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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 30, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaBUM* ariaair j TII33 fHEEKOaS *;0L\TV STANDARD. PUBLISH KO EV KRY THI HSI) A v. Venus, Per Year, In Adv nee; $200 RATES of advertising. I VV 2 w 4 w i 3 m i ti in I V VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1876. NUMBED 48!‘rd witb "i,"e 1 ^ 1 th is area was trl* “ ' inch I .OOI I 50 j 2 501 LSO I 0,00 10-00 inch 1.751 2.50 3.50 fi.QOl 8:50 13.50 js inch 2.fit); 3.5'I 5 OO 7.t40! 9.OO 10.50 I5 inch 3 25 j 4 501 5.50 IO. CH) I IG. OO 20 OO .6 inch 4.')) 5. 5 > 0.1 5 12 OO 18.00 25.00 I♦ eel 4 54 5.25 7.00 14.(40 22.00 30.00 eel a 54 8.5 ) 12.00 22.00 30.00 50.00? col I r_ 10.0 » 13.0 ) 18.00 30.00 50 OO 90.00 jThe Ingenuity of Surgery, j Aw nrti*>.iaJ n*«fe wa* ;9ta*tt*I.v7 HW-A , recently for a loan i.:. ULA.?' .uh -a nose had been bilteu < lf, rn tfi% *h*w. , ing manner :    Alta    he    wa* I .aced un? I der the influence of el lartdVria, in^ | pattern two and a I.ai! bv lh*. e “and ; three-(|Uaner incite.** at its wid«»t pattie.. was laid upon the fofefecad and • nj* TI J ' •* d. V *•»■ .«-4- a- I . J I. OFFICERS OK FREEROUX COUSTY KEAL ESTATE Hankers. H. D. Dnowv Cee KTV Commission hrs : II. G. Emmnns. Win. C. Lincoln. .1 ames Thoreson. ll. ti07.1 ce. Ole ii T * k v s n is r. r —< 'h a r1 es Iv it t el son. Ace! Toh—S. Ratchet ler Register ok Deeds—August leteOoh. Bberiff—T. J. Sheehan. Deputy SitRRiFF--Jac*>b Larson. Clerk ok Comr— VMV. VVlute. Phobvtk Ji d ;e -Gilbert (liilhrandson. School Seem? ntknoent—it. Thurston. County Strni von—Win. G. Kellar. Coroner—.I Froshaug. Ce* RT Com mission Ka—ll. IV Spicer. J033IPir33?XS'i*J7LY- DR. A. II. STREET, WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TEEMS to suit everybody. I LOW prices, long time, anda low rate j of interest. IT yell desire to buy a farm, call on us. I IF you have < firm or lauds to sell, call I on us. OLK facilities for buying and selling lands, examining and perfecting titles, are I unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, I TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. St ary ^ Tyrer* Albert Lea, Mind. I April 2d, I H. D. BROWN & CO.’S Eli filii MICHIGAN ROSES. I wo Ut tie boys of the street picked up a bunch of Michigan roses, defaced, d. it. p. hiubs. I bruised, trodden on. soiled with dust ; stains. Some country girl had dropped them from her bosom, for they were from a distance, and not seen in any of the florists’ shops To the children they werb a miracle of brightness, a revelation from another world, and they stood together on the street as the crowd surged by, earnestly and intently W ell, lads.” said the old fanner kindly, *• what do you want ? ” Yes, the same slip that little Sully brought fr tin mother's, aud you pi or is ? W ill you please tell us what that j cd it fir her by th*; p *rtic» ” Johnny nod Sammy had never befire i Why good L')rd. l)f*y?. that’s a Bi* t *een rejl *«,! -qty. Th' Ina. ftV wit Mr >h’*wei f ..ne ll, I raisin* I A ^rofititLle I rop. I> Thumps >n. of Dove a p peel men *< I! urn bio; didn’t yur* know what it was? 44 No. sir.’* 4* Can’t you read ? ” 44 No, sir ” 44 Now. Maria. I call that a sham*.af tor all tile school tax I pay, that them ' delicious butter, cream and peat ‘o*s. the cake arni honey, were all new. The affluence of ihe farmer'* house Woolshed tht oi In the birt**ry they saw long shining "nits of milk pans full to the brim, r lls of butter ready for mar this week. wbidi 'n somewhat «x’cn.si raided lids sea-f rod lei air two babies can’t read Shall I read ket, and ballett of eire* examining the cluster of seven small son,( tiling to you out of it ? A LBF Ut LEA, MINNESOTA A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. pink roses and a bud. A girl passing by and attracted by the eager and interested look on the children’s faces, stopped to inquire what they were talking about *• What is this ? it is a bunch of \ es. sir, if you please ” 7 I c old man rook oilt Ii!" jrect^e? wiped them on bis r»-1 silk handker- ; r obi cf. to* k the Bible from the rack.md re id on the onside : Society presents j 4* So. boyi, ’ said Farmer Laly, after supper. *4 y m thought v >u w u I c mu out here and ILe Hy the Michigan e.” * Yea. sir ” • Arid you like it. d > you ? **- ye ir or two put H -on. twenty four hush of be ans. from one hundred squat offend East year was a bet til : and tin* yield wa- neat Iv J- ven*y bt -h-is to the acre. Hit* mr Ie 'if cultivation is f-» uiann.e tho- ground w*-H b -f.