th forefront fth* battle, and for the IV are lie wishes nothing m »re than such space as the fates may allow of lettered ease. But there is no evidence of either mental or physical decay The gray hair has become thinner; the face a »hadu paler than o| old ; hut the squire s Hon id ors have not shrank, the expression is eager as ever, and the figure ii still erect More striking yet is Hie youthful feeling of the great Liberal leader The statesman who coaid form and a1 most carry out in it* integrity a colossal scheme for giving “justice to {reload” flings off the weariness of toil, and Th The Fall Term., ’.ic schools one nod’ for lr ar < ig d nj. iii though?” ^roun*t mplyy. ever «aw. ti this torenoen,. come out now that he is a Spanish prisoner Take that chair ! Cigar? Theres the matches To save my talking anymore man’s oec#iSsary suppose you read ihese document*. I ll smoke ” The document* were a pamphlet, a report, and a prospectus They set forth a fabulous story. They presented the wonderful scheme of THE GALLEON TREASURE COMPANY. The story thus embodied was a ro malice defended by facts and figures But it seemed also incredible. In brief, this narrative is as fooliows :    In 1702 France and Spain were allied against Knglund aud Holland. For four years Spam had not had any treasure from its South American colonies in consequence of the danger it would run of capture by the Anglo-Dutch fleet Such treasure was in the shape of gold aud silver, in coin, bars,aud precious stones; and, in general, it was imported annual- 1 ly in vessels built especially fur that I right* purpose called treasure galleons The war of succession impoverished Spain Her wealth in America must be brought to her. An immense amount had accumulated. Iii response to an application, France furnished a fleet of twenty, ihree war vessels to protect- the treasure ships, which, also, twenty-three in number, sailed for Cadiz with over $50.-000.000 on board England heard of this rich fleet and dispatched an Anglo Dutch expedition to intercept and capture it The Spaniards received news <ff their danger and put in at the port of Vigo, and had landed ti little of the treasure when, Oct. 21, 1702, the enemy sailed int#) the harbor and began an attack, which resulted in the capture of uine of the galleons, two ol which af. terwards sunk, and the sinkiug by the Spaniards, to keep them from the enemy. of the rest of the vessels, with near* ly all the treasure, amounting to $B7, we’d have those ships ripped to pieces and make the old gold do duty iu this country Feeling good, I turned out of the office as happy as could be, for it meant work for me. and an end to loafing ; and I might as well get ready. As I went up those steps in a sort of a jolly hurry, I slipped and fell. \\ hen I got up the blood was running from my mouth I had a hemorrhage, and they carried me to the hospital, where I lay six weecks on my back So you see the jig was up for me. When I got out the Colonel was gone Then I lieut to Mr Tweed and told him who I wa* and what I was. “4 I am running the machine now,’ he says, after a little talk 4 It’l come out all right, I guess. Here’s your share in advance, my man.’ and he g«*ive me a check tor $500. That’s what I call high toned business in the ‘ Boss ' “ But the machine didn’t run all I’m told. They werei^’nt a square set of divers. The French did not deal fair; and the Spanish Government got mad —that was in the time of Carlos and the republic, you know— the story goes that they thought j n*‘,nt*Y 18 your*. once appealed to to donate a few dollars j take* refuge, after a mom intr spent in a# a foundation to work on. and Mn* , congenial occupation, iu nle.i>.»nt con-Gr.diam added :    verse with his visitors Mr. Gladstone ** It would be so pleasant in after has ever been an “early man." 8i»ce year# for you to remember that yon hi# retirement to Flintshire he Is. if gave this society it# first dollar and its L'o«sibIe, earlier than before Shortly first kind word.    j after 8 J chick in the morning he walks He slowly opened his wallet, drew down to prayers at the village church out a $10 bill, and a# the ladies smack- ( Early devotion and breakfast over. the ed their lips and clapped their hands, remainder of the morning until the he a* ked :    gong sounds at 2 o’clock, is devoted to •* Is this society organized to aid the work—to reading, writing meditation, poor, or foreign countries ? ”    or to the penna nee of arithmet'cal feats **Y«»—yes—yes!” they chorused. which no Cabinet Minister has ever “ And it wants money ? ’’    ( surpassed. Luncheon over—it may in. “ Ye#—yes ! ”    terest the gentleman who wrote to Mark 44 Well, now.” said Johnson, as he Twain concerning the importance ol folded the bill in a tempting manner, j fish as “ brain food,” and was recoin- “ there are twenty married women here. lf there are fifteen of you who can make    oath    that    you ti have combed your children’s hair this moi nin e. washed the dishes,and blacked mended to “ begin with a couple of whales.” to know that the trreat Finance Minister drink.* bitter beer with his luncheon— there is more reading. or, if there be visit* r* in Hic bouse. i bet I winter season Monday in Deli I every child felt baqpy for r two. ii not longer. A bn g«*._ wn Second ?*rael    ’bu Ca.