*n* if is pf w I and aft*-# getting fbi ground well prepared, the beans att •own in drilD, three feet and t i-ht t, ieit j lower end bet ween the S’vLtuw ! was thm pulled d .wit, turned Up...* j . toe 11. nil * ped o > the V,r”‘ of a dm», . I nostrils b< jug cut. a..u . ui-s ** * ? broug t down to nuke a ii* I-., ii be* bi en i tWccn them,.and grafted, :L V Ai re. q. j the upper dp lo (be u:cr.ii' tn> 'ha -ides, where the new nose was ... _r .f flus variety ! ,, jd D frtJ*hcncd by eu'ti***,. * ti haling wa' ,J— “l *    M .Vin bl in h f, done. ti TI f j forehead where the skin had be * .ak, -» i from attend* d lo, and the operation, j complete At last accounts the *»p*ia-I lion gav e cry promise of *!***- The A trier!'•an Bide Office, OVER THE DRUG STORE, I South of Post OAR ce, Albert Lea, Minnesota. ! Hoots and Shoes. loot Si Shoe Store. O. FL vV N. 1^ Nelson Have jest received and will keep in stock tile largest assortment of Michigan roses,* caid ll'? rrrl, with a j;V:e iulftr«^\d V’ * **-*!»'• ScrlP£ 11 r< ^ *«» ‘h- j twinkle in ber eyes ; u and grows tall, I t<    • and all the bush is like this closter; I «v.    ^    tn,f-    lM‘*    , I, _ _i. ... *___*    c    a    .    *>    "ho    can    >r    ifter    this    that    coHv>ratn»n** i t-s. Mr Ti we •ire d t- ort k*t? WH i • ill. J" «t flan live Ii* re if you want thffohtd with a Aal - or I re iv frozen fairly ripe the pulled and turned over and Iry, and then drawn, ani Baked Beau*. There are beans, ani then lifer4! arg beans I This is a dictum that w«nerd not argue, in Yankee land, where the. Ie is mis-guok d in <*A ) u.u r«ui ways as there are ti ll lit STV any Th h. 0. BR^Wli & CO. BANKERS. j opened an I read the fii.-t terse on which l ith hi** » y > re*fe« Inasr«*“*F REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Hank. Austin. 1st Nat. Hank ;kl Nat. Hank. Chicago. 4th Nat. Hank :wtf pink, with yards and yards of flowers 4* Sweet Michigan, ’ staid both hoys i    in the same breath, a- the girl west on her way but from that    day forth an I the quest    of    th- lf    Iv    Grill' n    cessed    I „ “,*"".uc! *'    i”,vr **!■ ’’    * I i - I ,.I    I    «    • I,    i    i-    r?    1 ‘he least of the-e.    ye have lion*;    1 j >ir tialaa\'l. so the search alter i^wi-et %    ,    , Miehi gan    possessed    these    orphan boys * i»    ,    •    i    "urn in > in uer aira mom*: st. Ham.    I B} great persevcrence    in sweeping thett lhe LorU Wlll uke me U| c, New York,    i    street-crossings. blacking    bo^its. reliing ’ it n kind a afl ‘Clin’ to n**?. M I* orevc r : \ es V.fb pm call Ann* he there mother, and if you like me illy r a •r v *oi can call w h OUK f! f4 O! it to me. I am going to milk the cou t; and sec we.” The winter bad berri erie of sickness among the children ; dipther*a and U«,*F. of AtlRl^iTTt. R \ V, M my p -rs*ir»s thr< w the hla or s in pr *dm i*»g cr-.ps tip., cultural panvrs, in whtcli i details *>f i-xperimtnff, sh gnrid iff, ct of the Course pi which in the flrsrl’uchti nr >ved a failure. In ah th VA *ur^ dc coy I. grill rid the and M hen my furler and mother forsake rn**, carlet h-ver robbed many a hopi*? »*f me Ut lutist be us. 1. as. DE Kl. CRANDALL, TD E NTTIS Boots L Shoes of all kinds To be found iii town. CISIUM MADE WORK. * newspapers, and ninny oth**r bleak little THE FREEBORN' COLXTY BAAK. contrivances, known only to the children ct want anil u*‘>titution, they got to- I 1 gather enough money to buy themselves I each a white straw sailor hat. with blue I e.m’t read it to the boys \ .,u tale j the book and read em somethin’ they will like to hear When I wa- a b.** I Tho-. II. AR.nsTKOMi, Hunker. ibb< > ti and a cat f icture of a?j ?n ALBERT LEA. -g" im ii (I. mm MINN. Stray Lines. Wing .v hoyit! Office over A. E. Johnson's store, Broadway, Albert L«-a Rib?, 1» I) s    It.    A.    Avery. X>i3N‘riSTH.y. ;BABE esc ^ S TI TD , Reniileut Deuti-t-—iLvnford's lil -ck, Austin ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    -    Branch    <»dice, Four or five workmen will be constantly i eninloved.an ! orders for Now Goods or for I K<L4«vin t-v OK.,I. CL,,, I  ....... EXPRESS    &    DRAY    LINE. shortest notice Broadway west side, Albert Loa, Minn. Mf    GIVE    THEM    A CALL. Physicians. NI. M. mil 5 ni • u. I Of&co aud IL-- Iou L)ft»e. ca Cl £2 . <£ I I tile r . 11 ALBERT LEX, ----- MINN. I > O IJovo IsiikI AI ^ I) Eclectic p.iysician surgeGn TV. IN LAK 1-1 Cl I y. MINN., Will t r**at ill dis** iso< * *» w’oicli mankind Is 8iibj eet. to tho br -1 of bis ability, Dr. Rowland has in < ie a *<peei-iity of diseases oi XT omen and t’bbdr. r. aud chi' nu- I seas<*> •f long Standing. IG long experience an I Strict aHoiition lo bi.- profession, he is con-IJont of ti* -ating a! em a1)!*.- ii**-..*.** with kttcces** < >h*iof I'm* ii - (-cs irea tod wit I: buro un I stu-    <    Hnsuttionat    f*-ec.    I" OIiE TANG, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. Shop on I'lark street, north rir l •'fpo-! site of Wedge N Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. Any and all jobs attended to*»n fir-t call, and wmun,t“d to give ~ a ~t i>- i n Leave orders on ’.lie Slate at A- E. J olm -son’s store, Albert Lea, Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, S(‘Msoneil    ood    I Ord*-? - * - ft on t he * promptly attended to on one en I of tho streamer, and a small picture of a sailing vessel on the front fhey bought ch***tp shoe* and linen clothes also, fbr- Ugli anxious hoarding and saving M pennies all summer I hey had picked tip a<l the information that tlit\ c- uid ab *ut * Sweet Michigan.’ asking log newsboys in what dir eti-ui th it L ippy r lilhtLV lay. *0h. out over the Brit .” “ IR* law rn ♦.* and Lackawanna is just as go- d.” resp'witted another * Uentral with I.-ik.- Sh re is best of all,” shouted a third The children r*.ui I not loam much. but what the lit»I.* new sh t >11 them they remend*! iod. *“ l>id iou kn«iw.’ sad one b -* dbl auk Ilk* I the aiery h *t ‘ a!wa*. k:i arte j an encl ital x-rai pleasant *tiu his broth* ladlull} ; r. -v «gin him the ahi ie swallowed lit I heil Marl *r read se stories, on about J «epH ret), and o’ e iii ut the child who an'a-red the wise men in the temple After the b >y-4 vci-re asleep the old far-m*-r - aid t«> iii** wife :    ** Mari.if. if I didnt ’en us little ones Among thost afflicted were Mr. and Mrs Lily Of tl**ir f 4t*rrc cli i’d rco. not one survived This *t wits thr*d rn ade their hearts so tender • to the stranger* that came ^-eking sweet Michig ti Fr >m this d»s forth, they L Cline Johnny and Sam rn v Balv In » font her* blind!? ti - j idg-,t d » for ar wi'sN'rn lancer to ("How y fact ice of the farmers of Ult Mb r*f Ne IT ?i t I Ult I HmU.J t I byacve I I M >11 t LII- ' I. rd was a (akin’ on •i** somethin ! >r **in s ig -in to sse t>i Vin I e with ’em." >t- L \s woke up a lid er. U r. to be rn t Aunt Sally taught them ti* r ad their sweet h -me we leave them, thinking therein fh« v were guide*I h< *i>oie ang I of the Lord. p*-rh-;r~ I:?f 1*> 7 i Iv lo*rs**!f. and a crushed CAlsrer of w:t!.-ertng r >se» — ■———•#   ——■,     Sixty (’enth for Uur.v —Th* ernge price !**r hogs. gr**? leas. bis be* n a1 idrgd Th.s would give the farmer ii B eds b's corn. about GO cents a >h I    wlo-reas    the average price o! ti sol i f-!. ihe matkef in the West ti od r enstern tate and b** t.ik**n in? heirs*, th* re ban these sane agr Let each on** take « Iii*’.* r!»*-ir neighbor* rid at the en*! of (lie rates. I) ff,»r. Is must in a!1 c *ri s. derat ion no more sur* rricu’rnral p- «»eK ^ p:irw.r. v rite vegetnbl many d.ff r«nt w.«y u ak - poor br- ad We always sy;i pa I f biz *1 in the j r* rniaJe of the I 'poker* t iud Hamilton ovev j *d N w Bogland    knack,    in    moleru. t day*, in prop iring    the    regular:    Suu- iay ui Tiling breakl ist. We ! .*aev<> -he ci.c-'.-d it with the rn en to b# _iUf * ment« *J L *st J rt<    * In ie    aye    manv i man it e.*t itmtis cf kUk    slip,, * ‘ the c -mer b»k.*i>—intact, r; perversely i- d.vi Iu d. which* ii is just ti. d in j;ii* s i»i-g are. ai wed. biked, or bulled ti :a un lament o ail th bb Vn I akintL t rot dish can be rigl sed " A ah U bear. silur- in the cook. I lie ani mg w ban? f| ,} ry, sloppy, yell* I st ital :: - u,:; > a Cot/hssiooj 4 there are $ do ir a1 4 the restaurant; a waxy, aggravating agr>*e s*-i vc- with me th ii §h*y pay ^*i * evnrjr year. and pay goo., it *n he in vestment I i h w I h IV- II) the past ’ S5 D> per [ As I! X PFN ‘ I V E 9«|oi — X f. legrapb op* rat r at Des M iii u- j cu nrly -«■*.- f**rth a rather seri lf> rrv W.iir, up mitt ,-bUl •Iry, under J -n* me«s A a n *>1 a \ ankee who will *• make way with " a plate of th erajr €ating-hfiasc Denn«. wh*n Ire •« get an appl -pie niUe days * Id. or sand., .cb that has fcV'h us* J ti t n;> re than a we scion. And then th bzk d b* av-, a Mgr. -.rrs*f*_ a. .I, >) t« I.