-*#. school at noon. met a boy g**ing up. tr in the Potter street school, anti Hie* Ua-s b°y called out : *• Hain’t school Ii “ You bet ’ was •• How * your teacher ** Nicest person you sn ipped ?ix paper wads and a* vcr got licked.once ’’ 41 Ju't ilk e mine.” called the other.. “ AX hen she saw me sticking a yn into# a boy **ha    at j stalled, and I be lieve she * got a hear» like an angle.” Thf>*e boys- may meet a week later* and when thew ewnpar© notes* the firaft one will remark : * I'm licked.regularly three time* a# lay. and fun nothing at all.” •*^o am I,” will be the moumfnh echo of the other. —            - Know the meaning of the w»*r*ikyou# use. and don’t talk about things yr,u# don’t un dr rat and. as the little girl who. sang: ** Where. O where art* th#* tim *    rh;i<lreo?* Ask tile meaning of words you dnoi'i: understand, even ii the people laugh.** little ^rir,I said *: or air the stove, and made the beds, 1'U do- pleasant gossip, or if the weather be nate this $10    ,    tempting, long walks to be taken •    “ I    have,”    answered two of    the    : tough oaks to be hewn Loving crowd,    and the    rest said :    |    and exercise. Mr Gladstone is a singn- “ Why. now,    Mr. Johnson ! ”    I    larly temperate man in his meat and “ If    fifteen    of you can make    oath    | drink Constitutionally full of “dash” that yonr husbands are not wearing j and “ go.” Mr Gladstone is yet, like stockings with holes in their heels, this * his friend Mr Bright, deficient in that said the wretch • t* and    ^     p__i the ‘ Boss ’ was cheating them, and the I “ Ju9t hear hiui : ” fheY ^claimed, ‘ Boss ’ knew he was being cheated, j eaeh one \ook\ng at the other. thcv did wiien another ** Mamma, what kind of a bear i.» a c#»m- secrete I cooeyed bear, nhiji I often# hear you,singing, abuot ?” —-  — - - — On a recent Sunday in a I>wel3 church a collect ion was taken up. nn«k as the b *x *o»ch*| a pew ocmq md) by: a lady. her daughter and little moi* rile-two former totuidl themselvus without a* cent of money Master Hopeful reached! over and d<q o* ited* 2* lent in. the box,. and then whispered: ta Hie sister £ •♦There, I jut! sav^d tins' loudly troni, being wh tewashed.”* 000,000, in gold. This uquch was authenticated by history. Proceeding, the pamphlet cays that the Spanish government had granted several concessions for obtaining Ihe sunken wealth* One in 1825 to an Englishman which failed for lack of proper means; one in 1825 to a,n English en- Then the people of New York cowered on Tweed They did not ktuw he was dipping millions from the sea, and got hi* money that way. Ile kept it to himself, I’m told. Not even his friend* knew what Spain was doing for him. how lie hated his name, and stopped the work time and again Nor how, when this cub of an Aifonzo came to the throne he just threw over everything until he could have three quarters of the money free and clear Don’t you see, they made our that the old man was robbing Spain ! ” “ Maybe they heard of his New \Tork tricks, Grcchcr ? ” suggested the reporter. 44 Bosh! A bargain’* a bargain. Wasn’t he as good as the Galleon Cook pa ny ? Wosn’t he better? When he from New York City, what was more natural than that he should go quietly to Spain to see what his agent* wcrf doing at Vigo. Ile did so. .\nd t supporting instinct .^upprsed to be inherent in the Briton, and if induced to be present at a fox-hunt, would un-ten of you have boys without j doubtedly sympathize wilh the fox He takes small account of Nimrod and his kind ; he cares not to 44 witch the ship. in this room that don t need durning, j affright the peaceful rustics by driving fica ring to make fun of him She took ■ mi I J **    ’    ”    * ! f- rB!-    1    ’    iu,r Bdl,, apron and wijp d hi#* fave. and then looked up so ptfln&Dy Po the rest, and made thL remark “ I Ah, sax. don’t hurt him, he’s somebody's grandpa.” If bole# in the knees of their pant*, this 4 X ’ goes to the society ! ” “ Such a man!” they whispered. 4‘ If there are fine pair of stockings world with noble nor is he a ion of A little girl in Reading, Pa , recently saw an old drunken man Tying* »*n rn horseman- ( door step. the perspire!ion pouring off' NiRishi, to his face, and a crowd of children ap ril hand over the money ! ”    |    furiously. Hi* hate have long cam 44 Mr. Johnson,” said Mrs. Graham, I anxious speculation among the few with great dignity, 44 the rules of this ! rising Liberal* of the day. Bal the society declare that no money shall be Gladstone shoe is even much more of contributed except by members ; and j a marvel than the Oladst •,im lit as you are not a member, I beg that There is none of the coquetry of utility you will withdraw and let us proceed with the routine business ” failing, a wooden A certain clergyman was sent for bud- . out ” in several row* denly to go to a cottage, where he found ( nails. Thus protected about it. It looks rather a* be a 44 Lancashire clog,” if but it would it could, sole “ takes it of formidable against road* a man in bed. 44 Well, nay friend,” aaid • 44 fanged with murderous siones,” Mr. the pastor, “ what induced yon to send I Gladstone lakes mighty walks, and in for me?” The patient, who was the season when sap is down fells giant rat hex    appealed    to    hi*    wife 14 Wha! does Le say ? ”    44    He says,” shouted the woman, 44 what the deuce did |on sliy! fox him for ? 7 #> oaks. In this occupation hi* son the Beet ox of Hawarden, is an admirable second to his energetic father. Much talk and some odd moralising have been I ton because it tth sh A fitt?e girl went rn to a neigh bor’n house the other day. where some apple-parings lay on. a plate on the table.. After sitting a while she said, “ I smell appl *s ”    *•    Yes.”    the    lady    replied.    “    t guess y unmiM these apple paring# hereon the table ”    “ No, no.’’ she said, “’taint them I smell; I snv'fl. whelm apples.” — ,  .... 44 'I i've rich,” saint a Dutchman u venison because iii fob deer Leat u>wt-
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