* .» Cunts, in •ire This I, CirrmmO it leo tf>tis ;ir. S ic G unfv. saw a-it* intr on the peak of ;The lemr Could b**a rati >n was iir. an# he blwith hts si hot grin Tihe gun set the 'tael*1 . P t*- !'T‘ •pl n xt topm n a s*ark w dis th* av the ch.na than ii"! rk •bed U' Led ‘sty1 it ar. Repairing short noti> e. 37 rf O. P. H KH non. Htye to aider, cheap and on Give him a cit,I, Albert Lea, Mihh. I. J. Pacutbs. HAASCH £ PA'JLSOH, Maimfact-xyo i» i f Hooto ti? Siloes, Lawyers    Lait?? *itgeiHs. 'JOHS A. LoVKI.Y.    -j    A MI.- Q. PAUK KH LOVELY Si.PARKER, ATTOliNKYS .Vt I.AW. ftie Ifeivitt*s !<> -k. nj* air" I?t floor. ALBERT LEA. - - - .. - MTN Ti. C. STACY.    A.    M.    Tvukk. STAQY a TYRER, ttorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Real Estate and Gollecting \.g<-nt>. CONNEYANTING kl] kind* .-idemately done. acknowledgments taken oaks administered. Ne. AH work Warranted ; {'I onl. r on alo rt i ’ii w;> v alo! \\ illiani' eire give sat;-faction and *1 »ue .    ar    c    r.    of    Hr.-a-l- h, Albert Lea, Mum. A. IL SQI’I KIL C!Tf CRPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals in ll VRD an i SOFT CO XL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Broo. attended t*. at one** • JE Winery. MRS. C. S. WARREN Milliner & Dressmaker, [Succestor to Mr* * I- Walker.I • ti ca i • ii ar kits. V Si. Al MILLIAN Bas removed the olu PIONEER MEAT-KlflRKET I tux behight an i ll. paid to * d I c*»i ic a. Corner Clark at. i X> iwestigate I. I.ands Part ictilar attent ion !In Sts., Albert l^ea • Hi East si<ie Brosvlway. first d *or south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. Will open h fine new -to *k of Millinery an I Fancy Goods. Tm--*. <'ulf ~. Collar', \c. A full line of WoHkIs. Lamars Patterns, Sc., Sc. Doing over Felt hats a specialty. j Fashionable Ui'eS**-Making >l<>:ie in the very best maimer. Four doors 'outh of th** People’s Store HEMAN BLACKMER, x. A A S> FOR S A I, J*: ! J LAE RT LEA. -    -    -    -    MINN. JOHN ANDERSON, ATTOIJ MOY AUF LAW WD XDTAIIV PHII!, Office over XVvlg'1 A Spicer » Drug Store, ALBERT I E V, MINN. Apprentice Girls* wanted. WITH INURE VSED FACILITIES FOR j___voGfiuodttf________ DOING BUSINESS, HK PROPOSES TO GIVE    j • *    I BETTER SATISFACTION!: I .A im TTT* sa J! Til AN EVER BEFORE. jjQf“Casli pa ii for Hides, Tallow, Sc , Sc. If you want to get Worsted, Filling Silk. XX’orated Needles, or Notions, yod win *rd them at TUT HIM Hotels. HALL HOUSE W . Vi FOST 15ti. Proprietor. Albert Lei, - - M nu. “Wcooer XTouse it.wing r< cenGy been eonian I furnish*- I, is iiMv pr.e- This Hotel pletely refitte pared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS * Conli gue.'-,-; and travelers. Good 'fabling kad attentive gi ><>ii• . Uommodiens 4aitiple y ’»omi counecte I the nremises 450 BARRELS OK GREEN FRUIT JUST RECEIVED AT RANSOM'S RESTAURANT! DEALERS AND FAM LIES SUPPLIED ... AT LOWEST PRICES ll PORTRAIT PAINTING! o, Waving bought tile obi and favorite stand ! JXfO'XTV IS* fly r> *371 m f> of A O Hiillehawyh is prepared to do a’l kinds of BL AO KSMITHING — AN !) — I lOUSl DSl IOKING Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf 8*h o f o Sir a nit s. *T. iL, 3J,ixllei*’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    - MINN OWrcaiK: '-art.*rr-Tv * ,.i.a—■■ — .»■*■    ,rnwewsi ?—ire-*apannn JHHN NI. MARTY, nilllVEViIll WD i’lYIL EXUIXEER, ALBERT LEA, MINN. P. Daniels, 'Vill paint VG br likeness in complete style for the small sum ot 825. Orders sent to him, Postoffice Box, 229, Albert Lea, Minn., will receive prompt at-! tendon. volxvino42tf "^JXTES’W FLOtB, FEED, WD GROF EIB STO^B! WA UU FIN BUEL, (Successor to J. T. Green } Second Door South of the People’s Store. MUS. RICHARDS’ old 'tan I. cheaper; luau at any other place iii town, for .-he has just received a fri -I. stock of the abovn mentioned articles, nn>l file line of goods will be kept full during the season. Millinery AT UNUSUALLY LOXV PRICES. 4f»tf MES. JOHN STAGE, has received a well Selected Stock -OF- MILLINERY GOODS I Expressly for the Fall ^ Winter Trade!! Which will be sold cheaper than ever before ate at J. XX. Smith4 9 J to »rif'her. “ that .J *hnny and Sammy > are goiii to enJgrlte * No ; where aho they proifi* t f 4‘ Wall, they’re pnin’ out Writ where wes grow. or aul bin’ o’ that sort H “Their hrada are kinder cracked. I think it s likely An*! ’taint no wonder. a" I knox- 'o 1,a*t winier was a hard ut! or bigger cove* th in they tie ” “ They tv a* r.Jtraji cie?* r crvtert and busy a- flu* d t\ wa' b>r»g ” “ \ es ; and the littlest new'i* on the street ” “ They’re iroin' t*> start in V - a; .ruin'; we mud see Vin off. Ii i Ii ” In th* morning mort* than tv ntv neW'hoy - »n<l I* > it I*'leks an I s v -r. r -went d- wts to Urie tu see the h as'tart * ti their jour mu ** We i'iu>t t *ke a collection for ’em Pj»s ar**«t*id the I f. b >v.> No. answer* d .Johnny and 8 a in my, ** we ar** going t « *• w. >*i ^liehignn anil shan’t ne- d ary mole y Ret p it t ur-selvts “ You g.*t there to-: -re I d«a, r. tie rn her tin*; I’m coming to *,’’ s'm^ .J >?li H.tes 4* We will M The hoy1' £ot aboard a t'• -tern ex pr their friends a .v* *i their huts ana ‘gave them a ch: • rtui f.ir« a, ll * the train was *»ff, Johnny and Sxtnuiv had started on th* ir ti- w i>v**s ‘ Tickets, boys.” said the condtPt *• 44 \ es sir. ' responded tie* children. taking out a tie? Iv fold* <1 brotan i. :;.f*r from each vi s? pocket and Ii rn Ie I it to the sp tit The paekupes contained exactly filtv cent' apiece I I ey w> Tithe remnants of the earnings of J hnny and f*auiCly I here w* r«* four five -cent pieces, the rest was in pennies, two and threc-cent coin' Tile man I*»*.k*»iI d >wn into those iiin-hurned. happy faces Ile read no store of mi'giving fher*. but a Foil Aden be and hope that were pleasant to see 44 \N here ti id you say you were g>’-ing ? 44 Sweet Michigan” lisped the babies together “ Is this all the money you have? V    * ft I es, sir. 4‘ Put it hack in your pockets. You are running away, aren’t you ? ” 44 Yes. sir.” 4‘ I shall send you home.” 44 W e’re agoin’ home. ?ir.” 14\\ here are your father abd wether?” 44 Both dead, sir ” Then the boys told the Conductor the story of the rose, and the desire to go t k n ix? XX >r t - J #h* Ti and the p us. aoti w when we i 4* I d ti the t*well *’ I? ell, C'j« cia IU * me at.d next stat! fill (Kaw >/i c r«*' grew, then • J* h in * ti wa* alway- g >*d to o d sleep in the atari >n •in t -jeep in•;where else ie in that kind ; I X! y were pm tv g Sunday Sum my said th** f mr inU'>t <*et «• n> ca ti . too. armer, i in tune t hapjw noun fun to gi ways a »u t run n>* • w I it I cc in - id ii I run ago lh to th* new. ain’t it.' ive*;4 Michigan. %11 re i- any body k i> via I Cg to K lim* hilt iodin tempest*** mouth!* after. year-. ai*«l v* \ I** can* !>• our 4 lode i re Ii a* I no heart dunk I ha* titre h?tf I «r i y a friend r •»y Ab .. V I v, XX air’* and ^!)! re* kl!it 4. 111R j and ke* come ii; fn tv hi w W c.yt in $•* 5oo a rn-ii enow n of p d thrm gti tie 9 a Ck* ire the ** t«i»h-s rvi d in a, re ad ipti d ta do j i lice to; iish —it.n- cent. hey trc fluvor-1 nth V> UR95 It is as fifuy, r*-r d i r nu-*. g**- d >*ld-. jml r rv - Aid. ^ a n, 3 I. u-e-is At? p.rrhy. 0>r »    h**r-- war of th*. XI (*> - ti !«* :e 1 ! d if you v 'ten K. ti . I dr ut* Mi wa I rn U'U't the .d Ti ’the ■ek. K • UT W IV, C*1 git bual I want you t*» »Ji p a lim J chn I led Ie?, (rn ton ( fiood d iv to a!! on I lei ley to the j along, M *riar ;    v< haul ' Along ilic letel < '•Mi i ••    1 Ar tt..«» V, I* I *1 % that i * -ked libe    ir11 „    w. I hi ir : « ntifO -    rh.    J    herr* also Wert 'wo et rH*ks »d pink buckwheat, and the Stubble l;iffd uh r* t!:e btickttht.it h id gr- ah ujn pink, too A very large orchard of y >uu|t apple trees was in full Le ring i ne sunshine falling *»n the ripening fruit made them seem jet r, red M'r. f fit- r A lilt It* s* pr • and beerved his wifeowige1 in pl rn!Ult tr!*e a. * Ma• wrinl th its Int fore ne?* ■ t> . ti t:; t kl) Hi! tis uiiuut the su*i it: J wiI"?,i it until i>*i • h iii•» * - I L I ’it of it • b p 4 I .• u I-**, j r w.*u,d i ii fir w iioy p’uck V* ll , t,r .rn may t IXpeet toWa A. Ill* ‘fill Ii Ida-Aw i i< * w .rk and I h in ugh n lf Mr* die f r -red their set! r r sa • ***'S t rear, nsibh a ti iv oi maw mg I r -r w*rS. of sal.s- w*cr, g v • ng them Ile h .llii-g for And above al* liberally, w »rth d A b - > I A t tc n I: [ ifers t f irto of I .O'?rat of a hoer ;<* it*.* j r I r* i\ mg th t will make ti what it waul i f. Power o* rnem and J and work :rw i&e Milk — apl ea d bv bing arn, *sph 'rte impur •f placing a saucer of n i i** I f 'run r ^ A 1.1 KMB Unfix- — I have seen salt fr Ais •* (Tome fed to hogs f »r 50 yi ‘ars. and in the la.-t dn ne agettin twenty \mr s have fed many heavy f fihog®, rangir tg fro] ii 30u to 6o0 net ba Iprairie the I fed til*-iii a1 I HI cf* I By w*tb »i!t ; haveJ Acres of ■ nev r bftt •» ne. n»*r has one been sickr< d )fill* rick- an 110111 TI iiAc b< >gs have been fat-Xw<>*: fh with tend in a cl •se j * n and th«*ir prinei- xii inard* r to pr* Ult iv ti,ilk ii Us It -w n,ilk r gime lint. ii IS sam that not >n!v docs it answer that purpose, but that after a few hour*, b IU -volt] it ion k*.n g Ic > it I’ a if the. f - ii.:* furl OU J I) or I ll adjini [un JI, r • brei ’A-, .v a j s Ii ii and ba ad ; ked bt NI rat!- ? ti* f. and-. f«>r a-V * t rte4 . And she SII V S that ' lit* on Iv ret : I |T‘ r> JI * kl I •• I s *• Ic *7 • » * P f!. Cill justri‘.Y ou w ant t ) SO; 4 ti th** ti) tverUI; :ht, > or f a r ooi I th ti ll ! Ti I * W o f or t bree.waters uttt ti th* •j are at ti ie err" L’king,pi int. lf your app- fife I® noi t rt •hu'XP n •ugh i t > eat t purl t an *1J .OU Lave art)en OU.'ll i lf i ex l 11 n Ii I w St ne ut i if, allth; it i s r equir ed is to f it a son the dohto j l .. fine point of h alf i 1 I in cl Si of »tit,.a ! •* nj. i I' «h Ti k 0 f) if the TV I F Jr-hr 'X : and aItll up o f bu liter i aeifht •r tiint ti I I) r Dei]qr ■J C. I * ha"e a pie ce afrea >h f} r? * re-.Til ) ro ■ iSft d st ■para* ely to se rve w i t h •th* >i LII. Th ie b* ‘ans mu st al'be of U-t I •Vp r: _ I j » I ^f|f]1 ? 1911 •nev whop putin' !n th e di * I f - b iking,iN*a la r, we.be i ie v 6 it I? *11 L IC I) - If ' JOU have-a's tm! I) :i en auuh for j ►•arkprai i.-e jouran ctstry ai id kl nd heaven f and putth' EJ SW et cri>s- 'rO'«r rd pi* ■ce of sea- ‘s* - ned ine; 3tS, with ifs P ►ssibilifie* offind rn pa dough Ti least once a would fail t in that c.)'o I w u d j no animal will touch it. How to lay Shingles. meal made in* ing have any correct ideas in regard t I -ugh I have salted at making a roof that wiii be absolute!? itll r.*ii g in r< <J>.de J >r J! sh- ft distance, then cr *--« -I th • highway and trickled down thr> ugli a meadow whose gre- nness showed the second growth of the year Ur* it flocks of hen--, turkeys, aud ducks ga4e atli mat ion to the farm 7 he great baft) doors were wide > pert, afd out of them issued the scent the ciiuiei,:. of newly out clover and timothy Aero*# tile road, opposite to the barn, a fine flock of cows waited to he milked i? > iinefiuit clean out th*.:r trough ; i hun Jful of sail into iii\ bucket, with a*,me w Her. p»ur it int) tIi♦*ir trough dud thex Would I ck it up with much relish Iii addition t * - *!t. I feed coals from the st>>vc I make it a regular custom lo feed cals and it is astonishing whit a quantity a h**sr will eat. and h w healthy aud r *h?i't it w;]l make him I<ef tho hogs h ive plenty of my hogs rain tight during a driving st rain. We have freon shingling, who. when fb w’tb a #ofth ’.avine two *»r uirec ir rn v seen men nev won Ll rn* t n'!ie. ssy once . n Courses, would lay ms. ingle among the good r. ; —t----------1 alt and this p**or sh 'aymi :    “    It is only one p«x*r shingle. "tie shir, j ie cannot make a p-,* r roof But oi e poor shingle will mykc a leaky > ne. I* firs*-r;»te shingles ar* employed .md one poor one is worked in among every hundred, that r>>of might an?* cMtco’tft, a.nd we shall hear less <-f about a? w**!l have b* en without anv ingle?, lf any poor shingles are to —    be used, let them 2’! Pc hid An exhibition was recently made, in near the upper part « F the rojf. The rues so cr’:«p rinds, in the centre of the dt>h, ; with flice* «?rn ’.meriting the side* AU | you need of the oven is to hare it, t ?    •* neither too hot nor too slow ’’ The. i . *- he ms must then simmer until they nrfr '“I “inst done.” To secure th' exact, 'hatk of brown over the tup, and the , precise degree i f heat an I at iU’drc in-si I; 11. bring catJ: in !:v;] :ai lean lo. the very r *;::t cf cricking and coal cine with Us neighbor—without entire-, Iv d iog i? '—-that is all the direction. one nu’: r.:    lo    baking If it isn’t ch-ar. you most lea rd as the b> >y learn* to swim And then as to serving It. is the *dgn of an effete an I over-Upe social despotism to k* disk < ut ” a paw. of baked beons Assert your inde*y pend nee. arid preserve the inf cst bv of your result, by placing 'hem np>*n the table in the di>h in which th*-v were cooked Let the s*'rv:vv;t pass alaund the c7sp4y cbiti, if ye jock rn cows waited lo be milked London, of a series of improved ma- I b et cf chil.-!cs will not make a hey    , quit nj chewing the cud as    chine**, abotlf a *eore In H Unit lf; fun* r ^ it the," ale not properly laid. the family or guest that you h — • t, i- ,5.«e» * -'U, A. Vt V r Ics w..l not make* i_ And have enough left to knew the I thi a.«f    »    r.>i..a »,v ,i,, „j i    I*. 7 7"    7-----”    '    ,T,r    7    W    !'e    luxurv    of    col    i    le    ans    that    have    a    heart v    .e    to    the    j    ani    struet'd    ^>f    thawing    Casks    anil    cogs-    Ihe    same    slnnglcs    would    mike    an    rx- by th** roadside wliere they were “ Will they hurt us. Sammy ? 44 No, th*y arc gentle thin know by their pref'j i jfs ' j hesd*. st grouping er combination, that cellent roof if la d as it should be laid if. or the various devices employed • into one gen-    Georgia Colored debating society illustrati«'n. it ",1S ktely discussing *4 which i> the * .. hitherto for that purpose i er.il system. Practical ii op r An old f the meet I The farmhouse wa5 a pleasant build j is stated, was given that casks for h »ld- '*rs,r the laboring man. to w *tk for I ing. a story and a half high The door* ing liquids of all kinds can be produced    or part uj t ut j and wind ws were open 'The path that entirely without the aid of the skilled •od'- Ae the sense '    ’    *    ‘    '      *    iog when he thought b Ye was cie best, if de}’ coaid only be brung to-geddef romehow ’’ in them !    7    has    shall    *    ne    of    our    sWi*. ous New Ko gland inst ituri«m> he rc-j stored to add lu.'trc to the centennial tear. A fat ii*” can •f the t • * .bless .    .    .    „    .    j"'"'    i° 'lie ninst p. rfect manner »il I •• There is one (Kin- aboSt babies ’ igan rose It* time of blossoming was stave* rn a minute whrle another xtil)|9l)Vft a |.lte travel, r • “the? never long since pist, but a few clusters ' turn. bevel, and oval a head, with | «k",    —    -    ' Leave or ler-i w it ■. Stjicy k Ty rev. TERESIA ANDERSON, Where the hest FLOUR, TORN ME At. GR XI!AM. BUGKWIIEXT FLOUR. OATS, CORN, BRAN, * FEED can be had. HIGHEST PRICE DMD FOR HOMAN HAITI, ami Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies “witches, and all other work in that line. 6. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’S StorE I starred the green bough*    Both boys mal bemat leal accuracy, in less than that 1 saw it and recognized the flowers at | space of time the gredf economy of the w;iuie it|fzpos*fts*ed» fbi-lcas, la ugh in method is sufficiently a J* parent Apart once ‘•It is the place,” said the boys. | from the tit ii rf j’of this system, Inc perr i. 8we*-t Michigan, and opening the j feet working of such massive cloek-gate they walked into the yard. They work machiDory is described as truly rapped on the open door, and a sad- wonderful. Every Day Religion. We must come bark to our point, Over XV’cdgc & Spicer s L>rug Store, ALBERT LEA. *    Minn.    I Also Confect ionfcry, Tobacco, ClgJtfS, Tea. Coffee. Butter, and Vegetablos which will be sold al the lowest living prices. Farm produce Sold on commission. toH6«o473rtf 371f    Albert Lea, Minn^ S**pt. IG, 1875 {NOR SALE—Lite Scholarship in the j their kind friend, the conductor, would •,    S0"**?.    J 'T'r j "O' Uke to have they, and miKht think resident of Freeborn county is fine bf the ..    ■»    a the proprietors of this institution. The I l"ey    me'bi.esonie scholarship will be Stfld fn lavcrable terms. I toward night i t_    *    t    unVcv/iDit    I    t    —I i? i    /ii    from the house to the gate was bor- e-viper, at I.-" than hail the cost tor into the country of that sweet flower ll a i „:.u « i ii*    ii    ii    •    •    .    , ...    ^    ,    .    .    ’    !    dered with ca rn oui ie aud clinia asters labor; and hen it is stated that on*' of the summers toil accomplished in , i» ,    ,l„    _ „• l .i . j i i •    .    iii    ,    .    .,, .    .    oil i    ii- ''ut over Ute portico bv tit® fr^nt d«»or ' machine rilone, worked bv a lad. will this hope; of the hats, shoes, and linen «    .,    r    '.    ..    «.    , , i    j,    *v    P    l    V    there Crept a magnificent nnc of Mich clothes, and lastly of the money saved so anxiously and carefully. *4 Arid you had better take it, sir, for we shan’t need it \vh( re we’re agoin’.” The loneliness, innocence, and youth of the boys touched the heart of the agent 4l How do I know but God’s calling them there ? ” said he to himself. 4‘ I am not agoing to do anything contrary to Him, or go against Him in any way.” So he took two tickets and Wrote on them : 44 Erie :    Pass these boys along the line to 4 Sweet Michigan/ and order Lake Shore to do the same. Sam.” So Johnny and Sammy were passed over the route, and their story was borne along with them. Travelers gave them food from their baskets. At night a motherly old lady folded shawls to put under their heads, covered them up, and uiade them go to sleep in seats near her own Sammy and Johnny really had a glimpse of paradise as they steamed along the Erie that day. An old farmer and bis Wife sat in the seat in front of the boj’9 7’here was a small book rack with one book in it, between two seats. The children had wanted to take it down all day and look at it, but they would not,for they were afraid An exchange say®: • it on the rhumb nail of Liberty to be erect I in New York ii    /    ii    i    n    * it na harbor by the I pure-min led <I■*d<b*"* a fr.* tfittr sitting on r In Bur mail, if tw >    of    bf men t Liberty wants • ? lr: .ib-nail ” pi-^n’s .    ?7ey7 inge. \\ e have girls of the period, are Urea o. ca'* i i me* of the world, but the baby is the j dissolve partnership in the fmmwiiig touching but eon elusive man ne voracious little heatfieh lh all ages and    *wo    ®»®dies. and »init'until countries ”    I    down and w . q . __    ;    they are burned out. Apply lcf no along .oh fin? and Sa th my I. BOTSFORD, touched the old fafrtJer’s doat-sleete. looking won)in advanced to meet them 4 Porno in. children,” she said, very gently and sweetly. 4* Is tliis the place ? ” inquired 8am my and Johnny. “ Yes. I think so.” I. >v e are so glad to get here.” Then in answer to her question, they told their oft*repe*led story. 44 But we were so glad when we saw the roses ” “Ihike off your hats and come to the trough and I Will brush your hair and wash your faces, tittu when father conies we will have supper 8o when she had washed their faces. the b>»ys saw a pet lamb in the yard and wanted to play with it. 31 f\ Laly coming across the fields saw the little lads,!aml wondered whose children they were. Ilia wife met him at the gate, and told him what they had told her ‘4 And I think, husband, God has gent us something to love. They can nevdf be like our own dear children, I knox?, but it is so lonesome ” • which is, not to urtre all of you fo uwe | lion in place of any other ctetimJ. A yourselves up to mission work, but to piston works iii an air tight tribe fn the :-7-they "iii*. »*r ♦heir * . j' until e one whose. It appears that the efforts made to candle burns out first gets up at once employ atm laptkeric pressure in raisins and leaves tho hoes'? fand forsver) coal in some of the French collieries, taking nothing rut th? clothes he or she. have been attended with such aal is lh;- may have on tt the time; all else be-tory results ai to lead to its irftrptSuc- e> tiles the property of the other party. Stop Til at Wasteful —Wester^ serve God more and more in connection \ abaft. lo which pts Ion is ;t;‘.( Led a cage ! farmer* waste t«>o much feed for -.want. with your calling I have heard that j in wf^cb I be ttfts of 6o a? are placed. (f VT,yV°T fccd ra^ksand proper shelter a woman who has a mission makes a I Air being aJirtitteu t'cscatli the piston, ,or stl,0^    * cheapn^MP of Che ^ feefb poor wife and a bad mother; this is Mhe C^tfl ?? tit err Ce urged to the top of no    tor    the    waste.    Stock    fed- very possible.and at the same time very j the shaft, and ti the same tim® more ouf 011 *‘ie    ^ trample pude| fool than seventy thousand cubic feet of foul i waste almost as much as they eat, air is discharged from the work iocs lamentable; but th« mission I would urge not of this sort. Dirty rooms, slatternly gowns, and childern with unwashed faces are swift witnesses against the sincerity of those who keep other’s vineyards and neglect thirr own. I if the ground be muddy.. Now is the while a corresponding inrush of fresh time to prepare for judicious, economi- air immediately enters the mine. It is the opinion of some eminent engineers cal feeding, by making shelter, fMt managers an i rn*ks Jo save feed. By that this application of pneumatics, pre- keeping the took comfortable, they do better on lest? f?ed, vet how ofren we seo. have no faith in that woman who tells scots several advantages :n miming ope    ... of grace and glory abroad, and uses no ■ rations, and its introduction will prob- ®,oc^ r inning out all win'er in the, ably be widely extend ’d w hen ihe best methods of its. use have been' pr< >perly determined soap and water at home. Let the buttons be on the shirts, let the children’s socks be mended, let the roast mutton be done bcf r. turn, let the house he as neat ds ti heft fun, and the home be as happy dftihg Spirit mud, knee deep, wasting feed and fleshy enough to build good shelter and feet! racks. Tf the inside of tour tea or Coffee 4* They must be queer little fellows, Sally ^ ou* say it was the r *t#c thili ' only leave? you cf i time; fill rt'eSC up with holy service brought them to fbc door.” rill ciqat: a as a new dollar, and C)Sts no wort'. 44 fVn\j. of milk in your cans, Ihia * a customer asked ti e milked the ,tLout a Chalk Mi’
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